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    After school: l/ook, wnar a crooked
none Moats hint! Moms: Shut up!
Didn't the profeaaor tell up wo muat
not qaarrol about religious matter*?—
Vllegende Dlaetter.
Thomas Wentworth Hlgglnson
write* that when Wended Phillips was
jyijr speaking more tamely ttnn usual the
HI young ahotltlonists used to slip to the
e back of the room and start a nlss. It
never failed to rouse him.
An Inch of rain falling upon an area
of ono sejuare mile, Is iqulvalent to
A nearly 17,500,000 galipnn, weighing
' 145,250,000 pounds or 04,814 tons.
The Danish flag Is the oldest In ex
I letenee, dntlng back to 1219 or tnere
Wm abouts.
^ ' Every cough makes .
your throat more raw P
[and irritable. Every m
| cough congests the lining ■
membrane of your lungs. I
I Cease tearing your throat I
and lungs in this way. I
I Put the parts at rest and I
give them a chance to I
heal. You will need some V
1 help to do this, and you I
will find it in I
From the first dose the 1
quiet and rest begin: the I
tickling in the throat I
ceases; the spasm weak- I
ens; the cough disap- |
; pears. Do not wait for I
pneumonia and con- I
■ sumption but cut short |
your cold without delay. I
Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pec- I
| toral Plaster should be I
| overthe lungs of every per- I
son troubled with a cough. I
Write to the Doctor. I
Dninual opporturltle. and long »*• I
perteuce eminently qualify u. tor ■
jrtviiiK you m'dlr.l advice. Wrllu ■
freely oil the nertlrulsr. in your cs.e. K
T.ll ua wlmf yotir experience Iim I
fi b.»n with our Cherry Factor.I You K
•i will rac.I.o . piumpt reply, wltfcui t ■
L. IfiRi
AUdreil. UK. J C. AYER ■
Lowell, Miu. g"
DCIIGinftlG^et Your Pension
Writs CAPT. O‘FARRM.1. Pension Agent.
MSA New Vort Avenue. WA8HINOTON. Q. C.
WANTED < suit of usd heMtil rtist It I I’ A-N »
Will not benefit. Hrnd ft cent. to Dlpan. Chemical
Co.. .Tew York.for lu .suielee sod U«» leetlmoulalx.
Rom* Knullsk Authors Comparsd,
Mr. Thomas Henry Hull Caine, to
give him all the name he la entitled to.
Is a man of strange appearance, says a
New York writer who has sized up the
Britisher. He could make a marvelous
difference In his looks were he to have
his hair trimmed and his f ice shaved.
He Is not a whit better looking than
Zangwlll, who Is lens handsome than
fieri. Pryor. Caine la lens hairy than
Zangwlll, who la not a hlrsutochineous
patch on Mr Richard I.e fialltenna.
Dhimonitii produce somnambullHm
and spiritual ecstasy.
Charles I). Jacobs, Jr., a member of
the First United States cavalry, who
was killed before Hantlago, was the
son of Charles I). Jacob, Hr., ex-mayor
of Louisville and one of the best
known men in Kentucky.
"Do you think 1hat bringing women
into politics would lie an agreeable
Innovation?" “Well, Is might change
the question of handshaking to kles
ing."—Yonkers Statesman.
The amount of gold coin In actual
circulation In the world Is estimated
by the Hank of England officials to be
about 865 tons.
Try Or»ln-o! Try Hmln-el
Ask your grocer today to show you a
package of (1RAIN-0, the* new food
drink that takes the place of coffee.
The children may drink It without In
jury as well as the adult, Ajl who try
it, like It. GRAIN-0 bus that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java, but It is mado
from pure grains, and the most delicate
stomach receives It without distress.
One-fourth the prieo of coffee. 16c.
and 25c. per package. Sold by all
You can't judge a man's religion by
his actions In a horse trade.
Fieri Sr.
Are you going to Florida? Do you
want rates, maps, routes, tlme-carda
and full information? If so, address
II. W. Hparks, Z34 Clurk street, Chi
Amber Is a cure for sore throats
and glandular swellings.
