The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, October 28, 1898, Image 8

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    Lioaal Daws.
Tbnf wort' 15,795 G. A. B. »ii«>n :n il
last year ,
See tin1 new ad »»f * 'll i« Gunteter’* i -
D. I>. Grow went to the Expo*Eint.
1h«i Monday.
Ernie Gdenduhl i* nick «lth
neuralgia Iu the face.
Jimmie Conger and wife wont, to the
exposition last Monday.
Jacob Freldman, of Harrison to n
ship waa ht tin* hub Saturday.
I,. A. William* went to Pilfer. Stan
ton county, last Tuesday to work
Don't fail to see Dr. Green at St El
mo. One week’s treatment FltKK.
Mr. Jaqucs, of tb« Omaha Elevator
company was In town over Sunday.
Mr*. E A. Smith of Ilockvlll, I - r« j
ported very ilck. Dr. Goff of Litchfield
I* attending her.
A thorough bred Poland China boar,
two and a half year* old for sale En
quire of A. T. Conger.
Tine N OUT 11W E8T K11N office turneil
out a set of Invitation card* Mil* we« k
for a wedding In high life.
Mr. and Mrs, W. If Morris I* enjoy
ing tho sight* at tne exposition this
week, having left here lust Monday.
Mrs. Thos. Ink*' mother and sister
who has been vlstlng here for the past
month returned to their home* last
Mr*. M McBride and Mrs. Herbert
Baker of Clear Creek called at this of
fice Wednesday at <1 purchased, one of
our Book of Uactr.
Ed. Sutton, Stewart W are and frank
Smith were Introduced to the Hoyal
Wllllan goal ut Woodmen headquar
ter I lait Wednesday night.
A full fledged socialist state tick* t
has been hatched but we suppose that
that element will be induced to fuze
with the pops on election day
Mrs. Holtz, who resided In Loup
City for a number of years but has been
living with her daughter ut line)us, for
the past two years, is visiting her many
friends in the city this week.
You will live to tell the tale bow you
was entirely cured of constipation, dys
pepsia. billiousness and liver troubles
by taking i)r. .Sawyer's Little Wide
Awake Hills.
For the second time (his month we
have ordered nti extra quire of paper.
The reason for this is that we have add
ed over thirty names to our subscript
ion list since the 1st of the month.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Hunter returned
from Omaha last Friday where they
had been attending tiie exposition
Mr. Hunter also attended Grand Lodge
I. O. O. F ns a delegate from tills
Dr. Sawyer’8 Arnica and Witch Hazel
Halve natuially stands in such esteem
with the public in the curing of diseases,
eczema, piles, burns, scalds, cuts or flesh
wounds, that argument to prove its
worth seem quite unnecessary.
John Shrove and family returned
home last Saturday after a four months
visit to relatives and friend* in Illinois.
They drove over 1,500 in Hey In their
trip and report a very plessknt time
They spent a few days on tho Omaha
Exposition giouuds on their return
That Hnht 1" tlio Intermediate de
partment of our schools lu*t Friday
should mark the end of such doings
We believe we have a good corps of
teachers andjan intelligent and business
like board and therefore have full con
fidence In the h nulling of our schools
and believe such things will not be tol
William Keuntz, went to the Of nd
Island soldiers home lust Thursday
where he expects to make his home In
the future. Mr Keuntz has been a res
ident of Sherman county lor a number
of years and It is pleasing to know that
since circumstances have made It ne
cessary there Is a pleasant home for
him lit his old days.
Mrs Mary Cowles, who has been visit
lug her brother .1. L. Hopper for tin
past ten days left for her home at Ta
coma, last Monday. Mrs. Cowles lived
among us a number of years both be
fore ar.d after marriage and her many
friends were pleased to meet o«r again
Mia. Kdmouson who also is here \i-ii
lug her toother, Mr. Hopper, will re
malu in the city for a time, and visit
her numerous old time friends.
t he K of |*. I.odge deserve bin, t>
credit for the way they have rejuvio<>t
ed tin-oners house. They have e\ lu
led it front an old ham to a vvrttahh
palace tushie and made it a thing <«|
beau') 1'he new curtain is a b- autv
and the wmgs us oo a par wtiti t*
There ia no doubt but that It it i
the lluist ojo-ia house north west
(•land island and when their new |> ,,
la iu place will ‘m* fully «,|uip|Mi.| * m,
the beat id tnei .
