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___ M-MBEK l<9
The Northwestern
'•»« » M• 'TO. t IAi*r* sail
*•#«. rt <.|RM» l<«Mub*r*
TRUfi * a rta tub ir r ah is aovAarc
r*»-r, m ta» Ln» Cttj Rnuftcr for trae •
«.MW UnM(L Iter s*..t a* aacofUJ
IT.Loco :• romtog borne New
tbeo girt* ail together
b J Bru* Laa caiargad bta
froat p rib at bi* residence 1a Lto
cola ao a* Ui base more room to
t* k from, t*ot it ha* been long a
foregone c *0t . n*.on that to eaiarg*
La auL *■■•0.4 neceaa tat# cult tog
Li* Lead is twaio.
A not her «a Laa been mada by
tie '.•oa*c*er of tbe Toiled Slate*
for I ' ■> of oauiaodtag
Toad* wt cb i» cobc ti»i»* *% ideate
of a - Re pa Li caa ad must ration
Another four tear* of Republican
r a «... ;aat about square up Ibc
t«o baa irwd and sixty t«* million*
burrowed by ©**r .sal dem xratu ad
■i B> »*ra >oa tu seep b mac on.
I Lt IbaucrBO ba«e overreached
tkr—r 1 *e* c ibair aaaauil on tbe
Pre# ;«i,t botra •* a few uficn bold
er* in i li i ; r ted disboceat Eiary
».»l trt o* statrmeat made La* brae
irpr<*t* 1 i the eteOi before it •**
tt»ocb » **# lLao uttered Tbe Tre
at t* cl « me >til of tb« troabie
atr .*nger to tbe c*»c Ldeace of tbe
|<t ; .e He Css e'er t*eeO.
In - *• if ere were tied* 2
.-■o».* f *b«mi renamed for
L<>ae tc«>. mption in 1»1*> tbe
•{tiaatlll retained «as 452*530,285
t-u*'je * la i * I there «ere tbous
ai4« of people tie* poor eeeo to but
, Oread '• ■ «ten body could bu)
feres 1 The»e two com par isons rep -
reset ' l! e 'erect c >adlti<»D* of tbe
oouxin uader Wmocratic sod Re
pc:>. al admiaialratiobO
Tbe abac situ founded lbe paper
at wa a* the * Appeal to Reason
a paper jtael <>n* uegr*e filthier than
the Nel-raaka independent. started
ep a few Tears ago with not enough
a i * to buy Lis press and bas ac
tui«V‘ t a fortune in that sho t
time a t s . »w* mm to occapy a
&»ft ♦ it»t hri-a matsion and Las
him**.? surr «nded with every luxe
rt the beart could wish for. He.
hke uts twin brother the magot,
fi ’u-nebe* os putridity and waxes
f* >a tbe de -ai mg fleet of bis vie
time Wuen Judas betrayed < britt
hi- iwa com *nce rid tbe world of a
v s »;»egraie bet where ao concience
ex its the people c a free land most
suffer uatil sstan caul for bta own
asMTo* aeacis Tas
1 ata :* needed very bad eepecialiy
for (tu'l gram
Jsse* Paige left for #rsnd Island
Saturday atirma| for a few data
vintt with bis coasts. K F. Judevine.
I 1 Btusbsusen is confined to
L:s turd with a a 1 attack of acarict
* As ah a ie supporting three ss
Us ..s it. s iear and all teem to be
doing a 'avb tig business
fa am art selling off their hogs
oa a .?,• if a rumor of cholera ia
the help Lb *rhood.
*Jur tstfeael townsman, *1. C. IV
left As .h t. two weeks afo for a trip
m the east w here be intends locating.
We w Sb L ui happioess sod proe
pe * - - n«. w Lome.
The b irae that disappeared from
h*rr i* tigtng to K T. Beushausea
las' wi t k l.*s not been beard af
s;t e Peohablt some one bas bor
rowed it.
tV id Bs ie returned from tirand
Island Saturday, • here Ur has been
*oii ik for the past Six months
Vwvwrai <*f Aib'iio i young folks
ao- at Mr kesras last Tbersaay
evening for a surprise on Mis* Alice,
▲ii w uo site tided report a delight
ful time.
