The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, April 28, 1899, Image 2

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Hebron retains for another year all
of its school teachers.
The bond-reissuing scheme In Te
cumseh carried by a good majority.
The condition of the winter wheat
in Adams county Is not very encour
A new banking company Is being or
ganized with Illinois and Kansas City
capital for a new bank to be opened
in Wymore,
Two residences in Valentine were
burned last week, and heroic efforts
were required to keep the conflagration
from destroying others.
A grainary and two corn crins to
gether with grain und machinery
burned on Henry Loney's farm, three
miles northeast of Plsinvlew. The
cause of the fire was the explosion of
a lantern.
The twenty-third annual tournament
of the Nebraska State Sportsmen's
association, which will be held in
Lincoln May 2, 3, 4 and 5, will prob
ably be the largest tournament held
in the west for some yeais past.
Captain Baxt’r disposed of the in
terior furnishings of the old post
office building In Omaha last week.
Although the property when it was
new cost many thousands of dollars,
it was sold for the sum total of f56.25.
Orders have been received by the
custodian of the government building
in Nebraska City to have certain re
pairs made on the same. The outside
walls will be cleaned and painted and
a number of repairs made on the in
Dietrlck Gaede of Nebraska City was
found dead in hi* room at the home of
hi* son-in-law, ex-Mayor H. H. Bart
ling. During the night he had put a
cord around his neck and fastening It
on the closet door hanged himself. He
was seventy-six years of age.
It has been reported that a big
strike was brewing among the park
ing house men at South Omaha and
' that May 1 had been selected as the
date on which the walk-out wms to
occur. But it is now reported that
the strike has been called off and that
whatever differences there may he will
he settled by arbitration.
One morning about 2 o'clock a fire
which was started north of Vroman,
Mimed hack north of Brady Island
with a heavy northwest wind and de
stroyed much property. At the horns
of Mrs. Anderson, a widow, the fire
spread rapidly and all clothing wai
burned from her body, she being fright
fully burned. Her nephew, John West
erland, was badly burned about the
head and hands. N. Fllcklinger and
son were badly burned about the feet
and hands.
From a careful examination of the
condition of the fall wheat in Rich
ardson county, It Is safe to say that
fully 50 per cent of it has been de
stroyed by the constant freezing and
thawing since the first of March. Al
falfa and red clover are also badly
frozen out. Peaches and hiackberrries
and raspberries were destroyed by the
cold weather of the winter, while ap
ples, plums and cherries seem to he all
The class of '99 of Hastings college
will lie the largest that has ever grad
uated from that institution. Com
mencing about June 14, there will he
a full week of commencement exer
cises. which will include class, concert,
debate and banquet. The graduating
class is composed of Clarence Cooke,
lirneat Brouillette, Henry Heller. Rich
ard Moritz, WilBon Stichter, James
Brown, Edward Btishnell. Charles
Stine and Miss Erdell Montgomery.
Mrs. Ahdiel V. York of Rising City
has been adjudged insane and will be
removed to the asylum at Lincoln If
her health well permit. She was
stricken with erysipelas a few days
ago, and from the inception of the
disease she grew rapidly worse. At last
she appeared to he dying, all the symp
toms of approaching death appearing
The family waB called to what was
supposed to be a death bed. where
there was a sudden change In the ap
pearance of the patient She became
hot and flushed and full of animation
But It soon appeared that her mind
had gone. Her mania is said to he one
of religion.
The mortgage record for the state,
as compiled by the labor bureau from
“II the counties except Banner, shows
that during the last six months of 1898
there were 6,411 farm mortgages filed,
ihe total amount being $7.003.266 40.
There were 8,758 satisfied, amounting
to $8,197,147 84 The town and city
mortgages fl!«*d amounted to ft,!<o8
843 60, while the releases amounted to
$3.62<>,?9n 64. ur almost double the fil
ing* The report on chattel mort
gage* was incomplete for the reason
that a large proportion of the mort
gage* of this class ni.d with the
county clerks are never released The
compilation shows 38 839 Hied, amount
ing to $21.&1R.388 and 20 558 released,
amounting to $9 619358
J. J. Kvorlngham U*i>nljr of ih» to*
aurauco itrptrtnrni u( Auitiinr Cur*
U»ll » olBr*. bM taailod I be annual
atauamt of rlaka arrllion. premium*
r*< *l»#«l and Iumn larurrod and paid
»•> th* llr* lnaur*ti<* tompaai** doing
bualnoaa In N*bia»b*. fur lb* )*#r
* riding flnrooibor II, IkM Tb* Joint
»r« luantr* rui«k«ain uf uttaor
alalon and nation* niui* riaba am..
lag to »MWils and r-.*u*d »i aiu,
l»T* In premium* f lw ). •••* paid
antuuaiad to I *’ J T«*< and ih» l<*ao*
laesrrad ui«u*M to •Ml.tiw Tata
•bows n groat la<r*aa« In lb* amount
of buolaaao iranantUd lb* Aguron
for lb* pro* Ion# >*ar «*ro a* follow*
Htab* nrrtiun |af.*lt.lgw premium#
rtttlroi |l III Itti Ionova {Mild. (!«*,•
Ml, lonaoa incurred t-'tl MT
Tbo tntlr* fun* «| am*nl
micros* opiat* nl INU tlmnb*. bum
boring about tbin» young «im*n. Ana
boon laid *4f until furtbar o*d*tt l»
C Aftt. eblof of II.* bviMH »*.*i«*d
nn ardor lw tblo ••*!, and it i# under •
aloud I bn I I bo fnlllng ufl In »»p*rt
or dor* Is tbo muno of II
A Digest of Bills Put Through at the Recent
Session of the Legislature.
The Election, Insurance and School Laws Undergo Liberal
Amendment—Criminal and Civil Codes Materially
Changed—Appropriation and Other Bills.
