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    Loup Cp y
The Northwestern
uaco. iiKHMrnoTiiH.
Editor and Publisher.
TEHMS |l 80 iir Year, It Paid in Advance
■star*! it the Ixnip City Poitofllns for tree*
throngh Ike until •• Maned,
olaaa u,attar.
Kditor Kddie says tiint Bryan's
pint tire adorns the walls of iiia front
parlor and that it will remain there
until he feels disposed to remove it.
If he is thus disposed why should lie
object if like mottoes are left hang
ing for public inspection by his po
litical opponents?
‘IIis Honor"' ran a twenty |»«-nny
spike through his hand and left a piece
of one of hi* legs enclosed between a
dogs jaws, Iasi week, still he Is alive.—
John F. Smith, In Time* Ashton Items.
And so ‘■Ills Honor” is still alive.
Well the spike must be in a horrible
condition, and we don't, for the life
of us, see how the dog could escape
a severe attack of hydrophobia.
Weeks and months have been
passed in the consideration and dis
cussion of the new tariff bill utid now
that it ha* missed the senate and be
came a law we expect to hour the
popocrats say on the slump this fall
that it was surreptitiously passed,
just as they did last fall when refer
ing to the Sherman act which had al
so been under consideration for
many months.
Brown frankly acknowledges that
it hurt him to have to move Bryan's
picture from the window and then
in the same article he says: “We
only removed it however, to have it
framed.” From this one would natur
ally suppose that it hurt him to take
it down and have it framed. Well,
we should think it would. We have
no objections however, to Mr. Brown
having placed Bryan's picture in bis
parlor but we do think that the fol
lowing motto would be a very ap
propriate attachment: “Bryan is only
a picture, only a picture, only a pic
ture on the wall.”
The wheat market has opened this
season at 53 cents per bushel; last
year it opened up with only 33 cents
per bushel. Coru is worth 13 cents
now and before election last fall it
was selling for 9 cents. During the
last year of Clevelands administra
tion the highest price paid for hogs
was 2.70 but most of the time was
down to $2.00 and $2.2a. Since
election the lowest lias been $2.70
but most of the time up to from $3.30
to $3.90 and for the past six months
cattle has been, and are now corres
pondingly high. No wonder the sign
on the McKinley club head quarters
lias bacua.e an eyesore to editor
tiddie, and uo wonder be suggests
through the columns of his popo
soeiul erulic sheet that said signs be
Sherman county's representative
^ J. M Snyder, of populist pursuasmu
Niru -k t he wheat market one day last
week with a lew of hi* s urplus bush
els and realised 6t* eents per bushel
If he hud waited a day or two longer
he would h ive reuli/ed ’• cents per
bushel Mr Snyder was reminded
of the fact that last year at this time
the price paid wa« only HH cents ja r
bushel litsonly reply was ‘ tied
bless the coming prosperity. I am
as well prepared to meet it as any
tuau Who knows but what you is
pubbeaus will move the world yet?
Mr Suwter in n •*’ is well prepared
to revue it as any one but we ate ta
Clue d I** believe that a • be did ail
he mulil to defeat the cause that
raade it p»ssth|e for him to get a
fair prtew for bis wheat, he is not as
* deserving as some others However,
we are glad ter see even lit present *
lit* Hnvder prosper sad the only ptiy
ta that he either eauvot %«*. or d*n* r
want to see liom wheat e the prosper
tty Cometh
Word reached the officers of the
irrigation company Monday that
Samuel Johnson, of North Loup,
and who is acting for the receiver
of the Areadia grist mill had open
ed the since gate anti turned the wat
er from the ditch buck into the river,
thus depriving those who were irrigat
ing from the use of the water, Upon
receiving this information manager
Pilger, Secretary Mellor and other
members of the board drove up to
Arcadia to adjust matters anil on
their arrival found that J. G. Shaupp,
who had management of the alfuirs
connected with the ditch at tliut point,
had oguin turned the water in the
race which was fast tilling up.
