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The Northwestern
UUO. PC. Ill:s«< ll'X't H,
Editor knd PutillKhM.
TEHMS »1 60 per T»tr. it Paid in Adyansg
•ut«r*l at tbs Irxip City » o«t«.li;<j* for tr» ut
sIuWd through thr ijiuIU »• •« "d
olut uihlMr.
—-g-gm - 3QE. ... •Jt-'.tSi 'Jl-XM
l)r. J. W. Jones, candidate for
coroner on the populist ticket says:
“A*lung as the populist officers run
the affairs of the county all right
a change should not be made,
i They should continue on until they
bad defaulted.” According to his
; theory a patient ought to wait until
his disease has become chronic and
P incurable and then send for the
I doctor. It has been eight years
| since the one party has had absolute
jl control of the county affairs and
tin', political faction of that
, party feel that they can nominate
It 1 .1 .. _ — Ui
V ' ’ • ■ J ..J .
Du mo Much confidence mIiou I<1 be
destroyed. It often result# in no good
I and may do u vast amount of harm.
Tlit* circular b iter gotten up in
tin: back room of bong and Mathew'
law office and sent out in 'lie mail
over 'lie signature of IS A. Brown
was the most derperale appeal to the
“weak kneed populists” as they term
them that has ever gone out from
their ranks since they have been able
to control the e.oumv vote. The
letter winds up by an;, lug that if the
vote of tlie | opuli*! ticket should
h" materially reduced or if » single
i(’public-.n should I": elected, w ud
will g i on that She. u mi county had
g ,ne hack, into the ;i publican column.
I is prnc-.i mII.v a i admission that it
i. looking, decidedly lomny for si
leas' some of the populist Candida
tes From that eiretdar H is <juiu
easy to see that ‘-hey are not meet
ing with the b< si of success while
chasing around over the county.
The circular says that all popaliats
should vote the principals of their
party regardless of the men. In
the campaigns gone by these same
politician# have shouted “vote for
the man," How eonsistant i# their
argument this full as it appears in
that circular letter. ICvery word is
an appeal to the prejudice of the
The populists party leaders are
claiming the credit of placiug the
county warrants at pur. Let us see
how mncli of this credit is due them:
True wheu they took posersion of
the county our warrants were a little
helow par and they immediately
went pul to face value and have
been there since. Why? not be
cnuse the affairs of the county have
been more eccunomieally conducted,
bill there aie ualurul causes whiah
have brotigut Hus condition about.
The IIrei cause may be i-rcdi'ei
dinctly i t C. Iv Acheuba ,'li, iIn-1 i
i i-piiitlicuu treasurer, liefoie Mr
Ael ■ tinacli cent oil! of nllli'i lit* *
M l d dl , ic»« w 4fl iltts if I i' i ct'le.I
fl'.ioi iu ji-im-iui taxes wtii-.l
wi ni i -'o the i ani * of iIn* ire -in. \
|.||ll M.m till ned uVel to I|||‘ presell
pul'll III |H|4VI It ibis I||*II.'M
I pti .t til i siil» up to l.e.i van-*.
AI * r i !t»oii i» in it dtinn;
IU P i*-! 'll ' till > • *1 > We •>» bi 1
II ill c lit* nciti li loli titlll Hillin'I '
IS tbXti- Il.nli lie I iurn I uUii tel*
gr.ipii iiiicm in iin- i t uun.
Apt .in i be lie a) in •isUoii of t v
abb plop* t, b- ill l|k 1 d ik'U
mid peii.ii t Inn (!• klntl in ».i
lull w<lit »i i.*.
AM ol »| i.-b h . fumi 'i >i a b-. »
*0*11 ol ill tM'l avlklli-iv III 111
•.»M t . «i pit iv *t • j«i« II
» r 4* in »fci. n > n i *». u d ms lv
youi msih ni X* i .
To W. J. Bryan. Dear Sir.- Vou
are towering this state us a pretend
cd friend of Nebraska and Nebraska
people. If you really desire the
prosperity which has already come
l t«. them woy do \oi seek to take
iiWu\ ti e new iiupe .'.at lias come
,md turn buck ilie lido of confidence j
nlneti is rising in the public mind?!
