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    Loup Cut
The Northwestern
editor and Publlahar.
TERMS >1 BO far Taar, II Paid in Advanea
m— ....-s—j-.1 .jir ■' 7~ • ------- ~—a
lateral at tha Loaf City Pottofflen for Irnat
■laaton Uiroagb Ha mailt at taouaA
•laaa matter.
Tin* republican Stuff Convention
adopted tin; American Kugle for itn
dm emblem to head the ticket.
... ■■■!■ —■ ii. i ■ an
Tin* pops are accuaiog Murk Hanna
trite furnialiin;; the money to buy up
the* wheat clop of the (Tnitud Htatca.
We ought to liuve another llnnna to
buy up the corn crop. Whatn the
matter with Hanna?
The republican State Convention
w.'im a harmonious gathering mid
all the nomination! were made prac
tical I y by acclamation. Judge Pont
wan renominated for tins supreme
bench and J. N. Dryden of Kearney
and C. W. Keley were named for re
gents of the state university.
Hit* populist leaders say that “al
though then Was some disatisfuctiou
regarding our nominations last week
it won't amount to an) tiling. Two
years ago t 1m* same condition of
things prevailed to a certain extent !
but we were able to get them into
line. ' This is assuming that tho --•■
who object can be easily managed.
I The fellow who ih a populist und
says he is, is entitled to a hearing
the fellow who is u republican and
advocates republican principle* is
entitled to the same consideration;
but the fellow who tries to carry wut
er on both siiolders is not worthy a
prominent position in either party
and should be asked to luke a back
Our conte in pot ary commenced its
annual tyraile of abuse upon us two
weeks ago and in return we gave
the public a few cold facts which
did'nt set well with the outfit. Since
' then we have been asked by populist
to “let up on the poor fellow.” We
suggest that they first muzzle their
S own party organ. This paper will
take care of itself just as It has al
ways done.
tJiiugu /iiumi vv nil i> <11 nn
, a delegate at lurge to the pop Judi
l: ciul uonvention, and from reports it
- would seem that he made a very
! lurge one. Now that he has taken
)' so much pain* to secure Sullivan's
: nomination it might he expected to
i follow that he will go to the republi
1 can Judicial conveiuion, of which he
[ has been chosen as a delegate, und
coutinue to pull wires in the Interest
of Sullivan. Mr. Wall liasalso been
uhoaen chairman of the republican
county central committee in and for
| Sherman County.
The McKinley dinner pads arc ev
idently coutuiidug more eggs than
they did a lew mouths ago. The
' pi tee of lien fruit bus i(one up from
4 cents to lo cents per dozen. The
populists su\ that it is beuause the
liens have • |uit lay tug. Now sup
Ip mo they have tel up a bit, but it
M«ius that it is a Utile early in the
» lt .il has become of tile lull!
HruN ot lll-uis..||<ls, y t * millions of!
II . , - ._"i Holt hue I.- . , |;,\ | tig
Bjftp.for lllC | .« -1 till moll'll* In tin- I . 1-1
moms ‘
Mill* Aicr»«<l Upon l»y tli«i Mur
<«••• fully MMnlpulMtml -Conventlon
Korrr«l to OIvk \V«y to tli* Wlr*
The pop convention wan pulled off
In thin city on the 20th.
After aome preliminary work, an
adjournment wax taken to adjuatthe
< in reconvening a country delegate
wax talked of for eccrelary. I'Mitor
Brown uroae to explain “that it wax
clear that the convention would pro
ceed in accordance with the machine
programme: Thui the account of the
proceeding* act up hy the Timex In
dependent xtulf, beforehand would
need little or no change and IIK
would lie able to act a* aecrotaiv and
get the Timex Independent out on
time the following morning."
Tire report on order of huxineaHax
adopted allowed the delegate* from
each xupurvixorx dixtrict to aelect
one delegate to each of the higher
convention*. It took xome tnanov
eiing to get thix changed xo the ma
chine held the balance of power, hut
they managed it and it came out
ult right In the end. The xlut'/ ile
legation* went through with Juxt one
When surveyor was readied it
was agreed tlml uh the party had but
mi" man who knew what a straight
line was lie would have to lie select
I fart of Hazard n new comer,
wanted to know who wus running
for superintendent. Secretary Urown
was on hjs feel in on instant and ru
led the question out of order. Said
he: The office must seek Hie man.
