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OKO. E. BKNSCIIOTKB, Editor M l ob.
■■■ 11 1 11 -
Superior has a literary club that will
Study up on Shakespeare.
In Red Willow county corn Is yield
ing twenty to fifty bushels per acre.
One field of alfalfa In Red Willow
county was cut five times this year.
Construction of the new union depot
at Omaha is progressing satisfactorily.
Some cases of scarlet fever are re
ported, but none of a serolus charac
A lodge of the Knights and Ladles
of Security has been organized In Co
Klghty-slx car loads of grain were
shipped from the little town of Allen,
Mixon county, In September.
Judge Hudson, of Columbus, has
married 264 couples since his forty
years’ residence In Nebraska.
People around Mixon raised plenty
of sugar cane, which Is being con
verted Into a good article of syrup.
Several thousand more sheep arrived
The work Is progressing, but owing to
lack of funds Is somewhat hampered
from a financial point of view.
William Arnold, charged with an as
sault on Miss Nettle Rogers at the
home of R. N. May, near Tekamah,
last May, litis been acquitted.
General Peebles has turned over the
Peebles hotel building at Pender to the
Fidelity lanin and Trust company, of
Sioux City, who purchased It last win
A largo number of eastern farmers
are arriving In Gage county with their
• uiiiiii' o, |d/nnrnoiwii wi iui »»in
which they have either bought, or
The 2-year-old son of Ed Hulllvan,
who live* two mile* from Archer,
wandered away from home and was
not found until he had spent a night
In the corn field.
William P. Tre*ter, who escaped
from the state prison, was located at
Ord and returned to the prison. His
family are living In Ord, and he went
there to visit them.
Fred Balter, of the Norfolk augur
factory, slipped from a plank walk and
struck the railroad track Just In front
of a passing engine. By quick work he
got out of the way of the locomotive.
Frederick Schrlever, ex-postmaiiter
of Dakota City, upon his return from
the home of his brother-in-law.
Charles Voss, where his wife com
mitted suicide by cutting her throat
from eer to ear. commenced to make
himself obnoxious to the citizens bv
his abusive language. Ed J. Raymond,
whom Schrlever threatened to shoot,
went before Justice Joyce and swore
to a complaint charging Schrlever with
threatening his life. He was placed un
der arrest.
The farmers are so busy, says a
Bartley dispatch, that politics Is ne
glected. An unusual quantity of fall
wheat will be sown and the recent rain
has put the ground In fine condition.
The farmers are buying seeders, wag
ons and lumber to Improve their gran
aries, corncrlbs and stables. The bank
cashier Is kept busy paying the checks
which the stock men and grain buyers
give the farmers for stock and grain,
and everything Is booming In great
The shortage of box cars, says thn
Lincoln Journal, Is causing serious
anxiety among railroad officials de
sirous of accommodating their patrons
as promptly ns possible. Grain Is
moving in such quautltes that It works
a hardship on both thn shipper and
railroad If cars are not forthcoming
when required. The officials of the
northern division of the Burlington
reported a shortage of 314 box earn
yesterday. The rest of the Bystem is
satd to be In equally bad condition.
The Nebrasku home missionary so
eaped-o- elsgfznla sc sc sc sscscscscsc
clety, In session at York, elected offi
cers for the ensunlg year as follows:
A. B. Fairchilds, president; W. A. Sel
leck and Rev. J. S. Bacon, directors; J.
P. Hebburd, auditor; H. G. Smith,
treasurer. Gates college reported do
ing good work the past year. The re
ports of Doane college and the Con
gregational academies at Weeping Wa
ter, Franklin and ('hadron were given.
Ill Platte countv Inst week
The comptroller of the currency hue
Instructed the receiver of the North
l’latte National bunk to rental the pay
ment of the claim made by the board
of education of North Platle. The
board aoino time ago made a demand
on the receiver for the full amount of
money due the school district on the
grounds that the supreme court had
decided that school funds In a failed
bank constitute a preferred clati'i and
should lie paid In full from money
which accumulated In the hands of the
receiver. The receiver reported this
demand to Comptroller Eckels, who lit
reply instructs the receiver to resist
the claim <>f the district.