Con (ft I naUitm
t« the o|il«»t wnt bunt. It will break u|> *eokt(|nlr|cer
tliSU su/UilDS cIm. it I, ri!l'*ble. Try U.
The man who makes the most dol
lars usually makes the fewest friends.
Mrs. Winslow’S Rooming syrup
For ehli4r«fi ts<#-tfiii.g anfu-iie fh# yim« f*au< e* Inflom
miiUon, ftlUjr* |*1», curra wind colic, cinUk »»oi l*m.
The nlzam or Hyderabad has paid
a Madras dentist 11,760 for a set of
false teeth.
Could Not Keep House
Wlthmit I)r. belli Arnold's C«utrti ElUer. Mre. U. J.
Usrtuu, PuyS, Wl». ZSc. skoltls.
To wuah carpet* without taking
them up: Put a tableapoonful of am
monia in a gallon of moderately warm
water and with the sponge or a soft
broom go all over the carpet and you
will be astonished at the result of so
little labor and expense.
Its time table folders cost the Bos
ton and Maine railroad last year $180,
000. Simpler anti cheaper forms are
being used this year, and give, It Is
said, better satisfaction to the pat
rons of the road.
It Is estimated that since the Chris
tian era began over 4,000,000,000 hu
man beluga have perished in war.
A poor man without principal is us
ually devoid of Interest.
[TOO COODTO BE FREE! Itut send 23c and we will
mail you a trial treatment of “3 Drops.”
Altar Suffering 49 Year*—69 Years Old and Still Well.
SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURK CO., 107 Dearborn St, ChtOago: I)r ak Sik -Your bot
tle of "ft DROPS” received. It waa for an old frb a<l. Mr Wm. Edwards. of Martlnstown, W!e.
Be baa hod Neuralgia In hla cheat. Buffering a great deal of pain, ao much ao that It affected
his heart, and ho could not Bleep on account of a aniotbeied feeling. He been under the
care of the moat eminent physicians, but obtulued no relief until I gave him a done of
"8 DROPS.” lie rented well the very Hr»t night, and ban ever alnee, and la gaining I
tny-elf am 00 yearn old, and commenced taking "5 DROPS” last April for Kbeumallnm, which
haa troubled me terribly for 4V years; also for a weak heart, from which 1 have suffered alnee
I wok IB. Since taking *'5 DROPS ' the Rheumatism ban all disappeared, the nllffncan haa
gone from my tolntn and my heart never mlicses a beat In all my lire 1 buve never felt ao well,
and 1 owe my heiltb to ”6 DROPS." 1 only with 1 could Bound my bugle of praise loud enough
to be heard the world over, and eould convince every aufferer that "6 DROPS ' la all you claim
it to be and more. —Urn. D. T. Carver, Winalow, Stevenson Co, 111 Sept. U, IMA
SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURK CO.. Two years ago tbla prenent month I sent you an
ansoilclted leniimonlul of what "6 DROPS" had done for myself and friend, Mr. Kdwuru*. and
Dow I want to send you another, saying we liava not had a return of Neuralgia or It lieu me
tis ui since. I think the cure must be permanent; but If It should return, 1 keep "6 DROPS” In
the house and 1 know that would stop It. It is good for so many thiugs no bouse should be
without 1L Yours truly, Mrs. D. T. Carver. Sept. MS, IHJn.
The wonderful success that haa ottended the Introduction ef "ft DROPS" la unprecedented
fn the history of the world. Think of itl It husCUUKD morn than One Million and a Quarlcr
sufferers within me last three yearn. This roust appeul to you. One mlitluu nod a hiiarier
people cannot all be mistaken. If suffering we trust you may have nuflhneut vontldeuce to si ltd
for three large bottles of "ft DROPS' for Li 40, which will surely cure you. If not, then seud for
• ftl UU bottle, which contains enough medicine to more thou prove Its wonderful curative prop
erties. Prepaid bv mall or cipros.. Tula wonderful curaltv i gives almost Iti-jaut redo and
la a PERMANENT Cl'RK lor Rheumatism, Mctatlca. .Neuralgia, Dyspepsia. Hack ache.
