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The Northwestern
«iKO. K. BPNrtCHOTKM. ; Editor. aart
fi ICO. If OIBM)N, | 1'ublUher*
man HArn nil 0 i'aid i> ai*v \■
Entered at the Loup City Poetofflce for trans
mlteion through the mAlUi a* necond
rlatK matter.
Official Taper Sherman County
How about tbal dfteen hundred
dollar house rent of Gov. Holcombs.
Better give him a couple tbouaand
for office rent. Don’t be stingy boy*.
Some of the disgruntnled demo
* orate and free silver republicans of
the Ohio legislature are talking of
contesting .Senator Hanna's election.
The Shelton Clipper bad over a
column telling how the street faker,
Camanchc McCarthy done the peo
ple of that town for a large amount
and the Ord Quiz saya that be took
about 1100.00 ont of that town.
We note with pleasure that II.
C. Perkins of the St. Pant Repub
lican has received the appointment
as postmaster at that place. Broth
er Perkins has rendered his party
valuable service and the appoint
mant is a fitting acknowledgement
of sueh services.
it IJUW Jt'UH* m 19 IIIUU^IA opillll B U <J
Cuba were going to settle their dif
ference without any further blood
shed. A private telegram to Wash
ington confirms the report that Senor
Covin, the minister of the interior,
has been well received, on his ar
rival Lit Havana, it further elates
that Spain was sincere in her effort
to give autonomy to the island and
■he could not go backword on the
step she has taken.
W. J. Johnson is making it in
teresting for Govenor lioicom b. His
arguments, which by the way, are
founded upon facts and figures, are
met by the populist papers simply
jy calling him a liar, rot writer, and
y all sseh unbecoming names. But
notwithstanding these pretests, these
abuses and slanderous ephithets,
Mr. Johnson goes right on setting
forth tbs fasts as they exist, and
the public is getting the full bene
fit of his observations.
The United State is having made
at Betblebam I’a the largest gun that
was ever forged, when it is complete
it will be six ieet aad two inches in
diameior, at the breach and forty nine
feet and two inches long. The projec
tile which it throws will weigh 2.300
lbs and will travel at the euormous
rate of 2,000 feet per second, The
range of this death dealer will be ten
miles, and the full distance that a
ball will go from the gun to the place
li siriucs me ground is said to he
fifteen miles. From the time the pro
jeetile leaves the guu until it
I would strike ten miles away, would
he less thsu one half minute. There
is uw vessel atloat that could with
stand the shock of a projectile of this
enormous weight and velosity. This
gen is larger than the famous Krup
guu shipped from Dcmany to the
Worlds fair at Chicago. It will weigh
when complete liiti tons aud will he
placed in New York harhor for the
defence of that |>ort,
Couutv (tapenutuudcul George
l,etiiiuger made this otilua a friendly
call last Monday aud suhaeriked lot
this ollieiat organ. t> he «cut i . im
father of Washington township. Mr.
l.vtninger also hruught a •irealar let
ter o| • hie it lie has ls<«n ludnsUtous
It circulating among the h acto n
and sshool h sids of the eoauiy. anil
issued by vt H Ja>kso«i, sup't e<la
» »tiu*i t< sin lot h r N> hra>* * I .
• usslii sets forth the plau for « |u
, rsliusal etkihite at Uw Tran* M!»*
issippi aud International ssp -sin .«
by sou site*, appointing Urn count!
(taper latcadeela as ursnageta ul
enboota in aach csrnntv, and urgiui
^ teaebera an-f school drains! b »rd» to
co upstair tn making the wusly *»
hi hit a seewssa It further stale* Iba
the Nebraska Statu Commission, at
an expense of several thousand dol
lars, has liberally provided 10,200
square feet of floor space, toguther
with sonliguous wall space, which
will he absolutely FitKK to all sch
ools of our state supported by tax
ation making application before Feb
ruary I, 1898. On this date the space
will be apportioned among those
whose applications arc on file, and
each applicant notified of the amount
of spate to whitfh bis school is enti
tled. Sherman county should be well
represented, and Mr. I,elninger figur
es that there is no time to lose.