The Odd Fellows at their session In
IJnroln elected officers ns follows
(■rand master. C it. Patterson, of No
5. Omaha: deputy grand muster, ! K
Arnold, of No, I!* Schuyler grand
warden, O. (>. Snyder, of No, 57,
O'Neill, grand secretary. I P (luge, of
No. 55, Fremont grand treasurer.
Hum McClay of No I*, t.lncolu. grand
representative. O. \V Vorrls. of No
gd Heaver City the three trustees
for the Odd F*llas» to not are John
Evens, of No t, Omaha. Oeoree N
Heels, of No tn Norfolk, and !> \
Kllen of No It, t.lioolu ' The nett
annual meeting ul the to tge will tm
held tn Omaha on the third \TedUf*
dsv of October I MW
The Heal rice Cre*m*ry company an
noun*v« its Intention to hulls e cream
er v here mam
The sheep feeders ere bringing •*
their herds to be fattened on Ihtdg*
count* hny end groin It te impossible
ni the pfveent time to give the ess* I
number of she* p that will he fed is
the vMnUp «f Fr»m*»nt. but Mtumt
head le I hits estimate, dome feeders
have nanshterside corn on hnnd to id
over from Inst r**r hut n majority
nd them elll hare to boy their torn
I torn tables • food msihst lor the
_ INdmMs b*>* gseecally paid
) te I rents a bushels more M
Ml then the ate-*-- -
t'onrienuntlona that Kmlwnljf a (2oo<I I>**aI
of InforniAtlon Without Requiring
Much Mpnce—Foreign Mini Iluuieatlc
Newajr Notea on All Nuhjecta.
MondAT. October IK.
Registration In New York foots up
Recent rains have been highly bene
ficial to fall wheat.
A new comet has been sighted by the
Lick observatory.
Colorado comes to the front with a
thirty-six hours’ storm.
The funeral of Kx-Henator Paddock
will take place at Beatrice.
Charles A. Dana, editor of the New
York Sun, died on the 18th, aged 78.
Senator Hanna has returned to
Cleveland from campaigning almost u
sick man.
The single tax league of Kansas City
endorses Henry George for mayor of
New York.
Quarantine does not suppress yellow
fever In New Orleans, and It will prob
ably be lifted.
A monument to Robert Ixiuls Ste
venson was unveiled at Portsmouth
Square, Han Francisco,
The delegates from the Japanese
government to the Behring sea confer
ence have urrlved In Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Llppy, of
Kinsman, Ohio, a few miles north of
Youngstown. Ohio, have returned from
a successful trip to the Klondike,
bringing hack •66,000.
President McKinley and his cabinet
are said to he considering an appeal
from an alleged violation of the civil
service law which. If decided against
the appellant, will bring Joy to a great
many outs und corresponding dejec
tion to the Ins., October III.
There Is a well grounded rumor that
Fort Meade Is to be abandoned.
Omaha proposes spending $20,000
next year In Ak-Sur-Ben festivities.
Two negroes named Penn and Hazle
ton were lynched at Somersvllle, Ga.
The number of deaths from yellow
fever In New Orleans has reached 100,
W. J. Bryan addressed the people of
West Point, Neb., and surrounding
John W. Hague, a well known actor,
died at his late residence in Boston,
aged 58.
The Union Pacific, Short Line and
Navigation company have reached an
Luetgert, or < hlcago, ir acquitted of
the charge of murder, proposes to open
a saloon.
Mr. and Mrs. Thunnlson, Mitchell, 8.
I)., were axphyxiated by gas from a
hard coal stove.
The case of Adolph Luetgert, on trial
In Chicago for the murder of his wife,
was given to the Jury.
The remains of Ex-Senator Paddock,
of Nebraska, were buried In Prospect
Hill cemetery. Omaha. ,
Clement Rivera shot and killed Mrs.
Victoria Barela at Gallup. N. M., und
then blew out his own brains.
A dispatch from Dantzlc says that
Arthur Dix, a young Journalist, was
shot dead In a duel by a lieutenant
The Michigan state association of
farmers' clubs will bold the annual
meeting at Lansing December 14, 15
and Id.