Asthma, Hay paver, Catarrh, Nlrcplrssiies., Nervounnaaa, N.rtuu ninl Neuralgic Head
an I tea. Heart Weakness. Toothache. I ante Us. Croup, Ld Urlppe, M.Uarla. Creeping
Numbness, HrnneblUn, aud kludrnd diseases.
He nDfIDQI! la the name and dose. f. AfttiE HOTTLK (M# donee), |l 00, pro
9 1/ltUr 3 patdbv mail or espress; TIlitF E IttllTI.K.s, (j.|u Sold ouif
by ua and our agents. Agent* Appointed la New Territory. Write today
SWANSON RHtUMATIC OURS CO., 107 Dearborn St., Chloaga III.
Lives of Buffeting and merry fr.m this repulsive disease Is rued Into health a*4 hnppl
ties* through the ua> of
Richard’s catarrh Expellant.
Aftev veare of •peels *4udy and practice la disease* of the Mueaa Membrane, %Dd eepo
•I* iy •( r§ii»rr)*il |r«idMs« »•* *1 l«st % Irsitwvnl !*•% Blit |
permaa ally ram t’alarrhal Diseases la wkatevar form they may let Aftei fully
HpaftlMg the Htevlle of this tH staivul la a private prorttra ..fnvavgve mih imI Hnwt;
full. Dealing and ruvlug the taoel ulailnale • as* Challenge Ike Warid fug a rasa of
Oaiatrk a, fninMka! tmg CA'AttHH KXHELLAnT •lit set . ara.
Deafness, r*>nil,> g lr,u t'a'ntrh. ^ul.'Sly edrna
Rata nf Sena* ef smell sad t aete gu rkiy rasing, 4 _ |
All nsBldiv itagiiiMto gllBf l*. Catarrhs* lealtha na faal kseaih, nasal die, kstgna
Wank lag t *<*■>.lag. and spittles laitevod at •etna _
latnrr si ATT ns Dees nf Mletnw k I.l * * P »*# Kidney a, rau* eg 1 sSlgnlkei a**k a Vaasa* in
R Sanaa %% «sg*k t*» • I •» | ■ t s' it l • • i4 I USD ttf «N>I > lillgf »■ * » ' »«
M«ssl •*! Us BF*kl»«Mks of **#« inti ««Hk<r<l 4 rsaifKl Uf I'ulsfrlkl *|is» • «*-* l*W |
#irU»|9« i*4 llatt *ey I*1 Iks st.,M,n* k gad |ul,t lie liti.4, sstl dtsDtkut.4 Ikmogheoft
|he ealite a,stem afft.llt.g Iks Altai sad t it* tnssen and ■ nSsifcg lh»*o lUgsslv add j
Ktrvsaa W eakes.sss e, dteaded by **« V* man 0»d ■ >»■ sk
Ttise faakoassea rurad i » CATAMH IKfffLLAMT ea«l yevl*. 4 i',ei»* aaf
gtvsiUi ntllf tu.uued lltvt Its Tui. It. 1 l«**ttl» pIsisTu jn.ln ef let* Itnaisasul tv j
ealvsd si**r# January (. IWf If you ka«n t a>a"k «* >st ikllnkgi Pisa***,
Wtti f<NJ M M»f» *• m %*mt Bit *1 Ili WI W p tv ».* ! *♦ f »* I -i f*<4-D 4*4
HlkSW- lilt |m^ f ltg‘ M l|r\ I I'III l Ifvtt
Moor the Vint Wlptml Oat the Wttn«M
at the Other.
Gazing northward from any train
on the Illg I'our road aa It runs across j
the fertile plains of Renton county, '
near Templeton Junction, led., 100
miles out from Chicago, no observant
PoTsengee will fall to see, perhaps
half a mile distant from the tracks,
the charred and shattered, sharp
pointed stump of what was once a
great tree. Around It for a radius of
twenty feet are plied old rails and
pieces of timber. Well eared for and
generally rich with heavy crops Us the
held in which the trje, one of the few |
In Renton, which la Indiana's greatest
prairie county, flourished. Rut not so
around the blackened trunk. The
plowman and all who (III the lan 1
seem to avoid any familiar proximity
to It, and the rude harrier which sur
rounds It aeema to tell that the spot
was the ire no of some uncanny doing.
