The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 05, 1897, Image 1

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    The Northwestern
Editor and Publisher.
W TERMS $1 60 »tr Tsar. II Paid In Advancs
liUrtd at tha Is<up City I’oatofllea for (raa*
-<“<«■ uroaib tha luallv M m uc4
alaaa rnattar.
Tha returns from Sherman county
are nil in hut with tho exeetpion of
Loup City township the vote is much
Lt lighter than ii wns lawt year,
ujljr' The returns of the county show
tint Sullivan linn a iiiajoritjfdptr
Wg Post in the county of :i2l m-nWtlier
words SiiIIivuii gels 754 ami 1’otl
P 4BB. The Inteat returns fr<*m 'll*1
5 I state indicate a majority for the
' fusionisis of from 8,000 to 12,000
y nearly it bulf less than that of
Inst year.
|[' The county ticket was carried hy
V tue pops hy majorities from 00 to"
HL 405 Mrs. Ktarns for Superini',nde0t
WM‘ i.i at..,. ....lil.. « I.
Ilopper for clerk a rlo.-e -caotid.
15,, li candidates cat.:, ,1 ilicir own
township h) u lingo niuj i v and
Mr-. Kearns even cm I 1 i oppoi •
nets I mine township which • vc a
ii .<• iii.-ri insjofi’y f< r trie r* ■' of the
On 1 iv j uhiicnii wiper visor has
In •!! e 1 out ' f I ill >vrel ii ! till the
republican* ere talking of beading
the state ticket with him nest fill'.
This siicct-i- ful candidate in Lewi
Kcdtthold "I L -"t> I'it.' township
and his very nuiuu seems to he an
eye sore to fusion. Two years ago he
loomed up against one of , ur best
business mi n mid came out on top;
lust Tuesday lfe made the race
against ones of his ••rother farmers
and heat Ins former record, doubling
his majority mid u< ming out wiih
ope i davh {lit !u th* l« id on the
homo stretch, fcurely Mr. Meet -
timid should cither lie placed
at the head of the ticket or he pitted
against J. M. Snyder in his race for
the scrota; next full.
John Minsliull for clerk on the
populist ticket received 'I'L less
votes in Ouk tlrcek and Astiton town
ships tliuii Mr. Madura but John's
’ homo preuinots eumt* to his rescue
and piled him up nice little majori
ties which lauded him safely with
votes to spare.
Sherman county gives II. M. Sal
1 iviiu lot district judge :i08 majority
and it is safe to say that lie is elect
ed by a very handsome majority,
but up to the hour of going to press
returns of the other couutles have
not beeu reported.
Both Buffalo and Valley counties
have elected Hie entire rtpublieau
county tieko:.
Republican gains tire reported in
some of the populist strong hold* of
the state, and also that the populist
iiuxe made slight gains in some of
the republican strong holds,
fn other populist states the re
publicans have madi large gain*
Returns from South Dakota show
that ' in of eight i in it judge* Ho
republican* elected six.
(thin aid ill" other republican
state* are safe and Mam Hanna
reduced li e ixaj rly of HImUmii •
IfU*H tl**t t*f lift it* # H.I *»t*l i/ | f,
lldii • uiao'iu lining anil Mia
ahull * out* hit, a*4 the ml) on
inputs!)) I» mi ihu yua aa*t*4u*«d
tt ally tWusih iil», Fheaw utuguuiMp*
kb) It lu I* M* li III) •) ittlsil
lu aah fur it) pui i dle* *u<l ar«
at atumaib u ■> bo-bug atiwl alius
consultation* and furnishing food
for pop leaders and pop papers and
their half dozen republican pulls
for the purpose of working op
nrrjudiee in the republican party
against us. They have been known
lo do wire pulling at pop conven
tions and work and vote for pop
vundBales. They train with the
pops and it is believed they iuveri
ably vote the pop ticket.
It was ijiiile evident that both of
the long uitieles published in the
Times Independent und Monitor re
garding Mrs. Kearns' candidacy were
panned by the same person. The
fact that both were written on the
same line of thought from start to
finish makes it pluin that it nun been
necessary for u more alder pen
pusher than either Brown or
Thompson to turn up n pltumblc
story to coiinti met rotnc of the sub
stantial arguments made in that
lady'a favor. If Brown und Thom
pson were nl.iie to do their own will
ing the editorials would doubtless I
.Jijive in >re weight and the two paper
wojild not b - so much of a same
All n candidate bus to do in Slier
man count) lo be denied is to scrap
:t ,rd eiioii^b in ; he convention to I
i i are a non: ] .in' ion on the pop lick
,_ _
in 'ilt'iiiory it i,ir !« Ituiill'iow. j
S', w i y . i ;i ; iwi.vujp nn-* Ln,,lrt
vViuti© no vn bi'ittiv a;wave.
in the deep and I lent grave.
