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    The Northwestern
I1EO. r. IlENSrHOTEH, ( Editor* and
liICO. n. GIBSON, I Publisher*
Entered at the I-oup City Poxtofflee for tranx
mission through the mails as second
class matter.
Official Paper Sherman County
It has been ordered that the Republi
can county convention In and for {Sher
man county will be held at Loup City,
on August 22nd, 1898 at 2 o’clock
in the afternoon for the purpose of
electing delegate* to the Congressional
and Senatorial conventions; also plac
ing In nomination a candidate for coun
ty attorney and one member of the
house of representative. And for such
other business as may properly cotne
before the convention.
The vote In said convention will be
based on that cast for Hon. Wm
Gaslin In 1897. One delegate will he
allowed for each 10 republican votes
and one for each major fraction of ten,
and one delegate at large. Represen
tation as follows:
Ashton,.4 Bristol,.8
Clay,.8 Kim.2
Harrison,.6 Hazard.4
Logan,.4 LoupCUy.13
Oak Creek.2 Rockville.2
Bcott.2 Washington.4
Webster.4 Total.83
It Is recornmunded that the primary
elections be bold In the various pre
cincts on August 20th, 1898.
W. J. Fisiiek, Aakon Wall,
Secy. Pro tem. Chairman.
Read the premium list on another
page. The Bherman county Agricultur
al society are making preparations for
the holding of a good fair.
“Speak gently it is better far.’’
And if you can’t, go edit a pop paper
and hear yourself howl.
The Republican Congressional
convention, for the sixth Congress
ionnl district will he held at Broken
Bow, on the 24, day of August,
Speak kindly of a man when he
is living, it does him good and makes
you looks pleasant; any galoot can
say a kind word for a man after he
is dead.
Did you ever get vexed? Well if
you didn't you never belonged to the
prohibition party and had your lead
ers quit you cold for a pop nomina
tion and thus “sell their birth right
for a mess of potage.
The query is, is Poynter, the pop
nominee for governor, county attor
ney Long and the editor of the Times
still in good standing in the piohibi
tion party.
The poppy peculiarities of phat
the devil is it, on Bail Roal, St., de
voted so much space to the North
western last week that Tibbies
letter was crowded out.
It is pbunny about that patent
medicine agent that blew into the
phest homo over the street. He
sized up the place and then came
over to the orphanage and paid us
a decent price in cash. He said
the Times man wanted f“0. worth of
worm medicine for the work but he
did’nt dare sell it only to dealers.
The free silver republicans have
got so scarce that there is only a
very few left, and those are kept in
museums for future geueratious to
see after the race becomes extinct.
There is room left in the case for a
pop or two, who are fast following
their half brother. They will be
known as the Kunsas-Nebraska
twin mummies when they get a little
On .lime 30, last the end of the
fiscal year for Uncle Sam, the excess
of exports over imports was $1151,
000,000 or nearly ten dollars per
head for each tuan woman and child in
the country. Or if taken before the
last democratic administration give
us the set back would of been suf
ficient within 17,000,uuo to of li
■juidated our national deb1, und us
It is would pay (wo thirds (he pres
ent amount. If that is not prosper
ity what is it. A uet gam of )uat
that much wealth for our couuiry in
one year, and that drawn fioui other
countries. Of course that is tough
od the other fellow but the republi
can party looks after our own coun
try first and the o her fellow after
wards Paring the democratic ad
ministration everything wss differ
cut. The pop platform declared that
we were “on the brink of tiers I
flnsnolsl slid political ruin,' ami it
Itegaii to loos a little that way. Hut
Presto i Usage, the country is pots
l*rou», and the wealth of the world
io being dumped at our doors, the
laborer lias wo rk, (he hungry are fed.
