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    Lioaal n«ws.
The county fathers arc in session
Lewis Bechthold Jr. Is cutting rje
this week.
New hitching; posts at the Baptist
Ti‘s said that one of our boy* Is visit
ing Cheyenne.
David Depew’s little boy is report
ed quite sick.
Mr*. Eugene Patton ol Ravenna, Is
Visiting her parent* this week
Mr and Mrs, John Shrove are both re
ported on the tick list this week.
Mr. Boekner and Miss EfHe Moon
spent last Sunday at Greely Center
Last Monday and Tuesday the ther
mometer tanned 100 in the shade,
The invigorating laugh of Harry Tee
ter was heard on our streets this week.
We notico H. Sandh of Washington
township doing business at the Hub
last Monday.
Edgar Draper rolled his photo car into
the city Tuesday and Is located near the
St Elmo.
If Mr. Hayslip will cure store box
oratory, ho can have the privilege of
the laying on of hands.
William the II makes a very enter
taining and accommodating pill roller
In the absence of William the 1.
Mr. Hayslip the Magnetic Healer Is
doing some of our people some good so
they report. Give him a fair trial.
Gus Shu Its aud Mr. Shrader of Raven
na, the former a recent resident of this
vicinity were In the city Tuesday
A number of our city sports wont to
Boelus last Sunday to witness the game
of ball between Ravenna and Boelus.
Miss Kate Moon would especially call
the attention of her lady customers to
her line of Sailor and Walking hats. At
cost for 30 day*.
The“ life-Hne” is out extending the
“glad hand" of life, hope and happiness.
Reaches around the globe. Tta Rocky
Mountain Tea 35 cents.
"1 am the treasurer and moderator,
director and school board bigii
tnuck-a-muck and big boo/.e-zec boo.
Heigb there."
A. K. ('base has got his large stock of
goods mov.-d Into the brick and will go
to Chicago, In a few wee <s to lay in a
stock of fall and winter goods.
Mr Frank Cook of Bristol township
was doing business at the county seat
last Saturday. Mr. Cook got partly hail
ed out. Ills corn, however, will mostly
W. G. Odendab'. packed his giip and
left for Omaha Tuesday morning and
J. H. l’edler is rustling IIydro--Nitio fer
werms tetter and sun burns during Bills
Word came ever the Telephone from
Litchfield Wednesday that John Ter*
buues bouse was on tire. Later inform
ation said that It was gotten out before
destroying the building.
Mr. Bowman, the gentleman who lelt
here In early spring for Denver, Col,
returned with his goods last Friday. He
says Sherman county presents more in
ducements just now than Cciorudo.
“I have used Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy In my family for years and al
ways with good results.*' says Mr. W.
B. Ccoper of El Rio, Cal “For small
chlldreu we And it especially effective ”
For sale by Odendahl Bro'.s.
James Gouley and daughter Minnie,
came over from their Custer county
home last Tuosday Jim says Custer
county Is much worse hailed out than
the western part of Sherman. Miss
Minnie staid in the city visiting friends.
We have for sale a full supply of
blink mortgages, deeds, laud leases,
notes and mortgage notes on band. All
printed on best <]ualltv paper and are of
the best forms and print. Warranty
deeds to conform with county deed
N. (J. Leroy, agent for the l'heomx
Insurance Co. was over ill the west
part of the county laat Wednesday
and adjusted the damage done by
heavy wind to the school house id
district No 09. near Hazard The
amount recovered was #03.00.
Mr. M J, Hublnsnn. s young man
from western Iowa, and a brother uf
congressman ltubiiisnn of Penns., pas*,
ed through ibe city on his way to Wes
terville last Muuday Mr. It > bln urn I*
looking over the country with the ob
ject of Investing in Nebraska toll. ||e
I* traveling by hike.
Person* troubled with diatrltoea will
be Interested In the experience uf Mr.
