The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 12, 1897, Image 1

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    NUMBER 34
1 UK Nokthwkstkkn
IldlUir *n<l Puhllsnsr
mrsrrsx-rrrzr^jTzT, -rTtimrrrr. r~ -.jriX.T
TEKYi; II bO D$r ffir. II Paid in Advise*
Cut-'irl *t llir 1 ifMtf City fort<■#,<■• fur trsak
■rlMtun tfin.ufh tkr nikllr M Mould
oik** u.k'Ur.
The county dlvlmon proportion
which wtiN Miluiifiled to tlie voter*
of (.bister county was defeated at
the lute election by nearly a thou*
ami votes.
Henry Theodore Durrani, the
niiiiu medical student coodemcd to
'deatn for the murder of Blanch Ba
njoul awl Minnie William* in Han
Prun*ci«eo April 1 HD7 was by Judge
Babers aciitanecd to bo bunged to
day between the hour* of sunrise
awl noon.
The state election returns mini
mod up show Mint Hulllvan, fusion
kcandidate for supreme Judge was
elected lit l2,0od plurality awl the
fusion candidates for regent* carried
the state by only 8000, hast year
Holcomb, fusion candidate for gov*
eruoi curried the state by 22,000
Tims their mujoritt is cut down a'
I earl. 10,000.
The availaule balance now on bund
In the United State* treasury ex j
elusive of gold i» 150,001,801.
f What stronger argument do you
want in furor of protection Mind
you, these figure* me exclusive of |
tlie gold iCM-iVe. Neither do they
include the $1.!.0 15,250 soon to i#c
paid in by tin purchaser* of the
Union Pacific railroad.
Mr. lieiischoter of the Lot r C'itv
Noktiiwk-tkky ha* put fortli a book,
p 11 relate* to tact* concerning the
early settlement of Shorman county.
Just now the Auxiliary cannot call
to mind any one in .8herman * county
more eompitent for sucli a work
than the gentleman who bus assumed
Y the labor and — The
Printer* Auxiliary , Omaha.
If there is such a thing us popo
crude concicnec the members of the
“allied reform forces will certainly
sleep better since they have honest
ly elected a supreme judge than
they would had they been successful
in raping justice last winter and scal
ing their men by means of a sotor
ions fraudulent recount.—-St. Paul
The sale of the Union Pacific rail
road tins licen continued and tin
purchasers have airuuged with the
licuHiiiy department for the trims
ft r of the bonds in ihe sinking fund
and the cusli payment therefor on
(lie ignd of the preset t mouth.
Thure bonds which were pm/bused
at their face value in the ccmmitlce
at the time of tin side of tile loud
amount to f I o,045,250, and this
am >uui hi cusli will be conveyed
into die I lemony, will increase the
available cusli h dance to $218,5U0,
f 000.
I’lii* pup* in mi- (•oniii\ iiihI in
fact mlicr III H Ii nf Hie »IhIC Hie
feel.liK <leciili i|!\ |ilni.|in over llit*
ptu»pi*t-tlvo »p|ii hi Itieir rank*.
Mmii nl Hie »neiii|ii*i U'elem lime
ili i luieil iIn iiinelve* In lie ill furor of
pel Ii eiIiiu mi hi UMliUdliiili. If the)
il i l( Mill piueHltti) roil Hie p >pu
lift* | ml) mill the iiltititle i if Hie rn nt
fi I «• - ft III ft I'Alter itl.eiv Ike)
me it* iti h.iiiw Hie) mil time In
fnm «itii nil Hie i*m* itini will it
!>• a|iid Hite III i .t|i i In make »
• It Mini. r>l ni'Ulltl IlliHi
liftiift « * It. nft•»liti* Hitt ilnn kale
k (li lift *(( ftt.l l i tin* item in1#
a >1 ift warn In • nit out null •
k-l"l fu t f* I ftiia i ii a Ik »
V * (Int Ik 1 ift *t I.. .Ift )
lli" Mai il* inn M it *' him. il
• lull 'll ft* • I l» II H i ill ill" l III ■
•l M i a'lfe ui ipe |nti ii|( it*
ft tniM>4 lil ■ lil* iN> • #i kb* #ii| i
i*.lam ‘tlti iki't, ini tail h*«
l • « ii| . it'll * |.in«* ' nut w*t intii t
| l>* * * Ije hn-Me ••at tilt bit* in
_TST c > t ic;e
From my farm near Axhtun. Nebraxka,
KIV K 11 K AI >
of ;! year nlu xteer-, coming I My
cattle n«\« three d I lie rent xfvle* of
brand*. viz: One a mill* xhoe with toe
ii|i.oii left aide. near til|>; Htiother lx u
long xijuapc. abnn ii t>y 41 iuchex In
Ml/.w, located noinewbere Oil ride, pox
slide near flip: Hie (bird to a long
cro >kcd murk Similar to a letter N al
though It l» not a letter S It run*
Icnglliwlxe the rteer and l« 1) or H
iiu liei long There brand - are nil on lefl
aide. Nome of there eMray* may have
two luauilx on and xnino o| Hum
only one They were nil dehorned
about two wei-lcx ago
When last aeen they were near J, A.