Our wealth increasing at the same
rale for ten years would pile up a
per capita that even a pop editor
would be astonished at. But there
is but one way to make a populist
leader happy and that is to give him
an office, in his own estimation he is
a little above the common held and
should be a ruler. It matters not
how successful an administration is,
if it is not pop it is wrong. According
to their speakers no policy is right
but theirs, and theirs is a second i
growth of democratic dclcriums that
would run the country into dpht
faster than the Wilson bill did. A
genuine pop stump speaker is likoi
a Maltese Jack, lie is noted for the
distance you can hear him bray and
the rapidity with which he kicks. You
couldn't make him smile if you tick
eted his nose with a straw, he always
cairies u semi cemetery look about
him. But say ofllce to him and his
ears will wiggle like a jack rabbits
when ho hears the hounds, and a
smite will encircle his head from ear
to ear
The religious demonstration made
on board the battleships at Santiago,
in connection with the victory over
the Spanish having given rise to
some invidious comparisons be
tween the commanders, one of these
the captain of the “Iowa,” has felt
called upon to exhonorate himself
I I w If l cm: *. II .I' 'll nil It |>|h'W 1*11 l I J4< K
of piety. He gives the following
reason for not summoning bis crew
to a r< ligious service of prayer and
praise at the conclusion of Hie san
gunary engagement which destroyed
the Spanish fleet:
“I found my ship surrounded by
boats carrying dead and wounded
prisoners and others of the crew of
the ‘Vizcaya’ to the number of 250.
To leave these men to suffer for
want of food and clothing while I
called my men aft to offer prayer
was not ray idea of either Christian
ity or religion. I preferred to
clothe the naked, feed the hungry,
ami succor the sick, and I am sfnmg
ly of the opinion that God has not
put a black mark against me on
account of it.”
Beyond question the captain of
the “Iowa” is fully qualified relig
iously to command his ship.—Arner
idan Senlinal.
KErllll. ICA sVlATrilKSI.
“We the republicans of Nebraska,
in convention assembled, congratu
late the people of the state upon the
fulfilment of the pledges made at the
national republican convention at
St. Louis. Our industries have reviv
ed, our finances have been maintain
ed, our national credit is restored
and every dollar issued by the gov
ernment is on a par with gold.
• Our laborers are employed, our manufactur
ing establishments have resumed operation,
our rniuait arabeing worked to their full capaci
ty,the messes of the imople are prosperoue ami
are consuming once more to the extent of their
needa the product! of the farm and the factory.
We reafllrm unswerving allegiance to the
principles enunciated in the republican nation
al platform of IHIMJ. We are In favor of the
mafntainance of the present gold standard and
unalterably opposed to the free and unlimited
coinage of ailver.
•f v iuiui iuo |ia.vuioin uui nuiuicia aim
sailors in the same money as is paid tho bond
“We congratulate the action upon the suc
cessful issue of the war with Spain prosecuted
under the directions of William McKinley,
commander-in-chief of the army and navy of
the United States, with the loyal support of
brave volunteers on both land and sea.
“We emphasize our hearty approval of the
wise foreign policy of President McKinley and
also of the terms demanded of Spam as the
conditions of restored peace.
“We pledge, if restored to control of the
state government, an honest and economical
administration of public affairs and the intro
duction of strict business methods into all state
• We pledge the a bolltion of unnecessary or
sinecure state offices.
“We pledge u comprehensive revision of
the revenue laws of the state with a view to u
more equitable distribution of the tax burdens
* We pledge legislation for state control uud
regulation of public coiporalions in the Inter
®*t of all the people.
We pledge the necessary steps toward a
revlslou of the state constitution.