W hen v*i have a hot t -Id l»r It ,
•lion would leisooaiiml« haud , risi
Cough H» m«djr because it l« pie*,an'
and safe to take. I*», Kviwrlnu r «ii,i,]
paosMomriii! it because It never lads
effect a apssdy and lerudnn t cine In
He a son vaou.’d rir- lesieud It hs-vat ,
I* p(b pared im ss u tin- pr >,c»| •
net# mu ml ore’s p aa m relieving
hi tig a. up* ring tb*" riib'i -
storing the •)stew to a wa'utal
healthy KHtillUus I r sale by 0,1"
Tho Hon. £ A. Tucker,
will speak at Loup City on the
evening of NOV EM HER 2nd.
181)8 The state committee in
introducing Mr '1 ucker to us
says: Wo are informed lhat
Mr Tucker is a new man in
your locality but we desire to
give you our personal assur
ance that he is one of the most
eloquent and logical talkers in
the state
J. E Hay Lou.
Republican candidate for
Superintendent of Public In
structions will speak on the
evening of NOVEMBER -»rd
at Hazard, and at Litchfield,on
the evening of NOV EM LEE
4th- Of Mr Saylor the com
mittee says: Wc have no bet
ter speaker in the stale.
All are invited to turn out
and hear the issues discussed
from a Republican standpoint.
Mrs I lick in nn went to Misuari, y« *
Geo. Miller from Arcadia. was Jo
town yesterday.
Miss Kat.o Moone id nine I from Om
aha, Wednesday evcuing.
Two more wedding* U r dm near fu
ture, ur«* reported 11.i-* week, G u ■»
W.T. Gibson has b' <*n tin i li«* nick
lint a part of this week a* a it ultof too
tntlL'h exposition.
film's Gasteyer. oitr popular merchant
went to Omaha. 1 <-l Mnudai to take in
the lust days of the exposition,
Mr, <’*•*.do Ilenifrow'a family arrived
from Missouri, this week. Tln-y intend
making Loui <‘i'y th-ir future home
we understand.
Mr. and Mrs 11, Se< U returned
home la-1 i to day evening from
their ylalt to their children in the dif
ferent parts of tic west.
Tiie B, & M. train was verv nearly
crowded last Monday morning whim
tl left, tin station the cheap rate to I lie*
Exposition e itches tin m all.
Mr. T A Taylor jr returned home
Wednesday from Omaha, where he has
been with his regineuf. Ilia regiment
lias been mustered out and the boys an
free once more.
The populists in tb'.i community have
procured the aei vices of a man with u
phonograph to attend tln-ir meetings.
They say It produces a better argument
than i he pop orators.
llev. A. Jemirich of Lincoln, Nebi.,
German tninlsti r will preach at Loup
City hunday Nov.,*! 18M in Walklnsoim
hall at 10:00 a. in. and at Ashton, In the
afternoon of same day
nuuu.i} wi'i., ou, isai.
M. E. Church Loup City. Morning
preaching It'.ilU, subject: ‘'Christianity
on the witnessstand.” Evening preach
ing 7 :30, subject: A Nation self eondem
«d. A hearty invilHtioii for ail.
Ulil fashions in dress may be revived,
but no old fashioned medicine can re
place Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Keineily, For sale by Oden
dalil Bro’s, Druggists.
