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    For Hardware, Tinware,Furniture and Undertaking in all its branches go to Watkinson, Loup City, Neb
Lioaal T7«ws.
For washing machine* and clothes
wringer* *ee T. M. Iteed.
Mr*. G. W. Iluater 1* again able to
be up and around Hgaln.
N. B. Thompson was a pleasant caller
at these headquarters Saturday
Mrs. J. 8.1’edler Is enjoying « visit
from her daughter Kate of Denver.
Gay Callabam and wife started for
their heme In Kansas Wednesday.
T.8. Nightingale went to St. Paul
Wednesday to try a case In court.
Julias lluss wa* attending the fair
Tuesday. He called Into see the editor.
Richard Cattle has obtained a perm
anent position In the Kewanee, III. tube
Walter Moon who ha* been down lick
for the past week Is aide to tie out
For wagons, buggies, harness, aulkey,
plows, hardware, tinware, etc., cull on
T. M. Rend.
T. M. Reed sold two lumber wagons
tills week. 11a bn* sold some seven or
eight already this season.
Dr. A J. Kearns had some beautiful
specimen* of quilts of hi* own make
on exhibition in the llorul ball.
You cannot afford to lie without one
of our book of facts. It is worth dollar*
to you and the cost of on* la only fifty
Among those who had tine grain and
vcgstaide exhibit* at the fair may be
noted Carsten Truelsen, Adolph Karr*
gan and Dr. Jones.
We are In receipt of cull for the Nat
lonal Irrigation Association Convention
to be held in the city of Lincoln, Bcpt.
28. 29 and 80, 1897.
Two Good Things.—"77” for Grip
and Colds; No. 10 for Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion and weak stomach; 25 cents
each, all druggists.
W. II. Kennedy will commence
teaching in the John Hawk district No.
■I. text Monday. Win. Howe bus Just
Mulshed repairing the school building.
The Bhelton Clipper says that there
will be 800,000 head of sheep fed at
that point this winter which will fur
nish a market for more than a million
bushels of corn.
Borne smart person or persons have
beeo smashing oat the windows to the
school house In tho Ainger district.
The school officers are on the trail.
F. W. Hemming*, of Danville, low*
Is In attendance at our county fair this
week. He is here looking after bis land
ed Interest* here and made this office
a pleasant call during his stay.
Mr. and Mrs James Conger will sturt
In a few days for a two weeks visit to
Minneapolis, Minn, During their stay
Mr. Conger will have a new artificial
f oot made aud fitted.
Mrs. Wm Btrankmau, of Logon town
ship returned from Lincoln last Tues
day evening where sho secured another
child from the Home of the friendless
It Is a bright llttlo hoy two years of age
The Times published a supplirnent
last week espesially to give space for
an open letter from M. II. Mathew,
who told therein all about that “har
monious” crack-o-pop-free si I ver-re
publican convention which took placr
at Lincoln some two weeks.
Cash Corgor, was visiting in the city
last week He has been in the employ
v» uiv v/• a . viii f'.tii y iu uiuuuu at r
sallary of 835 per month I'pon hi* re
turn to Gibbon he wai ordered to l'ud
dock side track and given the posltlot
of telegrapher at a Kailary of 850 pci
A fat baby whose parents were taking
him to the Superior reunion to exhib
it attracted quite a crowd at the It. A M
depot Saturday afternoon. The young
Her Is three years old and weighs 131
pounds,exactly hi* mother* weight ai
the present time. Ilia father It an or
dinary sized man. Edgar Host.
»Vo uudarstaud that the Northwesteri
railroad company has made a proposi
tion lor settlement In the case of Jam*
Cotiger v*. said railroad company, mi
whcrelti Mr Conger sued the company
fur heavy damages for the loss of hb
leg. The offer, as we understand it, b
81.'kSi i*i w hich has htvn accepted am
tin- settlement will he completed In i
few days.
The shipments of cattle, hogs ant
inerchaudUe on the railroads shows i
woudvtiul mrmt-e in buali,***. Mori
freight trams pass through heartsci
dally than have passed through In twen
ty four hours for teseral years It now
requires more Height engines eu till
division of the Talon Tsetae belweet
Noilh f'latie and Grand Island that
was required one year ago on ih* entire
Main Mae bet* sea Omaha and Ggileu
Kearney sun.