* ‘be VSalon creamery seems to be
dome bosiweu* on a large scale, hnv
o , tag re t »nl ss high ss H.OOU lbs of
bi k in one dsy lsst »aek.
Mieu Marv Uiliebrsndt closed a
very esseuesafal term of school in
pnssary department of Ashtons
•cIismI laat Friday and returned
tome to St Paul Saturday.
Lb'om* again Jim
Clen**tbe liver, puaify tbe blood, in
\igor*te the body by using DeWitt’s
Little Early Riser*. These famous lit
' tie pill* act promptly. Odeudahl Bros.
There'# no tieauty in all the land.
That can with her face compare.
Here lip* are red. her eyes are bright,
"tie take* Rocky Mountain Tea at night
The ancients believed that rheuma
ti-m was the work of a demon within a
man. Any one who hss had an attack
of sciatic or inflammatory rheumatism
will agree that the inflictioD is demoni
ac enough to warrant tbe belief. It has
never been claimed that Chamberlain's
Pain Balm would cast out demons, but
it will cure rheumatism, and hundreds
*>ear testimony to the truth of tbe state
oienr. One application relieves the
pain, and this quick relief which it
afford* is alone worth many times its
cost. For sele by Odendahl Bros.
Aw t imirmir of Whooping Cough
Last winter dnring an epidemic of
whooping cough my children contract
ed the disease, having severe coughing
•pell*. We hsd used Chamberlain's
t ough Remedy very successfully for
I croup and naturally turned to it at(that
tune and found it relieved Jthe cough
and effected a complete cure.—John K.
< uffoku. Proprietor Norwood House.
Norwood N. Y. This remedy is for
#a!e by Odendahl Bros.
T»r<iur*(l A Wltacw
Intense suffering was endured by wit
ness J. L Martin, of DIvte, Ky., before
be gave tins evidence: ~I coughedeveiy
night until my throat w-^s nearly raw:
then tried Dr. King's New Discovery
which gave instant relief. 1 Lava used
;t in m> family for four vears and re
• •enmiend it as tbe greater remedy for
« -ugh- Cold# aud all Tbroat. Chest and
Lung trouble- It will stop the worst
rough and not only prevents but abso
I te v cure- «Consumption. Price 50c
and #1 «*'. Every bottle guaranteed.
Trial bottle- free at—Odend&bl Bros.
Ut'ianuifn; of the Interior
L-nd office at Lincoln, Neb. »
May 9th. 1900. (
S .1 u*e is hereby given that tbe following
named miller ha- tl ed notice of his in
iMii alu n..ikt- final proof in support of
in- cMuni and mat aaid proof will be made
J. A. Angler, county judge, at Loup
City. Nebraska. ,.n July .'ird. lWQu, via:
W iiam U Welior. Homestead Entry. No
irc.i. foa tbe northwe>-l quarter Section #,
» -hit . . Range U He name* tbe fol
lowing a : t n to prove his continuous
residence ujkhi and cultivation of said
land, via:
14. J Johansen, l.oup City, Neb.
J W Long. “
J. f» Pedler. “ ** “
§ E i-alia way, “ *• *•
J. W. JoHgsow, Register.
Department of tbe Interior.
Land Office at Lincoln. Neb. 1
May 191 b. 1901 i
V»U e - hereby given that the following
named settler baa fl:ed nonce of bis in
tent nu to make tinal proof In support of
bis claim, and that said proof will be
tua e Ix-fore tbe county judge, at Loup
Cilr. Nebraska, on June :taib, Hiuu viz:
Albert -parsing. Homestead Entry. No.
SB for the north east quarter. Section SC,
low i,ship I*. Range IX He names tbe fol
lowing wane— to prove bis continuous
residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz
(••u. Kitiel, of Ashton, xebr.
at eve Kittle. •• ** •*
Andrew Kair " “ •*
1 rank Fowl. “ ** “
J. W. Johhson, Register.
When vou want a first class
job of watch, clock or jewelry
repairing done, don’t fail to
call on
If your eyes hurt and pain
you and you need glasses, call
He is a graduate of the
Omaha W atchmakers and Op
tical College. All wirk guar
anteed to give satisfaction or
money cheerfully refunded.