Hu per vlion I'rofiiidlnutt
Loup City, Jan., 5tli, 1808
Be it remembered that the board of
supervisors of Hlierrnan county held
persuant to law for the purpose of set
tling with the county treasurer. Pres
ent: John P. Lenlnger, M. Rewolinski,
Lewis Bucbthold, S. N. ftweetland, Hen
ry Hunker, Peter MeKeon, Supervisors,
and Louis Rein, county clerk. Absent,
I, \V. Barnes. The following business
wan had and done.
The treasurer presented voueheis to
the amount «f $39,918.70, which were
examined and cancelled by county
board; after which county board ad
journed this session to J o’clock p. in.
January fltb, 1898.
Louis.Kicin, County Clerk.
Loup City; Jan., 6th, 1808.
County board in session, all members
present but I. VV. Barnes, County Clerk
Louis Rein.
;The official bond of John Min*hcll as
County Clerk was examined and on mo
Liuii i r»nu i;iuci'i uiMj nii'i i".
order in the office of the County Judge,
Th» following request of John Min
shull was tiled and read, viz.
Loup City, Nebraska, Jan., 8th, 1898.
To the Honorable, the Board of Super
visors of Hli<>rinau county, Nebr.
Gentlemen.- 1 hereby request to be al
lowed the appointing and the services
of a deputy in the county clerk* office
for the year 1898, and ask that the sta
tutory salary of $700 90 per ami m for
such deputy be allowed out of the fee*
collected in said clerks office. I also re
quest that 1 be allowed the service* of
one or more assistants if required, in
sald'Office for the year 1808, and that a
salary of $47.00 per mouth out of the
fees of said clerks office he allowed such
assistant, and request that 1 he allowed
$200,00 per annum payable quarterly,
for services rendered by me as clerk for
the comity board of supervisors for the
year, 1898.
John Minshull, County Clerk.
Which request was ou motion granted
by the board
The official bond of Louis Rein,
Deputy countv clerk was examined and
apdroved, cndorced thereon by the
chairman of the board.
The follow ing olllcal bonds were ap
proved and endorsed by the chairman
of the board to-wit:
J. W. Jones,coroner; G. S. Leinln
ger, .Superintendent; K. B. Corning, sur
Countv Judge, David Kay appeared
before this board and made satisfactory
verbal accounting of all public funds
and property in his control, his official
bond as county judge was examined and
on motion approved.
The following official bonds of town
ship officers were examined and oh mo
tion approved: Oak Creek Township,
Wenzel Kewotenski Clerk; Ferdinand
Scbroll, Assessor; Anton Waslikuwlak
Justice; Niels N. Jensen, over eer dlst
rlct No 1; .Siwmski, oyerseer dist. No2
Logan township •James W. Johnson,
clerk; John Jenz, Assessor; Jacob A!*
be’s, overseer drstrict, No ft; John A.
Thompson, Justice; County board ad
journed to 1.30 p. m. this day.
Attest. Louts Rein, County Clerk.
The debate arranged for and giv
en ut.der till! Auspices of the Kp
worth League of this eity, and which
earne off in the opera house last Sat
urday evening urns attended by a
largo audience and was very inter
The question as stated was, "Re
solved Uisi '.he United States ought
to take action to secure the inde
pendence of the Island of Cuba."
Judge Wall, born at Furnace,
Old England and II. M. Mathew,
born at London, England, took the
alllrtuative side of the question, and
Walter E. Mathews, hern at Walsall,
ShaffordsUIre, England, and II. J.
Nightingale, born at Briningbam,
Warwichshire, England, the nega
Mr. Wall opened up the debate
with a fifteen minutes speech, in
which he pointed out the relation of
the United states to Cuba ami at the
very outset won the audience In his
side of the question, lie was ably
follwed by Rev. Matthews, who
ueepn miwreaieu ail v. ji n mn sun uug
nod convincing argument. H. M.
Mathews tiien presented an able
argument and statiatie* representing
tbe population of Cuba to be only
| 1,500,000 as against Spain with a
| population of over 17,000,000.
; Mr. Mathew talked until the gavel
| rapped and dosed his argument
with very impictsive icmaiks. It.
J. Nightingale's speck was full of
patriotism. He tiauntud the stars
and stripes to the breeze and pre
sented his side of the question in a
very pleasing and instructive man
ner. Mr. Wall closed the debate
with a master effort of twenty min
utes duration.
A vote of the audience, taken im
mediately after the debate resulted
in an overwhelming majority tor
the affirmative, 114 to 14.
The mao who runs the Monitor,
Has much to learn, you bet. before
I A poet he will make, galore.
IBy gore, by gore, by gore,
The editor of that little Hheet
Had better quickly take his seat
And wash his dirty, stinking feet.
Or skeet, or skeet, or skeet,
My money back. I want he said.
This night before I go to bed.
Or by the Gods I'll have his bind,
lie's dead, he's dead, he's dead.
Written by the “devil" after much
persuasion for a companion piece to
the Lltvbtteld Monitor's poetry of last
Miss Allie Hughs, Norfolk, Va., was
fnJtqtfully burned on the face and ueek,
Pniu whs instantly relieved by OeWitt's
Witeh Hazel Salve, which healed the
Injury without leaving a scar. It Is the
faifiious pile remedy — odeudahl Bros.
Financial Statement of I. M. Polski, Treasurer of Sher
man county, Nebraska, from July 1st, 1K‘.*7, to
January "»th, lsns.
•i» 1'i‘lln Tuu* Tviu•» ■ | |
noil or r»him», ! I»«n4 ituiiM, nil f«rr«Ml f*rr*«l l»l* bur*. Commit lui
Julyl/Vi *4»uw»« f<» From •ioi«« J«n ft. -.ft
Hl»Ui III *4 * r:\! 7.1 .1.1*1 41
Ooinlf 4Mb* 17 179ft fti \HK1o «• tU«N> <*> ift PI ,\| iplrt 41
I’ouutjr lnl.r»»l Hoinl tttfc* tfft MU* 41 «H««I ut* 4I99U «* M ftp 1S7M m
t »*uulj K«»ftd .i 19ft* 19 ftl 7 'is? lift*M*» Vi 7 ft* |III7 11
(Nnitiljr ll.llrf* 1 9*t» •« SU9 «W 7S4 is 79 W Jffftll It
O.uimy Fm»* MM *3 UK P.i 7) im lift j»
I Itunijr JutlftWDUl ... 71 9.‘ V 7* ! a 4*7 . „*i» ft St
(Wiljr Ml* ft » oIIimi! St M Vi *> |7» |l
maaipw U»u»f '■‘ -4 * 1 I* 44971
il.hvK<i 4.14 ft> lutftU *» |«7|-!i ft ft tf«?« ft* lift! ft? 17 ft
l JhO*u*.,,| . tuft* w* ft* I* IS 41 l9**» It '»l 1 ft.* ft
fch wl M **'** 7i •« » <i» tftV »* Sflft m fft 4**ft «.
1 • <* b*hu. ftbu i • HM V 47ft i ft 47 fti 4 fti «*« «£ >* # SW74 ai
»Ufttfki H *»4 . ,. *iw St ftl
I *“4ht|. Ife«*»a Mil lift ft% » *f luMi ji
r«*»4Mi9|* .i4.a4«tovi»i jp a. • .4 o’, i «* i iii t* u
l iiji i* t» %. i : lift «««> m ft» fti
I is»i H>.*.a <mm K4 9 i 4:11 *• • 1; sum 0
IftMMfttiMf JftwIgOUNat , *»* 94*4. ten* w» ft ufti *7 «ft
Mft%*ft«t4 \ nu«« . * «* t i
»* *1 «
h VI m« It -M § ti 9*. fti 9
Iftwltlwt* fti 1 t lift ft* .(0 4* 4 ft. 44 ft
HImImm I * ft** ft* f l»i ft.* ft (4-; ftl •
! FtHMM s*v I i-i »f Wl t If ft
} 4 t ' ; i* 14 4
i i|m t«i mi i ft**ft*9 *4 1 * '4 t* fti 9
j ftMRMl (K4»lt **aft ✓ , i | till '*
MHftft It #**4 ft 49 ft* ftp 1991-4 ;?*» |9> 94 ht| 9
lift Mir»oii
I i»i* ft*. ***.*»• »l
•; * <M4 ! ** M*»| * ** lf» llWmMUf 3^*'*H* \ 1
I <*»« -«-•
■ ** » ftl»* w
i>4 %
• ft
■%».'» wl M*tl«i**&*, I
•*b» §»»*«.( t ««*»> »* I M IMil »»*«*■»»••
•I #**'0».|» »*>«%!>, 0»
*•»«* MM H» l«f l l»4 U I.***. I *
I *• I *•• *». | V |Vl»i
1111* *•>«*■«
**!*.. |H*.J in anil- itkni (M tw
M* w* «*M. fit .1*1 .a JwMMdji, I'm#
M» V| t * »r i u
* •«•*»» % Ml*
It !•■•«*» I‘.t» |i ik in
Win in ii Ciu=
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that wberee** mj non, < diaries 11 sawyer,
now iu •toMiu.iU oownty. Nebraska, I* at this
writing a minor, being 19 years old the ‘Jflth
day Of IIIHI-Oh 1 -os. I hereby t enon nee mU
claim that 1 liavB 01 hi* time, from this
d etc until he r»u« tip, fate majority, or U ji
year*of age That 1 kivc him lnun I right to
transact uny kind of huaiiittui for hluoe f
end la In* ova n name. may buy end »ell hue
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party In e» v *•»« tract he may make witii
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I obligati n* to me u* a minor, bat !>#•> mv
| f ell rou-niti to trau-aei aay aud all beeiiinst
a* though he *ui of rul legal age, and lit*
our i» .*»*»». t*t« en under iny hand tht* tfii'l
day of January ink*.
W, *
Nutter i>f Sale
Vdinlaielialot*. Sale t Meal K 'Ilk*,*
liy virtue of an ord* r of lit dt*ii t
,• art of ti tnit in • ••unlf , in ike *tat e of
| *«*>«*•*. made at the April, A l» o/l
l. rm II e#eof up »n the puttli* a of th* ae
if <ier*t*nvd. edu* 1111*1 rai r *»i the e*te%* of
J ta lfee J « <!•< ee*«*d ejrufaaS Ml*'
II r> » oh* 1**1. widow • «l A'uloi* J M'luimJ
laestot awl other*. I eii «**» ike ifed
j tier f JlH ury, l« « % p tti .of
, oil day, »*tl %t pahlb* \end ie, *t <e«
l| fiidh tif lb# n»tVt Iim to. 1 * * he »'
1 <«*• of » top 1 Hi. m «* I » .only 1
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1 • titwiii *>i »eal eelale iint ti* iw ^Hfntoi
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i ! tee iet«*«et «•# »a« \«b** d « ♦**
•lAAl 4«> <Htr i * •* * 1*1 The Meet Sell
J ..f ilk* u Ote * «e‘ uenrta* be * Hi* »• • <
,e«tl* MftfetlittHtl *Mi 4«4ft*i *«* ’**
| u»n Yt **d <»> o - «Sh w**4 >(«%» nr rtf tft«
1 t •lfe*«*l »r»k*l4* *d I*
j V^ra • <f **>* »♦»* laird 1 a « mb d IM
I iitt*ha> . uuive !**»« o ei t<***s-*»* i **h
' ,||l« |*|.| *a « Mt i In*' t«M** an •
I In bMfo #*4N ft *»u the of Ant*
: -taut d-wiekte** fMMISN*sa*a draw
twreet at *>-* * ym*
t»;.»«vta?*u^ «*»* tke a**-' * aud no nu
1 >o|» - k* bn ‘d’W »f*» sate b *
eafll 4* i a»d e»*«tewMI *1
■ 4 - e yeasts
< -elml *».♦ Htt*tf*ld»n fcd .Inane* t MUM
j %v t»S 11 rib^ -
1 . >«i«J (r««; at»d
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I lilo** during the night In urtnste This
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hv mall y|*Mi,..u the v aiiaiutM
aed nv<l y—ur adir-es to Ik hi invar
\ (M,y It V rne pro
|.iism of lit- paper gearsntee It* g**n
] uinewns* of this offer
” Whealel,”- Ih* N*w
ilrvakraal I oud ikmiwcm