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—" - —- - ■
The Northwestern
AY TH K ( Ot STY «E aT.
• ro r B* * » M TCB. ' rci or* • **
m onw" i*»w*»b»r»
Yf *.v* « rs» tkam if r*.j ra xorAlca
tt tbr Ln: «tty iVuBet for trut
:ne lA* n » » ft* #««•£
r id uiitcr.
Tine prue *»f tobnceo msais* pret
n a-ort tbe «skc batkboftn mjtw
srr •*. ill samriag upwards
ie* I re*ir hfif ibod import* egg*
a r*b l.itti- a a ear. Tbe
%■*■ t#*:«d Amrrtrss ben forest**
tbe 3i
Bi it (*•■« r,' t »b< # tor great
aitattt •■{ pleasurs .o tbe pre*peet
of soother tkre- eemett-d rice pr*a.
Ihu: S/ht for !? kj He feara tb#
U 2 ot Is • politico! kite «i»l ba lb#
n i.a* ? f b t Aspiroltvs* if tbia
tb sc ejtl 8#*#
TLsr* «t» : i i**7 pound*
o.f b* s eipaned *0 lsod 5f»2.
« ' ** pound* is 1 !•*:•.« Tbi* **»
at a re*oe of 137. • <.•«■•< j*»ur 1*
it be r*j r'» f ? tl * rj.e farm pro
da i utter tbe Sep* bit cos p^hcr of
j • t*~t»on
Jeff net ard for e: battled laa*
F it* f r tb» ‘auri we gbt tkam
; * t*- p of tbe «<*tSd ard »f:er a
i a- 1 t*r igzle « * roan la. Corbet
• a» 4 /. to * r; A# a r gbl Lander
• ii tbe it i«r }t« and Jeff still re
tl Dl tbe d •;
1»- «ei os 1 hi* butter -a ? nattcrt
Itr U#rsu LOg* tbe old bo me of
«»etarai Jsak*oe i* * prenoaed. ;c
tbe b pe vf f 'cor sapiro'JHj,
a* « t So *a pienti of aftmsr
era *« • _—»**. lei tl bero i * presi
des* a *» K«aj« to excite list
I'ttie -sieree:.
!« - *s r'r tpcf:** -a . »o bur at
lue f* 'u* ea ta tStisk f fci oniog
l*- ** .* «;St 1 *# pu 1 be 'ieSr’T
t * s*T And. e -se to think of it.
et - • *1 l*r«npi nty BoalJ bare to
■*. %: -se. t« lab «ing aen are ail s'
e r*. m**. : g decent na*:** «rd do
a I »e t * ir \b p tie o<y|tn.
f *':serr • .1 find t r. 1- S f ' thfe
: ;s ■ o* v.d blading
• e,te sr ttodt a* *ee foreign pnret
f»«r Nu .« !Uap rsd •****! in
• •lb of these 5 tiers there ba* l«ect
sa sJisnto «f l#9 per ovtt in r»iue
e ll»* foreign market aritbio t*o
• «*ra J.*r an# sins odea Seed ortr
' jer eest • ibis tbe p»*t )r»r
ii u%9 b*«c spoiling
I? •*» • *rth uf cottoo geoj*
*»eft tear, b«« onlr f.’Ti OjO worth
r»x '.l« la f J &’-*%ea„ The new
:*» .aw jaai enacted !*jr a Repob
e- f*t„ *at * i *i»e o» this trade
a xcel rt r* \ mod thereby here*1
■nr otton gr were and mtsufadjr
#ee a*.d oar whole popu
It had m r aught to take a roter
of the <:ltti diet not ioog to make
a mot wba to ca*t hie ballot
f >r for'© a* tua fall if wiodr
Nets e a runim s a£a>nat that ex.
B'-f tr at. M P KtoaaiJ. We
» ni 1 !>e re;-reaetiled br a alatea
me i *:• x mod we hope the
i *t« ra of ibe h g • xth wili wake up
to a tea all <o of cmr owed a before
einction dat neat fall.
H *V-ry viirmstiT told of bow a
a : #r fata l tb* tflirt t of tbe bard
tia * ut»«a h:a cofigrefati*n. At
•be r o « «*r ft on* of bit aerxoas
sa* *»-i, ^ *!l c tbe boua** «!o
p*t tbtir dt* •» aUt. lu*t. Ioatartlr
tmy sa*. aapaa tod child, with
or* except <*«, ar t** to sbeir fact.
31* a*at* i the '•road, sa! aaid. ‘-Let
*»*rt can *b<* ia not pay is; his
*% aland op T e etreplioa
a #te I a *r# wora. hungry .udicida
h« I ta L.a ijf. tamsm suit.
t ■!» a*» i*ed a perpendicolar po
st" . a so I leaned «p*tj tb* hack of
*% «#at in fmt of s:*a. * How la
* tf end. the tniau
* -» :Uatt taar* tb** ably mao ia
*V- ’arge eoagregktion arho i« *»e*.
i# to meet bta obi gtliob* '*’ *1
;h.> t ab a arnapsper." ha meekly re
t -r4. ‘ tad my Orelbrea bera, aLo
bat# jo*t *t . 4 up. ar« tav an barn
b ra bad-- “L»l at prat!" rx*
clAiased the atiatater —Ex.
Nebraska at! rd* a hlriking bor
riHe ex:rr; '** of tbe effects of a
j Drmocra'if a Imicisirati -a snd a free
> trad* tariff, Its bank deposits show
' Year. Amount.
Igl* . ..*. .. 24,891,113
1*'»1. 17,20S.47G
i * J4. 18,074,832
1 **5. 14,200,775
jletot. 10.227,537
I-.*7. 13,902,940
1 »> •*. 1 S,2 25, i SO
1*9*. 21,000,111
l istse fip’ire* represent tlie deposits
ic n' .*nks in Nebraska under State
• ti( rnsi -u only. Tbe deeliue dur
ing tbe Democratic administration of
l* *' ’*7 is as remarkable as the in
crease in deposits under the pres
ent administration of I'residect Mc
<iJas«e the brer, paaifj tbs blood, in
«i£r>rat« the bo<ly by using LleWitt*?
» 1 otle Early Riser*. These famous llt
• e pdi» act promptly. Odendshl Bros.
Pberea no t«enn’r in all the land.
That tin with h*r t ,cr compare.
Her* :p* vr* rr-\ her ev» • are bright,
-ue ti kff Rockv Mountain Tea at night
The a- lent* believed that rbftima
: *n« «»s tb* uor» of a demon within a
tnan Any one *bo h«* bad aii attack
»f «e'st!e or inf -.mmarnry rheumatism
: ■ that tb lemoni
n' «■•> ,gh to asrant the belief It has
•.< »■. r <-rr < j;m<'d that Chainberlaiu’e
I'aiu Balm would cast out demons, but
r a i cure rheutiattsn., *rul hundred*
r *:‘m >: t to the truth of tle-tate
inent. One application telievea tbr
»I• ir? and th » q nek r«- i'? -*bu*h It
affords » s or.e worth rsir* timet its
*: 1 ■»- » • (id'-? :a V Bn ».
Aa Spin*mlr n( U h»<t|ilD|i Couch
!.*•' winter daring as epidemic ol
whooping coegh ray tllkireu contract
ed the J,*e te haring ?cecrc coughing
apcKs VVc fnd _*<* i Ctiainberlain'a
« ■ gb Remedy verv succe?»fy: .y for
ri ip and : atu-a Jy tarred to It atphat
I ae ir f ad it re ieved *the cough
and effect !s c nipiete cur:*.—JollX ' .
1 Ll' Pr. ; : »: r X <*rvv odllons*,
\i r *«»...1 X. Y. ibis remedy I# foi
* a > 11 (J • l \ln ..
