The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, February 17, 1899, Image 8

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    Uoa si Dsws.
Wilber Waive ha* been on »),*> ^ »i |<
list the past " ' i k,
John Travis In* jusl received i 1 rge
invoice of new goods.
Henry Ransink, from the we.-t side
was at the hub Monday.
Litchfield and vicinity is experienc
ing a siege of the measles Just no v,
several fatalities have oeeured.
Last Monday was u lively day In I lie
city as It was the first day In two week
that was mild enough to truvcl.
O. Rentcboter was the only dnym m
that ventured out last Saturday morn
ing. It Is never too cold for ‘ Lan."
K. G Paige of Rockville To - nship
while in the city last Monday deposited
two dollars in our general fund.
The Sherman County Teachers A *>
elation will be postponed two weeks
and to the 25 inst. at two o'clock, p. m
Last Saturday ami Sunday mornings
were the coldest In nineteen years, the
thermometer registering 8ft and -to,
I) C. Doe, took his departure from
tin* city last week, just where to we are
not cognizant of, but are informed that
he has located in Iowa
Our corraspondeuts will please t ike
notice tnat they are hereby requested
not to write on both sides of their papei
as It la very Inconvenient for the com
Mr. and .Mr* David Doner of Valley
county were Loup City visitors ihm
da), Mrs. Doner was the guest of Mrs.
G. II. Gibson while in the city.
A. Boone, the Optitian representing
the Chicago Optical Co , will be at tin
drug slot e of \V T Chase, on tbe 22
and 23 inst, to attend to any business
• bis line.
There is nothing mysterious in the
wonderful cure* effected by Dr. Saw
yer’* Wlid Cherry and Tar. Y u get
the beneflt of an eminent phv sleitu -
prescription for all throat and lung dl.
erase*. For sale by Odenduhl Bro’s.
W. II. Aldcn, of Aurora, am) general
agent for the Fidelity Mutual Fire In
surance Co„ of Omaha, was a ple num
caller Wednc.-day, JL wrote quite a
number of policies here.
Bert. Charlton, formed y of the Stat e
Bank of Arcadia, arrived in tin- city
Wednesday evening and will act ;n
cashier of the Ord State Bank, lit
comes from Tacoma, Washing ton
—V'allcv County Time t.
Do not neglect to get a few bushels. j
the Golden Grant Wheat in order it
get a variety that t« better suited to1
our soil and climate than any kit,.,
ever grown here, it Is absolutely pure
Enquire at First Bunk
Dr. Sawyer’s Little Wide Awake (Mils
give purity of body ami vigor oi
thought by perfectly regulating the
bowels and cure billiou-ne-s, inactive
liver and caustipation. For sale In
Odenduhl Bro's
The primary school children wer#
made merry last Tuesday by being
permitted to give Valentines by post
ing them in a large box on the teacher’s
desk, and to receive them by general
Dr. J. \\ Jones had his km e dldo
rated last luesduy, while hauling a load
of hay from his farm west of town.
When he drove on a sidling place in the
road the wagon upset and he sustained
his injuries in the fall.
w. H. Bunch, of Grand Island, and
organizer of the Improved Ord ri f H> ■
Alan lodge, arrived in the city Ja-i
Wednesday, He will probably mnu
here for a week during which time h<
will try to perfect an organization her.', i
P*. S. IfuiltT, of Arcadia ami agent I
for the Aic(’oriniek Alunufucturlng I
O. is in the city setting up sample m , |
chinery at the implement atore of r
AI Keed. We understand that Mr
Fuller will be at Loup City u part > :
the season and at Arcndla the oth r
.lohn Chlpps.'of Oak Creek township
was a pleasant caller at those headhunt
ters last 'Vednasday, lie reports that
the two year old sou of Mr*. Sh rley ,,f
his neighborhood was poisoned by
drinking a bottle of carbolic acid | >...
child only lived about five „ilnutc
after taking It
A dispatch from Montgomery, ,\i
barna, says that Lit week the therm..m
etor registered tlie lowest that It h i*
for many years, 5 below zero, and th .
