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The January North American Re
view contains an admirable essay on
"The Intellectual Powers of Woman,”
by Prof. Fabian Franklin, being in
substance a reply to the spirited arti
cle by Mrs. G. G. Buckler In the Sep
tember Review entitled "The l>esser
I Man.'' Prof. Kraklln Is or the opin
' ton that it Is Impossible t- determine
the relative powers of man and worn
•L an; that It will be long before experi
/ ence can show, even with a moder
ate degree of probability, what limits
there may be to the possibilities of
woman In the realm of intellect. In
the meanwhile, he pleads, let us not
belittle the actual work of women, in
pursuance of a baseless dogma of es
sential inferiority.
Ilimall mimI .fapao.
Dispatch©* from Washington stnt© that
there are about to l»e* Important de\ elopment*
In (he Japanese Imbroglio wiili the govern*
incut of ili© Hawaiian Inlands. However till*
itiuv be. certain It Is that the disturbance of
tlm stomach cannerI by simple indlgi-*tIon
will develop into chronic rlynpepsla unless
t'lincknmferl at tho start. The Hm-st stom
achic Is Hostetter'n Mor.mch Hitters, which
promptly roetIHen gastric trouble, and doen
away with irregularity of tlm bowel* and
Diamonds are not dug out of the
ground, but are generally found in nar
row crevices of rucks.
When a man leave* a town, every
one talks about it, but nobdy says a
word when a new citizen comes in.
r -
DfmfnfM C itiinot lie Cored
toy local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
and that 1» by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by tut inliamed condi
tion of the mucous lining of the J£uii
fachian Tube. When this tube is In
flamed you have a tumbling sound or Im
perfect hearing, und when it is entirely
closed, Deafness Is the result, and un
less the Inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal con
dition, hearing will he destroyed forever;
nine cases cut of ten are caused by ca
tarrh, which is nothing but an inliamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
. that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
L Cure. Send for circulars, free
F. J CIIKNKY U CO., Toledo O.
Hold by Druggists. 70c.
Hull's Family Fills are the best.
What has become of the old fash
ioned people who carried lanterns
when they w'ent to prayer meeting?
Clive the Children n Drink
called Grain-O. It Is a delicious, appe
tizing, nourishing food drink to take
the place of coffee. Hold by all grocers
and liked by all who have used It be
cause when properly prepared it tastes
like the finest coffee, but Is free from
all its injurious properties. Grain-0
aids digestion and strengthens the
nerves. It is not a stimulant, but a
health builder, and children, as well as
adults, can drink it with great benefit.
Costs about XA as much as coffee. 15
and 25c.
The average length of human life in
the sixteenth century was only eigh
teen to twenty years.
To Car,? Constipation Forever.
Take < awari’t* < kindy Cathartic. toe or 2V1.
Ift'.C.O. tall tocure drumtlsts refund money.
. There are not less than 800 persons
f In New York city who have permits to
carry pistols.
Buioke Blcdgc Cigarettes, 20 /or 5cte.
There are 300 birds on one ostrich
farm in California.
Producer* of a Guaranleml KcnicUy Of
fer to Send Sample Ilottle*.
"Five I)rop3" Is the name of a sim
ple but effective remedy for rheuma
tism, neuralgia, asthma, and kindred
ailments. The trade mark, "5 Drops,”
Is self-explanatory, as live drops Is one
dose. The manufacturers of "5
Drops” have thousands of letters from
reliable people, who have been re
stored to health by the use of their
remedy. Many of these letters have
been published, and many more will
he gladly sent upon application. Some
weeks ago the producers of “5 Drops”
offered to send a sample bottle, pre
paid, for 25 cents. They know even a
sample bottle will convince any one of
its merits. They were so encouraged by
the numerous responses to their first
offer that they have decided to renew
It for another 30 days. If you are a
sufTerer send this small amount, 25
cents, without fall today, to the Swan
son Rheumatic Cure Co., 167-169 Dear
born st., Chicago, 111., and receive pre
paid a sample bottle of “5 Drops.”
