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The Northwestern
UWO. 10. HKKNCII OT'ion,
Editor and Publisher.
TERMS- $1 60 ptr Tsar, II Paid In Advance
■atxra l at tba I.otig City Pottnffle* for true
aalaatuu through lb* malli aa aacuid.
•laaa matter.
American butter, under the re
cent efforts of Secretary Wilson to
make a new market for it abroad,
is fin ling a ready sale in London.
A single firm in that city has just
placed an order with the Lowa state
agricultural college for ull its butter,
which amounts to about H(M) pounds
'flic fact Unit republicans do not
control the senate is not reducing
activity of the administration it shap
ing up its proposition for a currency
reform measurer A message will
probably tie sent to congress asking
that tins president tie given authority
to appoiut a comission to take up
the matter at once and recommend a
plan of action. Ex.
What caused the big strike in
the coal mining districts? Reduction
fn Win/... W lut I (-mined I In* rcduc.
tion in wages. The Wilson tariIT
luw, which out 3o cents off the coal
tariff, liow did this do it? Under
the McKinley tariff West Virginia
furnished New Knglaud with coal
Deprived of their market the West
Virginia mine owners came iuto
competition with the western mines
disarranging and demoralizing pri
ces. As the price of coal went down
down went the wages scale until the
reduction in the tariff or nearly so.
So litis turned out just as ex
pected and just as free trade always
lesulls. It is the laborer who sutlers
by lire reduction in tariff and it is be
who is benefited by a fair tariff —Ord
When H. M. Sullivan swapped
bis republicanism for a judge's robe,
and turned a summerset right into
the pop camp, we fool farmer*
thought he would stand between us
and the loau sharks as his prcdecss
ors had done. In the palmy day* of
Holcomb aud Billgreeue, court was
held in regular terms, aud when we
got a continuance or stay in u for
elosure ease, we had a breathing
spell for several months. But here
is Hullivun bolding sessions about
every two weeks, and our attorneys
are worked to death uiunul'aclurieg
pretexts to tide us over from one
session to another. When we only
hud to mage two or three oxen ses per
year we had a show to stave off the
sheriff until that wave of prosperity
nil 111 K tin. Mill i tun ^uiii\j
w*- will ho attlioeudof our rope he
fore III*) year is out, ttud the loan
cotnpau* will gobble us up bodily.
For Mod s sake, Homer, letup ou us
u mouth oi two. Callaway Courier.
So much la being said these days
shout "free silver republicans” that
il is worth while to examine the sub
jeel aud see wiiat Is lueul hy the term,
and wheather b is a fact a tuyrth or
another populist description anti
fiaud The Stale Journal sats,
,*\\ diiain II. I'm e signs the call for
a state convention of the free silver
republicans tint \V tilt tin It. 1‘riee Is
u|M>pultst. ,’There are, as Charley
Wooster plainly stated in a rceent
counuunicatioii lt> tte Central City
tbnunt rat. 'no free etlvet reputdi I
vans that William II 1‘ii.e is a
populist there |« no dvutlil in Ihv
unnd nf any s* usibiv man »l»*< kuoaa
him lie slumped Ihe slate last
fall t<n the popultai it- let and tt-dd*
su appoint meul to 1st under Hu
|e>|Mtbsl auditor lie denounces the
IcpuMtcan parti hitter!* and ts < n
wrgvtte tn hi« t if <rt* n* overt Itm* it
ft* trail such a man a rvpohip an t«
sonpi) an ntvaurdili Price tt a rep
rvventativ« »»f a large ssaM of men
who left lie republican put* last
fall or earlier and have allied them
selves to the popoeratic party. They
are the ones usually referred to as
• free silver republicans'' and Hon.
Charles Wooster, who isoneof them,
is honest enough to declare the truth
and tell where be stands. Those of
this class who will still persist in call
ing themselves republicans are not
only bipprocrltcs but they are traitors
also. They want to get next to re
publicans under the guise of friend
snip to gel a better chance to stab
them when they are oil' their guard.