The bnidficse energy of (he people
i» awakened and they are niovin* ,
forward in all limn of industry. Why:
do you strmlle yourself ovtr the way
ami seek to turn the procession bask
If you had been elected president
instead of McKinley and if under
your administration a general ad
vance in farm prices and a renewal
of industry had set in, and if these
bettered conditions had been espec
ially' conspleious in Ohio as they are
iri Nebraska today do voa think Mc
Kinley would be chasing from town
to town through the state of Ohio
try ing to discourage the people and
organize them Into opposition and
Cun you consistently posh as a
stircninan and a patriot while acting
iu the rapacity of an obstructionist,
dogging the heels of industry like a
bushwhacker who bange on the flank
of sri advancing urmy? In the
Pilgrim's Progress by .John Banyan
there is n character whose mission
was similar to yours. lie would
lurk by the wayside where the pil
grims were passing on lb< ir way
from the cit of destruction, ami fsi
ling into conversation with them,
would seek to turn them bark. lie
Would point out that Just ahead Was
the Hough of Dc:.| ■ r d into whose
mire they were likely to sink. Be
yond this slough a nioani. ui
| *!!'*■ or *.v ..
I | > yorilid the mOv.'tuiri WOV till! Iiill j
Jot 'lifiletflly and at the top was u
j i.'.itow pi*: wlicf tiiii ”ry lions wai
ted to devour ih tii. Beyond the
lions was n i'o:uiii,g dragon from j
whose In ltfiy poured Oill lire 4lid
ft i.i.iti.'. l oot' waa i:, giant waiting !
ut 1.1.e innn !> ' liif eave, there tv.n. j
a i kv . i v wuorc In. I -g bih s and
I«yi| ft nrii.s ins. -d mid llutterud and
il j v pik .in !•> dn l of < x ra ordi
u:n v courage auecceded in escaping
all ibe* • evils, at'll there wii».h deep
dark river at the very end of the
way which nev*r could be crossed.
'fhe n une of this uarueter an Buri
yan pictures liim is Obstinate. 11 is
other nsme is Bryan. By tempera
incut he was an egotist by occupation
he was au obstructionist and by I be
effort of his life be was an enemy to
human progress, lie turned from
the true path many doubling pilgrims
who never found It again and who
never aflerwurda had a hopeful view
of life.
In all the three hundred years since
this book was written by the poor
bluoksmilii in Bedford jail, each new
generation of people have read it
over and over again, and the more
it is read and the older it gets the
more the world's higher conscience
despises tins character Obstinate, for
iu each generation of men he finds
eager hearers who would rather 1 is
ten togost stories than to the music
ofa running mill or the song oi
wheat harvesters.
Mr. Bryan you pose as a friend of
labor. Dnl any working man ever
get a dollar of your money? Did you
ever evolve a pruelieal plan that
1 «... u mu l&hnnr.v mull emnlo\till lit
Libor wai ls u practical friend who
can evolve a prt mil plan and then
|itll It mb' ••XeclUioll.
| . hotiphl iif a till k \ nt«t. Ik e;irr
ml me thought into action and for
ijoiii \ ear pave eiupio* ment to bi
ll i in ibikinii brick Lon . down
0 - tree mid (Ml C.lU MC ttnek-tail's
!i| lek, lillt wind htt*e Vdone tor
mis eiiv? Where i» jouf mark on
ibt» town?
Burr thomihl of u>e ILirr
1 I.lock, lie loat bis f. Untie III I It
I t \ Hit* iUOm^Ui ini'* i*\* i,,iU*,**1
* U%4t Ml* OU ul la*IM'uil» llfti M l* M » H
j WlHUMf (li\ »V «l *U«f |l«Ut it ‘ b»*l
l 1 * * I
'em |tt i» *uu *. \i* ** *»? utum *
| t,u*4 . in Mr ilmt t ft itliiMt i|
>»* iliv **>» Cult its if*4 ill iib'il uml Uut
* : > t*4» <t 111 |< ut f ill |4*«^ 4ttV|
1 H|fcf| l $tl> Util <• .*'»» I • t»Ut| *’»|
’ | Hi l i f$% i*trU4 Ml# u«*t *'«*<
. t\f . ta ,%* b-* 'U'f'** * f IMl” Ulii -» I
I . - WcfMbU- { ■ i *-* »
it. «* i t* ib- tiM« b » * * * I t
.1. f * t,,ar- i * » a - • "<«:
h-v,t HI I' Ml tolW t lH*t HMM* Mi*> »%*-* ;V
i * * ' • t, f i ■{ % >i* i t * I u t
I ». it fentt ■ V MM Vi t I’ *1
n<41 v» I' • ' id# t*»4 > in
. -5 ■ J *• . * • 4 •, It* •*•-* 4 •"
In, r1 • t|» |ti ■ t 4. ‘ 4s§- It# - f c ! I bt- U» M W‘*
* I 1*1 k« Mtffftuiir b4* * f’« «u«m i«Mf I I w*'^
ikiUar* «ta« a ***** «k»* »
discredited hv the business mind nil
over the country and that sit ike*
labor whcresver it touches with the
paryaMs of death.