And so It wa»*-ibe scene of the ven
geance meted ovt U> the perpetrator
of one of the moat terrible t.lmea In
Indiana's annals. Sixteen year* ago
Renton county was not the well-popu
lated and prospermia one it Is today.
It was a favorite place for Illinois and
Indiana huntera to seek when the
prairie chicken was plentiful. The
wolves of Renton county, and even
lions and other ferocious beasts sup
posed to have lairs there, were used
to terrify children, and even some
older people. A few years before only
had railroads opened up tho country.
In 1882 a Mr. Atkinson was one of
the most prosperous farmers In Ren
ton. With his wife he went to the
nearest town one oay jare in mo tan
of that year. They returned home to
And their beautiful daughter Ada, 19
years old, dead—murdered and man
gled horribly. No clew was left by the
murderer, but suspicion fell on Jacob
Nelllng, a farm hand employed on the
Atkinson place. He was arrested, and,
despite the fact that no actual evidence
could be adduced, so great was tfae In
dignation aroused against him that he
was hurried overland to l^afayette,
Ind., and lodged m the Tippecanoe
county jail, which was guarded by
troops, ordered out by the governor.
While confined there a man who
now occupies a responsible position
with a leading Chicago hotel was In
troduced Into the jail as a prisoner.
He was really an employe of a Chi
cago detective agency. He gained
Nelllng's confidence, and to him the
latter related hla guilt of the murder
of Ada Atkinson. Nelllng was ad
vised by the lawyer he engaged to go
to Denton county and plead guilty, the
lawyer promising to follow and make
a plea for mercy. Nelllng was taken
to Fowler, Denton county, on the day
before the one set for his trial. Harly
the next morning his lawyer was wait
ing In Iaifayetto to take the train for
Fowler, when he received a telegram
telling him not to come. "Your client
don’t need you,” It said. Nelllng's
body was dangling from a limb of the
tree not. far from the scene of his
crime. A mob had broken into the jail
a few hours after hie arrival there and
taken him to the place of vengeance.
The tree never flourished after bearing
such ghastly fruit. It was dying when
a blast of lightning from the heavens
struck and shattered It. And the bar
rier was placed around It, and there
the stump remains, an object lesson or
warning or whatever It may be.
Didn’t K««p It,
“Well, Mr. Slickers,” said the doctor
to a patient he bad not seen the day
before, "how are you getting along?"
"Nearly starving to death." “Why,
didn’t you have the oysters?” "No, I
couldn’t get them the way you said,
and I was afraid It would be dangerous
to eat them any other way." “Why,
that’s odd. Couldn’t you get stewed
oysters easy? I told you you could
eat stewed oysters with impunity."
"That’s just It. 1 could get the stewed
oysters easy enough, but I sent to all
the restaurants In the neighborhood
for the Impunity, and the blamed fools
said they never had such a thing on
the bill of fare."—New York World.
An Awrul lilMppalitmrnt.
Mrs. Greyneck—Why, Johnny, what
makes you feel so bad? Johnny—Boo
hoo! Grandpa fell down on the we
wet walk and got his clothes all mud,
Mrs. Greyneck—I'm so glad, my child,
to find you kind-hearted and sympa
thetic. Johnny—Ye-ye-yea, and sla
ter saw him and 1-1 didn't.—New
York World.
"Millie," said her ala-foot husband,
"you are a Jewel," "Yea," said Mill!*
sweetly, "a Jewel with a big J,"
Nurse Tommy, there', torn. Jam on
your cheek. Tommy (with Interest) —
There Isn't any worth eating la there?
Wayworn Watson I wonder If that
old guy waa right that said genius was
nothin' but a gift fer hard work Pe*ry
Patettle I allow he was All them
genukeee Is more or less nutty.
