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    Loup City No rthwestern.
| The Northwestern
Editor And Publisher.
TERMS- $1 50 par Tsar, if Rail fa Mvaaea
Bat*r*J at th» lx>up City PoitolJI*# for lru»
T1 "*<« through th« mill! a* Mound
• 1 All niAtter.
There is a marked improvement in
business all over tbe United States.
The dates fixed for tbe Nebraska
state fuir are September 1h to 24.
1h97. The fair will be held at
Omaha and great preparations are
being made to surpass all former
The Nebraska State Fair liulliten
is again to the front and will be iss
ued monthly. It is filled with State
fair literature, Agricultural and Hor
ticultural and live stock information.
There w ill be AO,000 thousand copies
of this publication issu'd monthly.
Judge Fost is a prominent candi
date for the nomination of Supreme
Judge on the republican ticket.
The Judge is much stronger now
tliun lie was when nominated in 1801.
The mention of his name means bis
nomination ami bis nomination
means bis election.
Tbe populist organs tell you that
1*110 iC|;U ifiiVUIl jrui IO mill m-iimi * vw
silver and yet under the present re
publican administration there has
been coined 1,475,101 silver dollars
|P and each are worth exactly as much
as a gold dollar. This fact how
ever will not be noted in a populist
■B«j _
We learn that here is uo less than
seven candidates for the nomination
of county Superintendent on the
populist ticket and that material for
M the other county ollleers are looming
up in like proportion. This is very
unlike the doctoriue preached by
many of those self same populists
a few years ago who used to declare
“that the otlice should hunt the man.
, ■ __
How do the repuL'licans feel now
who started off on the populist craze.
The democratic element of that or
ganizations are still clinging to de
mocracy by encourging democrats
to keep up tueir organization and
promising them fusion while the
heretofore republican element has
became so thoroughly disgusted
that they have gone otf on the so
cialist move aud are trying to unite
tiie forces in that direction. The
good hook says “that a divided
bouse must fall." and if this is any
criteria!) the pop party is fast be
coming a thing of the past.
The Times Independent says “we
are right in aayiug that the populist
judges on the benches are making
more orders for sheriffs sale thuu
any republican judge we ever hud.'
Further down in its comment with
reference to the remark made by us
last week, that these same fellows
•luu.pped the district auil plodg ed
tlieui*eiv«a to stand by the people
iu Ibis matter of protecting their
11out*a, ll says "We »av there isnnt
a man in lb* district wbn can troth
fully say that a populist judge marie
buu such a promise. Now the (ruth
Is that tin district is full of just such
uo it I be whole campaign song
unde by populist judges, and espec
ially Judge tireene was a continual
wail of ihe "deplorable condition of
the farmer*, bow their land was Is
tug ishcii by Ibe mortgage Mends,
and promising relief if ttmi would
only vote lk»ui into <-dh e ih«ubtU*a
the Time* man, who would wot see
•ml o«# side if be could, failed to
comprehend the true meaning of
Judge tireene • remarks while
Ibe stump at |*>wp Ihly, lUwhiitie,
l.ttebiebl amt Hiktr piece* In lb*
We were asked Tuesday If the Mc
K inley club of Sherman county had Iieen
wiped bodily off the lace of the earth
ami not one member left to care for the
signs on their club room building?
The sign “An honest, dollar, and a
chance to earn it," posted on the Massa
soil house Is becoming an eyesore and
eonvays the Idea to strangers that Loop
</'ity has been sleeping since November
last.—Tint es-Independcnt.