Ben Wall, who run a black-mith simp
at this place some ten years ago and
who removed from here to ltayard Neb.
has been here a j art of this week visit
ing Ids brother, Judge Wall, mil attend
ing to busInr-- mutt' rs
if tlie way that the people are (put
ting the Times-Independent and are
subscribing for this paper I* any eri
terlon to go by a* to the change in the
political situation >iierman countv will
go republican by a large majority.
Tlie I*rIngle Comedy Company fin
ished a weeks engagement at the opera
bouse D't Hatorday evening with tin
laughable Comedy Mam< 1 in Haste "
There nn» a laugh for every body, ami
evvtgbody laughed («• flndr hearts eon
tent, fills C one I the In -' Companies
tin |h« rated and a t,..,; a aim m,
*hu» going tteopil if this I oiotlfutilty
1 Ue (iermstl \ at I in rated th ti
Ism sniitvci -i
Indulging I a
tilne. ( i
having won (
Ouialta Kspodl
»t| tU»l»* '*,1 |,f
•o, lelf Uvittg 1
ti !• socle.1
» ,t !
A of U • •>, .
and Mta to*i
rcii. . d jfi
the *i k
*bnr» pi . '-a (
* d « *»•**
tb« l I
■ |>« lied i .
i I h*4B >> lw* bug'
Twi liPm Kruitlni rirel*.
I response »o r. i*:nl from ttic su|»**r
itit* i’i’JM t nmix r of Sherman enuntv
fi’.ulii i* m< f i.t the school biilMIng to
■rent )/. n 1*00 *v J{ 'to tie Circle,
•feet w r- cxi i'il to order h» r a<•
n\- ■ k snd (i s. i,eudii«i r Wti* elcctei1
|ir sbbrif, (Hid I,. I! ' M II hi I ejected
iii'i.ri Tit- association decided to
hold tie* n;‘ i flnjji on the second Ssttlil'
H)' of etieli iriotirll St ( 0 I'. Ill Next
meet Ini'to f> lie d on I lie twelfth of
S'ovi tuber After the friitimetlon of nil
bn ine- . the follow Ine (iroj/r im w «•
rendered; t^ualillcat Ions nl the l< to iler;
A I’riif Slend Primary Heading:
fletten.l tll'i lt'-IOfi, Heleet K fidifif.', I>>
Ml-* Converse, ll'tii lit. of He,idle,;
• Ini" Work; by Mix* Hood, Adjourned
(31 I An <3ftI KIi MTV*.
lit* .i.itheri* ton cold fo; eotufeit
bill emu litthkitlff lei- commenced never
Threshltifj I ah ill done In this part
of iIn- county for Hi's season
Will lire.|>«T titol Ife ;;re here visit
ing friends and relative* Rudr homt
is in Kttnsits,
Mr mid Mrs John Me->d h.iVi a ne.i
VisHoi entile til Ill'll eese to rfnV. <1
U t boy of -tumUid weight
'I 1 e l'. |5 peop e nr.* holding a series
ol Utei tl its Ht III** school honse in ills
irict -Vo. 25, linn lied bend of uni tie have
been to ii nr by the fanners ir> this lo
cality. JtKCOUliKU
POP l.i% >1 KMT.
Our name* wen.* i*ip not Iona ago,
lint now the name In Oho,
Ati11 will lie ilml. until wc cease
To feed the Mind on axle-gr«c*e.
It form like thin look* mtleh like hate
To the hard working farmer*.
Whi'U leaders go outside the Mule
To patronize Phil Armour.
We dourly love* the man thut toll -
Until we get his vote,
Hut when we yet a slnrh on spoil*,
lie Is not worth u groat.
The laborer mutt pay hi* rent.
Ily working hard and lute.
While Holcomb doe* not pay n eelil.
lint atenla It from the -lute.
There I* notion* now for u* to do
Hut harp about the soldier*.
Hoping that so we may pull through.
