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    Liocjal Dews.
Alfalfa seed at Watkinson's.
G. F. Hall is painting hi# resident-#.
Ord prices discounted at Gasteyer’s.
Good work harness for #14.00 atT.
M Reed’s.
John Long made a business trip to
Hazard Saturday.
Rev. Hodges was in Lou p City last
Saturday and M onday.
F E. Brewer has j ust received an
invoice of tine fruit trees.
A valuable horse was stolen from
Col. Young's barn this morning.
Garden seed; new stock just in at the
old reliable Seed store, Watkinson.
County Clerk Rein is enjoying a visit
from bis sister of New Yerk.
Mrs. A. F. Werts and Miss Ida Nelson
are visiting friends in Omaha this week.
James Rentfrow returned from a busi
ness trip to Omaha last Friday eveeing.
Mrs. J. 8. Fyke started for Omaha
yesterday for a weeks visit with friends.
Mrs. A. 11. Outhouse went to bt. Louis
last Thursday to spend a month with
her parents.
Do not fail to call and ace the new
I’latina nml Celluloid Finish at the York
Phato car
Don't think because Grsteyer does
not ask you two prices, that his go ods
are not all right.
Do you want to save a human life?
Learn how much it will cost you at the
M. K. church Hunday morning.
Do you need a washing machine,
clothes wringer, wash boiler, tinware,
or anything in that line. If so call on
T. M. Keed.
Gasteyer now carries a complete
stock of ready made clothing for men
and boys.
We are still taking photo's
at 75 cents per doz.
Lesch insky, Photographer.
Adam Schaupp is treating his resi
dence to a new coat of paint I>. L.
Adamson is wielding the brush.
Mrs O. B. Willard, of Chicago, sister
of Mrs. C. J. Odendahl is visiting in the
city. She returned to Chicago yester
One Minute is all the time necessary
to decide from personal experience that
One Mlhute Cough Cure dose what its
name implies.—Odendahl Bros.
The rain Wednesday evening some
what interfered with the K. P. dance
and the attendance was not so large as
expected. Those present report a good
Mrs. C. E. Kosseter, now under the
doctors care at Grand island is reported
to he very aick. Mr. ltosseter left Tues
day morning for that place.
C. C. Pemberton, now residingoe
the old Frank Saltus place dropped into
our office last Tuerday and added his
name to our subscription list.
Don't fail to come and see the great
show at Pilger’s store Easter Saturday
and Monday, April 17 and 18, 1887.
Every woman and child caliiDg at the
store will receive a present. Admission
J. B. O'Bryan has two excellent var
leties of seed potatoes which lie is sel
ling reasonable. Oue variety in parti
cular will make in sixty days after
planting and it of a superior ijuality.
Mrs. McGrath aud husband went to
Wood River last Tuesday morning to
attend the funeral of her mother, she
haviug received a telagram Informing
here of the sad news Monday evening.
We are iinformed l>y Supt. Johnson
that the Teacher's Institute for Sher
man county will commence July Hi and
continue until July HO, Instructor*, A.
II. lilglow of Fall* City aud Mrs L M
Guthery of lielleview Nebr.
K. K. Tamer of Compton, Mo. writes
us that after suffering from piles for
seventeen year*, he completely cured
them by using three boxes of D>\\ itt's
Witch llssel Halve It cures ecsema
and severe skiu diseases Odemlnhl
If you wish to get a good photograph
go to the l.eschiusky Gallery, thauail*
ry who h is slant* m town aa l you
will get as good a Photograph as yea
caa In the state. Our annual IMS cent per
ilui Cabinet* reduction will he as usual
la June M l.n»t tiia-nr artlsi,
A W. Throckmorton of • lay town
•hip made iheenheadhunt'ert a pleasant
call last Toasday while at the eeaaty
seat Ue deposited i»« dollars and
will still rant lane tw read the N«*an»
wmiii* Mr Throckmorton says that
wheal saw tag Is %h«Mtt daee la his |»ari
af the eanatrv
The ladles of Use H*p* «t charch asrd
Ikoeialy wilt hold art Hasict Haiti »«
April 17th. in the bsslhltag twa deers
West af trdsndahi Pros, drug rime fas*
ihe parposei ; paying thnrvh Indebted
aea* Thar* ml) Mt many uaelai mil
shs asrd Haslet lokeaa oHetnd k>> sale
tttnaer alii *e served at 1.1 teats each
and supper ail) >e served si si* p in
•e l th*aogb lire tceaUg at lltmii
aaeh ’The elti* is’* *ad i mines* mea of
the ally asrd ft>u*d* ta the eossatry vie
sesdieli) latik d to *ttead and ard ike
Mies la Ihhfyr
Seed barley at Watkinson’s.