Also, large bottle, 300 doses, for $1.00
and for the next thirty days, three bot
tles for $2.50.
A writer to the London Times pre
dicts that the full returns will show an
excpss of imports over exports In the
British trade in 1897 of $1,000,000,000.
We are asserting in the courts our right to the
exclusive use of tin* word "CANTOK1A," and
••P1T( HKH'S CASTOHI A." as our Trade Mark.
J, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannls. Massachu
setts. was the originator of "PITCH K. ICS CAS
TORLV the same that has horneund doe* now
bear Hie fac-simile signature of CHAS. H.
FLETCHER on every wrapper. Tills !< the
original “PITCHER’S CASTORIA" whlea ha*
bem used In I he homes of the mothers of
America for over thirty years. Jg>ok carefully
at the wrapper and see that it Is "the kind you
have always bought." and has the signature of
CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No
one has authority from me to use my name
except The Centaur Company of which Cliai
II Fletcher Is President.
March 8. 1897 SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D.
A will made by a married woman is
not revoked by her subsequently be
coming a widow, and marrying a sec
ond husband.
It Keeps tlie Feet Dry and Warm
And is the only cure for Chilblains.
Frostbites, Damp, Sweating Feet,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen s
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken
into the shoes. At all Druggists and
Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE.
Address,Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy.N.Y.
Money spent by young men on visit
ing girls, in ninety-nine eases out of
every hundred, is money burned.
FITS Permanentlyrurcd. No fit* or ncrTounnoH*aftei
hr»i day h u-o ot I>i - Kline * t.reat Nerve Restorer
Send tor Fl< KK trial bottle und frectiM.
L)»i. R. H. Klinii. Ltd.,931 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Never believe a man who says he
loves you, nor a girl who says she
Educate Your Dowel* With Ca*earet*.
Candy Cat hurtle, cure constipation forever.
10c,25c. if c.c.c. fall, druggist* refund money.
A trolley ride of 124 miles may be
taken from Fairhaven, Mass, to Nash
ua, H. H
Given by a Minister.
Preachers who practise it will
preach better.
Wo class of people is so liable to throat
trouble as the great clas-. who make up the
Gospel ministry. The .strain put upon the
vocal organs by constant exercise; the
sudden change from a heated building to
the cool air when the vocal organs are in
a state of complete relaxation; the fact
that a minister feels impelled to use his
voice when actors and lecturers wop Id
take the needed rest ; these are among the
reasons why "Clergymen’s sore throat"
is known as a special disease. The Rev.
K M. Brawley, D. I) . District Secretary oi
the American Baptist Publication Society,
writes from Petersburg. Va.. the account
of an experience of his own which is profi
table reading to those afflicted with Bron
chial or other throat troubles. The sub
staucc of the letter is as follows :
Petersburg, Va.
J. C. Ayer Co.,
Dear Sirs: Three months ago I took
a violent cold which resulted in an attack
of acute bronchitis. I put myself under
a medical treatment, and at the end of two
months was no better I found it very
difficult to prcnch, and concluded to try
Dr. Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. The first bottle
gave me great relief; the second, which 1
am now taking, has relieved me almost
entirely of all unpleasant symptoms. Tc
ministers suffering from throat troubles
I recommend Dr. Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral.
'* Prevention is better than cure.” A
bottle of Dr. Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral kept
in the house, will effectually prevent the
rooting of a cold ami its consequent devel
opement into some dangerous malady.
This remedy has uo equal in Bronchial
troubles. The most stubborn cases have
yielded to its use. It is equally effective
for Asthma. Croup, Whooping Cough, and
every disease that attacks the thioat or
lungs. For years Dr. Ayer’s Cherry Pec
toral has been put up only in large sire
bottles, at a price ot $1.00. To meet an
increasing demand for a smaller sired
package the remedy can now be obtained
in half-sire bottles, ut half price—50 cents.
Semi for Dr. Ayer's Curebook (free) and
you will get a clearer idea of the gieat
! value of Dr. Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. Ad
1 dress J. C. Ayer Co., l.nwell. Mas*.
