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    Coleman on tlie Cot*
Mr K. Lindsay Coleman, ex president of j
the National Cycle Hoard of Trade, and |
president of the Western Wheel Works, in
speaking on the rut in bicycles, say*: j
"This cut in the price of 1100 wheels uaa '
occasioned no surprise. We expressed the
opinion five years ago that other maker*
would fully realize their error in endeav- ,
oring to maintain a fictitious value on
u<< o product, and that the prtcea we bad ;
fixed on (Taseoate would become the '
standard price for other high grade wheels, j
"One of the secrets of the success of the j
Western Wheel Works Is, that we not ]
only guarantee our wheels, but weguaran- j
tee our pm es as well, and the purchaser I
of a (Tencent in Febrvary has the sallssac
tion of knowing that his ncighltor who |
purchased m Crescent in Jidy paid lhe
same price as lie did.
*‘l do not anticipate that a still further
reduction in the price of bicycles will bo
made this year
I lio Houthernsr's ItAt.
Slouch huts arc numerous In al* I
iiio.-t all communities Mouth of Mason !
and Dixon's lino, and conservative) old
aouthoners still demand the beet folt I
in s :»'h hut-', A really good broad* i
brim f<dt hat such a it fastidious I
southerner wears will cost almost a*
much as a rcwjH i’tahlo high silk hat,
inil will lust longer becuus * it never
goes out of fashion
Hanger Signal*
The • femach and whole dlge<dIvo system
arc apt to hr deranged af tills time of year,
ffjfr The result i* you have a poor appetite and
are weak arm drowsy and lave a feeling
i of general indisposition. There Is danger
ahead, you are liable to have a ran of
fever ami other dang-rout disease* if you
do not guar i ugAirjHf it. If you will reno
vate your system you will prevent fev« r*
or other di eases If you will take Dr.
Kay s Kenovnfor in time wk. wii*i* oi ahan
I tick you wiil not have feter. It strike* to
tlie root of the matter and removes the
cause It regulate the stomach, bowels
\ nnd liver so gently and pleasantly and
yet effectually that It cure* a larger per
r ant, of case than any other remedy ever
discovered. D (Mires the wor-t ca«#•*« of
indigestion, constipation and chronic dis
eases. It is plea ant and easy to take.
Price hy mail, postage prepaid, #>et*. and
tl. If yoijr druggist does not have It,don’t
take owe inferior article which he may
say is ** iu*t as good." but send to us fur
the medicine and * Dr Kay s Home Treat
ment.” a valuable »> page free book with
Mi re* I pc* Addrc-s Dr. H *1. Kay Mfdkal
Co., Omaha. *Neb
'loo Much enterprise.
The romantic gorg.* of Trenton
milt- ,jhh suffered it great injury, from
tie scenic point of view, in the quar
rying of limestone at the brlfik of the
cliffs and tiie easting o) the ilebrin.
thousands of tons of roek, into the
Mia I*#* Info Your Mine*.
Allen’s Koot-Kase, a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart
ing feet and Instantly tukes the sling
out of corns and bunions. It Is the
greatest comfort discovery of the age.
Allen’s Koot-Kase makes tight-fitting
or new shoes feel easy, it Is a certain
cure for sweating, callous and hot,
tired, aching feet. Try It to-day. Sold
by all druggists and shoe stores. liy
mail for 2.0c in stamps. Trial package
KUEK. Address Allen fi. Olmsted, Le
Stay, N. Y._
People who live beyond their means
and are very tardy in paying their
debts have been blacklisted In Vienna
by a daring' publisher. A book con
taining their names has met wit li a
big sale.
Tlierx Is • Class ul I'eopie
Wno are injured by the use of coffee.