SJi'.' kn«/w . n<if»i i' .r ,h<to *he l» HlOdpiog
in that client. !oii I; pot.
Where around here giava* weeping! forg'd her not.
Darling LouuHa. tiiou wort lovely,
Gentle, k*ud a mi tamer bro»■/,<:■
Pie ana m a* tin; air of evening
Ah It float* among the true*.
Thou will no more join our number.
We no morn thy vob « will hear;
Hut It I* God who hath bereft u*.
lie will all our nohow* *haie.
Oh, that mound In the reiwdary
That Nhort ami narrow bed;
No gru-fcH In growing on It,
No marble at lln head.
You may go ami *tand beanie It.
You may kneel and kin* the hoc! ;
You will know no balm for narrow
In the cold and ailent clod.
Papa weep not, mamma grieve not.
Try to Atnootl) your trouble* ore
Darling Louella I* now aleeplng,
On the happy, golden *hore.
Ill* hard to give up one.
Whom ho many of u* love:
Hut God baa taken Little Louella.
There to live with him above,
Mas. Milton Kkntkkow
.- - ■ ■
We desire to tender our sincerethanks
to the man* friends who mo kiudly as
sisted us during the sickness and death
of our little child.
Mu. and Mu*. Ja8. Rentfkow.
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ducks for sale ut 50 cent each. These
are the best ducks for laying of any
kind as they lay both fall and spring.
! You will do well to see me if you
want to buy. N. IlAN KL.
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Angeles over the Scenic Route—i hrough
Denver and Sait Like <it\ < ar« are
carpeted. u bolstered in rattan;
have spring scuts and buck* and are
provided with curtain**, lied ding, lovejs,
! >.i* p, etc. I’nifotmed porters and ex
pel .diced condu u»r* accompany each
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i of interest and in many other »
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otlh « , or v\ i ;*• to ,1 1 Mi'i i*, te iu Ui
! Passenger v/• n 0»l dis. Net*
,1. V, lien v, tm* i t tits !»»•! kn<*v\|
! iMiji i,* 4*f f*p n r Mo., (Htiitm |h*t
tie t Itfvd hi . - df of the Wttpil kind »».
" plh . t 4 h * feu mi*.v' * of Or * up
H uh It x I *-v<\ He had t*«-i
• tree hied v< • l j ■ * iof «»uh ihlttfr
, 5,»d cnm i I • t 1H Itt * wt$* ihe one
Ml It i.Mo D . ».» t id ||4 win veilfv
x Ml *i 4.* r.x - •• iH.« idle* to
\i -UV, '• ' I t » Vi'IH IT! if HI
- g-f'4« At*
j 4'iv®a taat *>> * uist at
i m -. as"” m "4 * : lais -** •!** wf
] \ . M**■->! hHr •tlv-4 lit tlu *♦«!*•* it
ill. ... * : * I " MV. * 0*<% %*',
: , ,1* *„ 4 ■ * m . • . *■* f, P «iat
; .41 **4 * * i:.% t’vte.i*.>♦ * l«*. L> It |,
I fro 4 1*4 U* - - , ** * *1 Ml ttH mu
(Mis* ' i ■* ’♦* Sfisp-?* i j»f« Ni ukosi 4 s*
fcfto «wms ■. » Ad I** h**M| ha* *®MS baa*
■ mi 4 1(4 |i'c» pfii Niwitl f.*» * »’W Ml1
J wmti-v i*t k* i tMv*■■ *4 *•*%»**«,
, l«®*w lashotS'le 1 4" 4** vwm-I AfMtl »**
j •*> p«»i t»> >*mI, tbs vat**** i #hi •* l *u#
I |S^#n V 4 It# 4***® t
j fmm$ gAi SMNphi *..*• »»-* MM****'
ilk--Hf, •«♦»* »*»• • * # •* »N ♦«**#*.
ig# its u»mw<4 <i*m #4 iH' a# iHHoi iii
IliNM * I |A# SMO 1*4«wg tw Ik® 4 iH**• 4*
l • *•*••.* .B
1 tin. f.Xls 4,% »'# ft .XxMx^. It . ViB,
• «. Ixti.4 » ... v •« i ft.