The legislature r,f jkio adjourned April
2. l>ut the record* of the two house* show
thut It adjourned March <!, The wewnton
resulted In the election of 11 republican
I'nltMi Hint e* m tin I or to succeed Hermtor
W. V. Allen. Judge 11 L. Hayward
»«* elected eetiator on the forty-third
Joint ballot after fifty-seven ballot* hud
been token In the republican eauett*. The
senatorial content was the longest In the
history of the state. The brat ballot
was tnken January 17 and the ele-etlon of
Judge Hayward watt effected Mnr<-h 8.
The total tiiimlvr of bill* passed by the
legislature! was 1 i'i, llfty-two la-lnn sen
ate Idll* and seventy being house btlla.
Two hill* from the house and twa from
ttie senate* were vetoed by the governor,
the vetoes being sustained owing to lark
of voles to override them or lack of op
portunity to act upon them, tine item
In the general appropriation hill wan alto
vetoed. Two year* ago Ur total num
ber of hill* parsed wun 133, si veil of
| which were vetoed.
In the matter of appropriation* the ses
I shill Just (lowed exceeded Ihe amount
given two year* ago by 1113,t!3S, but at
ihe same time appropriated more than
1200 001 more than the previous legislature
I for new building*. The following I* a
I comparative statement of the appropri
I at Ion* voted hy the legislator* In 1807
I and In Mu:
Halary apliwrlatlon l 885 MO . 08 | Mf, Mo.oo |
Ceueral approt* 1,1*1 .(47 .'!<! 1,0*0,(r',r,.an
| Claim* K detie'e'*,, M,3|1.!i7 122.88fi.Oi
lagblHtlvc-p^iurirp .. jao.ojo Oa I
j New lining*, etc. .. lllo'mAO 308.7UO.OO
| Hundry muje. hill*.,,, II^Mhi.W 20.7M.80 j
$2.3*4,0*0.32 »* 137,716 '■<) :
All law* which were signed hearing i
! the emergency «Inilse go Into effect on I
the dale of the goveinor'* signature. I
oilier law* go into effect on July 1.
A digest of the new law* follow*;
House riiII t,:i, by 5>llers, Amend' #«-••
thin* VJiI, 1 .'50. 131. 133. 137, 110 him! lW and
K hedules "A” and "H," rhaplrr I*, com
piled statute* of Nebrasku fi*r 1 f»;*7. < u
tltled elections, and to reptal section* 1
1». HO, 131. 137, HO and Mil, ui;<i schedule* i
“A" and "H" of mild < diopter 30 tis uii.4
inalty existing.
The law repeal* the eertlon of the elec
tlon providing for party emblem* atvt
strike* out all reference to emblem* in
the law* a* It stood before..
'I he provision w hen candidate# «r" ti
he nominated otherwise than by ronven- j
* Ion committee or primary insiting,
fulled fitute* raise# tb* nu in tier of sign
er*1, neoesssary for petition* ae follows:
"The m.inter of slKhfitures ehull not
te less than five thousand when the non
• nation !* for an offii <• to he tilled I."
the eVetort of the entire state, and not
■ than two hundred and flftv when the
nomination I* for an office to he tllle | !
h> the electors of a tOWnrhlp, prechu t
or ward, provided that the number ol I
signatures need not *n art; Instance |
eed or.e-fourth <4 the total number ot
voter# when til# nomination Is for an < f
tiee to lie filled hy the electors of a eo ci
ty. township, precinct, village or ward,
anil that the slghnlur** need n<d all oe
appe tided to one paper.”
A provision provide# the name *'e* |
rens th ki t ' for an Independent th-U *
In cities of the second class arid villages.
The < hanjre fn form of the I allot la pro
vided as follows:
Instruction* to voter* nre ns follows:
IVi*on* desiring to vote must procute
tholi ballots from H Judge of the election
hoard. They must then without leitv! K
t tie polling place, proceed to a cohlparL
loent and prepare their ballots,
The ballots me prepared as follows:
Make a cross In the suuare to the right
of every candidate for whom you wlsti 'o
vote. Ill a presidential election, make a
cross In the i Ircle to the right of tlie
group of presidential electors of your
i hole* provided you desite to Vote fo"
all the eleetois of one party; otherwise
do not mark In the circle, luit make a
cross In the s'luare to the tight of evo-y
• le< lor for whom you desire to vote. Ijo
not muku any mark In the circle, bat
make a cross In the suuare to the right
of every elector for whom you desire
to vote. I)o not make any mark oh the
ballot save as above dire led. If you
spoil a ballot return It It the Judge of
the election board find obtain from him
u new ballot; you cannot get more that
four In all. Having marked your ball' t
fold It so ns to conceal the names and
marks on the face nnd to expose the
names cm the back; then take It to tin*
lodge of election and see It deposited In
the ballot box, after which Immediately
leave the railed enclosure.
• f you wish to vole for nny person
whose name Is not on the ballot, write
bis full name In the blank space on the
ballot tinder the proper office you wish
him to hold, nnd make a cross In the
scpune opposite the same.
Kenato fill- i>7, by Talbot of I.ancitster.
to authorize uixl provide for the use of
voting machines.
Hi*i t Ion I. The county and municipal
boards. in counties noil cities of thin
Hint*-, may authorize the use of vote in.I
register mat hint* of nurh kind on will
secure absolute secrecy to the elector,
accurate record of every vote cant, pre
vent fraudulent Miilna and not I la Id e m
get, or Ire try mist hlrvcous person i,
placed, out of working or<|er.