Johnston in the meantime hud
been informed that he had committed
a penitontary offense (which was true)
aud became so frightened that after
telegraphing for attorney Abbott of
Grand Island made all possible speed
for North Loup. The offense will
pro lably be overlooked by the com
pany this time but it is safe to say
that Mr. Johnson won’t do it any
more. A careful p rusul of the
slaules of this state will convince
anyone that it is safer for a person
to monkey with a band wagon any
time than to monkey with an irriga
tion ditch.
From Tim« lilii-hi Monitor.
Wheat is on the rise. Local buyers
were paying 52 cents for new wheat
Mr. (J. E, A thou bach has been eon
lined to the house since Sunday by sick
ness but is aide to be out again.
The Misses Gertie Eaton. .Viable Flint,
Vlaud Ormsbee, Viatic Stevens, Ella In
sebo and Mamie Murphy are attending
teachers institute at the county seat this
A. I> Norling returned .Saturday
from Baulder, Colorado, where he has
spent several months looking after the
mining Interests of Norling Bros. Mr.
Norling expresses himself well pleased
with the out look for a crop in Sherman
county. Ileexpectsto remain in Litch
llejd at least a couple of months.
M. 8, Talfe's four year term expired
last week, anil A. 11. l’otter took charge
of the postofHce Monday. VIr. Trffee
steps out with a knowledge of the re
spect and good will of the patrons of
Ihe office, and a strictly moral and cap
able ollical record. Ho will devote his
time hereafter to the business of real
estate, insurance and rentals.
A meeting was field Saturday to hear
the report of the finance committee
which is soliciting funds for the purpose
of paying expenses of au agricultural
exhibit at eastern fairs. The members
of tlie committee were not all preseut
and it was decided to adjourn the meet
ing to next Saturday to enable the com
mittee to submit a full report. Those
present at the meeting reported fairly
good success in their respective districts
and it is thought there will lie little
dilllculty ill securing ihe amount of cash
The fifty-fifth congress came to a
close lust Saturday afternoon soon
after the turitfhill passed the senate.
Regarding the day's proceedings on
that all important question a Wash
ington correspondent writes: The
luritt lull passed its last executive
stage ui .1 p. ui. loony, wueu mo sen
ate, by the decisive v ote of to to ;!0,
agreed to the conference report ou
the hill. The announcement of the
result was greeted with enthusiastic
applause hy the crowded chamber.
This closed the great labor for which
the Fifty.fifth congress assembled in
extraordinary session, and after stub
horn resistance, at times threatening
a defeat, the senate concurred with
the house in a tlnal adjournment at
'.i o'clock. The currency commission
was raised by the house, but was not
a .‘led upon
The closing day was proillh1 of a
series of uniiiifiilloiir events, eaeh of
which alone would have hecu of t\
traordiuarv interest The Huai vote
on the taritl eouferenre report and’
the bill shows that the affirmative
vote was east by thirty seven repupll
cans, one democrat i He Faery), one
sliver IvpuhitVMII (Jones of Ncv
sda| and oils popuhat, Stewart I'lie
negative Vole Was vast to IwrhtV
sight dsunwrats and two |ai|>uiists,
llsrrts ml Turner Mr. Tetter, nl
vnr lepahhesn. and two populists.
Alien Viol Itidlvi, Were prvsuat slid
did aot v it*’ tlue populist. K V U>,
sn«t one silver tspuMiaa, iVttigii w,
w*ie stosat without pairs, width was
r*|Wiv«lsnt to wtthoidlbg ttvnll vote
Although the result Was a fotegvUM
col«*|ael*Mt vst this did not abate the
eager interest attached to the * use
>><f a great contest
Puyliii; oil Farm Mortgag#**.
(Chicago Tribune.)
The farmers of Nebraska have u
better method of dealing with t'ie
mortgages on their farms than the
one preached to them by Bryan and
indorsed by a majority of the voters
of Nebraska last November.
Bryan's proposition was that tile
government coin cheap silver dollars,
which would have ut this time a
purchasing power of 40 cents, and
that the farmers pay these coins to
their creditors, dollar for dollar In
stead of the loo-eent dollars they
had borrowed. Then the fannen
would have a clear title to property
which they had never paid for fully*
But tile people of the United
States decided that their government
must not lie a participant in a e<.
ossal fraud und defeat the-* repudia
te r\ , rascally scheme. Therefore
nothing was left the farmers of Neb
raska but to [my their mortguge debts
honestly when they fell due or let
the creditors take the property.