* II t
I wj » M Wm«* lltiftMi
A lew weeks »gn the editor wn* tak
en with a very severeeoli! and eau-ed
him to he in the most miserable condi
tion It was undoubtedly a bad ease of
)u grippe, recognizing It as dangerous
he took 'oimeillate steps to bring about
aepeid, cure. Kroin the advert I se
men1 > f Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and tin 00017 good reeeommendalions
Inelndod i herein we concluded to make'
a Hr-1 111- I of the medlellir. To say
that it was satisfactory in It icmiIis,
l» putting it very mildly, Indeed, It
ac'ed like magic am] the result was a
spudt ai d permanent eurc. Wtr have
no hesltuncy in recceininenrllng thl*< x
eellent Caugh Remedy to anyone allllet
eil w ith a cough or cold In any form.
I'he Hauner o Liberty, Llbortytowa,
Maryland. The 25 ami SO cent sizes
for sale by Oilendalll Rros,
You can’t afford to rl»k your life by
allowing a cold to dcvclopc into I be
pneumonia or cninminptlon. Instant re
lief and a certain cure are afforded by
One Minute t'ougli Cure. Odendalil
l>iHlKiirim,nt fni liiu I»v burn* or
Moalil* iiiuy lio uvoiiliM l,y m inj; I inVV Ht'»
Witch lla/.el Halve, i|i<’ (fri iit remedy
for pile, arid for all kind* of hoivh and
.‘-kill trouble , Oilemlitbl (iron.
lalKttl- M Mdntuni, OelelolUTiL, will
litki! uol'< <*. lliai. on tin* )|th flay of Oct
ohrr, iv#7, hiiMlc Mu Mauler*. Plaint Ilf here
iii filed her petlttoft in the dixtrlci go* ft of
Kfiennun County, Nebi ski, against mi t<)
defendant, llie object and prayer of whtih
ate to obtain a decree of dlvorcu frou )euid
Edgar McMustcj*, tin* husband of.said
iittttic McManicn., for willful tibuudomeni
1 or moici limn two yours without juxi
You nro required toanswer s&UI petition
on or I*Worn tlx* iii li flay of Jo cernbei*, lkk7.
Dated, October i itlj , b/.n'.
Jv a i i lls M< Mam i Kit, Plaintiff.
Attest W. ill stick, Attorney
L<n tu IlKlff, Clerk District ( ourt,
In district court of S e n urn cotiuty. Nete
Walter South, Plaintiff,
Benjamin II. Drake et. al. Defendant*
The defendants Henjamln 1(. Drake. Mu.v
Dr: k", If«• /« klah S. Drake. Mary Drake. 'J he
i ’• ntral Doan and Trust t 'uinpany, A D. • v/1
hell, A Ignce of the Central Dean and *
Company and Du* Moines National Hunk
Trustee will take notice that on the i*t day
nf November JHU7. Walter .South, plaintlh
herein filed his petition in the District Court
of Hherman county, Nebraska against said
defendants impleaded with Charles L. Drake
Ed mi 3 Drake The Key*time kumimr Com
iiauy Albert D. Outhouse. Henry Miller. John
Miller, and - Miller his wife first name
unknown, the object and prayer of which are
t o forced*••*€« a certain mortgage executed by the
said Hcnjuruln H Drake and May Drake to
the said < 'entrul Doan aud Trust Company and
by the said Central Doan aud Trust Company
assigned to plaint I IT, upon the South West
quarter of Section tiki Thirteen, in Township
till Fourteen, north of Hunge * I A», Fifteen,
west of f)th p. m. aituute in Sherman county
Nebraska, to secure the payment of u prom
isory bom in the sum of duo and pay
able on March 1st. 1H00 and in JOduys after <f«
fault to pay the interest thereon and six Inter
est notes dm- and pu.vable Huptt triber 1st. 1806,
March 1st. 1X07, September 1st. lxtff. March 1st
1808 September 1st. Js0H March 1st. 1X00 for
9803n> each. That there la now duo the plain
tiff on said notes and mortgage the sum of
(91130.4M) Eleven Hundred and Thirty-aloe
Dollars and Forty eight cent*, with Interest
on 930.00 from September 1st. 1x06. aud on *30.00
from March 1st. 1H07, and on *1030.00 from Sc pt
cmlier 1st. 1X07 and on $40,2* from October mh
i*07, at ten |>er cent per amutm. for which sum
plaintiff plays for a decree thut defendants tie
required to pay the same or that said prem
ises may be sold to susisly the amount found
You are required to answer said petition
on or before the 13th day of December. 1X07.