This bird is Ihe cm
‘I lem of the republ
ican par') and will be
at tto load of the re
pob|i< an ticket in the
i f tidal ballot. 'I b< cut
is made fr<>m a pli »to.
prnph of the celchialed
wai eagle “Old Alb"."
I ■ hiert was carried all
toioi.^i. me war by tlic Might Wis
consin infantry, known to all ire stern
soldiers as lim “Kgle Uegiujcnt.’’
We saw “Old Abe ' hundreds of
liiioa during the war and nearly
every day for several years after *he
war at the enpitol building at Madi
son. It is a perfect, likeness of the
old bird and an old soldier will have
to be steeped lerriubly in populism,
in* tougher than n boiled owl and
pa*!, redemption if lie picks up a
ticket, looks at “Old Abe." recall
Ihe thousands of patriotic incidents j
and scones which cluster around
that bird and the party for which
it stands, and place an X in any oth
er circle Ilian tluil upon which “Old J
At#!’/' is standing in all Ids glory, j
Mditor If, M Wells. Co. 3ftih i
Wis Inft., in Crete Vidclte.
A few weeks ego the editor w:o* tuk-j
cn with a very severe cold and cmt“'il j
him to la- in Iti" most miserable csindi- j
tlnu. Il win tindoillip -tty a hod en-e of I
In grippe, )• cognizing il » dai.g'Toio
tin look iiiiiuediale steps to bring: about
a speedy cure. Mrotn tti*- advertise
n "tit of tdinniberJain'.s Cough lt"inedy i
and the muni' good la i-eomnu'lidations
Included therein we concluded to make 1
s first trial of the in'alieiiie. To say \
tliat If '>v«- * iflufnetory In Its restilfr, j
1. ... I .1 ....... ...It,ft., 1. .1.1 f* i
acted likcutaKir and ilie result, was n j
cj i/idv and pertiKint’iit cure. Wn have j
ni>h> dtericv in reeccmiuenilltig thf*<x-l
i'i Hi i,f f. Jung^i If' ■!, !*» ui!j one afflict- j
ci! tv I th » cuut'li cold iu any ( ini, I
riltt Haul,IT II l,i! I'tV, fjlict I.| low;!, I
Marylioid. Ttu -n and oil tint uz'-i
for kiIc i,f Otli tuluiil (fro*.
You can't afford to risk your life liy
allowing a cold to develope Into tti<*
pneumonia or eonsumpt ion, In slant re
llt f and a certain cure arc afforded by
One Minute Cough (Jure. Odendabl
DisAgurmeiit for life by burn* or
scalds may lie avoided by lining ImWitt's
Witch Hazel Halve, the great, remedy
for piles and fur all kinds of sores and
skin trouble*.—Odendabl Jfros.
Ed git- McMasteis, Defendant, will
laku notice that on the Hth day of Oct
ober, ls‘/7. Hattie Mr Masters, plaintiff here
In filed her petition in the district court ol
Mherman County, Nebraska, against said
defendant, the object und prayer of which
are to obtain a decree of divorce from suid
Edgar Mi-Masters, the husband of said
Hattie MuMasters, for willful abandoment
for mote than two years without Just
You an rerjutred to answer said petition
on or before the nth day of December, IHW7.
Dated, October llth., lull?.
K4TTIB McMast'BK, Plaintiff.
Attest Ubo. W. IIim eb, Attorney
l.oris I: kis, Clerk District Court.
la District Court of Sherman county. Neb
The Vera, out Savings Rank. Plaint iff.
Margaret! Oa.vderkl, ct. ah Dclendanls.
The defenilants Margarntt Oaydeckl,
Andrew ti.ivdecki. That entral l.oau and Trust
t ompaay. A 1, Compbell Assignee of the fee
trai L< an and Trust Coin pale, Dea Melnes
National Ita-ik Trustee, and The J 1 Case
, mat ..ii tlu i- a day of October, i^v; The Vor
metii savtji-% Hank plaimlit hereto tiled It#
pt t iti< u lu me district i ourt id du ruuie loon
i. \v< tii.otriM-awl dertsndeais ui.;d« id
t u v%it ti 1-.*Ulkowaki. kvuuuku*.