The llwllv HepUhiit'an M*gt*i*f t
ti alesUutg, |||, contains a very ctiiu
piste aevount and obituary of the desii
of t apt silt fuller, sod laths
Sir W fuller of Ibis county * spl
am fuller died at b.« b ite in list let
burg August 4* for route Hum Ih
hi* health bad >w*u (suing *».) m, mi
went ea*t w Hh the Inlet., on of sn.iu,
hi* father la s*ltM»g hi* ' *tto**s 11! * ■
when both t aptaiu f ull* ni4 hi* «i|.
espeeted to u»o*e to l.oup t tty sh.i.
the| would reside.
Th# fount* Fair.
The Sherman county Fair which op
ened last Monday was ijoltc well atten
ded this year, more so than last, yet
the attendance was not »o large as ex
pected. Neither was the exibition of
grain and other products so large us It
should have been but wbut was brought
In was of very good quality and would
have stood a good show for flrat prize
at the state fair. With all the fair was
a success The tlrst day was busily
spent by th" olHcrea In arranging the
exhibits mid all persons were admitted
to the grounds free.
The second day opened with cloudy
weather and by noon It was raining
hard, The rain lasted about an hour
and made the race course so heavy that
It was necessary to pospono the races,
President Drake then announced that
races would come off on Wednesday
the day following, and that the Wed
nesday races would take place on Tues
day, and those who had tickets for Tues
day, the rainy day, would be admitted
to the grounds on Wednesday without
extra charge. In fact the l'lirsdaya
program was entirely posponed except
the ball game between the f,oup City
and tirevley Canter clubs. The games
was very Interesting and witnessed by a
large crowd. The first two innings
were played without a score on either
side. The game resulted In a score of
!) to 2 in favor of the Greeley Center !
On Wednesday as formerly announc
ed the program for Tuesday was carried
out, Hie crowd was large, the gate
receipts being almost a hundred dollars.
The principle attraction outside of
ill* » tt i*d ill*- i »» » n, im
one mile trotting race, licit two In
three, there were four starter* a* follows;
.Milford Maid and *iat*baw owned by
Savage Bros, of Sargent; a beautiful
little blaek mare, Jerema, owned by
Lasbmctt of Kent; and Dandy A., a
bright hay, owned by Audio of Ord.
Only two heat* wa* necessary to decide
the race tho horse* each time coming
out In the following order, with Savage
Bros, easy winner* of both first and
second money and Lasbmctt third mon
ey: Milford Maid 1st, 8at»haw 2nd,
Jerema 3rd. and Dandy A. dtit. First
heat, time 3:00: second heat, 2:63.
I Another taking feature of tho program
was the maiden trotting race of ouo
half mile for a purse of $15. In this
race Mose Lasbmctt entered Ids little
hay two year old. Cody ; and Mr. Auble
entered I.ady Winks, also a two year
old and daughter of Tiddly Winks.
The colt* did remarkably well In eplng
their feet even better than the older
horses. The money was easily won by
Thu one half mile running race was
won liy Jensen of lioelu*, .John Webb
of Arcadia taking second money, in
thi* race James, owned by Joe O'Bryan
was, after the first, beat Kent to the ham,
the judge* holding that he wa* held
One of I lie bicycle races wa* won by
Dick O'Bryan and the other by Bate*
The base hall game between the
Greeley Center and Loup City clubs for
this day proved highly interesting
It was apparent from the result of the
game the day before that the Greeley
team would win tiie sugar, und it was
also known that Loup City would
make them earn the money. Tho first
five Inning* would haye done credit to
club* of national reputation, the score
then standing Greeley 4, Loup City
1. The siidh inning gave Loup City
one more anil the Greeley boys three,
ail hard earned tallies. At the close
j of the game the score stood Loup City
II Greeley Center 10 Our buy* say
that thi* team is the best that has oyer
crossed Imts with them on the Loup
City diamond. They are all gentlemen
and while they closely contested for
every inch, were fair and corteous.
1 he lust <lny ol the fair was also a
success, both linamdally mid otherwise.
The morning was cold and In const*
((iience tbeie w as not much stir until
towards roon. In til*' afterinoon com
in liters were at work av. arding pre
miums. These premluuuis, •• awarded
will l>' published next week.
The taees again *er« th» venter of
atliautmii, ai d when the free for all
cue mile trotting race was announced
the crowd looked eagerly for ih« llrst
I appearuuce of the racers, 't hey had all
l bw* given to understand that It was
Hu. race of the season. In this lace
I wa> ante red Tiddly Witids, a black
| owned by Aubhs, Onl. Maulvtin, owned
lij Savage llrus. Ml Sargent a id Jcreuia
'Owned by l-astimvll of Kent iielweei. i
MaitieU" and tiddly Mink* itie rice
| waa aery el <•» Iruui atari |.i ituisli ami I
i would iwils a great deal Ol applause
when either tuiKt * tii • (it' tt,
Prat In at »a« taken oy Msnls'i'O and!
the second beat* l'| Tiddly 11 lilt?