twucolored people froze to death, I
L surprising to kuow h >a ,1, (,|
1‘tilpp*. Loup City’s • ohm d g«n! ■ a
stood It to re with I he mercury hi
A e senior ••Hint li nk t ,i , i
Areadia last lloodav and t! ,
town alive with teams and p» i»|« an,
the merchants hat lug a good trade. |‘n
larwtet* In that vicinity report tb •
the sti't k *1 ■ '.hi lie voi I , b *
marhably well. One raid wi»ic ti.
were MM* head of Southern nit unci, |.
ed cattle re pom d IK- !*>•# *•? Hght !•
wertice* Wtl be bell . it, \| ) .
c lurch Uuudar heat Feti II as I i- »
Worn lug |o ,» pre, 'blag, Sat) <
i’rmhissi Aid ami smith* ru ii .i
Mweletv t
l|etho*)t*ts heip Iks . ms I** Iwrs*
their Hi*siu»a* ** law wtruing • d *
thus will he devoted tu ih* aid of i!»
r A A A K I ikalrlt t Id r- .
IsctiuN h ihilivd A k> id) m. vital
fur all.
Mrs Ae • 'i-» IP'eht linbl hu* been qntli
If k Ibis veil .
Tin' C rtii i m « f ihis community hav<
deeid'd 11 build an Evangelistic Cburct
in Emip City tlie Coming summer.
Tile county judge, David Kay reports
having preformed the marrigo eeretnonj
bat united Claus Ifitrring to Mi*s Arna
Mpps, both of Hhorman county.
llermltt Sparling and Montgomery
Stroud both of Oik ' reck are among
hO'ii wh<> have ms we red to our "loud
• H" ad. Each left u« a big silver cart
wheel Tuesday.
Cordon Snyder, son of Chan. Snyder
ot VirdurettH and who ti ts been attend
ing bool at Eoup City is now very
-ick with meailes. Ho I. laying with
till grand parents, Mr. and Mrs M.
ill j tier.
Col. Young, the accommodating
janitor ot.our city schorls, says that
h<‘ was told by one of tin* primary schol
ar* Iasi Friday m Tiling (nut tbev were
going to hay • a jci.-t ufllce at tliel
school and lor h in to be there us he
would likely get more letter* than any
We r* •eeive l a postal card from E. J.
Delaney a few day* ago directing the
addre.-s of hi* paper changed from Hot
Springs, Arkansas to Sliver City, New
Mexico, where he lias recently gone, Mr
Delaney also staled that he is Improv
ing in he .1th and tends bis best regaid*
to old friend*.
Jens Andersen, sou <»f Peter Ander
-<n living near Rockville, died last
Tuesday evening at 9 o'clock, of infor
mation of the bowels, IP-was a young
man not yet H years of age, of a quiet
uo ssuming disposition und greatly
liked by bis many friends. Ho was at
tacked by that terrible malady on Sun
day morning last arid suffered untold
agony until Tuesday evening when
death relieved him.
Adam Schuupp hud a very severe at
tack of stotnaeli (rouble affecting the
heart ln*t Monday. The stomach Dou
ble was brought on la t Saturday by
• ating u frozen apple. On Monday
he did not eat much until evening when,
being hungry, he partook of a very
hearty supper. AtIn the morning
lie a f- • iii much worse and came up
town aft r some medicine, IJo
grew wot • and at I o’clock Tues
day ornlng a doctor was summoned
who, b\ .-Ldllful treuMnent brought him
out all right.
»/♦ •*
ih -him!# If a v «■ Kidnoy Troitbl# umt
Uon’l Know Ir.
I In re is a disease prevailing in Ibis
eountry in««t dangerous because so de
ceptive. Many sudden death* are cons
mi kv it. heart disease, pneumonia,
le nt f u ure or apoplexy are often the
r> -ult of kldnev dUeu-e. If kidney
trouble is allowed to advance tho kid
ni y poi-ou In III" blood is liable to nt*
tuck Ilie vital organs, or the kidneys
thcm-clvi * nt - ik down and waste away
ceil by c Then the richness of the
blood the album an—hoiks out and the
-nfl'crer bus Uright’s Disease, the worst
form of kidney trouble. Kidney trouble
can be di :< cted although it be slow and
de eptive. First, by analysis of the
urine; second, by the simple test of set
ting the urine aside in a glass or bottle
for twenty-four hours, when a cloudy
or brick dust settling indicates it.
