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    koj^vVESTE R N
OEO. B. BENSCHOTER, I Mltors ■nrt
OEO. H. OIBSOW, I Pnbllahari
Entered at the Loup City Postofilce for t run s
mission through the malla as second
class matter.
Offit ial Taper Sherman County
Cyclone holes are being very
carefully considered these days.
The Republican state Conventic n
will be held in Omaha on Sept., 21.
Billy Bryan is a deseendeut of the
Knights of the Golden Circle, and a
worth) descendent at that.
Sherman county has bad nearly as
much rain during the month of June
as we have had since wiater left
After the rebellion caine recon
struction, after Bryan would come
distruction if he could find enough
votes to elect him.
W. J. Bryan for President and
J. H. McLean, of the Ciociuuatti
Enquirer for Y'ice, is ibe latest from
the democratic wig-wum.
Christian Science healing is cut
ing a wide swath now days. It is bav
t ng its boom, but like the itch, most
people will get well of it io time.
The Democratic party has got so
rotten that men of known principle
are leaving it. J. Sterling Morton
has quit them cold and started a
party of his own.
Nebraska is getting to be a very
wet country and fears are entertained
that the essence of populisim is be
ing too badly mixed with water to
survive another campaign.
YV. J. Bryan says it takes as much
courage to fight the trusts as it did
to climb San Juan Hill, perhaps, but
W. J. cboses to fight where be can
run away. There is'nt so much danger
to his wind.
Colorado will send a gold girl to
the Paris exposition next year worth
more than a million dollars. She
will sail it the new woman or the
shibboleth of YYr. J. Bryan.
The Trust Octopus is the devil fish
that the democrats have chosen for
their emblem in 1900. But it is the
same fish that has characterized their
party ever since John. C. CalbouD
preached nullification.
When it comes to Chanties the
YVorld Herald is strictly in it. Cy
clone, drouths and pestilence awakes
its philanthropic spirit and it calls
for contributions. It is now gather
ing in shekels to tide the democratic
party over its coming bail storm of
Colonel YVatterson of the Louis
ville Courier Journal, says all politi
cians look alike to him since the
Democrats held their convention in
his city. He is thoroughly disgusted
with the antics of his party but has
not quite mustered courage enough to
quit the rotten old ship of treason.
VS’e will soon be expected to hold
a county convention to select candi
dates to otTer themselves up as a
sacrifice upon the altar of Sherman
county politics, and yet no one has
even been heard to remark of his
fitness therefor. Don't all speak at
once but semi in your names with a
• please, not aa a campaign fund
but as evidence of go«Nl faith.
Ilavcioeyer the great sugar king
says "The tariff is the mother of
trusts," while our beet sugar Os
narJ, tbe president of the beet sugar
industry says be s n. — Trusts are
Hie most every thing else they can'I
lira unless thy have something to
lice on which accounts fur their and
den inactivity after a democratic
national success
Last fnii the pop stump trumpeters
made the claim that ,"under the wise
and beaidcten! rule of their party
tbe school lands of the stats bad
largely increased now |t la givsn o il
that thin year util show a shorings
over other year# of about gt uoo
This slum was alia to the one that
mada the state pesJUnl.arr seif sup
porting |t oalv tainted in the mind
of the pop politicians.
The old time Alliance men and
populists of the western part of the
gtate congregated in Kearney last
Friday, to reorganize the populist
party on the basis of their first prin
ciples, which have been lost sight of
since fusion gobbled them up. The
document wbieb they accepted as
their articles of faith for political
work iu the state is ulear cut, hon
est and straight forward and with
out a doubt was inspired from honest
motives It sets forth the facts at
the past few years experience has
demonstrated, aud if reformers are
preaching their doctrine from princi
ple they should not hesitate to ac
cept it. They give it out fiat that
there is but ooe “reform paper” in
the state that has stuck by the origi
nal principles,(which we think was
our Times Independent) but have all
gone over to the most corrupt gang
of state thieves that ever disgraced
a coinonwealtli. They back up their
principles with convincing evidence,
and honest men of all parties can
but say atneu to what they have said.
Now let us wait, watch and listen,
and see which populist papers dare
give publicity to these potent facts
as promulgatbd by tha party they
claim to represent. Keep your eye
open populists, its worth reading!
