The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, October 21, 1898, Image 1

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    VOL, XV, NUMBER 30
, o
For Governor, ——m
For Lieutenant Governor. ,
JPor ttacratary *<ataf
C. DUKAS, - - - 1
For Auditor of Stall-,
For Treasurer.
For Huperlntent of Public Instruction,
J. F. SAYLOR - . . LJ
For Attorney General.
For CV/rmnlskioner of Publl Lauds A Hulld gs
For Congressman, fllh district.
For ilenator, Mtt district,
PHIL BE880R - • [~~j
For itetiresenlative, !>1 district.
For County Attorney,
Make your mark in the circle at
the top of this column nod thus vote
the Straight Republican Ticket.
We note that the republicans of
Valley county have nominated our
gnd friend John Wall of Arcadia,
tor representative. No better selec
tion could have been made. Johu is
au able man and has su army of
friunds in all parties. He has served
this county well as county clerk,
and will l>e a credit to the county
that elects him for to represent them
in the legislative hulls of the state.
We predict for him a handaoiue mu
jority on election day.
The people of Litchfield has the
jnku on Titus A Teihuue, the local
bankers at that place, rays oue of
our Harrison township subscribers.
The storv sats that while Congress,
man ilreeio, wss at that place two
years ago holding a populist rail* he
bur owed #,Yiiu at th • bank to pit
fits local * a | hi not * agreeing to pay
it batik as soon a* he got b uie The
h |l la not paid yet and a* Mr Urn to
borrowed (t it|Mtn his honor in* Molt
*n I thee for the amount S •*
»!wl> *he | Hi »> ui* > In i* lh*i lh»
b to sera •*•»«%S ‘*«n* to ult mn *h a
tv*n' the mi »er inH't'iw oly l< tlo y
tty to *r»ak« r*ilt«*e'i.i»ta lltet a t* «y>
t* *te I wt'h the *j o stt .a witt van t
you give us a* much l|u»H ss you did
Mr UrttiHa?
The debate between lion. Nonii
Brown und lion. \V. L, Greene, ran
delate* for congress for thi* tin
sixth district nnd wliiclt took plant
at tlie opera house in this city
was attended by a well filled Ijoijsi
Hepubliean* and populist* frun
< very part of t he county were pres
•ml. Mr. Brown opened the debate
and produced a good argument aloo*
the line of prosperity, giving fault
und figure* to show that prices foi
all kinds of farm product* had mu
lerially advanced, and Hint there war
a much greater demand for luboi
and wages better. He read from
Greene’s speech of I Slit! issued at
that, time in circular form and which
stated that tin* prices of farm prod
nots would never rise so long as the
gold standard prevailed, and then
turning to Mr. Greene asked him to
tell the audience why it wa* that hi*
prophecies ha* not come true.
Mr. Brown finished hi* opening
address and retired to his seat
amid great applause.
VV'lien Mr, Greene rose to answer lie
was accorded the same welcome giv
en his opponent, Our people had
heard him speak before arid knew
that at least they would be highly
ilo positively asserted that price*
were no belter. He rniss quoted
New York priee* and then for a
telling effect upon the audience de
clared that, tiiey were Chicago price*
und told those who did’nt fielive it
to couie to Ids ho'el after the meet
ing wa* over und hu would oouvince
them. It, »o happened that Mr
Waite, the secretary of the meeting
had in his po*ac**iou a correct und
complete list of the Chicago market
reports for .'JO years back, and after
tin* meeting accepted the iovitution
to meet him at the hotel It wa*
at that meeting that Mr. Greene wa*
forced to admit that he had been
quoting New York instead of Chica
go prices, lie wu* asked to make
comparison in prices and when he saw
tiial he wu* cinplclely cornered he
said that it did no good to convince
a muii ugitinsi ms win ami mat. ne
did not want to waste any more time
with him. But to go hark to the
stuge we find .Mr. Greene in a dra
matic way and with terrible force
trying to make the audience believe
they were no better off than they
were under the Cleveland adminis
tration. While he waa quoting
prices questions were ask him from
the audience and in his ferocious
effort to drown them down by sloop
and cutting personal drives he lost
his temper and instead of satisfact
orily explaining, he called the re
publicans set of fools. This elid
ed great u applause from Jim Zink,
the chairman of the fusion county
central committee and from other
leading pops who always spat
when Jim spats. There were pops
as well as republicans, however that
were uot satisfied with his artful
dodges to avoid answering those all
important questions. One gentle
ask him if he kuew the price of
spring waives. Mr. Greene was so
irritated that all the answer he gave
whs to iutimate that the man was a
calf himself. A man from the aud
n*nee, however, answered the qties
tion and said #IK. per head.
