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    Lioaal Daws.
W H. Conger went to Omaha W« d
David Doner of Washington twp.
was in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. Joseph McCoy is visiting friends
in Greeley Center this w**ik
For millet seed call before
it is all gone, T. M. Reed.
Goto Pilger’s and get his
selling out prices before you
buy your goods.
Mrs. W. U, Conger wishes to announce
that sho has some very nice csbhageand
tomato plants for sale.
The Seventh Day Adventists of this
vicinity are all taking in their camp
meeting at Ravenna this week.
'Ihe school censes this year shows
that there Is (iJti Inhabitants in I.oup
City proper and 6U6 in School dist. No 1
Mrs. C. A. Austin and family left l ist
Sunday overland forCheiry county to
Join Mr Austin for the summer on tin It
Mis Dr. Robinson and several lady
friends came over from Mason City, to
attend the commencement exercises last
Thursday evening.
Mf. nnd Mrs Frank Cline, fnrmei
residents of this city but now of
Valley, Neb., visited old friends
here the for part of this week
Thomas Farmer moved on the H> I*
land farm last week. He will also he
posted oil general matters as he ordered
the Northwestern sent to bis address.
Mrs O. Benschoter and two daugh
ter* and Mrs. B. F. Reynolds took the
train Tuesday morning for Edgewood,
Iowa, to spend the summer w ith rela
tive* In that vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. James Gouley, of Cus
ter county were present at the Loup
City High reboot commencement exer
cises Thursday evening Tiiel r two
daughters, Misses Minnie and Georgia,
were members of the grsduatfngctass.
Mrs. E. C. Sullivan nee Yuthe, who
some of our people w ill remember as
Miss Lou. Yuthe, was In town yesterday
gathering some evidence for her si-ter.
Mrs. David Hill, necessary in adjusting
the estate of Mr Hill now deceased.
Frof. Nielson has concluded to spend
his summer vacation with us again this
season, and his genial countenance will
be seen among our teachers to enliven
their spare moments during the period
of their well earned rest. Mr. NicUon
Is an instructor of ability and one such
as would be very beneficial to our
schools to secure.
When Edgar Draper the popular
photographer comes to Loup City,
the Loup City ites will have a chance
to sec all the latist novelties in pho
tographic work. And will also see
a display of photographic work that
is excelled by none and equaled only
by the best artists of the state. lie
will be in Loup City between the
middle and last of June,
We are informed that the county sup
erintendent has decided to hold teach
ers institute at Litchfield, this sea-on
unless suitable quarters are provided
for it here. The burning of our opera
house bus placed matters in a bad shape
for us at presant but the school board
should rent the church for that purpose
If it can .be got. Tins gathering be
longs here and the matter of a few dol
lars rent should not be allowed to divert
it from Its proper channel.
The 4th of July—will we celebrate.
The time is drawilig nigh, and a de
cision should be made quick. Our
school bouse question seems to have
occupied all the spare moments we
have had of late for enthusiasm, to
the exclusion of all other subject*
and it bids fair to monopolize the
martial spirit of our people this
season. Hut let us have a picnic,
read the Declaration of Indepeu
deuce and hear the Engle flop her
wings to the tunc of Yankee Doodle.
The school pieuic last Friday was
a very enjoy able little affair for those
who availed themselves of the pleas
lire. The four lower departments
of our schools were very well repre
seuted and the children enjoy ed the
days outing hugely. Miss Hood had
prepared several aiuuring contests
for her room which was enjoyed hy
the parents puite as much as the
scholar* She is au s lept iu the art
of amusing young America and k< • p
lug them at work *>Ui » soft but llrm
hand, and therein lies the succ« #>
whleh character!** • her as a tutor
list! utsusgt tnent areps no r> p«--p.'
In pour elrcuiitsisio vs Ihsn any t«tto-i
cause. Tu be •uee**»lu t*n«* wu*t look
ib*ad sod plsn sbrsd *«» that when s
fseorsM* opportunity presents M«#lf b*
Is resdy l«> tske ailvsntag* of II A
llllt* futetbought Mill si*u MW HO*, h
• kpeuM and valuable llmr A pfud* <>»
and careful msa will k*sp a t«»ub »
t'bamnerlaiu s « elk* * b**i*rs a I t*• *v
iboss Rvutedy I* lb* boose, live slot'
less fellow wilt watt until n*v« »otv tout
pels It and lb*o ruin bis ten b»»r»* g**
|u* tor a duster and have s Mg *••■* tor
bill Is psy tsrsMe* o*e pay* out J» Cl*
lb* • tbev Is wet a bewdrvd dolls* * ** •'
itwo* tkt bts w*lgbM*r* i* get
Itog ruber *hit* ke * gsttb.g p >»*
f I Ml* t>) lMendal.1 Hist
Dig lino of straw hats at
l’ilger’s at vour own price.