No man who votes i he opposition tick
et a id who denounces the republican
party is a republican has no right
to claim to be one, and when he
does he so simply planes the brand of
a frond upon him self. The republi
can party is the only judge of its own
membership. No man lias any right to
claim to be a republican whom the
party repudiates, and it unhesitat
ingly repudiates all those who per
sist in allying themselves with the
enemy, But there are » few free
silver republicans. They are men
who place principal ubove place and
patriotism above power. While
they believe in a more liberal treat
ment of the white metal and some of
them ur2 even in favor of the freo
and unlimited coinage of silver at the
ratio of sixteen to one, they arc not
willing to desert the republican party,
to aily themselves with the riff'-ruff,
tin; disorganizes, the anarchists,
the Dobs, Altegcltx, Tillmans and
Bryans for the sake of a single issue.
They are not willing to jeopardize
the government, to sanction out
lawry uud crime and lo place the
disloval and incompetent in power
for the sake of an abstract theory in
regard to finance. There art; not
many in this class, lint there arc
some. They ure not the men who
are usually referred to as “free silver
republicans" though they are in fact
the only free silver republicans.
The men of the Price stripe only
persist in culling themselves repub
licans because they think they can
do republicanism more harm in that
way. It is only one of the numer
ous frauds and lies that have de
ceived the people and placed the
popocrats in power.—York Times.
The Kpworth league gave a social at
the residence of Mis. .1.11, Travis Thurs
day evening.
The State Journal is offering a llrst
class bicycle free to any person who
will get up a club of 1U0 yearly sub
sertber* for the Semi-Weekly Journal
at #1.00 each. The bicycles are covered
hv as strong a guarantee as auy #100.00
wheel and are first class In every re
spect. Any young mnn or wo
man can now earn a bicycle. If you
tiuil vou cannotget the required number,
a liberal cash commission will be allow
ed you for each subscription you do
get. You can get all your friends and
neighbors to lake the Semi Weekly
State Journal at #1.00 a year. Address
State Journal, Lincoln, Neb.
To Horens l„ Thompson. . r lu.r. nv
amt Allien o Yeiter 11 “ “ lu rt i»y
iioliftfMt Unit 1, 111#4 on thr
lOtlny of UiH'uiubtir A. l>. 1HUT> |>urclia»t* m
private* iiu Nuiw.of iiicTn-HMinT ol alter
Ul IQ 1 II Uly, No:.: i Ik*, I bti fotlOWl ' d«
•cnlwit luii<i lot, Hituuu* iii KliHruiuu I'ouu
F y, N«l»ntsUrt, to wit Tim aoutli oumI quart •
" ' «u iiuu luun 'Tii fin imiiiii iiik.ii
Iblrlmtu; And that Hunt land lot wan
taxed tor kite year taut, in the name ot l>»»r. i
dtt-H I,. Thoiiipaou and #;u «m h-*»nu*nt iy
taxed for tho veuia i*o».% and i^a; m the nuine
of Uurrai L. Thoiup*oit and ax'* eold for
IhetAiea of l*m, And you ate further
tied ttiat the lliue fur redemption from aultl
Tax sale a ill expire on the in dav of in-»
* inner, \. I». im»7
l»uted thu 1& day of •inly,
J. a I'viM.iK, Turclukair
SutU t.
To Deo rue t kk neon: toa aiu hereby
not I lle*l I hut I, tile ttudel altf Hod dll. on tin
|u day *»f lleeember A, l» HW pun Into at
private Tax aa.e. ot the tiva«urer <»r alter
UMUtoMOty. Nehru alt a. tlie lotion 'll* tit-*
» ritual land h.i •itunte In Mnrtnan < ounty
Kehi**aa, to wit. The Aorth e<%«t dbarter
id •eetnio seventeen, |e«« t( It. I'oWueMp
fifteen Uauft' Util teen A ad that •Aid laud
lot. was uvol (ot the yeara M*x> and i-wi la
the name id netrai t Wtiao<« and v-«« «up
ivau«tui| taxed tor the year* p«> and irih
(nine louto uf I. W an I x*t
*»l t tor the ntP. of lari and l«H xad you
are farther noMlte I i net the time for t*
den.ptHot |run. the fax *e e x ill < tpi»« uti
the Hdav of hwatlet. % l* Wo
tatted i at* d ti«t of raiy .