Inti..' third beat tiddly Winks cam
molar tb'< wire d *i t»v Manieno*
tnni, Mr l>unnabue, re appealed
' *i On I idga- slan t and > uiwoi
'll foul. Alibis also appeared Hid as
' | know leg. .1 the foul toll t l.lai>>l an . l!
'|**t A maj rl>y report **l Ike pitg**
dedai.d lh* heal sf and unlus I a!
'j fuutlh A M Iksasll i'S*u| Ik* Judgt s
'! dr«»«ent*d and irkdsis.1 a minority is
1 port io labor of Tiddly W la a- ths>
I I silk boat waa .leans lak*a *»
II Maul no tmi was (lire So tiddly W tnk*
hy reason of a foul las r» t asslng
I'.e wire. |P >| |tm< t I? Jrisis.
Ihe black three year old. driven by its
trainer, Mose I.ashmett made » pretty
record, trotting every heat without a
break and making within about live se
conds of as good time as the other
There were four enterics In the <111nr
ter of a mile running rare, and the
prizes were tnk< n In the following or
der; Bella A, Owned by Jensen of
Boelus 1st; Venus, by John Webb, of
Arcadia 2nd. Bannle. by James Lan
ders, of Arcadia 3rd; and James A.
by Joe O’Bryan of Loup L'lty, <|tlt
The live mile bicycle race was easily
won b) Willard of firand Island, Dick
O'Bryan taking second money and Bates
i opiln third.
The race on the lake for tho duck
was won by Hugh McFaddcn assisted by
O'Bryan's bulldog. There were other
(ports which furnished considerable
imuscrnent for tho crowd.
The exhibition of stock was not.
large but there wore flue specimen* of
Horses, hogs and sheep,
llt|fh M'liool Noli**,
School commenced with a rather
•mall attendance hut, we hope It. will
increase before the fall term Is over.
A» the wild (lower* are It ginning to
fade It Is somewhat dilllctilt for the hot
any class to obtain specimen* for
We have noticed a marked change,
for the better, In some of our school
mates and hope it will continue
While playing on the school ground
lust week. Tommy McPadden had lit -
arm dislocated at the shoulder. It was
»«'t by Mr. Mead and Is all right now.
....... .li. I.I .... .t... ..
being Fair day*.* essential to good
•landing In examination. (i HAY.
Tljanka Nellie; cull uguiu.—Knrroit.
An Upon Lottor
To .John Mi.nsiii j,i„
My Dear John: It did my whole
soul and part of my body good to
learn that the populist convention of
winch I had the honor to he a mem
ber, hud nominated you for county
clerk. I am aware that you need
the office, ought to have had >it be
fore, and so I propose to stay with
you until the cows come home and
until the big rooster la the Times
Independent crows for your success
November next. I want, you to
get there for several reasons; fore
most among them is because you
have a faculty of holding onto what
so-ever you lay hold of. Darned
few of us tun compete with you in
that respect. Only a short time
ago I read an account of how you
came out on top in a contest for
trustee of the village of Litchfield,
wherein you was contesting* with a
republican for your seat on the vil
lage board. You bad the office, the
other fellow wanted it, and in fact
the people of Litchfield wanted him
to have it, and they elected him
almost two to one against you, but
when he came after the ofliue you
just said, 1 no sir, I’ve got her and
I’m going to keep her;” and darned
if you did'nt keep her too. Thais
the kind of stuff a good pop is made
of. When you get au otliec keep
her; and I'm going to support all
such fellows. Another thing you
look the matter before judge Sullivan
that rcuuhlican what oiimned flee
silver Into thu people lust full, uu<!
lo and behold you won the ease
without arguing it. A tnau who
can and does lutng on to un office
like that only increases my admoni
tion for him. With you ns officer
it would'nt be necessary lor thu offi
ce to lie ruuuing around every two
years hunting after the ututi. You
sec if wo should get you time wo
would have the tiling tor keeps.
For instance, if your would be suc
cessor should happen to be a repub
lican you could just exercise your
stsy ing ijunlities and, by gosh lie
would have to hunt another job
\Y ll John, there are other reasons
why l will stand In you. but 1 must
close for this time. Yon tuay hear
from me uuiu before the polls open.