Poor Edward, that sign has been
an eyesore to him und his popocratio
brothers ever since election. The
above paragraphs remind us of the
remark made by hi in just after the
defeat of Bryan. It happened that
during the outnpuign we put a pict
ure of McKinley in the west window
lit our residence whereupon Edward
immediately followed suit and put
up a picture of Bryan in the east
w indow of his residence just across
the street, lu this instance McKin
ley was looking at Bryan and Bryan
had his optics on McKinley. After
election Edward said: “The most I
hate about this thing is that I will
have to take Bryan’s picture out of
my window,” This remark wus made
directly to us and was accompanied
with a heavy sigh. W c took the
hint and out of pure sympathy for
Edward removed McKinley’s
picture also. Now we suggest that
the club have a meeting and pass
the following resolution:
Wiikkkas: Editor llrown of the
Tlmes-lndependent has became so un
easy and agitated because the McKin
ley club has seen lit to leave their mot
toes stand for pubic observance that he
cannot longer Indore it. and
Wiikkkas: It Is liable to work an injury
to his mental faculties if not to the
tvuuic i au'. jmi . me c/iv
Kesoi.vku : That we the members of the
McKinley club, of the vlctorlus cam
paign of 18‘Jti, do, out of puie sympathy
for the Times manager and his poor de
luded brethren, remove the mottoes
from'the MeKialey club rooms until
such time as they may recover from
tbeir calamities and demented condi
tion. and further be it
Resolveu: that In so doing we tender
our heart felt sympathies to them in
tbeir hour of humiliation and state of
ISur<lell« an<l cliff Wlieffl.
Id the Hawk-Eye of the 11 inst.
a card was published from Mr, II.
H. Davis, editor of the Pulaski In
dependent, inquiring the foundation
for the reported death ot Mr. Rob
ert J. Burdette. As the Ilawk Eye
bad received a similar inquiry from
elsewhere, it published its own denial
of the story, and forwarded a copy
of the article with a letter to Mr.
Burdette. The following reply in
Mr. Burdette’s own happy vein, “Ex
plains all,” and is ample refutantion
of the rumor that he had sullied off
his mortal coil. His auswer reminds
us of the rcceut reply made by Mark
Twain to a similar inquiry concern
ing himself; he said: ‘My reported
death has been greatly exaggerated!”
Bryn Mawr, Pa., June 14, 1897,
— My Dear Waite: Like the true
fricud and loyal comrade you ever
were, you do right to protest against
tuy burial prior to the authpsy,
I mu indeed very much alive.
Not only so, I haven’t been dead
even a little bit. Not once Could
have been, had I wanted to bo.
Could be yet. But 1 don’t want.
\1 lit In* I Htiuhi lii !»»* iHiW
Hut n» we make weekly coufeaaton
‘•we have left undone thoae thing*
wtiieb we ought to have done."
l‘o*»ihly the ruiuur that I have
goue dead grown out of the faet that
I have teamed to tide a bloyele, I
»ay, “have learned." Nut • •IK learn
ing. I.earned II) one let toll Ml hj
Went out in the moonlight la*l
Kalday night to Ivarti. having Ural
loehed my family ID the buna* and
fotiutde them to loon out the window a.
led my hieyvia onion lue turnpike
the Htryw Mawr ytlkea are hrowder
then the wav of deatrnil|on, laua «a
am »»tb and tntoh eleanei It a a
young hleyete a wit (oaldtl in
Would gi*e the nano hut
fur the faet that I had to |o»i for u.»
wheel W ill only *av lhetel>>te( in
a. >oidme* With *h* vthna of out
|iio(«o|oh. that It ia not the wheel
anybody aaya It U
I held him by the wtthera tight
li the middle <d the mad and mount
ed without assistance. I dismount
ed in the same independent manner.
(Jot on again and proceeded to
break him to the saddle.
Did l ride the first time?
Well say!
People had tolci me—liars of all
ages and both sexes that I could nt
fall if, when 1 felt that 1 was falling,
I would stick out my foot,
I stuck out both hands and both
feet, and fell on my head.
1 fell oil one side of that diabol
ical wheel and then on the other; 1
fell on both sides at once; I fell on
top of it and underneath it, and I
made “dogfalla" with it. 1 fell be
tween the wheels. I fell behind the
hind wheel and before the front one
at the same time, and don'tyetknow
how I did it. I fell and thrust both
legs through the spokes of one wheel.