How do you expect the slate to go
through if any fellow can boost him
self in here as u candidate?"
Charley .flionsori arose to say that
lie did not want a third term. This
pleased Mathew, lie had (o explain
just how much, and incidentally to
invite ex-sheriff Hendrickson to take
The discipline displayed by the
machine wassimply marvelous. Num
bers are not in it with fellows who
know what they waut and stand to
gether. The most masterly stroke
of the day was the manipulation con
nected with making Heorge Leining
erkill offllendriekson and also break
John Leiniuger’s boom for clerk. It
was a pretty example of killing two
birds with one stone.
Hy this time chairman Dickerson's
elforls to seperute the workers for
the “cause” from the members^of the
convention had subsided to a few
faiut raps of tbegovcl and a look of
profound disgust. When it was all
tied up in bundles there was no use
of making a fuss.
Miushull who was ou the “list”
for the nomination of clerk had en
ough to muko him with Ashton hold
ing her vote, nnJ Loup City firing
in the air. Sheriff was knocked
down without a single outside hid.
iiy this time ail effort on the
pail of the convention to name u
single man on thu ticket hud ceased,
uiid lint venerable head of represen
tative Sujdcr could not save him
from au open reproof from the urn
chine for daring even to name, an
opponent to Hadura, the slate wan- j
didale fur treasurer. On being dc
elaicd the nominee for treasurer.
Hadura walked up to the chairman,
his baud raised to take the oath of,
■ in-v. "ilissah prompted the chair
mau iu a wlii,p« r “you tv got to tw 1
elected tiist ‘ Hadura then turned a
tumid and pledged the mm bine a
»,iii sit •bu*inc»»’ caiupaigu.
|t ,*».it, tou»that old) a iimtud)
t t a of thing* can * ante certain jont-;
“* •••■> « ' ‘**<1*
teT) plot, tide unprottlat-U lu»» it*
fatbiat* <d putting out a eousplst- j
aids art sage to (all nb*4* lu our'
opinion l he p |t)f clilllt) Is ti« tittt t it ltd
talit-1 $• . ft hh¥ a|*|F »■» t**M
.mi) a direct loss ts nothing rnotv
than a p***»|i*t|it) It i* not *»ii|
)«al that tti« American faimet t*
confronted with ilia uppatumli to,
grow a full tit op ul wheat with area
souablc assurance of getting his mon
ey back. This year we are heartily
in favor of seeing a full acreage of
full sown wheat. By next spring
we shall know more of the situation
and action run lie taken accordingly
by growers of spring wheat. A
shortage in the world's wheat crop
another year is not hy any means a
thing ties rahlc limn any standpoint
except that this country should pro
duce a pood crop Nebraska Farm
A dispatch from Galliapolis, Ohio
states tliut on Uic 2.'! of August, a
gang of despoisdoes of West Virgin
ia, with out provicatiou swooped
down on a picnic party at Glenwood
and broke up the party by their or
Itevolvers, knives, tonnes, single
trees and clubs were used. The
women fainted and others lied to the
hills. Lew Holley was killed out
right and William I’orter and Van
Lonkflcld, two members of the pic
nic party, were fatally stabbed,
Alonzo Porter had hiessull fractured
and half his face cut off and one eye
gouged out. ,
The radians were the members of
the Holley Imnd of outlaws, ami they
have killed at least a dozen men.
Wheat took another leg jump of sev
en rent - and in comuajiience our elevator
men are now paying 7b cents per bush
rp INKS,
1 * fkop. or EXPRESS ani.
All Kxprcai or Freight orders promptly
anointed to
Does a General Law and Collection Business
A Notary Public, Stenograph”!- and
Typewriter In Ofllce.
^y j. hsiitit.
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
omce In Nobthwbbtbkh i ding
l.OUl* CIU, • - I UKASKA
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 “ Worms.
No. 3 “ Infants'
No. 4 " Dian
No. 7 “ Cou<
No. 8 Cures Neu
No. 0 “ Head
No. 10 “ Dy»
No. 1 1 •• Del. • da.
No. 12 *' Leu
No. 1 3 Cures Ct uv
No. 14 " Skm
No. ie •* Rh«*u
No. Id " Malat
No. 10 '* Cutun
No. 20 Curas WhoO|
No. Ct “ Asthma
No. £ I " General
No. £3 ** Saa-fttOk..