Ptc, i If the use of such innchlno bo
not authorized by the county or munic
ipal hoard and JO per « ent or more of the
voters of any pret Inct or voting film
having 100 or more elector*, petition the
county or municipal hoard therefor, the
question of adopting the use of the vot
111*c machines shall at the next general
election he suhmllted to the eleelors •»f
surh nrednet, and if 11 majority vor.lig
at shM eleetlon vole yes, ttie hoard shall
purchase and provide the requisite num
ber uf such machines and cause them
tn he placed In the polling places, i t
least one day before the next gener.l
election. I’so of such much.tics mav ■•••
discontinued on re-suhnilsslon of the
question and vote Ip favor thereof, at any
subsequent election.
Sec. 3. The counters or registers of
each rnuchlne shall he enclosed within
a compartment requiring three separate
keys for opening thereof. Kach Judge of
election shall keen one of such ke> s i'll
the resu't of the vote Is taken and re
corded In the poll hook, when nil hi h
keva shall he sealed In an envelope ai d
forwarded to the county or munld >.j!
clerk as a part of the election returns.
Per. 4. A blank ballot shall be pro
vid'd In form like ballot usul In pri
cin' Is where voting machines are not
used on which electors may write names
of any persons for whom they wish to
vote, whose names are not on the printed
ballot In the voting machine.
[ Vote fur Eight (H) ]
M. L. Huy ward
\V. A. I’oynter
It V. Muir
| Vote for One (1.) |
Re publican
\ People's Independent
I >.lver Republican
Prohibition [ "]
A mark
within this
votes for all
the Republican
The |>urt» ihr Ut||hr*l iium'trr
<•( tulra ni iUr i«»l umrrtti nn twin fur
Itir hritil «>( Ihr »lalr III h»l *IihII hut#
INi i I# til i>l ll» Mllllhni luill.i 'UlriJ hr
• • ul l hi uii i tut »hu h
•tn h i • minhiIt «iii iKMiilimlftl Ihr hur t
|n>ll t<# litt an fiinl liifUti ituiiihrr I
«i>lr* tluiil Niu I hr »n mill {hi. r, the
lull) l- HI.# Ihr thtril hl#hrtl hUKlh T
•Ihtli hair Ihr I hint 1‘! tit ahil ati it |.
lt"tin,# Ih.rr , kinlhlatkr »ht.#r numa# tt|i
|*enr u|*t'lt auMI hkihit ft>i |m u| •
|#tl ht lie.11ti all nlhrf i itl.illtlitlr• |<l iv I
Ihrr# In i.t,tt ii..iili.ii In •#, h ilivlr m
•Ini lir*, • all t a • |Hu'rtl Ihvtr
hi li ,tti li*»t t inti ni |*r 11| ittl: « htu >th #|- i r
•hull hr |i»ti» hit'll Htltt with H »(•• IwTI
• •He lit ha lur hi unt I»f »nt Inf h hum
; I lit t »!||| 111 t ttf # ktitl hint# ha lilt .#
hul (..111 li.l lt*'till Ihk lntiWI
l *Ht In* M ninUlliikl Ihr hunt* i|
11 1 i Ifh r a 1.1 u Hat .<f Ihr \ •i. htl.iU•
h. ii.hi.i 11.1 fur »in It i.ftv r. •hull hr ,<
• ulttl !»• m i*lhr» #» .(• m .Inin .i.« hi
• ilirliii-I mi.*l i» li > * uhtll tui'e
• »■■ •hall hr ihk Irfhlui h.thli •» vl >t«i«
tif |.*M» t |> itrtilUtltr •hull hut*
lit# hull* (III# ul futh |ull) •# U.miit |I
it • hi#i | tlttlk4 tlhi hi* imnw l r
, h iMtru t*l iluu i mJfclult# •hull hr |ttitti.
M| Ik l al*»l ll It »l*i# ,Jt,» atQ hill • I alt Hath
M»l khtl Ivtunki a rut h ilk# a|~nt •' It
Ihr hi a.. .*1 Ihr . a #iul lull) itn
w |.|n Ini • kti rtr ihi i lr wtlklrtl • t H
• Hr nl mhh h thall lr HU# li .nlh u| t t
Hit h lh« •#•*» Ini.# t ti ,r# hriuttii lha
ii*.n ul ih# #itt|tU*l*# ul ih« kuMtk Mill.
|| Ihk Ihk kafkt . m. • •» rii hk tM k
lainix t at-li.lritt ll iliViltlil Ihii
, titlrri-lhr ul r*» W« h «M lit# lull M
ahull M Mt.k Kttflh vl u Huh
I't. t|* ,h • «• k' ml ■ % t. I ni •
tt.akii'k lrll-1# Haul Hk# • Mu# rk't (I
lUtitaJ kl **t Hull It »«»
#**'• k H#for# • ifiiii.* ih«i polls. Hid
jmltipd tlmll fin hi lh* ti.tlns mat htnr.
a 1-alM r. rt-»l.i.l,.lln* In r<i|||| H* Jl If
a# Mini tm lu Inr nlfti'iiil Intltul In 14** slul
1.11.. iimi Hu liuiiun nutaiiiii a
1 diitlttlal* d lid In# (.11 III# kr> licartl will
t'|i#r»l# Hi# l uuiili i nppimli* Km h none
Huitnii In 1 In9 41 1 >11111 Im hull m,(| Hi* 1 1
al l |n.»li button i#t#r kr) ..f n'li»f (I,
III# In I# UH#(I h| III# III (,ip
hi# lil# will w t liuh 1 All i iiuntvr# #h>ill
th*u Imp |‘lm #,| Ml ii.t.i*ltl I«| Mini |■ ,41.|i. i#
»-i •Imikli In #11 p.t f I > n pit t-i.latlk##.
mill Hi# athitliiuill «vi i.rvli tuiknl Ku
(•*»*••« #liali i'Immi III# touiilvt* 4p.,
•I'llin# pn #i,»# v| mu# Vl. llun # di .pl
l«"» UlidkiildMo nr ..»i|» nn4 th#n ##7
in ll»# | it"i ip * #1 # n pr#*« tiisit# pi #dt k
|Mtly Itskilt* a ll<k#l u« Hi# fcdhul
*»’ *• AH#» 1 IiimIiim II*# pi.ll# |k* *|*.