Rocky Mountain Tea Is not simply a
laxatlye. It's a wonderful remedy for
every kind of ache, constipation, indi
gestion, Imd blood. A-k your druggist
John, if you were a woman, you'd
know as I know and nil other women
know, that Koeky Mountain Tea Is the
greatest blessing woman ever bad .'Pic.
Ask your druggist
I’ilgerhas a large assort
ment of summer Dress Goods
nt half price.
Don't forget to hand In your announ
cements for church or any other pub
lic meetings. It keeps vour organiza
tion prominently before the people. P
costs you nothing W'hy neglect It.
Fresh Dread every morn
ing 5 cts., a loaf. Cake every
Saturday at A. E. Chase’s.
Do not have your picture taken
umil Kdgar Draper the photographer
comes to Loup City, lie will be in
tin* city some time between the mid
die and lust of June.
Complete line of new and up
to-date Carpet Samples, at T.
M. Reed’s
Grandma Hultz, who resided s<
long in this city and who so tbo
roughly endeared herself to the peo
ple by her kind and gentle disposi
tion, was a pleasant visitor among
old friends over Sunday.
Mr, John Bevins, editor of the Press,
Anthon, Iowa, says :“1 have used Cham
berlaln's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy in my family for fit teen years,
have recommended it to hundreds of
others, and have never known it to fail
in a single instance For sale by Oden
dalil Bro’s.
To those who drink whiskey for pleas
ure; HARPER Whiskey adds zest to ex
nuance. To those who drink whiskey
for health's sake; HARPER Whiskey
makes life worth living. Sold by T. II
Eisner, J,oup City, Neb.
Mr. I*. Ketch,,m of Pike City. 0*1,
»«ys: “During my brother's late slck
n<*-s from sciatic rheumatism, Cham
berlain's Pain Halm was the only n ine- j
dy that gave him any relief." Many
Others have testified to the prompt n •
lief from pain which this liniment af- j
fords. For sale by Odendahl (5 o'*.
Miss Lillie M, Hood departed for,
her home at St. Paul last Saturday
after finishing her years work in tbu|
grammar department of our schools. j
.Miss Hood bus proven herself to be!
one of the best instructors that it lias
been our good fortune to secure in
tin* past and the patrons of Iter room
all desire tbet her services lie again
secured for tbe next year if possible.
Dr. oady's Condition Powders, are 1
just, what a horse needs when In had
condition. Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge. They are not food but med
icine and the best in use to put a horse
in prime condition. Price 25 cents per!
package. For sale by Odendahl Bro’s.
I was seriously alllicted w ith h cough i
for several years and last fall had a
more severe cough titan ever before l
have used many remedies without much
relief, and being recommended to try
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy, Dy a friend, who, knowing me to he
a poor widow, gave it to me, I tried it,
and with the most gratifying results
The first bottle relieved me very much
and the second bottle lias absolutely
cured me I have not had as good
health for twenty years, 1 ga\e this
certificate without sclicita'Ion, simply
in appreciation of the gratitude felt fur
the cure effected. Respectfully. Mrs.
Mary A. Heard, Claremore, Ark For
*a!c by Odendahl Hro's.
Tbe press of the city wish to ex
preM(frcighl is too slow ) tbeir sin-1
cere, devout and heart) thanks to
tbe management of tbe eointucnct -
ment exercises, f,,r the many ami
considerate little attention* in the
way ot accommodations shown tlieiu
to assist in their work of reporting
the exercises las! Tiuir-dny evening.