Yours for business,
G. H. Morgan,
Loup City's Jeweler and Op
A $4.00 BOOK FOR 75cts.
The Farmers’ Encyclopedia.
I very thing per
taining to the af
fairs of the firm,
ho no eh old and
stock raising. Em
brace> articles on
Uie horse the colt
horse habits, dis
eases of the hone,
the farm, grasses,
fruit culture, dairy
cattle. sheep,swine
poultry, bees, tbt
dug. toilet, social
life, etc., etc. On*
of the mist com
plete Encyclo
pedias in existence
A large book. 8x.Hi
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A Keen Clear Brain
Your best feelings, your social posi
tion or business success depend largely
on the perfect action of your stomach
and Liver. Dr.King's New Life Pills
give increased strength, a keen, clear
brain, high ambition. A 25 cent box
will make you feel like a new being
Sold by Odendahl Bros.
If troubled with rheumatism, give
Chamberlain's Paiu-Balm a trial. It
will not cost you a cent *if it does no
good. One application will relieve the
pain. It also cures sprains and bruises
in one-third the time required by any
other treatuieut. Cute, burns, frost
bites, quinsey, pains in the side and
cbest. glandular and other swellings are
quickly cured by applying it. Every
bottle warranted. Price 25 and 50 cts.
For sale by Odendahl Bros.
J. C. Kennedy, Rornoke. Tenn., says,
"I cannot say too much for DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. One box of it
cured what the doctors called an in
curable ulser on my jaw.” Cures piles
and all skin diseases. Look out' for
worthless imitation. Odendahl Bros.
“I had stomach trouble twenty years
and gave up hopes of being cured till l
began to use Kedol Dyspepsia Cure.
It has done me so much good 1 call it
the savioi of my life." writes W. R.
Wilkinson. Albany, Tenn. It digests
wbat you eat. Odendahl Bros.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, are
just wbat a horse needs when In bad
condition. Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge Tbey are not food but med
icine and the best in use to put a horse
in prime condition. Priee25 cents per
package. For sale bv Odendahl Bro's.
A Fast Bieyrie Kltler,
Will often receive painful cuts, sprains
or bruises from accidents. Buckleu's
Arnica Salve, will kill the pain and heal
the injury. It's the cyclist's friend.
Cures Chafing, Chapped llaDd*, Sore
Lips, Burns, Ulcers and Piles. Cure
guarauteed. Only 25c. Try it. Sold
bv Odendahl Bros.
-♦ ♦ ♦ -
If sweet young widows want to
"ketch” some sweet heart in the tangles
of their golden curls, they'd better take
Rocky Montaio Tea. Great Medicine
35 cents.
If you have, will tell you hew to get
the moat lor your money.' Tha Semi
Weekly Stato Journal, published at
Lincoln, wants several thousand new
subscribers and as a special inducement
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50 cents. Two papers each week with
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great presidential campaign and the
campaign in this state for two United
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ed so much reading matter for 50 cents.
Send in your money right now, be
cause the sooner you seud ic in, tbd
more papers you get for your money
Address. Nebraska State Journal, Lin
coln, Neb.
you cam
Dodge mem
Did you ever try to dodge the
rain-drops ? Did not succeed
very well, did you ? It’s just
as useless to try to esccpe frcrr
the germs of consumption. Ycu
can't do it. They are about us
on every hand and we are con
stantly taking them into our
Then why don’t we a!I have
this disease ? Simply because
these germs cannot gain a foot
hold in a strong throat end
lungs. It's when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body must be well supplier
with fat. The danger come:
when the blood is poor and tht
body is thin. If your cough doe:
not yield, and your throat anc
lungs feel raw and sore, yoi
should not delay anotiier day
of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos^
phites at once. It will heal tht
inflamed membranes and greatly
strengthen them as well. The
digestion becomes stronger, the
appetite better and the weight
increases. The whole body be
comes well fortified and the
germs of consumption cannot
gain a foothold.