4 a Ntdkl, Tor* »>*•»-1,
milt >
to flte ke«n* hm-hoh I and *•-;-***„
♦. » ‘ v %*•■« ..
tilled that I, In* i«ade«»i^gttvd. did, ..a the !
»‘Ui d ho*ana*er v i* lex. poviuo 4t
fax I he InxifUrt .»* %he«
H4H I MMttO %vlMX«X«, tt*e fu| >-■**. A,X ,!•»
ulllal laud ait, HIh*!* in . n« «t* » t|tix
V> heH«u«ha, vo Wit aoatn (oil of tt«e
tool* •»** tfoartwr *ed in* matt* «««i
,04KMM of thv aoxtih iN« .ewt* let an t ett
**ae and two la edk.x Iturly th« iw« net, t*
• i%t*** Wit**** And that *a»d leu I i
•id. t«*ltt*.l I ‘I i'u p«.« »ex* and >u I
the ua.v.e • » I t Mai a.«d wax* neatly
t*t*d hrt the >*a# *% to the t«ai of *04 ,, !
katari. x« hand M«#w**** *“*4 awe*% * t.„«< !
pea* and a a* aaM ted the taxea nf lent *<*d
IdH kad re-, arefutthei hoiifled that
tUfte to* leHayli Mt iron* m* 4 fad »elr
a> latidteon ktMr a dav of V rsutUt V I*
txated th»* Hit day of dm*
4 X p IM II IhlKMtOM
Plnglish Drinking Snugs.
The best of the English drinking songs
Woro written by the dramatists of tho
seventeenth century, men who trolled
out their vigorous sentiments, linked
sweetly together in flowing verso, with
out the smallest thought or fear of
shocking anybody. Frankly indecorous,
they invito tho whole wido world to
drink with them, to empty tho brim
ming tankard passed from hundto hand
and to reel borne through the frosty
streets, where tho watchman grins at
their unsteady steps, und quiet sleepers,
awakened from dull dreums, echo with
drowsy sympathy tho last swelling ca
deuce of their uprourious song. Whore
there is no public sentiment to defy
evert bacchanalian rioters und baccha
nalian verses cease to he defiant. What
admirable good temper and sincerity in
Fletcher's generous importunity!
Drink today and drown nil sorrow;
You shall perhaps not do It tomorrow.
Host, w hile you liavo It, use your breath;
Them la no drinking uflnr death.
Then let ua swill, boys, for our health.
Who drinks well lovoa tho OMiinionweulth,
And ho tlmt will to bed go sol,or
J nils with tb« leaf, still In October.
Upon this song successive changes
have been sung, until now its variations
are bewildering, and to It we owo tho
ever popular and utterly Indefensible
glee roared out for generations by many
a lusty tavern ohorus:
lie w ho goes to belt and goes to laid sober
Kails as tho leaves do and dies In October,
Hut bo who goes to bed und goes to bed mellow
Dives as he ought to do und dies an honest
—Agnes lieppller in Atluntio.
Molldlfl«*(l l'«troleuiu.
The claim some timo ago set forth by
Paul d'Humy, a French naval office^
of having originated a process for tho
successful solidification of petroleum
for commercial and industrial Jimposes
has been further explained by him.
From this uocount, summarized in The
Progressive Ago, it appears that heavy
common oil hus been converted by this
inventor into a solid block, as hard as
tho hardest coal, burning slowly, giv
ing ntf an intense heat and showing
not tho slightest sign of melting, a ton
of such fuel representing as many as 30
tons of coal, und the space occupied by
one ton of it being about three cubic
feet, us against the largo space required
for the coal. At u recent gathering of
experts, M. d’llumy exhibited samples
of the article und experimented with
them. On the table were scvorul cakes
of tho solidified petroleum and of low
grade oils of vurious sizes and shapes,
and in uddiiion to the cukes there were
samples of the same fuel in dry powder
and puste, the petroleum powder and
paste mixed together und pressed farm
ing a homogeneous mass, with a great
specific gravity, hard almost us stone,
und, when burning, giving off a flume
300 times its own volume und a heat
well nigii as great as oxygen. Tests to
determine the production of smoke or
smell failed to indicate tho emanation
of either of tlieso.