Those in authority provided the
Press with ample accommodation*
at the L «»t end of the budding (just
out aide on the front step* > One
editor Was pine pied with u seal
through tbe jour e*y of 11 relative
graduate, another Hiroiigii the kind
tie** of an uaber and the third, writ
the usual It dietntnu genius that gen
erally follow* the craft and not to
j lie out done lit the iilie of route
I *tes, crawled through a rear win
1 low on In the stage, and tin irons
Ulod iMi 4 | ttiu isn't 1 did ut loo
the heart to throw him out *< 1 we all
Stahl. tien* letlteu pull ktudlir**
shall dw*\» |,e r> mem!*1 t«d We
j apple, tut* It jiutUS till We S| |
g *th. f a hu»U. I of Itulfa!o >K *n*ai,,l
00 i'v \ 10 , t|.,- f, **t ft,
* • *
m t n 1 s *« 0,111 1 ,, »»
H» „«#* Sen, | ,< <M • Hall kie UiS Icier
i am*, t'sttet • ttieped If an is 1 i, it.|,,i, ,
Cuts* I sit ax In foupiou s stitf f,,-.
1 ttiffll curs* |*|U, off .it« par ir milt I
| It Is (SStWrol IM fit* fre cill.f,
I lion »r siMiit t Ir! tu It'll PffH'tf *-i veto*
I *WI S«-S >«« .»,» hr • M« n t,a tow
AidlOeRGMinf cakos
Sunday June 11, Services will l»e held
in this city at 10:00 s. m nt tlie Baptist
church, and in A*htnn at2:.'tO p.m. —All
Germans are cordially Invited
A Co. Jennrich, Pastor.
Sunday June li, 1801), Service* will he
held as follows: Morning service 10:30,
subject: "A choice In Life”—At Wig
glc Greek, 3. p. m "Hewn Sfones,”
Evening service; Children’s dav pro
gram, < ‘ollection for Educational work.
A cordial invitation to all
The Ladles Aid Society will hold an
exchange In the Inks building Saturday
morning June 10, to open at 10 a m,
from which hour, Ice cream and lunch
will lie served till evening.
Any one Intending to attend the
State Sunday School Convention at
lloldrege, June 13-15, who will send
their names to the county secretary will
receive credentials which will entitle
them to all the privileges of delegates
and to free entertainment.
Mrs. K Anoikk.
Co Secretary.
The nebraaka State Sunday School Conven
Hon will he held in llolrtrldge, June 18-lft, |K»y
Every Sunday School In the state Is entitled
to one delegate for each member or fraction
thereof, in million to these, the Pastor is
a delegate ex-officio, and an alternate should
be elected In ease of Inability to attend.
Entertainment will be provided foraij dele
gate* presenting proper credential*
Reduced rules of one and one-third fare on
the certificate plan have been granted by all
the rail read* in the state.
An excellent program Is in preparation.
Schools should elect delegates at once. For
copy of program and blank credentials, ad
dress K. J. Wiortman. Secretary,
York, Nebraska.
• • ♦
Misses Edith and Martha N'eibler
drove over to Kockvllle Monday for a
short visit with relative*.
Mr. 8. C. Stephenson of Marquette,
was the guest of Dr. S. Howard the last
part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. O VV. Marvel “railed”
It to Loup City Tuesday evening return
ing Wednesday morning.
Dr. Howard drove to Dannebrog,
Monday and celebrated lint "Fifth of
June .*'
Mi ami Mr* W M. Sinelser spent most
of iast week at Rockville.
A small cyclone formed Ka-f of thin
town on Sunday evening ami made
filings lively for a little while. Mr.
Humphry happened to be in the path
of (lie storm and hail hi* buggy blown
«v<-r for tre»*pa«slng upon tin* right of
way of tlie storm. No other damage
Mr, W IS Baker reports his little one
on the sick list.
Mr*, K O-. Taylor and Mr* W. II.
Brown drove oyer to Rockville and hack
Sunday afternoon.
The hoard of equalisation met here
on Tuesday ami held a quiet session.
One of.?. F. Smith's little children is
on the sick list.
After (wo aiij mrnment* the daoce
listed some time since eame off on Sat
urday evening ami all present report a
good time.
The y, |*. s (E. social hel I at the
home of Mr. T. I>. Wilson last Friday
evening was a success in every respect
and all that attended enjoyed themsel
ves to the fullest extent.
We note that a cellar has been exca
vated on the lots of Mr. Aug. B?ush >u*
en, which seem* to indicate that some
one is going to build ttieie in the near
Mr. (i. W. Marvel received a car <>f
lumber on Wednesday with which lie
intends to make quite material addi
tions to bis residence.
Win Jeffery is going to build a frame
house on ins farm in the Immediate
T. N. Bennett of M. Paul, was seen
► baking hat ds with old friends at this
place on Wednesday.
