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    The Northwestern
oho. »u. liBiinciiiirii'.ii.
Editor and PulillahHr
TEI.Mb »1 SO ptr Year, II Paid n,ct
■ut*r»l at tb* Loup City t'ontofltsS for tr*a»
miMmluu through tb* loallt a* Mo bA
•laa* matter.
Populist fllo ulassc* sneer at re
turning prosperity, but acts are
r more eloquent Ilian words. The
election <>( president McKinley was
no sooner assured than populists
and republicans alike began to sweep
and garnish, that, the house might
be rcad\ for the coming prosperity.
Among the prominent populifcts
who have invested in expectation of
advancing prices for real estate may
lie named K. K. fia) hurst who
bought the Stub! dwelling property,
J. II. Travis who him pun based a
fine business budding ami also a
residence the li Kreiclibaum
pluae. These gentlemen have both
added considerably to tho original
investments in tins wi y of paint ami
improvements. Hup'. Johnson (jus
Imugh' and greatly improved a m at
residence property in tin: north
part of town, bounty Attorney Long
and ex-C'ouuty Attorney Smith both
feel that limus are easier and have
had their residences painted and
thoroughly overhauled. (Jims, bus
Layer is getting ready for a greatly
increased business and has added
a complete line of dry goods to his
stsok. In fast there is scarcely a
populist in town who does not feel
the Improvement and expect a «om
piste restoration of the good old
republican times.
In addition to inis the village
board, all populists mt one, me re
placing wooden crossings and cul
verts with permanent structures ot
stone. The drays go loaded wish
goods and there i* two cash jobs at
good wages for every man that
wants to work, bcntlcmun this is
the kind of stuff prosper ity is made
Dollar wheat will lift many farm
mortgagee in Nebraska.
VVhv baa the price of egg* al
moat doubled? Ia that on account of
a failure of the crop in the old coun
try, too?—Kearney Sun.
Show ua a farmer that Iras'nt got
any money now and we will show
you on* that will have aorue when
he sells his wheat crop.
When wheat get* up so high that
people oanu t afford to use it as
bread stuff corn will be substituted.
Thi* will make more of a demand
for emu consequently the corn will
be eorrospcediugly high
There U evidently more joy in the
house of populism overoge reueyatlu
republican who a as bought into the
tanks by promise of olltee limn thaie
is over ninety uud nine who have
steadfastly followed tile faith,
K« aiin y Sum.
The Nebtaslks sms "It
should b" rctuvwbcrtd by fariuet*
that the eouUty fall i* a proper me
ilium thi ough which to advertise the I
icsource* itf tbs country, Help to
make yont fair a good <i|i«.' Y tii j
tug t* Iratwr than tht* alitieiUihi suit j
all should take an Interest m tin I
Mount v fatr.
bet every icpuhhiMu a. utMtlHct 1
m u In hhtnosu t oust) see to it I
v that till 0‘Slo.klp ionl|| full ,t, j
gstt- a to thi uuty uiKKtualtr g > >>n j
veuttoU sad let it* iilol good cl. ,t, .
wen fu* the touuly iitieu With]
a good ttekit in Iks leht «« ai
l* »-1 i I to elect sow*- |f n»t **tl of <,*f!
•s. trI<te« f h« i"tt>. nt> <«* Witt!
doubt Ism stain be Ml lad
The Independent man often feels
thankful the lie doe* not have to
edit a populist paper. We cannot im
agine a more doleful, gloomy and dis
consolate occupation than that of
editing a real live and vigerous popu
list paper. The whole superstruct
ure of their edifice rests upon calami
ty. The deeper their country and,
in fact ull other countries, are plung
ed in misery, the greater the indi
vidual and public woe, the happier
i* tho populist editor who i» true to
his creed. Their missions and their
delight is to tars down, to intensify
and magnify ull forms of evil, ol hit
man suffering ard misfortune, of
puhlicund private calamities. With
every evidence of a return to prosper
ity all about them, not through any
effort of tbcirrt, hat in spite of them
they realize tbut their favorite slock
intrude is fast disappearing; they
are still plunging about wildly at
every little bank failure or other
misfortune, as a drowning man grasps
ut a straw, hugging it to their hearts
and fondling it as a choice and wel
come titbit.