IU »i put#** dlutll Unit |H* 11. .. I,in. t
"*»i‘"*i f.nk*f tutihs diwi i« |.i,t#i,it
|| lull nil# Sllnti* ft(.Si Is,I ,| A*t«‘il
P'hlk *1 1 aM l##, If out st# p####n( Mini
•l*#tt# lw stiii#**. *hal| uiiluik lh* i«ni
l*t# apm I rt**i.t f..t« It 4iim...l.i •
lh# * .Miliar i .ltll fi t ia h fi.t . # 4i dth#t tii |...iii, 1,1 mut
1*1# 1 (Ml# thsll I # dl ufMf 111 lit.If.I in
-HI --- JSOi*lfntl#i* Ittlft lh* luw
l#t t#i iw*.| sHh liti#« »k. sit i M iit'i
4 ltd III* I • SI,4 III# l«4Hl*l didMMi*i.| | It* M
bs tu. h#4
• • * • ... .....
»• w* •'>•#• |nJ##« #11# iltdii h-ip
lh# 4. «« .-I lh# tutln* is* Ml.* Iks ii- I
'•*># -4s* (hall **• h b*«p lh lh# **.i
t i • *• llif hit# *1 lh-.#» « II. # tk> .l\
•h»-1 Nalr-.iI ki-i.t# sin. *1 #•■*!! *
IN ►•■■»**» W## uf lh# kdl-hf St 1 4.11.#*
II Ski •# ll ii Is* «... All u dl# ,4.4 St
•t il **k# kt. I*.# ,f *1«|
I one voting place, a doorkeeper may be
provide*) for each additional machine.
Rec. S, The voting machine shal he
placed within a railed enclosure at lenst
three feet from such railing. There shall
be one machine for every three hundred
voter* or fraction thereof.
Hoc. 9. A model of the voting machine
key-board shall be at every polling place
on which the Instructor ahull Instruct t io
electors thoroughly before they are per
mitted to enter the machine to vote.
Section 10. The county or municipal
clerk shall provide four official ballots
on white paper, ten sample ballots • it
red or green paper, and two hundred
blank ballots on white paper, for ea h
machine. Sample ballots shall he con
spicuously posted at the polling place for
Inspection of voters. Nothing contained
In any section or provision of the election
law us to the manner of preparing. casL
tug. preserving or transmitting paper nal
lois In precincts where voting machines
are not used which conflicts with this
act shall apply to elections In precincts
Where voting machines are used.
Section 11. When a qualified elector
presents himself at the polling place lo
vote, hie name shall lie recorded In the
poll-hooks and he be given u blank ballot
if he so request, on back whereof two
judges shall first wrlle their names !n
Ink. The voter shall then, If not chal
lenged, be admitted to the voting machine
and record Ills vote by pushing buttons,
till he securely locks the buttons oppo
site the name of every candidate tor
whom he desires to vole. Should he de
sire to vote for i> perron whose name it
not printed on the ballot of the voting
machine, he may wide the name of inch
person lo the proper space on the blame
1 allot furnished and return It to t>e
judges of election who shall deposit It
in the ballot box hi the voter's presence
who shall forthwith leave the railed en
closure. No voter shull be permitted to
occupy a voting machine hevond two
minutes. Voters w ho by physical disabil
ity, are unable to record their votes In the
machine, may have aid of one of tn
election board. Intoxication. Illiteracy or
want of mental capacity shall not be
deemed physical dlsaolllty.
Section lit. The "blank ballots" provid
ed In section t, cast shall be canvassed
us ballots are canvassed where machines
are used.
M**<-tIon 13, If (he voting machine b»
ooimn out of order and cunnot he Oper
ator, the election hoard ahull proceed I.y
voting With paper hut lot a a ml nil aui'li bur
Hots cast while the machine la out of
f rder, ahull he counted, mid he itepurti'.oiy
canvassed and returned.
Hectlon 14. Any person who alutll tnm
rcr with any voting machine ho uh to
derange Ita winking, or i tinlige any imu
ter, or falalfy report or return the result
of uny voting machine, ahall, upon con
viction, he lined not to exceed (1,000 or
he Imprisoned In the penitentiary not
more than three years or both.
House roll 1X4, by tJlmsleiid. No candi
date Indirectly or directly under penalty
of a tine of (.">0 or six inotitlia Impilaou
ment ahull pay for uny entertainment to
■•ny meeting of electors previous to elec
tion; give away or treat to any drinks,
cigars or other refreshments; pny any
thing to promote the nomination or elec
tion of any candidate except for th» t oiin
tide personal expenses and then not in
excess of sums as follows:
Kor five thousand voters or less, $10)1,' ;
for each one hundred voters over 11v *
thousand. and unde.- twenty-five thou
sands, JI.’iO; for euch one hundred voters
over twenty-live thousand and under IIri»
thousand,; and nothing additional
lor voters over fifty thousand. Any pay
ment. contribution or expenditure, or
agreement or offer to pay- contribute
or expend any money or thing of vabi\
In exec s of the prescribed by this
net, for any or all such objects unit pur
poses. /, hereby declared to be unlawful
mid I" make void tin* election of the pot -
S"ii making It. Hut this section shall not
apply In cases Whore suc h nomination of
such i aminiates, or any rival candidate
lor the same office, shall have u ■ i
made prior to the taking cffc< t of tills
act. Nothing In this section shall refer
to traveling expenses.
The bill provides that all the candidates
tor preferment at a caucus oi convention
or primary election for office of I'nited
States represi ntatlves, shall file expense
statements with the i lerk of his county,
the form of affidavit being given. t'uildi
oales tor the offices themselves shall per
form similar acts after election. The
penalty fix'd is u tine not over Jl.ouo.