"Chollle saya he is la favor of #»•
pension,” "Mow oa earth did he ever
happen to hevo an Idea on the sub
ject?" "I don't know, hut I think It
•truck him he something swell."
"The minister and the policeman,**
*aid the ywung and cynical buardar.
"are inseparable adjuncts ef civilian
tloa * "They are very mu< h alike,"
•aid the t'heerful td'oi; "on. |» a patrer
and the other Is a peeler."
A little boat Is seen atfont
t i.on the moonlit water,
In which a youth fmt ell forsooth
With his neighbor's daughter
Ur bugs the shore a mile or worn,
Alan, ike laughing water,
Tbsn Uts the le*nt serenely float
And hugs ths neighbors daughter
The ante-Semltes of Austria arc us
ing the death of a doctor by plague
to work up a revival of Jew halting.
A plague or a rain of manna would be
ail one to them; anything as an ex
cuse for their favorite sport.
The ancient# were great advertis
er#, Papyrus leave# over 3,0tt0 years
old have been found at Thebes, d«t
cribing the runaway slaves and offer
ing a reward for their rapture, and at
Pompeii ancient advertisements have
been deciphered on the walls.
fora) it a talisman ng:iln#t thunder
and orllo by Heed and Held,
Trout the tiv'tiley Crcsrent, Applrtutt, tfU.
A remarkable cure for a disease which
lias g< tiernll) wrecked the live# of children,
aud left them in u condition to which death
itself would be preferred, hat, attracted a
great amount of attention among the res
idents of the weed cud of Appleton,
The ca*o is that of little Willard Creech,
son of Kichard It. Creech, a well known
employe of one of the large paper lulllx In
the Fox Itiver Valley, The lad wax attacked
bv hi,mill diseaxe and hi* parents had given
ap all hope of blx ever being well again
when, a* by n miracle, ho wax heated anil is
now in school a* happy aa any of bis uifitea,
Mr. Creech, the father of the boy. who
realties at Wtl! Hocoud Htreot, Appleton,
Wisconsin, told the following story:
lie Ootl in SehoiA.
“Our boy was absolutely helpless. Ills
lower limbs were paralysed, and when we
used electricity be could not feel it below
bis hi]*. Kin idly w# let the doctor go as ho
did not seem to help our sou and we nearly
gave up hope. Finally my mother who
lives In Canada wrote advising the use of
Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People,
and I bought some.
“This was when our boy had been on the
utrstcher for an entire year and helpless
for nine mouths. In six weeks after taking
the pills we noticed sign* of vitalltv In his
legs, and in four months be was able to go
to school.
“It is two years since he took the first of
tbe pills and he Is at school now just as
happy and well as any of the other child
ren ‘It was nothing else in the world that
saved tbe !»oy than I)r. Williams' Pink
Pills tor Pals People.’ ”
Tbo poulutlon of Ireland has de
creased by 9,710 during t.he part year.
Comfort tor Women.
Some time ago Pullman's Palace Car
company built three parlor cara for
the H. * O.'a New York train*, nnd tbe
radical departure from other cara of
thla character lay in the toilet room
for ladles, which wui eight feet In
length. Recently the aarne company
haa built eight new aleepera for the
Nev/ York-8t. Ixiuls line of the B. & O.,
and the designer of the car* has evi
dently been impelled by the popular
ity of the ladies’ retiring room in the
parlor car* to give to the ladles a vast
deal more apace than they ever had be
fore In sleeping cars. These new cara
are said by the Pullman people to be
the finest they ever turned out, and
the ladieB’ retiring room la exceeding
ly commodious, and contains, beside*
other toilet neressltiea, a dresser with
a long pier glass. The cars are fin
ished In vermilllon wood, decorated
with Inlaid marquetry work, and the
upholstery on the back* nnd seata la
entirely new and different from any
heretofore used, being a sort of a mo
quette with a dark green border and a
center pattern of bright color. A sim
ilar design of ornamentation haa been
applied to the celling, giving the car
an arabesque effect. They are also
supplied with all the modern appli
ance*, such as wide vestibules, antl
teleecoplng device, air pressure water
system and are lighted with Plntach
gas. A very pleasing effect la obtain#* V
by the oval windows of opalescent
glasa, the first that has been used In
the construction of tbe sleeping cars.