I met a terrified man in a buggy and
dravc him (dear off the pike through
Wheeler's hedge, and I don’t thluk
he has come hack jet. Every time
I fell I slapped the palms of my
row, swollen bands, throbbing bands
on the hard “inelastic’’ pike, except
the time I fell on mv head. I fell
harder and with greater variety of
landing than any inun could fall un
less he dropped out of a balloon and
lit on a load of furniture. I lost
my confidence, my patience, my tem
per, my clamps, lamp, bell and re
putut on. I broke one pedal, the
saddle, and the ordinance against
loud, boisterous and abusive langu
age at night. 1 ran into everything
except the middle of the road. 1
sat flown OU everything in the town
ship except the saddle. I scorched
in a circuit not fifteen feet in cir
cumference until you could smell
brimstone. 1 made more revolutions
than a South American republic,
and did’nt get ten feel away from
where 1 started. I hav’nt been so
much mauled and abraded, so
thumped and beaten, so trampled
upon and pounded, so bruised and
scratched, since I left the army.
But I can ride.
1 don't say that l “do.” But 1
Do I consider “biking” good for
the health?
For the health of some people 1
do. I don’t see bow a physician can
briDg up bis family unless his child
ren have something to eat.
But in my own caso. I reserve tny
decision. I will wait until 1 know
wheatlier L am going to die or get
well. And do you tell Brother
Davis to keep his obitnary on the
standing galley until he hears from
“Slug Nine?” I don't believe I’ve
got “30’’ yet, although friends who
called to see me break down when
ihev say “good-by” and walk out of
the room on tip-toe. But 1 would ni
mind that if 1 kuew what became of
my sliolder blades the time 1 ran un
der the bay wagon. Obeerfuly
yours. ItoiiEKT J. Bueditte.
— Burlington (Iowa) llawk-Kve.
To Oorc&ff E ThomiMOfi. .....
and Albert O. Vetter
notified that I, the umlereiif nud.did, on tlie
btday of liHi-embei A. I>. 1*45 purchase at
private las mile, of ilia Treaenrer of •bar
man County, Nubraeku, thu following do
m-ribed land lot. eltuate lu Slierumu Coun
ty, N«brio.Ua, to wit The aoutlt east quart
er of went Ion fourteen Townahm fifteen
ItaiiKX thirteen, And that utul land lot era,
taxed (or Hie year laM, lu Hie name of Kor
da* L. Thompson and wax «n bye.pienUy
taxed for the veare let* and lean In the uam«
of I lor ear t„ Thump-mu and wax mild foi
I be laxee of leaf. And you are f iirtbet u»tl
tied that tb« lime for redemption front eaul
Tex Sam till expire on the 10 day of Kef
ember, V I*., if.;.
Haled till* IS day of July,
J.S fuielm-er
To !.torX* I tVnxon: ton are lierebi
not III. >t that I, I be uudersltfned del. on Hi*
in day of In eeiu'ter A, l> I-*6 puiehaxe al
put ate Tax earn, of Hie Tretreurnr of alter
maitiounty. belwwxXa. the following dex
Uiiml land lot .11 ante III ahermau County
Nebraaha. to Wit. The nttrlli moat quarln
id ryn-tmu xeveoleea, ieex M It.ToWnrhli
rtf teen Han** thirteen And that »atd laud
tot, aax taxed fur lb* feare IMUH lax* >•
the aame of tieoree * • Ilea and Wax tub
Muurutlt taxed for lire year* tout out KM
In In* •anteof uaurtfe A Wllew and •»
•old fur th* laxea irett and !*i tad »«t
are further mtUied that the Htnn fur re
demotion Ituu, the tax tux aott expire or
the in day of IlMteenrhe•, A It iw:
Hated Hit* iu la, of lulv.