Cornu out of your caves of gloom,
ye nnrcperit sinners,and enjoy a little
season of blessing and good diver.
L’otne out into the radiant and glori
ous sunlight of returning republican
prosperity. Look upward, dry your
truth: cense your dismal croaking;
[rll thu truth; take ua emetic, and
you will l’ccl better.—11 miry (S. I).)
S. II. Jimmerson, of Port C'bcs
ter, N. V. writes the following letter
asking ms for a cony of our “Book
nt Facts. ”
Port Chester, N.Y. Aug. 30 1897
lino. E. Bensciioteh Esy.
Ilnur Sir- 1 ion very much Interest
ed In Nebraska. I talk Nebraska and
U'wil two or three families out there each
year I tuke three Nebraska pspes.
i«me one bus »en( um a copy of tho
Valley County Times and In It I sco an
aosount uf your book on gherrnsii Co.
I should like to gel a ropy and If you
would advise ins the cost I would glad
ly comply, llespeetfully
S. If Jlmiuersoa,
7 East Broadway.
We gladly comply with .Mr. Jim
mersoa’s request and hope bo may
lie able to gut information there
from desired. We will say, too,
that the people of this seetion would
be pleased to entertain some of those
families lie is yearly sending to Ne
braska. In fact we know of no other
part of the state that offers better m
ments to settlers than tn Sherman
-. ■ " 1.T"1
•j .him o. cumviui, mu man wihj
was nominated by the democrats and
endorsed by ilia populists and silver
republican con vent ions, win one of
tbs 11.un most prominent in ilia or
ganization of llial faction of demo
crats, who, under thu leadership of.i.
Sterling Mortou soeffeotually helped
to d feat Van Wyek.
Populists don't feel at all good ov
er the result of the pop o-eratic Stuto
conventions,and in fast they have
cause for grief. Tho demourats
named the man for supremo Judge
and one of the Regents of tho t'ni
versily, an l the populists had to cou
tent themselves by endorsing them
The democrats did, however, give
them s chance to name the other can
didate for itegeut.
It Mi • r be remembered that win at
will bus fair price another on
account of thu shortage this season
The bulk of wheat Is west of the
fcl1 »fti»*4|t|t» |iU'f H e do m l think
it a good idea to put vcigthteg la
wheat t*ai net judgetu.: i‘ totheh'isi
in•« III. Am i. (tii fa.mei !* too
apt. If .»!•» one eerewi is a g-.»*d pries,
to put aitiy lbtt>g Into that t i t pit*
duct, hut We ha- It. It lh> 1 a tumid uas
discretion in the* lust ter I*) laitlsg
*m«lt gr* u as well m oum. totals-*•
■Much »* |M.»sihie U your farming.
In that tt) tiw Waikel in any out*
Cereal fa cut ih*i.I- -a.. at i ah. «i d
theta t. i Mulctr to set one tenet
y m here eomntim.g to i«j| t>M m
Sehraska farmer
ACENTS: In every dlstiict on
thecontinent to take orders for high
grade Canadian grown Nursery Btock
and Seeds. Larger!.and most complete
assortment in the trade Fast soiling
specialties: supherh samples furnished
free; co'respondance in any language.
These positions arc money makers, and
territory should lie secured at once for
(he season by nil hustlers looking lor a
good tiling. Our salary or commission
offers will Interest anyone not earning
*1,000 00 par year. Get In eommenica
tiou with our nearest, office
An opportunity to represent a well
established house. Ability more import
ant than experience.
I.i kk Buorilglis Comi-anv,
Inernatial Nurseries,
Chicago, 111; Montreal, </ue. Itochaster.
N. Y
The State Journal is offering a tirst
cluss bicycle free to any person who
will get up v club of 100 yearly sub
scrlbersfor the Sciul-Weukly Journal
a! *1.00 each The 1 If ycles are covered
bv as strong a guarantee as any *100.00
wheel and are lirsL c.ass In every re
sped. Aliy young uinii or wo
man can now earn a ble/cle. If you
find von cannot get the required nambor,
a libera easli c< ininlssion will be allow
* d yon for cadi subscription you d >
get.. You can get. all your friends and
neighbors to take the Heml-YVuekly
Mate Journal at * 1.00 a vesr. Address
Mate Journal. Lincoln, Neb.