If you wish fine Photo’s call on the
York Thoto car.
Ye editor has been sowing seed for a
lawn this week.
J. D. Ford is buying stock on the
Union Pacific system.
T. L. Pilger has reduced the price of
Kerosene Oil to 12 cents a gallon.
Now stock of Garden and Fiold
Seeds at T. M Seeds
The York Phoho car is now in Loup
City and ready for business.
WINDOW SHADES, cut and fitted
without extra charge at Watkinson s.
Remember the York Photo car will
only remain a short time in your
Janies Kentfrow and family arc en
joying a visit from bis brother this
r. L. Pilger is selling ail goods for
cash or produce only. Positively no
Picture frames and furniture repair
ing carefully and promptly done at
Photographs 75 cents per doz.
at Leschinsky’s gallery.
Hicli Cattle, of Lincoln spent Sunday
in the city. De returned home Mon
Miss Lula Bower, went to St. Paul
yesterday morning for medical treat
Peter Rowe did a very neat job of
feuee painting in float of the Travis
Dr. Humphreys says as ‘'77" is to
Crip, so is No. 10 to Dyspepsia. The
cures-»26 per cent; at all druggists.
Another soaking rain came last Sun
day night and Monday forenoon. The
ground is so wet that It has bean an up
bill Job for the farmers In trying to get
their wheat sown.
Torturing, itching, scBly skin erupt
ions, burns and scalds are soothed at
once and promptly healed by I>eWitt'g
Witch Hazel Salve, the best known cure
for piles.—Odendahl Bros.
A chronic politician has thus written
to a lady whom he sought to marry :
“My dear, I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for your hand, and I shall
use all fair and honorable means to
secure the nomination. I know that
there are many candidates In the fleld
and I hesitated long before entering the
race, but now I am In to stay. My
views on matrimony have often been
expressed in your hearing, and I need
not express them here You know I
favor the gold standard of love and the
maintaliiancA r»f that Kf anrlunl affttr fiiAT>
riage. If you decide to confer upon me
the honor 1 seek, please fix the date for
a caucus with your mother, I have no
objections to her acting as chairman,
provided it is clearly understood 1 am
to be chairman in the permanent organ
ization. Should the result of the cau
cus be satisfactory we can soon hold the
primaries and select the date and place
of the convention." The following
brief telegram answered it: “Caucus
unnecessary. Nomination unanimous.
Come at once and lix the date of ratifi
TREES ANI> PLANTS. A full line
Frnit Trees of best varieties at bard
times prices. Small fruits In large sup
ply. Millions of Strawberry plants
very thrifty and well rooted. Get the
best near home and save fright or ex
press. Send for price list to NORTH
Dodge County Nebraska.
I.»up City Market Report
I’rtce* paid tor
n • ii
Wheal. M
Oat* .... T .1*
llog* 3.S0
Co** and heller* 54
Feeder* , 3 an
Mutter, per pound Id
Kggt, per do* a
l.iht li ihmirr,
Oku ago, tUiU*.
M, J*#m |»ii. hull Lik* Oily.
Riiu* 4* Oltjf. i"oftUi»4.
hi. I .out* 4a#ii
til | tini* all §o»>* **
( Lot aiul Houlk ft r*l
IMIllM Ml4%II 41 VlM iuHa
1 *** vi . laiiy vfe##|4
fiii* a< I M am
V W vu 'lallf, • o«*4 in»<tay
fat 4U«4t4* • **|ta
! »**#§*> »♦.# a***l hk-- tiMaa •flUM* *■ * * *
j ««at« ‘«* if at** f *
* *a*M ♦**-• ftm >»•! !•# *wt ym*al la
i d« i' DtiMHi $iai#« m§ i *iMk-'ia
f t* !*(«**amim****. 4 oh# la*-'a a *4
I *u a#«* r,*i um «.«# am»m t*» % 9 4#*n
j 44*«m *o J* til \*4 la, 4##a
1 *N**4*» Ilak#*#*#
l . M>MMI
Meptun tug kas>isi. K*imn:>*i tiih
lltshd •III Ifih* »* • <I*par4 al 1*1*
!.#•«*• D*i»*
M , iay« i I****-**' ( * <w
ft aktiaRi*J I kuf**$a* ' ^
MMMajs ? ; PiiimlM '
krvt*** al !.*•*»§» i llf 4* *t $ 4 jt a
| i al l*Un * •* ■*»#
*i faMtaM k *t| ** I ft *n»4
k ft ! «»*• %** ♦«
Continued from last week.
The 3rst Grand Fourth of July celebration took place in 1878. al
though the event was observed by the settlers before that. In 1878,
however, great preperstions were made. The celebration was held at
Loup C'ity and waa attended by people from all parts of ttie county.