, m.i it - \,»u ltrst naim unWnouu MUdmcl
-.p m» wWi buu Victoria Mlrhttifckft. the object
. nd pravt i d wh i U ur«* to fureoione n eeiiuin
! moitiMj/c executed by the *4k!d Mertferctt
«tu>ot< a» uh I Andrew iluyibcki to Un said
iVural mh.i afti 1'itiM r^mpaiav u|nui mo
vVwnt t 4it« r of >». iiou iki Teeivt, lu
itM*o*bip to tdti'u, north of Heiiv« 1*
' iu . .*noun < nittiy, N>bn»»!f*v. to lu-turt* the
j j.. i n ui uI a c> ttain protouoiy n«>tu r*r tne
l>r.nv*|*e» edtft of ffluoio end wmu Mtere&l
| n >:* * to* arc totiiof «*4'h. dated Maun
* .*k»i t ..J puio-ioal Srtth ot o« hoi
.i vo odd ifttyfetdooii May ut, Wwjkbd iu orufc
! tv to (kuy uu> ittteroet due
t tic*.ms a mi *sai«* inu‘> i»t note* he«n.i u» < ut»i
• >i. bkj i-t i<( N*)l veer nlUidab W
..ti pt»ip ■■* i noic. Thai Mild uyHe* »tul
- v»«'fv:|,fc 1 1/ ktll. I **U -i-ahi
j ,t*n to (Win h* due liir*e*
! i«.j u.. * - >1 ttvIfc.Ui a ill* lnt|n«i »•*
L.Vw&o* Iron. May Ini 1 V? a It-A i'S
' <04. t»€» h l*W €\ \*U ||«l * t
||s*« siUmm «umi u-mIhvJI §*hv* M
* d - - : ' '*H »<* J *« ***
». ■ •< * •• tbst . tel i-bii-no n* >.»<«* to >el
• , + < if d -«.» (>„ ii) i ito.ueH.;-.
r ■ . ■ A*Ml *41
d. v f. A- i. ‘a, ii • K w,ii *r * -Iff
. ttii • V • ■> *' . ■ ■
4»;„ J ,, if , n
» ti
> yfei-ei e*« tAAe
* «•* *%? nfc * • At •#
mMMiwa-. * • ***>► «f«* -14-- i'ei#e
dtkM ’* *;♦ Mi-lii el
W J MAUse »>nfc f n
• tnt.« *ii m
Cash vs. Credit!
Tin* philosopher tells us that “knowledge is power.’’ The greatest power however
lies in the wisdom of applying vour knowledge so as to obtain the beat reaulta. Our knov 1.
edge of what is best suited to the needs of many in the way of dress, coupled with our great
buying faculties, makes it possible for ua to clothe you in a highly satisfactory manner and
at prices which were unknown until we originated them.
Instead of selling on time and charging the
same old prices which the credit system has always
compelled, we do just the opposite. Wo buy for
cash, get cash discounts, and by so doing are in a
position to sell you for cash at the lowest price.
—>-*^o-o-o-o-o «—
Our new fall and winter line is just bubbling !
over with good tilings. Bright cherry patterns to
match the faces of a well-bred and happy people. |
There may ho starvation in India, war in Cuba, and
assassination in Spain, but in Nebraska there arc
beautiful crops, better prices, and signs of pros- !
perity throughout the entire state. If you would j
have a share in the good times give us your
i rade.
__________ .
Mats and < aps, Dry
Gl^e0’ Goods.
Wooden ware,
. Graniteware
Cloth- Cutlery,
illg. etc. etc.
( A PES, < L( )A KS and .1ACKETS.
for the ladies.
for the men.
want your money.
x ours ior dusiucbb,
A. E. Chase.
Proprietor of the Cash Bargain Store.
Wagons, Buggies, Disk Harrows, Sulkie or Gang Plow*
or anything in this line. Prices all right. I also carry a complete stock of
harness and harness fixtures, Washing and Sewing Machines, Oils, et.
ami everything in the line of hardware and tinware.
Bo'h Men and Wonen If you »'«
wll liiU tu work, we can Kivu you
employment with GOOD PAY. mill,
you can »ork all or part of the time,
and at home or traveling. The work
la light and easy. WOlu at mice for,
term*, etc , to
Tilt Il iWK* Nt IIMUtY Comii.vm
,\!i| iiikae, VVU.
rp JNKS,
1 * film'• in EXPRESS *n"
All 1Cx|)ft*Mt mi Knit* hi or*t*r» im»i*»|»tu
rji *. S IGII II Vi.Vl.K,
m i toil ut Hi Coiiitiwi basiaew
i Kntai f faiiile, a>aaiMi«npiwr »t*«
VitwaritMt in * * m ,'«•
uMg o <<M MMMtll •«* ♦ HtMt
iltltlTI, • • RttllASlA.
iy j, Hsu • »i
4U to 1*111: jj-nt-t n\*t,
\\|> MiTRY »•* HI,If
A ill U u n i to h»m iirttirt’l d»< ■*
p.ay IMI \ etKVKMAt. UK At. I
MT ATI 11*1X1*4.
ia a»aiaaaaia«i * <11**
u«t cm, . » < thitaa