No. £7 M Kidney 1
No. 28 Cure* Nervous l >
No, 80 " Urinary I»
No. 32 ** Heart Dt
No, 04 “ Lure Thro.
No. 77 H Ctf‘d« mul i
[>• U rwmt UleiMMOAtine >**
Pf t>ba ■ ,M Mill* 1 HCS
phhiII l. al*. .1 u* . ...i.l II lfc« •
I «vA| l.f 4»>V. , V* *• «l p** |»p| »p< I
t •. >»i prfc«. a .* i »• •. i v.» 0 .*4 '
. , p i, ii ■< ,.•* ii pi,tvi** IM
I'v , Ill Hi .... I 4%
TH* Wit OthtMCMT."
reios. m m TaiAi.eiaa.Miwa.
M X Pi|f> x *-.« «• .♦ * m mx*« .xx
aswisaMMHitinsns iumn I
Tiik discom
forts and
dangers of
child-birth can
be almost en-/
tirely avoided,/
relieves ex
pectant moth
ers. It gives
ital organs, unri
puts them in
. condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg
nancy less painful, shortens
labor and hastens recovery after
child-birth. It helps a woman
bear strong healthy children.
lias also brought happiness to
thousands of homes Darren for
years. A few doses often brings
joy to loving hearts that long
for a darling baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for this
trouble. It cures nine cases out
of ten. All druggists sell Wine
of Cardui. f t.oo per bottle.
For advice In case* requlrln* special
directions, address, elvlor symptoms,
i jl th* Ladles' Advisory Department,
X j The CasManoota Medicine Co., Chatta
F* noota, Tenn.
or jsflbrsons Ga., saya:
i’,' “When I Aral look Wins sf Cardnl
11 we had been married three yasrs, bat
n aould not have any ehlldrsn. Bin*
1months later 1 had a line girl Mby.”
N'sONKUIKS Noonedlss at Pul
i..unary disease, the result of cold, who
token • •77”ln time. For sale by *11 drug
gists. 83 cents,
. %
Vice-President. Cnskier.
General Banking Business Transacted
Capital Stock, SCO .000.
Loans on Improved farms at RIME per sand Boat Oaaipanp aad boat MW
tabs bad la tbs vaad
Oonaasronnmrra:—Gbemloai RaMsaai Beak, Raw York CNjr, R. fd BmCB
■etlMal Bana. umaKa. R«haneb«
Attorney ami Notary Public. Publlaher LoukOitt NoamwcrrituM
Town Lots, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated Lands for Sale
Tjie sevei^Tfi a^fiual faif?
All stock will be shown In the arena. No
person hut the awarding committee on duty
and the officers of the Hoard of A*sodation
will be allowed In the arena while the exhibi
tion In going on. If It be ascertained that
any exhibitor has made or caused to be made
by any false statement In regard to any article
or animal exhibited, or any exhibitor attempt
to intefero with the judge* In tho performance
of Lheir duties, by letter or otherwise, he shall
be excluded from competition. The exhibi
tion of stock will commence at the time
and proceed in the order specified in the pro
gram. Animals not ready at the proper time
and place will be ruled out of competit ion
No animal which has once taken first prem
ium In Its properly assigned lot and class,
shall again compete for any premium In the
.-ame lot and class, other than sweepstakes
w hen there is but one exhibitor competing
for a premium the committee may award no
premium, or second, or first as merit may
warraat, but In no case shall i he money award
ed exceed half that stipulated in case of compe
tition. In non-competitive uwards the com
mittee must state in detail the reason for
NoTK Exibltor* are requested to study the
rules carefully, as they will la rigidly en
forced uud ignorance of them may fatal to
saccessfu i couidct 1 Lion.
For articles aw arded Special lb ec on orders
on th< donors will be issued ail ui which tho
Secretary will forward by mail to Ue winners.
Single admission ticket Sects.
Children sixteen years and under. I'»ct*.
Single admission ticket for double and single
teams, 15 eta.
Saddle horse 10 els.
Special license for vehicles carrying pussem.
er* for pay will be gruuted by the Executive
< 'ommittee.
All exhibitors having three or more head
. f horses, or five or more head of cattle ahull
be entitled to |Mt*s one alleitduul free.