Aloger'x farm, M mile- euxt ol Loup
City on Saturday. Nov Hill. |H(»*
Kinder will be liberally paid for re
turn of cattle or for furnishing any Iu
fo nil at Ion iix to t hi-l r whereabouts.
Oku. M. Kkun.*. Owner,
Axhtou, Neb
W anted*
AOKNTH: In every dlxlilct oil
the continent to take order* for high
grade t anadlan-growii Nursery Slock
and Seed*, J.argilt and moxt complete
assortment In the trade, Kaxt x<*lllng
xpeelalllex xupln rb xiunpiex Inrulxlieil
free; co rcupoiidulice III any langmige.
The.e position! lire money maker*, himI
territory should be secured al. once for
I be season by all Ini-tier, looking for a
good tiling. Our Miilary or commission
idl er* wl II interest un v one not earning
SI ,0(10 (‘0 per y ci.r. Oet In communica
tion with our nearest olllce
An to reprexeut a well
e.ial)llxbed|bouxv Ability more Import
ant than experience.
l.l Kl. BllO’l IIKMm OoMPANr,
liienmflal \uraeriv-.
' blcago, III: .Montreal, t/iie. Kochcxi r,
V Y.
Croun (Julehly l.ure.i
Mountain Oi l s. Ark. Onrchildren
were xuil'erIn : Yi in croup when we
received u botlle of < liiiiiilii’iliii'x (.oiigb
lleiliedy. It afforded iilinn-l instant le
lief K A Tiionvios Till* eld.rul
ed remedy I* for xale by Odeiulahl Bin
Dr. Sumner Davis Grand
Inland Specialist in diseases, of
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Examination tor glasses.
You nijglil to get the .Sciul-Wcckly
Slate Join mil during ihe campaign. On*
ingx of nil partle* fully reported, f.ln
* * 1111 ft I* I i a < ■ I i 1 i i > -4 I iiiiif ie iif llii’
unit the Journal give* tbi- elm- of new*
ahead of other stale paper* Twenty
live cent* vill pay for thi* *idei»djil
papei from now uni I January I
Those wb« believe i ronic diarrhoea
to he Incurable ahouhl read what Mr.
I’. K tirluham, of Cam- Mill4, f.u ha
lo -ay mi the subject. vi/. 1 have
heeii a Mill'erer from chronic diarrhoea
evet tdnee the war and have tried all
Linda of medicine for it. At la*t, I
found a medicine that effected a cure
and that wu* < dtambei lln'* Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Kcmedy." Thl* Med
Iclne can a I way * he depended upon for
colic, cholera morhus. dysentery and
dirrhoca It la plea-anl to take and
never fail* to rfl’uci a cure. .5 and 50
cent sizes tor -ale by Odendahl Urn-.