I »'. I' lulls TO TIIK BANT,
Your attention 1* directed to the eg.
cepthomily low rates in effect this com
ing season to nearly every prominent
point in the Ka*t.
Never before In* such an excellent
opportunity been afforded fora summer,
\ seali .11 l our, or lor v tailing friend* In i
tlie Fast, We mention below a ft w of j
the pile e* to w hlcll greatly reduced late* ,
have been made I he l N ION PA< *IFIb* I
l» Hie line that will give you the lw«t
terviee to any of these point#.
I'olouibn* Ohio, June A 9 Hate line
I are, pin* I j tw fur the Round Trip
>i Paul Minn June 0 lit Kale Our
Fare and tee'third for the Round Crip,
on * rriitli ale Plan
Buffalo \ V J one It |,V Rale line
i are, pin* *»' isi lor iff. Round trip
i btcsgo, | |, June It |1 It ate tine
F »re and th e l o rd I n the Itoaiml I'rl| •
on • i mill ate plan
MU aoke.- \\ i. Ito a 11 |& lira
»* * I',,*- tin! One I bird for the It "Oil.
I . ip a.o a eridh aie t* an
SI I -Mil* \|o , June <i d ttalr tine
I ■ I- osfiiai for ih ti ion I trip
|a»ir«|t M >ti Jul| i |il Hale 'in
t »i« p ie*» oi f.,| ih*- Ronaad Flip.
Mohuo.inB V a Jo a IJ Is* Mate Ho*
I are p<«* • ,* w, for tne R maul |*iip.
litdU» tpolU |«d lull fd Halt
IBs I rlf j. |, til|oi Ih# Moun d Flip
F - > i . .. i« to it ales of
*f*r aa*.l leall*. mi in Art* |Bu> of Ifatu*
ii, ail o*i It I a i tdnn, \g*M
State examination will be held June
13-14 at Lincoln, Wayne, Fremont
North Platte, Holdredge, and Grand
Island The examination will be under
the supervision of the state board of ex
aminers and other competent persons
and will be given as follows: Tuesday,
June 13, 8;45 a. tn., General History;
10:30 a. tn, Zoology; 1:30 p. m., Trig
onometry: 3:15 p. m.. Rhetoric. Wed
nesday June 14,8:30 a. in,, Chemistry;
10:15 a, m., English Literature; 130 p.
m.. Intellectual Philosophy ;3:15p. in.
Geology; 4:80 p. in.. Physical Gong,
rapby. Further information may be
had hy addressing the state superinten
dent of public Instructions at Lincoln.
w. r Jackson.
——— ♦ • ♦ ■■ ■ ■ ■
YY' |1() IU Women ns well as
»y UV nien are made miser
Tf) able by kidney and
” bladdei trouble. Hr
|i I \ Yf E1 Kilmer’* Swamp-Root
*^the great kidney re
medy promptly cures. At druggisis in
Ilf'y cent and dollar sizes. You may
have a sample bottle by mall free, also
pamphlet telling all about It. Address,
Hr. Kilmer & Co., Illngbumton, N. Y.
For the meeting of the National Edu
cational Association at Los Angeles,
Cal,July 11-14, 1800, the UNION PA
CIFIC will make the greatly reduced
rate of one fare, plus 42 00, for the
round trip.
The excellent service given by the
I nion Pacific was commented on hy all
who had Ihe pleasure of using It to the
eonnentlon at Washington in 1*08.
This year our educational friends meet
in L<>* Angeles, and members of the
Association and others from points East
should hy all means take the UNION
The service of the UNION PACIFIC
via Omaha or Kansas City Is unexcelled
and consists of Palace Sleeping-Cars.
Buffet Smoking and Li hear)-Cars, Din
ing-Cars, meals a-la-carte. Free Reclin
ing Chair Cars and Ordinary Sleeping
< !ars,
the Union Pacific is the route for
summer travel.
For full Information about tickets,
siop-overs, or a finely illustrated book
describing ‘The Overland Route" to
the I'acl lie ('oast, call on W. |) <;i,ik
TON, Agent
Fresh Garden and Field
seeds in bulk at T M Reed’s
We have very hue growing weather.
Austin Fetgusori Is back front a trip
West and he will spend the balance of
h‘s days in Sherman county. He pro
nounces the west a failure
R. Baker is west, he probably will
come back wiser If not i letter.
Henry B>ek D happy, a baby girl at
bia place.
Decoration day at Litcbtteld, was a
grambsuccesi. Abbott made a splendid
speech and made friends while here.