«».YW.v.Y.v..v.y:> ■ •;v..y.v:y.yvv:w.y«|v;
r GUARANTEED TO CURE Influenza, C atarrh, and all Ql
luutfaiMi initial liwuhlv*. Ken.I .»»r proof of It. It decs be l nlikeu or diett^rco lG»
wlili iIk atutnach. >u(cs for all u«jc*. CD
Dr. Kay’s Lung Balm. 1
Writ* »»•. ulvtnjr till •vmntoin* iilalulv and our I*hv -‘rlmi will five nn
SI « It I I U'U.1 - >*!!». |>r«iictflM» •>» • i |>y mall, jAft
| I ■ 1 i j '* * .il a I It ft 4- » Wlll.ft I'mt, IO • • tile i*u«l 'J!\ rent*. «*j
» »ji iDr.B.J.kAY NIEOICALCO., w vruOUt, Omaha.Neb. «&*
Gray hair warns us el old
age* R*ncw your hair and /
laugh at the warning, jffi
Challenge baldness
it won’t '
com*. (p ,'^Tjj
ikm^ ff**• VfttlMrti i* 4
|C« t« lb b» <t "«*
fee# gs^ m *4
• *4
CMSHnaiS til f LI St CO ■•
Hr 111■ * »•> a .
w* • W «■ l.«k«luN4fl JHIUkO.IU,
*%*• V. M* f r »*fHk *4 «*4 »»f» *« 1 IlH I « «
I|.»mIHA I 4 -*«*■*. u. V *•
1m# * % V# ■ VP W * ■'• «- "• »»•
. »• l# i--S #f SUM*!»*«•"..%MU *m»4 IlltUy*'
IrtH'.lUtMl >f«NN *»• AAkUU'UHlA iMMAte
[ f *» t.if *.;**-* •*♦*? Rv * »•()« n*«4i '• • il»l %• •*)
*%• 4>0»tv«l »IU Mtl*** •
: *■ % I « « I I r*wU t t *
j M 111** A* 11 HI \i- • «» U4* I •» **'• l**%
17*1* T-«*|««h4 $ '■ *4 A l"R"4 **4* SRS'AhS
»«tt »«**4 l t h^aRrw. »*< «>#•» * **
%% AA H
I «4*«4»**4* t»# *« «•>.
1 • *4« 1
I 1 | , * m . e 4 ***** * • • * *> • « • ** - * » <
< I 4 A** *4 M S. <M* #*"* *1
I I* >*•>»* 0*4* j* V-A. **'* I
i I i* 'A -■*** 4 *4 »» »**• * •<* <
I I * • # 4 ■ ** M* -'*«« * ‘ A * ***•*• * %4R # - •■ 4 I
!44«« 4 lsl<m »44S IS HtHMA IR R » ,
Ctfinltii of thr Ksprilltlon Sent Oat
front Kiiglautl.
From the Sydney Herald: The
: .toamer Blrxsgate, which arrived on
Saturday from the islands, brings fur
ther news from Fiji concerning the
coral-boring expedition at Funafuti, in
the Ellice group. News has been
taken to Suva by H. M. S. Royalist of
the progress made by the expedition
after the departure of Professor David
in the John Williams. When Profes
sor David left Funafuti on Sept. 7
the bore was down 557 feet. On Sept.
16, when the Royalist left Funafuti,the
bore was down 643 feet. The Royalist
took to Suva a letter for Dr. Corncy
from G. Sweet, F. G. S., who Is now
the leader of the expedition, stating
that the boring for the last ninety feet
was chiefly in coral rock, and that no
sign of volcanic rock or of rock other
than coral had yet been met with
the bore. When the Royalist arrived
the expedition had consumed all their
coal, but Commander Rason was en
abled to supply sufficient, coal to last
them till the arrival of the steamer
Archer, from which It was hoped an
additional supply would be obtained.