Cat’s eye la a charm against witch
Do ion Want to Die*
In n fine, mild and healthy climate,
where cyclones and blizzards are un
known, where good, rich lands can be
bought at low prices, near cheap trans
portation and with educations! and
Industrial advantages? ilomeseekers’
excursions to Virginia via the "Big
Four Itoute" and the Chesapeake and
Ohio Hallway. Write for descriptive
book of Virginia, list of farms for
sale, excursion rates, dates, time-cards,
etc. J. C. Tucker. O. N. A., 231 Clark
street, Chicago, III,
The man who persists In dolna his
feilow-man usually ends by doing time.
(‘■tent (ifllee Management.
The Inventive Age, iiunllshed a*.
Washington. I». (*., has the following
In Ite Issue of October 15, 1*92:
“The condition of business In the
United Stair* Patent OflUe is deplor
able. The only reason why It la not
in as bad odor as the Medical and
Supply Bureaus of the War Impart
meut. Is because It Is less consplcu
ous than th**y ire If the searchlight
which la uuw turning the War 1 te
parintent Inside out tuuld be mad*
to bear on the United Htatee Paten
Ofllce there would he sensation, con
eternatioa and olllrlal decapitation.'*
Perauaal knowledge of unlawful,
arbitrary sad seemingly malicious of
llclal actions by Uuinmltsfuner Fuel I
end Assistant Commissioner OreeUy
seem to warrant us In Joining lb*
Age to demand a congressional laves
tigsttun of tbe Patent Offlte manage
tinr • s Sal eslshttsheil In |S?9
far ibe timvenienr* uf western In
ventor* end is rontlnued to the ad
vantage of those who prefer to have
their worb dune here in piece of em
ploying attorney* In the east
Consultation In j* or by letter,
Information shoot swuring vein
Ing and selling patents seal free when
called for
TtloMAd tl nitwit)
Originator and proprietor of tbe town ,
Patent Fibre
Owe Mulner, lb I. St, IlM I
Sunday school toacher: Why, Wll- ■
lin Wnson! Fighting again? Didn't
last Sunday's lesson teach that when
you are struck on one c..eck you ougut
to turn tho other to the striker? Wil
lie: Yes’m; but he hit me on the nose
and I only got one,-—Fun,
Iter. Klmi-r Yocum, who died at Kll
burne, WIs., last week, was the only 1
surviving member of the general
Methodist conference which, before the
elvll war, tried and suspended a bish
op for marrying a woman slave own
er, a decision that led to the sepa
ration of Methodism, north and south.
The dowager empress «,t C?hlnt. Is
64 years old. and her title Is “Tzu
hst-tuan-yu Kanigl-tihair-yu-chnung
rheng-shou-kung-chln-hyslen ebang
hsl." __
Wlisl Cuba's I.os* Hmim to Spain.
The loss of Cuba means to Spain
the loss of the very sustenance of
the nation. In the same way the loss
of your appetite means starvation to
your body. If any reader of this no
tice wants to fully enjoy hearty meals
we can recommend Hostetler's Sto*n
ach Hitters. It cures Indigestion, dys
pepsia and constipation.
It Is said that the agate quenches
thirst und If put Into the mouth allays
How's Tills!
Wf offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any
sssr of Catarrh that cannot Us cured Uy Halt s
tstsrrb Curo.
V. J CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
We, tbs undersigned, have known F. J
Cheney for Hie last IS years and believe him
|«-rferity honorable In all business transactions
and llnunrlally able to csrry out any obliga
tions made by their llrm
West* Trua*. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
O.l Welding, Klnnan A Marvin, Wbolssalo
Druggists, Toledo Ohio.
llall scatsrrh turn Is laben Internally, set
Ing directly upon the blood und mucous surface*
of the system. Tri.tltnonlal* sent flow Frloo
Tie per bottle, bold by all drui glsla
llall e Family Fill* are tho busk
The topaz Is said to be a preventive
to lung troubles and Imparts strength.