And still be
Orrii B iloi/Dt as
< “it'll not express the rapture of
Aiit.a K. springer, 11 ‘do Howard it.,
Philadelphia, Pa.. when she found lhai
Ur. Klag's New l)f*eovery for Con
sumption hud completely eared her of
i h ifk'iijr e ayh that for many year*
have made life u burden All other
remedies anil d e or* could give her
no help, hnl -lie say* of I hi* Uoyal Cure,
’ it i on removed the | .in io my cheat
Hid I can now sleep soundly, something
I can a areelv remember doing before
I !• e) like -ouuding its praises through
out I he universe." So will < very one
who trie* i>r, King'* New Discovery
for any trouble of 'he Throat, Cheat or
Lung* Triri* 5do and $1 .(Hi Trial
bottle* free at Odeudiih! Bros, Drug
Store i very bottle guaranteed.
Mr. ami Mr* W, Marvel returned
Thursday evening from a -liort visit to
ilie Omaha Exposition.
J. F, Beushausen, and Mr. and Mrs
tugiut Beuabauaeo returned Friday
evening after a week* visit at the Oma
ha Exposition.
T. X . Bennett and IF. J. Ilillebrant
of St. l*aul were pleasant callers
Mr. Stanislaus Goe vra« quite serious
ly hurt here Saturday night during a
little mlsnnderntandiog. But is re
porfed as being up and around
Mr. and Mr*. W. M. Stnelser drove to
Rockville and spent Stindiiy.
Mrs Win. Jeffery, i* suffering from
quite a seven1 fall Saturday evening.
The latest report la that »lie is improv
It. F .Johnson. F. Ilaushausen and
F N Setianpp rode the festive and
friskv A.O F W. goat Saturday eve
ning After the Initiation the ladies pro
vided an elegant supper in honor of the
■lew candidates and all report having
on Joyed theiuselv ■ to the fulle-t
E U, l*uvlor ami E*rl Kendall of St
| P ml spent Sunday here.
Mr. tisnrence Smith vid *!*t -f Edith
of Loop City, were here visit, ng friend
I Sunday
* yen 1 ****.» * * ft l oo.rr .ou to in«iil|o|i
I n ioi left I. ., Monday mor„l„g for
I Omaha and the lApo-ltuiii
| W l| lh I - of Volk -pent Sundae
||U hi of irrdn I' a. Mi
at .north, of l, tup fin
st-ltm Tuesday,
ii, ,ft\ •hipped tWo eat
h I l*i tl I httewskl *eoI
a* ' d fit-•%.* ffed Il is
id* t •iiloo at (i W
lc» ft* lo r«lf|f il
j 1. t, I | III Jut, I,,
o. Tl (.1 III ire hm
’ • -i to* Ne’.f
I I' J*
I>• * you «nt i thorough ImalneM **«J
lloill t ill f
Do you hiiI I< ir- nil Mlmrtlmnil Sill]
ft. pc w riling ?
Ho v<*u wm t lo *D yourself for
t< Hi lling ?
It •<> hifi i d tin- St l*au flii• liit’M anil
Normal Co lege, W'rir«* 1 ir particular*
Io **■ Paul,
f.’i ii’.ll F, Creen of San FranoUco,
i i i i‘i>»fuf Sprclalfnt in Cfiruiilc ill*
• • m: ii* ill st, Kliuo Hotel for two
.',iio b gli ning Mom lay Oct. 24 Hhe
ti a'» DenfueM, KheitmutUm, Kidney
o . I,iv*'i trouble, di»e iM'M of women
mi I'hililreo, < on-iiiiiptloii in Its earlv
iii*! ,‘:oic |y oi t'oiiMiltatfori
inf i-M m eke treMiii • lit free.
'I In re llitetora In ranml litinii,
Kiotn benjamin Franklin.
*' Wbeii you are rick, what you like
i»i i i« io be chosen for a medicine in
(li t place; vbat experience telle you
I* Iji -I in b" choecn ill the second plane;
alia' c a-oii (l.e., Theory) sa>e i« bent
to le chosen in the hint place Hut If
ion < it i/"t Dr. hiclliiitiioii. In- Kxper
o in i ■ !, | I)r. JiciiM'ii to tio|.| h conaiij.
o Mm Ogioher, tliey will give you lie
i".i (i• f• l»i tliilcnn be taken.**
Ml\A KCOliUllV.