The weather was One up to about four o’clock when a furious rain and
hail storm prevailed. A good program was carried out and all seemed
to enjoy themselves until the storm materially changed the situation.
The large general merchandise store of It. Taylor, which had just
been completed was headquarters for the picnic.
A party of folks living down the river started for home after the
storm and as they were about to cross the Dead Horse creek came near
being swept down stream. One team just crossed the bridge, and got
well up the hank on the other side when a wall of wuter, said to be about
10 feet lugh came rushing down. The others saw the danger just in
time to hold up nnd back out of the way. A cloud bud bursted up at
the head of the creek and a torrent of water came down and swept every
thing before it. The whole country between the creek and river was
completely submerged. Every bridge on the creek was taken out.
Many people were campellcd to remain in town over night. The court
bouse had just been completed and us the hotel accommodations were
not sufficient to accommodate all, its doors were thrown open to the pub
lic ai.d many sought shelter theirin. The court room was turned into a
dance hall and the young and old past the evening keeping time to the
merry strains of the violin.
A few famlies living on the bank# of the creek in tli<- hills, east of
town where the cloud burst occurred suffered considerable as a result of
>i .. a. - i vf i if T_l. rv* i „ * t,,....,
tui. .'Mi. HUM •'» • <», ,1 V*A. |/l» M »» “ - w - - —
that afternoon attending the celebration, while their son and daughter,
W’illie and Kate were at home. The children were in the house, a sod
structure, when the water burst in on them. They first climbed on a chair
and then on the table, but in a few minutes everything in the house was
afloat. Kate worked a hole through the sod roof and with her little
brother climbed out on the top of the bouse. As soon us their condition
was discovered help was at onee secured and they were rescued. Otiiei
families as well ns the Whartou's lost stock and farm implements.
The first county lair was held at the county seal, in 1*79 and was
quite a success. A lino display of all kinds of crops was on exhibition
and the farmers took great interest in it. A good program of races,
atbeletio sports and other amusements was the order of the day.
On# of the principal features of the program was the horse race
between “Happy Harry," owned by John Harkins and “Hump
Back," owned by Rev. Maxwell, Methodist minister at Loup City. Happy
Harry was a very old pony. He was so still and lame that he iad to be
helped up in the morning and treated for several hours before the races.
Bat he had a record as a ruce horse just the same. It was hardly ex
pected that Mr. Maxwell’s pony could wiu, as Happy Harry had the rep
utation of winning every race in which he was entered. But it was
through that Hump Back yvould give him a close chase and make the
race interesting. Mr. Maxwell was interviewed on the subject and en
tered a Bolomn protest. He did not believe in horse racing and so would
not consent to let his horse run. But the boys thought they would have
some fun out of it and by eareful management succeeded in getting the
pony out of the barn without Mr. Maxwell’s knowledge, and at the
proper time brought him to the ecore. Mr. Maxwell was not on the
ground attho time the pony was brought out, but arrived just in time
to see him coming in on the home stretch. Hump Back was about a
length ahead and the crowd cheered. The elder joined in the sheering
and waiving his cane in the air, ran toward the track and shouted:
“Hurrah! My pony is ahead!!’’
The local editor at the time made some comment upon the race, pro
voking a little mirth at Maxwell’s expense, to which the elder took ex
ceptions and at his next meeting spoke of the editorial and gave his
hearers to understand that if any more such articles appeared he would
attend to him at the same time remarking that he had “had other editors
to deal with.”
Haviug read the Interesting narative of Judge Wall s experience in 1*7*
... ttttpn fmn. Ceo Renachoter's “History of Sherman County" and
having been a resident ol thut place at that time, and present at the house of
Justice Hutchison at the time spoken of. I will tell you as eear as 1 can the
real fact* in the ease.
First. Mr. Hubert* was not arrested for cuttle stealing, and as the charge he
\va* arrested on was never proven, it probably was a false charge and it is not
necessary to repeat 11 how.
The gang of •desperadoes,” who stood on guard over Hubert* was none other
i ban Mr. If \ < apellan and lie did not have any tire arm*, neither did he u*e
any force. Ila simply requested Mr Hubert* several times not to go
Mr Wall came to tin door, banded Hubert* a revolver, and told him to
. Itotb started of and they were followed a short distance and civilly !•
i|Ue*!ed to return but the rem»#*t * a* u tbeaded. Court was not iu *e«*l<.u at
the time and Hubert* was awa'tlng trial, set for a day or two later Several
men In the neighborhood wejt the next day to get blui back, among them I*
I.g Hubert 1 lodge. I>an.el Adam- Hill Wilson, Salem Town, and I think H, l\
C hristian. They met one or t<*o of Olive'* uie« at l.eup t ,ty and they emne
back with them
Mr. Heberts lived tn k tier Ml an t tty and the Justice lived In ttnfah*
• 'utility, so I Ihuk Mr Wall knew his Unetneaa.
