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    For Hardware, Tinware,Furniture and Undertaking in all its branches go to Watkinson, Loup City, Neb 1
Uoaal Daws.
The lectare at the Baptist church last
Tuesday night was well attended.
Mrs. James Gouley and little daugh
ter Vie are visiting relatives in the city
There will be an equity term of the
district court for Sherman county,
August 24.
The celebrated Sylvan Toilet Be
qusitaa: Hold only by (he agent—Mrs.
Cba*. Gasteyer.
Dr. Sunnier Davis Oculist
ami Auriest, Grand Island.
Gasteyer 1* closing out his lino of
Sclz Sebuob shoes at very low prices.
Call and see them.
The Loup City Camp of Modern
Woodman of American will hold their
annual picnic on August 2Uth A good
time Is expected
The ladies of the Degree of Honor
guve their annual ball in tba opera
housa last Tuasday night.
Miss Lura and Grace Benscboter went
up to Arcadia Tuesday ovnnlng to attend
a party given by the daughters of Mr.
ar.d Mrs. Georg* Miller.
Massageo: The remarkable skin food
And tissue builder is constantly winning
new friends. Massageo Manuel sc
aompany log each package Found only
at Gastcyar’s.
Dr. Suinner Davis Grand
Island Specialist in diseases, of
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Examination for glasses.
Street commissioner \V. T. Glb»on Is
at work fixing up street crossing*. .Mr.
Gibson inform* u* that he is having
quite a time find mg hand* to work.
Our Book of Facts concerning the oar
)y settlement of Sherman county will bo
finished In a few days *nd those desir
ing a copy can get It at tbil office after
August 4th
It is a wonder that the pditor of the
Times ever got home at all last Sunday
after cutting up such a conglomerated
messof didows a* was reported In his
last issue.
The old vetrans of the Lonp Valley
Vetrans association are Invited to at
tend their first encampment which will
beheld at C. Stewart grove, near North
Loup. August 10,11, 12
TheN. V. Dellnator say* of the cele
Prated “Sylvan Toilet preparations'’
That they are the mort reliable, harm
less, offlestious, preparations on the
market. For sale at Gasteyer's.
E. G. Taylor, of the firm of Taylor
A Conklin, Ashton, made this office a
pleasant call Tuesday Mr. Taylor re
ports a splendid wheat crop In his part
of the eounty, harvesting about done
and threshlngjust begun.
The large cut made oast of Loup City
for the convenience of the public travel,
at the Instance of tho township board
has been completed aad in consequence
people living in that part of the country
have a much better road to the county
C. A. Austin went down to Grand Is
land last Friday and purchased thirty
five head ef line yearling heifers which
he will put on his ranch and feed next
Winter. They were shipped up
from Grand Island to this point Tues
There is some corn iu this vactnity
that is already damaged for want of
rain, but most all of it Is all right yet.
This it the time of year when moisture
is most needed to make good corn but
for the past month we have bad little
oi no rain. The corn crop will probably
stand it for a week longer when it must
have moisture or it will be materially
Kearney aad vacinltv was visited at
4.30 I*. M. last Tuesday by the v.ortt
bail storm known to have (truck that
lection of country for many years. II
started near Miller, a town on the Kear
ney A Black liitie railroad, snout thirty
miles north-west of Kearney, passed
through An heist and destroyed every
thing before It. When Irat seen it w as
a fuuacl shaped eloud and had the ap
pearanee of a tornado The .storm was
irum aouarterto a half tulle wide and
the business portion of Kearney was
nearly in the center of it. All the win
.tows in the side of the city bsil, sebum
house and mauy ether public buildings
as well a* residences, were broken out
It was followed by a terrible rain am
eleetrio storm lightening striking th<
sehnot house and rendering several per
sens ntironselons la ether parts of tin
SsiMhsr'* Institute.
The teachers institute for hhetiua
county which has been ns furth*
past two wee*a under the mauagemen
of superintendent Johnson, assisted b]
aide instructor* Trot A It Htglwer o
I'nlle City end Mrs, uutnrey, will uiuo
todav All in still bs> sen a vet
•neenneful Institute
I he euswUnaeat «f Mathers in alien,
ame nm nearly forty ta a .meet fn
tea. nets she M*e attended speak t
ten highest term* of troth •npnrintew
dent and iMhertars and one of Ihet
WaA heard US > atoms Ihet lea seer* ek
failed to attend this Institute ana
ash* nod the opportunity of ontn ntn.
touch wMfwi tahMusation which wvu
et .lonaiiy n*» •» th«wi In thee work
The following are a few of the interesting foot notes which will appear in our
■ Book of Kaets ' ThetmoH will be completed and ready for the public after \ugusi
1th. Price 80 cents per copy. Extra copies purchased for the purpose of sending to
easten friends can be had at reduced prices.
