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Ltlt’H CITY, _- NEB.
JSebraska City's new postmaster
will take charge May 1st.
Thirty-five shares of stock have been
subscribed for a telephone line from
Gering to Kimball, by way of Harris
burg. , . 1
It Is rumored that there is a big
strike in prospect at the South Omaha
packing houses which will be pulled off
about May X.
The Webster Manufacturing com
pany Is making arrangements for an
exhibit of Its goods at the Trans-MIs
■lsslppl Exposition.
A grain elevator burned at Kpene,
on the K. C. £ O. railroad Thursday
morning. Quite a good deal of grain
was stored In the elevator.
As the Hastings band is to be sworn
In as the second regiment band, a col
lection was taken up In the opera
house for Its benefit The contribu
tion amounted to $77.35.
Two more creamery companies have
leen Incorporated, one ai Stroms
burg, with a capital of $7,000 and one
at Havoiock, with $1,000 capital. The
latter is a branch of the Beatrice
company, whlcu has headquarters at
The Methodist society of Harvard
have procured a subscription of some
$1,200 to pay ofT an old debt of some
$176 on tneir church, and the re
mainder to be used in the building of
an addition and In other ways re
pairing and reseating their church
< lie gurri iivm nurt lonucu «»
matlon offering |200 reward for the
apprehension of me murderer of Ol
iver 8. Jones, the Richardson county
man, who was found dead near his
home a few days ago. Jones had his
skull crushed, evidently having been
beaten with a club or billy.
J. B. Johnston, a farmer, residing
about two miles west of Edgar, while
attempting to drlvo some cattle out
of the yard, was attacked by a bull rf
the red polled variety. He was
knocked down and severly butted be
fore he was rescued from his perilous
position. His Injuries gre not con
sidered fatal.
At Geneva a tramp made himself to
familiar with a little girl left in charge
of a candy store. When the girl’s mo
ther, a widow, was told, alia started on
the war path and overhauling him, she
snatched his cane from his hands 3nd
struck him a fearful blow, cutting open
his head, making an ugly wound Ircm
which he bled profusely.
There are quite a number of per
sons In and around Osceola who be
lieve In "’faith cure, or divine heal
ing.” A few days ago Fred Timm.
Mrs. Monroe Stewart and J. R. Stew
art stared for Chicago to go Into the
hospital. Each has been sick for a
long time and Mr. Stewart Is suffering
with paralysis of tne right side and
leg and almottt speechless.
At Ord, Captain Eudmudson re
ceived orders to recruit company B.
Second Regiment, N. N. G.r to full
war strength as rapidly as possible
and to make requisition for camp
equipage and everything needed for
field service. He began work at once.
Five prominent young metj of St.
Paul, Neb., sent word to the captain
that they wanted to enlist in his com
pany. They were given a chance.
The Masonic grand rommandery
meeting at Omaha, closed with the
election of the following officers: Wil
liam K. Williams, York, grand com
mander; Thomas G. Rees, McCook,
grand generalissimo; Samuel P. Dav
idson, Tecumseh, grand captain gei
eral: Byron W. Marsh. Kearnev.
grand prelate; Frank E. Bullard.
North Platte, grand senior warden;
Henry C. Akin, Omaha, grand treas
urer: William R. Bowen, Omaha,
grand recorder.
tV. A. Johnson, ravs the Lincoln
Journal, of Beatrice, was in town last
night with his bloodhounds, Just re
turning frpm a successful trip to Fre
mont. The dogs traced the trail from
Blumenthal's department store some
distance to the home of a clerk of the
store. Hearcli there revealed part of
the Jewelry stolen, concealed and
home otncr of the property. The
clerk then acknowledged that he had
solen It from the store The store
had been opened wlta a key.
Colonel J C. Blllntt of Cuming
county, city clerk and clerk
of the district court, at one time com
mander of the Sons of Veterans of
the state of Nebraska, has applied to
Governor Holcomb for authority to
raise a company of troops tn that vi
cinity for active service Colonel Kl
ltott has received the endorsement of
every prominent cltlien and business
man of the city and If he t>« aothn •
lied to proceed ran guarantee that ho
will have a company on snort order.
Verson* wishing to esporlment this
year with beet proving can obtain
sample of seed sufficient for plnutlng
one-twentieth of tn sere. li> address
ing Crof, H II Ntchoisoft state uni
versity. I.lacole. Neb. As the amount
of seed avalUbt* Is small and as re
quest* will be honored In the order tn
which they are melted, screen*
should make early appllcatl'Ui A rial -
vsea of Pests ral»"<| will be made free
of charge Uv the department of ehem
tstiv Brief dlmiiots for planting and
rulttvaling and blank form lor report
lug reaults. util he sent w;th »*< h
package of ae*d.
Ft re was discovered tn |* If H»:|
worth * general mers haaerse store si
About f mag arise
d*me. fully ruvprpd by Insurance Hat
iks die, ovet v not beetk made hwl
when It »na a targe portion uf the
total nesa part of the town would have
tart bur wed uvt<
Adjutant flenerwl Harry received a
telegram f****t Con*,••#*»#.» dtarh **
follows “I present my •wmpitmeate
Advise that both regiment* Will be •*
derwd Into #e* vl»# at yeude* * wna ta
stale today Itrtnember the MsIh'1
Uancral Hurt t«ob this aa a
Ibat the Netoaaha National tlcgrd
would be railed out anon.
_ 1
Wlill* Hi* C'rnl.rr !»*w Turk sad lb*
Torpedo lloet. Were I’alrnlllns lb*
Coaet tb* Fort. Opened on Then.
—Only Two Shots W.r*
Fired at the Ship* — 1>I«
mantlad hy Shells
Kkv TVkst, Fla., May 2.—^'estor
day afternoon the New York, with
eight well directed shells from the fl
inch gun on her port bow and two
from one of the 9-Inch gun* In her for
ward turret, completely silenced and
rendered useless for both men or guns
two Spanish forts at Fort Cabanas,
twelve miles west of Mariel uud thir
ty-five miles from Havana. As in the
ease of Matanzas, the first shot was
fired hy a Spaniard.
About noon the New York steamed
up the west coast Following the flag
ship for quite u distance came the
lowo, Indiana, Helena and torpedo
boats l'ortcr and Kricsson. Hut, after
Havana was passed, where the Helena
went in so close that a crashing shot
from Moro was momentarily expected,
the ships, with the exception of the
torpedo boats soon returned to their
Coder full head of steam the flag
snip bowled along until Muriel was
reached It was easy, from aboard
the dispatch boat, wltnout glasses to
see the commotion raised in the pretty
little village by the presence of the
war ships
The people rushed wildly about and
small boats quickly put in shore. Hut
there was no apparent life in either of
the forts on tin; two hills that cover
the approaches to the harbor.
The I’orter steamed within half a
mile of them and the New York swung
leisurely at anchor at a mile range.
After Admiral Sampson had sur
veyed Muriel to his apparent satis
faction he sent the flagship clipping
merrily further up the coast.
Again the flag ship rode uncon
cernedly half a mile from the forts,
and the I’orter and the Ericsson
pushed their way ahead. Suddenly '
there was a roar of a heavy gun, u 1
puff of smoke from the shore and the |
little torpedo boat came scurrying i
back under the lea of the flagship. j
The officers and men disappeared
from the decks of the New York like
magic and in less time thun it takes to
tell it, one O-inch gun from her bow
belched forth.
The evening was fading fast. Quick,
good work was necessary. Another
shot from the flagship, one more from
the shore und the fort’s guns were si
lenced. Three O-inch shells had suf
Kive more shots put a quietus upon
the fortifications. The first shot was
fired at 0:20. At 0:3r> the New York
let go two 6-ineh shells, one at each
fortification to complete the job.
There was no answer from the shore.
Ten minutes later the flag ship let
go two of her S-ineh turret guns, and
the shrieking shells left a trail of fire
easily seen in the dark shadows of the j
At this time the shore was hardly )
visible, and the New York put back to j
her station.
Naval Officer* Think Spain'* Sliljn May
He Further Injured
WAMilffOTO.N, May 2.—About the
only item of news that came to the
Navy department this morning from
any ofiicial source told of tiie depart
ure of that part of tiie Spanish Cape
Verde Meet which consisted of torpedo
bouts and transports for tiie Canaries.
The fact Urn I two of tiie torpedo boats
were in tow of the big Spanish trans
port, uuval officers regard us a sign
that in tiie collision between these
vessels the machinery of the boats
was disabled beyond the possibility of
repair at St Vincent
It is hy un means a safe undertaking
to tow a torpedo boat tits long dis
tance tot tween ( apu Verde and tiie Ca
naries, auil it would not surprise na
val officers if one or inure of tile little
: boats were missing when tiie remain
der of the small licet arrived at tiie
| i a n arics.
Spanish Spi*« at hart
Nt w \ uka. May •' A dispatch to
I the New lurk Herald from Montreal
| says: That Spam has arranged for the
use of spies in the present war is now
an ascertained fact In addition to
i the employment of the ordinary prk
vale detectives, the hpanlsh minister
at Washington, ever since the Cuban
insurrection began had a large hum
- her of see re I service agent* s!i over
• he seaport* of the i nlto t Mates.
MpeateW tsrsy* !e tPsst
WvvHivshii, May 3 • It is said
I here that the harmiesa growls that
appear tn the t.arop i aw pa pint, nut
threats to interfere to prevent the
It attest Metes forces fvon* btuehedtag
the |‘hn pp nes. were fu up taped* I
I I hiring the civil war thsre were a
S great invar attempt* no the part of
Lamps'so nations to disregard ewe
: blues ode end m*nv threat* »f inlet"
j fere nee, a I of which earn* to naught
front tb* n m att tela **»s«wd hy
I the ffeervlarr of Male In she present
i .-**,« the s osdll'ons of the t Vis* b,o-h
ad* ere much more liberal Coward the
j is* wet* thaw ever tie posed before
Iftmla to the Government to Assume
the Offensive Against America.
Madrid, May 2.—(ieneral Weyler,
In the senate, urged the government
to take the offensive against America.
He justifies his administration in Cuba.
He declared that had he been al
lowed six months longer be would
have entirely crushed the insurrec
tion aud would have realized the
promise he made to Seitor Canovas
Del Castello, that by April, 18PH, he
would be in a position to offer him
SO,000 veterans to attack the United
(ieneral Weyler severely criticised
the home rule policy in Cuba, and the
time selected for decreeing it, and he
concluded with a passionate appeal
for a display of energy, urging the
government to take the offensive vig
orously on both land and sea, as re
maining on (lie defensive was “the
worst possible policy with such an
Rerretary Algvr Issues a Sweeping Order
Kujolnln* the atrlcteit Secrecy.
Was ill sotos, May 2. — The War
department is very seriously con
cerned over the publication of its in
tention to select (iSneral Hliafter to
command the first detachment of
troop* to be sent to Cuba. To pre
vent any further disclosure of
the plans of the campaign, Secre
tary Aigcr this morning issued
a most sweeping order directed to all
bureau chiefs of the war department
aud all officers on special duty, from
tlie highest to the lowest, instructing^
them, under no circumstances to give
any information to the press on any
subject connected with the war.
Kussla Is Rorely Grieved.
Loxdox, May 2.—The Moscow cor
respondent of the (Standard says:
Public opinion in Russia, so far as it
is expressed, sympathizes with (Spain.
Apart from admiration of the courage
that ventures upon a conflict with an
overwhelmingly superior antagonist,
Russia lias received a severe blow in
the suspected friendly agreement be
tween the United (States and Kngland.
Thu Russians do not forget placing
their fleet at the disposal of the North*
in the war of secession in 1801, and
they are bitterly aggrieved that the
United is not oqualty mindful
of this service now.
Preparing for llorabardmtnt.
Washington, May 2.—Diplomats,
lie re are making arrangements
through their country’s consuls and
agents at Havana for the departure
of foreign officials and colonies as
soon as tiiere is any indication of bom
bardment or any other move that will
imperil the lives of foreigners resid
ing in Havana. A liritisb warship is
now on the way to Havana. Germany,
Italy and Austria also have ships ic
West Indian waters within easy reach
of Havana to take cure of their citi
Decorated for fitionlnc Well*
Madrid, May 2.— The captain of
the Kpanish steamer Montserrat, the
vessel which was hound for Havana
with a valuable cargo and which suc
ceeded in making the port of Cienfu
gos, has been decorated with the red
cross and has been granted a special
Two Trait* Mar Combine.
Pittshurg, I’a., May 2. —A report,
was circulated in this city last night
that a combination of the Arbucklc
coffee and the Havemeyer sugar in
terests had been about completed. It
is the belief that the price of sugar
OUU WUVb <* III UC UiitkCI mil V JU«
Kauta Fa Increase* ffneti.
Topeka. Kan., May X—The Santa
Fe Railway company officials have
given notice that commencing Monday
the working time of all shop men on
the system will he increased fifteen
hours i>er week. This will increase
the pay roll 37 per cent
(lorinan K«l(nt Caucus Chairmanship. 1
Washington, May 3. — Senator
tionrian, who for many years has been
chairman of the Democratic caucus of
the Senate, resigned the position yes
terday, and Kenulor Turpie, of Indi
ana, was chosor. as his successor.
ltu»* Mr Hsu* Fres.
Stun 8ino, May 3. — John Y Me
Kane was released from prison to-day,
after having served four years uud
two months for violating the election
laws at lotiry Island.
Americans tn Ita Fipsllvd.
I.OMHIN, May ?,—A dlsjialch from
Madrid says the Spanish government
is upon the point uf csps-lting alt cltt
sens of tlie i nited States front spam.
Nlrihsiu* Is Itsiavag
ltio Jamkimw, May ; The dc|iart
ur<- of the I lilted States dynamite
! cruiser Nietheroy bus been delayed by
a breakage itt her machinery.
Iiss f Sees* Her Itlsss Hilts
I.osinis, May 3 —-I’rinee Itisiuarck,
Accor.Dug to a dispatch from Itcrtm.
save listwisv ought «.t| to hind her
hands by a neutrality deelnrnttnn
Was Fries* ta street Hr Mala
l.oso .s, M ,y | iiatug it tha
war between upntn and the t'a.ted
slates Ihtrbythife lead advanced tu
|s> sb, and s»gar tuts ft it a tun at
j ttiasguw, making a rise uf hi it per
ton during the press’ a t week
tstsk HtlflsUs Mt-r«4
Maw (sst May A latts-r ho*
been sent to t*re*ideat M*h ntey t*v
tt Ittham i.y sou prei-tent of Ike Irish
National t i auv otfvrmg to tween an
Irish brigade to assist the l ntled
states m the war with Spain.
I __ .
nimplf to Aarffrtatn tho ITIioro*
about* of tho Hhor* llattorlo*—Ma*
tancn* to Ho Takon at nn Karljr
Dal*, no That AM M*j Ito
tilvoo tli* llrcoocontra*
do* — Hoard’* I'laua
Washixotox, April YD. —The navy
department has no reports regarding
the engagement ;it Matanzas between
the shore batteries and three vessels
of Admiral Samps >n's fleet It, of
courie, could not be expected that tho
news could be hail from Havana, with
a Spanish censorship managing the
end of the cable there.
The fact that Admiral Simp.03 has
not made any report to the Secretary
as yet, no* withstanding he must have
had the same opportunity to communi
cate with Key West as was enjoyed
by the press, leads the officials of the
department to believe that the affair
was not of great consequence. Indeed,
they say that it is inciAnceivable that
any very extensive damage could have
been in A cted upon properly placed
batteries at the distance reported,
verying from two and a half to four
miles, in the short space of eighteen
minutes, during which It is said the
the engagement lasted.
A member of the strategy board,
who is of course thoroughly conver
sant with the ylans of Admiral Samp
son, so far as they have been general
ized, is authority for the statement
that the admiral had no Intention
whatever at this time to bombard the
Matanzas battery. To do so now
would be bad strategy and of little
avail, for in the absence of any land
ing force the admiral would be unpre
pared to take advantage of the vic
tory he might gain through a reduc
tion of forts, uml the Spaniards might
havo ample opportunity over niptit to
repair in a large measure the damage
inflicted on their fortifications. It is
stated positively that Admiral Samp
son's purpose was to ascertain if any
shore batteries existed in Matanzas.
and If so to draw their tire and ascer
tain their character and then to retire ,
beyond r*.nge In other words, it was
simply a naval reconnoisance.
In the event that during his obser
vations the admiral discovered tiiat
new defenses were uuder construction
on shore ne would of course not lose
the opportunity to erippte them by
throwing a few shells into the earth
works and endeavoring to knock over
a gun or two. It is the general belief
at the depart meat, however, ttiat Ms
tau<a* is to be s“uu reduced aud made
a base of operations in the campeiga
against Havana. It U also the I'res
ident's purpose to keep In mind
throughout the war the awful condi
tion of the rerouteutradii*, who are
moat nuitn-mu* in aud around Matau
•s* I'aies* relief is os tended tultieut
they undoubtedly will perish during
the progress of a long drawn out war
The reported seizure by the t'pauish
military authurlWes at Uiisumi
of the stores contributed by Amer
icans, and held in trust there for
the relief ef tires* peer r.iffrrrr* Is
I regarded as a eiear tirdteation that
1 even if the Hi i t rose steamer Tv sat
- is permitted to land her cargo of nep
■ pUes at Matin*** under •* sting nm
j .liar the front Wlii not resets Ih# re
i i-uMv * trade* * but wilt ea I v go te
{ AM |>{Mif | III# >%U HI Ibfil
| r* il *
j %U%\ III* | r*A*4#m r >«*!*«* p.ftW* III#
I nr » *#*««*• #9 UrnI4M4K Ml AMiljr
( *9 !!• tul III a $
| 4#« !!<( Il* Miljf bul4 wttl I
U« I Imp ftlftttitttf |»ii
U t* Mi*if lli*!
i wiili Mb##*# #1 Um uflkttfv*
of a general engagement In Admiral
Sampson's reconnoisance, he will
soon take steps to begin a heavier //i
lively bombardment of Matauri^»
rhlltpplas Kvbsla Massacred sod rtsesd
In Prlsoos to Ola
Vaxcouvkh, II. C, April 2ft — Mail
brought by tho Empress of China,
which arrived here this morning from
Hong Kong and Yokohama, stales
that the people of ttie Orient are turn
ing their attention from far Eastern
questions to the war between the
United States and Spain. Generally
speaking, the press is on llie side of
Spain seems to be resorting' to foul
tactics to kill the rebellion. At the
end of March ISO rebels were holding
I a meeting in a house at Manila. The
news got to tho authorities and the
' house tvas surrounded with the result
that upon their r.-fusil to surrender,
about ten so-called insurectlonists
were killed, some forty wounded, and
the remainder taken prisoner*. They
did not linger long in confinement, be
ing released by death This massacre
aroused Intense indignation. The
Japanese oillcials declare it becomes
more evident than ever as events pro
gress and develop that neither the
present government nor the Philippine
rebels can ever govern the islands, as
.tiiev ought to be governed with a
view to tiie reasonable development of
tills "paradise of the earth. ”
Go to hpautab boltllvri.
MATAMXAa, April J<J. — Ity order of
General Molino. the food supplies
now in store here for the reconcen
tredos will be held subject to his
orders in ease they may be needed to
feed the soldiers during the approach
ing contlicb
Democrats Malta a right on the liond
Washington. April S9. — The general
debate upon the measure framed by
the ways and means committee to
meet the extraordinary expenditures
of the war with Spain opened in the
House yesterday. There was a signal
absence of that partisan rancor which
lias always heretofore characterized
debates on revenue measures.
Both sides, speaking through their
respective leaders, Messrs. Dlngley
and Bailey, concurred in the necessity
which existed for immediate raising
of hundreds of millions to prosecute
the war, but the opposing doctrines
which they held clashed at the first
onset over the methods by which thu
revenue should be raised. The sec
tion providing for 8100,0'R),0CK) of
bonds became the target of the
Democratic and Populistic oppo
sition, and Mr. Bailsy, in an hour's
K|>eecli argued for an income tax
which would raise SlUD.dOO.ouo a year;
the coinage of the silver seigniorage,
and the Issue of ff.'.H.uoo.OOO of legal
tender notes, as un alternative propo
sition. Mr. Dlngley declared that it
was almost Incredible that anyone
e hi lit seriously propose in such a crisis
that the goeernuient should rely for
funds upon the proceeds of another
law suit over a proposition which thu
supreme court had alreuly decided
aga list the government.
Nssr i Usages Ssssl Par.
IV a mmo lo*. Aped T< Senators,
members of the House uf Usprssenta
Uvea and stala officials crowded her
relary Aigirs office at the wav 4c
partmeat to lay. suggesting .haages
in the apportionment of the troops Use
stales were called upon lu furnish, or
ashing for a ehen jt* • ( res Is s> • «»
Wise Spaatah Warships at Manila
l.osims Apr It 3k It is repictrd la
Madr- t, sr <udisf to a dispsWh this
sflrrscus from the smsnii vaoitsi
that a Spanish s*|W4 Iron of list war
I ships is I front Manila u Hoad sir
i last tula** up ptsailnnss oft h<sl,ig,,a
uat where they will await the pwsswea
of tnsvr vsii mecehant vessata, fsrc the
p-tri>av of them.
Her Pilot Homo Woe Almost Itlowa to
rircM Hsforo the V«i#l Obeyed the
Order to Stop — Hu Loaded
With Money and Supplies
Prom Corunna for
lllaneo's Troops.
k'r;y Wfst, I-’la., April 20—The
j Fnited States monitor Terror, Captain
j N. Ludlow, captured the big Spanish
steamer Guido, bound from Cornua,
Spain, for Havana, early yesterday.
The prize had on board a large cargo
| of provisions and money intended for
I the Spanish troops In Cuba. The
j capture took place ten miles off Car
, denas, ufter a hot chase, during which
] the Terror and the gunboat Machias
I fired, almost blowing the Spaniard's
' pilothouse into the water.
The money captured is in an iron
I safe. Thf amount of this is unknown.
It la estimated that ttie Guido, with
her cargo, is wortli 3109,003,
The Spanish steamer Guido, Cap
tain Armareehia, is a vessel of 2,0-15
tons net, owned by the Navigation
company of Uilboa. She was built at
Ikdfast in 1883, is 300 feet long, has
forty-one feet beam and is twenty-six
fret deep. The Guido left Liverpool
on April 2 and Corunna on April K,
for Havana.
The Spanish crew feared they would
he hanged or driven overboard after
l the solid shot crashed through the
, pilot house and the formidable inoui
I tor swung around abeam of them with
l the crew at her monster guns. It was
a 0-pouOder that made the Guido
! heave to. The Muchias was within
j hulling distance, and so will share the
prize money.
The crew of the prize were delight
ed to know that they were to be taken
to Key West, and not to be turned
loose on the coast of Cuba, where thev
feared death at the hands of the in
the i’ortusovae Uovernmeat IIm Cloaed
ttis < able* ¥ run Capa Varda Islands.
Lisbon, April 2 .—The official Ga
1 ret to today uunounces that the Portu
{ guose government has, ao far as tho
1 public is concerned, stopped the dis
patch of telegraphic Information re
garding tha movements of warships
on the seaboard, or in the harbors of
1.0MH1S, April 28, —A sensation has
been caused by the action of the
Portuguese government in stopping
the transmission of telegraphic infor
mation regarding the movement* of
war ship* in Portuguese port*, a* it
revests the hitherto scarcely concealed
fact that Portugal la doing everything
I possible to aid Hpain.
1 he decision of the Portuguese gov
ernment it undoubtedly brought to
bear upon het by Spent, and the aula
| object of (be order, It la believed, is
t«* prevent newt of the departure of
| the spaalsh Heel from being cabled
from st Vtacwate, Cape Verde
its Bel Wees le Ue Is tab*
i Nsst Ittus N. C, April the
I i dicers of the fourth brigade com
|o*eed of state troops, passed reso, u*
<)•<** refat ng to be seat to I si*
I be men «a> thev will Stay here ao I
tight, but they will nut go outside the
t'Hitof *t*te* as individual so, diet
* "tapsa «i to hght the Bpaa.srda.
a I «js* la Sell la taolvs
V-uoii*ut. Aprd n -m fhe local
1 toss * urge *V}>tn to reasent to
Aaorfu's basing the two Japanese
re se>* aow handing hs tha I atted