No certiorate of election shall he given
illl tlit- expense accounts are filed 4'toor
that a sum In excess of the amount al
lowed has been expended shall be cause
tor removal from office on at tl<>n brought
by the public prosecutor on demand by
the attorney general, and such case*
'ball hav* the preference over civil cases
on miirt duckets. I.eisl.itne neats may
be contested in this manner.
Political committees shall disburse all
funds through a treasurer. All acounts
of funds disbursed tiy others than the
treasurer shall he ki pt and reported to
hbn and he In turn shall tile a report with
the county clerk showing how all the
money was expended. Reports must be
tiled within twenty days after the elec
tion and all claims owing by die commit
tee must be paid In eight days after
election. Penalties are provided for
treasurers of committees refusing to com
ply with the law, the same being Impris
onment for from three to six months.
"It shall he unlawful for any candidate
for any office which is to be titled by
popular election under the constitution
or laws ' f this state, or for any member
of a political committee to pay, contrib
ute. promise or offer, or to proi arc or
connive at the paying contributing,
promising, or offering any money or
thing of value for the purpose of proctir
it v facilitating or defraying any fees i r
• xpci In conn' i lion with the naturali
zation of any alien or aliens, and any vio
lation of tills section shal be punishable
by a hue of not less than Jioo nor mure
than JSOti, or Imprisonment for not less
than ten nor mute than thirty days, or
Lot h."
Kmergency clause. Approved April 4.
Senate tile Hi. by Van Ilusen of Douglas
-to protect primary elections anu con
ventions of political parties and to punish
offenses committed thereat.
Section 1 A primary election, within
the meaning of tins section, and gs used
in this act, Is an election held within
the state county, city, district nr sub
ills in ion thereof, at* the run* may hi*. by
die members of any polltcal party, or
ly the voters of some polltcul faith for
the purpose of nominating candidates
fi r office or electing delegates to party
i onventiuna.
Hei : All primary elutions held In
this e’nte by the various political pur ties
shall be held and conducted In the same
form and manner and under the same re
quirement- as are or shall tie piovided bv
ViW for the holding cf regular state elec',
lions ex<>pt as Is herein otheiwlse pro
Hei 3. Any ad or deed denounced an
offense I) (he laws if this state con
cerning i!e dons shall also tie an offense
in all primal > elections, and shall tie pun
| ishtd In th« same form and manner as
i irnvidid for the punishment of similar
offenses by t!••• laws or (tils state.
t*c< 4 A < omuitttee of governing au
t In dll) i»f any political party desiring
to hold u piitnurv election under the pri»
| ' (pious oi mis nil shall give (wanly
! days itollie giving (he dale of the pru
j posed eleitluti flic oftb os fur whieh i nil
; entate* are to be nominated or conven
i lions |o w hit h dtlegiilis are to la- e|e ic.J.
" here registration Is required the pulls
| at* iti open at. I-1 and clou# at I n in
get Hot* | Tluvt ail persons who are
It Shi volets shall have the tight p. par*
1 tu tput* in so* h prnnarr elettiofi »uti|e< t
to Slab political uolllfli (Vtlolls
: ns mat tie prescribed herein or by the
v i to Motive
'• to «iti»r that in «i* hut ih<»*a
altli Hint Wine Nniiilxii .,ny
tniltlt- *1 | nfl* •bull lull- l| nit |n j,il»
1-rtHinm rlmlit-n hrl«l h> km h |.*.l|||t *|
it'O • *»••»•« iuf ih» r*Ki»ir«ihi« ..f
kw>h Ii>» ti» )• hrrki.i |»ti.v;.l»it |M „n
• Ml»k mul i- »i.» «f »*. ..i. 111 . I.,.. in
»*>•*•» n .. U» la in fttn ,„,i.r
"» |i« .it«».*»ia if Ihv ■ »»«•at u*
in* M»uUi» rl». Iii.ita ihvir »h,|l| I*
»»*‘*U* rt-flaliallnii U»,fc.
f.tailkil baft* «m| it,* uua*.
• *«*• iMIl l»» | lu Nl|| iiikf Mini
H«-l !■»*» I* • >i“l 4**U» In afMn«l»
hlltl Ami IK* tmm* uf the |«.|lll. *1
►all? gl'tn w »n*h I tl»vli am-Uin* lu
!• ••«l*l*»*il thall l-» inunMl in Ih*
i. i.i*i. Ih* Uki fnt
t«»t > »• l» • *•* *n> |i*i* n *H «ti.* I«
* ••••1*1*' >(.» I | !•><•• | III I*
, i„ .nail i--i to ••■
uulit.| •« ». .i>. h.-t ahall hi* failure !•
*• *•• a* I *• a f if I., hi* •••-•Ukii. it f i
Ih* f*il-n if ii. it* «| mi •!•- ill,*
h*M nml-f Ih* |I«IW-H »# Ih* **b*i*|
• ttkllmt i»« h*.l <«l| al $11Mi*• > lit*.
Ah* mi** «u to t-itimin) huai
• • * it! * ti »*a hi Ih* H| (U>I| **|..m.<4 lima
I* •»» *i thi al..»a ii-ia*-! - »«»-• inti
aift* at the f«W *1 Ih* iinini in
• hWh ht iMfhi at ih# (oitnaff *•*• im.h
»}<t »*»'• iht i-lalm■ I- ih# in 14,•
I hat #•»■ !•• h i f |t It
ttf*r» lt« >ili tan hail -.4 hut |f«
i reasons or causes for his failure to reg
ister as herein provided, together wt.h
the affidavit of at least two well known
at, I reputable resident lrecholdc rs of the
Section 8. The person or persons ap
pointed by the committee ct governing
authority of any pol'lral party 10 copy
the names of those persons entitled to
vote at any primary election from the
regular state registration books Into the
primary registration hooks shall, before
entering upon ttie (lo-tharg* of such duty,
he sworn by some officer authorized by
law to administer an oath.