W M flush, clerk uf llutel Hurtence,
Pro*Ideme, H I lie eays "Pur **»
eral year* I have i*«*n almost a constant
sufferer from diarrhoea the frequent
attack* completely prostrating me end
rendering me unlit fur mv dntiee ettkl*
hotel About two veer# sgu a travel
lug salesman kindly gave me e small
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and I Harr hues Remedy M uch to mv
suiprlso aud delight It* itwti were
Immediate Whetsever I fell symptom*
of the disease 1 wueid fortify m>s*H
against Ik* atlas a w Ih a fee doses .1
this valuable remedy I he result ha*
bn m rerv sails!es tery and a Imssst com
rime relief from live altktlue.' Pur tale
f O-hndahl Ure a
Dan Mowery and Mr Houser of Wash
ington twp , whs in town Wednesday.
Mr. Morgan a Jeweler was here
Wednesday looking up a location.
The teachers Institute for Sherman
county will open io Loup City, July 81
Mr. Fred Lohmann the Grand Island
brewer, was visiting T. II. Eisner last
Mrs. L. Hausen went to Ashton
yesterday morning to visit freinda
for a few days.
We have had nearly another Inch of
rain again this week. The corn crop
never looked more promising.
We arc Informed that J A, Angler is
a candidate for the nomination of
countv Judge on some ticket.
The new school house Is a foregone
conclusion six rooms and a cellar and
the dirt lias already began to roll.
Patronize the Ladies of the G. A. H.
fora delicious dish of Ice cream to
morrow and help along the cause
Mr and Mrs. David Doner, of Wash
ington township, was In attendance at
the Royal Neighbors lodge Tuesday
W T. Gibson and Henry Ohlsen went
to Omaha Wednesday morning to pur
chase supplies for the new school hou*e.
Miss Kate Moon wlshea to announce
that for the next thirty days she will
offer her splendid line of millinery
goods at cost.
It's like a "dip in the fountain of
youth” Touches the cheek so gently that
youth lingers on the face of old age.
Rocky Mountain Tea does
Maud Last night Jack teld me that
lie wouldnt marry the best girl living
unless —what —unless she took Rocky
Mountain Tea. Irlgbt fellow.
From the fact that there was men
found who were willing to pay a prem
ium of $210 00 on a $7000 00, 5 per cent
bond It is very evident that money |g
plenty and virtually going begging for
Will Mulick, son of Mr. anil Mr*. M.
C. Mulick, wbo D a break man on the B.
& M road with headquarters at Alliance,
had the misfortune to have his bar.d
badly mangled bj a canon Are cracker
on the Fourth,
A special term of Distrlctcourt was
held here yesterday to sentence C'hipp*
and Honenfelt who had plead guilty to
stealing cattle from A Hutton A Hon.
They were given a sentence of 21 months
In the State penitentiary each,
Have von Catarrh, Hay fever, Asthma,
Kidney trouble, Stomach trouble, Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia,Constipation, Paral
ysis, Deafness or diseases of the Eyes,
call on Prof. Haysllp at tbe st. Elmo
Hotel and be convinced that Mag netism
will put you in perfect health.
Woman why complain of those dis
tressing troubles peculiar to your sex
when you can be cured by Prof. Hay
slip the Magnetlst. He has cured
others and he can cure you and make
you feel like life is worth living. Con- ,
saltation free and held in strict eon A- I
deuce—at St. Elmo
Surveyor T. W, O Wolf, who is now
at work repairing ihe damage done to
the canal by the washout, took a half
day oA last Wednesday aud staked out
the grouBds for the new school house.
The excavating work has already begun
tnd the material will soon t e on the
ground. The building D to be complete
by Nov , 1st.
The Weltruer System of Magnetic
Healing Is the inoat popular method of
treating all kinds of diseases. Prof.
Havslip who has been so successful In
this method is uow at the St. Elmo
Hotel, (.'all on him and be will give
you immediate relief and permanently
cure you of any disease or ailment you
may have.—Consultation free.
Mrs. Peter Howe received a telegram
last Friday apprising her of the death
of her brotber-in-iaw, Mr. Ueorge Wen
zel of kearuey. Mr. Weasel was the
husband of Mias Collie Hutson who liv
ed among us so long. She was married
to him about four month# ago. The
sympathy of this community goes out
to her in this tu r hour of bereavemeut.