It was for just such trouble that in ids
infinite power and goodness tu** Ureal
I’i y-ictan causedSwam ltoot to grow for
the lienellt. of suffering mankind, leav
ing it for Iii.* servant, Dr. Kilmer, the
great kidney and bladder specialist to
di-i • vt « .’ and nink" it known to the
■ oi !, F- •■tKli ci'nl elllcacy in prompt*
i i ; r Iw must distressing c.asses is
nl> marvelous. You may have a sain*
< <r •• of Dr. Kiltn is Swamp-Root
il." gre kidney, liv<>r and bladder re
i d i mil free. Address Dr. Kil
mer & 1:. Uuighiun iti, N V. When
riling mention this paper. Druggists
lu fifty cent or dollar size.
♦ • ♦
r , !. (>. Hunter, died Ht tin* retd*
ilt'iu'i’of hi* I'tiele, tin, W. Hunter, in
ilii* city mi lied Tue»*l»y morning ,-u
- in, iifu i * brief hut very painful Ill
it*' • Mr Ifuiti«*r had it eaherroim
growth !ii s. end aouui three
tnoulha Mg ' vifited OitialiN, aid had It
* • o*u He iv ii - to lot toed at that litoe
bat he v * mid not I *v« till spring, but
* er ti." operation tlo* Itnelor thought
ii it. „!i' I' I'ltri ii ^viin'i* that Utile he
U»» he. u to Omaha, had the name
*»Sni»t n |**rfoniud three time*, the
•avt time Ming on the Hit mat ||e
home antf# ring very tuoeh and
* a »ti* I «m ttie lo Hud rtpidlv grew
. r. \t g ». to. ttie l'.'th he »|Hike for
.i • he Mr n eon
hi- *j ‘ • i 1 ■ h hour* before he
) • ! 1. • « . . lot I*** heat <'l e ara and
t > • •' • ■ •• • ’ ht hi* t eel* and
h ‘I Mi* lieu IV Hauler. Nu
v ■ * .« *| n *t ltv*I the* th night
1 t* el in to* i u f iti or •ntooib
i *i I.1- *t h at* ftl ( ain. Ht* *ttpi.|.
I g »* a* li. • i **• Ml t <be gltlii Kk|>*|,
d- i*ii it • ‘* f*il biio II **a* laid to re t
It" f #* t ' i Mr llii.l'r |h I.wi*
e . ea , * ■ v * 11 o a Hi Medio*.
t ' , 0 II * . b *tli i | !*»•»•
* lit hi i. ... 1 nit. a*. I in at
• l »» I - It. * ten • ♦ ! He
i Mr * . ‘ VI'* J a ll 'M.r,
• I 1 * ...ght
b . m ' b f .• bti 1* lii-l i tie
o it » of I.' W Ihititi f, atifl baa 1 of
mm*- m * ** .ib*f b'liii* with ter »« a
1t, I | V to * • I i i|4in>
t* i «d hf It - v h f
Vai hwv* *. Itvva *•• .•• it •*« i ea
if i tv *-I I* a* a v* ivfvna.l ta li lull fb**
* - |ii ■ ■ II I | h the b
fI* il l i* o I t*• -a. *i t vu |oi
*•- i , i r
mett *r 4-* tt*a**#r*#**■! the .i * * ,l
... V
l U *11*1 It
, I
Come. See and Bay to Your Own Satisfaction.
E. II. \YrATKINSON, Proprietor
Hnin*»«*kera Bxeuralon (tales
are now In « fleet via the
ism < piciric
I (ill cl |lf» Ihplfcle !l 11 1 |l MI»I
for bu ini .s nr pleasur- should . ’t In
formation regarding these greatly re*
dueed rates. Advertising matter and
full information can be obtained by
calling on or addressing \V. I> <*1-1**
ton, Agent
- ♦ • ♦
l .ikeii up on my fartr six iniles north
east of Loup Cily Neb one pig. weight
about 150 pound. Owner can have same
hi | roving property and paying for
ibis notion and the keeping.
i’KTKIt K. KkUMiO.N.
— .—— ■
Stamp Si/.o Photo’s only
Cents for Photo’s. Give
them a trial they are <>. K. at
l.eschinsky’s Photo Gallery.
We have for sale on v<'iy liberal lerma
some choice farina in Sherman County.