In closing however, I waut to urge
every good and loyal populist to
support you, knowing that if you
are elected are will have a dead dm h
on the business tor a long, i*mg
time lie - peelfailV \ oUts,
\a F vsr Hint. |Vt».
Homing, netting sk'u dl-'-e. umi -al
ly lebllttl bt tb-wtil's tv. let. it el
|l IttHlI* HllttMlU }t *% i<*|£ 4 *'F|f
l'h>d"/i .i|dts (O reiils imr
il*>/ fur it short tints* util) nt tIts*
l«uo|i t'it\ iMudi. littllury
Mr. Siiiuttur Oat I* <•mini
laUiul S|aviitilvi in .li'ciis*1*, v>i
Kv«\ i'.ir, V •>** ;ito| I'hrimt
rivttltiiuitMult f«>r uflnsss a
and while you are there just ask to see M
Lawrence or Had ger State L’L muslin .05 “ “ zfjj (|
Toweling at - - - ,05 “ “
Fine black serge - * - .27 “ “ ^
Ilian kets at .50 a pair . 503
10 pounds granulated sugar - - 1.00
K “ package coffee - - 1.00
12'. “ evaporated apples - • 1.00 ^
12 A “ evaporated peaches - • 1.00
.‘52 bar laundry soap * 1.00
; Well pay yon al least 25 els. a lia., task for potatoes i
call on t. M. REED VOJS A
Steam Engine or a Threshing Machine Outfit
binders or mowing machines, wagons, buggies, disk harrows, sulkies or gang plows
or anything in this lino. Prices all right. I also carry a complete stock of
Harness and Harness fixtures, Washing: and devil Machines, Oils, etc. 4
and everything in the line of hardware and tinware.
-nail* vuir.
On the occasion of the Nebraska
State Fair Carnival of the Knight* of
Ak-Sar-Ben, uml other apodal attract
ions at Omaha, Sept. 17th to 24th, Inc!,
i the Union Pacific will sell ticket* at
. the very low rate of one fare for the
round trip, plus ' admission to the
Fair. For lull particulars eall on W.
I). Clifton, Agent,
One doz beautiful finished
photographs for 75 cents at
<he Loup City Photo Gallery
This will last only a short time.
We want one good man (having
horse), a* permanent superintendent for
Sherman county, t<> attend to our bus
I ness, on salary. Must send along with
application, sti / letters of recom
mendation as to h maty, Integi itv, and
ahllilv. Stale. ,-ition A hires* l*.
O. Jlox low i*h Pa.
Dr. iSumi Davis Oculist
and Auriest rand Island.
Commencing lay June lilth, the
UNION PA* will In.) titrate.
Through Turiat Service lo Portland,
Oregon an.) \\ ngiou points via
Union Pacirto Southern Pacttlc
K'ya thereby g passenger* ibr
bentlMt of t WO {• trootes via O.lgen
to Portland. I -out will lake tliein
up tbrough lie ititifol Sacramento
\ alter, dltciosl, l feat,tic. .long the
sliota It-.ute, Sacramento. For
rate*, time tabh d lull Intorui tihoi, -
vail on City I'li idl e, No I sti l'»i
o*iu *1 \\ | a. i . , )„*
| - %« »t » IIIHIMII IV4
ft % II* * % M* •
j i t , lifts ft- *v A '
*ft » •«
a*,* • ■ « - | H 4wfe# iftftft
a, ftm «hI|
•« '»
* * t »% t ft «
f ft CO.,
To California Comfortably*
Every Thursday afternoon, a Tour
1st sleeping car from Salt Lake City,
Sau Fransisco and Los Angela* leaves
Omaha and Lincoln by the Burlington
It Is carried upholstered In rattan;
lias spring seats «>>d bucks and is
provided with curtains, bedding, towels
soop, ety. An experienced excursion
conductor and a uniformed Pullman
porter accompany it through to the
Pacific coast.
While neither so expensively finished
nor so tine to look at as a palace sleep,
cr, It Is just as good to ride in. Second
class tickets arc accepted for passage
and the price of a birth, wide euough
and big enough for two, i* only #5.
For folder giving full particulars, call
at nearest Burlington ticket olllce or
w rite to J. Fkancis, <1 P. A., Bur
lington Koute, Omaha., Neh.