Heetlon II. The officers for each election
precinct. In all primary elections held
under the provisions hereof, shall constat
of two Judges and one clerk, and their
duties and responsibilities shall be pre
cisely (he same as those of legally ap
pointed and regularly diiulllled officers of
regular slate elections. They shall he
appointed by resolution passed by a ma
jority vote of the members of the regu
larly organized and constluted committee
or governing authority of the political
parly holding such primary elections.
Section 16. All expenses for holding
such primary elections shall tie borne
and paid by the political party holding
the same, and the pay of officers, cost uf
publishing and circulating notices of elec
tions ana all other expenses shall be
defrayed In such manner as may be pro
vided for by the committee or governing
authority of the political party holding
such primaries. The Australian ballot
shall be used In voting,
Heetlon lti. The provisions of this article
shall apply to all primary elections held
for the purpose of nominating candidates
for state, county, district or municipal
t ffices hereinafter held In this slate, ex
cept those held tn the year one thousand
■iglit hundred and ninety-nine, but the
Irst registration of voters as required
by this act shall he had at the state
registration held In the full of the year
one thousund eight bundl'd anil ninety
House roll No. 2!-2, by Uctwcller.
An not to amend section 11 of chapter
12a flit 111 *" t cities of the metropolitan
oInas of the compiled statutes nnd to
t open I said section i;j nn heretofore ex
isting; also to ninend chapter 2ti entitled
"Elections,’' nnd being section 7 of paid
ehn|iter, and providing for a police Judge
for cltlea of the metropolitan class, nnd
to retieal said section JMt& of paid compiled
statutes an heretofore existing.
Adda a provlplon for the election of a
police judge In metropolitan cities In addi
tion to Hlx Justices and six constables In
the law formerly existing, the election
to take place at the time specified in
the act creutlng the office. Approved
April 1.
House roll No. tl.'l. by Clark. Amends
section 7, chapter if), compiled statutes,
and repeals tin in up existing before.
I rovldes thst Instead of three Justices
of the peace and three constables In cities
baling !**ph than Mt.tipu and more than
115,000 Inhabitants there shall be two Jus
tices nf the peace and two constables In
cities of the first class having less than
100,(AlO and more than 27.00) Inhabitants.
House roll No. ltd, by Weaver. lic-on
acts the entire Insurance code, providing
that an Insurance department shall be
created with headijuarlers on the first
tluor of the Capitol building. The gov
ernor Is appointed Insurance commis
sioner nnd be with the novice a nil consent
of the senate shall appoint a deputy who
may exercise equal power with the com
missioner subject to his approval. Tin
deputy's salary shall not exceed Ji.««
per annum. The auditor shs.ll surrender
records to him. The state treasurer shall
hold securities.
All companies of other states and every
foreign company doing b tslness In the
state shall give the Insurance commis
sioner a power of nitorney as attorney
lor services In ail suits brought against
such companies In the state.
Insurance compunh - shall pay fees as
I'oniestle companies. 1.70 per charter
and all necessary tilings and papers
necessary to complete their incorporation;
tor tiling annual statements, $20; tor eac h
agents' certificate. To cents; two certlll
cates of publication, *1; annual license,
$1. Each domestic Insurance compare}
shall be taxed on the- excess of prcmluma
received over losses and ordinary ex
penses during the year previous, the tax
to la* proportioned as all personal prop
el ty Is taxed. These fees and taxes
shall be In lieu of all fees .end tax**s
except taxes en real estate There rnav
be an occupation tax of Jf. per annum
for each agent > which any c ity, town
or village may impose.
Every other mate company shall pay
for deposit ing copy of charter, lino; filing
copy of amended charter, I".; filing an
Jiual statement. 13*i; eat h agent's rertifi*
cate, J.> <’ompu riles <1 -'IriK a life and cl.
dent business Khali hie sepa rate statc
n cntK for each and Khali | a\ JlMi each
>ear for filing the two statements. The
earne fee applies to life insurance com
panleK that transact Industrial business
MlKcellaneouK companies Khali pay $J0
for statement each vear re[ior 11 UK all
their transactions. Kvery other Mate
company shall report the gross amount
of premiums received annually In the
state anil pay 2 ja r cent of the gross
premiums so reported at additional license
fee to the state treasurer and shall not
be relTensed till the payment Is made.
A few small concessions In filing fees
are made life or accident companies under
reciprocal provisions. All other nat»'
companies shall pay annually in for two
certificates of publication. »:• for every
I Per hied. 10 < < tits per folio and (I for
certifying the sune. 'the taxes and fees
inferred to ■ hall he paid the state trcas
hier before service is performed by com.
mlsHloner. In <lti*s of the first class
anu in cities of the second dais having
more than fp.oac inhabitants that maintain
a tire department an occupation tax of
not more than *10 may be levied with a
tax of not more than *3 in smaller
Foreign country companies of all kinds
shad pay the same fees and taxes as
other Slate lornpanies of Use character.
l ees of examiners are fixed at jlO a
ivlfh necessary traveling expenses
Nothing In the act shall be construed to
.1 fleet either fraternal heneflclarv associ
ations doing business In the State under
the laws except the exemption from
taxes on premiums and assessments and
occupation arid tire department fee« T h •
exception shall apply to all fraternities
• rom any state or country ddng business
on the lodge plan.