Long time will be given, on reasonable
terms, if a cash payment is made. Cor*
roe pondence solicited,
J. S. Thompson & Son's,
Lacon, 111,
W. C. Dimaer made u Hying busl
nc&s trip to St. Paul und back on the
The Polish Society shipped a ear
of bog» from here on Wednesday of
last week. They n port a pleasing
sale thereof.
If it is not too late allow me to
extend to F. W. Scbsupp our con
gratulations on the arrival of a big
boy at his home on Sunday, Feb. *'».
Shake, Fred.
II. Sinelser lett Monday, for a
three weeks visit t > Wisconsin.
Prof. Anthony £. Henricbsen,
completed his engagement at this
place, und had he been favored with
good weather he would have tilled
the opera house every night. IIis
entertainments were first, class, and
took well with the Ashto niton.
Gosh! But wns it do! c Did last week.
It is reported thirty-two below zero
on Saturday morning,
II Ktinze held a pip ilio Auction
here on Monday aftern oou, and re
ports very pleasing rest Ute. Captain!
John furnished the wn ,«t work.
The Ashton High sc oool entertain
ment has been change j again, back
to the original date of Fcbr. 22nd,
and we understand th ey have hired
the opera house for t! le occasion.
Fred Beherus ofKt ckville, was in!
town Tuesday.
Sheriff Patton of the llub, was
here on Tuesday aft ernoon interview-!
iug some old friend s.
James Bowers < »f St. Paul, was
seen tramping our streets Wednes
The Danish Society shipped a eat
of bogs from this station Wednesday.
C. F. Bushounen lias been compell
ed to change the date of his cuter- i
tainment from the L7, to the _'l, on
account, of the cold weather,
I. C. U
The weather iian moderated *B<1
people are able to get shout with
some c< mfort.
•John Knave's children have- an
utlaek of the m ended.
•John Murray baa sold lux fa fni '<*•
Ned Harper.
The M. W, A. hitehfleld will
initial* n few new mcmhiii s'. H eir
nest meeting.
Mated Ttiun x-i left for Ho* wv4
last Saluda).
lU'VHIH h.
1 h* l.f|l<lilur(.
I lie »M«lnn of the legislature «| | he1
| "in* of Ho* m* *t exciting held 'nr year*
j The contest fur ratted Siit*s •enaior
1 wiki la* a Warm one. Natl m*l •mow n*
'•now to tntrrewi oar yitUs t>» th*a at alii
j Out* »u»c** the fresl civil arm Kt*i)
•n»a who thiel. * lor himself n. *' wasis
tils tn y» and girl* to do ihe ijiixi x|i<>ul if
have such a t>*' vr *» The !*• nu if .,1 y
'•*<*■ donrhal tt III* family ! iso gieu |»
i »*i of great western y*|>r11, p*i > wh**d il
•Hr *'ai* n|)it%l, |« more In 1 • * *• * lx wll It
Ho* gtt tl mss*•*> n| the |...i s m i this
t|aest|t>n* of the |*t*nr ihvii an *»f it a
•alettiiixowries II la I he tn-M g < a* ‘ e
eXl'Ottml uf arilsni Ihoxgh* at* t ealr ’*
|i'tr It* la'lllllr* for ftiriil blog t»g| *
U iv* new* stoii.- **s xl| other I I (mo t
' * S t * • ll* gfi tttli) . • J |.-« «t .
! ' * i« *' • | tat tabs M s-the* ymr*
l-.tti g the O ^it'titoM yut* . !*, iM ml
I to* J * **t a* | XI# s m in * n t nit
■***»* »ii4i *i*i atw t*s it. <i t«e
To Hit) 1'ublU'.
We nn* nltborizeci to guarantee every
buttle of Chamberlain'* Cough liemedy
to be as represented und if not satisfact
ory after two-third* of tin*content* have
been used, will refund Ihe money to the
purchaser Ttiere is no better incditdnc
made for la grippe, (old* and whooping
cough. Price, 25 and 50c per bottle.