Professor David states that, the bore
having already exceeded the depth for
which Darwin stipulated in his classi
cal work on coral reefs, and a good
core having been obtained throughout,
it may now be looked upon as a suc
cess. Information likely to be of con
siderable scientific value has been ob
tained, and he considers that the
general evidence so far appears strong
ly to confirm Darwin's theory that most
of the coral atolls of the Pacific have
been formed on areas of the earth's
crust wnicn nave been undergoing u
prolonged subsidence. A detailed re
port of the results obtained by the ex
pedition will probably be Incorporated
in the report of the Royal Society of
London on the coral atoll of Funafuti,
the earlier portion of which will be
written by Professor Sollas, F. R. S-,
the leader of the Funafuti expedition
last year. The bore at Funafuti 13
lined throughout with the best arte
sian tubes, four Inches in outside di
ameter. Every foot of the bore had
to he lined with these tubes to prevent
fragments of coral rock and coral sand
choking the bore. The work of boring
has proved very difficult on account of
the variable nature of the strata
(quicksand alternating with coral
rock), and also on account of the ca
vernous nature of the coral rock,which
has caused such a jarring as to re
peatedly break some of the strongest
cast Iron wheels in the machinery. The
diameter of the core obtained from
the bore is two and one-half inches.
Simple Remedy Advanced by a Pby«l*
clan to Insure Wbolenomo Sleep.
From the Washington Star: “After
a series of experiments on myself and
others,” ventured an experienced phys
ician, “1 am convinced that many an
noying dreams, which in many in
stances rob sleep of much of Its recre
ation and benefit, can be prevented If
persons will take the trouble to do so.
There are dreams which are produced
by an overloaded stomach and indiges
tion. These can he prevented by not
overloading the stomach and taking
care, especially in the evening, to not
eat that which experience has demon
strated is not easily digested. A fairly
filled stomach, however, is less con
ducive to dreams than an absolutely
empty one. I think I can safely say
that if those persons who are troubled
much with extra dreami.'.g will wear
extra long sleeves in their nightgowns
they will find a remedy thereby. What
is even better than long sleeves in to
put a rubber cord in the hem of the
sleeve, so that they will not slip up
on the arm. The rubber cord should
not be tight enough to interfere with
the circulation of the blood in the
arms, but tight enough to keep the
ends of the sleeves well down on the
WriStS. IU IIU' UttUifiuiu uuu mmii
who cannot have their sleeves prop
erly arranged the same euect can be
secured by wearing a wrislet on 'be
wrist or. better yet, to pull a sock over
the hands and pin the leg of It to 'he
sleeves of the nightgown. In addition
to preventing dreams this simple ar
rangement will be found extremely
comfortable during the cold nights of
the next couple of months. A little In
quiry will convince anyone that those
whose wrists and forearms are uncov
ered are annoyed most by dreams.
The sock used as u kind of an extended
| glove will effectually stop them, hot it
| most be attached to the sleeve of the
! nightgown, otherwise the sleeve will
1 work op the arm and the desired effect
lost. My remedy. In brief, is to keep
the hand, wrist and forearm well eov*
' ered."
Frtnltlta'tt fuih« r had Joel been utrug
| rUii* * tih an old fashioned bureau and.
| retiring «tuh«M rutted from an attain
| * < effort to o|M*tt of Its r<Mi»
lurtuiiiiii. he mow I tu the wind *ar
, md looking out U|mu* ibe Unatug »k>
he t to*InUned ' b i might) eiraftg*
; ttit*? th** vuaHiir bureau ran t give it*
a change of ureAlhe? ** *'Ma>be,** eh *
If |m* n«* i i the) t il* f nj»"li
I the t*H' * mi tlriif *ii ih-ffiwi* t\jar<*r
4m I tplOMHiff*.
\ long‘*uff*r inn hibgtf after h«ar
j ||| from > )»*mh hie **** -Miit of k*«
he ,#t*d lltt (h*gt In
i «|Ntn* At ha j M f«*u* hou.■*,
,«»h» I It* fau tin «rhf the bit |
• * a i*) t*» fuAfebi* At*n«l forth* I |t*.u
mvhlai a negatii# tvy)) he font in
a*: | W»)t t d o I either unhrM It nee
1 mi that )ms ii* i***i iwm xMwpaaaias
f (b it* *14*4 k*«i. sad lUri Ve
£. k«» 4«
From the lndunfr-.J A>m. Ji»*k*on. Mlrh.