The fe* s ami taxes provided for other
companies shall apply to and be
paid by each company of cverv character
organised under the laws „f „i.v (,ihtr
state ihung husiness In Nebraska except
rrdatetmil benefit- ary nssodatlons, mu
tuu! a« <ni» f*t Inpuraiu'e iOiiiiiMiiim, rrui
tiiMl Iwnelit awm* juttori*. «<»viM.« ttn|r pr«i
ylatotiM in other o< t* notwithstanding
Provided thnt till* ntt th.ili u..t •• »•■•!>■
t" ttliy I rat* r nai t^nvndory Hit irty nr
•< litt ton nr ti ntty fiiutiml m ciditu* • om{'tinv, «•«•< u-ty nr a#*icla*
tuMi tlotfiK bttiini-MN In the ntutr pro*
v»«w«l that aMocliitItin* of employee ft.f
rniittiul In in i.t of member* »hnli not
iMilijrtt tt» t !»%• |*ro\ U|oi»* t.f ttit* nit
I he law provide* a rode for life hiMur*
*tme eomi’Mnlw and \«rioui inutuel (out*
I'teiilet* m flithtrr ln*urMit<« len*
The hill m
•Ivf, » hopter It. uii.i
(luilvf*. . tmpter 77
Henute tile No. Iff.
•on. to ituth«ulit- in*
•loner lo lit eitee fire
i’tlOflfl I to It Inrfu,
•ee|lott» | it* <; in.
( Ofllt'llMl fttut lit t w
In ftteele of J. ff«*r
' lo»nruiue luiiimn*
ItiMirun* e hr offers
jratoe i.ifiiininfeUdier
tt» hi* tit I ion of me
he kum *.f fcf m*V
Nitlldli I Tti
of Nehffii»kt», in
-•i > i ? , •
I*" ** Ih rn»ri to « itiaeiiM • >f ^
§*♦ r tiki111and ». uthovtting the
I'^riv or firm nevnt-.l in »u< h I«<
m* I it* Mgriil frorure poflrte*
lt»»urnn«* from «n) * *.un«i.) iha
iihunifil to irannt« ( inoitif
t»* r son.
nee. |o
of file
Mete, i<n
* #141II ti
lhl» *« |
. **r of
o«id»«t that b#fure
unit the
|li«t» •huh tv efc«
and the n
the t*h>c«ht
v !■ dvoitkd( mb <«ffit*ti
ill •h*U tfl forth !•» a i
it IM<4l«t>vf aiot In #•<« k U
•41 Ih* iMdtMli v i t'N’VlI'.t* |i
.fiat the Nitll dtalllnr • «« a
vgftef tlMl|ri.t effort, tiiiil
the te
text ti* piip*'
him In m ih*
♦loll atflhitfiiol
Nittii tff* I h
Kh nine §h« H **
did »*>
• of
t lie
dire* i
■ It
Ihifii*.! i
«>«lh Hit I
ufut .stf*
M»|f« *ff-»
♦ bee
, h
«4 Mi
.» h
>• f «il h
Ml) ef
.* m ddhir i
»r «*mMi ml
M «K ana
xM wrstxlt * • ...h
tii I N** • ta the t * »o#
the M4» t eMks ,,j
-L—--S.-WX.W r —*h* |M>#V | . |*
hetyvl Ihvtvfvl *od *h#te the HH*Mi
Mufvd »• I*4vh4 (ihd the harm ma wfett I
o#th lenflAhi t Ib iiHIrtf
tie* tt^n 4 Pie. It aim! • ♦>•#% r*ihheir
♦*4 * • * Meh.f * * -* ti.**! •«*
tele eid tw ibe
ml*sloners» a bond. with personal
ellable surety company
or from some tellable suroy ^
In the penal sum of l-.uiW. conaJtloneU
that said licensed broker •ball “_2
comply with the laws of thl» state ana
the provisions of this act, *n^ th“J "•
will pay to the treasurer of the siaie^
taking duplicate receipt* therefor, one to
be Hied with the state auditor, a sum
♦*<jual to 3 per cent upon the amount. 01
the Krona premiums charged the policy
holders, ution all policies procured t»V
him during the continuance of hi* ana*'
license pursuant to the provisions of ini*
act, mid in default of such payment the
attorney Keneral of the state shull sue
such licensed broker upon hi* bond and
upon convictIb.i such licensed broker snail
forfeit and pay the sum of IKW In addi
tion to the 3 per cent required by this
section to be paid, und his license from
trie state shall be revoked and the guilty
party or parties he debarred from either
directly or Indirectly being again licensed
as Insurance broker or Insurance agent
In Ibis state, for the period of twelve
Hectton 3. All fire Insurance policies Is
sued to residents of this state, or upon
property situated In whole or In part In
Ibis state by companes or persons who
have not complied with the laws of this
state, unless procured under and by
virtue of the provisions of this act, are
hereby declared void.
Emergency clause. Approve* March 4.
House roll 137, by Weaver. To pro
vide that all tire Insurance policies, writ
ten and covering an whole or In part
upon property wthin the state of Ne
braska shall be written, countersigned and
Issued only by a duly authorised officer
or agent of such company, resident of tho
slate of Nebraska.
Section 1. All applicants to do fire
Insurance business In the rtate shall in
addition to the returns required by tho
insurance law, hie with the insurance de
portin'nt n return that iney will lint di
rectly or indirectly by way of reinsur
ance or otherwise write any tire Insur
ance on propcity In the state except by
the agent resident In the county or state
where such property Is situated.
Section 2. Th” returns provided for
In section 1 shall be llleu annually.
Section 3. Jtcfusul to comply with the
provisions of the act shal !»• met by re
voking of ths uuthorlly or Ilttanse to do
Section 4. The Issuance of every pol
ity contrary to the provision:) of tho
act shall bo deemed a separate misde
Section fi. The penalty for violating tho
act shall be on conviction Imprisonment
In the county pall for not less than 30
or more than fa* days or by line of to
Ills* for each offense.