There Is a subtle mysterious charm about pioneer life In any country, nnd Sherman
countV's rolling prairies are still inhabited by the men who saw man oonuucr nature
All that ran be told of their history he it romance or facts will be read with Interest.
This volume Is full of facts wn<l the author has taken great pains to collect them.
A history of stories concerning the early settlement of Sherman county Is one of
the inking features of our "Hook of Karls.
S. Hancock informs its lhat there were but thirteen tnea with families in Sher
man county when he located here in 1WS.
M II. Smith sold two 2 year old heifers this IH07 for 175,IS). They were a sample
of the kind of stisk Mr Smith usually keeps on hand.
C It nossrtercurried the first county records from Ornnil Island to Loup City,
distance of fifty miles, on horse back, lie was about a day and u half making the
C I.. Drake went out one duv last fall to capture a live wild eai The method lie
employed suprised even the eat. He llrst treed the animal and then shot her through
the heart.
J M. Tavlor and family occupied the court house as a dwelling for a few weeks
after hi* arrival In IWk. All houses fur rent at that time were tilled Main of
them were occupied with two families.
It is said that John Hogue missed the stage at Orand island and walked to Loup
City a distance of fifty miles. This was his first trip to Sherman county In 1H7W amt at
that time lie was between sixty and seventy years of age
Keep this volume It will grow more valuable year by year Ten years from now
It will be doubly interesting ten years Inter It will be referred to as a history: ami In
twenty five years the few copies that will be carefully preserved will be positively cur
j l< O’ Bryan present engineer on the Loup city branch of the l nion i Pacific mi
the first regular pus,anger train Into Loup t’liv In iswl, J II still works the leaver to
the Iron horse on this route, whose number Is hoi lie also enjoys thr reputation of being
one of the best engineers In the west.
Drier Hoc says lhat fills history will aot he complete unless we give an account
of two lathers undone plasterer who missed the stage ai Kavennu enroute for Lotipi U>
In iSwiBnSin eonsenu.u.e. had lo walk In or loose their job These parties were Jeter
It'ir Tom Paplncau and Jim Donald. They had contracted i<> lath P**sl,,r C l.
prako’N hotel and other bulldlmt* bore. then In courne of construction and arrived u
Loup City hungry and foot uorv.
• Was I footsore? Well I guesa yes Thla question an.l answer was oc. aslore d
I,, „ remark made bv Herman Jung who stated thuthls adventure to Loup t tty was
I,Hide from tlrand Island no foot, on the third day of July DO He was In j!"n> B l.[
his brill her August who hud homestead a fine quarter section of land four miles north
of the county seat, Hoth Of these gentlemen are still realdenla here and have fought
the battle of pioneer life to a Mulsh.
One of tha prlarlpal bualee.a place* established at Loup City la W# was un in
telllgeuee ofttee which was operated by JameaOotiloy M II Mead andCompany, Ibis
company organized, opened itsoIBce nnd hung out the following sign, An 1iatolllg. nca
,Z' No Irishman Seed Apply ' The writer dooa not «o» exactly the natureof
the bualaeas transaeted there aa *« were never a patroa of the oflh i Hut II ts said
that wlicnever a customer cam* he went away with more Intelligence than he had
win n to came He was especially taught how to lake a Joke and was alao Instructed
In the art of giving one.
When tke large bridge aerross the Middle Loup went out In ike spring of Issd a
ferrv boat was built bv the county board of commissioners nnd tho contract for Its op
iteration wu* let to John Swain. John had u big time with kls boat. A large rope
uruii sin I. h. <1 fmm iiiiiu to hank and tho boat wan attached bv moan* of pullle*. It
worked very well for u few day*, or until the water went aowo anu iu«n wvuiu image
on the sand bur* It was used, however until the old bridge was repaired sufficient
to answer until the new one waa constructed
K. K Foysythe. preseat conductor on the Loup City branch of the colon Pacific
wfis forman In the office of the Sherman County Times, published at Loup city in the
winter of 1X74 and 1H75. Kd. had the reputation of being one of the swiftest compositors
in the state, lie first visited Loup c ity In the fall of IM73 Pleas* nt memories alwuv*
arise when the old settlers t hink of Kd and hi* former Journalistic carreer. Lnder his
management the Times local news column was filled with spicy notes and pleasant
surprise*. The writer spent many loug days at the case with Id and from him learned
many things about the printing business which we have never forgotten.