Dated this first day of November, 1x07.
Wai.tkii Hot th Plaintiff,
by K. J. NioifTiKt.ALtc. his attorney
In District Court of Sherman county, Neb
The Vermont Havings hank, Plaintiff.
Margurett Uaydeckl, et. al-. Defendant*.
The defendants Marguretl Uuy«l« rki,
Andrew Uaydeckl. The Central i«oan and Trust
Company, A 1* ( ompbell Assignee of the t en
trul Doan aud Trust < ompauv. Dos Moines
National Hank Trust* • . uou The «l l < a i
•I* VI ‘ ' 4 ',11111II 11 I- ..ill I ..
that on th© t^th day oj October, 1*97 Pirn Vet*
iiKMit Savin*h ltank plum tut herein tiled its
{Militia!* in the district court of Sherman conn
tv Nei»rt *K.e a*oinsi suid tfufcudautn implead
ed with Aiit'>« KwiitiKowski. .” Kw»aU;-ort.
*ki. his wife, first name unknown, Manuel
MUhaiski nmi Victoria MUhaUki. the object
amt prayer of which arc to lurecloso u cevutii
tuoi*t«a*n t'XiK'utiHl t»v the eaid Marpartit
♦ •ayuecKi UUd ,\twh u Ouytioeki to Uu- miii<
i Vnirui Jama ana Tru»t 4'duptMwy upon tu«
' outh Wv*t n’mr* r *»f Section TwlU\. ,n
ro.n.hip (Id Fifteen iiCMth if Uat> i
ii liiti-uio i'Uuo Nebra .ui, to >*e«n»iv bin
; iivumm of a cer tain prehiiftory bote tor in*
| |ifisfmi aiiiit of and «v> h interest
j not#* for the vim of iMjkh each, dated Maud
nd l*vd said principal sum of pirn n.i *»«sa
! ; . : is | ivaf»;« on Mai 's. lk*»ahd In t.i n
if -, - ay - air*i deffcu*li u* pay any interest *lu*
1 u.otv on ate; sari Uihirsi note* bt;u* t|ur t
i >!> al*a* <*ti Ma> l«t of w,ii a r:»r alter *ti,tc a?
•aid p-snci|**| iioltS-i '»’■ dti aid UOl* - ; rH
. v - ."ia> vc-n, - sft • <. k* ai*-» .
| Mi* « tf Mia* w*. i (Uf*da* > s*«* r*» add r-at
i ''■]> ■■ « ah* ittt c' .*• *-a v **<•■>■
wivi. t -■ ' o-. ib.1 ««*
t--• |4ir,4« Jfttii,. *jia> m| tk?l**ijwf
ioi \ chi! hr wA-Vihi** M>vhs i iaiatifl
t»v H 4 INf* atis*, six tt* <tu i• a • ^
III ShM'kwr
: i, i raj
1 **.;•,«*, -
i -,4.4 1-lyaM - < * *,*; -a thwSiH
fcl Hr ’• •' h • 1 «■■'•*•» t or d*
tfc* »*■- t
it v.. «< ■•* >/ -''4 = . i
| M *< id «4 ^6* * n±,. -4
4N '&«> *< > «Hr4 * 4V«> ***
V *-i awstatC '.44U. Ufrite* |»v« 1#*. ■ fek .ft# ;
aft**®- 4 • -•**• *■•;* 4fc»'.4a •. *ha
W*wd ; eft* w<*» .'.ttUftOi *na| MM 4h# ftha «.f Mbi
IV’ »«£? d tt* a * i .• ft * «p,
>V 1 mhCV S» S. «<•« %«>
4u»»i» .. It,
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mmi, m m i M£tu biihir
UN.r <I|S • aKHKAMU.
^ * fll nfM14-rtI*,
\\ jJI b ■ i |j| | nffl towUft* t ,1*. w
L v t MJK \l HR 11
M rt Rt'ttlWNH
iw>ail| fMattlll*
lia r mil I * MM MIA
~ ■