Recently there has been placed In all
the grocery stores a new prep.inntlon
called (SKAIN-O, made of pure grains,
that takes the place of coffee. The
most delicate stomach receives it with
out distresa, and hut few can tell it
from coffee. It d'tes not cost over *4
as much. Children may drink It with
great benefit. 10 cents and 20 cents
per package. Try It. Ask for
Cur. ful parents wbn arc planning lo send
tbHr daughter* to Ibe city for study, wlsb
i iii'ift to tut placed in MiirruiiiidlnirM uh nearly
MU* horn** u* | t>I«*. in this rcMpoct the New
Kiitflund Cofinervu'ory of MumIc lloHton. Mum* ,
uiili ttM adimruhlv equipped I loin*? li- purl
«ni*nt meet* & widely IHt need and offer* an
ulmolutclv Hufe and delightful home life lor
yountf women Htudentn of muffle. Add to thin
ib« curriculum of co ir*** leaving nothim* un
don** to necurc broad and muiicUnky train 1 nr,
and It 1m cany to mm- why parent* prefer thin
M'hool in any othe r, and particularly to thoae
which malic no proviMioo for* plcununt andithcl
• red dormitory life.
In a Itiii.
Old Friend—Seem* to me you are
paying your cook pretty ntiff wages.
.Unison- Have to. If I don’t she’U
leave, and then my wife will do the
cooking herself. New York Weekly.
Kru«l (hr Advertise men Iff*
You will enjoy tins publication mucli
1 letter If you will get Into the habit of
reading the advertisements! they w ill
afford u most interesting study and
will put you in the way of getting
some excellent bargains. Our adver
tisers are reliable, they seud w bat
they udvertise.
In Arrllr *«»s
The Danish government lias under
taken. during the year Iklt.'i and IMthl,
a deep sen > xplorstion ill the (ireen
land and Iceland waters. The expedi
tion will la- at-eomiianiod In a laitanUt.
• TO tit »» AMI AMU Mt I t HH
Via Michigan t’entral. "Tha Niagara
Kails Rout*." from Chicago, good go
tiiK Au«usl 21-83. A rare opportunity
to go Kul at v*rv low rate* over "A
Klral-clasa Line for Ktrst-clax* Trav
el •* tteserv* your sleepma car accom
modations early b> writing to L D
llrusnrr. Qeli l Western t*aa» r A« t.
ll» Adams gtrr*t. Chbsgu.
gto Ht u- Huffalo and return.
A *«««*• * MUrk *•»*•
A ^toVtofto igr*•4*m rIaiUmI **»
hU wedding tour with a black ej*.
Ilts sister in law ca-ie -d it by viyei
ii ist> thru sing a weighty sllp|s>» after
hliu to give ln--L to the tfiMtOl couple
aiu m m«ea ami
V tt't t I' VI klltRgf t<f 4 klv lu \ ,
tofttoH* I Rviitkt M*'i UU M'W It f !'>*♦»
k»4 l»» k»4 * It ***** |f*to4||»«4H If I
4 tout |tl Rtoilto#f *" || kp |«i«M
•« | sV4 |gp|| t»«M to*
tolii v«*t ' *+* f I V*a V’i'llMA 1m If <1
kit V|v«i > «i 4 tkttAk*
t Hir kli to «»l to tHtM‘totfkNV‘1 U • WitoM
to li«* lito* I to^ »«l (fitotol |mi tot* !*•»*•
tollll i*i|4 M'l* ti ||«4 t 4'k 1*411
ton %%UM4toto I •»**•
|Ngg g*to%*o* !»•*■»
i -*•■« •<gs4 ««oir Ito **#*»* 4* riitto
ttolliHVil •* >*4**4 t* *•'*»■ 4 i gti* #
tk j i* * 4a» tltD to
By Charles 11, Day.
tent Ions to Mary
An n Dick c i
had been *o de
voted that It was
the general remark 1
at Union Uenler, I
"looks as If sou
thin' was goln' to |
come from It," and |
everybody appear- j
ed to wish them ;
wel land hope for the anticipated, Joe
It was allowed had some, gumption and
fair prospects, and "the DUkerman |
girl's u right pert un.”