* * pkop. or EXPRESS an.,
All Kxpreo or freight order* promptly
attended to
Does a General Law aoU Collection Bssinesa-j
A Notary Pal,..a, ll«n»|r>ptii.r ant.
Typewrllar in Offlea
(INK i, ok Mourn or r.r.«r hank.
^y j. FiaiiLH,
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
OiUca in Mo»thw«it»b« Diui illii#
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 '* Worms.
No. 3 “ Infanta’ r'11 *«*•<*.
No. 4 “ Dinrt
No. 7 “ Cou
No. 8 Cures N> i,
No. 0 '* Hoiv
No. 10 “ D>
No. 1 1 " D. : V*.
No. 12 " L
No. 13 Cures Civ
No. 14 “ Skit i
No. 10 “ Rhei.
No. 10 " Malm
No. 10 •* Catart
No. 20 Cures W’hooi
No. 21 “ Asihrrt.
No. £4 ** Genera t
No. 20 “ Seu*£il*
No. £7 “ Kidney l
No, £8 Cures Nervous l
Nx 80 " Urinary .r
No, 82 ** Hesit Di
No. 84 u bore Tin
No. 7 7 - Colds
i>* . Uui sr >»»•
Misslt UtUi#* ttf l 1. t’l |t tbs St
*, * * ','1 If is » » *tsis*4 »*•
isestfi < # ■ • <«» »«*•.*, Su* lb satsf
*»V Sts Si |t S> Sss «•*-!». tt .ts*fcrsf,' M*4
.MS « mts>.. Ill Si' .w. »b. N«» t S
H U M P H R E Y _8~
(Mi mic O NIMKJfT."
[i I
•hI fc, ■ -si-sie ■* a«« ♦ - • * ■ » **»
FT'aa diacom
J forts and
I** dangers of
bo almost en- J
tirely avoided./
pectant moth
ers. It glvea
tonsto thegen
puts them in
condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg
nancy less painful, shorten*
labor and haatcns recovery after
child-birth. It helps a woman
Lear strong healthy children.
i has also brought happiness to
thousands of homes burren for -j
!- years. Afewdosceoftrubrings
Joy to loving heart* that long m
for a darling baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for this
trouble. It cure* nine cases out $J
of ten. AH druggists sell '.Vine
of Cardui. Ji.oo per bottle.
For advice In cases reaulrtns «pec 1*1 f j
dlrectlcns, aldroaa, (fvtay symptoms, - J
ft# " Ladles' Advlaory uepefiment," 'm
1 be CflSttaiMSC* Maoi Jno Co.. Chat's
i..»ga, Tenn.
of jeftrson, C»., says:
“When 1 first took Wfne of Cartful
w e had boss married three years, but
eeuld not l.avr, any rhildreo. Mins jJ
mom'll later 1 nad a flue girl baby.” M
Va ONK IHK^ Xn oae die* r.f pul
nionaiy rin«»*s<», the result of e.»ld, who
U;;o* “77”ln lime. Tor sale by all drug
gin*. !l'i cents,
l). C. DOR. A. F. GULLET,
, Vise Prosldeal OhAM*.
General Banking Business Transacted
Capital Stock, $10 .000.
Lose* os LnprorW laras at IDI pa «■!. Bart Oeeepeny tailailM
Oouaapon>am:—Cbeantoal BaStoart Bask. Raw York dtp. I. $4 tali
iHtioaal Bus. usuka. ■
Attorney ami Notary Publle. Publisher Lour Orrr Moertiencsraux
pishee & benhchoter,
jTown Lots, Wild, Cultivated ami Irrigated Lauds for Sale
I_ •
TJie SevejNTfl A^fMUAL FAIF?
AllMtnfk will lie ah awn in th< arena So
person hut the awarding committee on duty
arid the officers of the Hoard of Association
w ill be allowed in the arena while, the exhibit
lion is going on. if it be ascertain*! that
any exhibitor ha made or caused to be made
by any false statement In regard to any article
or animal exhibited, or any exhibitor attempt
to intefere with the judge* in tho performance
of their duties, by letter or otherwise, he shall
b» excluded from competition, The exhibl
tlon of stock will commence ai the time
and proceed In lire order sped lied In tho pro
gram. Animals not ready at tho proper line
and place, will be ruled out of competition.