J,| fitait, IfuitbMri
but K b
to The An*hr I «**» I *§'•#**4*
* I ***** | I IMlMf ***>#• W*«
I lllirl U«i I, ,*-%»#* *t||**4. fit •< «t* tie*
| * 4*> >«f KuttHflMi % l» S*i» *<
V«i IIm Mwikiivi u< %ktt
U4# t tffinii. »»■• 4#
I WliW4 4*1*4 Mix •41*4*1* i4ft ttft*4t |
lx V- >' *■•%«• Ul *11 *Mrt*4l* .a! Mu«
I 4*»*f It* fH
,»**«*** **l IM *m**a -eifMif »•* *c*4 »*•«
y<*|ay *m4 I m « M* W‘ 4'-* MliMI dw WitKltlij
•if !•>**« a.- •«*» % *mI ilm mi4 i»»4
*»** , • «• l<*t lift# |«*M 4*H4 41*4 »•**! M
*fd« 4d.-»r# a*# i t tint - • %* **M#*..M»**I»|
i * i*4 (mi Im |«|i MikylH Mm *fMM krnm
km*****'* 1**4 k*'*«••*« *>* * *** m * *<«***
E**l« *4mI • «i imM !**♦ ih* Ul** (4 Mm* ***
• ft |*4 *ft*N •§*><* I ***#» **»#%» H*4 Ik*I *
lrk*Hkr Vbre i** |« |*»-J** Waft* i» *»44 f«l **Mm
• ii| «%! «•• »»* Mm» 4*1 *4 H**t•#*«»•» % I*
- W*
IfctHM* ilkM Hk 4*i **f Jwi*
/ * t » •**•* IH •* *» i •
To Mary K. Valentine: you are herehv
not Mud that I, the undersigned, did, on the j
01 day of November A. u. istn purchase at
private Tax Hale, of the treasurer of 8her
man County. Nebraska, the following do
scribed land—lot, situate In Sherman Coun
ty. Nebraska, to wit. The north oast quart
er of section eighteen, township thirteen,
range fourteen: And that said land
lot was taxed for the year HtM,
In the name of Mary L Valentine and
was subsequently taxed for the years is#r>
and Is'.ie in the name of Mary h, Valentine
and was sold tor the Taxes ,,f isni 18/1. Ami
you are further notttleil that the time for
redemption from aald Tux sale will expire
on the ;i duv of November, A. I). 1807.
Dated tills r day of July,
To Itussel J. Htralght Ton are hereby noti
fied Ilia) 1, the undersigned, dlil, on the IX
I day of November A. D. llN6 purcliased at
I private Tax Hale, of the treasurer of gher.
| man county, Nebraska the followingdescrl
lied land-lot situate In Sherman County,
Nebraska, to-wlt: The north west quarleror
gectlon seven township tltteon range four
teen: Ami that said land-lot, was taxed for
the year 1804, In the name of Kussel J.
straight and was subsequently taxed for
the years 1806 and lsun In tile name of Itussel
J. Htralght and was sold for the taxes of
l«0.Iund li'.M And you are further notified
t hat the time of redemption from said Tax
("do will expire on the Kith day of Severn
I .-r A D. IS'/,.
Dated this “tlx day of July.
J. g. I’Kiit-K.u, Priti M**Kit
To Charles K. llcnaon You are hereby
holllled that I. the undersigned, did on
t he 10 day of November. A D. lev., pit relies ■
at private tax sale, of the treaeuri-rof 8hcr
l an county. Nebraska, The following de
i:i lbed land lot situate In Hherimin count .