After the grasshopper siege in 1X76 which took the corn crop, < K RoiNOter, who
was trying to get a start in hogs had several shoals on hand with nothing to feed andiso
let some of them out on shares. The party to w hom hit let them, it seems, had nothing
to feed eit her, and so turned them loose to rustle, When they w ort: butchered In t he
fall Mr. Kosreter was counting on having some pork ami lurd which would materially
assist in prepairing the table for the many guests at his hotel, but when his share
was delivered It was all Jean and no fat lie says there was'nt enough fat to grease a
N. li. Thompson savs: Wh* a l -truck the Loup Valley In 1X73 1 came across the
bluffs from Oak Crei k. On our way over I saw a large numb* . of deer and antelope.
We followed the old Indian trail and came out on the valley near the Hancock home
Htead Some one dug a well there. We were all very thursty and drank from the well.
When we went for a second drink we saw three dead Jack rabbits In the bottom. I be
mine very sick at the sight of them and It was necessary for me to turn my stomach
wrong side out to got rid of the nasty taste Mr Thompson built the first house be
tween Loup Pity and Hock villa*
• Vou remember Tom Kosenllcf don't you?" Remarked an old settlor, Tom w*,
a batchttlor and n farmer who lived on Cobb Croak. <>ne year Tom was farming QU|t,.
extensively. It win a wet. year and bis neighbors were complain lag about the rapid
growth of weeds and how hard it was to keep them down. Why. ’ Nays Tom, * I
hav'ni a si agio weed in my cornfield." This remark caused his neighbor to look at
him itj astonishment He had Just passed Tom’s cornfield and was about to make some
remark In opposition to his statement when the latter continued. Not a single weed,
sir they have all grown up, got married and have large families."
The first revival meeting that took place in Sherman county was at Loup City in
the year 1V75. Where the exorter came from or where he went to is not,
known lit* gave his name as Rev. Spooner. 11*- preached or attempted to
preach for four consecutive evenings His theme was a continual roar about hell,
fire and brlme stone. He told hi* hearer* that If they did not come to Christ
right then and i here he would cause Palls of lire to be thrown through the house
which would light on the heads of all who would not come. The result was that
after the fourth night he was unable to secure an audience and he left for a new
field of labor.
One of the notable events in connection with this history was the nod house
which was constructed at Loup City on a flat tar In the fall of l**s ami during the cam
puiga of ex president Harrison. The house wan constructed under the supervision of
W J Wilbur, of Litchfield, then propritor of the Massassolt hotel. It was profusely
decorated with grain produc ts and, accompanied by Mr Wilbur, was shipped to
Indlanopolis On the route It attracted a great deal of att* atl on and proved a good
advertisement for tb** country. The daily newspaper* commented upon the under
taking In detail and thousand* of people 1n the cities through which It passed were
anxious to get a glimpse of the moving curiosity,
W R Mellor’* first night at Loup City proved somewhat of an adventure. It was on
June 13 1**:* and the circumstances are about as follows On that date Mr Mellor
and wife arrived overland by th»* old stage line and stopped over night at the Maes
assoit house. They were assigned to a room in the upper story, which contained a win
dow with broken lights in the night the rain came pouring through the open win
dow and continued all night. Mr. Mellor was obliged to get up and get his large
urnbereiia which he spread out and holdover them. Hy this means they managed to
keep themselves in the dry but us the long hours passed away and the storm did not
abate this method of self-protection became Quite irksome, especially to one unaccust
omed to such thing*
It Is said of Win. G. Odendahl that he Is a great hunter and that he could’nt
miss game when he wanted to. In fact hi* success as a hunter has gained for him an
enviable reputation. He never hunts out of season and his annual t rips on fainting
and Ushing excursion* are always attended with success. And so It was on the first
night of his arrival in Loup City, July lkhfl. W. G. accompanied his brother home to
supper that evening und after a pleusent chat with the family, lit his cigar and start
tut up town He wun unaccustomed to the surroundings and in the, darunesj started
up the middle of the street to avoid any obsticale that might be in th»- way. Now it
happened that unlike the streets of the metropolis city from whence William hailed,
there was a large hitching post in the cent* r and like the gam*- he could not miss it!