Young Pardee was a carpenter, run- !
r.lng his own shop and all the while
managing to make a few dollars be
yond hi* mode«t tequlremrr.m, and put- |
ting away the rurplus for the pro- !
verblal rainy day, which the forehand- j
ed N’ew Englander Is always providing I
To lie sure there was never much
new building going on in the old fash
ioned town, but there was repairing
and Jobbing, am the alert, and willing
Joe Pardee made sure to capture tils
share of the business. If you wanted
a Job done right off In a hurry, l’ardee
was the man to undertake It,
That was what the landlord at the
Union house told the contracting agent
of the circus, remarking: . ..i ... Ivi.oeilii nn
I.I' .
time an' 'cordin’ to contract, an’ he
won’t charge you unreasonable,
On the tavern keeper’s recommend
our carpenter got the Job, and proceed
ed to put up the circus bill hoards In
quick time. Joe was a great worker,
and It was Just fun to see him swing a
hammer and s< rid the nails llylng Into
the boards.
Mary Ann stopped at the partially
erected bill board, on her way to the
postofflre, and remarked:
"Circus coming, Mr. Pardee?”
She U always called him Mister In
the presence of others. Joe was equal
ly punctllliou* In his reply.
"Yes, Miss Dlekerman, and the agent,
says It the bhst, show on the road.
"Of course he does,” laughed Mary
Ann, "he’s hired to tell It,” and then
she added, " ’sposo you’re goln', Mister
Was that a hint?
The man stepped a little closer to
the maid, so that the workmen and the
loungera could not hear, and said In
a low voice:
"I’m goln’, Mary Ann, providin’ that,
you go with me?"
The maiden reddened, looked down
on the ground, and murmured:
"Of course, Joe,” and then she re
marked, "must he a good show, that Is
the longest board I ever seen put up
in our town.”
“’Tie," coincided the carpenter, re
garding the object of his affections
with admiration.
"I wonder If the Champion of Kvery
thlng to with the show?” inquired Mary
"He must he by the size of the bill
boards,” replied Joe.
Carpenter Pardee sized all shows by
the size of the billboard they erected.
"Well, I hope he Is,” continued the
maiden, about to resume her errand
10 the pottofHce. "When 1 was visit
ing over to Republic, a year ago last
summer, a show came there and It had
the Champion of Everything with It.
and he was the srau .eat mau l ever
"Yes, an’ he beat 'em all."
"Do tell?"
"Yew, an' he was Just like a pic-lure, j
an' sech curly hair
"D<n'i say?”
"Yes, an' 1 was Introduced (o him"
Joe's underlip dropped, but In an ■
11 stunt be pretended he didn't mind
and ns Mary Aun pureured her wav he
hoped (hat the Champion of Every
thing might not come to town with
the approaching circus
It was three weeks before the circus
came to town but la that time Jou •»- j
perienced at least three mouths of e»- .
Iwtenca. but wt»«n the show did arrive
the young <arp*nter was probably the ,
happiest and proudest man in towu as
he *»c irted Mary Ann Do berman to
the tot aided performance
The performance had not long
pr tgresawd before hlv fair companion,
finite forgetful >4 the pleasure uf uth'
ere. Mf'UlWcd
' timidt There he la the Champion
of Kverjthing'4
Joe taa ueilled at h-e - oacpaulon •
delight, and wad* aw tf nut to notice
It pict aa th< star artiat * O am a a
verealike fellow, an I withal Ih* maater
uf everything ha ruaitwinff to draw
fun the delighted VI •> Ann the ls»ti
rnthnalaattv evpreewhina o.i favor To
I, t ea'ed oUttfUtata foe eVgreased him
tie la g « needy chap
If Mary Ann had heard the rernnch
(he w fid ha>* us etc ! tr
Ar the show progressed Joe l’ardce,
the carpenter, lost Interest In It and
wished that It was over, and every
lime thxtahc Champion of Everything
appeared he wished that he might
break tils neck In h's foolhardy feat.