Having had good crops for the last
two years they have been enabled to
pursue the former course. During
the last six months Nebraska mort
gager most oi them on farm laods
to the amount of twenty-eight million
dollars have been paid off in dollars
which are as good as those which
were borrowed.
In many instances the leaders
have been desirous to renew the
loans on term# more ravorauie 10
the debtors. But the latter refuse.
Thanks to good crops and his econo
mies they have practiced they have
the money to nay up with, and they
want to get out of debt. Once out
they will have nothing to do with
This determination to pay oil debts
honestly is stiown in other states.
The reduction of indebtedness in
North Dakota within the last few
years has hoeu 25,000., and in S. P
fifty millions. Ln Iowa the mort
gages are being pkid off steadily.
The farm debt of Kansas has been
lowered greatly—more than that of
any trans-Mississippi state.
The western farmers are also show
ing a wholesome unwillingness to
borrow money. They have discover
ed that it is easier to get into debt
than it is to'get out, and that is the
only way to get out is to pay up in
full. This policy is hard on the
money lenders, who can find no
market for their capital, but it is a
wise policy.
It is a pity that Bryan has not as
much sense as the farmers of his
own and adjoining states. They
see the cheap money jig is up and
proceed to pay their debts like hon
est men. He is still wandering
through the country preaching his
played out gospel of silver mono
metallism and dishonesty.
Quite a sensation was caused last
Wednesday evening when two ladies
walked mtoC. M Smith's harness shop,
and after each had selected raw hide
whip went out on the street and at
once proceeded to give Toni
Greening a borne whipping. It U mid
that he aoon got on to hi* job aad ei
eaped without injury lie ran to
hi* ham and locked hiniaelf In hi* office,
lie wax followed and aouie of the win
dow light* ill ttie office were broken by
the enraged women, but other* appear
ed on the aeeueand further disturbance
wa* averted It la alInlged that Green
ing ha* been making atatemenu derog
atory to the character of the women
which i» ■aid to have been the eauie for
the attaek
T«nu »t refill Her » 4 «n|)4«irfut ftUdi
N*r i «• i . |w litlfti 'U H»|«
MenMI clut**** fai* tditirM m tit
I'll gt't 4 44V fr »IH of 4 wbili
ll u «aM of till* dutiful T«***»>
A brM IHki * \oOitw tugjt «ht r kite tt«4U
It*. \mti tithiftivi unit !*•»« 4
Aftti lu vt«)M tvra 4* ItHw 4* 4 mil
if * 4i««i feittMtatif Id l|t' 1*494 I4ftt
'•V N* W <**««£* liuai Ilk* »
V«ti ti It*'*! liiMfii V|T SttlU
i’ktM’fifc H «l Hf't Ige l*M*4 *»» U|«f
W# nt# 4m*Ii*‘I 1***1 li* tn> lt< lit* |*wU
| Uv IImI lit* li*** I’rfiitylifitii tiHfvH «l
,»'<«*» l*-tl Id I**w4 tb* |* 4*'t* o 1
iti«* «•)«!*»#*«* ltd )«ir uf (b«
lull* llHltM, it Hour «i**l ulti
<4 •{«•*! U * ) I»t |))|» Al
|lt ** » H a V M ’'ill
)|k»% lb*i!H4« Ngi tIMd I* **r<i Hill ll#
i |f**rr 1|*» l it*
414 Id I# U|mmi ItaMr IMV*
*4*«fut »ft till l«i thrh t ltun fc
Idf i4| *b* *• bAf4 li Ml*
To Mary !. Valentine: you are hereby i
notified t tint I. the undersigned, did, on the
21 day of NovemlHir \. n. law:* purchase at
private Tax sale, of the treasurer of slier
man County. Nebraska, the following de
scribed land—lot, situate in glierinan Coun
ty, Nebraska, to wit. The north east quart
er of section eighteen, township thirteen,
itingo fourteen And that said land
lot was taxed for tho year Ism,
in the name of Mary I- Valentine and
was subsequently taxed for the years 1mv:»
and lHttfl in the name of Mary L. Valentine
and was sold lor the Taxes of iH'.if iMtq, And
you are further notified that the time for
redeinpf ion from said Tax sale will expire
on the 21 day of November, A. 1). 1SW7»
Dated this V day of July, IH07.