T'» fl'Rs A (01,1) IN ONE HAY
Take l.mutlvo Itromo Quinine Tablets All
druggist* refund the money If It fall* to cure.
Jtt.. The genuine ha* I,. II Q. on > och tablet.
The onyx Is Hpt to cause terror to
the wearer as well as ugly dreams.
PI*o's Cura for Consumption Is tho only
rough mndicino usod iu my bou*a.—D. U.
Albright, Mlfflinburg, Fa., Dec. 11, ’Wk
Opals are fatal to love and bring
discord to giver and receiver,
r.T-l lor sal*. *2 ssr sees cssh.SsrfVaB
mwVow«KIII paid J MaiUsll. Siass^n^yg
If goselps would stop Hi think tiielr
tongues would get a much needed
There la a new uae for the large plaid
blankets known ns steamer rugs. A
very stylish woman who was going
abroad traveled In a coat made from a
Steamer rug of rich and soft texture.
It was soft flame-yellow blended with
olive green In nn Indeterminate largo
check In which a little cream color was
Introduced. It was cut a sack coat,
finished with a large turn-down collar
of cream cloth edged with the frlnga
that belonged to the edges of the nig.
Truth may be stranger than Action,
hut It. Is less valuable In literature.
Two Letters to Mro. Plnkham.
Mrs. John Wii.i.iamm, Knglishtown,
N. J., writes:
“ Dkau Mint. Pikkiiam;—I cannot be
gin to toll you how I suffered before
tuklngyour remedies. I was so weak
that I could hardly walk across the floor
without falling. I had womb trouble
and such a bcuring-down feuding ; also
suffered with my back and limbs, pain
In womb, inflammation of the bladder,
piles and indigestion, before I had
taken one bottle of Lydia K. I’lnkharn'a
Vegetable Compound I felt a great deal
I letter, and utter to!, ing two and one
half bottles ami liulf a I mix of yotir
Liver Pills I was cured. If more would
take your medicine they would not
have to sutler so much."
Mrs. Joi i.i'ii Pt'.TKKMoK, 613 Kast Ht.,
Warren, Pa., write*: »
“Dkau Mum. Pihkham:—I have suf
fered with womb trouble over fifteen
years. 1 bad Inflammation, enlarge
ment and displacement of the womb.
1 hud the backache constantly, also
headache, and was so dL/.y. 1 hail
heart, trouble, it seemed as though iny
heart was in my throat at Unit’s chok
ing me. I could not walk uround anil
I could not lie down, for then my heart
would beat so fast 1 would feel aa
though 1 was smothering. I bad to
sit up in bed nights in order to breathe.
I was so wcuk 1 could not do any
“ l have now taken several bat
tles of Lydia K. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound, und used three {y pack
ages of Mann live Wash, and can say
1 am perfectly cured. 1 do not think
I could have lived long if Mrs. PinU
liam's medicine hod not helped me.*
W. N.U. OMAHA. No. 48-1808
Vlicr Answering Advertisements Kindly
Me of "in This Paper.
From hard work $), JaCObS OH
or outdoor exercise " ww w
will CURE It after a few
Soreness ami Stiffness applications, and make I
the muscles Umber and
sets in. strong.
Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition
give* the
Highest Award «»<< GOLD MEDAL
Diamond “C”
Doe* Better Work and (joes Further Than Any Other Laundry Soap.
One Trial Convinces.
A large aatHirtmrnt of Prize* of useful and ornamental nature given for *a*lng of
wrapper*. Atk your grocer to give you a prize list or wo will mail ;ou one upon Inquiry.
THIi CUDAHY PACKINO CO., South Omaha, Neb.