When Mr. Brown rose to tvply
lie appoligised for Greene, saying
that he was sorry that the Judge
would call the republicans fools jual
because they wauled to know the
facta. lie refuted every statement
made by bta oppouwnt ami very clev
erly held him up to redteulw. He
was very geullemauly throughout
the meeting ami won the high rt
aped of ail present The s|ieakcrs
left so tu after the meeting for Us
vw iiia and from them will go to
, Kv*iUf V where the* will »|woid Huu
dal wiiii Hit it lt d * following
;isS'>ui<t mm*'a* wrote by voters
j which we Hole I J of *h»- IWi-'IOlw
Ilf ttt-sMis ktt a »i« elsi SNi'itH
%t>u.ti 11 ai'tu « a r*-**1* >•* I*'
ji ■ae)| t v*•,**«<i t» at *u> stun
l|« (tfwsa »* a «t*n b M *in«tw> H- n
• g »■! lout, ft wjiasber bbso* i*i eeif- u.»
Largest stock of Hardware apd furpiture
Everything that you may need in building and furnishing a house. Will furnish a whole
kitchen outfit, including a good No. 8 cook stove from $2fi.(XJ upwards. Stock complete.
You don’t have to wait for if. We want to
regular customer of ours.
e. h. watkinson, Prop.
lie In to easy with Greene. It wants Homebody
who is Just as diaeeltful and c bun lug as he Is
ami who will handle him without gloves on."
That ealf deal sorter got away with the
Judge dld'nt It."
"Did you note the great applause from the
populist side of the house when Greene cruel
ed his witty Joltes at Hrown and how still
It was when tie was trying with all the force
and eloquence he could command to score a
point on prices."
"A man must he foolish to get up before an
intelligent audience like that ami try to make
out that we arc no better off than we wi re
under the Cleveland admlstmtion And ibats
Just what Greene done. Why, practical every
day experience teaches us better, ami It 1s t
necessary to have It hammered Into us eith
"1 am n pop but not a fuslotilst and wont
vote a fulon ticket. Hut be will be elected
because the pops arc swallowed by the dem
ocrats and only a few of us have got out of
the swallow yet "
"Gieene should have voted against that I)lng
ley tarriff bill. Thats what we sent him there
for: besides If he bad Hrown eould'nt keep
dlngleylng at him all the time."
"1 don't think that man ever lived that eaa
talk more and say less In the same length of
time than Greene. He cuts loose worse than
a threshing machine."
I have voted for Greene twice but I don't
think there In much to choose from between
Itrowo and him, I think they have agreed to
divide the emolument* of the office no matter
which one I* elected." Wonder a pop
wont think of.
"Hrown I* an able man: I would vote for
him If he waHontbe pop ticket.''
"If Oreene bad let the war question alone It
would have done him more gooji Moat all
the people are patriotic enough to uphold the
administration on the war question.".
"Why. of course, all thl* about the mistake*
of the war department U nothing but cam
palgu buncumb."
"That no. Don t you remumher that Bryan
wantod to open the campaign at Chicago ou
the mistake* of the war department?"
“I came In to get a me** of green* cooked
brown." "And did you get It?" "Ye*, but
It waH a conglomerated me**. Greene ha*
actually Induced price* to fuse."