J. M. Tbirawcnd, of tiro*beck,,Texa«,
* a v* that when he ha* a -pell of ludigcs
tion, and feel* had and sluggish. he
take* two of DeWlfl’- I.lltle Karlv
Hin t* at. night, and he I* all light the
next morning. Many thiui*urid* of
others do the aaine thing. Do youf
Odendahl Bros.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Dr, Sumner Davis Grand Is
it is riiiiifi on Moult* CttlUumlM ktourtlont
T/av6 4:*'f5 p in., Lincoln 0:10
p. in him! IImMii** N’.ftO p. in , even
Thursday in clcim. inmlnrn. not crowcl
<•*1 tnurivt .sleeper*. No fruiterer*: *,;<i“
mu flirouicti to Sun LtMiicimm Mini Lon
,\n;:t |t*« ov«*r !In** K*mt«*—7I iirniugti
ID iivi i mid Hilt L ik«* ritv. t ar# hi**
CMpit***!; n hi»M«*r* t) in mffiip;
imv** Mprlnjj i»*-itl* unii l»H**k* ninl hi**
pmviilt'd with I’urtHiii*, htnldiiijf, 1 o« **U,
ltd p, t*U*. I llif> Mil*'*) poll* IN Hliti »*v
p*‘i' t*iK***l *'<*ii*lu ‘tor* Necotni itnv « nrli
*'Xi in>i*»n. H‘)i»*viii|f |m>M,n:’i i * of i»*l
Puttier of iiHffjfntf**, pointing out *>t»J***,l«
nf inter* ft hi..I in ui.*nv • <1 l»ur n *
tnlpli,^ to milk*' ili«* ov 1 is i» * I trip
1 • ■ » I I k II * » * ■ ' ’ •«* «*»» ..* »
ilci.i'ld nft' It >i«t*i#il. Jli*i h*« $•’»
| i*r fttHtor giviti# uM Itifuf limit* n.
( »l| Ht HurilltgltMl K dll# tivkttf
t»r HrfMw t«» .1 t* i *• •• i , U#t»#ml
Oiirtlut, N« I*
.1 i‘( lU’try. »♦! Ili# lu*»i (tiuiwu
if •M'i’iHN’P, I'l*., l*»tli#* • Ii41
ti«* i uimI lit him'if >•( lit*' #«»!•( kii<«* ••I'
l»U«'« I \ t*«ii»4 u !*»%%■ bu|i* *»f l»- «IU'»
Will'll IU\* i H*il*i\ II*' liml I# rl»
Mill* i>*' f**» ♦ **r tltlrtf
\ **»!»• «ii i |« *• l tm *l m in* *iti«l* **l *<•
* «ii« • I % ; lull | U W Iti * M* 111# »»»'#'
* Ift4f (till i ||V %k «•« k 4i**l Ih« ** III Mftfi
l||l» If «|i| Hit# 4|*lm Im
4IIIV lull* I l*‘*k‘ »l**|»l lilu*
)ttt | It'*: *i| r *M> I k 1*M i ll* I I I I
HmH fu %i* fc,
Ik t* if# t« l> *#**y flirii Mtl If I 4 r I 4# »*l
a » i*.**«f t*k 4 >#* M*M *1 *14* *»l
>*#*. I*-.#- *'v*i m» Im* «<f$u *> *1
tllf * * *4 t*l **!.*• < »»* Ht* * wnte. k . Hv"
* •«!*:«. ## *1 *v*4 Ml Ik* ♦*• *?*, » at *< %\
* %*< .1**4 :-f I * |*«#W|I**N In t t
I * HI 4**f Im 4# II* *4# |4*|M*#«** *’• I*-*# M
*• » * ' H-* #*'** •* -*» **«#«} * fcff* »* ***** **' *
iW *»»• **» * l. *»*>•#
If Ih #»• t»r.% .V Mt* »»l #4’ Mi l * «H* *fc*t :*R*
1411 •* *»»*.># 4 « ##4Mj| kfc* 'k*
**f» ll|k|M « ♦ * I*1 Mi *«*» 1 , '
t|H } |«r| I • H* ■ *•!*## . * «** M :' *'« I Ml I* ' *• • ' f' *
k.M ^ •
t A# I*# ***•#»♦* ft* | 4*» • 4#k!*4*Mi M»
M'iWl I I.M» #4tV lift#* ■ *» • §*♦ ^
if I Ik * I *•# VMr *!•»*•*¥ HO* M k# » M*'k
* m *»-"(. t*/ •«» '-U. life
I t* f *•#.§*
t | H H VlM Hl. %!*#* *m« |
A few wit If* *g'> the editor was tak
en with a very severe cold and caused
him to he lo the most miserable condi
tion It was undoubtedly a had ease of
lagil|i|>e, recognizing It a* dangeron*
h<' took 'himediate step* to bring about
a spe 0 cure. From the advertise
ment • i t'hatiiberlaln'* Cough Iturnedy
and He n.-injr good ri'cemiimendulltm*
Incluitiil iherein we cmiclmled to make
a Hi : tii. of the medicine. To toy
that It » i* satisfactory lo lt< results,
I* pulling It very mildly, Indeed. It
ac i d like magic and the result vva- a
► I idi an»i permanent cure. We have
tin healtcnct in iccccmuii'iidltig this < X
cellcnt c.iugli Itemeily toanvonc mlit|<-1 -