Admiral John L. Worden, who Ir. the
late civil wur commanded the Monitor
In the battle with the Merrinuic. is
J. N. Baker, formerly assistant city
treasurer of Butte, Montana, commit
ted suicide by shooting himself through
the head.
Thomas F. Barr, Judge ad
vocate general, has been transferred
from the department of the east to the
department of the Missouri.
The Illinois commissioners or the
Trans-Mississippi exposition expe. t to
spend 120,000 of the 146,000 appropri
ated by Illinois for the state building.
WtilllMililjr, October 40.
The Luetgert jury i« still out.
The revolution In Gautamula has
been subdued.
Details of the president's western
trip have been completed.
New Orleans people find that yellow
fever Is on the Increase.
I 2 I'U I It illllllord out im-lle tiling.In'
of corn at 201.562,88k bushels.
George M. Cullman, the sleeping ear
nun. died after an hour's Illness.
Mrs. l-nrigtry makes a statement that
she has always provided for her hus
The Kansas stute council of the Im
pruvctl order of Kn.t Men convened at
The queen regent has continued
Heitor Leon Castilla us H|iaut»h ambas
sador i« France.
The united democracy of New York
will not a receive a column on the
stale uftti lal ballot.
Odd Fellows of Nebraska convened
at Llucoln In the twenty-sUth auuual
session of the grand encampment
Cholera has attacked a battalion of
the tihropahlre regiment, which is sta
tioned in Hliapur. northwest India
The remains of Kdward lamgtry. (he
husband of Lily l.ingtry the a. tress,
were Interred at Chester. Kngiand
Kieveti ladlceuteu si Omaha dis
charged by the police ccimmiasoitiis
have keen restored by an order from
Judge He otl
Kl Governor Morrill of Kansas. who
has been ate h In tied tor ten days la
no better, and his coalition white met
dangerous Is serious
Currenc y ts now being dtsinfev ted In
I the tanks ccf New Orleans il IS ><I«
stdsred s medium lor the Ksnsectssion
of yellow fever germs
Uenetal Ftllkush law consul general
lo Cutes nas rontetl of lino in cash
nnd negotiable notes wktle geltlug on
n strsst rnr si Nbhm»nd Ys
Mins Kt tan teeth Callahan. living near
Msterburv Conn has hren in s tie«o«
fur hsu data Her appe trams n that
of one who has been deed name hours
There h pad author tty fur the state
ment that a suit for about $460,000 is
to tie brought against Yale college dur
ing the month of November by the
town of New Haven for the collection
of taxes.
Tliarmlay. October St.
A gold strike In Oulnlca, B. C., has
drawn a Klondike rush.
Fever cases in New Orleans are
growing more numerous.
The funeral of the late George M.
Pullman will take place on the 23d.
James K. Taylor, of Pensylvanla. has
been appointed supervising archtlect
of the treasury.
The Japanese government has decid
ed to apply the gold standard to the
currency of Formosa Immediately.
Hon. T. H. Gore, the blind orator of
Corsicana, Texas, has been arrested on
a charge of wronging a 19-year-old
blind girl.
F. C. Truesdale, chief Justice of the
supreme court of Arizona, Is dying at
Phoenix. He Is 37 years old and a
native of Itock Island, 111.
Not since 1892 has the potato crop
of the United States proved so nearly
a failure, says the Amerlran Agricul
turist In its final report of the yield of
The assertion was made, In Surrogate
Fitzgerald's court that the estate left
by the late Joseph Hlchardson, so fur
from being $30,000,000, is little over
half a million dollars.
The Chicago and Milwaukee Brew
ers’ Association has decided that the
so-called pool, the existence of which
was endangered, would be maintained
for the present, and the price of beer
would not be allowed to go any lower
than $4 a barrel.
Consul General Je.rnlgan, at Shang
hai, In a report to the state deport
ment, says since the Japunese-Chlnese
war the tax on salt has been Increased
1-6 of a cent per pound. The revenue
received from the tax Is estimated at
$10,927,000. At one period salt was
used as money In China.
M. H. Hanna, a brother of Mark, is
dangerously 111 at Cleveland.
The Luetgert Jury failed to ugree,
the standing being three for acquittal.
Three highwaymen held up Joseph
Hrablk near Mouth Omaha and robbed
him of *10.65.