Time to Call a Hall.
The vital statistics clork felt rather
than heard his visitor entor the oilloe.
He looked up from tho desk and beheld
a cadaverous and woebegone individual,
in whoso eyes wus tho feverish glitter
of one to whose lids sleep cometh not.
‘‘Poor commission three doors to the
right,’’ said the official glibly.
‘‘I don’t want the poor commission.
I want to Bee you,” suid tho intruder,
with something very liko defiance in
his voice und yet with that undertone
of despair that aroused tho sympathy of
the clerk.
“And what can I do for you?” asked
tho latter.
"It isn’t what you can do for me, but
what I can do for you," responded tho
visitor. "I’ve been trying to do alto
gether too much, and I’ve got to have a
rest. I don’t belong to no uuion, and
I’m willin to work overtime when it’s
necessary, but I'll be blamed if you
uin't trottin me a heat thut ’ml dis
tance anybody but me. 1'vo got to have
shorter hours and a day off once in
awhile, un if 1 don't get ’em, I’ll quit,
‘‘Hut my dear sir, I never saw you
before, 1 never employed you. Who are
you. anyway?”
"Mu? Oh, 1 ain't unybudy but Heart
Failure. That’s who 1 be, uu 1 mean
what 1 say. "—Helroit News.
A Uortmiii or aiwerM Unit
about au.ouu of Um inhabitant* of llor
lm boar eotwidoraldy U tter with their
I* ft oar tiiau with their right. This haa
Imii ubaotved in I'outiuually uun.ouug
unaaute for 16 yt-iua. Win n tiiu t-auan
wua nought for, It a{<|M attil that Ihoau
who ar* tliu» atfn toil ate fritjuuit uaera
of tin it Ivjiinani. The halt uiug |>.ut of
the tnatruuw’ht ia gun rally hold in the
left hand aud l>Ut to the left tar. while
the tight baud ta of ton u*ed In t at tug
Uolt S * It-, tu the t a** a nUn r%-d the
•Uhjti-ta braid the njlghtaat MiuUti
thiough tin wlaj.v tie with tln-ir h ft
ears hut oould umt> taland little or
toothing if the IlMlittlialll Worn (>Ul hi
Unit I Ighl ears It ta Un-tv Into mat
• lutivd that ttii it 1.1 hone haa an a|>^tv
l\ai it tlliUttlalM g I lit* ton I Im> a ml I way
llntva, ahd tin' rot t InUlFtnialiott ta
|n*i.ii l.iat the ItHhUtoi ot ta* tie* d altar
to tit it at tin* tighi ami hft vat
i»avaie — l don't know how )ua > ante
tit tea*' tn* n» y tu that at In nr*. Vat Md
n*» It waa a tare let. at level
t, nn h— the UihiIummI tot ay ha«W
hcmt a tare tan. bat I Waa wilt done
|w ftav | got Ihlt ugh With It, «— I'ltUhwtg
isunu e.
To Mary I. Valentine: von are hereby
noli lied that 1.1 lie undersigned, did, on the |
ml day of November a. d. UKi purchase «t
private Tax Sale, of the I roaeurer ot sher j
mail t’nnnty. Nebraska, the following de
scribed land—let, situate III Sherman <111111
ly, Nebraska, to.wit. The north east quart
erof Meet ion eighteen, township thirteen,
range fourteen: And that said land
lot was taxed for the year IMU,
In the mime of Mary L. Valentine and
ws< subsequently taied for Hie years lay.,
and IWI* in I he name of Mary b. Valentine
and was sold lor the Taxes ,,f |n',i| lain, And
lyouaro further notified that the time for
ledsinptlnn from said Tax sale will expire
on the ::i day of November, A, D. ISU7,
Dated tills T day of July,
J. S. I'SId.KIt, IM Bi llASait
To Hnesel J. straight von are hereby notl
fleilthal I, the undersigned, did, on the 19
day of November A I). I’-H.'i purchased at
private Tax Male, of the treasurer of alier
■ 11 it>1 county, Nebraska the following desorb
bed land-lot situate In Sherman county,
Nebraska, 10-wit The north west quarter of
arc 1 b>n seven township (Ifteen range four
teen. And that said land-lot, was taxed for
I be y e m IN,4, III the name of KiinhcI J.
straight and w«« subsequently taxed for
Ilie years IHUft and IHtSl In Ibe name of Itussel
•I. Straight and was sold for Hie tuxes of
IH03 and I Ml I. Vnd you are farther notified
Hull the tune of redemption from said Tax
Sale will ex litre 011 llie Iftlh ilay of NuVSm
lor A, l», I*wt.