Exit checks will be given at the gate.
MI ni liter* - >f th< Bo*p< 1 to I lu act In • !
harge of their duties editors reporters, and
beers “f othei agricultural aotdttc*. with
udr wiv< tie cut i• ou • ■- itivited to our an fair, and will receive coin pi rue alary pu- -•
* by reporting thenxiclven to the Secretary
Tin transfer or town of u season ticket Is a
ami upon the association, uud whi n detect' d
ill la poiii-hed to th< full extent of the Saw
Any jH-raon, or p< r*ot»>. t »umi guilt v of ell nib
>tg over or uuiier the fein • or getting Into
tie fail grounds tu any Other wav than by com
lying wiiu the association will be charg'd
inutdf the regular rati *
NKhl UK I* 14EM II M Ulf
J K. I*XIU lilt Hupi
t Ui« A Hud»*lc i
tkiil * tail ion any age . ..... $g <W
(ilia It |(or».«
tc*t draft stallion, way Imrei or age t <»
uctit»d l*e*» draft **iy breed o« age • «
t 'lass C. - hlMl’iilHHIIl "
teat ilrtvtag u am tn harm s* 9 t«i
test draft team la harm1** f ><t
* lass D s*|< (teUlU*
k *t ims' Ih %t two or movw
rolls | i|
k «| cult «m tdt ed ab'Nri 9 > ear* old 9 d
tufts it ti
i vast** fat KUtK v<|«|
t law A
' taM«Hafhbf*r%| itumcrwi ladtgr** any taw*
i» at |» H «*i tnaa I tin | ».♦!
vow .»>• * m 9 fwara <>M
* ml «mt | m f t«i
t i*v> U
•1» at ts't Wvod $ w t ta*
i Mhsi V MiW IMV III
Mt ' ii Jd- I'tMhfet *H»rf
it* tam, awt •*««•) I tat1
H*** *Wf 1 *M {
11 , »«, t* • . 4 it.
n t> musk iai iv
>• i4i> . m** t» atm inn
m U>mi «m< i
, ' -aMtun m* k<im.m>
Stto»f *>sg , um |
mi kn».u 4 n>.
** *“* «J
I .i. *'» (U IttMl (MOW Mi
*.*!»< «M IWi
“«• •»«*»* * im m» mn i n> ■
«••• ••*>***♦ • » n •«» , In
l UtKsjt. mm. no miv i
| W I IMV ,M< Vwili, I
For best talo of following one years sub.
icrlplion to Nebraska Farmer and for second
test taio 60 cents:
Trio, any breed.
Heaviest trio spring chickens.
Trio turkeys,
Trio ducks.
Trio guineas.
Trio geese.
J. M Snykeb, Supt
Fur the best display of all kinds of grain,
trasses and veg I tables grown on one farm,
first premium *H 00. second premium *fl(X), third
premiumM 00.
For the best display of fruits grown by one
person, first premium FI <X), second premium
k iX). third premium »l 00.
Supplement to Farm Product. All following
entries to be the property of the Fair Assocl
allon after entry: Firit Premium for following
entries, one years subscription to Nebraska
Farmer, second premium 60 cents, ror best
specimen of
Peek of wheat (winter),
Peek of Wheal ispringe
Peek of outs,
Peek of corn
Peek of potatoes.
Peek of rye.
I)fV. Vll
Missaa Anna Dozahk A Bkuub Mijuck.
Class A
First premium for following enterlos 60 ets.
second premium 25; Best specimens of
Kensington embroidery
Worsted embroidery
1 .ace embroidery
Cotton embroidery
Darned net.
Applique work
Kicking on Hucn
Cotton canvas tidy
Crotchet tidy.
Woresied tidy
WOrustcd canvas tidy
Silk embroidery
Wax Bowers
Paper (lowers
Shell work
Fancy work by any girl under Id pears of agr
Peat'll drawing.