cil with a cough or cold In AOV form
t he Haulier n Liberty. Llbcrtytown,
Maryland. The 'l't and 150 nut sizes
for sale by Odendahl 111 on,
Volt can't afford to ri*k your life hy
allowing a cold lo develop* Into the
pneiiinonlaorcnnsiimption. Instant re
lief and a certain cure are afforded by
One Minute Cough Cure. Odendnhl
Oisllgiirmeiit for lint by lilllliH or
scalds may be avoided by using I rcW itt's
Witch Hazel Halve, the great remedy
for idles and fur all kin Is of sori s and
skin Iruuliles, -Odendahl Hro*
K'lgar MrMastuis, iirfcintuiit, will
l ake uot'ee llial on the 111 Inlay of Oct
oliar, I-'.i7. KiitHe M' Masters, Plaintiff here
Hi It Ini loo petit ion ill t lie illsirUH eouri nf
Khciutan County, Nebraska, ugaiost sai't
letemtant, I he object amt prayer of whleh
arc to olitalw a liocmi of divorce from ‘-aIII
i iJrai Mi Masleis, the hustrand of eotil
battle McMasters, for willful a I limhimen (
lor mote I ban two years without just
You are rer|itlr*<i to answer saht petition
tin or before lint Util iluy of Itcceinbor, I*1*7,
I rated, i ictober l u b , istib
h a i rir. Mi MAtrr.ii, I’lutntliT.
Attest tii " W. Ill xrzH. Attorney
l.oi is Hum, clerk District court.
NOTicr! ii NON - if khi Ctrl', .n T liKl-'ii>
Iii district eouri of Hhenimu county, Neb
Walter houth. Plaintiff,
ll« fijsirnln D. Drake, et. ah, Defendant
Tbe tie fend ants Benjamin J* Drake. May,
Drak*- Ito/nktuh S. Drake, Mary Drake, The,
Central Doan and Trtisi Com puny A, D. Cain
hrII. A'■•.tfc'nce of tilt? Centra) Doan and Trust
Company und D< .. Moines National Bank
Trustee will take notice that on the »*t. day
of Nov'cmtjei ItfJj. Waller Houth, plaintiff
herein filed U la pet it hm hi the District Cdurt,,
of Wherimm county. Nobrulfca hj/aIum said,
defendants Irnpleaded with Charles f.. Drake !
Kdim .1. Drake, The Keystone Duinltur Coin
puny Albert B.Oulhoiiv Henry Miller, John
Miller, and —— Miller, his wife first name
unknown iho object and prayer of which are
to forecloheuccrt.'iln uuntunuo executed by the
said lb njatljln II Drake and May lirake to
the- said * 'entrnI Doan and Trust Company and
by the said tentraJ l/oan ano Trust Company
assipeed to plaint Iff upon the Mouth West
quarter of Section *ltf> Thirteen, in Township
(lit Fourteen* north of Range <IM. Fifteen,
west, of Oth p- in . sit uate In Sherman comity I
Nebraska to -ecure the payment of a prom
i».orv note in the sum of fi.ixmundue utia pay
able on March 1st. Ikupand InVOduv* after dr
fault lo pay th<; Interest thereon and six Inter
( d not* s due and payable gopicrnber 1st. iMOfl,
March 1st 1W7. ,Sept e miter 1st, iMb'. March 1st
I HUH Kept'ill b»r 1st. I HU* March 1st. IHiftt for
iWAM each. That there Is now dun the plain
tiff on *uid notes and raortgugo the sum of
'.rllJUlH' Klevcri Muudred and Thlrty-nltic
Dollars und Forty-eight cents, with Interest
on Iflu uu from be plumber 1st. I*t*d, und on ftto.uo
from March I t, lhi/7. and on $tti30.0tl from Kept
cm tier 1st.. 1*1*7 and on $10.2* from October i*th
1H*7, Jit ten par cent per annum, for w hich sum
pluiutltT plays for a decree that defendants be
required to pay the* same or that said prem
ises inay be sold to saalsly Urn amount round
Vou art* required to answer said petition
on or before the 18th day of December. Mb.