Mary Ann w-a charmed and Joe war
To add to the annoyance r f the mi
pentcr the Champion of Everything
had nognlzed the lady at his side and
the gay Mary Ann was aware of the
When the young men began to rrv
the tickets for the concert Miss Dick
i-rman recognized the presence of her
escort enough to say:
"(Join’ (n see the concert, Joe?"
"Guess not Mary Ann; 'taint prob
able that ’mounts to much.”
"flui I dearly want to see It; It’s
rtteh fun," wheedled th" girl.
The escort bought the th’.'', an 1
rt malm d to the "after .-how,”
While the audience was luis.-lug on
and the preparation* were going on
for the concert, the carpenter regained
bit: mental equilibrium, but hi*
P‘«ca of mind was again upset when
Uteri- crime climbing up the icats tba
most versatile of atonic urtlsts, tin
Champion of Everything, who made
directly for Mary Ann iJlckrrrnan, and
pi ‘-rented himself with graceful bows
urid scrapes,
Mary Ann Introduced the young
man, but Joe Pardee did not catch th
name; It. was all that be could do to
catch bis breath, The escort of the
young lady thought that the athlete
and the maiden were altogether too
Rlad to meet. But what could be say’/
What could he do?
The concert progressed to an end,
but bow It got through the carpenter
tU VfT refrU'fnfii'rwl Wait ll n tlroum
and did ho wake up when the circus
folks cried "All over,"
The audience arose, so did the trio.
The ('liamplcri of ICvrrylhlng had
the audacity to give hi* hand to Mary
Ann and assist her off the treacherous
scut*. Joe I’ardcc managed to get to
the solid earth, but even that seemed
to move from under him. He was
dazed, staggered.
The athlete turned, doffed hi* hat,
and said;
"Oood afternoon, M-l-s-t-o-r Pardee;
happy to have met you."
Then, with amazing assurance, he
gave his arm to Mary Ann, and they
walked away, leaving him standing
there, not knowing whether he was
alive or not. The people bumping up
agulnst him aroused him, and be pass
ed out so shamefaced, so hurt, that he
could have cried.
To think of It, that Mary Ann Dick
erman, his Intended, should have ever
come to play such a trick upon him
In the presence of hundred* of the
people of Union Center, who knew
them both so well.
Home young men would have gone
and done something desperate, took a
drink, or begun to go down bill at a
rapid pace. Joe did nothing of that
kind; he stuck to hlH work, held up
his head and came to the wise conclu
sion that he wus fortunate In knowing
Mary Atm for what she was worth in
Of eourse people talked, and a good
many Jibe* and smart sayings reached
the unwilling ears of the carpenter,
but he kept his own counsel and was
busy with the saw, the hammer and
the edge tools.
It had been prophesied by the wise
acres of the town that Joe and Mary
Ann would make up, and that the
original matrimonial program would
be carried out, and It is probably a
fact thut the fascinating Mary Ann
coquetted to that end. If she did she
made a sorry failure.
When the summer's tenting season
was over the marvel of the arena came
up to Union Ce iter and claimed his
prize; to be explicit, the departure of
Mary Ann Dlckerman from town with
the Champion of Everything comes
under the head of an elopement.
Two years later a circus show came
to Union Center again, and with it
chanced to be that remarkable per
former with whose famous perform
ance we are alreudy familiar. He and
Joe Dardee, the carpenter, came upon
each other face to face down at the
Union house before parade.
The husband of the former Mary
Ann Diekerman extended his hand:
"You remember rai?”
"Course,” replied Joe, taking the
proffered hand
The two men surveyed each other
during a rather awkward pause, the
carpenter noting that the athlete look
ed careworn and much changed.
The Champion of Everything at thst
moment irmoved his hat to rub the
bud* of perspiration from an entirely
bald head.