Try it For sale by Odendabl Bro's.
m> ii ■■■■ ♦ • •* —-—
The best salve in tin* world for Cut*
Briuse* Mores Fleets Suit Hbeimi Fever
Sore* Tetter Chapped ibuids Chilblain* j
Corns and all Skin Eruption* and pos
itively cure* Piles, or no pay required, ;
It is guaranteed to : ive perfect *ntlsfac-1
tlon or money refunded. Price 25 cent*
per box. For sale by Odendabl Bros j
«■ • -
Tetter, Sttlt-Ulieniu im l V.vtnmm
The Intense itching and Mini ti ng inci
dent to these diseases, i* instantly allay
ed by applying Cbaniberlaiti's Eve and
Skin Ointment. Many very bud «■ <■.
have been permanently cure d by it- Jt
U equally efficient for itching piles and
a favorite remedy for -ore nipples
chapped bands, chilblain . fro*t bites
and chronic sore eyes. 25ct*. per box.
For sale bv Od( ndalii Bi o
Sealed bid* with plans and sp< rltlcalion*
will he received ut the o Veo of the County
Clerk of Sherman county, Nebraska, at l-< up
City. In said county on or before noon of the
Nth day of March. 1*99 for the building of
all the brldg , that may he required to
bo construcud by said county during
the term of one year from the letting of the
contract for the construction of said bridges:
such bid* to be by the lineal foot and
contro l to bo let for the building of such
bridge - e.s may be required at it * podded sum
per lim al foot; plans, sperlfiMtlon* and bids
to tie made on wood bridges, on low water
bridges and on high water bridges. Plans for
low water bridges to be prepared to suit quick
and heavy current-, to tie P't to SI feet long,
and the high water bridge*, to be span* 2! to
4u feet long with suitable approaches; all
bridges to be set on good long oak piling
and span timbers to bo full length of span.
Bids also to be tiled for replacing spans In
Loup river bridges ir. said county tliut tuny
require replacing during the term of one year.
The County board reserve* the right to re
ject any or all bids;
Dated at Loup City. Nebraska January 20 1*99
Jons Hmsnm.i,, County Clerk.
The following estimate of expenses was
prepared by the county board, adopted and
by the board declared the estimate of exp* nw:s
for Sherman county for the year 1KW;
Ou roails. # i.uOOQO
fin .. 4.000IB
On book* blanks and stationery, BO0OO
(in furnltur* aud incidentals suiW)
On expenses of election. I UOUQO
Oil county repair*... Tuuoo
On uOicos. rents and salaries . 5,*>ktuii
On court including Attorney*. 3.0WJ00
on bounty on wild animals. Avion
OB Agricultural Fair As; elation
On Illegal Taxes WOO
On County 1‘rloling 4**100
< in Insanity ease* r*«*i»i
On railroad b’ nd Interest
I On O A It V. K K. Bond Sltikii , fund t (>*100
• >!■ Itofundlug Bond Interest SJiWOll
; On Funding and refund n bund In* >'*> '*•
' i in Bridge bond refunding bond sink
ing fuud Ml (*i I
.On *rtdi* bond tioiid lot ■;(**>**'
Total. ..... .... I '
1 iagain JUMM MtMsHPU..
County Clerk.
<>i i. k mu ft ni l v i i»»N
l.and DRrt, Mnetdn, N*i>r**k»f
January lit ii, t *.» • *
Mnlit e l* ienwby gt»e« that Hie follow
l«*m« -Wilier has II * I nut me of hi*
, yen ion i'l eutfca Huai prooi In *upp rt
I I', .claim, and tha mi-4 ptwtf will 'rt*
» *d* . |..»a »l*w tkrttntf Ju Igauf aMrtuan
I i iiawty. *t I 'HIIV l«*'t>4M. ■>" April t, 1 “*,
' » .(i ti*vi* * ttrfor, ll‘ i*t> t*d Fully,
» . i# ., H>r H»e N Hi r »t ..narlur. ».» *'•
t|o« i< |a*Mkly d north of Itangw d
•r«* IF* .nme* IF* |u l«»i»4 w|ln***c*
to pro** hw ewnttun ns i* id •« «»**•*
„„j , am*** *'* •*« »•* ! loud. 4W«w
t *^,.n..*, .****>! It uinxr. i red gewiwaa.
. . , jJ ( of t>*.|4t, g. *.*<•**
4 W J. «*«•*,
w ,v. -# in lafiMIHr and low i*d** *
i. . , mil , *** **• * ltw« It. Hl«. F«a •'A
_ 4 || t » < - U » » - if?