To iiussel J. straight You are hereby noti
fied that I, the undersigned, did, on the 16
day of November A D. 1H05 purchased at
private Tax Hale* of tho treasurer of slier.,
man county, Nebraska the following desert- |
bed land-lot situate in Sherman County, j
Nebraska, to- wit The north west quarter of 1
Srrlion seven township fifteen range four,
teen: And that said land-lot, was taxed for
tiie year l**.»4, ll» the name of Russel J.
.straight and was subsequently taxed for
the years IHU&und I vs*, in tiie name of Russel
J. straight and was sold for the taxes of
Mil and ivq. And y<m are further notified
t Imt the time of redernpt ton from said Tax
gale will expire on tho l.Mh day of Novem
her A D, IMT.
Dated this th day of July. 1807
J. ft Pkim kh. Prm iiaskk.
To Charles E. Henson: You are hereby!
notified that I, tiie undersigned, did on
the l»i day «.f November, A D. IS'.t:,. purchase
hi private tux sale, of the treasurer of Hhei -
man county. Nebraska, tho following den
bribed land lot Militate in Sherman county,
Nebraska, to-wll: East haW of the north
» til quarter and north hull of the south
< :ist quarter and the south ea-r quarter of
t be south east quarter of seetion i, town
y dp I >, i uiigo 14, and that said land-loi
was taxed for the years IHD| ami In the
name of (Charles B: Benson and was sub
Miquenlly taxed for tho year IffW iti tin
n line of John \V. Eong and wits sold for
thh taxes of 1*04. Ami you are further no
tified that the time for redemption from]
► l id tax sale will expire on tiie l.Mh da v ol
November, A 1), i*07. 0JuIy3w
J Oiled this li», day of July, IH'.rV,
J. 8. PBbLkK, Purchase!
J o the Dundee Morguge and Trust Com
puny: \ on are hereby notified thai i the
n id* i nigned, did. on the 16 day of Novem
i r a, D. I 'ti > purchase at private Tax Hah ,
o, the i reaserer of 8 her man county. Neb
i ska. tiie followingdeierlbwd land—lot sK
» led in Hhetman County, Nebraska, to
v 11: nil "i ntn i hmi vnciii*
aliip fifteen range fourteen . And I Mill nalri
la ml—Ini waa taxed for llio year IH'.d. in tlie
I due of The Dundee Morgaga and Trust
( onpany and wan subsequently taxed for
ti e year-l«W9and lw»> In the name of The
Dundee Morgaga and Truet Company and
V. is sold for I lie TiixwK of 1*114. And you are
further notified I liaathe time for redempl
l i from said Tax»alo will expire on the
i day of November. I> ■ 1HU7,
listed this "day of July.
.1.8. 11, l’l iiciiarbb,
ir inks,
1 * PllOl*. OK EXPRESS and
All Expresa or freight orders promptly
attended to
Dies a General Law and Collection Business
A Notary Public, Stenographer and
Typewriter In Ofllce.
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
OIUco In NoBTiiwgRTKitN nun ding
pedant moth
er*. It give*
put* them in
I condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg
nancy less painful, shorten*
labor and hasten* recovery after
child-birth. It help* a woman
bear strong healthy children.
Wine®' A
ha* also brought happinc** to
thousand* of home* barren for
year*. A low do*** often bring*
joy to loving heart* that long ,
K>r a darting baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for this
trouble. It cunitina rate* out
of truyVU dniggtst* **ll Win*
TM C144*&-‘H# C-»-. C
I.OU1* CITY. N KltK.
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake City.
Kama* City, Portland,
St. Louis, San Francisco,
anil all point* and all point*
Fast and South. West.
No 51. Aecm., Tally exaept Sunday
for all points 1:15 am
No. 63. Aecm. dally, exeept Sunday
for Arcadia. 6:50 pm
Sleeping, dinner and reclining chair car*
(scuts from on through trains Ticket*
sold and haggagn cheeked to any potul In
the United Stales or isaals.
For Information, mapa, time tallies and
tickets call on or write to A. F. Wert*
Agent, or J, Fit ANOXi, UeriT Passenger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska.
Beginning Sunday, November 17th,
trains will arrive anil depart at this
station as follow*:
Leaves Leaves
Monday, I-*,, Tuesday, I u ao
Wednesday, r Thursday. £
Friday, J *■ ro Saturday )*' m
Arrive* at Loup City daily 6.16 p.m. I
Close connection at Grand Island for (
all points Fast and West
W. D Ci.irton. Agent >
To Dorcas I,. Thompson. hereby
and Albert o. Vetter rou "wru,,y I
notillcd i hat 1, the undersigned, did, on the i
lUday of Hacomher A. T). I8IT6 purchase ut
private la* sale, of the Treasurer of »her
man County, Nebraska, the following Uo
aorlbed land lot, sttiiHie In Sherman Coun
ty, Nebraska, to wit: The south east ouari •
er of section fourteen Township Iffteen
Range thirteen; And tluit said land lot was
taxed for llie year Is'il, la the name of Dor
da» I. Thompson and was siibseunetitly
taxed for the years isd.'i and i*'.»i In the name
of Dorcas I. Thompson and was sold for
the taxes of l*',u. Amt you are further noil
fled that the time for redemption froln said
'l ax kale vlll expire on the In day of Dec
ember, A. IT., IMttV.
Dated this 16 day of .mly, I«'i7.
J. s Pam.mi. Purchaser.
To George K. Wilson: von arc hereby
not 1 lied that I, the undersigned (lnl, OD the
III day of December A, D i»85 purchase at
private Tax Sale, of tile Treasurer of Sher
man < ounly, Nebraska, the following des
cribed land-lot situate In gherman County,
Nebraska, to wit: Tbe north east quarter
of section seventeen, less K It. Township
fifteen llangc thirteen And that said land
lot, was taxed for the your* Wall anil 1*1(1 In
the name ol George K Wilson and Was sub
sequently taxed for tlm years is'jf, and IM!»;
fn tile name of George K. Wilson and was
sold for the taxes of i-M and IMM. And you
are further notified that the time for re
demption from the Tux Hale will expire on
the in day of December, A. I). 1*07
Dated this IS day of ml/, 1*97
j.H. 1'koi.ek, Purchaser.
To The Anglo American Land Morgage
and Agency Company : Ton are hereby no
tified mat I, the undersigned, did, on the
9day of November A. D. 189:, purchase at
public Tax Hale,of the treasurer of Sher.
man County, Nebraska, the following de
scribed land-lot, situate In Sherman Coun
ty, Nebraska, lo-wlli south half of the
north west quarter and the north east
quarter of the south west quarter ami lots
one and two In section thirty live township
sixteen range fifteen: And that said land
lot, wus taxed for the years I MM and 1895 In
the name of J. T. Hale and was subsequently
taxed for the year islsi.In the name of Anglo
American Land Morgage and agency Com.
pany and wa* sold for the taxes of Isul and
I him. Anil you are further notified that the
time for redemption from said Tax Halo
will expire on they day of November A. D-,
Dated tills 7tb day of July, 1897.
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 M Worms.
No. 3 H Infants' T-'l“*'«sae.
No. 4 " Dim
No. 7 “ Con
No. 8 Cures Nen
No. 9 " Hem 1m
No. 10 *' Dyi
No. 1 1 “ Deli d*.
No. 12 " Leu
No. 1 3 Cures Cr
No. 14 “ Skin
No. 13 " Rhou
No. 10 " Malai
No. 10 " Caturr
No. 20 Cures Whoo| >
No. 21 “ Asthmu.
No. 24 “ Genernl
No. 20 “ Sea-Sick;.
No. 27 “ Kidney I)
No. 28 Cures Nervous I)
No. 30 " Urinary I
No. 32 •• Heart Dls.
No. 34 “ Sore Thro.
No. 77 “ Colds end t
T)n. II' MPHRIT*' HoS*0#AT»H: Jia
or DuttHM Miii.sri Kiss.