Nubia ska, to-wlt: Dust half of the north
rest quarter and north half of the south
< ist quarter anil tlin south east quarter ot
t c south east quarter of section i, town
ship is, range 14, and that said laud-lot
v ,i* taxed for the years 1801 and 1-0, Ill the
i imr of Charles K Benson and whs sub
n queul ly taxed lor the year is,si In tin
i me of John W. Long and was sold for
the taxes of 1401 And you aro furl her no
tiled that the lime for redemption from
sc Id tax sale will expire on the 10th dav ol
November, A D. 1807 . 0july0w
Dated tins '.Lit, day of July, 1807,
j, 8. I’BbbKB, Purchaser.
To the Dundee Morgage and Trust Com
i jiv ion are hereby notified that i the
under signed, did. on the It day of Noyom 1
l r i li isB:, niirclm-uatnilva'e Tax sale,
of tho l tenderer of Hhcrmau county, nod
i Ail. Hit; following delcrlhed land—lot nil
1 iicd In nhotoian County, Nebraska, to
wit; nil uf section twonty-one town
ship fifteen range fourteen ; Anil that said
1 n«l—lot was taxed for the year IH'.il, in the
I line of The Dundee Morgiige and Trust
i iinpaiiy and was subsequently taxed for
the yearslHdS and IMtW In the name of Tin;
Dundee Morgage and Trust Company and
a ite sold for the Taxes of ISD4. And you are
further notified that tho time for redempt
ion from said Tax bale will expire on the
I day ol November. A. O , l»'J7,
listed this 7 day o"
rp INKS,
A* prop, or EXPRESS and
All Express or Freight order* promptly
attended to
Does s General Law and Collection Business
A Notary Public, Stenographer and
Typewriter In Office.
LOUP cm, • • I KB KAMA.
■ftitni-n e fl-art-L a w,
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
office In NobtiiwKSTRR* b '... ding
fpna discern
I fort* and
r* *■ danger* of
child-birth can
be almost en-j
tirely avoided.^
relieve***- i
pectant moth
er*. It give*
ital organs, and
pnta them in
condition to do their work
perfectly. That make* preg
nancy let* painful' shorten*
labor smlbastr u* recovery after
child-birth. It help* » woman
bear strong healthy children.
| ha* a)h> brought happiness to
thousands of homes barren for
scars. Ab-ed hr tags S
toy to loving heart* that long
for * dsrhug baby. No woman
j should neglect to try it toy this
I trouble. It ititesmuo case* out
of ten- All druggist* sell Win*
of Cardui. fi.ow pvt bottle.
i ; 1'Im* MkMM** CvN< ChH04’*
*4 i * •
«•*. urn** KaU,
.1 ;«#.»*.,*,as sar*
sat gs'S**?*^»5|,tat*«**,*kias
• Mae l »*4 s ia* gist fc*h| ■1
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Ileleua,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Salt Lake City.
Kansas City, Portland,
St. Louis, San Francisco,
anti all point* and all points
Kast and South. West.
So M. Acrni , dally ezorpl Sanday
for all point# I :t."i a m
So. M. Acrni. dally, ezoept Sunday
for Arcadia. * IOpm
bleeping. dinner and reclining chair cars
seats froei on through trains. Tickets
mid and baggage cheeked to any point In
.lie United States or Uaaada.
Kor Information, maps, time table* and
.Icket* call on or write to A. P. Warts
Agent. Or J. rUANUIS, Uon'I. Passenger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska.
Beginning Sunday, November 17th,
'rains will arrive and depart at this
nation as follow*:
Leaves Leave*
Monday, ),M Tuesday, f« no
Wednesday, l*"*’ Thursday. ^
Friday, )*’ “ Saturday ) »•m
Arrives at Loup City daily fl. i5p. m.
Close connection at Grand Island for
til points Kant and West.
W. 1> (>UPTON, Agent
Ladies! Ladies!
Hero are some rare bargains
for you. Every flower and
5very yard of ribbon will go
for the next 30 days.
mewell knownC. C. corset
. t
. at a reduced price.
Summer corsets, ladies mitts
kerchiefs and hose at 5 per
rent reduction.
Terms, cash or produce.