The -object of this *k<»tcu is fifty-six } ears
of age* and actively engage 1 in farming.
When seventeen year* old be hurt his
shoulder and a few yeata after, commence 1
to have rheumatic nuiti* in if On taking a
slight cold or the least strain, sometime*
without any apparent cause whatever, the
Rouble would start and he would suffer
o most excruciating pains.
He suffered for over thirty years, and tiie
last do ado has * offered so much that he ;
was unable to do any work. To this the j
frequent occurrence* of dizzy spell* were
added, making him almost n helpless In
In All Sort if of Wrathfr.
lie tried the best physicians but without
being I ten edit ted and he urn overal specific
rheumatic cure*, but was not helped. About
one year und six roon'h* ago he read in
this paper of u ease so new hat similar to
hi* which w as cured by Dr. Williams Pink
Pill* nud concluded to try this remedy.
After taking the first’box he felt some
what better, nnd after using three boxes,
the pains entirely disappeared, the dizzi
ness left him, and he has now for over a
yifir been entirely free from all Ids former
trouble and enjoys better health than he
ha* hud since hi* boyhood.
He is loud in Ids praise* of Dr. Williams’
Pink Pill* for Pule People und will gladly
corroborate the above statement*. Hi* post
office mhlre-M is Lorenzo Neeley, Horton,
Jack on County, Michigan.
All the element necessniy to give new
life and richness to the blood and restore
shuttered nerve- urc contained, in ■» con
densed form in Dr. William*' Pink Pill* for
Pule People. All druggist* sell them.
Mr. H. Pholpf. Whitemarsh haw
written for the February Century a
paper entitled "The Steerage of To
day." which la illustrated by a num
ber of sketches by The Century art
ist. Casta igue. Mr. Whitmarsh made
the voyage from England to America
in the steerage* of a fast Atlantic
liner as "No. 1616, Group C." He is
a Boston business man, and lias bad
a varied and adventurous career. Mr.
Whitmarsh will be remembered as
the author of several novel sea stories
which have appeared in this maga
zine during the past year.
Iouii Catcut Office* lie-porf.
I)e« Moines, Jan. 15, 1898.
In the list of 388 patents Issued from
the U. S. Patent Office at Washington,
I). C., Iowa Inventors have 14, Minne
sota 9, Missouri G, Nebraska 5, South
Dakota 3, Illinois 31, New York G8.
This is a very creditable showing for
We have secured the allowance of a
patent to A. M. Welch, of Winterset,
Iowa, for a chicken deheader. A cone
shaped hopper has an opening at Its
lower end to allow the head of a fowl
to pass outwards laterally under a
knife that can readily be operated by
a lever handle to cut off the head
while the fowl remains In the machine
and cannot flop about to scatter blood.
Under new regulations American
patents will not expire at the earliest
date that a foreign patent expires for
the same invention.
Valuable Information about obtain
ing, valuing and selling patents sent
free to any address.
Thomas G. Orwig & Co,
Solicitors of Patents.
rutcu: Pointer*.
In the death of
Commissioner of
Patents Btn.
Butterwcrth. last
Monday, every In
ventor in the Unit
ed Staffs lost a
champion. No nit
ed States patent
commissioner ever did as much for the
good of the inventor as did Commis
sioner Ben Butterwortb. Amongst the
notable changes during his term are
those requiring attorneys to register
and also withdraw their misleading
advertisements. In this connection it
might be proper to say a few words in
favor of acting commissioner A. P.
Grerly. In whom the inventors have a
staunch protector. Inventors desiring
free information as to the method of
npplying for patents may obtain the
same In addressing Sues & Co., patent
solicitors, Bee Building, Omaha, Ne
"I fear." said the manager as the
living skeleton sat on {ilm and inter
raittently hammered him. "I fear that
uty curiosity has go; the best of me. ’
—Indiunupolls Journal.
Oos'l Iufc«cc« S»it ssi 'our lit* *«ai.
