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    Cr-’Y NO ITH WEST iN.'
Thk Northwkstkrn
GEO. K. HEN Mr; HOT Kit. I KMlI or • anil
GKO. H GIBSON, i P»bllahara
Knten'll at the Loup City Poatofflca for trims
mission through the mails as set oml
eluas matter
Official l’aper Sherman C ounty
STATE ticket
for Supreme Judge
M B. Ukehk. of Lincoln.
for Regent* of State Unlvaralty,
K. O. McfJii.Tox.of Omaha
Bn Wilma m II. Ely. of Alnaworth.
for Congrewunaii dth District,
M I*. Kinkaii>. of O'Neil.
[ forjudge of Kith DUtilct
;; f. O. Hamkh. of Kearney.
|i for Treaiturur,
John L. CHBkhi.kii of Hazard
for Clerk.
J. A. Stkvkn* of Hurrliton tap
for Judge.
W II Hkown of Rockville tap
For Surveyor.
WAI.TKU MooN of Loup City
for Coroner.
Bit A 8. Main of Loup City.
for Sheriff.
J K. I’kaknon .. i*f Harrison twp
(io to the poll* every body a»«l vote
for prosperity ail along the line.
Our csudidale* are all good men
and fartners. There can be no ex
cuse fur voting against them
Vote f' i Steven- for Oleik, Orcaler
fur ifi-HSUicr mid lirown for Judge.
P ttiid kai’W \*-o have done your duty.
Mr. lb tan •-an see democratic vic
l.iriea in even direction. Perhaps
he has hecn travelin;* recently on a
Vote ilu- lb-publican ticket straight
this fall, ami show to the world that
the American people love the flag
and will support it
Newspapers of the diflerent states
are publishing pictures <>f deformed
eais of eorn that have taken nil gro.
tc-i|iie shupes in i.iLir growth. Hut
he jieeuliaiitt «f the Nebraska
product is die fact that it has nearly
ceased its tendency to ‘-pop."
.No patU ever yet climbed to auc
i c-s in the l'i did States with a treas
on streamer ti'ing from their banner,
mid the Tagala of tlie present day
will lie no exception to tbat rule.
The democratic, demopop parly must
lit upon their sedetious sonnet or
next year their Idol, Mr lirvau, will
not have as many voles as Agutnaldo,
his “gifted” partner will have sol
diers left
The siui-i-re and patriotic leaders
o' itie populist party are crawling
down from the rotten old craft and
mounting the ltepuhlican hand wa
gnu as it roils past. The copper,
beads are attli doing business at the
same old treason stand. They nev
er saw a man who was 111 to run this
government that loved the old tiag,
and they ueyt-i will, according to
their ioctriue.
i la* |Mi|utlist parti araa urgaui/.ril
fur a purpuM- atol hating at-rwtl that
pitt|MiM. ta nour, atconluig to tta or
iginal fuuUtlara, l hr ilrinot raU, i'niiiI
to glta np lha ghuat lt< rval pur*
|» *• waa to hiMMlwink aaougti mpuh
llt-ana into it ta taaura tin* wvrrU
of itvtHva rai y it ifcta ataia. aad boo
• < ' it ha* §>*• • t. .|« | rati hr ««ta hr
aarattainiag Ju»t «hat waa lit# p«>
In Hal vutaplakiou of Ika praawnl of
A ara throughout Ika alaia lwf(.»w
• ha faka «*• uriginaiail Man* go-«»
HapuhUt ana aata il*<.o)#tl lain It hi
tn» prul..hgt>4 kual of * rapuM|<sn
•hakoauat), at >1 tba tMuramt o>
rafurai if Ika ra»« ala arata luiam*
‘•at • Hafuraa i-awa ta taiga
• haaka hut aflrt a ila «<la of lit trial
tka paapla of our ataia kata t-oailuil
ed that they wen hoodwinked, the
brand of reform was not genuine,
but whs a ( lit from the same old
democratic chunk that i un our shi|>of
state into ale ul water before, hence
' he farce seems to be about eodrd
and Nebraska will be redeemed.
Thursday morning a run away cre
ated considerable excitement on the
Htre©t, and had it not been for the
nerve exhibited by Mr R. I*. Ras
mussen considerable more damage
would have been done.
Mr. it. Mortinson of Elba was
here on business Thursday.
Mr. J. K. Pearson of Litchfield,
was ssen on our streets Friday after
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Beushauseu
gave a parly Fridav in honor of Miss
Alice Roice, of Bell wood, who is
here visiting Mrs Beushauscn. every
one present reports having had a
very pleasant time.
(’has. (juste) cr of Loup City, was
doing business with our merchants
8 a turd ay,
Beushauseu Bros, made a trip to
McAlpine, and back Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs \V. M. Smaleesdrove
to Farwell, and spent Sunday with
r< latives.