Hmall bottle* of pl*»»»nt p*1l*tj, fit the u
lM.<'k.-l. )4>>M liy <1ni*Kl,l«. or M-nt pripslil up>
ru .'lpt of prln#, IS <••111*. oifiept Nu* *(, *ml •
lira Uiailii $1 HU »l/.« only. Iliiriipltray** MmJ
cinu ( nmpfluy. Ill William Ht., *N«w York.
K Pilau—External op Internal* Wln4Pf SMSjl
ulaIn Alto: JMilni<<.r UUwHtng of til* ■ ■teun.
relief lx ItarnmUmu* the cure certain.
EHIOE, 60 OTM. THU|t|IIZf,|iflt
•old If Dra**te«, #r Mm pi.ii.ij i.t. r.A.1,1 .i prtu.
starimcir mu. (D..U1* it* mutaa *t. nw IMS
NuO.VKhlKi No on* die* ef Fill
iuoii»ry ili**»*», tbe ie*uU of eeld, who
uke» "77"ln time. Per *sle by *1) dreg
■rial.*. 25 runt*.
Fur the Annual Encampment of the
«• A. R.ut Buffalo, N Y. In Aug., the
UNION PACIFIC will make the great
ly reduced rate form for the round trip
Be euro your ticket roads via the
’Official Grand Army route," U’nlou
Pacific, Chicago anc Northwestern, N
y. C. A St. L., (Vickie Plate) Railways.
For time tables and full Information
call on
VV D. Cunon Agent
We want on* good man (having
horse), as permanent auperintendent for
Shertnun county, to attend to our boa
iness, on salary. Must send along with
application, strong letters of recom
mendation ns to honesty, Integrity, and
ability. Bute occupation. Address P.
O. Box 1682, Phi in., Pa.
The Jewell Nursery Co. of Lake City,
Minn,, want a responsible man In this
vicinity to sell Minnesota grown tree*
and nursery stock. Good pay. Steady
work. Write them today.
D. C. DOK, A- p- CULL1T,
Vice-President. Omfcssf.
General Banking Business TmosmM.
Capital Stock, IN ,0H.
Loan* on Improred (arm* at HUM pat oasii. BuaP Omptajr aa4 MMI
to be had ta Um want.
OonuavoaDsm:—Chemical Ratfcmal laak, Row York 0*7.1.14 Hill
M>fcloaal Bans Omaha Rthmnke
__ _
Heart-buro (rout exoesalve smoking,
or from any other cause, is relieved by
the llrst done of No, 10, l»r. Huui|>hrey's
I h|»H'itle for l»y*|M*|>»l» NEiete, all drug
d‘»«» _________
foinmeuclng Sunday June 13th, tba
| UNION I'AI iril.' will inaagurate.
| Through I'urist far Service to Port laud.
.Oregon aud Hathlugiou |>olnt* via
I iilon Pacihc and Soulheru Paclfc
H'ys tharroy giving |>*»»eug#r» the
: iieueftt ef two louiiat toetea via i >dgen
1 to Portland t his rout* will take them
j <|. throegh the beaut ful striswialu
i \ alley, illaeiealng all feature* along Ihe
i Shall* Itoute, Irani A*, raineulo f ur
rate* time taole* and full lufurnratiue
cal! un fily liver' OlNce No. 1303 fat
. uaru At W (>. Cl |i tuA
John Urlttln ef Zanesville. O. **)• *’
I never lived a day for thirty year* with
' out *ug*irag ag«y. until a tel u( lie
V% III « k it* k llarel halve cured esy
title* ' for file# and rental tiwoMer
, cut* bfiitaea. tfraln*. e« svma and all
| sain iris nous* lie IN Ml * kitvk llasat.
halve iv u«*#unailed int*adahl Mr- • *
Ir heal* everything except e broken
Henri, mey be *eid of I'eWItt’a Witch
lla/el Halve, Pile* anil rectal tllaeaae*.
iiurn*. brnlaea, tetter ecaeiua am) nil
>kiu Ironbla* may tie eared by It dutch
ly and permanently. tMeitdnhl Hrua.
•They dea l make much fa** about
it “ We areapeaMug of IhlVill'* I.title
Marly H)*er«, the lauiunt little pille for
eoiutlpalton. bllltuu*ue*e. and all at«ut
tt h and liver trouble*. They never gripe
udendehl ttree.
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