Dated ibis Till day of Julv
J a a, Pi kciissi it.
To Charles b. Ilensou You are hereby
roll Hud that I. the undersigned, did on
no til day of November, A l> Is'ft, purchase
nt private lax sale, of the treasure! of Mhrr
iniin county. Nebraska, Hie following des
cribed land loL nlluulc In sberuiaii count V,
Nebraska, lo-W'lt: bust half of the north
> ast quart ur and norHi half of the suuili
,1st quarter and the south east quarLur of
i no south east quarter of section J, town
Up I',, range H, mid Hull -aid land-ini
as laxuil for the years and isgft In the
nine of Charles K Benson and ws» sub
iqiicnHy taxed for the year IsVO in the
inline of John VV. bong end was old for
Him tuxes of i -yi And you ure further un
ified that Hie time for redemption from
aid lax sale will explre on the iftth day of
-ovemher, A D, |s«47. yjuly.'lw
Dated this nil, day of July, IsifT,
J. H I'KM.Mb I'llleliasi r.
To the Dundee Morguge and Trust Com
any too are hereby notlfleil tlint. I the
null 1 signed, did. on the 14 day of Novum
mi A, l>. l*e.i purenttwo in privim i ax iwn,
f l liu l tenscrcr of Sherman Comity. Nob
laskii, I lie lollowliig ilelciTbod lnll‘1— lilt sli
med In sin-1 until i Joiiii I y. Ni-liniHkii, lo
ll ull «,f Min- III ill tWeilt y*nlic town
ill) III tin,II rung!) fourteen: Anil that said
mini Oil witw inxi’il for llm year HUH, in the
iiino of Tim IIIImlcn Morgngo anil Tram,
' orijmny mill wnw mibsiiiiiienlly taxed for
t im year*lHitt amt 1HWI In the namo of Tim
Inuidoe Morgage and Trust Company amt
was sold for i Im Tnxn* of ISM, Ami yon am
I urtlml mil llli "1 that the I linn for rinleinpi -
pm from wal<l l'a« Main will expire on the
:> day of November. A, p, I HIT/,
nated till* '• day or July
J. H, pkpi.kii, l'l itc-maxii,
fp INKS,
1 * prop. or EXPRESS
All F.xpren* or Freight orders promptly
attended to
Does a General Law and Collection Business
A Notary Public, Stenographer and
Typewriter In Office.
\y ,J. FIS1I Lit,
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
Office in NoRrawBarBita b n.-ling
The diicorn- _ _ j
forts sud
dangers of
child-birth cms
be almost en-i
tirely avoided,*
Wiucof Curdui*
relieve* ex
pectsut moth
ers. It gives
puts them in
condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg
nancy less painful, shot ten*
labor and ha»uu» recovery after
child-birth. It helps a woman
bear Strong healthy children.
has also brought hanpiueu to
thousand* of home* barren fur
i>•*!*, A few time* often bring*
ay tu tov ing heart* that long
or a darling baby, No woman
should neglect to try it fur this
trouble. It cure*MHO Casa* out
of ten. AH druggists sell Win*
of Cards1, fi.oi per bottle.
P*» M«U* *> MM) mystM** wwwUI
*'«w na. sSStua. * <»»* •»«**• •«*,
tie t*A**' *i W-» P*mi< *»i.
1>* CU»i'«».nie« So. «* Co., ?C*n*.
•MUSS. Tea*.
■ Mr*, weiu kati.
»i IsMirsaa, 6a, ess*
“ su. I Se*l !»•* Win* *f Cwdul
»* ssa ► *»•* M>a«<t*4 **••• )•*#) *- '
*•-!■»*•» SH M| AiiMk. ~h*f*
SMUlSs i**M i 1*4 * in* girt I**}."