The result was a peeled nose and ather slight bruises. ThU, however did not have
the effectof scaring William out. He got up and dusted hts pants and in a few nights
uf ter wards attended one of Loup City's grand bails.
It would hard If be prop* r to close this volume without shaking of the old time
settler* among the women Volumes could be written about the hardship* endurance
and courage of the:pioneer Indies of Khcrumn county Some of them have moved
away, some have died and many yet remain to tell the story of their first «-xp* rl. a<.
ing to establish homes. No doubt the foregoing chapter* will recall incidents where
they, too became prominently am) actively interested in the welfare of husband sou
or brother w hen danger threatened them or w hen hardship! seemed greater than they
could bear It was in these times when the companionship of women was Indeed a
source of contributing strength and meant to abridge difficulties, and aid in the attain
ments of many object* that would tend to further the best interest# of all
The tlrst homesteads taken on the south side of the river, south of Loup City were
as follows: The claim now occupied by Mrs H J Brown and son William wa> nrsi hi
tered by Ace Cobb Milton Hide took up the tlrst quarter adjoining It on the south now
owned by Mr. Porter, and Albert Louis filed on the quarter south of the Porter farm
Alfred Brown located the Crawford farm recently purchased by Mr Hickman John
Hawk find on his land where he now r« sides and H Hey mdds took up the quarter east
of the Hickman farm now owned by Thomas Inks These claims were all located In
|s;a m»d was uii there was of the settlement there for some year# to follow In Sis ak
tng of this settlement Chas Snyder says. Win n I located inv claim la 1*7*. ten
miles south west of Loup City there were no neighbor in the country and save im
!*#«*< ton-rsgoing and coming on tie old Kearney *tuge we would not see anyoue for
weeks at a stretch f>uce in n while w.* would hitch up uud drive to the settlement
a* we then called it.”
The reception given Hr W T. Cha** when he first came to Sherman county
was one of the many peculiar incident* whnh happened In those day* The dint or
drovt two spirited annual* through from Iowa When he pulled up at the boarding
cstabllaknn ot of V\ ilium Haillte a man hy Un name of «.« neral’' Chase» aim forward
The doctor asked htiu if he could get Iro.ird and lulgla- for turns. If and hor*« s
I hr H» t.elat promptly t. •landed in ftaCirn.a and who* ' h« v w« oiihlli tui.v.
J ' ' ' ‘ ' b* I .»! • ' • * . . If f! . ! . * ’ > |i . ,.
hut, Her r.m*rk.,i Tltuu a lie ut. turn., • t tn.» Thl- ... ,k ...,
■s . • 0
t.i.nerul i li**. mho «.is u; that lime Uw U> A.|,tier ..u ill. n>. . |>i», .A
| Hintin'. .0 tkl.l.h .Un-tor t h..»e tltt* 'mitu-lit- l-•* All hnn «kl. t.!i..-i,
I Hot kt. n».*0 tun m[u«
C*|.t W kklcoitoit > tir-tf • lo k(,»ri> iu , ml. m- . i.*. * iti il. t «>■ .n n.
i lk> lUnkt »«t i*< •><tl .t>» v.-tutt:. It «». ,*»t >.* k in u» * nt.r in&v M stunk i»
.»*'«t * t*i : niti, il.. moer,i ir <.|M . m I K. nrt< • in It f?,
! * "‘I • I » IIS n ...« »• K kt l
i kOuM kooul thtt ^U IUU nouu r* hk»»". i. » rt KfMiin kt. t ► -- I M .1. >n I ... y
'*•*•*• »■ »* -'tki " i>* t'.< .t> l»i.< ri,.«u t t.n t».. |.r„i,, 11.1, »i in. . i*i|
I .1 im 1 'I, tk . .in,, n.ii.ui.i . t
■ * '**> • ' . n't '«• !• t./lu t ..I k th. » |.. 1 «
Intkt - I **' #. ... >k I1.4. 0 *,0i w«tl r. . f. «. .« . o >1 ti..- ■ - .(
!*• *-' It >*• • h • n* 1 . ,tt. t t., rt kt. • I , . <
ll lk*'--»k > Wkl* ti *k,|, m i. <k> -inf ■ *t« kkk yH*l.k4 k vvtnlfe.1** kl t tin..
■-I'l it.- I '.-.I • .It. ■*»> III. . r0. Hl. .. |t .. r |
* < -IHtlh. •
I,""|» l «t ». U..IMI tofek, H.I k» tli' T* lw>» >t>wk *. n. »l..l tl, .1 t«0 It u,. . .,1
o .li. n.u, i . k .I i -.*.»» ... t .. 1 ■ • ..«« M-tt-kn Sr \% .fe ... ...