But we fear you will be compelled
to full back on a reliable Republican
paper for your ioformation if you
ever see it.
The First Nebraska boy* are cross
| )g the briny deep again this time
to be welcomed home by the entire
state. No regiment fought better
and no Btate will give their boys a
warmer welcome home than Nebras
ka. Sherman county had two repre
sentatives in the Philippines sod two
in Cuba. The two from Cuba are
already home and the two from the
other side of the world are on their
way, and no Mauser bullet has left
a scratch upon them. Our boys
fought well and deserve a token of
our appreciation. Let us give a cel
ebration in their honor this fall. Let
us set apart a day at the county fair
dedicated to their honor and give
them such a reception as is befit
ting American citizens who go forth
to carry the emblem of freedom to
all mankind. They fought in the
cause of humanity, they conquered
through justice and right, and though
the Tagal does not yet recognize
ibe great blessing be will receive,
from the fact that no other nation
will dare to again seek to make
slaves of them as long as Old Olory
waves over them. Let us, with a
full heart and open arms, welcome
them home, and for that purpose, let
the people of the county assemble on
a certain day at the county seat to
make their welcome home complete.
For a business man to say to an
advertising solicitor: “Ob! no.
It's to dull to advertise now. Wait
till times pick up a little," is equiv
alent to a very sick man saying to a
physician: “Oh no doctor, I can't
take any of your medicine now. Pm
to sick. W’ait until I get better,
then Pll take It." When the pat
, ient gets well, if he ever does
he will not be in need of medi
cine. The best time to advertise
1 is wheu the need of stimulant is
greatest and that ia when business
1 is dull.—Madison C’ronicle
( A. Mr. Bette, of Chicago tin ok*
( be ban invented an automatic me
i chine which will annihilate a cyclone,
| aud otters his discovery to the gov
I eminent of the (1. 8. free of charge
if they will push lie manufacture
end use. It is not said what polit
I leal faith he belongs too It seems
' that nothing short of one of these
machines will lie able to knock Joe
r O'ltryen out. Uti buy one
i When Israel 1‘utnum unbitebrd
i fr«>m bis plow and rode to the front
to I earl the Continentals against the
i Uritlsh, his injunction si* to "Trust
in Oml and keep your powder dry."
but little did he think that that word
* Trust" wt eld l»e the last hope of
• the democratic party a century end
i a quarter after
> I >u. CaM’s UNMTMS |'o« nan*. *re
i just what a here# used* when In t>e*i
nmlUies. Tunis, UsnJ pwrthsr u4
i vermifuge They ere net fund hut med
Mm end ihs best Is use tu pul e hurse
I in prime swedithm I'rteelft eeuta per
perkege Put tele by Odeudehl lis't,
Th* People Were So D*llfkt«4 1%lt
They Hole All Dap.
“I: made the survey for the street car
lines'in the City of Mexico," said the
cifil engineer, “and when we got the
track* down and the cars running we
had a laughable tima Young men of
the first families not only ventured to
act as drivers and conductors, but in
sisted on taking those places without
wages. The thing was like a new toy
to children. People paid fare or withheld
it, Just as they saw fit, and some would
ride around for half a day. The Yankee
superintendent of the lines was in a
sweat all the time, but it was kicking
against a stone wall.
“The tracks were single ones, with
switches here and there for the cars to
pass, but such little things didn’t
bother the drivers. Borne of them would
start the mules on a dead run and go
clear to the end of the line, and others
would pull out on a switch and go to
sleep or indulge in,games with the pas
sengers. I guess it was two months be
fore the drivers consented to give up
their siesta hours. At 12 o'clock pre
cisely thevnules were brought to a bait,
no matter where the car was, and the
driver would walk off to eat, sleep and
smoke and be gone two hours. No Mex
ican ever hurriea Moat of the com
plaints received were to the effect that
the cars went too fast Even after we
got things somewhat systematic, Don
Pablo Chora, the president of the road,
returned from a trip one day to say to
the manager:
“ ‘Ab, senor, but I am afraid we
shall never get our people to accept this
enterprise. ’
“ ‘What is wrong nowt’ was asked.