To « ;n.lV IlMVOf. l« BMHf
|m Ilf, full ol lift*. Itm.1 » . '«*» !i»kr So-To
ttu»\ the womtrMMiri.i'r tlml umke*. ***uk MSB
sir-iij; AtldruifJiKl*. •** or *1 < ur# irwurwu
teet IkNikUM BlUt *-»Uit»h' free ,Vl Ire**
SU'I l f.*C |{ IIMhIV pi' * Ule;Hf.»0f New
We mlk a great deal about the neces
sity of putting our shoulder to the
I wheel, and th> n go un.l sit down.
U IIUuhI llrr|»
rlftii iilikiii luHiik u -'k u< I* »« N"i##nty
wiuieitll « .»« iimh * fttimrihM'lfuiH
f \ .* r tonl ki * t** I* • U i i. I.v eltrrin# tit*
I t •- .»„ % iik» t liftv i(itf .il iHit»’irilk *fr«>tu
| |i> t»«f» tk||iii tii-iiiiy Ik IwiUU
I |M «. M;i kU« oU 4041 |U«« «►»* 4l’<JT
I let «i. - ■ >l«lt*U %W»*» l»_* « .»« ii|MU%.
j 11 twit f*if iff t miK Ml t|4%ttotfciifil**'"
lu n |iur«tnti<4 l*v *v '<*
Til# Mvtii to h«M» b r»i tn*
irb«|»4 vh mbk# m **»*v fur pitbl
| Hootirtn* i«»vtt
in «i Mk % «•!,»• i • u%r: mat.
I V**« lo .*tM*» HfWHi* «|0iv. *w* '?**»<*-( *■• Aft
|lt *4 « -4« 4i'4 wUaI MM I0M0* I . *|fw Ut«iiifi. dw
ftt t‘;»# MlttOlh 4'eblHf Jf »fb0«llt li
i tliv M^tb(«.h 00% v rn«io4 f uiu i» to
I I? fui « 0 mo* ill tor tfrwly » -nrir**.
IM 1 I «•«■«!* I* ‘IM*»
; If ige *4.0*4 * *4 <w*4 II * >* *• * *• 4H % - •< 4 HtutVek
ii*.* *fci» 0 »• «#*%*» full
|0 |kit§H0 04* ter# UI k lb tot* lib'll!
| It# (Nil (0004 to |k# |0V0|| «#| f'*M|
tf *•* » 0 100#
f 1|04 %0»S*. *9**9 ^
| <i|i0au *•#*# - 4 H t«*4.4 0l*f
I ♦
Drpcrlheti tiy 11 St. I'aitl I'nprr as the
Xnv Star of l.llirrt;.
A corrn
h p ondent.
In a com
to this pa
per, says
during the
past few
months s o
much has been said und written of
Western Canada, and the new provinces
forming It. he has been led to give the
subject some Inquiry, and he has been
ah own letters written to the Canadian
government from delegates sent out by
friends to Inspect the country.
One of these delegates who was sent
to Western Canada says: "In under
taking to give a description I fear I
shall not he able to give it Justice, for
I hardly know where to begin or when
to end. For a plea for my Judgment.
I will assume, for an Illustration, the
experience of a man who went from
place to place In search of a wife, and
finding so many of good qualities and
attractions, was unable to determine
which to choose, so In looking for a
home In Western Canada I like the
country well, and two of my boys are
going this full (they have since gone,
nnd each has a homestead), where 1
am satisfied they will do well. The
lands which I have seen are far supe
rior In every respect and beyond my
expectations. Lakes and strcurris to he
found In all districts abound with innu
merable kinds of water fowl, while fish
are very abundant. On all slibs we Bee
Innumerable stacks of grain, proving
beyond doubt the fertility of the soil.