The Woodmen from Litchfield went
to Hazard and used their goat. Seven
teen charter members w’ere initiated.
Tetter, Salt-Klieum anil Eczema
The intense itching and smarting inci
dent to these diseases, is Instantly allay
ed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very had o: ses
have been permanently cured by it- It
is equally efficient for itching piles ami
a favorite remedy for sore nipples
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites
and chronic sore eyes. 25cts. per box
For sale bv Odcndahl Bro s.
♦ • •
His Lite Was ha veil.
Mr J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen of
llanibal, Mo., lately bad a wonderful
deliverance from a frightful death. In
telling of it he lays: “I was taken wi h
Typhoid Fever, that ran into Pnetitno
tiia. M \ lungs become hardened I
was so weak 1 couldn’t even sit up in
bed. Nothing helped me. I expected
to soon die of Cousuni it Ion. when I
heard of Dr. King's New Discovery
One,bottle gave great relief. I continu
ed to use it, and now am well and
strong. | can't sav to much In its praise ’
This marvel in medecire is the surest
and ipilckest cure In the .world for nil
Throat and Lung Trouble R -gular
sizes ."si cents and $1 00 Trial bottle j
tree at Odendatil Bro's Drug Hlore;
every bottle guaranteed
as • »
Mo 111*0 t.i . ...
I he woman who Is lovelt In fare,;
form and temper will always have I
1 friends, tiul one who would t»e at it we
I lift* must keep lief health If <hs Is
j weak, stikly and all run .lowii, sh« will
>*• nervous ami Irritable. If *h* has con j
| stlpatiim or kidney trouble, her Impute i
bln si * III cause pimples, blotches, *kb. [
eruptions and a wretched complexion '
I. > Ctrl# Hitler* |* th" best medicine In
• h* Wot I,I in tegulsle slum aeh* liver
and kt I cy • and In putifv the blood It
gt*»» strong eeiye*. blight eye* smooth
iclvvly skin, rich complexion I* wtlli
make i good liMikiag, charming woman
• ( « inn down invalid itnly An eenls
it t t ieiolshl Hto's Dr
• • •
riif t'irt'u* has ixhiii’ ninl
lfi*lti* Ititl Hi* still IldVf tint* nr
Iwiiut (boM lit** limit || Nil it w U*I1
lit \\ ill kills*‘li t
We Handle The
The first two weeks in May have been the busiest in our
history, and our store organization was put to the test but we
handle the big trade promptly, and with satisfaction to the
public, Fact is we expected a big trade this spring, for we
knew our splendid values deserved it. Therefore we increased
our sales force and made all necessary preperation to give the
public the best possible store service. All through the busy
season you enn be waited on promptly and politely here, and
at the same time get big value for your money.
Kilting is a necessity. No one can
dispute that. Even the man who trained
his horse down to one straw a day had to
acknowledge that his plan was a failure
when the horse died. However you can
make a pleasure of the necessity if you
patronize our grocery department. Every
delicacy which you can think of, and
many you would'nt think of ure ready for
you here, and we will sell them to you at <r
popular prices.
Yu Don’t Ham n Worry
If You Trade Here.
Everything you buy will be reliable in quality, correct in
style, and cheaper than you can get it elsewhere. You would’nt
find us making such strong asertions as this if the store did 4
not back them up. We are very jealous of the high reputation*
of this firm for doing just exactly as it says it will, therefore
nothing ever appears in our ads. that is not absolutely true or
more than true. It seems to us that this is just the kind of a
store most people would prefer to patronize, and our sales
record shows up that we are correct in our opinion.
Pried lUaberric*.If, ctt.
“ Apricot.If, “
“ Peacbea. 1 **
Best Prunes .‘5 lbs .25 “
i lb Soda. 7 “ (
Ljon coffee.10 •«
Arbuckl«6 coffee.II
King Bee “ .If, “ *
1 Package Wheati-|. JO
Beat Loup Citj Hour.HO »•
Second “ “ “ 70 • »
Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothingr, Shoes, etc.
Calls Attended Night or Dagr
<*. II. Giiison, Funeral Director.
W J. >1*11 Kit. OKO. K liKNNCIl'iTRR,
AUoruvy »o4 Notary labile. I'ublUlirr Loop ITtt NotmviUt
Fisher & Benschoter,
Real Estate Agents,
TownLota, Wild, Cultivated and Irrluatoi