No nim ou'sidc of ilit' present
i >wd of -h 111 reformer* nt fie stale
h um w uhi ever think *»f mien a
tinny an withholding tin- pay of the
vol nit'-er soldiers ami then parading
tin lyyregain sum iih “saved on ac
eouul i f tin* present tnnnagt incut of
'')<■ '- 11 * a-national guard.” And
Unit in exactly what the oleo people
have done.
It is notorious tha* they let the
.Nebraska \ >lunieen» leave the atate
without their pay. Some of the hoy h
left i/iiieoln on a journey to Ciiieka
muuga, and to Manila, without us
hiu ii ii8 a fifty-eent piece iu theii
pocket*. The mutter was presented
personally to Governor Holcomb be
fore the departure of the boys by
theii friends aud their purents, but
the pay was not forthcoming. Many
-f the men were not paid for five
months af’ei tin* state turned the
troups over to the government,
The delay in meeting the bills con
nectul with the mobilization of the
Nebraska national guard last April
lo hs exceedingly suspicious in the
light of the circular i-cued by the
popocritin campaign committee in
which the following entry appears:
‘•By -u^i % iu maintenance of the
Nebraska national guard for two
years, ?:S5,O00.’’
If anything in the world is mean
er tlinn starving the children in the
home for the friendless and feeding
u itclpii s and the blind on butter
ine, it mu t be boi ling tun k the pay
f the volunteer soldiers and parad
ing the treasury balance ns a “sav
ing'' effected by the men who were
guilty of this piece of juggling and
cruelty.—State Journal.
A t.rtliug incident. of which Mr.
John Oliver of I-iiladclphla, whs the
subject, is narrated by iiim as follows
-1 was in a most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken
t i ('tie coated, pain continually in back
and sides, no appetite—gradually grow
ing weaker day i>y day. Three pbyti
eaii' hud given me up. Fortunately
a friend advised trying Electric Bitters;
and to my great Joy and surprise, the
first bottle made a decided Improve
ment. I continued their use for three
weeks arid urn now a well man I
know they saved my life, and robbed
the grave of another victim," \o one
should fail to try them. Only fit) eta.,
guaranteed, at Odenduhl Bros, drug
Lost. On or about October 2nd a
young spotted bull dog, pretty good
size. Any one returning same to owner
or furidsliitig informal Inn as to its
whereabouts will be liberally re
warded. W. T. Imiapku, Owner.
Loup City, Neb.
Jail head of cow* and heifers for sale
on twelve months time to responsitdc
parties. Well bred stock In good flesh.
Fan l>e »eei; at my farm two miles south
*-n»t of I,oup Oily.
K U He rron
V. |!\, sill u now* WANTI l> I VI.UN
* *»iit*n (ur Tt»e Ntor.v **f ll** *
M'lUl ililUlFfltl, . nUilltKniullt tl t«v low lh»t
• i tii'iii isMU titl ftiI«kl«>rii*(fl l*» Hit? War
,‘.*r ... 1st TtJ<* »k HfllH'O If. aru.v
inl i|«4d.l hNflW Kflklii I*. •• tilt llir l*M«4l|U* v% illl
M ft 111 III I III’ |nrw|>ltfti si II In.lulu,
• r, I; "isjr" K*»ny in III* »\fti« triih hi'o »t
'( .(•iU In lln lnwui -* tri »f*ni|-w with
ii Um •' - is *»f !)«• wills IIfufi
• t (ii ti«u M ur vt i »lU* it ilt« full t*f MuinU
11- ii tfM r fnr it^ IlfiUlful i.f AftflUfll f»U**
i.urt"* tHlit ii I'll f^uitifAh tll nit
if** - *»*i (aw if "A !.*'» iifitta lit* |»r*»f
‘ I r |«tUl * *r»lll ifltih Mrr'j. nil
v t v. ii) wwr u*>k-* tfulfil free A*l*
*s I 1 Iftwl Isrr, t } hlflf lAhilfitu v
lltsW I« I'tett lit < • teu|i
U Itstil ( Ati I lilltltt It Willi AM* Alii)
\ M* 4ff H k* I I t’ft II;» WjMfjiytff All
♦Itth l» t*« tiling nil mV I In* Itt
* ii mU rI**i** i * H *m«4 ii
*l*% t|'i ‘Ut * I ullAi'A || II %
I * i'f *liltf \ i<ni l it
«*ut t*f, |i »
1 It •flllM I .Mi *
f Ii M mU h* r
i<it ((it tht« ti*m
S»* n4? |t«iM ,
|#t V if »4l« III
>slt| HTi** »*l|l In
^ h it • < »** ft
t t Ik tw> WMll
H liituli, Vt*r
1 4! •» Ii- f «
f JVI REED Dealer in
Washing Machines, Sewing Machinet* and
Implements and Hardware.
