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The Northwestern
(mo. K. HKNSCHoTKB, I Editors and h oiiiias, I I'abllshors
Entered at the Loup City PoatolBce for tranx
mlsxloo through tbo mails ax second
rluax matter.
Official Paper Sherman County
The Graod Duke and DuObess
of Germany had a family row last
week, of which the dispatches say
“He laid violent hands on her and
ejested her from the room" Royalty
draws a soft veil over vulgarity. Out
here id Nebraska we would of sab]
be got a first class jag on and kicked
her out of the shanty.
Anti-Jewish riots are reported in
many parts of the old world, especial
ly from Paris and Algiers. The Jew
seems to have a hard time in this
world. He loves no one but his dol
lars. and no one loves him. It seems
that the sins of his father shall for
ever be handed down.
u was rumoreo iasi punoay in
Washington, that Consul General
Lee had been nssassinated in Havana,
But tbe report whs of course unfoun
ded, never the less Uncle Samuel hus
his navy mighty close the little Is
land and dire vengence would soon
be reeked.
Would some charitably disposed
Congressman who (nay be attending
to his duties in Washington, pleas
inform us of the where abouts of one
Billgreen of Kearney Neb. U. 8. A.
sixth congressional (lis t., Who mis
represented said diseriut at the cap
ital of the United States duriDg the
extra session of congress. He is
about fifty years old five feet ten
inches high weighs about two hun
dred lbs. is ten inches across the
muzzle, and of two inch caliber.
Could easily be distinguished among
the common herd by his populistic
features, it is feared th.-it be lias got
V mixed up with his first love, the un
washed democracy, and may be lost,
as he has not been beard of this
Our ‘Windy” V. Allen is surely
making himself heard in tbe United
States Senate. We have not beard
of a single measure brought before
that body that be has not opposed
with great vigor. Last week he
made a three hours speach against the
appointment of McKenna as asso
ciate Justice of the supreme court,
and another against the appointment
of H. M. Busbnell as post master
oi l.incuiu. ne reiui uus uue oi me
woman that ask another woman what
her husbands politics was and she
said be was an anti, an anti what
was asked and she said no not an
anti what, hut just a cornon anti,
opposed to every thing that any
body wants.
Sanford ii. Dole Dresident of lla
waii is in Washington looking alter
the interests of his Island home on the
<|uestion of annexation to this coun
try. Mr. Dole is a true hearted
American, and knows that it will be
to our advantage to annex those Is
lauds for many reasons. To talk
shout its being against the sagar
interests of Nebraska is the shvarcst
rot. Kverv pop paper In the country
Is cry iug loudly against their annex
alum, and trying to make the people
tmlieve that the sugar kiugs are
strictly in favor of taking them into
the union, when the facts are they
are all lighting against it If it Were
possible locultivate eanv on eveiv
foot of tillable land on the islands,
they iambi not s#m* us enough sugar
to any way near supply our demand
and cheap sugar i* what we want.
The people of this great country
> consume shout seventy p*mud* of
sugar to the inhabitant annually and
|f a foreign war »u to cut off our
supply from European couutivs
sugar would *m b<og«r 1st ac*>w»«hty
that the classes cow 14 vlt od
Now would'nt a little judicious reas
oning on this question convince one
that it would he better for Unc le
Sam to own the source of such a
great supply of a staple article than
to send our money to al'oruign power
that has no interest in common with
us only to gel our gold. If the
sugar question is to be the great one
in controversy, and if it is not, it
would seem that from a military
stand-point the United States can
not afford to be without that strate
gic oasis in ttie middle of the l’acif
ic ocean. Hawaii belongs to iis as
also does Cuba and their people with
the exception of a tew prejudiced
negroes want us to have them. It
dont pay to oppose a necessity be
cause the opposite party are in favor
of it. t^ueen I,il, is in favor of an
nexation since she sees that her niece
will wear the crown if the republic is
overthrown. The crown was the only
source of her opposition and since
that is out of her reach she wants
annexation also.
Loup City, January Hth. l*lw
The county hoard of Supervisor* of Sherman
county. N**h. In hc union thl* day a* by law pro
vided :
S. N. Hweetland wa* chosen a* temporary
The following parties presented and filed
with the county clerk their certificate* of elo
ctlon as Supervisor* of Sherman county:
John.l/Holngcr of dim let No. 2, Lewi* Ucch
thold. district No 1 and I’d*r McKcmi
district No. fl and upon examination of the
certificate of Dav|d Kay county Judge -how
lug that the aflorsald parties had tiled in his
office their official bond*, and had by him been
approved, said parties were declared entitled
to sit as Supervisors.
Henry Hunker was elected chairman and
tb» new hoard declared organized.
Present: Henry Hunker chairman: M.
Rcwolinskl, J P Lefnlngttr, Lewis Hecbthold
S. N. Sweet land and Peter McKcon. super?! -
ors; also John W. Long, county attorney and
John Mlnsbull. county clerk. Absent I VV
Hams, supervisor
On motion the chairman was instructed to
uppolnt standing committees for the year 1*9*.
The county board then selected the names
of sixty persons from which to select a jury
for the next term of the district court.
On motion the contract for furnishing the
article* in lot one of Notice to Printers was
awarded to ths Omaha Printing Company and
the contract for furnishing the articles men
tinned in lot* two and t hree was awarded to
Geo, K. Henschoter, and the contract for print
ing the treasurer's financial statement and
the proceedings of the county board, for print
ing of road and bridge notices and other no
tice required to lx; printed by the county, was
awarded to Geo. ill Henschoter.
It was on motion resolved that contract for
printing the delinquent tax list be awarded to
no one, and the printing of the same be left
with the county treasurer to have done.
The depository bond of the Hank of Ashton
with A. P. Colley and II. Bmelser as surities
was examined and on motion approved for de
posit of county money not to exceed $1800.00.
The county board adjourned to 9 o clock a
m, .January 12th, 1398.
Attest; John Mihshull, County Clerk,
by Louis Rein, Deputy.
Loup City, January 12. 1*98.
County board In session pursuant to adjourn
mtnt. All members of the board present ex
cept I. VV. Harnes: County attorney and
county clerk.
The chairman reported the following stand
ing committees for 189*.
On Finance.—Sweetland. Harnes. Hecbthold.
On Claims.—Lcininger. Hewolinski, McKeon.
Ou Bridge.—Reownntki, McKeon, liechthold.
On Uouds.--Mdnlngfr. Swcetlund und Humes.
County Superintendent sultry was fixed at and the same rooms occupied by his
predecessor in 1HP7 were ordered to be rented
for $75 00 per year
The chairman is instructed to appoint a com
mute to purchase a suitable book case for uee
in the superintendents office
On motion the county attorney in instructed
to prepare proper contract and bond for Geo.
K. Henschoter to execute in conformity with
his hid for county printing
Supervisors liechthold und Kweetluud are
appointed a comltie and instructed to find suit
aide place to store the old lumber to be taken
out of the Loup river bridge and to take
charge and keep account of said lumber.
The county clerk in instructed to cause an
advertise men l to be published inviting scaled
bids, plans aud specification* to be tiled In the
office of the county clerk on or before April
II i«um for the building of ail bridge# that may
Ik* required to Is* constructed by (he county
during the term of one year from data of let
ting contract as per notice published in an
other column of this Issue
IVe booh of superintend* nt V f. Johus. it
• as ciaimned ami statement of fee* and
monies on hand
Ha lance on hand July I. I*yj $ «Mf i
Kmipb rfsh I
Tut*i $ i at i?
hniiiiom t* as p r uhu b r* jrmghti t • lie t* I
lUUfc.c on hand it >3 ■
r«w laMl Of IhlVld u*. iounty Jodge ie
I * lamiiM'd ami »t*u<ui« nt of lea* ihere-n ***i
> • «e-i • • ' ,1 - - l % f S -
IV** first hell of iwrf tui g
I fo *. * s< ai half 9 iwi no* t|
I tat towuahip !• enter tag th* a a*
lib S • 44,| ||ks \ |V M««r . t «
It It l| «l |t«* «•* the lr?s»h of i
I»««» tew II ms mmtum omlsrvsl Must een- of
I want mum- *** **»t thv lev UMgaitiag th*t*
* tv«m bo rtfklM from the tel tow* 4*
g Is -. | a# | VI I* *
I t sawM*»e»l mkI s*#te*Mphl vf n « t i
I httui*
Pews ***** hod * *'>* *
' t ow^mu* =. first ImM t i *1
! Iter* «•' u.4 half vvfldhp
y.flisi f i t m
Claim of K. W. Mollot for IB.00 wm disallow
ed for the reason that the claim is not a proper
claim again 11 the county.
„The claim of 1196.89of the Agrlcultral Fair
association was on motion allowed.
Bond of f Jeo. K Banacboter for county prin
ting present'd and accepted by the board.
The county .fudge is authorized to purchase
the lull* volume of NeNons digest for county
law library.
On the application of the county attorney he
Is allowed #6.00per month office rent aud three
tons of coal for imp*.
Fee book of sheriff if. O. Patton wuh examin
ed and the statement of fees found correct as
Fees, first quarter l*P7 ♦ *6.96
beet for second quarter . . 287.10
Fees, for third quarter 4*2.60
Fees, for fourth quarter. 319.43
Total . 1076.0*
Fee book of county clerk Louis lteln. was ex
umined and statement of fee* collected uad
dl*bursmenc* found correct as follows.
Fee*, first quarter J8P7 .# 660.32
Fees’ second quarter . 796.88
Fees, third quarter. 1106.78
Fees fourth quarter .. 146.*3
Total. 8897.10
The county board adjourned to January. 18.
1*97 P. a. m.
Attest John MiNaHULL.county clerk
by LOIJIm HUN, Deputy.
The following I* an tstlmara of expenses
of Sherman county made by the County
fioard and for the year l*PH:
For Hoads, .$ 1,000.00
For bridges 4.000.00
For book blanks and stationery. 600.00
For furniture and incidental*, *00 00
For expenses of election. . 1.000.09
For county repairs... roo.oo
For office rents and salaries. 6 000.00
For court including attorneys. . 3.000.00
For bounty on wolf animals . 260.00
For Agricultural Fair Association 225,00
For Illegal taxes 3O0.00
For county printing 400.00
For in'unity eases. 700.00
For rallr<*ud bond interest 3 .000.00
it &U. V K It. Hund sfuklag fund. TSOo.ijo
Itcfundlng Bond Interest.. * .000.00
Kimdlu an ! Itcfunding bond Inicresl I.MO.00
Mi i; . bond refunding bond Interest. 2.000,00
Total .>1,975.00
•foil n Miniisull, County Clerk.
Scaled bills willi plans and speelflcat Ions
will be receiver' at the ofllce of the county
Blcrk of Hliuriiiun county, Nebraska, at
Loup City, lb said state, on or before April
llth, IS'.ic, for the building of all the bridges
Hint may be required to lie constructed by
said county during the term of one year
From the letting of the contract for the
construction ol said bridges, such bid* to
be by the lineal foot, and contract to be
lot for the building of sucli bridge# as may
be required at a specified »um per lineal
loot; plan# specification# and bid# to be
made on both low water bridges and on
high water bridge#’, oa wooden bridge#
anil 011 Iron bridges, plan # for wooden
low water bridge# to be prepared to suit
quick and heavy currents, to be Hi to 21 feet
long, 011 good long oak piling: and the wood
high water bridge to be span# 24 to 40 feet
long with suitable approaches: bridges t
be set on good long oak piling, and spa
Umber# to be full length ot span.
Bids also to be filed for replacing spans In
coup river bridges In said county that may
require replacing during term of one year.
The county Beard reserving the right to
reject any or all bids. Dated at Loup City
Nebraska January 24, 1MK8.
John Minbiii i.i., County Clerk.
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with had colds, eroup or whooping
cough will do well to read what Dr. B.
E. Bobey, of Gluey Mo saya on this sub
ject. He writes: “for years we have
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The Loup City Northwestern
walked off with the 'souaty printing
plum, while ite two populist contem
poraries were not looking. —Mason
City Transcript.
The kickapoo Indian Medicine com
pauy hat made urrogements with the
manage!*of the opera house, and will
hr here to give nightly entertainment*
for a week or ten days, commencing
about January dl, further announce,
meat later.
Lincoln. I lenver,
Omaha, Helena,
t 'hieagu, Untie.
HI, Jownli Salt ln»ke CUy.
Kamms idly, I'nrlland.
St Louis, Sen Kraim-on
and alt p.dtil* and all |iolnts
Ka»t and South West
latiio leave aa mii.iuua
<>oia*< hast
Ho It t*.,.«fna«r t e* u,
rI 4 tik> |* tit
»*» M WKH
gw '1 k ut
**» |J |till*4. t|«
• i* in I r*tfii«iNj| tigir •
HNii# ir«« *♦*» i*iio«tu ir%iB« Tit •«!«
•• I *u4 m* *M’ • Mki«4 v # Any pttiiil U
il-' i B»iAl 'irtUk ttf * «§*4i|
• • **»♦ »4k. U*«uA Milttl A -M kt
tl *« K* set « - *M|i V' 4 r N«fl
■A ' IK O' II. t<M I’kux Ri
A < »**%••« VtWff****
I i'. kill Mkl
* ‘ ’ *■ *• » ; » 4 > ) i«l
*• »* , til >UM4l4| 4A
Use*.* • *«m44i |A.*<Ma> A<"
**« a> H«, miA*A•• t *» • m
• ' * * *' # t»A* y A | "*1*4 •i44»fct gf ■ H* i I »•■•]
HI *■*
• • • * t l| «|il • *m9af V'**1
I kt*i • 4*» MUILB 4A4 * ilM* VtMIMI* UBM
ti*4* Ami *•#411*
H |4 | III |tlt 4(MI
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To WlfuM 11 MAY COM'KRM. Know ye,
that whereas n»y son, rharie* 11. >awyer,
now lnsheniinn county Nebraska, i*nt this
writing a minor, holng ittyauraoUl the-«ih
day of mnrch PfH, 1 h« rt*by renounce all
claim that 1 have "i» tits time, from tin*
date unnI be raachva In* majority, or I* n
yaantofag* That I give It tin legal right to
t ran mu* t any ki *<1 *»t builiiDm for himself
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I for wagt m and toiler! the »aiue, be a legal
i party In any c*«»r» tract !»** may make with
I Otliara. And Hint lie la no mugei under any
iddlgatb>i<a to me ua a minor, but |ia* mv
lullconsent totmn«act ***»>• aud ad bttllweaa
a* though he was «>f full legal age, and Ida
i ow n man. til van under my hand tlila *nd
I day of January 1 •-»
W . a Hi « 1 HH
Notice of ‘•ale
\diuinultatur». Wale .f Ileal I
Ity virtue «»f an order of ihe duti «t
r >uri of Nliennait county, lit the *un of
Vtti-rft* a, matte at lb* \|*rlt, A I*
I* riu thereof tip tit the petition • *! Ill*- an*
i deralgned, *<imi»»i»trni i of the eat ale of
\ adieu 4 i uittUMl, a^ dmt tl *•
r y t un*laitl. a tdour of Uwlinf 4 fouataat
decease! and other*, k will on the
day «l fauuat y. I* *», . t “d ** p in of
•aid day, ***4l putd|e o at Ihe
•MftUtb d«M«r id 11*« muM bttwrs, b« the vm
InUfe iif 1 *up * it s , t a *•* - * « ♦ ^bet
I ntaa aa i Nebt -l»* »l»e following
deMllbet Mat* •tale »Ua<tlf .* w*t*»*n.«n
, | \ mint* tiKi • .»!« «d V- » t* * *♦• w ‘I VH
the ml* t**i of II**' «*td tfMtfew 4 l on
I »«4nt dn* t »n a ad l*» l'< * u* half
I tf »b«> t Oil* • >•** M*»‘t ' * •» »• *»
t \ •» of Him a*fcf‘U *4*1 *f t**»t*« of Nn*
▼Uftlla *d *al» ilia 1 M#d In *4«h of the
dale *♦# watts aa-e, wed Mae r•♦«*#?tide*
«« IV* |c4*a I* t* lb# l**« of h
I •»!« -Mt tioi | o at* (m 4> t«
• #•*1 4* the re»e of ■*• van per «*nt p* *
* iRtina eed to ha •#» **»»d by **•§*« *Hl» *
>«MOt#a** o« the *♦ *«•»•** t*M *** *»••*
.•II-.' •' to be a» * I* »*a:tl * • ’ •« ' * • •
b**m r*p*>#ia I* 4|tp#a«*' tad *-*ndrtn*j d t *
tha v**d
ti^pi .«« do na 4* uf i
1 J * <iM U t'kN I.«.(»>**<«>
, } .j ttor **tnta w# Aadtea 4 tVnateat de
,#4«el Tie*at til
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