The German government will ask for
a lurge Increase of army, as well as
navy estimates.
The Worcester Cycle Manufacturing
company, Middletown, Conn., was de
clared Insolvent.
Henator Thurston has returned to
Omaha from political speeshmaklng In
New York and Qhlo.
There Is a loud cry from Nebraska
and Iowa railroads for more cars to
move rapidly accumulating freight.
Hereafter every pound of goods not
bought In Canada wll have to pay duty ,
before being ullowed In the Klondike
Tuberculosis In a pronounced stage
has been found to exist In a herd of
cattle owned by the Kansas state ag
ricultural college.
The steamer Alameda brought to
San Francisco *2,250,000 In Kngllsh
sovereigns from Australia as a part of
the balance of trade.
Leyete, in one of the Philippine
Islands, has been almost devastated by
a cyclone. Many persons were killed
and the damage to property Is incal
The government Investigating com
mittee Is now at work at South Omaha
looking Into the ease of employes of
the bureau of animal Industry.
Governor Tanner has Issued a proc
lamation permitting cattle from Ten
nessee and Arkansas north of the gov
ernment quarantine line to be admit
ted to Illinois.
George W. Itarmore, at one time
president of the Knickerbocker Ice
company of New York city, shot him
self through the head at Chicago, dy
ing instantly.
The Statistical Beet Sugar associa
tion of Madgeburg makes the follow
ing estimate of the sugar production,
Including molasses, for 1897: Germany,
1.790.000 tons, as compared with 2,8721,
oou tons In 1896; Austria, 822.000 tons,
as compared with 927,000 tons In 1990,
and France, 751,000 tons, as compared
with 703,100 tons In 1896.
*>itiirritti'* October 'Z\\.
A pi>llicit inn has been made for bail
for Luetgert.
There were fifty new fever ruses at
New Orleans.
(’.real damage Is reported throughout
Italy by floods.
Senator Thurston Is making some
campaign speeches.
A syndicate has been formed In Ixm
don to purchase Klondike claims.
Hy i xplosion of a boiler In u Detroit
i.Midi.i factory, two men were killed.
John Schbgcl is op trlul in Kalians
t'lty for the murder of Dr. A. 1.. Her*
ger in July Iasi
Kmperor William of Oermany In
.peeled tin inuuitment at Carishrue,
j erected In honor of his grsmlfsihci.
Large draft* of soldiers have been or
dered lo I*- got reaily to reinforce eight
I llrillsti . avail! regltnclila now III!
In nn imitation bull light mi \ M
Small's farm near 1*1 tie (*amp. Neli,
the II ycur obi aim uf tlrrtn f. Watt
received fatal lupurtes
ttev Mr Irt lllcks. Ike weather pi o
chet hi si i.ohik mV* that front uuw
until the end of t*rienili*r the peoplt
msv loos for in-iuv iiolritt autumnal
anil winter Menu*, with wl< ke I r lulin
uf winter weather.
Henry Wslhrms. elitcr uf the
j I .uulav III* t ‘mirier-Journal predn tl
I that the lutiue tat* will carrt K a- j
in- hi at the coming election and that
) Ibe Timmam candidate wilt win It
\> v> York with Traci aecond
lb* twin ac-na of tbe la*e U*>>rg| M
tHiliman bsve lacs disinherited It h
Mid the stun la to the eRec t tba'
ibe el rube* ul Mr l*nltntan * pen tba
mad* s barrier between bt* sons an*
bW mono were ma le unit ten dags ha
hies bts death
There were jttb bnalnem feilutea rw
ported t b rc-ug hoctl the Is lied Slam
lor the week ending Iklstet M >
sgsina) IM last wmh .*« ta the wee I f
a Veer ago ,» two year* **>• ft I M '
Ike like week ta trtt *sd If* lb Ik ,
third week wf (Moke? IMMt |
Frm Delivery One of the Coining De
ninnri* of the ftyntem—Swlnrlee nod
AI town nee*—Htatlitlm Concerning the
Efttlmateft for the Yciir Kmltng *lune
30, I Him.