•Wipdjnills, Pupips and Pipes
Singer Sewing Machines for $25.00.
- -—I '
If you need anything in my lino call and see me and
you will be convinced that all we have for sale is offered at
very low figures. Don’t tail to call and see our
There is no patent-right on selling
Tue field iM open to any or- who wishes to
to eater so if you wcud tour wav toward* the
(Jity of Loup and ouon inside the gu'es head
directly fur
t vstr’gmrsrr** ■ • -
. F PH
store which is recently opened with a full as
sortment ot
General Merchandise.
My goods are all uew and fresh from the
MM Price Paid for Produce.
Terms:—cash or produce only.
Loci* City, - • Nkhkaska.
HullII III ttiU Hlnli- to tumutiii' oqr blielneea I
In tlielr own ami nearby countlrn it U
| mainly inline work i-oiidurteii al home.
i ary HiraiKht |iho a year and •• a|MnmM—tlr
I Unite, hunaHtle, ho mure, no iuu *ulai>.
Miaitltly tti'fereune*. Km >■ i . I
■Ireaeetl nieiu|Mi<t euve|o|ie Herbert I. ,
1 IImm, rre«< , |l«|it M I'hlea^o, ||
\VATKI\.sn\ s
KKW A!ll>.
H»r J -llara will lie | »t«| for | r<i if of
(lie font I lint any one |< u>iuf nlt* water
for Irrigating pur|w«i
II tlkNhrit, Water I' mu..
•» rfcr* m tie ihIJi t?:;i:a
run ftV air mt unn.
fMC MMtiMCtMM'kHr.Ueear C«r
tu rtirm
Wk l*»JkSi,
Ki«riii«M, Inaure your property in
Tlio Ptu-nix I riktir«n(‘« r'unipany,
Khi Mgliiiilii*, Wlml storm*
I'rflon* - inti Torii*i|<t#»,
W. j mil mi Ak«*ii
'I ln« brit mIv* iii iiu* worltl lor Outi
Miiu»* » Hoi** I'lffiK *»|i Hlii'tun Koyer
" * t • Ti 11•!•**• I lltii'U i‘liilbUlua
nul -all ^It in hruptlona ttrul pn«<
Id)' 1$ ini « I’m* » or no |i«> ***t|tilrt*tl(
It I* i.n trtir.pftl i<i (Itf |m*iIffi <ai|>|«i<.
lt*n ',r Ill' ll' ) If(iiliijf<| I'rlft ti ffUU
■it i It x Kor anio by Ot|*0<i«hl lima.
MAt'llINK nil. AT
i t I. '« o( ti •• |>Kas
r nM*f H i)i« w hi b
‘ w«v<(i #Vi 141 Ml liiui.
»**i» «i«i>i)|ag.
it" iniu try M I tlftimm
li »<«*<■• ■ini "|M|||.«te
" hi !$•••«,