“ ‘Why, one of our greatest mer
chants paid bis fare to be taken to the
Alameda in 20 minutes, and, lo and be
hold, the driver cut the time down to
IS I We shall be ruined by moving folks
around too quickly. Let os tie up the
legs of the mules and take the whips
away from the drivers I’ "—New Or
leans Times-Democrat
On* Iuataae* la Which It Wa* Not
It takes a down east naan to ask ques
tions, but once in awhile one of them
finds bis match. Jonathan overtook a
gentleman who was traveling on horse
back, notwithstanding the fact that he
had lost one leg. His cariosity was
awakened, as he rode alongside of him,
to know how he chanced to meet with
such a misfortune
“Been in the army, I guess?” was
the anxious inquiry.
“Never was in the army in my life,’
the travaler returned.
“Fit a duel, p’haps?”
“Never fought a duel, sir.”
“Horse throwed you off, I guess, or
something of that sort?”
“No, sir, nothing of the kind.”
Jonathan tried various dodges, but
all to no effect At last, almost put of
patience, he determined on a direct in
quiry as to the nature of the accident
by which the gentleman had come to
lose bis leg.
“I will tell you, ” said the traveler,
“on condition that you will piomise
not to ask me another question.”
“Agreed, agreed!” exclaimed the
eager listener joyfully.
“Well, sir,” remarked the gentle
man, “it was bit offl”
“Bit off!” cried Jonathan. “Waal, I
declare; I'd just like to know, powerful
W6ll, what on arth bit it offl”—Chris
tian Endeavor World.
A Famish** Cat’s Prudearc.
At Osage City Mrs. C. .A. Stodard
was cleaning up her garret when by
some means the family cat got into an
old trunk filled with clothing and was
shut in tight and fast. Just 20 days
later Mrs. £tcdard was in the garret
again and heard the cat’s feeble cry
from the trunk. When the lid was lift
ed, the cat had just strength enough to
climb out. It had torn the clothing in
the trunk all to pieces in its clawing
and had gnawed the sides nearly
through in several places. But perhaps
the most singular circumstance was
found in the manner in which the cat
took care of itself after securing liberty.
Mrs. Stodard set before it a big dish of
mi’k and a big dish of water. It would
lap a little of each and then He down
for a few minutes, when again it would
partake sparingly of the milk and wa
ter, and this proceding it continued
through the whole afternoon. If that
cat had been a human, doubtless it
would have swallowed all that was
placed before it at one gulp.—Kansas
City Journal
Kat Bang l'o» Uragegela.
The Engliah, according to Hcience
Toar Toot, have adopted quite an orig
inal plan. In many houses. on tha table
by the aide of the pepper box and the
aait box ia placed a aand box—a litt*>
receptacle filled with vary fine aand, aa
fine aa floor, which is sprinkled ov«r
all the food. /. medical journal haa ad
vised dyspeptics to adopt Ibia remedy
Tba aand, mingling with tha alimen
tary utaaa. renders it lees compact and
makes digestion inure eaay. This haa
become the fashion, and since the Eng
ilah have began to eat aand It la certain
that french anoba who imitate their
neighbors arrues (be channel like ux u
keys will euou be devouring II beside*,
giavrl for digestive purposes haa Urea
in ass by ustriches for a king Urns
X taei o« Mle Hta«.
Mrs li-uktey (severely)—It's ml
n • mao f»r ins to aak » here yon wne
ami what yw« were doing Uat night
Mr ilskby (heightening)—I'm gteJ
of that ft I coski at do It to save my
•elf - Chicago News
VetMsa Seaeeta.
Tha man who tells yos a sec ret and
aahe y«n not to tall dosan t treat yon
right Ha enjoys telling It and MkMi
yonr hat tag\ jset a* good a lists —
At- hlaun Ulohn
Hear Yea. Hear Yea, Hear Yea!
but I am out making loud calls for you to come and see
the car load of new agricultural implements and to learn of
Binders, mowers, hay rakes, wagons, buggies, wind mills, harness, so wing machines, wash
machines, wringers, patent churns, everything in season sold on the lowest possible margin.
I also have a complete stock of hardware and furniture going at very low prices. Headquarters at
T. M. REED, Loup City, Neb.
Unprei-fiileiileil tow Biteg to Colorado
Every day from Jmie 25 to July 11.