Dated this first day or November, IM*f.
Wai.ikh koi tii Plaintiff,
by if. J. Nn.HTiNt.Ai E hiauLiorucy
In District Court of Sheruian county. Neb
Thu Veru.out Savings Bank. Plaintiff
\ ■.
Muj,.’arete < Defendants.
Tin defendant* Murgarell Oaytiecki.
Andrew tJa.vdecki Thet.’entrui Doan and Trust
Company A D Compb* II Assignee of the ten
tral Doan ami Trust < ompuuy lie* Molru*
itumi umiih uuu me .1 1 1 ante
Tlirenin 14? Mu* Ulna Company wilt take notice
lliftl €Hi tUft $4h dill Of October The Vur
im hi Su> ifu. s MiuiU |»luftiiifT herein Mod it*
in lh« ttixirtcl court of Sherman coun
t* Nebrmkft unwlnM »«*ut 01 lemium .* implead
e<i with Autiiu KwiniUowHkl Kwitttkow
ski UK wife tiro mum unknowu Michael
Muhaiskl unu Victoria Mlehubdii ike object
ath1 prayer of which hit to (shwIum' .1 certain
u**-» t'liHulml by the *niu Mnrirnrctt
ijuMiot io and Andrew Uaydeck! to th«- »*ulu j
1 eniral I. »ut» ui»i *i‘l»*st t onijHimy U(>oa the
South Wi si .f.uner of mu lion ‘ If* Tti?IV*>, in ;
lutiniij. < ho Fifteen north id ttau»c |i
in iiiittrttiRiruuhty Ncbra Ua. to *eemc il»e
l „*> etc ill of a certain ptotiUsoty note for tin- :
principal svt to id •<«»-•*» a*bi seven in teres 1
u*>u 1 toy tin* suit* id fsln.ut) t*m*h ibn 1 March t
Aid (Ml, «4ki principal sniti •»! w*,e >ju tndn* j
due t«bt**t»te04 m,4\ tst h*ft»ami in twin !
tl %;av • itik r ileinnll to p*»> am liiteiesl due j
tin'll urn m« hi interest note* tuna# due a no 1
{ftjiiiiit* ‘*1* M<«> 1st ul Ctt* H year ulivr tiak of !
said principal 1 Ufir Thiii sMi'i notes atui
tmoift'fttife were HU M*S mil i<Mh sold * tail ft*. ;
%-y bed ( to |da • at it! «tb'l v i« *imk daft mere $
t«!» lilt- M%iUi %'i #'•% k.*1 il Ifth tni«i * st kit)'
*f .in tpm* Milk 1st |S*f a ad oft fJIMd
I iu fntm-ti oh l*#* ftt bn p»r . **m j
I* r ****** m *kwk rn* utomi* Jr*** fut 1
a **■<**mm tm*t ’ te imaim--4 t*» pso 1
Ih* pf% WftPft *-,o lo «#(. j
i».fi the ilnwf »ftt t i***»r
Vo-a art |v*4iufft%| lo w»»»v f b*M p* uMoft an ;
of to |«> u: 1 a*' fttb da) «4 t»* vft-w*IN * td#j
lfftS.Wi.1 t&i s junk oft) a' IN'lobff l-MPi
fbi If Min It W41|*bft I*-l ft ft 4*t»;«Mkh# j
»** If 4 Aic-drf Mof 4,4- It* ftilo-ifiN'f
UfcyiAl* M%# far li
lt "***«-tp-« piftiftlvS
I »^ 1 ¥'.***$
4. : j ?». d IftEft • -k oft I4.ll j
? is I#-I
< cfe •krh.^ft *1 fliikiftf a iiniAfMi j
m %#¥ l*» e '■'• •4 <•. rj|i- T* Mp -iflfew
- ,- >**> 1 4 , . >'4 i* v- f
ft ^ fou - ' ;..-b .4 ^ ?•> sft i ■
n Nr 5 '• ''I'd ft a.- 4f '%».•<% -*> ^#1- <ft 4
|l >* f'Utfts;# j
■ *.
Ikgaftapipig# lift «« a* v *44* k » a*.
th -4 **■'• f ft hU* ft *'M« %%:»
%l c g%u-M4i
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