1 j i-.rkt* k, kfeni *(* Ik-li.i. «tv 1 nrtl ■ ...t-u.1 04 *t tkkt t.uo. .rtt m# ii*. |t-ni
} lfe>hktnkl ik lit# 0. «k:-. tk nnj • I |fe vku.t- fe h. w.t ... 0I x i, 0 ,1,1. •
-• - • ‘ •»« ..
, I ' .... . 0 **
I _ klM Ik MS... i fefekt, Ik « kto kk.. to..
witata* of eiaiij •elgw *al Mw mI nil » kttn a . » t,4 wf
‘'J*! t oj *«•»»* t«.f.lvd |hif Ms A9M *•! p.onwwg 1-fa k* *• « t .u M
a lv*« 40.1 #1-. «a tlinn».4i 4#d S l'wa»* w-ta ;;*»♦*, i-j. !*.• « at* iUr
^1 Mslthaiai w*«i *, >« v«f ki *•* s^tb ««*« 4 I. ft « t%,
g '** * -aa-'l ’•P *1 - % -u »»• i . -.=«# t • n| ,» < 1 . a
*• th* p, .> t» »*i(f tola* *»!*»# t-p gi.i »
* h# •'! *g‘4*trni hi V r»p # < *' • «# Is ♦Maik* * o .a, * -nj. I
l •***• »**•**' •••**.»** a *1 a. '!***. hn-> kvu« -i *» a '««.(«' t
* I a *• » * * 1 4*'Hg a:- u*4 * f't-.H#! h'g «• •-** v a Ha *4 I • 4 w,* 14 ,
^ j •#*.%* * • » M (,f (l;
a | ar*i'**a Pf th* gaa ggatos-i h-^*- ■» tip- ho*- - iv b **» t *» *., *«, .t u .
‘ MM* bk* th*^ad Mis **«* ... «
1 Ida « .i«*i ' -s , . ...
Is still offering you the rarest bargaing ever seen in the city of Loup, *
and consequently his trade is increasing daily. He invites you t<>
enter his place of business on the south side of railroad street and
partake of the following bargains at the affixed prices: w
We have just receive anew lot of dried fruits which we offer as follows:
Choice prunes, per pound ... - .06
New apricots “ “ • • - * **0
Evaporated apples “ “ .... .00
No 1. Nectarines ““*•**
Evaporated peaches “ “ * * * *0®
Evaporated raspberries “ “ • <20
We are now making room for our fall stock and we think it would t ■)
pav you to look over our line before purchasing elsewhere. We still
have a few choice patterns in white dress goods which we sell at 10,
12, 14 and 17 cents; also black India linnen at 16 cents per yard.
If in need of a suit of clothes call and examine our “Happy Home”
brand. Men’s suits for \
Now is the time of year when you need dishes. We are closing out
our “Lustre Brand” ware at ten per cent discount. Plain white plates
40 cents and cups and saucers .‘JO cts. per set. Kvery item guarranteed
as represented.
call on t. M. REED fora
Steam Engine or a Threshing Machine Outfit
binders or mowing machines, wagons, buggies, disk harrows, sulkies or gang plows
or anything in this line. Prices all right. I also carry a complete stock of
Harness and darness fixlnres, Mm and Sewin Macbines, Oils, etc.
and everything in the line of hardware and tinware. y
The meeting of the state central
committee held in this city yesterday
was a genuine republican love feast.
The greatest harmony marked the
proceedings. The convention to
nominate a judge of the supreme
court and regents of the university
was called to meet in Lincoln on
August -JG. The eagle was selected
as the most appropriate emblem to
head the party ticket on the blanket
Besides transacting necessary liusi
ness the committee devoted a little
time to impromptu oratory and an
exchange of ideas about the condit
ion of the party throughout tlie state.