The Star of Km pin?, % paper pub
lished at Kearney mentions W. L.
Greene as a “republican populist who
is to h reasonable extent in syra
patby with the present administra
tion at Washington,” when the faets
are thut Greene hus been a rank
rubitl democrat all his life and there
are men living in tb is town that sat
they knew him from boyhood and
that he was a tnembei of the
Knights of the Golden Circle, during
the war, and oue of the iu mt out
spoken copperheads that Indiana
whn disgraced with The Umpire is
an ardent supporter of Mr. Greene
Vet anyone can read between
the line* and discern the Um
pires pag when it further sms:
"Well take no more chance* on
aola like Gov. ItuUier." and again
when it sat a that “Judge Greene
has suffered from the vile strong
drink" and the editor of that sheet
knows that Mr. Greene has not quit
••suffering from the vile sttoug
drink" and tin- present prospects a>e
he never will tf the Ntar of Km
ptie t* what it professes P> he, a pro
h dot ion paper, It shouhl support
s*d»>*r houe«t in<tn and not go after a
mesa of potage
W lllll'-MtlKU ThUNlaustMf l*ia
I MMI III IMm llfli (t) W«N|* tit Nit
• id »It* If tifti mill ttp«t l‘V pfittttM t. it It
m 4 iily uAft titri
\f\ ft gh| t 41 i frtt iH’t Pif* unit 4*
I Inu9 liNffititt, mi mtit* w*» |»«m mUiir
I W. | <- imftrfttt i.bif i t fpif H *
|4l» -4*4 * fMUH i 1‘fH
lN»|4 H | | t \ f
Early Sittlnut of SEerman Goody.
It contains:—
A full history of the organization of the county in 1873.
Interesting stories of pioneer life.
First marriage in Sherman county; quite romantic.
The first murder; capture, trial und sentence of the criminal.
Long list of pioneer settlers
Settlement of German colony at Wilhelmshohe; near Ashton.
Opening of R. & M lauds to settlers.
Government soldiers at, Loup City in 1873.
Excitement occasioned by jumping homesteads.
Judge Wall’s perilous adventure with the Olive Gaug.
Murder of Mitchel and Ketch um.
Capture and trial of the Olives.
Reckless adventure at Loup City of Guvnlittle and the
“Doc” .Middleton gang.
Arrest and trial of “Guy tie” and capture of Middleton.
“An Old Lay Rclaid.’'
Enroutc for the Black Hills.
Early experience of John R. Baker.
Full account of the grasshopper siege in 1870.
First grand Fourth of July eelebiation.
First county fair held in Sherman county.
Early church and school privulages.
The hard winter of ls8o and 1881.
The great barbecue, Juue 4, J88U
Trip up tin* Loup in IH7J; Indians and game on the route.
Trapper Jack’s Shanty.
I’rairio dogs and rattlesnakes.
Waller Moon’s daring experience with a buck deer.
Sberinuu county ’s past, present and future, her growing wealth
discriptivc of her location.
Soil, climate, principle towns slid agricultuial developments.
A disruption of our fair grounds and irrigation ditch.
This book also contains In 'graphical sketches of many proiu.
incut business men and farmers and several pages of
fool notes giving mention of interesting early day
Jointin' |io»vr», Utu M.img ■**
from Ml IUmI, wlio rnluii'il in .In'
>*»' i «lt> n >•«( *l|»nM*l. <r«r hi* kt
• •u1 *ut| «*» H4.1, nn Knnigti m il
|iUoh| .«« li «r I lb* On1* iln rnlum
« •! ii»w«n |»i Mm) Ui mil lituM|b
, ntlli lilin n u I Ivin* of Un
. illffiimn'. nn *1 *>uK ».« in • U il
*»l# font!Ill ntoHHill IUm of
I ul»a Atuoug tbrut »»* tlm lira*
all* II of a ais liii'h oarUMItf"
fioiu tb» On gun, i n Jui\ .1n| tin
< i rvt’ia miil« liia ilnli in iltalrm'
ln*n >' Ruiia|<| ltd a lliiii mil
ii> Hn*il Inow llu- Ili'li'iit, »i Man
camIIii, ila> • im* of lli« ImhId
,r«l ili» Oti’Mite. Mr il->«»ra liaa ».