We call attention to tho sham reform of the
allied fusion parties who have secured victory
at the poles u inter false pretenses and whose
pledges are proved by experience to be unreliu
fde and utterly worthless
“We Invite the co-operation ami wupport of
not only all who believe u» republican princi
ple* hut also of ail who wish U tter govern
ment lo the end that X« brawka tnav bo no lot»
gtr discredited by tieing classed among the
slates in subjection lo populism
A further r« solution stint greeting* to all *»d*
dier* and sailors and expressed the hope (hut
all would wot>u return h<»tuc
Th® declaration for the g<dd standard and
•gainst the free wnd unlimited coinage of sll*
ver were loudly sht wrctl
Lincoln, Neb. Ju'y 10,
To Nebrawka Selim»1 iVopic
Mam linM* t.\|H<ririu,'.| iluf). nil>
in liK'atniii liit* Nebraska Mu.-ntimi
at at ih» Tran. Mi*at.*i|.|ii
Kv(.i>,i«t..ii In n. *' tin* i inultr
I’lii* • |» t., la* fouttl in the
gilltll uf Ibe uiaiiufat'lurei* Imllil
1114. tkiHie visit <<ur eltiui • Ilona I
bi'«i|.|iiartet« in the Nebraska.
builtliUK ami fail lu Hu* I I lie J
not knowing that it is put u> in a
nothcr building.
The exhibit occupies some fifteen
thousand square feet of floor space,
and com prices all grades of school
S OME persons say [•
it is natural »or IS
•; them to lose flesh [•
• during summer. >S
*! But losing flesh is losing IS
•j ground. Can you afford ;•
• ' to approach another win- IS
*! ter in this weakened con- IS
• i dition?
SI Coughs and colds,weak IS
Sj throats and lungs, come |£
•j quickest to those who are ;•
SI thin in flesh, to those eas- IS
SI ily chilled, to thone who IS
f; have poor circulation and ;•
• < feeble digestion.
I; SGOtt'S j
j Emulsion j
5 of cod Inxr oil with hypo- ► S
Si phosphitts docs just as IS
1; much good in summer as ;•
•] in winter. It makes flesh *•
SI in August as well as April. IS
Si You certainly need a-» [f
• ] strong nerves in July as in *•
Si January. And your weak
•' throat and lungs should |*
be he aled and ttrengt .■ I *
cned without delay. IS
% it I * •««!»*, to J ft > f
work from tlie kindergarten up
through the State Univer
sity and is pronounced by lead
ing educators of other state as one
of the Quest educational exhibit they
have ever seeu. The New England
Journal of Education, published at
Boston and Chicago, in its issue of
July 14 makes the following com
ment: Tin* educational exhibit of
Nebraska at the Trans-Mississippi
Exposition, Omaha is one of the
best, if imt literally the best, ever
made in the United States.” Ureal
credit is due to the thousands of
educatoia and pupils of the
Nebraska schools who so faith
fully co operated with us in making
the exhibit a success
\\ hile We all are proud that Neb
ruaku has the lowest percent of ii|
i'cratn we feci that this i xluhil is
light iii ktepiug with the high stand
ing our state has attained
The wuik is neatly arranged and
tastefully iteenaited Visitor* Can Qnd
seats where they can test ami exam
inc the work Vou can Stand up for
Nebraska peiloip* in u„ iH*i»er wa\
than by taking yourfteunU with y«*u
tns«e this exhibit wldch no doubt
is as tine an ediicatiolixl exhibit as
was ini put up by any state
II , It Jlieksoil
f*«p» N«bf*»he Educational Exhibit.
J. Phil Jaeger
Wants you to examine Ills new in
voice of Ready to Wear Goods.
Our stock of men's and
boy’s suits arc comepiete in
every particular and we can
suit you both in quality and
price. Give us a call and
be convinced that our prices
are away down and the
quality of our goods is away
up. All fresh seasonable
goods. We have just re
ceived them and want to sell
them out in time to make
room for a fall stock so
will sell on the least possible
We have the finest line
of shoes ever brought to
this city. Our large invoice
just received enables us to
fit everybody and suit every
body us to style, quality of
goods and prices. We
make a specialty of our shoe
department and invite all to
come in and look over our
Full line of ladie’s and
gent’s furnishing goods and
a big stock of general mer
Suer Fabrics if My Kill.
Remember that “Old Glory” still waives
in the breeze and that we are paying the
highest market price for your produce and
give you prompt service and courteous treat
ment. Your Respectfully,
j. PfiiL cJAeeei^
Ijonp City, b IVeb.
and local newspaper in
Attorney anti Notary Public. Publisher Loup City NoBTHWE8TKiU#
Fisher & Benschoter,
Real Estate Agents,
Town Lots, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated
Lips, Lips.
We wish to call the attention of our
many customers to the fact that \v;e have
added to our stock an elegant line of
Lamps, also a fine assortment of GLASS
WARE, fancy cups and saucers and plates.
W e assure all that the prices are way
down. It is a pleasure to come in and
look the goods over and to posess them
is a pnveiage.
Thanking you for past favors I am
Yours Truly, I, S. SHSPPflRD,
Jeweler and Optician,
Loup City, Neb.
Fffnmfflfflli t,**k
B M ' "I >’ » 1 I V. N KBit
Lincoln, Denver.
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake City.
Kansas City. Portland,
St. I/O tils, San Francisco,
nidi all points and all points
Kast and South, \Ve“»
No m Timen*er ... 7 .ft.>a. m
No isj Freight ... o,,, i„
No. 7*1 Ta**enger _ 1.15 p. in.
No. Ml freight 111,Mia. in.
Sleeping, dinner amt reclining chair cars
'seal* freei on through train* Ticket*
wild ai . haggagn chocked to any isnnt In
the V lilted sia'c* or Canada.
for Inloruatton, map*, time tallies and
Ilckela call on or write to A. f. Wert*
Agent. Or J. tit VNfla, Uctt‘1. Passenger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska,
U. T. HA It. WAY.
No. *« leave* daily except Sunday o.u**
eiigun. 7 i») a, ui
No as leave. Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, i mixed, .* UA p,
No UI leave* Tuesday, Tlluiaday am*
Saturday, imlxedi f:;xi». m
No V7 arrive* daily except Sunday mlxed>
II XI a lo
No 4 arrives dally except Sunday pas*
ell. el > 7 5 p m
• list e!a»s service ami close conned loll*
vast, ue*i amt south
w I) rtlrtul, Agent.
• -••up « tty Market Hepurl
Trie** |sxtd lor
r«fl» a ^
W b««t
il**n • i ^
i «*a bb4 bfiltta | ^ j %t
Irw4«i« t
|*#r |«*ud«| t *
K||i| »*« *****
We are now prepared to offer to onr
readers the North WK8TKRN, the Semi
Weekly State Journal, and the Kansas
Oily Weekly Journal, all for the small
sum of ^1,90. This is one of the best
offers out. The twice a week Nebraska
State Journal is one of the best news
papers published in tne state, and eon
tains all the capital news: The Kansas
•-’Ity Weekly is ore of the best week
lev's In Kansas. The Northwkktkkn
Is the olHeial paper of Sherman County
and contains twice as much home
print as any other paper published In
the county. You should not delay In
taking advantage of this great otter In
suhseiibing for these three paper* you
seeurc the three leading Journals ot
lie wo: Id
In Iteuver, suit l.akc City, halt Fran
•'i*eu and 1‘ortlaud, l» via the I'ulou
I'neilie The service of the Union l‘a
elllu to all piimlple western points I*
unexcelled by any liter line and con
sists of I’ulluiuu I’aUee Sleepers, I'ull
man I'ourUt Sleepers i hair Car*, l*iu
mg, Meat* a la car’,
I or Inn*- |»*d* s and foil tnlnriiialinn
mII mi *v 11 lining. Agent
lloli'l l>tl |o get the latest edition of
Hand Mi V ilk ■ go o War Map If you
w |>| I,, is- poets d oil the exact *tHil that
the Itp4i ti I, ale le.tivllig Adai**tbtc
doses ot Aioeneau ‘'jingoism '* Oall
lA *’* Isis ,1 Ibis little*