A* I lived In Hweetwater so lung and »>*tag * close ue‘gbimr of ali MINIS
r.i .M that trouble r \ ept Mr W all and !b« Olive'*, I don't like to »*«■ them
oi as out law * stall were g d men aed good neigh or*
l*l»a.e give these Jew line, a place as I .lou t Want my old neighbors ml*
represented In that wav Ha* UiM»t>tlk l*«h*
W'e giv* the thwvr Utter spoon taaui htaioiv a* It msivsbll diitwis
ho mum former report of th* e« uitstv Of cootse »v were n*»t *i Hneel>
• aier at the time the trouble ne*.l and know only »h*i ha* been
t.d,| us VV. wilt sat hoe. %*r, t »*t Mr Well, hi.ns.df, i* mil aeihsMtty
ft* the fornssr atatewent Mrs lister tlaltns »« hnve »*eeti n r«atd«*t nf
*•> «leat*o *•»•» pi.*»ut at th* lUMto s limit h*'ia lie* tisbawsl
i* le the •« « aetietanwated i*r other old aetlUt* whom we t*e»* h*d *»
opportunity to owtrtw with the subject We du nut shh la Ire he
,U i •>< da* raiding t>< II \ F»|«lls». H •* Uudgea. To*n W liaun u«
Vdaiw* ** Utsg outlaws Mr t spettan ttvee in Hheiwnn *ot»uty tad*y
«e*i mi highly respected nn*l l* ms*. »d «st heat vttussa
W « sw. ol t have stated in * >»r t urner artwiia tea, that it • *» thanfht
that the eh sign against H’alU *a« ei|ho»t frnt*dnll»m *e the
, i.navoitui* <n*d* n • attempt to pro*e it
|i«gaoling the situation at I, «.p oppten*** Wihsslsi <Mh* h»
those who were eve witnesses, but all agree with us in onr former state
ment that Wall outwitted the whole outfit by calling county eotirt, etc.
Other old settlers speak of the happening as follows: That Hodges,
Adams, Wilson and Town came over to the county seat the next day with
a warrant for Wail and met Hob. Olive and one of his cow boys by the
name of Car on their way over. Car and Olive came on to Loup ( it)
with them. They rode up to the Wall resident and asked for the men>
when Mrs. Wall informed them that they were not there. After threaten
ing to break in the door Wall came out und in a defiant manner asked
what was wanted. The warrant was produced by constable VV’ilson.
Wall slapped it out of his hand and said he would not go with them.
They insisted, and Wilson again attempted the arrast, where upon W all
struek at him with a knife. At this Wilson drew his revolver but his
hand was staid by Hodges who stepped between them. Wilson then
called for a rope and said lie would tuke him any way. At this Olive
jerked his lariat from the saddle arid at the first attempt caught Wall
around the body and over both arms. It was then that Wall, seeing
that lie was powerless to resist longer, played the chiming part by offering
to go with officer of this county and asked them to go to the court room.
They nil went to the court mom cxreut Hodcres whohail charceof Roberts.
The wrangle in the court room was about as formerly stated and the ar
rest of Olive, Car and Town was made ami finds imposed. The trouble
occurred at Sweetwater on April 3rd. at Loup City the 4tb. and on the 5th.
warrants were issued out of Walls court for the arrest of Hodges and
Wilson. These men were brought to the county seat by constable Brum
baugh and fined for contempt and insolvent behavior on April 4, al
though it is said that Hodges was not in the court room on that day.
They asked for a hearing but us the court seemed satisfied in his
own mind that they were guilty of the offense charged he Imposed the
fines without further ceremony. This difference of openion has caused
the writer to thoroughly look ap the records in the case and wc find that
Wilson was fined $30.00 and Hodges $i0.00. Both refused to pay their
fines and'the officer was commanded to take them to jail. It is said that
their fines were eot paid and that the citizens informed the officer in
charge that it was unjust and they should not be put in jail. The records
show, however, that Wilson's fine was reduced to $5.00 and Mr. Hodges
to$1.00 and they are both marked paid and prisoners discharged.
Of the fines of Olive, Car and Town we have been unable to find any
Continued next week.
and local newspaper in
Attorney and Notary Public. PublUber Loup <Jrrr No«T«w*»T4|ttyj|
Town litiU, WiM, Cultivato l au<l Irrigatel Until for Sale
U. C IH>r 4. |\ ITU.IY,
V!«• |'r«*M»ut t Mb4*r.
General Banking Business Tr/ai saoud
Capitol Stock, • . $50 .000,