“During the hot aeather last summer
1 had a severe attack of cholera mor
bus, necessitating my leaving my bust
uess,” say, Mr U, A. Hare, of Hare
liros., Kincaatle, Ohio “Alter taking
two or three dose, of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrboe Kemedy I
was completely relieved and in a few
bourt was able to resume uiy work In
the store. I sincerely recommend It 10
any obe afflicted with stomach or how*)
trouble. Pur tale by O.lendabl liroV
Mr. ( U,rle, Dodd, one of tdiermau
.county's soldier boys, of the third re
| gtuietd arrived In the city iaat .Saturday
| fur the Hr,t time since be returned from
the Pearl of (be Antilles Mr in,.I | |,
I »«»n of Henlamin ttodd who lived on
| Cole ('reek lie l, eu Intel igenl young
’ man and one enjoy# an hour, e arsrtt
I lion with him on Ike Cuban i|ua>,i|on.
Mr 1>o M say• Colonel ttryan wa* *ury
• . •
waaeneoflbe buy, white with them,
and all Ibowgbt that bis tv,ignaiiun •«*
a#he«l |,>r on wouhI #» bis health, but
when be went straightway to the slump
they concluded It waa bis polities!
health that the laaatlve was Intended
for, and lbs! Hr yen the t etuoel wa, a
Last Saturday evening a number of
our citizens gathered at the office of
Judge Wall, as per call in the North
wK.vncKN, for the purpose of laying
plans and appointing committees of
arrangements and finance, to place
Sherman county in a position to be rep
resented In a fitting manner at the state
reception to the First Nebraska, when
they arrive from the seat of war. The
meeting was small but enthusiastic.
Mr. H. G. Patton was elected Chairman.
Several short speeches were made and
the following cuuimittces were appoint
ed; On arrangements, Judge Wall, 1.
M. Polskl and G. II. Gibson; on finance,
W. T. Owen, K. A. Brown and Mrs Geo.
W Hunter. It was thought best to
place a G. A. It. Lady upon th's com
mittee as the L. of the O. A. K. are
among the most enthusiastic and patri
otic workers in the cause that we have.
The tlnance committee was given pow
er to appoint sub committees In any lo
cality in Hie comity which they saw tit
as this Is a county affair and one that
every Individual will leel honored in
taking part. It Is expected when Mr
Cries arrives in Loup City, to make It a
home coming for him that he will neva.'
forget and also to have the other Hh> r
man county soldier hoys of the Spanish
war with us, so that all will know the
appreciation of our people for the boys
who light our battles. The committee
on arrangements will meet from time to
time as necessity demands and the
chairman will call a public meeting
at the proper time. luthe Intern in the
committee on arrangements will con
sider It a great favor to receiye sugges
tions from any one. When the state re
ception is given at Lincoln, it Is desired
to have at least a car load of Sherman
county people accompany the boys and
If possibla tha parents as honored guests
will be taken along.
Henry Kensink of the west 'Bide i»
building a large frame barn on his farm.
The school board, at their nesting
Tuesday night, awarded the con
tract for building the new sch>ol house
to Ohlren Bros for $9527 00, building to
be complete without the furnaces. The
award gives universal satisfaction and
assures the district fair dealing and a
lirst class job. The board then rec« ived
bids for the $7,000 bond to be sold and
they were awarded to Mr. C. II. Imhofr
of Lincoln, N'ebr., he paying a cash pre
mium of $210. on the spot, and the
bonds to draw 5 per cent interest. The
election of teachers was then taken up
and the following chosen: First prima
ry, Miss Burrowes; Second primary,
Miss Converse; Intermediate, Miss
Hickman. The selection of teachers
for the Gram mar department and Prin
cipal was deadlocked, there being three
votes for Mr. Nicoson and Mr. Knight
for the Grammar dept., and three each
for Mr. Mead am) Mr Davis for Princi
pal. Mr Knight Is a gentleman from
Iowa, and Mr. Davis Is from Ord Board
then adjourned to tomoirow, .Saturday,
I night when the contest will be resumed
. - -
Miss Kitlcker, the voung lady who
j had charge of the millinery department
| at the store of A. E Cha e last summer
is in the city.
A telegram received last night from
Columbus Gannon, from Florence’ Go!.,
states that his wire died Ht that place
yeste day. Mrs. Gannon is a half sister
of Mrs. Gasteyer.
Kormhlmpk— Bradley—at the M. E,
Parsonage, on Friday July 7 1H99. F.
Kornrumuf Hnd Miss Edith Bradley, all
of this place were joined in holy Wed
lock by the Ke v W. E. Matthews. Both
parties have lived in this vicinity from
small children and are well and favorably
known. The young couple will go to
house keeping at once. The best wishes
of Northwestern for their future is
♦ ♦
Let it be kept before l he officers of
the lodge that the tilling of the Trea
sury Ueparmeut of the United States
in relation to the stamping of orders
is as follows;
An order for the payment of money
drawn by oneotfiaernf a lodge or the
society < n the treasurer, does not re
require to he stamped if presented
for payment directly to
the treasurer by the party in
whose favor said order is drawn, but
if tho order is cashed by a bank, or
I otherwise negotiated and presented
to the treasurer for pay meat b. a par
ty other than tke oue in whose favor
it was originally drawn, it requires
a i leal stamp " Odd Fellows Com
Our baby been cor.lliiustly troob
led wltb colli* slid cholera Infantum
•luce hi* birth amt all that as could do
| for hliu did tiol arcui to give more ibae
l stupor ary relief, un*|l we tried < beet
herlalu'e Colic < holers ami IHarrhoe
I tented i .Wince git tug that rented v he
hi* io*l been troubled We want to give
you thl* tw*tliuoui«l aa an *-el.t**t■ • «- of
our gratitude. Mot that you Heed It to
advertl** %our lliefllottou* remedy —
ti VI heekuk l*«wa lot *ate by
II trmlabl Hlo »
a* * *
Kun« k
I tie t-u'ide la beitbjf a etu**l to in t
picket Ibett boteee w other *t«i k auM
i itHiq m at I tie », hoot hititie It ii e to
iti* damage A«i one doing *o wti) be
pnn* ut»d to !H* full tiital of ih> law.
J. k. ka>,tau
Next Sunday. July 16th will be held German
Evangelical Scrvhe aad Christening la this
city at 5:00 p. m. in the Baptist church.
At’O. Jennkich, Pastor
fill* MAN S( HOlll..
The German summer school commence*!
last Tuesday. The school days of each week
are Tuesduy. Wednesday and Thursday. The
hours each day are from H:3ti to II 30 a. m.
The principal subjects are: reading and writ
ing about S hours: singing and bibte history 1
hour every school day. Members of the Ger
man Evangelical church congregation may
tend their children free. Otherwise 60 each
per month will be charged. School will be
held In the primary school building by
Kkv. Aim. Jennhi* h.
Sunday July Iflth, 169(1.--Services will be held
as follows Morning service 10:30, Subject: “Is
Christian Selene* true.' Oak Creek, at 3, p.m
' Ten Per Cent." Evening service s. Subject:
"Odds and Ends." A cordial Invitation to all.
Nolle* to Teachers
The Sherman County Teaebors Institute
will be held In I-oup City, July list to August
11th. All teachers that have the proper pro
fessional spirit will be there without auy fur
ther invitation or Information than simply to
know the date of the Institute. It Is the duty
of the county superintendent to render the
greatest possible service to the schools of his
county: infact. he has obligated himself to do
so. and he Is not fulfilling his obligation If he
does not fill the schools morally above re
proach and professionally above criticism.
The present Incumbent wishes to exert his
utmost endeavors to do bin whole duty as he
sees It. and confidently expects the hearty sup
port of every person In the county who has the
welfare of the school at heart. It would be a
rediculous proposition to suppose that anyone
who experts to teach should not be among the
number enrolled at this Institute.
0.8 Lbinimokh, Co. Supt.
L. of G. A R.
The L. of G. A. R. will serve Ice cream after
noon and evening at the Ink's building on July
16th Saturday The proceeds to go to Rev. W.
K Matthews.
A Narrow Kuritp*
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E Ilart, of Groton, 8, D. “Was taken
with a bad cold which settled on my
lungs; cough set In and finally termi
nated in Consumption Four Doctors
gave me up, saying I could live but a
short time. 1 gave myself up to my
Savior, determined If I could not stay
with my friends on earth, I would meet
my absent ones above. My husband was
advised to get Dr, King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
1 gaye It a trial, took in all eight bot
tles. It has cured me, and thank God,
I am saved and now a well and healthy
woman" Trial bottles free at Oden
dahl Rro's Drug Store. Regular size 50c.
and 81 Guaranteed or price refunded.
♦ ♦
Hpuirm Greatest >ee<t
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain,
spends his winters at Aiken, S. C. Weak
nerves had caused severe pains in the
back of his bead. On tisefng Electric
Bitters, Americas greatest Blood and
Nerve Remedy all pain soon left him.
He says this grand medicine is what his
country needs All America knows
that It cures liver and k Idmy trouble,
purities the blood, tones up the stom
ach, strengthens the nerves, puts vim,
vigor and new life Into every niti*c!e,
nerve and organ of the b idv. If weak,
tired or ailing you need it. Everv bot
tle guaranteed, nnh 50 cents. Sold by
Odendahl Bro’s Druggists.
Tetter, Salt-ICiitMiin uml Kt'xeiim
Tbe interne itching and smarting inci
dent to these disease*, 1* instantly allay
ed by apply ing Chamberlain’* Eye and
Sklu Ointment. Many very bad case*
have been permanently cured by it- It
Is equally efficient for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for sore nipple*
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bitea
and chronic sore eyes. 25cts. per box.
For Sale by Odendahl Bro's.
Congressman from New York, Is the president
of The New Yokk Star which is giving away
FORTY DOLLAR BICYCLE dally, as offer
ed by their advertisement In another column
Hon. Ainos J Cummings, M. C . Col Asa Bird
(Jardner, District Attorney of New York e*
(lovernor liogg. of Texus. und Col. Fred Fclgel
of New York are among the well known names
In their Board of Directors
Land Office, Lincoln. Nebraska |
April nan. isau i
Notice is hereby given that tbe follow
Ing named settler has filed notice of bis
In ten; ion to make Itnal proof In support
of hie claim, and that said proof will lie
made before the County Judge of Sherman
County, at Loup, Nebraska, on Jnly *t,
ISW, via: John P. car mod y, Home
stead Rntry No isms, for the west
half North east quarter section 'Ju, Town
ship in, Range Id weet.
He names the following witnesses to
prove Ills continuous residence u|sin aud
cultivation of said laud, via;
James Carmody, of Arcadia, Nelir
Charles P Lane, of •• "
Clarence i.arson of “ •*
Charles J McCormic, of Husley, ”
J If jeHxeil, Register.
Rl Mo.. ‘iiorr,
Sick* II cad *
•cho *» i Llvor
autss c osr ao
iW PILLS LM by all 4rn««tet«
1. ts
|uR R.U.I. MV
I, *o p i’ltt Stbf,
They Go DRAPER S Photo Car,
Bou ncing babies, stately mothers.
Mirihful maidens by the score,
Brides and bridegrooms without number
Beaux and bachelors by the dozen.
Mixed witli married men galore,
Jostle with the side-walk IthIHc,
On the stiect near DRAPER’S door.
Actors from the heights dramatic;
Preachers from the bouse of prayer;
Soldiers from the state militia, '
Go to DRAPER’S if anywhere.
Social clubs, anil groups extending
Throughout learning’s beaten paths,
Mingle in the midst of DRAPER’S
Rich display of photographs.
Lawyers, editors and statesmer,
Transient visitors In town,
Go to DRAPER’S sit for photos,
Draper’s pbotos of renown.
So remember when you’re anxious
To obtain a photo tine;
DRAPER is the acknowledged leader
Of all artists In his Hue
Stamps per 18 $ .26 -
Little Queens, “ Doz. 1 00 $ I 25
Cabinet, ooo person, “ “ 1 60 2 00 X
Cabinet, two persons “ “ 1 75 2 25
Cabinet groups “ “ 2 00 2 50
5x7 groups “ “ 3 00 3 75
0x8 groups “ “ 4 00 6 00
Cabinet Yriews, in town “ “ 1 50 2 00
CJ x 8£ Views in town “ “ 3 50 4 00
YY'e also make copies and enlargeinents from old faded pictures, but
cannot submit prices on this kind of work until we see the picture to be
EDGAR DRAPER, Photographic Artist.
President. Cubit*.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000
Correspondents: Seaboard Nationul Bank, New York City, N. Y., Omaha
National Bank, Omaha, Nebraska. ’
■ uvj |T||U y U ill ' fl Colonial People |
H JjB B B B I I H k ■ Bird*. Animals... a
3 04 V Ifl 3 B B X" J vl Products, Homes |
Pains Artworks |
Art Exhibit, Ate-1
■ OPENS AT OMAHA, NEBRASKA, JULY 1st, I chanical Exhlb- j
CLOSES OCTOBER 31st. 1899. f £J***«2;
I BeggSg1'—* Will Eclipse Last Year. T *«""? **■■■■ '
■ ----..................i.m"1",iiiymiiifiimilfll1rrf
Mr. 1*. Ketcham of Pike City. Cal.,
says: “During my brother's late sick
ness from sciatic rheumatism, Cham
berlain's Pain Balm whs the only reme
dy that gave him any relief." Many
others have testified to tha prompt re
lief from pain which this liniment af
fords. For sale by Odendahl Bro's.
The best salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum Fever
Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Corns and all Skin Kruptions and pos
itively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price 26 cents
per boa. For sale by Odendahl Bros.
Nebruki.l'olorailu, Wyoming
I 'uh, Pioillc ( t>;i»t find
l‘ug#t Sound.
t'ak* UNIMO
i an H««*ii MsAUH as4 Mwwi *'»«•
Pi*. k.cMiiiM t *.«i» Pan
t.'s-Vd • *.»■» kUate « ts * on
r« fwiSara oi<Mtta«kHiiuuas
(^HiaiTTVr AMMlpkl*# u4 Ik* MOiHli
A#sai 1
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Helena,
(Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake C'ily.
Kansas City, Portland,
St. Louis, San Francisco,
anti ail points and all points
Fast and South. West.
No .M2 Passenger .7:J'a. la
No so freight.g.uup. in
No. M Passenger. 1,1.1p.m. freight.IliSoa. m.
Sleeping, dinner and reclining chair uara
(aeata tree) on through trains Tickets
sold and luggage checked to any point In
the United States or Canada.
for Information, maps, time tablet and
tickets call on or write to A. r. Werlt
Agent. Or J. f It ANUlS. Gen’I. Passenger
Ageut, Omaha, Nebraska.
No. m leaves daily except sauday ipass
enger). f:l) a. m
No MM leaves Monday, Wednesday aad
frtday. (mixed) i:«6p in.
No A) leaves Tuesday. Thursday as<f
Saturday, iiiilietli n m.
No «7 arrises dally except Muu.ley iialxedl
II *» a in
No * arrlvee dally except Sunday ipaea
engerl Tm p m
first dess service and close connect I. ms
east, wiul and south
W I) otirtux. Agent
Mialv of Nebraska count) of Nbermea VIII
age of l.oup City s s
Estimate of ripe Macs for nbMtt approprla
lion should be made fur ensue I eg municipal
year as folloas
f>ir General foad l*urpu~w»«U
•* SIMM ” “ bat uM
Water mamsi
Inieisst CM Water goods
* Village eater burnt Mink foul senm
it nutv
I be retire reosa lor I be aroek‘gel par
ending May M ins a as aa toUlWs
fur tie a* mi fond porgiuss fW"t*
•street fu»l «* •*
Water fond *«*•*
lat at eater brah
fehatsi nsr nr
gt • «■ >«*
Hi at-let si V lists • IMrd W ,a»e* a|
bead and tbe seat a* said V Ota** an tats ttat
date* Jana Mb
,alt 4 Pun J *s..e* i hal man
Attest b M ihiMut V )Hags » ktl