Ooe fare puts §2 00 for the round trip
to Denver, Colorado Spring, Pueblo,
and Git-nwood Springs, Tickets good
to return any time until October 31.
Never before such an opportunity.
Take advantage of It aod spend the sum
mer iu tbe Heart of the Rockies—where
heat and duat are unknown—where
tbe sky Is as brightly blue as Italy’s, and
the air as invigorating as a tonic—where
you can bathe, and swim, and climb
mountains all day, and every day.
See nearest Burlington ticket agent
and get full particulars, or, If you pre
fer. write J. Francis, Genl Passenger
Agent, Burlington Route, Omsha, Neb.
Tickets to Detroit, Mich. Take advan
tage of the low rates—One fare plus $2
for the round trip to Detroit—which
the Burlington Route has made for tbe
'99 meeting of the Christian Endeavor
and go east at about half usual cost.
July 3 4-5 are tbe dates of sale,
Berths, tickets and information about
return limits,side trips from Detroit,
etc ,.can be had at any Burlington Route
ticket office,
J. Francis, General Passenger Agent,
Omaha, Neb.
If ¥#u Qo to California
Late in June or early in July, you can
buy a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles
at about half the usual rate. Liberal
return limits and stop-over privileges.
Don’t make a mistake ar.d go any
other way than through Denver and
Salt Lake City. That is the route near
ly 20,000 Christian Endeavorers selected
two years ago.
Being the most elevated of all the di
rect lines to tbe Coast, It is coolest and
freest from dusk. Penetrating the
very "Heart of the Rockies,” it surpass
es all others in beauty of scenery.
Information and California literature
on request .J. Francis, Genearl Passen
ger Agent, Omaha, Neb.
Usual reduced rates—one fare for tbe
round trip between B. A M. R. R. R
stations not more than 200 miles apart.
Will be In effect July 1, 2, 3, and 4. Re
turn limit July 5.
Fresh Bread every morn
ing 6 cts.f a loaf. Cake every
Saturday at A. E. Chase’s.
AGENTS WANTED.—For “The Life And
Achievement* of Admiral Dewey," the
world'a greatest naval hero. By Marat
Halstead, the life long friends and admirer
of the nation's Idol. Blggesi and book;
over 500 pages, Kxlo inches; nearly 100 pages
half-tone Illustrations. Only $1.50. Enor
mous demand. Big commissions. Outfit
free, chance of a lifetime. Write quick.
The Dominion company, ;ird Floor caxton
Building., Chicago
We will sum! tbe Stallion Bill
Mac" tbe ensuing season at tbe barn of
B. T. Snyder, in Loup City.
B..T. Snyder,
N. B. Thompson.
Tbe Ord State Bank will sell unprov
ed farms oa time. Also cattle on tame
terms. Ord, Nebraska.
W rtu lacloal ng thle ad. and nv and *»•
will aand you thin beautiful Maud..line
by «xpr««L C. O. auble.t to eaniulna
lion. If found exactly oa repreaentrd
you ana nay tba axuraaa agent our HHKI’
ULorncR price, BAU0 laas Ua HI cant a
or fBJU nnd ex preaa charge a. Tbla la a
regular Bit Inetrument, to I Id r.iaea.-l
body. (A»cy paart nnd ebony eheabrrrd
rdge. baautiful pearl butterfly guard
plate raanwuod Begarnaard and nlcbel tall
tltce. You eaa ba*a either a Maaduhae
Uutiag.MeJoa«Vlella aa the aaoa teratn
write fur VKEMaualcal ratal.* '
Addreae, A- lleepe, Omaha. Neh.
Nursing Mothers
dread hot weather. 1 hey
know how It weakens and
how this affects the baby.
All such mothers need
Scott's I mulsion. Itgitcs
them strength and makes
*thc baby's food richer and
more abundant.
- »-»► At* tNIM
Calls Attended Night or Day
G. H. Gibson, Funeral Director.
and local newspaper .in
Attorney au.l Notary i'ublle. I’ublWhar I.orr ('irr Nkuiiiwaataaa
Fisher & Benschoter,
Real Estate Agents,
Town Lota, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated