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The News Briefly Told.
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Ex-Congressman Francis Smith Ed
wards, aged 82, died at his home, Dun
kirk, N. Y., yesterday.
Three companies of the signal corp3
encamped at Savannah, Ga., were
mustered out of service.
The American section of theoso
phists win begin their thirteenth an
nual convention today at Chicago.
William Thompson, a Lynn, Mass.,
hotelkeeper, has tiled a petition in
bankruptcy Liabilities, $97,400; assets,
The Cubans are dissatisfied with the
present system of making laws, con
tending that Senors Capote and La
nuza have too much influence.
Wealthy Cubans will send a delega
tion to Washington to seek a modifi
cation ot the mortgage decree extend
ing time of payment.
Major Ladd, treasurer of the cus
toms funds at Havana, intends to be
gin a new system of disbursements
by check, as in the United States.
David J. Field, the retired St. Louis
capitalist, who on Thursday last shot
and killed his negro man servant, was
exonerated by the coroner’s Jury and
Bids were opened at the navy de
partment Saturday for 100,000 six
pound steel shells, 12,000 three-pound
and 20,000 one-pound. Awards have
not yet been made.
Instead of the usual annual conven
tion in July, the executive committee
Ya °f the window glass association has
rw decided that the wage committee shall
meet In July to formulate a wage
Today a horseless carriage contain
ing the inventor, Alex Winton, and a
i companion will leave Cleveland for
’ New York, a distance of 800 miles.
The trip is expected to be made in
five days.
Efforts are being made in Boston to
form a combine among the confec
tioners, including all the prominent
concerns east of St. Louis. Several
firms have given options which expire
July 1 on their plants.
Senor Domingo Mendez Capote, sec
retary of the government in Havana,
will report to General Brooke recom
mending general suffrage in Cuba,
with certain limitations, finding edu
cational or property test unnecessary.
The deadlock over railroad taj*
, tiou continues in the Michigan legis
lature. The senate contends for an
annual increase of $32,000 ad the
house for a $500,000 increase. Gov
ernor Pingree thinks the senate will
be forced to come to the house terms.
The big troop transports on the Pa
ciflc roast are being rapidly fitted with
Colonel Alfred E. Bates has reported
for duty as assistant paymaster gen
It is probable that Colonel Alfred
E. Bates will succeed Paymaster Gen
. eral Carey July 10, when Carey re
* tires.
President and Mrs. McKinley en'er
tained Mr. and Mrs- St. Clair McKel
way of the Brooklyn Eagle at dinner
last night.
Word was received at Buffalo of the
death of Mile. Rhea, the well known
actress, in Montmorenci, Prance. The
communication came in the shape of a
large black bordered envelope con
taining an announcement of her fu
Director of Posts Vaille at Manila
has notified the postoffice department
that he has established the railway
post service between Manila and Malo
los, the former Filipino capital. This
is the initial move in the direction of
k building up a railway mall service in
the Philippines.
The comptroller of the currency has
declared dividends in favor of the
creditors of insolvent national banks
as follows: Fifteen per cent, the
First National Bank of Larimore, N.
D.; 10 per cent, the First National
bank of Emporia, Kas.; 10 per c'mt,
the National Bank of Kansas City, Mo.
Specia's to the Cincinnati Enquirer
announce the acceptance by Colonei
W. J. Bryan to lecture ad speak at the
following cities in Indiana: erre
Haute. Monday, May 20, to lecture on
imperialism, under the auspices of the
Jacksonian club; at Evansville, Tues
day, May 30, to address a big demo
cratlc rally.
The grain shovelers’ strike at Buf
falo has been settled. The agreement
signed late last night by a sub-corn
inlttee representing the strikers, of
which President Keefe of the Long
shoremen's association was a member
and Contractor Conners, has been ap
proved by the full committee of tne
Grain Shovelers’ union. The strike is
to be declared off and the men will
return to work Wednesday morning.
T Qfiilnf.
The Baptist annual meeting will tie
1 held at San Francisco today, and will
celebrate the semi-centennial of mis
sionary work In California.
Charles F. Brush, the Inventor of
the arc electric light, has been voted
the Hunford medal by the Auierlcau
Academy of Art and Sciences.
The Cumberland Presbyterians, In
session at Denier, have appointed a
committee to raise fl.iKKt.000 tor
church educational Institutions
Hecrvtary Aig*r has given authority
to the West point military academy
to permit the resumption of football
games between that Institution and the
naval cadets.
The navy department haa cabled an
Inquiry to Admiral fn-wey regarding
the Itinerary of the homeward cruise
of the Olympia The Olympia will not I
I leave Hong k<>ng mmh before June,
spending a part of the time In Ary
dock getting lb shape for her If.ouO
mile trip
L> f. Mitchell, deputy comptroller of
| the treasurr. has decided that retired
?: naval oflber* cannot be appointed and |
< paid ne eipert aid In the preparation j
of design# for new shlpa. etc under
lh# concluding paragraph of sect tea s |
Of the aaval art of March S ll*T hold |
tag that a retired oIRcer la aot a civil
ian within the meaning of the act I
Admiral Schley was entertained by
the people of Council Bluffs. Thou
sands of people met him at the pub
lic reception held In the Grand ho‘el.
William H. Seitz, a real estate
broker of New York, filed a petition
in bankruptcy yer'vday. His liaoii
itles were $128,250 and there wrre no
W. H. Collins was shot in the back
and instantly killed about nine miles
west of West Plains, Mo., by some
unknown person. J. Fox, whom Coi
ns shot last year, is suspected.
William J. Bryan spent a day at
Quincy, 111., as the guest of the
county democracy. He addressed an
audience of 10,000 people. Mr. Bran
was met by Congressmen Dockery and
Lloyd, of Missouri, and Williams,
of Illinois.
The navy department has cabled an
inquiry to Admiral Dewey regarding
the itinerary of the homeward cruise
of the Olympia. The Olympia will
not leave Hong Kong much be'ora
June, spending a part of the tlm? in
dry dock, getting in shape for her
14,000 mile trip
The United States transport Solace
is reported to have arrived at Hon
olulu May 15. She has on board a
large number of soldiers and sailors
whose time of service has expired,
and many invalided and Incapacitated
men. Among her passengers is Gen
eral King and Majors Purdy and
An official application has been re
ceived In Washington from Comman
der G. C. Reiter, recently ordered to
command the Puget Sound naval sta
tion, to be placed on the list of ap
plicants for voluntary retirement
Four captains, three commanders
and four lieutenant-commanders have
now applied for retirement, making,
with casualties which occurred dur
ing the year, all the vacancies re
quired by law.
The Cumberland Presbyterian gen
eral assembly in session at Denver,
postponed action on the resolution
protesting against the seating of B.
H. Roberts, of Utah, as a member ol
congress until Wednesday. This ac
tion was taken at the request of Stat
ed Clerk William R. Campbell, of the
Utah presbytery, who telegraphed to
Moderator Halsell that a communlca
tion had been mailed which it was de
sired to have the assembly consider.
The National Association of Wagon
Manufacturers has decided to raise
Twenty thousand people gathered
at Pittsfield, 111., to listen to William
J. Bryan. One hundred guns were
fired at sunrise in honor of the arr'vai
of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, who came on
the early train from Hannibal.
Representative Gillette of Marxa
chusetts has invited President Mc
Kinley to visit Springfield, Mass,
while atendlng graduating exercises
at Mount Holyoke, Mass., from which
the president’s niece graduates.
The president has given orders to
carry out the recommendation of
Generals Otis and Lawton making Col
onel Summers of the Second Oregon a
brevet brigadier general of volun
teers; also making Captain Casa of
the engineer battalion a major by
The Russian minister at Pekin, M.
de Glers, has notified the Tsung Li
Yamen that Russia is unable to accept
the Chinese refusal of a railroad con
cession and that she will send engi
neers forthwith to survey a line to
connect the Hussion Manchurian rail
road with Pekin.
The Madrid Reforma declares
that the minister of flnaice,
Senor Villaverde, w'ho is sup
ported by the entire cabinet,
maintains the royal order, instructing
the Bank of Spain to suspend indefi
nitely the quarterly drawing of the
redeemable 4 per cent bonded debt
Reports received at Bldorado, Kan.,
state that cattle perished by the hun
dreds as the result of an unusual
downpour of rain with which that
section was visited. In one pasture
Lehr & Leonard lost 510 head of cat
tle. The animals were in poor cjndi
tlon, having just been shipped iu
from the west.
The rapid increase of Japanese im
migration into Hawaii has attracted
the serious atention of the authori
ties in Washington of late and sev
eral official inquiries have been set
on foot to learn the extent of the In
vasion and how It can be checked.
The reports received by the imrnigra
tion authorities are in line with press
dispatches statipg that the influx ir
steadily Increasing
I rhlnv.
Secretary Alger iiaa telegraoned
Oeneral Otis to learn the wishes of
Washington volunteers on the advisa
bility of returning by way of Puget
sound, thus landing them directly at
their homes instead of at Sun Krnn
cisco, where the general ramp of re
turning volunteers is located
Acting Secretary Oortelyou called
upon Assistant Secretary \anderlip,
chairman of the I>»wey home fund,
and pluced In his hands a check from
the president, constituting Mr Mc
Kinley's contribution to the fund In
doing so, Mr. Cortetyou conveyed to
Mr Vanderllp the expression of the
president’s interest in the undertaking
and his pleasure in contributing to
this testimonial to Admiral In wey.
Three white farmers, Janies Humph
reys and his two sons, wrsre lynched
near the village of Airy in Henderson
county, Texas, a remote neighborhood
devoid of telegraph, tele phone or rail
road conasrtiona an<l shout seventy
five miles south west of Italia*
Adjutant General (Whin today gave
out for publication the report of
Colonel Frederick Funatoa of the
Twentieth Kansas regiment which
was an appsndlx to the repel of Major
General MacArthur The report deals
with the operations of the Kansas
regiment from the beginning «r the
outbreak, February I, until February
R. T. Woodward, a Boston man who
claims to be exceedingly weather-wise,
remembers that the summer of 1S39,
Just sixty years ago, was a scorcher.
He predicts tnat the summer of 1899
will be like unto It, only more so—
“the hottest ana driest ever known to
the oldest person living.’’
On the windiest adys no dust whirls
through the air in Jersey City now.
The local solons have succeeded in
having inserted in the street railway
franchises a street sprinkling clause,
and now all the trolley lines are oper
ating sprinkling cars on the streets
where they have tracks laid.
OnmliH Furniture In Texan.
Many are astonished to learn that
Hayden Bros., “The Big Store" In Om
aha, ship goods to such distant points
as Texas. It only illustrates what
cash and western grit will do. Free
catalogues of all classes of goods, sent
by them in answer to requests, are
found in nearly every state. Orders in
variably result as the prices, strange to
say, are lower than those quoted even
in the manufacturing section. Hayden
Bros, are daily filling over one hun
dred big furniture mail orders.
The faults of a good man are more
dangerous than the vices of a thor
oughly bad one.
D« Tour F««t Arh« and Burnt
Shake Into your shoes, Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes
tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures
Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and
Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and
Shoe Stores, 2fic. Sample sent FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
Pride and Fashion are the task
masters who make bread-winning
We will forfeit 11,000 If any of our puts
llshed testimonial- are proven to l>e not
genuine. Tint Pi»o Co., Warren, Pa.
It is better to be right than be pres
ident, but it doesn’t always pay as
Patent Kililldt.
The Greater America Exposition
Company have created a Department
of Patents and Inventions, within
which models of patented Inventions
may be exhibited. Space is free. Ail
inventors desiring to exhibit their in
ventions should communicate with
G. W. Sues & Co., Patent Lawyers,
Bee Building, Omaha, Neb.
General Lew Wallace, who is now
conferring with William Young, the
gentleman selected to dramatize "Ben
Hur," says the first production will
take place next November, and if
present plans are carried out 500 peo
ple will be required for its presenta
tion. It will be given in New York,
Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago
only, the general says, not admitting
of successful production in other
American cities.
Try Qraln-ol Try Orall-*l
Ask your grocer today to show you a
package of GRAIN-O, the new food
drink that takes the place of eoffee.
The children may drink it without In
jury as well as the adult. All who try
it, like It. GRAIN-0 has that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java, but It is made
from pure grains, and the most delicate
stomach receives it without distress.
One-fourth the price of coffee. 15c.
and 25c. per package. Bold by all
A word to the wise may be sufficient,
but the policemen often has to use a
club on the otherwise.
U. 8. Patent Office Huttlm***.
In 1895 a patent was granted for an
invention pointed out in the claim as
follows: —
As a protection for vessels or other
structures, a filler composed essential
ly of compressed comminuted corn
stalk-pith, Bubstanl'ally ae described.
A second application for a patent
for the same material described in u
claim as follows: —
The within-described new material
adapted for use for packings and other
purposes, the same consisting of the
comminuted cellular portion of corn
pith freed from sappy deleterious and
adherent matters and having the char
acteristics substantially as set forth,
has been considered upon appeal by
Judge Morris in the Court of Appeals
of the District of Columbia, and the
distinction between the two inventions
stated by the court as follows: —
A material consisting of the commi
nuted cellular portion of corn-pith
freed from sappy, deleterious and ad
herent matters by subjecting the pith
to the action of a blast of air. prefer
ably heated, ilele to be not anticipated
by applicant's prior patent disclosing
com pith obtained by pissing corn
stalks through breakers and then sep
arating the pith from the ftta-r and
outside shell, as there is no description
in the patent that the pith is subjected
to air at a high temperature,
THOM Aft <1 OltWIti a OO.
Holicitora of I'atenta.
I>ea Moines, Iowa, May >\ as
Ail the worldM a at age and the
uean la uaed in the tank drama*
0?. Iij'i
»<» ». ssUfattaa i**»f tula* am %m« kB
■ uumh Vs* a>ti, st*. a* jismuss •» A »■
Ktcuniinn to Detroit yIm tlie Wabtmh
For the Y. P. S. C. E. Convention
July 6th to 10th all lines will Beil
tickets on July 3rd, 4th and 5th via the
Wabash, the short line from Chi
cago or St. Louis to Detroit. Side
trips to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Mon
treal, Mackinac and many other p nnts
at a very low rate via Lake or Hail
have been arranged. Parties contem
plating a trip east should call on or
write for rates and folders giving list
of Bide trips, etc., also beautiful souve
nir entitled "Lake and Sea.”
Room 302 Karbaeh Blk.,
Omaha, Neb.
School I,and* i»t Yonr Own Price.
As soon after the first of July aa
practicable I will hold public auctions
for leasing about IMS,000 acres of school
land, under provisions of the new law,
in the following counties: Antelope,
Banner, Blaine, Box Butte, Brown,
Chaw*, Cherry, Cheyenne, Custer,
Dawes, Deuel, Dundy, Garfield, Grunt,
Hayes. Hitchcock, Holt. Hooker, Keith,
Keya Paha. Kimball, Knox, Lincoln,
Logan. Loup, McPherson, Pierce, Per
kins, Bock, Scotts Bluff, Hheridan,
Sioux, Thomas and Wheeler. Under
the new law. if these lands will not
lease at public auction at fl per cent
upon the appraised value, they may be
leased to the person offering 0 per cent
upon the highest valuation. These
lands are in the best stO'k growing
portions of the state where cattle,
sheep and horses can be produced at
lesa expense and, therefore, at greater
profit than anywhere 1 kuow of; aud
yet. surrounded with as good and in
telligent a class of citizens ax any where
to he found. The harvest truly Is great
and lusts almost the year round and
no more inviting field for the intelli
gent stockman and farmer can he
found; and now, that there is an op
portunity to secure twenty-five year
lease contracts thereon at what the
lands arc worth, the lessee himself be
ing the judge, it is confidently expect
ed that all or nearly all of these lands
will be leased during the present year
at the public auctions, as above men
tioned. Any one desiring to attend
any of these leusing auctions will ho
notified of the time and place of hold
ing the same, ns soon us it has been ar
ranged. if they will write mo at once
giving the names of the counties in
which they are interested; and will
also be furnished a list of lauds to be
leased so that they may visit the coun
ties in advance of the leasing auction
and examine the lands which will be
offered. Notice of the auction will be
duly given in the local papers. Mend
stamp for copy of the new school laud
law under which the lands will be of
fered. Any further Information will
be cheerfully furnished.
J. V. Wor.FK,
Commissioner Publi®
Lands A Buildingg.
Lincoln, Neb., May 18, 181)9.
President Angell, of the University
of Michigan, haR offered to furnish to
the government a number of young
men, liberally educated and of good
natural parts, who will pay their own
expenses abroad for several yearn if
they can be assured of places in the
consular service.
Arm You Dtlii( Alien*. Fnol-F.ieT
It is the only cure for Swollen,
Smarting. Burning, Sweating Fest,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
The higher a man rises the more he
has to depend on others to hold him
FITS Permanently Cured. No fit* or narronunea* after
flrat flay a dm of I»r. Kline'* lireat Nerve Restorer.
Send for FKRK IN 2.00 trial bottle and freaiina.
Da. II. U. Ki ink, Ltd., Ml Arch St-, I biladt lpbU, I’a.
It’s surprising how easy it is to get
something you don't want.
We Fay Sin a Week and Expenses
to men with rigs to Introduce oiir Poultry Componnd.
Address with stamp, Javelle Mfg. Co., Parsous, Kan.
Next to making mistakes the easiest
thing in the world Is to criticise the
mistakes of others.
For llounekfepeni,
Bee that your liuen is washed clean. Use
“Faultless Starch," clean irons, follow di
rection* given on package and perfect re
sults will follow. Ai! grocers sell “Faultless
Starch,” large package. 1Ul\
Get your heart right and it will be
easy to manage your tongue.
Co«*m ('migti IlMham
Is the oldest and heat. It will break up scold quicker
than anything else, it ta hiw ny* reliable. 1 ry It.
Nine-tenths o( the born leaders of
men are women.
A I’tarr. YrgHahle f «•im jionnd.
No mercurial or other mineral poison* In ra»ca
r» t* « andy < uthartfc, only \eirctabie substances,
late medical discoveries. All druggists, 10c, 2’k-, 50c.
The philosopher's scales are useless
out of his own hands.
Turtle Oil.
A hcaliiiir antiseptic for cuts, burn* and wounds
The Individual who thinks he knows
it all has the most to learn.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.
For rhliilr.a teething, soften, ths mimi, redu-'e. In*
U.ti.untlluu. *11*). |i».u,i.ure. mini colic. Ibc.tivUin
li is one thing to talk and another
to say something.
Eleanora Ouse is at Naples, where j
she has produced D'Annunzio's one
act play "La Gloria,” in which she is j
said to have surpassed herself. The
piece is highly poetical and original,
and is baspd up on the text preached
by Solomon, that all is vanity, even
glory. Signora Ouse was called no
fewer than thirteen times at the end
of the performance, and there was a
loud call for the author, who, how
ever, was not present.
Secretary Alger’s timberland, from
which he made his fortune, lies along
Lake Huron and Is 100 square miles
in extent.
It* Puirnirr Earning*. Including Con
trolled I.lnes, Excel the Pennsyl vanla
—A Slupenduous Showing.
The passenger department of the
New York Central system, Including
lines leased, operated and controlled,
east from St. Ixmis and Chicago, is the
largest paying institution of Kb kind in
the world. It beats the Pennsylvania
system with Its leased and operated
lines in the territory named by f 1,635,
768, and is so far ahead of any other
system that comparison, to say the
least, is odious. Poor’s Manuel, which
la an authority on railway statistics, In
Its last yearly edition showed the pas
senger earnings of thirty-six of the
leading railways, as follows:
Pennsylvania . $21,800,000
New York, New Haven A Hart
ford (Including New England
Hallway) . 15,800,000
New York Central & Hudson
Itlver (leased and operated
lines) . 16,214,000
Bout hern Pacific System. 11,8(8*,00"
Pennsylvania Lines west of Pitts
burg . B. 800,000
lioslon A Mains System . K,;>oo,noo
Chicago A Northwestern . 6,000,000
Chicago, Burlington A Quincy.., 6,MSJ.0*si
Canadian Pact lie . 6,8**0,000
Chicago, Milwaukee A 8t. Puul.. 6.700,000
Erie . 5,700,uni
Atchison, Topeka A Banta Po.... 6,600,oou
Grand Trunk . 6,5***)rU8)
Baltimore Ar Ohio . 6,060,000
Hoot hern ll’y System . 4,8181,000
Chicago, llock Gland & Pacific.. 4,30",000
Louisville At Nashville . 4.202,(810
Lake Hhoro A Michigan Bouthern 4.2*8),(sio
Mtsourl Puclite System . 4,
Boston & Albany . 4,000,000
Big Pour . 3,800,000
Delaware, Lackawanna A West
ern . a,«i8),ooo
Michigan Central . 3,300,000
Northern Pacific . 2,860,(88)
Wabash . 2,800,000
Lehigh Valley . 2.T0O.OUO
Central Hall road of New Jersey. 2,700,000
Union Pacific . 2,48",01*0
Ureal Northern . 2,074.000
Chicago Ar Alton .. 1,1*61 307
Chesapeake & Ohio . 1,86V,0*8)
plant Bystein . 1,275,174
Denver A Hlo (Irunde .. 1,248/88)
New York, Chicago Ac Bt. I,rails. 876,077
New York, Ontario A Western., (2:8,000
Pittsburg A Lake Erie. 644,781
Two or the great systems slow earnings
from passenger traffic, as follows:
New York Central Lines:
New York Central.115.214.000
Michigan Central . 3,3**0,0*8)
Lake Shore A Michigan Bouthern 4.2O0.0"0
Big Pour . 3,600,0(8)
Boston A Albany . 3,8(8),i8k)
Pittsburg A fjtke Erie . 644,781
New York, Chicago A Bt. Louts. 876.877
Pennsylvania lines:
Pennsylvania Railroad .821,200,000
Penn, linos west of Pittsburg.... 8/>ou,(8JO
Total for these two great sys
tems .$61,635,768
—Buffalo Commercial, April 4, 1899.
The society of ladies Is a school of
politeness for men.
“I had female com
plaints so bad that it
■ caused me to have
hysterical fits; have had
as many as nine in one
“Five bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound
cured me and it has
been a year since I had
an attack.
firs. Edna Jackson,
Pearl, La.
If Mrs. Plnkham’s Compound will cure
sucli severe eases ns this surely it
must be a great medicine—is there
any sufferer foolish enough not to
give it a trial ?
Secretary Gage has introduced into
his department a custom which he first
inaugurated in a Chicago bank. This
is to have luncheon served in the
building, so that all the clerks can
meet each day at table and discuss
the affairs of the office. These gather
ings are called "Mr. Gage's cabinet
I). O. Mills, the banker and philan
thropist. who now has a fortune of
$25,000,000, says that while all his life
has been happy, some of its happiest
were when he was a small country
MIm Lucy Tucker, the daughter of
ft prominent farmer of Varaalliaa,
Ina.. waa tlia viotlm ofnorvous pros
tration. Moat of the time (he waa
oonfliied to had, and wuaon the versa
of HI. Vitus' dance. It waa a pitiful
case which medical science fa Usd to
conquer. Finally a doctor prescrib
ed Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lor Pale
People. Her father auld:
“ Wc began giving the pllla at onoa,
and the next dey wa could see a
rlmiigo for the hatter In her. We
gave her one pill attar each meal
Until she wae entirely well. She has
not Ixm ii sick a dav since. Ws think
the euro almost miraculous.
"Frank Tucker, Mrs. F.Tcckbr."
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tucker, being
duly eworri, statu that the foregoing
la true In every particular.
lluon Joiikso!*, Jutlleeo/ th« Prace.
From lh» Htpublican, Vinutllei, Ind
W.N.U. OMAHA. No. 22-lb99
{Columbia Bevel-Gear
| Chainless Bicycle.
Easiest running, cleanest, safest,
most durable. Complete protection
of running gear from rain, mud and
dust. Tlie nest hill climber and a
delightful counter.
Columbia and Hartford
Chain Wheels.
The new xpecially cut sprocket. and
burdened pin chain show better result*
under text than any other chain wheel
(hdinless, (tain. S50, $35,$26,$£5.
POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn.
■ I’w liiar for unnatural
diorbargea, inflam mat l-ms,
| irritation* or iikoratious
of ruutouo luombrsiitio.
r" *— --—• Paiulans, and not astiio*
ATHEEvANSChEMIGALCO. «'■« t or poiaououo.
| Wold by Drafilito,
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Or. Kay s Lung; Balm
for eougbs. colus,
aud throat disease
REV. L. L. CARPENTER, W»u.-.«h, Iml., l« I’i - lont «>f th«
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I* . Kay'n tiling iUlui ta tho very I* »t euugn, volo awl throat ivio-dy
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Mlitiuury uni S. M. K*utt|*eli*i, t hrutlin t'htiruh.
Dr. Kay's Renovator.
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