Miss Freda Lange left Monday
morning for St. Paul.
Miss nillebraudi left Saturday for
St. Paul, where she spent Sunday
wiiti her parents
Mr Henry Howard jr. of Denver,
Colo , arrived Saturday evening for
a visit with his parents arid brother,
lie left for home Tuesday morning.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. \V. A.
Baker on Tuesday, October 31st.
1899, a son was born. Will ean be
seen stepping about like a strtng
htiltrd horse these days, the proud
est man in the state
Mrs D. M. Hendrickson is visit
ing bersuter, Mrs. W. M. Smelser,
lids week.
Evidence ws- plainly to he seen
SaturcViv inornsng that there .mist
tic some one about who tins the
blood of Ids most Royal Satanic
<1 iijeslv in their veins.
After a long dels} the Bank build
ing glories in an elegant coat of col
or, which was applied bv the dex
terous brush of Mr. 11. P. Rasmus
sen, of Elba.
Quite a delegation of Asbtonites
went to 3t. Paul Wednesday to beau
the much “Illustrated" W. ,J. Bayun.
I. c u
Mr. Vian is getting better. He Inis
been emit!-led to his h*d for eight
Joseph Van. oldest son oT (ieorge
\ an was buried Sunday. He lias a pol
icy in the M. W. A. of Litchfield for
1,000.00, The funeral ceremonies
were conducted by that order.
A>k T. S Nightingale and Sullivan
about the big blowout at Lone Kim.
♦ •
Mr. hniTOR.—1 desire to say a
brief word to ray fellow citizen* ou
the question of who should be elect
eu h* our Supreme Judge at the
coining election. In toy opinion the
people, regardless of party, ought
to vote for Judge Becse, ou the fol
lowing grounds. Me has already
been tried upon the Supreme Bench
uud his record shows him to be tiu
upright Judge and learned in the
law. Me hss never i>cen a polilieian
and is absolutely free from partisan
bias lie cannot be used aa a to» 1
by the politicians or made in auv
sense a part of a politics' machine.
Mia decisions will tie honest ami will
represent sound law. On ail pule
lie quest ions hia auupalbt will be
ou the aide of the liberties of the
With respect to Mr. Iloluuaib, the
I'opullst candidate, be was uot ebor
in by his part* because he
learusd in the law aud *ear* Imho at
populist la imaml to veifiMt ilia'
Judge Ihew t» held and aimukteis
above bits IB tbal spst id Issn.ii.g
w i eh quahlle# a raaa for this lug
p.wiiluB Mr llotioiBh ts not is
am •«!"*• the I h»tee of the unit II |
file of populists throughout the lUti
The% HHnleititteil hia Connection with
• he trag tu*ent recount and hi# «»b.
lug of the house rent amt lo« int*l
■ f Ml* free passes Willie be as* liul
srnof of Ibis aisle Hu* the profs*
•tonal puttuctanai boa* Mi ||ot***Hgt»
•gatnal Ibe Will of the p opte get *n*e
• her a mini a partisan upon the Mi
pit me Hsush and wahleit to naba
the Mu prams Court a |H<miul mis
i blBe Tha holiest CilUaBS of this
•tala 4o uat a .id « |nditb taB on th*
I Supreme Mend] no matter what the
color of his politics may he. They
| simply want an honest Judge ami
a fearless Judge and a Judge who
knows ttie l,iw, and they will gel all
these qualities combined in .fudge
K J. r
KoiloI [tyspepnia (Jure thoroughly
digests food without aid from the sto
tuauh, aud at tiie same time heals and
restores the diseased digestive organs
It Is the only remedy that does both of
these things and can be relied upon ro
permanently cure dyspepsia
‘ lie Witt's Little Karlj Kisers did me
more good than nil blood medicines and
other pills," writes (Jeo. II Jacob*,
of Thompson. Oun. prompt, plea-ant,
never gripe,—they cure constipation,
arause the torpid liver to action and
give you clean blood, steady nerves, a
clear brain and a healthy appetite.
♦ • ♦ —
IVttfr, hMl i - Kin* ii in uiid IC</«*mu
'I'ti*' intense itching and Emailing inei
•lent to the*** diseases, is Instantly allay
ed by applying Chamberlain'* Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very hud c »< .
hat'e been permanently cured by it- It
Is equally efllclent for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for sore nipples
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites
and chronic sore eyes. 2octs. per box.
For sale hyOdendabl Bro s.
The best salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises bores Fleets bait Kiieiim Fever
bores Tetter Fltapped Hands Ohilblains
Corn* ami all Skin Eruptions mid pos
itively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price !J5 cents
per box. For sale by Odeudahl Bros
State of Nebraska i
s Thu State of Nebr.
Sherman County I
To Win Cook, non-resident owner of tin
following described real ostate situated In
Hon,t Uist. No. ii of Sherman Co.. Nebraska,
to-wlt: Kouth east quarter Section 2 Town
ship 16. Range 11 west.
Y ou are hereby notified that complaint lias
been made to me as Road Overseer of said
road district that there Is an open well upon
the above described real estate and if the
same is not tilled up immediately, I shall pro
eeed to 1111 the same In the manner provided
hy law. as the name Is dangerous for stock.
Given under my hand this 26th duy of Oct
ober I HUB.
S. N. Foulrkn, Overseer
Itoad Dist. No. A Sherman county. Neb.
State of Nebraska i
!-s s The State of Neb
County of Sherman I
To unknown owner and Nebraska Loan and
Trust Compeny owners ot the following des
cribed real estate situated in Road district
No. A, of Sherman county. Nebraska, to-wlt:
South east quarter Section 10, Township 16,
Range it west. You are hereby notified that
complaint has been made to me as Road Over
seer of said road district that there is ati
o|)cn w ell upon the above described real estate
and if the same is not tilled up immediately
I siiull proceed to nil the same in the man.
tier provided by law, us the same Is danger
ous to stock.
Given under my hand this 26th duy of Oct
ober, lsdU.
S. n Pout.*en. Overseer
Rond Uist No. A, Sheruiun County. Neb.
The publishers of Thk New Y ork Stah, the
handsomely illustrated Sunday newspaper,
ure giving a tin.ii Gkade Bicycle cacti day
for the largest list of words made hy using tie
letters contained in • 1 11 - K
Y-o-K-K a-T-A-U” no more times in anv
one word than It Is found in The New York
stur. Webster s Dictionary to bo considered
a--authority. Two Good Waiches (first clas
time keepers) w ill be given daily for second
and third best lists, and many other valuable
rewards, including Dinner Bets, Tea Sets, China
Sterling Silverware, etc., etc., In order of mci -
it. This educational contest I* being given to
advertise and introduce this successful weekly
into new homes, and all prizes will be awarded
promptly without purtlulity. Twelve 2-eent
stamps must be inclosed for thirteen weeks
trial subscription with full particulars and list
ot over Abb valuable rewards. Contest open
and awards commence Monday, June 26th and
close Monday, August 21st, I hum. Your list can
reach us any day between these dales, and will
receive the award to which it may be entitled
for that day, and your mime will be printed In
the follow lag issue of Thk New Yotta St Alt
Only ene list can be entered by the same pel
sou Prizes are on exhibition ut Thk Si ai< -
hasiness offices Persons securing bicycles
muy have choice ot Ladle's, Gentlemen s or
Juvenile s ism m’-d’d, color or size deairetl
• 'all or address Dept L The New Y'uiik
STAB. 23d W lout Street, New York City.
If -of, something must be *
v.r r.: v.iih Its Loo li <hc 4
mdi.rr's milk doesn’t nour I
i*i» i*, iht needs SC01T > *
EMULSION. If supplies the ‘
flem.*nts of fat required lor <
41 b • || b
ivjurqhtd by Hs artificial !
low J tS*n it rrqu.res
i# ? a t« npoonJul three \
y * o si n dav i.i *ts j
!• v’ * have fhe d^'trtd <
» • l'»\t \ 4
r ■ * %* .f * pen b ib <s ]
»,* * * • ' Wty emt i
b f; | rase the truth j
o! o.*i dementi. J
I# l*A »t fm #vis«*fr «« 1
iff ■** <. j
notice to land owners.
To all whom It may concern: The com
missioner appointed to view and report upon
the vacation of a road commencing at that
part of road No to. beg inn lug at a point
where the same Intersects the half section
line running north and south of Section lb.
Township 15 north of Range 15 weal of the
fith p m. iu Sherman county, and running
thence In a .south easterly direction, across
the south cast quarter of Section lb, the north
east quarter of Section 15, the north West
quarter of Section il. south west quarter of
Sec, II south east quarter of See II. all In
Township 15, north of Range 15 west, and
terminating at road number one hundred mid
tvventy t wo i PKi be vaeat< d. lias reported In
favor of the vacation thereof, and all ob
jections thereto, or claims for damages must
be tiled in the county clerk's orth o on or before
noon of the noth day of December. A. D.
I*W. or such road will be vacated without
reference thereto.
Dated this £> day of October, IHW.
[seal) John Mikhiium. County Clerk.
State of Nebraska j
'-s* Tile State of Nebr.