The f*o«tolWce lluslnea*.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 23.—The report
of Klrst Assistant Postmaster General
Perry S. Heath for the fiscal year end
ed June 30 hen been made public. The
following Im an abstract:
Special attention Is called to the ne
cessity of additional facilities for the
division of salaries and allowances, but {
above all other recommendations Is
placed one making; provision for a [
small corps of special agenta.about j
ten who are expert accountants fa
miliar with real estate valuee, to In
quire In the field Into postmasters' re
quisitions and demands, anti to reach a
Just ascertainment of merit In such
purely business matters as cannot be
obtained by correspondence. There
should also be flxtd a more severe pen
alty for the punishment of postmasters
who pcddel postage slumps with a view
to Increasing their own salaries, re
sulting In (lie diminution of the net
receipts of the government. Authority
should be given to secure leases of
post office stations for a period of five
Instead of ten years. So much Is
gained by our recent policy of consoli
dation of postofllccs and the establish
ment or extension of the free delivery
that I urge such action by congress
as will give greater latitude of discre
tion In the use of specific appropria
tions. Two assistant superintendents
of free delivery system have been ap
pointed, one to be located at New
York and the other at Chicago, with
nroner nlenarv nowern an I primary
On July I there were 3.733 presiden
tial postofflees, embracing I tilt first
class, 750 second-class and 2,814 third
class, The net Increase for the year
In the salaries of the postmasters at
these offices Is $97,600. Their aggregate
salaries are $230,800. With the con
solidation of the present Independent
post offices wllhln the limits of the new
city of New York a saving of at least
$62,723 In salaries an ! commissions of
postmasters will be effected. Another
considerable reduction In expenses
may 1st made by the merging, or the
alMillshmeiit. In many cases, of tho
several heads of divisions and other
officials receiving the higher salaries
fjongresa should not only repeal the
law providing that no postofflees be es
tablished at any county seat shall be
abolished or discontinued by reason of
any consolidation of postoffices under
the existing law, but should also au
thorize the postmuster general to ex
tend consolidation wherever, In his be
lief, the service may be thereby bene
The estimates for the fiscal year end
ing June 30, 1899, embrace $16,250,000
for compensation of postmpsters; for
Jerk hire, $11,300,000; rental and pur
chase of cancelling mac hines, $125,000;
rental, fuel and light, $1,750,000; mis
cellaneous Items and furniture, $200,
300, and advertising, $20,000.
A plea Is made for the purchase of
the postal stations In the larger cities
and that for the re classification of
postofflee clerks renewed. The esti
mate for the free delivery service for
the fiscal year ending In June, 1899, Is
$13,810,400. Since the close of the fis
cal year, June, 1897, the service has
been established In more than forty
offices and before the close of the cur
rent yenr all offices entitled to the ser
vice will receive Ihe same.
Rural free delivery has been put to
the test of practical experiment in
twenty-nine states and over forty dif
ferent routes. The co-operation of the
communities served has In every In
stance been effectively given. The gen
erally satisfactory results suggest the
feasibility of making rural delivery n
permanent feature of postal adminis
tration in the United States; not im
mediately or In all districts at on re.
but in some gradual and graduated
form regulated by the present experi
Nebraska l>«fi *• In the Trial to Ha
cover Lost Money.
OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 23.—The bonfU
men of cx-State Treasurer Hartley won
the suit Instituted against them by the
state to recover he half million dollar
defalcation in the state treasury when
Hartley left the office.
Attorney General Smyth moved to
dismiss the case without prejudice.
He was compelled to do this under a
ruling of the court to avoid the other
alternative of forcing Judge Howell to
take the case out of the hands of the
Jury and to instruct It to bring in a
verdict for the sureties. In accordant'*
with the motion, the cast' was dismiss
ed and l tie Jury wua discharged. The
case is now in a position where it must
tx> tried again.
The victory for the bondsmen was
won on a question of law whether or
not the approval by the governor of
the Isrnd of Hartley on the first day of
the term. January 3, IkJV was esseiitlal
to make the Isiud a valid and landing
Instrument. The bond had Iteeu u|>
proved by the governor four days af
terward January ». iiwf*.