No animal which has once taken Hi d prem
ium in If- properly unsigned lot and class
.shall again compete for any premium in the
sains lot and clast, othsr than sweepstake*
when there is but one exhibitor competin '
fen a premium the committee may award n«*
pi cmlum, or second, or jirat as merit may
V' .rr»nt but in no case shall tin money award
ed excei d half that stipulated in case of compe
tblon. Iri noncompetitive awards the com
uiittce must state in detail tin rcaaon for
NoTK Kxlbitofs are requested to study the
r iles carefully, as t.hay will be idly eu
forced and Ignorance of them may f atal to
successful comdetltiou.
For articles a warded Special Pre dim order*
on the donors will be issued »Uof which the
Secretary will forward by mail to tin winners
Single admission ticket .’net*.
(Children sixteen years anil under, tacts,
single admission ticket for double and single
tr ims. 15 eta.
saddle horse 10 etw
special license for vehicle* carrying pa*seng
ers for pay will be grunted by the Kxecutlve
Comm * it« e.
AH exhibitors having three or more head
f \ hor*-* s, or five or mori bead of cattle *hall
be entitled to |mss one attendant fro .
Kxli i hecks will be given at the gate,
dlnist'-rs of the go»p«. 1 in the active di*
Charge of their duties editor , lupioter* am.
ocher of other agricultural socllie*, with
i.' irwi' * . .uc m tismslv Invtu I to our a<
i il fail and will receive • <>wpii)i< ntuy pa*
« by iej •»!; ir t hems. lvcs to the s ■ , etary,
i h* ti.iii f- ? or loan *>f a season tick " is »
tUd up n the .\ oti**w, and whin d« teits.t
■H »*• MmUhml to the full exb i • ..t tho law
Vnyp*o « u »»r pr ison* round guilty of ellpjt
; c»t '/ ‘*i t? b •. m *-• 11m.: int
fu : in .tii ■ rrv. .i thati h\ coi
wing with the • a ion v. ;i k< chars*
KhtitL.tU 1'UiMIl M Lin
S»r age i o.
ttg tWo 4*f
ast* a
— ., w. «.
nap# «ixy $ >&*
*■* lit **Um K < MM Mm
v $ yn
v aMaU tttMi hi lay awdat u»
mm*%m *-U . * | m
* *•*•** <%aj tttawd » m
w> a t#* a <»*»-»* **i »*#**, 4 f a*
I AM S »•»*> t I Ml 1**1 V
* ' M *»«' M>*
,» iff,.*,., ,M*m 4 i mm im> * *«•*■■■«
For beat taio of following one yearn sub
scription to Nebraska Farmer and for second
best taio 50 cents:
Trio, any breed
Heaviest trio spring chickens
Trio turkey*,
Trio duck*,
Trio guineas,
Trio gem*.
J M BNVbgH. Hupt.
For the best display of all kinds of grain,
grasses and vngltable* grown on one farm
first premium $* 00, eecond premium 1000, third
premium 00.
For the best display of fruits grown by one
person, first premium $8 00, second premium
fe 00, third premium *1 00.
Supplement to Farm Product. All following
entries to be the property of the Fair Assoc!
alion after entry: Flrlt Premium for following
entries one vear* subscription to Nebraska
Farmer, second premium 60 Cents, For beat
specimen of
Peck of wheel (winter),
Peek of wheat (spring),
peck of oats,
Peek of corn
Pock of potatoes,
Peck of ryo.
( 'Lais o fink art and fancy work
Missaa Anna Do/ark A dallh Miji.k *
Class A
Fir*t premium for followiug eateries 60 cl*,
second premium 25, Best specimens of
Kensington embroidery
Worsted embroidery,
Lae# embroidery,
i otton embroidery
Darned net.
AppUoue work
F.u hing on linen
Cotton canvas tidy
Crotchet tidy
Wo re* ted tidy,
Worrited canvas tidy
silk embroidery
Wag Mowers,
Paper Mowers,
Shell work
Fun. ? work by uuy girl umler 18 pears of age
Pencil drawing.
Oil painting‘amlm aiH
Painting In water colors
Kmidugion pamtlug,
Painting people
Puual picture
Ribbon work
sb*-II iambriHiuin
Wall tanner
Table m arf
Drawn wofR,
Painting on satin or altk
Mtiduary « afctbit
Urayua p uui«
Fancy s* r*»d -uwlu*
nofa p4ii**w
R) Ik pin ca-vtoton
Worsted pm * uddga
tVk|i«l set
i Lamp mat
i Pillow %aaui
| nhvt t tltaiu
Mt«**s Hlsstl V|> PlIlHvM 4 llAftta lift*
Mi MW? Sit|»4»
Pbl pi* w**um l**< wk'trb* R# via
#»• ( R lie* 4 *|m % tmvn* **f
• »“*** ** ■■ >***«
To premium will be given on articles not an
All specimen! of preserves and jelly must be
mode inside af u yenr.
Oho w. ilugraft, supt
I) I plum as will awardad lor best eahlblu la
Pillowing forming Impliments. machinery ate.
Two borse farm wagon,
Double aeutsd buggy,
bugle seated buggy
Family carriage,
Two borse stirring plow,
Sulky stirring plow,
Uruia drill or broadcast seeder.
Two borse planter.
Hand corn planter.
Hiding cultivator.
Walking cultivator,
Stalk cutter,
Horse rake,
self binder,
Combined reaper and mower,
Thrashing mochtne,
Power corn shelter,
liaml corn shellur.
W ladmlll for raising water,
Farm gate,
Fuoui gate fustealng,
Portable fence,
Display nt furniture,
Display of tinware
Washing machines,
Display of stoves,
Double work haruuss.hums made.
Double drlrlug harness homo inode
Display uf (arm madhluery by uns exhibitor.
Display of tools and cutlery by ouo exhibitor,
.Sewing luuehlue,
Lot of ttfty brick.
Display of building stone,
Hpei imuu of carpenter work,
Specimen uf plastering,
Hpuctmuu uf horseshoeing,
.•specimen uf blucksmilblug amounting to
live dullure.
Diplomas will he given fur the best syeclineas
of all kinds uf fuuey and art work.
Masks NspriX CoHUKli A CAkkik Hole emu*
Cl Ass A
Ten yards rug carpel, home mad*, and made
wtibiu a year.
White guilt,
silk guilt
Worsted uuilt
limit pieced by girl under Id years eld,
Pateb work guilt
Crochet spread
Knitted spread
■ ..inferior,
Drawn rug mads within a rear.
Scrap rug made within a year
Knitted tug uiads within a year,
lit auied mat
VfgHan crocheted
Hast maculae luted artists,
•run MIMU.
if.N > Util it* hands asd uadst ass
luurth iiol. hoai- «m»t > ta i. 4 to eatar 1 ta
start IV to Hr .1 H to we. wad and M iv third
Weight 0 p.uuh be to a the seats.
Ill SMkumtk Mail usth heaiA i to a#
tar a*.I 4 to start. MU to What, ltd to aecuad,
flllUD UAV
ikul'tlMi A \yisa mile hoAto I
• to cutsi and J to start tod to drat, itotuaesoad
oal to i u third
It ISM MU US> A >»'. hail mils heats
use. tu 1 t tc cuter aud 4 to slat. MW to Arst,
Vi to me. ad aadfA w thud
k.m hutataaes Vs« taayar ■ out «d yavaa
to **„h . *.a ... to> paid when eaol ta mads
kntrtos P>i tot yuisa moat ts marl# aa or Mt*
foie, * sriiet y m dar * C-te rtacei* ho
Itetod tpolovv that tmr* all. ha asuceut end sa
uf m. .**,r iei.reKd to the yt. oai viaimshta
do aturs than •#*# yvamiuto atu he aaaadsd
to a hoi o. that dv*taa*« to# itatd ins as*e» t
atom ithiive site il*ht* to y»e*yv*e aa.) taaa
,* * „ .,S. ,.l i ,1 e.eltol Sec ..a. r a tea tel
,.«(is trotium had a man. as iosdtor list
r alan mana
W Saa the Isssryes at Van are Soe 1 ih> l»tl to
****m»'«. «MfM M to*** «mm4 «»«*
****»• w mi14 I* l*i' toMMtoto
Am «*»»«*» to#****A MMl *** y*to
•****4 ** ini li*m 4*t* 4 ****** *****
tor- fed* h i«*U IftoOMitoAi uni H
m*1 ** yA* ItoUto