T»r*uref K TTitaM”
Juterse a fferit’* was end re I hy wit
'.e»* 1 L Martif. of L»:\ e. Kr., before
gave this eri >i et: *1 coughed every
n gbt er * my throat wu nearly raw;
t; en trr . I'-. King"* New Discovery
at h gne inet tut re lef. i hasa used
: • ir.j f.u.Hy for f jr Ttars and re- j
*trs t •: a the greatrst remedy fer 1
c* * 5s and aii 1 Liroat. beat and
I u-g iroebiea It ai.l «top the worst
ongh a-, i not onlr preveets but ab*o-,
e.v r ires t onaumptioa. Price 50c;
and $1 >» Leery bottle gaaranteed.
Trial *» ft:!«a free at—OJeudahl Bros.
look here:::
When you want a first clas3
iob of watch, dock or jewelry
repairing done, don't fail to
rail on
If your eyes hurt and pain
vou and vou need glasses, call
He is a graduate of the
Omaha Watchmakers and Op
tical College. All work guar
ant«*ed to give satisfaction or
money cheerfully refunded.
• •?
Yours for business,
G. H. Morgan,
Loup City’s Jeweler and Op
A $4.00 BOOK FOR 75cts.
I Fanners' Eacjclopedia.
Everything per
taining to the af
fairs of the farm,
fcausebold and
rtoci rids.xg. Km
f ra.ii- truiles on
r.e i-or-e the colt,
boras hnbita. dis
i wcs cf li-fc horse,
tht form, graces,
fruit culture, dairy
'r.y ',
cat: t, f t;etp.swii:e
poultry, bees, the
o 9. toilet, social
life, etc., etc. One
of the most com
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Chamberlain's Pain-Balm a trial, it
will not cost you a cent df It does no
go >d. One application will relieve the
paiu. P also cure* sprains aud bruises
in onc-thir I the time required by any
other treatment Cuts, burns, frost
bit*?, quinsey, pains in the side and
ofc«>r. glandular and other swellings are
.jut illy ••uicd by applying it. Every
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curable ulser on my jaw.*' Cure# piles
tod all -skin diseases. Look out lor
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had stomach trouble twenty years
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the savior of my life.” write* W. R
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-♦ » ♦
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3*> cots.
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Did you ever try to dodge the 1
rain-drops ? Did ret succeed
very well, did you ? It's just
as useless to try to escape from
the germ* of consumption. You
can’t do it. They are about us
on every hand and we are con
stantly taking them into our
Then why don’t we all have
this disease? Simpiy because
these germs cannot gain a foot
hold in a strong throat and
lungs. It’s when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body must be well supplied
with fat. The danger co:::s‘
when the blood is poor and the
body is thin, if your cough deer
not yield, and your throat and
lungs feel raw and sore, you
should not delay another day
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it’s this nourishing, sustain
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50c and all druggists.
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A Woman* Awful Peril.
“There if only one ebanee to save
your life and that is tbrongh an opera*
tiou’’ were the startling words heard by
Miss. J. B Hun of Lime Ridge, Wis.,
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Gall stones had formed ami she con
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A Follower of Measles—In many
inst inevs a persistent cough follow's an
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LOUP CITT, - - KKuhass a.
LOUP OITT. I ( tnnk
A. s* MAIN.
orriCE.—One door east of Cbase'a
drug store.
nE.iri ist
no VP CITY, NEfi.
Fipst Class Work Guaranteed
Has arrived and those who were anxiously waiting for the first sign of spring were
glad to sec him. As they watched him hopping about it probably occurred to malv
that it was not the first robin they had ever seen. They have seen men ROB BIN’
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W ell, we have been in business for years and we have our first robbin’ yet to do
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Achievement* of Admiral Dewey," tbs
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The j
New 11 600
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A Complete Guide to the
Forthcoming Elections
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General Banking Business TransscJtad.
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000
Correspondents: Seaboard National Bank, New York City, N. \ Om&h*
National Bank, Omaha, Nebraaka.