Judge Howell decided that the stat
utes id Nel'i ask a absolutely and un
qualifiedly required that the approval
of the Isrnd should have occurred ult
lb. final day of the term, that by tbs
failure of the governor to approve If
on that day the office of stale treasurer
became vacant. that therefor* Hart I y
was not a* luaily stale treasurer, but i
simply acted ta that cap**tty; that tbs J
twadsmen bad etgned the bond of |
Hartley ** elate treasurer and as sutk J
tna else ami that therefor* they could |
Hot he held liable for bis acta, as acting s
aisle treasurer,
%•* Vffl «*» MffMttltk
OTTAWA I Mil lb t H the reys>*l
leiearaphed from Vlttufia that th* I
Cased tea g«*»ram#at had dsetdad It* I
■ barge a duly ua every ciaae of guests !
Iab*w lato the Kbcadlbe «ouatry la
eluding miners yaks la not outid
There baa tseea mv > hangs la the ewe
l.itus taws affestteg that «>«uit> sad
miaets are still permuted tu lab* la
an uwlffl free of duly wksa M e»
teedlag |tt» la va<«e
Ova Great Feature MUsIng t» Now I're
CHICAGO. Oct. 22.—The Associat'd
I’rcss tonight obtained the one great
feature missing In the famous Luetgert
trial the sworn testimony of fue de
fendant himself. Adolph L. Luetgert.
Standing tonlgit In the gloomy JaM
adjoining the gr<ul-locklng gray atone
court building, In which his remark
able trial had at last been brought to
a finish, the burly sausage manufac
turer clapped the climax of extraordin
ary series of events which began with
his sensational bankruptcy and the al
leged frightful diabolism of boiling his
wife to death at midnight In a vat In
his factory cellar.
Tonight, closely following the final
result of the trial which has attracted
worldwide attention, Lu'tgert made
under oath n statement for the As
sociated press concerning the fearful
crime charged against him, the first
sworn statement yet made by him. and
the first statement of such kind ever
know In newspaper annuls. The affi
davit wuh put In writing, in due legal
form Hnd is certified to by a notary.
Kx-Judge William A. Vincent, the
leading counsel for the defendant, the
man to whose brains and skill and en
ergy Luetgert beyond doubt owes his
great legal victory, gave eons1 nt to the
affidavit being made.
The scene In the Jail when Leutgert
took the outh was us dramatic as the
circumstances were unique. In the
dimly lighted Jail corridor, Leutgert
standing erect and grasping tin Iron
bars that still kept him from liberty,
lifted his right hand and solemnly as
sented as the notary administered the
binding form.
Thu affidavit explicitly declares Luet
gerl’s Innocence. The document in
full Is as follows:
To the nubile: The result of my
trial ending today Is a victory for me,
because of the disagreement of the
Jury, hut I am very much dlsappolntel
nuii ri’i/ linn ii nui |ii m*-i| iii.n iiir- jiii j
did not bring in a verdict of not guilty.
I did not kill my wife, and do not
know where she In, but I nm sure that
It Is only a question of time until she
comes home. I did not go upon the
witness stand because my lawyer,
Judge Vincent, was bitterly opposed to
my doing so, and because he advised
me It was not necessary. I am grate
ful for the tremendous change In pub
lic sentiment In my favor and time will
d(monstrate that I am not only an In
nocent, but a very grcviously wronged
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 21Ht day of October, A. 1).. IS97.
M. !•’. SULLIVAN, Notary Public.
Vnmt Hi-Hnr In Klondike.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 23,-Captaln
Hoover, comander of the Bering sea
patrol fleet, who has arrived In Wash
ington to attend the seal conference,
said today that the reports concerning
the scarcity of food in the Klondike
region are not, In his judgment, ex
aggerated. In the neighborhood of
Dawson City, he said, there arc about
5,bo0 miners, whose supply of provis
ions for the coming winter is no great
er than was barely sufficient for half
that number during lest winter, Great
suffering would be the Inevitable re
sult of this scarcity of food. Although
some of the more vigorous among the
miners might attempt to get a-vay on
the ice of the Yukon, the chances were
that a considerable number of these
would perish from hunger and expos
ProMM*utlnn« for IVrJury.
CHICAGO, Oct. 23.—It Ih quite pon
slble that some prosecutions for per
jury will result from the Luetgert case.