... .. i .. . _■ , a < -i •' ■
. s * Ha I •,
h fc*» - i't i
ftlit y J F Mlk * fl*r#
\ 1%
■>/uiti»kv,» kMwrta i• niter*
». Hon .ti>*eti 1 r lltMiiltF **.
r 1
President Cnahlv.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Paid up Capital Stock $20,000
('okhehI'Ondents: Seaboard National Hank, N**w Y «• i k t ity, N. Y , t)m*<11a
National Bank, Omaha, Nebraska
Docket T.( No. lid.
in the circuit court of the United Stales
for the district of Nebraska:
The Dundee Mori gage and )
Trust Investment company, '•
Limited, Complainant. 7
vs. )
t i co. W. Sutton, ct. al. def-/
i ndants.—Iu chancery, 7
Foreclosure of Mortgage
Public notice is hereby given that in
pursuance and in virtue of a decree en
tered in the above cause on Hie
lath day of November, I-9S, I, L.8. DUNDY,
.ir , Master In Chancery of the circuit court
of the United Slates for the District of
Nebraska, will, on the Fourteenth day of
February, l-.O, at the hour of twelve o’clock
noon of said day at front door of the Sher
man ( oinitj court House building iu
Loup city ahermancounty, state and Dis
tricted Nebraska, sell at public auction for
cash I he loll owis» described property, to ,
wit: Allot section twenty one (dl)of Town
ship fifteen (15) north of range fourteen (H)
weat of the sixth Principal Meridian, ex
cept right ol wav for Irrigation ditch sur ;
veyod and platted on said lands, ait In
Sherman county, Nebraska.
F-. s, donut, Jr., Master in chancery.
Cook » Gossktt, sollcltois for Complain
notice for publication.
Land Olllce ut Lincoln, Nebr. i
January, 5th, lslD. I
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his
Intention to make (Inal proof in support
of his claim, und that said proof will be
made before Judson C. Porter, U. 8. com
missioner, at Litchfield, Nebr., on Monday,
March .'0, l - i, viz: Thus M. Burke, H. E_
No. 1S4I5, for the Northwest quarter. Sect
ion 1, Township H, Range 18 west.
lb* names the following witnesses to
prove Ins continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Edward N. Harper, Adelbert J. Wilson,
James K. Gray, of Litchfield, Nebraska
and Marshall Picket, of Hazard, Neb
J. W. Johnson, Register.
Mill in run rumuMAiiua.
Lund ortlce, Linooln Nebr. i
l ubruary, 2nd, IWAt. t
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named -eltier bus tiled notice of his m
lentlon to make llnal proof in support of
Ins claim, and that said proof will be
made before the county Judge ai Loup
City, Nebraska, on Tuesday, April 1,
l-'.ii, vi/.: Wm. Quinn, ,ir.. Homestead No.
lXilJ, for • he south east quarter, section
21, Township IS, llttiige U. He names the
following witnesses to prove hts couUri
nous residence upon and cultivation
of said laud, vU John O’Neill, Charles
Cochrane, Michael hnies, Jacob Wolf,
all of tiavenna. Nebraska.
J W, Johnson, Iteglster.
Jewelry of our manufacture wanauted
I togire the wearer satisfaction or money
We iituuufactum a complete line in Hot
ted t . 14 I'Iau , *,i,|d i i od, Itobl I rout and
solid tiobt
Vo >«.. -is ini' ol jewelry of our man
u I sc l it M> Is tor sale by I a. kheptasrd, of
j , wuiTty, s< b Catl st bis store sud »»•
uwlne Mt» I nc I’ll »• low and »•«»!• ltd
, lu-s
AID rig,
danttfwelttrtiig Jewelers,
tOW 4 t IT V, |oW A
|H « oil'll ntUltkit I'rrw trkH*. are
ju-i v bat a b»r*« n> e»t# wb*u In bail
t«. i 11 mi tv, t bio| purlrter and
yrrio ill v* lie, »i- |,o' foil Hut Ul*d
l, 4.,, Hi# tint tu use t » put S bets*
pi r , o il.Sluli 1*111** mil, pry
(,, . . fsf sale by thin tUM tiro's,
• • I#
>4 A >• x, J it I Mir |il« *«f
«. *i i* %* III* l UNilH
t „di t <|( |tf *4Ujf*t • | UMM l u<
p t i%- U I Ik#. 4
Lincoln, Denver.