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
Ht. Joseph, Salt Lake City.
Kansas City, Portland,
St. Louis, San KrauclNco,
anil all points and all point*
Last and South. West
No 54 Aocm., dally sieept Sanday
for all point* 1:15 am
No. 51. Accm. dally, siscpt Sunday
for Arcadia, 8 50pm
sleeping, dinner and reclining chair cars
i>MtH froai on through trains Ticket*
Mold and baggage oheeksd to any point In
the United stale* or Canada
For Information, map*, time table* and
ticket* (.all on or write to A F. Wart*
Agent, Or J. FltAMOIS, Oen'I. I’aavengsr
Agaut, Omaha, Nnbraaka,
Beginning Sunday, November 17lh,
trains will arrive and depart at this
station as follows: ,
Leaves Leaves
Monthly, Tuesday, i8.(j0
Wednesday, f® ™1 Thursday. [J’JJ
Friday, ) *'m Satunlay 1 “ 'ni
Arrives at Loup City (laily (1.15p.m.
Close connection at Grand Inland for
all point* Hast and W<>st
W. L> CuirroN. Agent
Ladies! Ladies!
Hero are gome rare bargains
for you. Kvery flower and
every yard of ribbon will go
for the next 30 days.
Tin veil known C. G. corse!
at a reduced price.
Summer corsets, ladies mitts
kerchiefs and hose at per
cent reduction.
Terms, cash or produce.
Mrs. Travis.
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 “ Worms.
No. 3 * Infants’ ’"''“eaaa*.
No. 4 “ Diai
No. 7 “ Cow
No. 8 Cures Nei.i
No. 0 “ Honda
No. 10 " Dyi
No. 1 1 “ Do; 4s.
No. 12 “ Lc
No. 13 Cures Cn
No. 14 “ Skill
No. IB " Rhot.
No. 16 " Malm
No, 10 “ Catori
No. 20 Cures Whooi • >
No. 21 “ Asthma.
No. 2 4 “ Generul
No. 20 “ Sea-Sick..
No. 27 “ Kidney D
No. 28 Cures Nervous l> ■
No. 30 “ Urinary L
No. 32 “ Heart Die
No. 34 “ Sore Thro.
No. 77 “ Colds and (
Ds. HtlSPHRET*’ HollBOPATSlrt i.
or Di*k*hz* Mui.iii F*c>.
Hmall brittle* of pleuant pellet*, fit tbe .f
pocket Hold by dru**l»te, or »eni prepaid m«
receipt nf price. wr, cent*, eicept No* IS end f
arc made $100 elze only. Iluiuplireyr Med
clnc Company, 111 William St., New Yolk.
For Fit#*—SxtfrnAl or Infernal. Wind or PUillMf i
yiMuin In Ana: ftrfiin# «»r lilotdlriff of li'ifii*
, TIim rriliif la Jinm«‘Uj$tv * thu trur# O0TWI*
PHI0F1, ao OTS. TmAy.sizf,HHft
•old Itf Orufflsta, or tent |mj#$ |t»id ott rsuslpt mt film,
ML IIJ’UIIK !»• MIU.C0., IIIA 111 WUJlaai ftl. #IW VIMS
NoONKDIEs No one ilia* ef Pul
monary disease, tha result of cold, who
take* "77”ln time. For sale by all drug
gists. 25 cents.
The Sixteenth Annual Session ef tha
Ciete Cbautauijua Assembly will he
held June 30th to July 9tta 1097. A vari
ed program of Instruction and enter
tainment bas been prepared, and the
beautiful grounds on the Big Blue
riyer afford unriyaled facilities fnr
pleasure, rest and recreation. Programs
may bo had by addressing.
(jigo. W. Baldwin, See.Croto, Neb.
We want on* good man (having
horse), as permanent superintendent for
Micrman county, to attend to our bus
iness, on salary. Must send along with
application, strong letters of recom
mendation as to honesty, Integrity, and
ability. State occupation. Address P.
O. Box 1632, Phils.. Pa.
D. 0. DOE, A. P. GULLET,
Vice-President. Oartier.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Capital Steak, SCO .000.
Loans on Improved forme ok HIKE par sank. Baft Qaoapoop oai tad tMI
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