While the states uttomey refused to
affirm or deny tills, It is given on first
class authority that the testimony
of two of the principal wit
nesses for the defense will be
laid before the grand Jury for
an Investigation. It may be that more
Hum two people will be Included in
the list that will be carried to the
grand Jury, but it Is practically set
tled that indictments will be asked for
against two probably before the Luet
gert case can be reached for trial
Mitynr llurriHon for (iiivfriior.
CHICAGO. Oct. 23. Mayor Harri
son's gubernatorial boom was launch
ed at the second annual meeting of tile
democratic editors of Illinois. About
150 were present when Mayor Harri
son was introduced by President Here
ford of the association. Mr. Hereford
in Ills Introductory speech remarked
that If Mayor Harrison "stood with
both feet on the Chicago platform Im
would be heard from In state and na
tional politics."
Now tlur l<t«r«*».
LEAD, S. I)., Oct. 22. -"Do you know
how to inuke Mure money tu the next
two yearn?" naked a well |>GBtt«l cat
tleman. "Huy a hunch of good Ikmh h.
ItorncH hav* touched a lower prlco
thun will attuiu Im* I'ci: ‘tied for many
yean*. On<* year iihjo run#** horary
could not h«* Hold at any price, a* the
l»rt*«cnt time the price In not high, it In
true, hut there Im m d* maud and it U
Browing- The man who want* to make
ntoticy will buy horac* now."
1 !*»••« It Mnv It* l urn.
ATIIKN9, (kt, 22 The Turklah goe
etii(m ni has granted |H-rniUaton to the> an refugtes who fitil from
Thmaaly after the Invasion of the <o«
querlug Turkish I rouge to return to
their home*
Contrail fur • bridge at-nnte ttadger
• reek Iwiaoa Holt ami lloul >.erg
Ilea stag 1*1 «t II !«u In I he auger*!*,
ota of both In joint sasalon
.taUg* asm* U t sited lost
!*M\IIV Ikl 33 Judge Cunning,
bam M tkotl of the tUsIrbl Court ha*
«• tiled to agsel bet. < lb* Mugreotg
Court on No*ember | in <onsettbx*
• Mb one of n aerie* of re*tfalglng or.
Jsl* be baa latsl* laaued leal HMat
b* ■iiai.airstl an •ll•t•n#ll and regrsitsd
Ibal b« i««M M timber Judge* lUhrf
and tv»*li In ibm ram Judge bell
• aa uter turning a de* lee of I be gu>
H’M l\«wl nbleb baa tabs* ngnM
Mb* of b'a toodoti
.Steel* «*a tan of «*Mte net* m>
.»el*«d *i a*•«» ib* ntn da> M ntn
let feeding
Fever Record In Xew Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 23 —At 1!
o'clock the Board of Health reports
sixteen new eases an<l three deaths,
among the latter being R v. D. L.
Purser of the Valenes Street Baptist
England declines America's Invite -
tlon to participate In a monetary con
A Havana paper urges energetic ac
tion against the United States.
George I). Mclklejohn, assistant sec
retary of war. and party arrived In St.
The Northwestern Miller gives the
flour output last week at Minneapolis.
Duluth, Superior and Milwaukee at
425,140 barrels.
The Illinois delegation selected site
for building at exposition grounds.
At Joliet. III., Joe Patchcn, the black
pacing stallon. reduced the world’s
record to a four-wheel sulky by nearly
four seconds.
It Is eat tins ted that 220,000 head of
cuttle have already been shipped from
the Black HIIIh ranges this season.
Masked men held tip a stage In
Washington, securing Its treasury box.
Itlamwrck Confined In flic VIoiihc
BERLIN, Oct. 23.—Prince Bis-/
rnarck’s throat. It Is announced in ?
dispatch from Frledrlchuhe, has been
affected by the recent bad weali: >0d
he Is unable to take his usual trfit-of
rloor exercise.
lows Patent twice Iteport,
DEB MOINES. Oct. 20.—Copyrights^
Hid patents have been secure! through
>ur agency during the past week as
.1, J. Prosper, en experienced short
hund reporter of Dn Moines, has
been granted a copyright for a hook
entitled "Common Sense Phonogra
F. W. Webster, the popular photo
grapher of lies Moines, has been
granted a copyright for a photo of L.