N oil* «' for I'u bile Ml Ion
Lund omen Hi Ltnoolu, Nttbraaka f
Augutt ti, \'\rt i
NoU»« in hcroby givcu that lb* following
mimed Met tier ha* Mt»d noth • of bla Milan*
tion to tnnkd HimI proof in aupporl of bli
rlaliu, find thut h«m proof will l>c made b«
lorn lie Couity Judge, shei uian county at
Loup i it v kiid.TMHkn, on October *>th IhUT via
|(«tar tlajeku, 11 K Number IHli/T, for
ihc* K . iiuuuof N Y quarter. Meet ion
IV, Tow untilp i <, It tinge. li waat,
ltd muiipd till* folioWlllg WllMM## to
prove hi* Conti non* iceldeuce upoa aad vul |
tnatioiiof aatd biuil, vl/ Jacob aebiaalL I
job**, \ut«m h»*a» Peter MorftU, Paul Mill*
«|| of Him hviilt N«bi»»ka
W J y>.Huf <b.a, M*‘ffi**lvt
rh* Toutl*t H|#o|tar U an* ’ up-to-date'
i'nr* M *\li tiiiiM corn fori at ttilnitiitiiii
Mt«|, i* tlii* priu. ip»l upon alikh the
t art ifv bull! and oprialed. Tb#) run
Lilly from t imnull If hill* and Omaha t»»
Og le it Han Lraiu Ui’o an I I'orL fM-l
I'olluotn puffer a with eiery ear Lor
fort her pariU'utara vai) mt of eddit *•
'N a ll i'lUMN Agt*L
iHtikMi » to anieitt hm
Heart hum f i >»m •ntoklkg
or from ant other isamm, tf i«!t«rv4 l»r j
the Aral of So, ML Ik lltimphtef’*
ti>*v*rti for lhipriMU IWti. ill drug
I V Jewell t o of I aka flit, I
Mian.* a awl a lewp-uteibhi man In iNtt
iM'ilitt) (it ttll Hittnaaota gftfWtt IN#*
and iam>9 f St in-a, tiood pa*. Nt#if)f j
work h rfltr Ut#at todav •
“ l imy don't make much fus* about
it." We are speaking of lie Witt'a Little
Early Risers, the famous little pills for
constipation, billiousnes*. and all stora
ucli and llvor troubles. They nevergripe.
—Odendsbl Bros.
There is a time for everything; and
the ti me to attend to a coltl is when it
starts. Don't wait till you have con
sumption but prevent it by using One
Minute Cough Cure, the great remedy
for coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis and
ull throat and lung troubles.—Oden
dahl Bros.
John Grlllin, of Zanesville. O , says; “
I never lived a day for thirty years with
out sutl'errng agony, until a box of De
Wilt's Witch Hazel Salve cured my
piles.” For piles and rectal troubles,
cuts, bruises, sprains, eczema and all
skin troubles DeWItt’s W itob Hazel
Salve Is unequalled.—Oib , !abl Bros. ^
l.ow On* nay Mat** To .1 I’ulnt* Kaat.
Via the Burlington Hon: July 10, 17,
18, ID, VO, VI and each Ft aud Mott
dav thereafter until Augo- l
Go eaat on uuy of the » * u low rato
day a ami you aave enougi cover all
t it* invl tco tl expense* o tvel heath
III sleeping - tr meals, ti is, etc
See to nr* *1 U. A M It agent, or
ante to J. I'ranei* G. I' V, Omaha
Mm vlg*if and victory it *t*e at* the
* t-ara* terlati** at IksWtii • I till* Early
Kotin, the f .ioous little , for con
st, pat cm. I Uiitttsuvss ami .til * lamas b
amt liver trouble* Odei , ti Bros
**| t rave hot Outs Mitn,'. “ aatd the
pit kite «|» s.-t In a Ito.i > volte anti
ken hr to*** a -lose ot Utl* MtnUIr t tmgh
t'lth', and y*,'t*s*ett**l tsitu hi* oratory
t s*. * l| iti.i, * ottgh t'ute is ,i*r^sttlt,l
|t»| tin th #. »»■ *| long 11* * * *'* ll.teo- X
dahl Klta
I tool I.».«r»t« yttof ttunin b with
legs and Miter hart**, hot regulate tour
II in and vie*, heads* ha t*y tt * tog th ■*.*#
fasts oti» little plil* amt an gs |xdt til's
I,title l.rt t K utl ttdimUhl llna
Ky»% I tr, Nvm*' niitl rtmuil.
hr. Hutntt<*r hurl* Mruiul h*