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
Mt. Joseph, Suit Lake City.
Kansu* City, Portland,
Nt. Louis, IS hi Francisco,
anil all points and ail point*
Eustiand .South. Went.
No. Mt I’Mienuer. 7:55 a. hi
No ia> Freight..a.00 p. in.
No. 51 Passenger .. .4.10 p.m.
No. ft# I might.IliSoa. in.
sleeping, dinner arid reclining chair cars
(Meals tree) on through trains. Ticket*
sold and ingg-igo checked t> any point in
the United States or Canada
For Information, map*, time tntilu* and
tickets call on or write to A. F. Werts
Agent. Or J. Fit A NO is, Oeil’i. I'H-senger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska.
U. V. It Ail, W A V
N',,. Ml leaves daily except Sunday (pass*
engi'f). 1 ::id a. in.
No s. leave* Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, (mixed) Mi p. m.
No. 'm leaves Tuesday, Thm*lay and
Saturday, (mixed) It:,'*) p. in
No s', arrives daily except Sunday (mixed)
11:45 a. in.
No. Cl arrives dally except Sunday (pass,
eager) 7.05 p. m.
First class service ami close connection*
east, west and souiii
W. 1>. CLIFTON, Agent
In District Court of County,
wright I,. KUldcr, Plaintiff. \
vs. /
I William J. Dauby. Ella c. (
I Danby. Ins wife, John I,. >
Karwi'U, Martha u. Parwell, l
his wife, J Al. Sharon, «i al., 1
Defendants. /
To William j. Danby. Ella C. Danby,
Ills wife, John E, Ear well, Martha C. far.
well, his wife, J. M. Sbaren, non resident
defeiident: You will take notice that on
the 5th day of January. 189s, Wright L.
Kidder, plaintiff herein liled his Petition
In the district court of Sherman county,
Nebraska, against said defend ants the ob
ject and prayer of which are to foreclose
a certain mortgage executed by defend
ants, William J. Danby, Ella (\ Danby,
bis wife, to Carlls 0. llurr or order, upon
tlio South half ot the South west ipiurter
of Section six (ti). Township sixteen, (It),
Range thirteen 03) west, in Sherman coun
ty, Nebraska, to secure the payment of a
certain pr.uulsory note, dated May'll, IMW,
for the sum of Three II mdred Dollars
001.01) due anil payable June 1st, I‘■9.1, with
mteri st at eight per relit |s<r it ti ill in, said
interval payable In five coupon totes of
same date for Twenty-four dollars igjinn)
each, one due June 1st, l-’l, one due
June 1st, ua« duo June 1st, l-'l, one
j due June 1st, 1 . due one June 1st l«M6,
Each ot said notes au>| coupons lo bear
j ten per cctil, per siiiium utter due Dial
: there
lunrtgny the sum ol P i e tin lied amt
Twelve Dol.ars mid pIve cents iDU.lYti tor
WIII. la sum with Interest from this dale:
Plaint Iff prays lor s decln that defend
ant tie I*,)n1 re. I to |Kip the sauie or that
sal t premises may tie sold Id satisfy Hie
amount tonml due «aid mortgage and
notes only sold, s-signed and delivered to
‘ paliititf
Aon ale t > united toanewci »*d p, l« I mu
on .,r to lore the la day ol I etSMsttr • I
mln > tilts dh day ot Jaeuel >, M9»».
« aioiit i. Kttdisn, piatetiit
It) tiao, w. Ill a I It, Ills till
just ,l| tsmi 11, I unity clef g.
t l.s )<-'•« tale's tango Ham- * in h|. age
If u% n Hr •» , the popular w.ofti .wide
- ti
softh V sap* Ur se|l a gtv.I -1* •»!
. t u i i "dh 14* i, >' ‘l
11 ■ < I l|i .Ol. II. W< ■ • * * « f •» l**Pf
1C .nil*, .ape. Ia|!l »HI«'4 * i' r« n for
per* ill* *1.4 »'■ *1 111 Ilf
p Ni,