Section 6. Any company or person who
shall place or solicit Insurance In a com
pany not authorized to place Insurance
In the state shall on the failure of such
Insurance company to pay the calm, be
liable to the Insured for the amount the
Insurance company would have been lia
ble. Such Insurance companies shall
not again do business In tho state for a
period not less than !*0 day* or until lia
bility for the action i* dlscnarged. The
Insurance commissioner Is empowered to
make investigations of companies seek
ing admission to the stale with the end
of ascertaining whether they have been
doing bttslni ss In the slate.
Section 7, All m ts or parts of act*
In conflict herewith are repealed.
Section 5. Emergency clause. Approved
March 24.
Senate tile 35, by Holbrook of Hodge.
For an act to amend sections 7(1, 85, and
S7, chapter 4.1 of the compiled statutes
of IV.'T and to add to said chapter 43. two
mw sections If rein designated as sec
tions 35a and 3,',b.
Hu i ion 70 Kwr y corporation or as
sociation organized under the laws of
this state upon ttie mutual assessment,
stipulated premium, plan, for the purpose
ot Insuring the li\is of Individual*, or of
furnishing tarn lit: to the widow*, heir*,
orphans, or hoot tee*, of deceased rncm
tar*. or paying accident Indemnity. Khali,
before commencing business, comply witli
the provisions of till* act.
Section W>. chapter 43, statute* of 1K97,
Ik iiuieml. il to read: Any corporation or
nsxodattion iIoIiik busltusa In till* slato
which provides In the main for the pay
in'nt or death losses or accident Inndern.
nltv by any assessment upon It* mem
bet'.. or upon itie natural premium plan,
upon the Hltpuluteil premium plan, shall,
for the purpose of tills act tie deemed a
mutual benefit association. No corpora
tion or association operating upon the
assessment plan, or upon any plan other
than the natural premium plan, or
stipulated premium plan, us hereinafter
provided In this act, promising benefit
Upon any other event than tnul of the
death, or disability of ine member re
kuPIiik front ae tiierit, shall b>: permitted
to do business In this state, and It ahull
to iiilawful for any such association or
corporation now or hereafter organized
ot authorized under this act. to provide
for or promise cash surrender vulue* ex
tended or paid up insurance, endowments,
or any form of InvMtment insurance.
This act shall not relieve any corpora
tion or assessment association now do
ing business In this state from fulfill
ment of any contract heretofore entered
into with Its members under its policies
or cirtlttcHtes or membership, nor shall
any member be relieved thereby from
his or tier part of said contract.
Section 8oa. a new section, provides
l for Ihe distribution of any surplus ac
cumulations, for extended and paid up
IrNtirance mid for o<|ultMlde cash but
render value of policies by any naturul
premium or stipulated premium life as
Section K,h provides that the stata
shall receive from each company of their
Mates or nations $2 for each certificate
Issued to an agent, and from companies
of this state 9u cents.
Companies of other states or nations
complying with this act shall pay to the
state for a certificate of auth irlty $35
and also an annual fee of $2n and cacti
company organised In tills state shall
l ay an Incorporation fee of $3u, and each
company organized In tills state shall
pay an Incorporation fee of $35 provid
ed that the reciprocal law shall be ap
plied to companies of other states and
statutes of 1S!<7,
See t ion &7. chapter tn,
Is amended to remit
Hei-. S7. Whin such Insurance assocla
ttnns or companies not organized in this
stilts, having assets of not less than
* •'’ *** * shiill comply with the require
ments III the law- of this state, anil shall
Satisfy the auditor of public arc unta
that It ts In a sonent condition and a bio
to meet Its obligations at maturity, ha
shiill issue tu such imnpuny u certtfl
• me stating that such company has e im
plied with tin laws of t*il- state. |>ro
Mlieil. That this sictlon shall lint apply
to pur* I\ mutual m ddenl associations i r
corpnrnttons Profiled further, that tlda
ml Stull tail apply to any fraternal lieti> leu er use ‘elation doing bust,
liess In this stuti
Heiiute tile Is |iy Tidhot of famrnster
to authorize the ••rgantsatlon of mutual
liontl companies to Insure the fidelity of
members of such companies bolding piac.
es i f trust and responsibility In. t(> , r
under any corporation. company person
or pi r>t.ns r
Any t.umlar of persons not less than
ten. a majority f whom shall reside In
tfit# stale may o. galilie such compa.
nns PiMh com pa Ms* shall embody the
«‘>rd mutual In their name. Articles
of Incorporation shall Is tiled with iha
s'ats auditor An* .ITtier or member
of any mutual fraternal, social clyto
or mattery organisation may h-t uma
tilt rubers The 11“ O, If IS shall elect til#
r»t tors who shall ele. t etfb «rs from their
own nninltei escept that the secretary
may to ehosen rlsewhrre If any mem*
lor ehatt fall to |st Ms assessment then
the iiHUb i i may sag tu rotovtr Hulls
agatuet am h t outimtiy may also I.,
Irm rM M * mM.tUr If f>|
** ’•I*!"*•*♦1*1 if»t r »i Mm Htt*ttniM 11m*
P'i< I4 1 (-iN(h lt) H441 t«» t# |mi|t|a
*1*1 *hf tiller In «n»
•si*..*2*1 *'• V ,M* N" orrastsiil
w ith sp >n any giesibt f tr it*.
lultt tee Incur res) prior tu hi. member
\V l<> .
A tt
Nf Ih
er* e f
• ml of
1 t tb
ft I
1 •• l»aa than I
tinted fa c.ittfy
•ball las set apart.
» N il shad ha ,|1.
» 'b members Any
•toier Ih- pro*i.tana
» sit in. or|str i«.••«!
f It for •ling annual
s .. a for (.mn ,t*a
• |“a*tated that ya
»f at*
»«* I 1 ■ i >
tl !•« tfi
• »' 1
»«>!>•■• »l Sligh h,t
•IWtug l.iw *111! a
»fc* -4M# •> U4i W),. -
Hum, mm «*«uw«l tMunU ,