“Well “ explained the carpenter,
thoughtleasly. "If you haveu't loat
every hair on . our head aluce I saw
you Iasi’"
’Yaa," alghed the cirrus man, "you
must rememher I have been married
for two years."
A I IlilH tilpMVfx
Th* ki «n kauf
ttlkiii ** that | rnililvtii Kni
g«f kfettt % thwilli k»> Avt itiefit' iMI*
Ok!ii!4iu!L#< kA t!«**rrtk«iM th* *mi*4i*
t < it ti| thin ••Hi** »*M 1‘M
aMlkttf t f ( lift Mittta^iuttv** 4 AM Hit-1# Ml
l-U*u»t*r ll iw * im a m p NN ku h*%*
A lm*f * At ‘ If aaU I fWMlhr |Nfi t« I ■
It w#k| tHxfcv **btn til# tv'aa**!
|<i huf'kt A%# I AAA <1* iMiMwvt !h*A
I iaH i‘l|l>##9 t kttt^iilt I Will
|wf(#(HAk Am A k*k«Mii4ft tl'
.‘i AAA*
l««l mt ll«|l*U l.«*»b*»»*b»
la Ultra lauaty V trgun.* th* is
Nlcltatu a*e |ts>il*| to uthrr part* u*
etisixl si the earth |u*S« ehbh
there yii*>|i - *d naiik if n t but re -
pfiel •law*x- ci The water alt leeh*
id rst «4 owe uf the bei#ba**»tbg *****
real * pioeperwue salt w**rhe Mi lS*l
Jure* Klienntutlani. Klrlnry, nimbler,
Itlmtil. Skin anil Nmoaa lllariaan -
Hl« lintel II aa Been Krarttd
and People Are Journeying
There from All tl*er the
Country to Bathe
Id the Mud.
A deposit of most remarkable mud
Uncovered In Indiana, Iihs of recent
years been attracting wide-spread at
tention. It Is located at the Indiana
Mineral Springs, Warren county, and
has been formed hy the action of Ihe
wilier from ihe famous Magno-Llthla
springs. Through countless ages the
foliage of magnificent oaks on the hill
side has annually fallen Into a basin,
and has been reduced by nature Into
a pure black earth unmlxed with roots,
hit.nes or sand. The water from the
lily spring for thousands of years has
lai'ii soaking this deposit and saturat
ing It with mineral salts, uu'll now
there Is a layer of medicated mud
abcut two acres In extent and from
ten lo twenty fret In thickness.
The strange medicinal value >f this
ptcollar, black, porous substance was
incidentally discovered by an old sol
dier, Ham Hfory, who had brought
rheumatism home from Ihe wur and
, clT. red with It for years. He was v
icinptlng lo dig a drainage ditch
through the mud deposit, and after In
dulglng in this useless experiment for
a v,<ck or more, gave up ihe Idea, b*r
meanwhile hail been cured of hlx rheu
The fame of the mud began to spread
and afflicted congregated til the .Spring*
from evtry where. The met hod of m
Ing the mini was at ilrxt very primi
tive, the patient merely sitting down
In the deposit where nature had laid
It, Hut since then improvements have
been made, a beautiful hotel erected,
and the mud bath developed Into u
luxurious experience. The accompany
ing cut shows how It's done.
—. if K, * II . II.
After all, Nature I* the greatest of
all chemists, and Hermit here to have
prepared In a gigantic receptacle un
i nnrmous inns* of medicine for poultic
ing wore humanity. When all else had
failed, Nature's treatment, the Magno
Mud cure, as It la now called, has In
hundreds of eases brought back health
and happiness,
II Ha n Jltllei-eul • '»•»•,
One of the local justice* of the
peace identified the prisoner at tbo
liar as an old offender.
Justice—What is your name?
Prisoner Sam Jackson.
••Three years ago, when you were
up before me your name wu* John
Smith. ”
••Yes, but that was an entirely
different case.” Texas Sifting*.
Less Than Half Tar*
To buffalo and return via the Wa
bash It. R. For the <<• A. It. reunion
the Wabash will sell ticket* on Aug. “A
and at', at less than Half Fare, with
choice of route* via all rail from
Omaha or Chicago to buffalo or hy
steamer from Detroit, cither going or
returning. The only line running re
dining chair ear* (Scuts free) from
Omaha or Chicago to buffalo. All
train* run via Niagara Fall*. For
tickets and further information call
on Agent connecting line or at Wulmsh
Ticket r‘fice, 1415 Farnam Street (Pax
ton Hotel block), or write
Oku. N. Ci.avion, N. W. Pass. Agt.,
Omaha, Neb.
MfiiJinil Afivlcii.
Palicnl —Doctor, what’s good for
Doctor Irregular eati.ig and Ul
wul Tll’ii illillu eu ' iilliuuii
^ot Ovrr-HriiaUKr,
Willie— An' what did (law once do
when Boh Slugard kicked him?
Alg.y He niinply (-aid, "(iweal men
are not Hcmdtivc to cwlticlnm,” and
walked swiftly away- Jud
Don’t lofctcco Spit and Smoke Ynur Lit* Amy.
Toipilt tobacco east It and forever, la- men
nette. full of life, nerve and vlRor. take No-To
Itae. tlie wonder-worker, ttiat makes weak
men nlroiiR All druRRlala. Mi- nr |l l ure
Rtiarsi^eed. Booklet Slid aaoilde free. Addreaa
PlerllUR Iteiuedy I'o.. I'tdeaRo or New York.
Why He Itlds'A Us.
••Why didn't you come to my con
cert? You're very fond of imixio. ”
••Then why dldu'tjou come?"
•■Itoi-auao I'm fond of music-”
risssu i RAHtik row new
in, tail, at kail Ik* pm--, an Rru«»r* will t#
fmi.i y..ur t,it»*y If foil |»tt |»«il ••Uift*4.
Hr swill helps the wise aud eudgrla I
thr fool tali.
Nsiaaisa'i * wwrsSwr las milk kliwrlw.
Tk* mS«W **4 sail wreauw < ai»» i kaae-u lUea |
»a4 la-« t ,,4 4. C 0 ilark «IV .1 Havas.** [
Hue tied evaotple dratroya I hr rlTrrt |
of msity ycsr» of Him* precept
Mall , iw.srrb I are
|« • I'uiihlilotlHMl t'urv. nfet, ISr.
Nu t«»*t |«rv!rutU In it«iW n i« I
itlUvit i» hr HliU stiff *'*t il
ftfihlillll* -;*
list iBI • <*t# mi |h huk itHSSI *s<l* MsAtMl#
* * tl MH, “• ** * **Mt.w
U« h *4 |||U« l*»* « ' 4# ** M **• •♦***#*.* 4**
NiU tlt tr ttkk fsOTUA th »U lhi*|k s S4U
%kmm**%#» lil* lull •»» i«*t,
In? h’*i * #4-if I* ib imhiiiv t«t*
!«•* »t>4*t )M» I k*| lh« •4k.tes% It
*U».* ***** « uf l»u
thing*, * ® u-ikk • ur imw retav
ta Aw** IMHUMUaa *»»•<••
Y».a l M>MS I <all I MMAI- l» V CA
It I * At two Is #•**•■ dram -la Htala is—sa t
•wtf twiisiaav t ttresirstM s»4 mtf
j SHwtdAlr Ak ula-aUit »Ui.
Ilf Ums I «r«l lo It.
I-'riond Try to hung fin for an
other couple of minutes. The guides
will soon lio here with ropes to res
cue you.
.lai ley, who has (alien over u clift
in the Alps, and is Hanging on to a
little ledgo with one hand All right
old boy. 1 ran stand It. 1 haven't
traveled from King stieot to I’ark
dulc hanging on the trolley straps a
year for nothing. (Itesumes reading
bis paper. 1
|'«f (irntlrnM*.
•Id* guilt (ft In Ml InmiMl trig tin* Kidneys.«»t h^r
w)%4- VIM! Will I'M’lK lifHl WfitklMI tlimil. I'lltt
r**MiiIIw follow llie ti«r of HosU-Hfr't
Mormt. lt |iU(4 TMlooverronie renal Inactivity.
Avoid the uiirm*di<‘itl4*d. fiery m!Inmlanis of
I'onimcrcc. Tl»«» Wldn«*VM have ;* (IrllcAti*
inrlnliriiiie easily irritated, and upon I hi* I in*
aetlon of Much fvltatil* Is pernff'lous. Ma
laria! <’otn|;lalni». Indigestion, rheumatIsm.
neuralgia and hlllousnesM Miieeumb to Iho
corn ti' c IuHik nee of the Hitters.
forgiven by Her % tel ini'a tilioit.
Old Mrs. Nobles, In jail at Macon,
On., for killing her "old man” for
"pestering" her. says his ghost has
'.seen to see her and she Is forgiven the
murder. Effort tire being made to se
cure commutation or sentence, but j
"ji v, |lev's hang's not," list.
To f otorado S|irtoif. so,I I'uelilo.
Itiirtlngtoii lloule Denver,
A through Kleejiing ear to (tolorndf;
filling- mill Pueblo via lienvsr IS nltoelioil
io lliirllngtoii Houle doily trsin l.-iiviim
(d' ligo 10 Mi p in. i mti i., .'11 Clark Ml.
l.iiilly 4 oitnrlefiea.
Mistress Why don I you ever pro
vide any icw dishes?’
Cook I never break any, mam.—
ifetrolt I'l'ib.llte.
IOVV \ PA It MS I'or Kulc on con niivi i< nl
tl is r iirro I'irsli. I alinim •? cro|/ venOy untl
pitut lor. J. V UDtiADD, Wa'ikci/ .O, HI.
Write your Injuries in dust, yom
blessings in rnurhle.
r.<l orate Vour Itiur.l. Wltli CiMrareta.
i .nmy CuiliurMr, cure l onatlpallon forever.
10c. iff c.f! fall, druggists refund money.
Of all the virtues, gratitude lias tin
shortest memory.
I Uo s Cure for l onsiimjitlon lias save,
me large ilis'tor I,Ills I I,, (taker, 4‘1"H Hi
gent Hq,. I hl.iiiielptila. I'a, Dec S. Istifi,
Knvy u blind man, leading unliuppi
ness by the hand.
Try Grain-0!
Try Grain-0!
A»k you* Grocer to day to
►bow v. n a package of
GKAIN-O, the new food
drink that take* the place
of coffee.
'Hie children may drink I
without injury a* well a« the
adult. All who try It, like
it. GKAIN-O ba* that rich
*eal hrowu of Mocha or Java,
lint it Ih made from pure
grain*, nnd the ino*t delicate
Ktomnch receive* it without
df*tre»«, the price of
1.1 cent* mid A1 cent* per
packuge. Hold hy oil grocer*.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Notre Damo, Indiana.
CIUMlnii I vtU-r*. Nf lAiM-t , l,»«',rivll, M«*
<’li'iiiIrwl mill l rh’Hl I iiKliiM rlliK.
I lioriHiKli VrvimrHlory m>i Ctoituiitwljtl
I oiirn«‘N. f < • lt'*l»-ll« *1 Hill'll t.fw Ht *1*?- 1*1 nsf. H
Koniii* I* r#’#'. Junior or H*>iiior Y**r,
Co,in* ,M|. |i| \% it nl'n Jlitll. for »»'# r •* UWlff I
Ill* 107(fl Tfl III Will I>||«*|| Ml* |»f rm lift Till.
IK1»7. rulMlitff'M* fill i rrf **»i Hf>|tll<*tJoii '•<
It*'v. A. llorrUhdy, C. H. I'rwlfldiii.