County at Sherman \
To M Thompson non-resident owner of
the following described real estate situated ill
Road Mist. No. In of Sherman county, Neb
raska. tn-wll: Southw>-st fourth of Section 10.
township 15, range 15 west. You are hereby
nptltli il ttiat complaint ha tieeu mude to me
as Kuii.l Overseer of said road district tliut,
there Is an open well upon the above described
real estate and If the same la not Oiled up
Immediately 1 shall proceed to 1111 the same In
the miitiner provided by law as the same Ik
dangerous for stock.
Given under my hand this I7lb day of October,
lklig W. U. Ketnoi.Uh, Overseer
Road Hist. No. 10, Sherman County. Nebraska.
State of Nebraska j
es. m. The Slate of Nebr.
County of Sherman I
To unknown non-resident owner of the
following described real estate situated In
Ruud district No 3 Sherman county, Nebras
ka to-wlt: Northeast quarter of Section lo.
TowJWitp HI. Hungc 11 west: You are here
by null tied that complaint has been made to
me its Road Overseer of said road district
that there are two open wells upon the above
described reul estate and If the sumc Is not
tilled up lmmedsuteiy, l shall proceed to
1111 the same In (lie manner provided by law.
us the same Is considered dangerous for
Given under my hand this noth day of Oct
ober, i m«i
H. N. I’AEl.SEii. Overseer
Hoad Dist. No. 3, Shermun county, Nebr.
Department of the Interior.
Land Ofllce at Lincoln, Nub. I
September Dili, 1*1,9 (
Notice is hereby given that tlio follow,
named settlers lias tiled notice of Ills inten
tlou loiuake llual proof In support of Ills
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the County Judge of Sherman county,
at Loup, Nebraska, on October g*. 1H‘J9
viz: Peter I. Hausen, Homestead Entry
No. IVgHO lor the Northwest fourth of sec
tion g4, Township 10, Range 15, west Olh
p. m.
Ho names the following witnesses to
prove Ins continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Frederick Thode of Loup, Nehruska
■Mike Kominski of “ “
Peter Urudzenskt of “ “
I'ctcr Thode of “ “
J. W. Johnson, Register,
Notice is hereby given that hy virtue of
a /fiattel mortgage dated on the loth day
ot April, 1HSW, ami duly tiled In the office of
iheeounty clerk of Hlierumn county Neb
raska on the 18th day id April, lHO# and ex
d ated by J T Tooley to T. M. Heed and
by him assigned to 11. M. Osborne ,t Co
of Auburn, N V, to secure the payment
ol the sum of $U3 tin and upon which
there is now due the sum of $03.(Ml HnU
Interest hi the rate of 10 per cent per annum
from date. Default having been made In
the puymeul of said sum and no suit or
other proceedings at law having been Insti
tuted to recover said debt or ny part
thereof therefore I will Mil th property
therein described, vis: One re and while
spotted cow with V shaped si t in tore
head, also. One dark red cow. s' pu bib' sue
lion In trout of the Itueko' store, Loup
Oily, Hlterinau Countv, Nelnaska on Mai
unlay, November 4th, I sou.
Dated flits Wilt day of October, IslW
ny T. U. HRBI1. Agent.
Attorney at iaw and Notary Publte.
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cuss
At .Ao DO A
General Hoal Estate Business.
office In Nonthwmtkkn Pending,
lOlf tilt, NRURAHKA.
I.OI »• , IJ Y S I Hit \ K A
»>!#!* ft !*»• itllHf »A«t t»f i '•n,l
<ure* Impotent jr. Night huiUannwatui
■ uilBf Uitt%t*e», nil •ffvita of eelt
U ut - *• .. I ..ll
lutitoa AnvneltiiiM ««•!
■itltMMl Ih|U«1«*I . u»It
n»tRk gU>» lu I> ilr chrrfc# jr
' K it.'uo |h« Sir tt( jot !■
Il'ty |j 4*! «1IH* |m f U*' «
fur; «%!<*• » hHIImi »
Imt l<» t'Urr «»r homimI iUv i*> *»»■
tie tut fur tu tar au.if»««
CHmw« * a**., chicaw<» ». .
ODtiND.UIl* illtm
I'M|, N*kr
j. ran mb
Fall and Winter
It is the finest and most complete stock
of fresh goods ever brought to the Loup
Country. I always stand
‘On Guard’
for the best interest of my customers and
strive to supply them with the very best
goods in the market and at the lowest rates
for good goods. It give us control of the
best class of customers and increases our
business. For all around fair treatment,
“your moneys worth or your money back,”
and for a large stock to select from we take
the lead this fall and winter.
Buy Your Groceries of pie.
and get the freshest and best in town.
PrealJnnt QuUnl
General Banking Business Transacted.
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000
Cohhrhpondenth: Seaboard National Bank, New York City, N. Y., Omaha
National Bunk, Omaha, Nehruaka.
——O—• —
A trial solicited, Kit guaranteed,
Clothe* cleaned and pressed on
short notice.
Repairim Neatly Done.