The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, April 15, 1898, Image 1

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OFFICE.—One door ea»t of Obue'i
drug (tore.
LOO? OITT, i | m
Eiptiss and General Dalivary Una.
# ««««.
All Ki|tr«*. or Freight order* prompt
1) attended to
iN>at« a
6«Mral taw and Collection Buslnasa
. , A «o«| rwMW. HnooflM u* tree
»II... to ..M e,
tine U«o n>»..* of t...» Me. k,
UHt tlft. «• *«t**t
W J. fltHEII.
Attorney at lav and Notary Pallia.
Will Defend In I'wi'. .re In—«
*i an no t
Q*n«r«l Neal B»l*le ButlitME
tigM* 'V«m. »•» netnllngk t it« %t ••**•*
A ClflHr Mtatamentof Fart mid A»k« for
Army and Navy,
Ketolullonft Adopted by a Vota of 11# To
339.-Pei»rli Prom the Meftiago.
The Presidents message was
given to congress on Monday last as
previously announced and it proved
to be a clear and concise statement
as to the faets existing on the island
of Caba as well as the strained re
lations between this country and
Spain, although not clearly recomend
ing a decloration of war yet stated
that the war in Cuba must stop, and
asking congress that the army and
navy be placed at the disposal of the
president to enforce his decrees.
Mach heated debate has taken
place in both houses since the re
ceipt of the message over pending
affairs. The committee on foreign
affairs in the house brought in a re
solution to the effect that “It is the
opinion of this committe that the
time to interpose has arrived; that
intervention which will stop the war
and secure the natioual independence
of Cuba should at onee take place.
If under all the circumstances, Spain
shall choose to regard such action by
this government as a cause of war,
that consequence however deplor
able, will be accepted by the Amer
ican people with all the fortitude
that the justice of their action can
inspire, ect.” The resolution passed
the house by a vote of 322 yeas and
lit nays, 15 democrats 3 republicans
and 1 populist voting against it. It
is believed that this resolution will
speadily bring on an open rupture
between this country and Spain.
The flying squadron which has
been concentrated at Hampton roads
weighed anchor and moved out to
sea Wednesday afternoon, but wither
for practice or on a mission of war
has at this time not been definitely
ascertained. The Asiatic squadron
is laying at Hong Kong China, 7Oo
miles from Manilla, I’hiliippine Is
lands, ready to swoop down upon
that place as soon as orders are re
ceived from Washington, and the
present outlook is that open hostili
ties will begin very soon.
Pearls Prom The Message.
“1 speak not of forcible annexa
tion, for that cannot be thought of.
That by our code of morality, would
be criminal aggression."
“Since the present revolution be
gan in February, lotto, tuia country
has seen the fertile domain at our
threshold ravaged by fire and sword
in the course of a struggle unequaled
in the history of the island, and rare
ly paralleled.”
"Reconcentration adopted avowed
ly as a war measure in order to cut
off the resources of the insurgents,
worked its predestined result. As I
said in my message of last December,
it was uot civilized wartsre, it was
extermination. The ouly peace it
could beget was that of the wilder
ness and the grave.”
"The war in Cubu is of such a ua
ture that, short of subjugation or ex
termination, a final millttaiy victory
for either side seems impracticable. ”
"From the standpoint of expedt
euev 1 do not thl rk it would tie wise
or prudent fur this government to
recognise at the present time the In
de|>endruoe of the so-railed i'uttau
republic. Much recognition Is not
necessary in order to enable the
t ailed (Males to mien en# and pa* if>
! the island
‘The naval court uf unpMry, wbi- h
it n needless to say, i-'Uimsuds the
un |«talified confidence of the govern
ment, was unanimous In Ms touctu
sion that Ihe destruction of the \latnv
• as mused ht an valntHur eapl-oion
that of a submertee ndne tl dtd
not assume to piacu the iripasiMI
III, That remains to ho Acsd
"In am event the deettoctiow ol
the Main?, bv whatever exterior force
is a patent anil impressive proof of a
state of things in Cuba that is intol
erable. That condition is thus shown
to be such that the Spanish govern
ment cannot assure safety und secu
rity to n vessel of the American navy
in the harbor of Havauu on a mis
sion of peace and rightfully there.”
ft "
The township board of Loup City
township has directed its clerk to
call a special meeting of the citizens
of said township to be held on Sat
urday April 2d, at 10, o clock a. rn.
for the purpose of seeing what should
be done in the matter ot the case
recently brought against said town
ship, to collect the interest on the
canal bonds. It appears that owing
to an injunction served on the county
officers, by the B, & M. It. It. Co.,
restraining them from levying and
collecting said tax interest, that the
interest on the bonds has not been
paid, and that the bond holders have
brought suit against the township.
The object of the special meeting of
the township l>oard is to get the ad
vise and wishes of the people inter
ested, as to what should be dooe in
the matter. If the case is prosecuted
it will necessitate the large expense
of hiring council etc. If it goes by
default then the township is liable
for the tux and the injunction case
still stands. The affair is a compli
cated one and about the only thing
that we have to suggest is to send a
representative down to see the rail
road company and if possible ar
range with them to adjust matters
in some way.
The A. O. U. W. and M. W. of A.
Lodges, gave an entertainment on
Monday night, following the enter
tainment was a dance, Tiie cuter
taiument was good, but poorly at
tended, but nevertheless it was wor
thy of a larger audience. The dance
received better patronage, and every
one reports having a good time.
Miss Kva Taylor, and Mr Karl
Kendall of St. Paul, spent Saturday
and Sunday in our hustling little
town, af the home of Mrs. J. P. Tay
The Pringle Comedy Company are
to play “A happy pair, and A bash
ful lover,” and “ Were you married
in haste” at the opera house Tues
day and Wednesday evening, the
troup comes well recommended.
A nice rain visited us Monday
Ashton is not so slow, the latest
is that ere long we are to have u nice
three lap bicycle track constructed.
Wilo/vn Wr.i'o iiah f eu /if n ro ♦/» >1<\
' ' - --—-— I —--- — • — ” “
the work.
Miss Fair spent Saturday and
Sunilay at her home in Rockville.
Mr. Emil Beushousen hiked it to
Grand Island Saturday afternoon in
just five hours via Boelus, Cairo, and
Abbott, returning Monday in the
speedy time of 4:f>0, now look out
or some records will be broken by
that worthy gentlcmau.
Mr. R. A. Wilson, who has betn
visiting here for the past week left
Tuesday moruiug for Ilswarden, la
where he will visit his son, before
proceeding to his home at Cuba City
We understand that Mrs. C 1*.
j Hide, who has been spcudiug the
past fortnight with her brother will
leave thursday morning, for her
■ home at City, la
Mr E G. Tat lor left Tuesday
afternoon for Central City, wiiere he
I will attend a meeting uf the Fleshy
Rev S' a ton, was Uete and d<*
j llvefsd a wry aide sermon Sunday
; morning, assisted by i>u> Itev Snow
! <I«h
Mis. E G. Tatlor went to nt Caul
! Tinsday afternoon for a few days
! via**
j tin* of msi j dly bis ksmilha, Mr
John k. |>a* a now l4> tiU John
j i* aw old n I*i »i*d i* tmad hoys
i had heiht t il try t« pans him on
, the road
I'trai halt storm of the year Twee
! day aftem****, tsl the atones tmuig
small the* del wo damage alum
I lasting Ave minute*
l C l’
nto-x niK MiDDLK loi;p rivkk
A PtitUiiMi Willi Mxly N'iihm*« Pr<m«nt«Ml
l«» 11ms lloMril of Mu|»«*rvl»oi*.
Brldg<- lw Ims llulll 10 Moon »* Tlirri*
Am Piinil*.
A large delegation of farmers
from Webster, Washington, and
Him townships came in to the coun
ty seat last Monday and petitioned
the county board to construct a
bridge accross the Middle Loup riv
er directly west of Loup City.
There were at least sixty tarmers
from the above named townships
present, all directly interested in the
enterprise. The petition contained
fifty eight names and was signed in
the presence of 'he board and was
ucted upon a'most as soon us pre
sented, tbe matter having been
st. .. .it. .1: ... l .. — A. * 1
by the members of tbe board for
months prior to the granting of the
The motion to allow the petition
was made by Mr. Leiniugcr, of
Washington township ami ex-chiiir
man of the board, with the uioditi
cation that, the bridge lie built us
soon as there are funds on baud to
| construct the same, 8. N. Sweet
land seconded the motion.
Before the vote was taken it was
suggested by tbe chairman, Mr.
Bunker that it might be better to
wait and see if the county would
have funds to go ahead with, but a
call for the (pies'.i< n brought the
matter squarely lie fore the boa id
and the vote which followed carried
the proposition, foul out of seven
supporting it. The nays were not
called for, but it was apparent that
those not voting in the affirmative
were ready to vote in the negative,
for does not tire good book say, “he
that is not for me is against me.”
Those supporting the measure were
John Leininger, 8. N. Sweetlano,
Lewis fiechtbold and A. L. Baines.
Those not voting were Michael Keo
wlinski, I’eter McKeon and Chair
man Bunker.
That the bridge in questiou is a
necessity has been a long establish
ed tact and it was greatly emphesis
ed by tbe farmers present, all of
whom are compelled to go several
miles out of their way to get to the
county seat.
It is thought mat mere is now
enough funds in sight to construct
the bridge and have it ready for fall
use. At present there is about #1,
tiOO in the county bridge fund, hut
against this there ia between teu and
twelve hundred dollars worth of
claims filed. A careful examination
of the fund Ity the supervisors show
that there will be about ttOO.UO left
after all claims to date are satisfied.
To tiiis may be added fl.OOo whitli
war taken from the bridge fund last
winter and placed in tin* general
fund. U could tie transferred hack
again to where it properly belong*
I and thus make the ready available
i cash for bridge purpose ou baud of
*gI,4ot). This with the June lew
would furnish ample funds to build
the bridge as wrli as leave a ueul
jlittie sum lu lire bridge fund in ease
i of «u) needed repair*. Kr rti figures
j submitted to the board for the e- u
] siiucttonof s’teh a hiulge flour t*< t
j i Ins* luaUlt.d We a t lint it tsuiliiHe
[built for atMMlt f.i IMt pel lineal frail,
I abn.rl |Mi lr« t of bit !ge la Her'ess.tiy
]i-i pan tic liver at die potul of in
it si* m, e*>4 tiro approximate even o
{r l‘it i*u.^ applti ri Us s ai d * v * 11 * I , .
t b*’ port |Vel) l» ** thsii $/, ire
I lie Its* W II Mr reef, psalur »l t| >
it tt t li’ii luiitbuig t*s , iringsie
r Ur** rs'ua r-f > brati1 ilah * rwiati
K .>I|. r*i| dues H i bestial* In tell
..ifisr* it. ui tr | Wave used i SstnSo
■sms i nark gsMierlf,*, b* up ' si.ii
UH*i It sa v %#e rrsrt are t* tsv i..i .
I«- u«lM amt hot*•»*»* ” s»» dr-sr *s*rr
: ago give* It * tltsl *nt*l li| r« hr.
I dafcl lif t
I have declared war on high prices and invite you to
A Corn Planter or
Harrow or Sulky Plow, a
Mills, Pumps and Pipes.
Vice-President. Cashier.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Capital Stock, $50,000.
Loans on Improved Farms at NINE per cent. Heat Company and Best Terms
to be had in tiie west.
CoBREBl'OKDKNTS: Chemical National liank, New York City, N. Y., Omaha
National Dank, Omaha, Nebraska.
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake City.
Kansas City, Portland,
St. Louis, San Francisco,
anti all points and all points
Kasl and South. West
No. M Passenger.7:ftfta. no
No (IQ Freight . i! .00 p. no.
No. M Passenger .4:1ft p. in.
No. ftli Freight. . IliftOa. in.
sleeping, dinner anil reclining chair cars
(seals free) on through trains. Tickets
sold and baggage checked to any point In
the United stales or Canada.
For Information, maps, time tallies and
tickets call on or write to A. F. Werts
Agent. OrJ.FKANOIa, Geu'l. Passenger
Agent, Omuha, Nebraska.
U. P. llAll.WAY
No. SB leaves daily eseepl Sunday (pass
enger). 7 ;*> a. ui
No as leaves Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, (mixed) - Oft p. in.
No (•( leaves Tuesday, Thursday ant'
Saturday, imlsedl I> m.
No »7 arrives daily except Sunday (mixed)
II 4.1 n tu
No. 4 arrives dally except Sunday (pass
anger) 7.0ft p lu
First class service and dose connections
easl, w est and south
W II Dlirrus, Ageul.
Ill, HUM* ION fttot'YK
I I*r<m#li lorn Ul curt, In
i'liiir#!* of *|.*vlt4l ruuriiuii iitAt *#«*r»
(till) to •'ottlp 4<lU «t Mill f**| uif tl |*ul|
in 11* (i*«vd kiioi* * iiy, tfvw)
I l)tir»'Ut inornhi# for l*oriUml nr**.
I t, run ov«» lit** liorllugton Itoute
!b*kv«ft If A H U, Ki vruii l.lm*
«I#>|4|4 HIlMfl I,till* AIol II. li
A \ * o I«« *N »t|0«ll*.|| \ I ) over of
(im ItDiir* I* iiink «l *aM l..b* ( Ill,
giving |»A***og* ** %u o|*|»Miii«iiftii tu U*
o ittt M i|U iMilt 't a 11 fi t ►!*•» of iftH* umil
in iiiittu* aim! tout* •*♦•«# triil* * In iitA
iitllil I uol* H»lw »Ul4*) i|| 1*1*1 IIAO*I
Ui ui o*l*» i I*# m* Nortti«v«i |m*iit|
•botiM futiu lit*# ** vug MoiMiutu,
I It*»V U (A** fcltt* ‘l**"! Of M4HH llHIlfVfli
Im * « • .nrk-'h- l»'p Ilf (40 hl,S
All U** «■;IMP*« of (4«U« v * « **|*ft»#
v* *.--kvgmg ***»i% ib*i» ri«|MiiMit &t»t*b
4 « »* M A*»i* «rv ai *>**4 HmUi
Ul* b**»*A* I III fo |%s|llAO l
l»»f llfbftA 4*>»l foil IftMtkilDHi. tf4M
I At utUAtUAf Mm* Hugluu Hmltf IHlifl
, **ftt r of Alt » »m I l uik t*, It |* \%
[ I Hit Ab% \ W»»«
why not be Independent arid own your
own little gas plant which will give four
times more light tban ordinary gas, or
electric lights at one half the cost?
Applicable for use in cburcbes, stores,
factories, hotels, residences and country
homes; safer than ordinary gas or ker
osene lamps. Approved by all the Boards
of Underwriters throughout the United
States. We want a' first class agent in
every town. Write for catalogue and
The Acetylene Gas Machine Co.
Akron, Ohio.
A torpid liver robs you of ambition
and ruins your health. DeWitt’s Little
Karly Risers cleanse the llyer.cure con
stipation and all stomach troubles For
sale at Odendalil Bros.
Thirty-live years make a generation
Tlist is bow long Adolph Fisher, of
Zanesville, O., suffered from piles. He
was cured by using three boxes of De
Witt’-Witch H»xel Salve. For sale hy
Odendalil lire's.
Nolle# I* hereby given that on Meruit Hi,
ir*- Vlfred chambers tiled with the vil
lage Clerk of Lou|> city, Nebraska bis pe
tition fur Ilia Isauance of a license ps sell
mult .plrltuous sml vinous lt<|iiurs, within
•aid Village during the year neat eu
-uing f r need ay Mur ru
Issst (ibjtu Ilona to Ibe Issuance of sin a ti
cense must lie Hied on or befuee Ibe said
thud day uf May UM*
vrsesti I'sistist,
Vilest T H NlotlllkUalfc.
village Clerk,
Sot ue |s hereby given I bet on March E,
i*« t Hems Eisner, Mod with the Clerk
■>f llse V II age el I imp City Neluesks his
l«ri it loss for license t*s sell me l spirituous
end SIB"',a |i ,iu,rs within Ike sain Village
•sf loap V ill Nebraska. during the decal
>,sr ,oiaiuvo, mg May tyd, i«ns iiyiwlkMU
I., the i*. 'slice o| so,I, license nrnet be
diet on tn i dote tan! tru das -I May Mk
t Ilk sits El »sEM
Attest t S fluHTlIUttE
V < i age Chirk
rkHMit Nofim
Suttee is hereby glsee that C, J odea
dan ssi W ti, iMeudehl. per Uses# end
doing kU'iaeas asde# the kfns asm* and
sty le uf tkte*sdahl Itrsrihese, knee si the
Mu .lay «g Vtassh. bees, died then uemum
,ad abgtssal t»>s I r e peytail V< sets ittkggf
list ugebsslis , end . Sseiea1 pasgissee
la ise s i age *1 i sss i i.s fas tea data *
log seas', Is* el lisua Met Mb, Ids to
May |iIe tskb All peteues sSinims there
le eill gfe sqms ms its heinye tke beat re
gakat asset mg '-I the heard of syeeAeea el
said tillage Insted thus Pv day at Mated.
' yssg,
( a a s-sny tnestg.
v sUag « Vlte tk.