The reports were of the most eneour
aging character Old party tightr
have been given up and old party
factious have been forgotten Then
is every where a feeing that the re
publican party is in a condition U
make an cnthusiaalie and winning
tight in the coming campaign It L
today the party of the people rnort
| than any other political organization
in Nebraska It is less dominated
by rings anil boaacs. In every
oouuty lb* members of the party on
I the tarms aud in lha towns are feci
, in| that this la a luuc to make pro#
; pertly atitl More certain in this stair
i b| redeeming it from the curse ul
■ populism
It was pieeecnt to be in a gather
mg «>f earnest republicans wbert
these things were reported and di*
•ueaed It will It# still plcatcnivi
j u> meet with one thousand eamvsi
i and tayai republican* when thci
gather here unc wuath from feeler
dev name a Ushet that shall swre|
' the stale fttate Journal
l *« you need a ensUIng utstirln*
rlstlM stinger, Writ no.let |is*«i
or cat Iking la lbet lie* It so sell »i
r N. Meed
To OMlIlornlA Comfortably.
Every Thursday afternoon, a Tour
ist sleeping car from Salt Lake City,
San Franslsco ami Los Angeles leaves
Omaha and Lincoln by the Darlington
It is carpeted upholstered in rattan;
has spring seats and hacks and is
provided with curtains, beddlag, towels
soop, etc. An experienced excursion
conductor aud a uniformed Pullman
porter accompany it tbrougli to ttie
Pacific coast.
While neither so expensively finished
nor so fine to look at as a palace sleep
er. it is just as good to ride in. Second
, class tickets are accepted for passage
and the price of u birth, wide enough
and big enough for two, is only $ii.
For folder giving full particulars, eail
at nearest Burlington ticket ottlee or
write to J. Francis, G. P. A., Bur
: lingron Route, Omaha., Neb
The State Journal is offering a first
class bicycle tree to any person who
: will get up » club of 100 yearly sub
j scrlbert for the Semi-Weekly Journal
st $ 1.00 each The hieyclcs are covered
| by as strong a guarantee as aov *100.00
1 wheel and are first class In every re I
i speet. Any >oung man or wo- !
man vaa aow earn a bicycle It you I
fiud vou cannot get the required number,
» liberal cash cointni-Sinu will be allow :
i ed you fur each subscription you d >
get You cau get all your friend* ami
neighbor* to take the Semi Weekly,
j State Journal at *1.0o a rear. Addre** i
( state Journal. LI
The tourist Sleeper la air up to-date'
ear. Maximum comfort at mluimum
I cost, is the upon which the*e
i car* are built aud o|>erate«l They run
i dally from t uoucli Bluff- and iiiuahatu
jtigdeu San Francisco and Portland {
Pullman porter* with e*ery car Furl
further particular* call eu or addre** l uiiui, Agent.
I he luiluwlng <|u* a Was taken up *|
uay farm aawtlu* k» lawnskip 1.1 M IS
In ttttslul t uanablp shsiiuss I uunty
I uruM volt dar* bmwa i tear*
l m**e cwl* bgf with whltu left
k ed foot eluant .1 feat* aid l b* gam,
i it* have a*u»e t| paring -taoiage* and
11 nolle*
t ha* t<ehrh* .
BEAL estate.
In district coart of Sharman oounly and
State of Nebraska.
Jacob Albert as administrator
of tbe estate of Charles C. Reas,
land, deceased Plaintiff,
Ernst Kelsland, father and sole
heir at law of Oharlos C. Ueus
land, deceased, and unknown
tilers and all persons Interested
In said estata. Defendants.
Notice is herefy given that in pursuance
of an order of lion. 11. M. Sullivan, Judge of
the district court of Sherman County and
State ol Nebraska on the day of June, IS#?
for the sale ol the real estate hereafter de
scribed there will he sold at the south door
ol the Court House In the village o( Loep
city In said county of gherman and State of
Nebraska on the? day of Angust js«7, at two
o’clock n. m. of said day at public vendne to
the highest bidder on the following terms,
to wit.-,,no half in cash at date of salo and
remainder on one years time, secured by a
Hist morgage on said premises, the follow
ing desert lied real estate situate la the
County of Sherman and state of Nebraska
to-wIti-The south wsst qnarterof the south
west quarter of sectlonOLelght In township
(•») thirteen, north of range (13) thlrteeu,
west of l he H p, ni.
Said sale will remain open one hour.
Dated this II day of Jnly, isui.
Jacob Vi.mmis, Administrator
of the estate of Charles c. Ueusland Du
l.uw One way Kales Tu All I’oiats East.
Via tbe Burlington Koute, July 18. 17, .
18, H>, 30. 31 anil each Faulty and Mon X
dav thereafter until August 13
Uo east on any of the above low rate
days aitd you save enough to cover ail
the incidental expense* of travel heath
it* sleeping ear meals, transfers, etc
8ee nearest M A M U H. ageul. or
write to J. t ransit U. I*. A , Omaha
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