I wigio'i| Uia jii.wiiiim In Ui« na\> am
1 *lU rvwialM at Uuiaa.
< 'litCttlfO,
M. •loM'ptl,
KUiO'iiw ‘ »ty.
Ht, Louih,
anil all polina
Kmd and Soulli
Hall Lake City.
Han PrancDco,
and all points
■ stAINM l.tAVI, Am KOI.I.OWS1
No. M Passenger.7:A5a. m
No oo Freight 4.00 p. iu.
No. fil Passenger .4:1ft p.m.
No. 60 Freight.Iliftoa. m.
sleeping, dinner anil reclining ulialr cars
u-cats free) on through truing. Tlolcetg
-old and baggage checked to any point In
i lie II luted state* or Canada.
For Information, maun, time tables and
tickets call on or write to A. F. Werts
Agent, or J. Fit ANuis, Uen'I. Passenger
Agent, Omubu, Nebraska,
Nii.hU leaves daily except Sunday (pass
enger). 7:!W a. m.
No 8N leaves Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, (mixed) 4:00 p m.
No. no leaves Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, (mixed) S:Ho p. m.
No M7 arrives dally except Sunday (mixed)
11:4a a. m.
No. tft arrives dally except Sunday (pass
enger) 7,06 p. m
First class service and close connections
cast, west and south.
W. 1>. CLIFTON, Agent.
OFFICE. -One door east of Chase's
drug store.
LOUP CITY, l • m
Express and General delivery Line.
All Expreas or Freight ordersprompt
ly attended to.
General Law and Collection Business
A Notary Public, Homographs* and Type
Writer In Office.
One Door North of FI rat Bank,
Attorney at Lawjnd Notary Public.
Will Defend in Forcclosnro Omm.
General Real Estate Business.
Office in NoimiWEHTXRM Building,
Oil Painting, Crayon, Charcoal and Pen
cil Drawing.
Land Office at Lincoln Nehr.
September Hi, 1«9S.
Notice la hereby given that the follow
Ing mimed settler has tiled notice of his In
tention to mnke final proof In support of
hts claim, and that said proof will be made
before the County Judge of Sherman
county, Nebraska, at Loup City, on
October tilth. IWln, vlr Ira Williamson,
Homestead Entry No. 17.224 for the west
half of the north oast 4th ot section 20,
township IS, Range 10 west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of, said land, via: T. H. Rose,
Frank Albtu, A. F Kulin, aad K. B. Watte
all of Litchfield Nebraska.
>ny person who desires to protest against
the allowance o' iucIi proof, or who knows
of any substantial reason under tke regu.
latlou of the interior Department, why
such proof should not lie allowed, will be
given an opportunity at the above men
tioned 11 me and place to cross examine the
witness of said claimant and to oiler *vl
deuce In rebultut of that submitted by elet>
J. W. Jomusom, Keg is ter
Laud office at Lincoln. Neb. t
September Anl, tens. I
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has Bled nolle# o| bis In*
I leulion lo mate Heal pr.ati la support of
I his claim and that said pruuf will be made
J before the coaaty Judge at Loop City,
Nebraska, on November it, MM, vlBi
| Nicolaus Kroger> Timber Claim kniry
j No 1,44* i<>r ike west half of soalk a eat
I I oullt of Se, tb>a It, I own-hip Ik Nang*
I IX West tie a teles the follow Ing wit
i n-sses io prove hut soailuuoaa reetdeaM
1 hi«i« and »ulttvaltou uf said land, Vlgl
I F rted. H u isobtusrer IroMilslt Kuan lee.
| Juba Kwrbter. and Jwks Wnlea, all of
Mist, Nebraska
J W JoasauJt, Begistwr.