I Th« b««t Rrfl Hope ftoofliur for
lc. n«r aq. ft., empn mini hhUh ln>
oimiMfi Mnh^i f nt.M for Pin#far
Maniplet fr«o. TUfil mamma UOUWUti».Almm4mm,M 4.
§ I|I|I' U n Ili fHO'l w..r-t
ihh. a f«» ud for hook of twttfiionlftl* *»•'! lO (iMjrft*
trnitiuf'iit JVrc«. Ur. u.ii.obitkB'Hm>rm. auum. U+
GANGER oil.*
UHnUI.ll rib. UuiMinb. «Tri'lu".if, obi".
■wwMaBM'VAH. ».WlLL*ON*OO..Welv
FJA I C|HlX'"V""' O I Nil
I f f% | I W»"< urril. ta-pngc •«*«•* free.
W. N. U. OMAHA. No. 3I.-I8B7.
Whan writing lo advertUorn, kindly mnn
tion tbta paper.
I, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of 3yannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "PITCHER’S CASTORIA," the same
that, lias borne 'and dors now SlY y/Gy> .... "'** 0,1 evcrh
bear the facsimile signature of /G&Cc&M wrapper.
This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has hem
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind, yon, have always bought y/ Gfh \ a ~ on ^IC
and has the signature, o f /■C</(CA4M wrap
per Wo one has authority from me to use my name except
The, Centaur Company of which Chas. II. Fletcher is
I’resident. /> /fit J
March 8, 1807'. iSi/,J3.
Do Not Be Deceived,
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies
on it), the ingredients of which even he docs not know.
“The Kind You Have Always Bought’*
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You?
TNg CCNTAWR MMMNV, Tf Iflllinsv *»•>••» ••**•>« .**
I Buy Your Bicycle^ j
of a concern that will be in business as (
long as you live, and whose guarantee Is j
the best security that can be given. ?
1897 COLUMBIAS.$75 ?
> 1896 COLUMBIAS. 60 j)
l 1897 HARTFORDS. 50
) HARTFORDS Pat. 2, . . . 45
) HARTFORDS Pat. I, . . . 40
e HARTFORDS Pat 5 and 6, . 30 j)
? POPE MFC. CO., Hartford, Conn.
S (’mn, hnI «Wt W faioriN. rotwlsi II mw ef lwm|* ami sea hn» \
S • flmt .-laaa btryele I* uia.1* i 'atalunua free frum Culuinbia ilsaler. Py M
1 mail fii.ui ua fur uue taoreul stamp If t'uiuuituas are put properly
j. rep resents.! iu your vkiaity. let us know.
wttrra i on — —
V « ^Ul'ifui “4 lv> ik««J , » Ua»k» *V«hm* NUUmmV. «M‘t Mxa.i
luruiurv i w|»u. t urlaiua (Wkin, llU«*(iw, Tut*,
Ik.Ik. 4lxl In U4«4l tkaala
I III VMIN, Himl l li * CO.. I !«•*•
***4 km H*I*M «*» 111 MW Ipj •' »» Nlfi1 iyN<T»l *■*«•* «• mut, **(*-.>•** %4 *«**««*
Nun ***** mmm**9* wn«n| im*%« . !•** gMnM>* *<** ft*** *mm p&m MW4114pi
t »!>»*«*. *4 W *•«>« §*«» A** - ***•*• »I|M| |NN*t* **• A • *«■* kfc- |*n*« 4-1 * «tkWN
i»viaiM likiatM »■ kliuT < (** M 4 (1*11*1 t • " (ijt*(Sf'l(iia»»( MHW .
IwT•**** i.* *«•»«** I* * r*»4M*** «.«4 «*»**«» i A4»i u*«*
*MI«M *• -- *4 ♦ •, ’>•(, »«*»%»>• ******** I* •«*•*!• *#M *«• PiUOfcMt «» ***