On either side of the track can be si on
In addition to the grain herds < f cattle,
horscH and flocks of sheep. I have
(raveled over a gnat portion of the
Western states and 1 have seen nothing
to compare with tills country. One
hundred and sixty acres of land are
given free to actual settler*, ami 1 saw
cases where as high as $20 per acre had
bee a cleared tu otic year. 1 do not wish
to advise anyone, but us for myself I
shall leave ns soon as I can arrange my
nfTairs." The agents of the Canadian
Government are now at work organi
zing excursion parties, and the Depart
ment of the Interior at Ottawa, Canada,
will he pleased to supply the Informa
tion to those who are not within reach
of an agent.
Senator Mason, of Illinois, punchea
the oag to keep down his Increasing
avoirdupois and Incidentally to keep
up the proper frame of mind necessary
to a scrupulous discharge of “senator
ial courtesy."
"Wnrlli In Weight, fit Ooltl"
"l nm an old lady 57 years old. I have
been troubled for 20 years with constipa
tion, indigestion and sleepless night*, Imt
since taking Dr. Kay's Renovator I enu
sleep like a child and mil not troubled in
the lei it with the above name I diseases.
Your Dr Kay's Renovator Is worth Its
wo ght in gold,'1 Digued Mr D. A, McCoy,
ill So. 2.tli St., Omaha Dr. Kay's Reno
vator and also Dr Kay's Rung Halm have
no o pinl. If you have any dlscme write
us and give your > ymptoms mid our physi
cian will send tree advice and a valuable
5n page hook with .r>5 recipes and giving
symptoms and various method* of treat
ment of nearly all diseases. VVlIlalsoseiul
a free sample of i*r Kuy’s Renovator or
Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. Address Dr. H J
Kuv Medical Co, (Western Oillce; Omaha,
Thirty thousand bales or cotton will
he ohlpped to Japan from Seattle tnla
I’iso's Cure for Consumption has been a
God send to me.—Win. It. McClellan, ('boa
ter, Ida,, Sept. 17. ISPS.
The death rate In Glasgow at pres
ent is about twenty-one in 100.
"1 see that they have put a sound
ing hoard at the hark of the minister’s
pulpit,” said Baron; "what do you
suppose that's for?" Egbert replied:
"Why, it's to throw out the sound.”
“Oracloi)3," Kant Baron, “if you throw
out the sound there would'nt be any
thing leu to the sermon.”—Boston
Little Fred; "Mamma says site's al
ways glad to have you come to our
house.” Mr. Jenkins: “Indeed! Then
your mamma likes me does site?" Lit
tle Fred; "I don’t know about that,
but sister always divvies up with the
bonbons that you bring her.”—Chica
go Daily News.
An At*oluf« cnr» for AMTII HA ha« Im*«ii dla
dovrrml by I'r. Tuff. « M., ItoftiMter, V V. Mo
l» m» surr that It Mill "Jr* wry • a*that tw will
Mtnd a dial b.»tfl» ttbaolut «'ly fr«‘« tai any « u«
It is estimated that Argentina will
export 40,000,000 bushels of wheat from
the present crop.
No-To-Hhc for Fifty rent*.
Guaranteed tobacco hut,It cure, makes weak
nil’ll at rung. Idood pure. 50r.fl All druggists.
There are 1,759,000 volumes in the li
brary of the British museum and tnoro
than thirty-nine miles of shelving.
Hlnr Tiilmcni is the lending brand of
tho world, Ik-cuuho it Is the best.
The first Atlantic cable was operate I
In 1858.
j . . ... im
Botli tho method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
j and refreshing to the taste, and art*
| gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
j Liver and Bowels, cleanses the syj
I tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind over pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agroeahlo substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
| Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do riot accept any
Full Illustrates! ihwrlptlve luirol*
tniil Ion literature tree. Fusing e lOo.
W. N. U. OMAHA. NO. 5-180H,
When Acmcrifiy Advertisement* Kindly
Mention This Taper.
Tien all mast know how easily and surely It CURES ALL PAINS,
.. ... 'I
K«r map- (mmpliM-. railway rut.t
etc., ami full laformlkw ttaiwrtluv
thi- country, enjoy Iiijf exceptionally
plea taut climate uml eonlluu it. pootl
crop-, apply to
W V. BEMtl IT. Cm Cat'I ««aal,
ta»* UN BalkMaa.Pataka. N»fc
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