The Annual Subscription Prize* to a large lint of standard Magazine*, Monthlies and a
Weeklies. Including the Ladles' Home Journal, Miinaey*. t'oNinopolltan, McClure*. J
ruritnn, Ladle*’ V\ orld, The Woman’* Home Companion, cjc., etc., are fully explained %
ou each wrapper. *
Tim new enlarged iHqo Prize IJ«t will be ready for mailing about November 15th. It l
contain* nearly 200 heud*oinn premium*. Baud u* your name ou a poetal card and we i
will mail you one free of charge. a
SEND US 97 CENTS after cutting j
.. i. i ... n.i. i ■ .... ... i— It out and wo I
wiii eendyou thia iiigbekt tirade Roberta' Hr wing Machine by I
freight, (*.(>. U . aubject to examination. Examine it at your I
m an hi freight depot and if found perfectly eatlhfactory, e«iual to ■
uu v uiut'ume Hi tue mill ion, bum j i r. iir.n i uun
Hour banker or rxprceit uffeni Our Sih uIbI Price,
e»* the l#7 rent* Mint with with mur order.
,, , ThUtaiuol IheprBe
Our hpeelBl Offer Price, rlU t„ „,v„ Ulle,
mother or tbirr,
m I 7.AO f,.r n drawer.' h*v*
BiHf.lUluU .3raae,|
u* WmMne* Uhtl tfunutntw i hr in in if 1 vo i>« rt*« t
mitUfMOiloo Til Pi. Ol?M HiOlIKHT «ill A UK
nvcr th<' prtew IVtr l.uinrd nu Ilia l« at '
uutcltluu pnaelliin to nuke Tllfc KIHilll IM bUH«v«ry
oualrni iutprov) ikiml, tn-ry ywl point of nvety lit tilt
Crurti* meohiee mudf, with the di liru of untie. Mud.i >
y the heal uieknr lu Amrrtre. H»U>I «uk r»liliwi brut
rover, Ute.t Intel ak< inou fieata, ptaiio poltab, tlmal
hlrkrl drawiT pull*, yraU <>u 4 eenlere, bull I • uriny ad
ebl« Ireudle, b< at >r*4t> ir«u aiertd, ftti«at br>« etkh
•fM MM «•*»•. |«j*UI<* I>IVI aiutlua 1**4, (air lbf«Min* ttfc'MIM •■Will*, -ii'milW I
•!...«• BHIUiM i.ii . i. , |„.|,n.»«4 k..*« *>w., ..ii.—....... , —, ,r f i
I ...nidi imn.i »»».|.* I.w ( ..I.. ««(u.>4 t.l M \ : M I ■ I It* r ,.uul..« i >
n.wr.t k,U.I««* warbiM b.*A*. B«*rf libi.a aiiwlHuml I* fura •»A-d ku4 aatT5lk
I.. ■ • 1 ' • • . .. ..14 .'•In , . .. i ki, , k .4 f.i„ . *, ,. A
• mrfiib.uiiktiHi •. mm. I a. Ml* Alaa a.lak. IN |>.aa4a kAkti D* *1 wau
a • alii .*•• | a #-’• »■ tilU'Ml AT uNt'K
CQCCf' ' • • ■ * • • > ™ •- ,»b. < y-. .. ..... iv aa»
»k.i« A I m(».,•» B )!*>»«** ».4 V»l»i ». i >u,.(.u4Ubi#. |i Uiw1"1
w«l» r .U„J ( »>n*k.« ► !•*««• A<4 <***•*» M.dlrl«#«. U Tabll |!||||.«I.U II (J*’*»»4 k*«
'•i'I.Ii mi I J I.* ib.l>|iii»|ii»b. M-Urft.k»l .,•«*»' byrnUBI...k'** * ('*»
Im4. M H*a4| «.«Ak i kMhWa lyf M«u aiu Hulk. V Bum. aJ >Ba« -r | k l**M«.
Mad II Mato ««4 U»a« Bkfa'f t'alaBaias MaUlalad »•! aw MM *»4 *«** w‘»»di*4 IM*a
Md »*U»*d b»i •* aiM >« M. I »»p*m Mid
cuti voMtarr
* • •‘SV- - •*“"*
**« *» INtwWn
1*k*«“ «NM%
*»* •*