It's this nourishing, sustain
ing and strengthening power
has made it of such value in
all wasting and exhausting
50c and $1.00, all druggists.
SCOTT & BOWNE. Chemists. N-w Yatfc, _
A WOman* Awful Peril.
“There ir only one ohanee to save
your life and that is through an opera
tion” were the startling words heard by
Miss. J B Hun of Lime Ridge. Wie..
from her doctor after he had vainly
tried to cure her of a frightful case of
stomach trouble aud yellow’ jbundice.
Gall stones had formed and she con
stantly grew worse. Then she began to
use Electric Bitters which wholly cured
her. It's a wondersnl stomach, Liver
and Kidney remedy. Cures Dyspepsia,
Loss of Appetite, Try it. Only 50cts.
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Is in a tourist sleeper, personally con
ducted. via the Burlington Route. You
don't change cars. You make fa6t time.
You see tne finest scenery on the globe.
Your car is not so expensively fur
nished as a palace sleeper, but it is just
as clean, just as comfortable, just as
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cheaper. It has wide vestibules: Pintsch
gas, high back seats: a uniformed Pull
man porter; clean bedding: spacious
toilet rooms; tables and a beating range.
Being strongly and heavily bn it, it
rides smoothly; is warm in winter and
cool in summer.
In charge of each excursion party is
an experienced excursion condu r
who accompanies it right through i
Los Angeles.
Cars leave Omaha, St. Louis. Lincoln
and Hastings every Thursday, arriving
San Francisco following Sunday, Los j
Angeles Monday. Only three daj s from
the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast,
including a stop-over of H hours at L>en i
ver and 2^ hours at Salt Lake City—two
of the most interesting cities on the con- !
For folder giving full information,
call at any Burlington Boute ticket of
fice, or wrrite to—J. Francis,—Gen'l
Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb.
A Follower of Measles.—In many
inst inces a persistent cough follows an
attack of measles. In speaking of this
Mr. Walter B. Beel, editor of the Elkin,
N. C. Times, says: ‘ Three weeks ago
I had an attack of measles which left
me with a bad cough. 1 took several
doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and the cough has entirely disappeared.
I consider Chamberlain's medicines the
best on the market '* For salt by Oden
dahl Bn s.
An $8.00 DICTIONARY for $1.00
The New Werner Edition of
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Office in Northwesters Building,
LOUP OI'i'T. i i FQ,
OFFICE.—-One door east of Chase's
drag store.
Fipst Class Work Guaranteed
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m t
Stock of Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing. Goods.
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South Side Public Square Loup City, Nebr.
AV’ANTED Honest man or woman to
’ travel for large house: salary ffio
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velope. MANAGER. SWCaxton bldg.. Chica
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HONEST, persons to represent us as
Managers in this and close bv counties.
Salary $H;»o a year and expenses. Straight
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permanent, our references, any hank in
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ed at home. Reference. Enclose self-ad
dressed stamped envelope.—The Domin'
ion Company. I>ept_ 8. Chicago 9 25 to 3 hie
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Ay'hievements of Admiral Dewey,” the
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racrs 1 nat
Every Patriot j
and Voter
Ought to Know.
January 1st.
THE 1900
A Political, leister
Containing Full Information
Upon All Statistical Facts
and Fibres
Politician <
New |
Congress. \
A Complete Guide to the
Forthcoming Elections
of 1900.
The South African
War; War in the Phil
ippines; The Interna
tionai Peace Congress; Our Naval
and Military Establishments; The
Samoan Settlement; The Great
Trusts and Their Capitalization, and
many other subjects of equally vital
interest. _
A complete History of each of
the Ships Jn the American
Navy, by Edgar Stanton Mac
layf Historian U. S. Navy•
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Cures Impotencj*, Night Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of self
_i_____ _^
■ aoujcj v/x v.Av (xuu iuuxo
Jcretion. A nerve tonic and
S blood bnilder. Brings the
rpink glow to pale cheeks and
' restores the fire of youth.
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General Banking Business Transacted.
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000
Correspondents: Seaboard National Bank, New York City, N. Oma4
National Bank , Omaba, Nebraska. *