Mrs. Travis.
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 " Worms.
No. 3 " Infants’ Diseases.
No. 4 “ Diarrhea.
No. 7 “ Coughs.
No. 8 Cures Neuralgia.
No. 0 “ Headache.
No. 10 " Dyspepsia.
No. 1 1 “ Delayed Periods.
No. 12 “ Leuchorrea.
No. 13 Cures Croup.
No. 14 “ Skin Diseases.
No. 10 " Rheumatism.
No. 10 “ Malaria.
No. 10 " Catarrh.
No. 20 Cures Whooping Cough
No. 21 “ Asthma.
No. 24 “ General Debility.
No. 26 “ Sea-Sickness.
No. 27 “ Kidney Diseases.
No. 28 Cures Nervous Debility.
No. 30 “ Urinary Diseases
No. 32 " Heart Disease.
No. 34 “ Sore Throat.
No. 77 “ Colds and Grip.
Dn. llrMPHRcra’ Homsopitsio Mampai.
Small bottle* (if plnaiA'it p*ll«t*. fit th« ▼*•*■
pocket. Hold by dru*i(1»U. or rent prepaid upon
receipt of prloe, ‘JR cent*, eirept No* M. ana W
Hn made $1 on .ire only. Humphrey*' Marti
cine < oiupttiiy. 111 William ht„ .New York.
S’Pile*—External or Internal, Blind or BUwdlAfi
tula In Ano: Jfrhlng or liliMvilnK of tfcft Ionian.
» relief la ImtimlUkU— tiie cmto curtail).
fold by Druggists, or tent fxstl-pald on raatipt ef pftts.
uuiruukta’ m.u. to., m a lit whhmb at*, vtw IMS
NoONKDIlCS Noonedla* at Pul
monary disease, iha rasult of cald, who
takes ‘*77”ln time. For sale br all drug
gists. 25 cents.
The Sixteenth Annual Sessloa of the
Crete Chautauqua Assembly will he
held June 30th to July 9th 1807. A vari
ed program of Instruction and enter
tainment has been prepared, and the
beautiful grounds on thu Big Blue
river afford unrivaled facilities for
pleasure, rest and recreation. Programs
may be bad by addressing.
uko. W. Baldwin, 8eo. Crate, Neb.
We want oaa good man (having
horse), as permanent superintendent for
Sherman cuuuty, to nttend to our bus
iness, on salary. Must send along with
application, strong letters of recom
mendation as to honesty, Integrity, and
ability. 8tate occupation. Address P.
O. Box 1«32, Phils.. Pa.
Wanted-An Idea sSKS
aM list of two liundnd lnrsaUor.s waotod.
1). C. DOE, A> *• CULLEY,
Vice-President. Oealuer,
General Banking Business TransasM.
Capital Stock, $N >060.
Loses on Improved Isrni at nlHl p• aaata tab taspesj tab PaHH
lata halbttanb.
OonuaroBDum:—Cbsalesi RaMnal laak, Ha* York QlPi I* Y4 NmN
Xplussl Bam. iheshs Rstassbe.
Hoctor Henderson
1021104 V. 9th St.. KANSAS CITY, HI.
TYiAiAbi/r A A*yt»Asr ** Jta*—. «•
•1. ■«. •. » .. t 0*4
r I ■ I I ■ 1 • »>,» l.i a.*,!..4»m« »**4
..I I. .1 - ,»’■ W.-.U4 k,
1 .. • t. * <>.1 ■ 11. . ... ,4 Sc'tiHi
II .11' 4 b.. 1 , - ,. «r MM Tt »J|*> Ml*U.u
l ..... ul .k . U< ..1 . 1 >tki.k«ikii,«*4ym k»Vm
Seminal Weakness^ Sexual Debility.
I Tree Muh uiii of Anatomy * ’ ■*'" V*!
- * t
f** ♦>WW Ujf I ##•**** 4 m* • ♦