Oil painting lundseapc
Painting In water colors
Kensington palming
Painting plaque
Pattal picture
Ribbon work
shdf lambroqum
Wall banner
Table scarf
Drawn work
l*atntlng on satin or silk
MlUlnarv exhibit
Crayon painting
Fancy scretd sawing,
sofa piIb'W
mis put I IIshloti
Worsted pin ■ ushtna
Toilet set
I,amp mat
Pillow sham
a hr el sham
Miaaaa HPail H< t'sikiot * Utntt list
lit »ay a upas
First promwai tor Miowtag eaintws w» eta
»*,si*4 pyeUMam '66 Rest specimens id
Apple fnitt
( J^llt
t'% J»U»
V\ W* |*»M*IM*
iff friNMHMN^VW*
*i ' y*Ut»> ftf*
4 IWiiMnlo
* ‘ * h*iMf
^KlUi <r*fc«
TM*MtM|» «*!«**
Wllb %i**4
I WWgjblMlL
|ht fet#4 -MM** **4t
•«**»*» MW*i* «*4*# »«•■’* It *■ $
< 4*,‘r«<4 If «*U fen* V«* *fc** I* Y *
, . ,
Vlti *»* Ft • fw I
km»«m -m*
Md premium will be given on articles not en
▲11 specimens of preserves and Jelly must be
made Inside of a year.
-Dll. IX
OKU. W. UuaTBH, Hupt.
Diplomas will awarded for best exhibits lu
following forming Implltnents, machinery etc
Two horse farm wagon.
Double seated buggy,
Hlnglc seated buggy
Faml<y carriage,
Two horse stirring plow,
Sulky stirring plow,
Oraln drill or broadcast seeder.
Two horse planter,
Hand corn planter.
Hiding cultivator.
Walking cultivator,
Stalk cutter.
Hurso rake.
Self binder,
Combined reaper and mower.
Thrashing machine,
Power corn abolier,
Hand corn shelter.
Windmill for raising water,
Farm gate,
Va'mi gate fastening.
Portable fence,
Display of furniture,
Dlsplayof tinware
Washing machines,
Display of stoves,
Double work harness.bome made.
Double driving harness home made.
Dlspiap of farm uiadhlnury by one exhibitor.
Display of tools uud cutlery by one exhibitor.
Sewing machine,
Lot of fifty brick,
Display of building stone,
Mpccitnci! of carpenter work,
Specimen of plnstaring
Sjs.cimen of horseshoeing,
Specimen of bluckainlihiug amounting to
live dollars.
Dipiuiuus will bo given fur the best specimens
of all kinds of fancy and art work
Ntasgs Nirmc CtUKMUt a t'xuaix lluu ussi
Clam a
Ten yards rug carpet, home made, and made
within a year,
While quill
Silk quilt.
Worsted quilt,
Until pieced by girl under ID years old
Patch work quilt,
Crochet spread.
Knitted spread,
I omtorier.
Drawn rug made within a yoar.
s, rap rug made within a year
Knitted rug mode within n year,
Hrntded mat
Afghan enabatgri
Hast manufactured si tic In
•ruu mug,
PUMV M AI L 11 , bands nod under one
fourth mile Ml* be*! I la I, I Hr cater 1 te
start m to Bui M to eccund and H to third
Weight B p ond, below the teals
Kt NNl.Vu M tl h Hail mile heats k to ea
ter sad 1 to start. to Butt, IIS to seoend
and B to third
t H< it l l.V). HACK Doe mite heats. *
• to enter and I to etart W to Brat rrutotecuad
sad |* to third
S’ SSI.hi* MAi t, Dm, half Bin bests
neat l in I 1 to ea ter nod 4 to start Be to hts*
lie to .iLiifnail amt B to thud
Mora ssistnotr Bo, tea yet seat of pores
m sw*n »o*e to he pard when recry ts made
heti too Br wt perse most he nee en or ne
»* * »she s p nr del before (Been ne I
ntSed before met txoe etU he eomslKd end sn
trt money refeederl to the proper rial Benin
No Bor* then oar pynmlwm nut he aaantmt
i o a horse that disthB e the Oeht The ease* t
eecesr nosi • Sw the • by he* W poaeOue a* , ie t
on nsouuot el hod r«slb,i Mammal I Dec to
puta tvottion and Amnnsas luaiey ctosh
r Dan r analog inn
B hen tho i nee lots el tan or an* neBstnot to
yet asynansa atone* *e» tebsw sad tyeed nag
•hatt a* nasi in toil sol ail osihsa «mim» one
let* in vh*»,B* egsrast the oaiaAy nos pPP
eaeamt am as be Lee tho date el snaaal Bees
.ea ds-i h* f rtyhesT Si* ynemb*ans atw no
yaW a* wpMMM tB