M. Shaw, republican candidate for
Patents were allowed, but not yet ^
Issued, us follows:
To L. Gist of Luke City, Iowa, for
m Automatic Check Row Corn
Planter and Marker. Rotary motion
rf the carriage axel Is utilized for
ilrnultaneously opreatlng the seed
dropping and marking mechanisms at
regular Intervals of space us the ma
fhlne is advanced and by means of
levers at the side of a person on the
jeat, loss or gain of space can be
readily governed.
To C. F. Lathrop and F. C. V reden
burgh, of Atlantic, for a plumb Ipvel
In which the pointer Is provided with
wings to restrict vibration and with
iirms extending latorally In opposite
directions and adjustable wMghta
thereon to balance the vibrating
pointer. **
United States 1’atents.
, nun
Last weed there were Issued exactly
400 patents to citizens of the l.'nited
States. Amongst them was one for
an airship, patented to a Minnesota
inventor, an autohurp, a cash register,
while a New York inventor received
a patent for a coffin. Amongst the
novel inventions are found a quilting
attachment for sewing machines, a
simple attachment for bicycle tires,
making them puncture proof, a barrel
shaped wind mill, a machine for mak
ing elbows for stove pipes, a bicycle
triune that can be instantly changed
from a diamond to a ladies'drop frame
and a device to prevent the slipping of
belts. Amongst the famous expired
patents we have selected three which
are shown above and which may
now be used, comprising a double act
ing pump, a mop head and a vice.
These patents are taken from Sties'
copyrighted machiuc movements. In
ventors having applications tiled
through Wedderburn, should address
Sues A. Co., Attorneys at Law. Hee
building. Uuiaha, Nebraska, for free
tjiiof at Ion* From New York, Chicago, Nt,
luuli, On, it lot soil l.imtii Imre,
Hotter -i'reamerv separator. 10 t!
Iiuiitr Choice fancy coun
try . H la IT
Ki!4« Fresh . t:t c? i:i'4 *
i-ta iua <’b|cken» Her lb. ii i flii
Turkeys, ior tit.s -i s
Pigeon* l.lif . 7*> ti tri
l .colon* *'biilec M, -utiiii* | / I ’jt
lionet i"hob per It,. 1; ., ||
Hnton* per bo .. 11 ti 45
i raiilterrit > t'ajte Cul. |». r
bl.l . iS> *, -. M
Heens. Handpicked Navy . I pi t | ,.a
I'liiutuvi per lot ... la t, y
Ww.ei potato*. |e r hi.l sill 1, 7*5
II, attttie. per l*>* 115 v, | 5,
A10 W Inter link I r
hhl . . . ... : 7S k 1 is I pit Oil p, r let, ... | it, if 7
fUd'ttt HMAll V KTiH'h MAItkKT
It'S t'haite light 4 ,, 1 jp
lice- II, ivy w lshts I. , 1 u
B-tf tiers. .. | »> ,< 1 ,,,
I -ll» ..J 1 hi
B* ■*- .J Ti also
It ttl-la ft t-lefs 1,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 ,, * 1
['••a* .. ... i S
II »*•* , k,
S' Set* ml It .1 , I ,
* ft.-tios htieh* 1 I 14
Sleep Kallte wet kefs A .*1 , 1 .4
v, , per ho 'll , 1W
W t ,• Nr 1 *p,l»« t| ,
.4 s1,-, , u*
It. Ss* . ^
I it*. »* t* k #-#*' | tkfcn |t t b i 1 11 4 ,
f U ? *«
I j«« » |gt Hw I si | •
ruHk- * *■ hd I **# Ii I %t jg | fll
I'tMb* $ >4'id S «e | |Z
M. g* tHHm* kttbl I %. I ii) 4
kald 4 m 1 f|i
I *»It K
W fehprilt V » | VM*I„ lIHUf M 4 I rn*
v;.15; i a Ik
hM» 4 •> * *£*
Bstet No t .Miss u * uo
''off >• * H.,a W*
'site M, I i« \
. -'•* »»«. Mil ,Ml |. k„ 1 ... a* p 4
|t M.seJ I,. I . ef
i'-eep M*n*tt« I «. • I U