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    Loup City Northwestern.
The Northwestern
Editor and Publisher.
TEKIHS $1 50 per Year. II Paid in Advance
lataral at tba Loup City l’ostofllc* for traaa
aiUalou through tha malls as saoond
slass matter.
During the campaign the populist
leaders were lerninst tlie ammend
ments, and by an extra effort they
succeeded in defeating them. Those
same crackopops went wild shouting
fraud during the six weeks spent l>y
the legislature in recounting the bal
lots at an expense to the tax payers
of $75.00 per hour. And all this in
the hope of seating two populist
Judges. They lacked 30,000 votes
of carrying the propositions to start
with, but ir. the recount they gained
some 15,000 and the gain was prin
cipally in the populist strong holds
t/1 the State. In the vote of Sherman
county they made a gain of 240
votes, or in other words, if they
honestly gained that amount, they
proved that the thirteen election
boards, who were composed princi
pally of populists, and the coun
ty canvassing board which was
composed of County Clerk Rein
and Editor Brown, (po{)») and
IYV. R. Melloi, (rep.) were guilty of
fraud in the counting of the ballots
and making un-lawful returns of the
result of the election. Now readers
do you suppose for a minute that
the two populist on the canvassing
board, one with a reform eye watch
ing the ballots and the other with
the same kind of an optic turned on
the republican member of thatbourd,
was guilty of sueb fraud or do you
beleive that the legislature tampered
with the ballots? One or the other
Of these'circumstances must necess
arily prevail.
Kherinuu »uil Adjoining Counties.
While the Farmers Union Insur
ance Company has established an
otlice at Lincoln, the company will
also continue an office in Grand Is
land which will be In charge of Sec
retary YViese. General manager
Brownfield will divide his time be
tween the two offices. This will af
ford all the conveniences and advant
ages heretofore enjoyed by the
members and patrons of this popu
lar old company, and all old mem
bers, who left the eompauy in 1892
and insured in other companies, no
matter what company they may have
insured in, can now be re instated to
--r —j j *—j o .
oxk dollar and a small assessment
for six mouths in advance, this car
ries a member lor six months before
another assessment is matte. Farm
ers do not be bulldosed by agents of
old line companies iuto deserting the
Union and insuring in their com
panics aud paying double the rate
ueoessary live years in advance.
Ulevcn years of liberal adjustments
and prompt puyuieut of every loss
sustained by fire, lightning eyclone
aud tornado, has proven beyond a
doubt that the old Union Insurance
company famishes the safest aud
most reliable insurance sud at oxk
PA NIK*. When au agent of nn old
lm« company seek* to destroy your
confidence in, or keep you out of the
I'ulou, and by false statements ami
misrepresentation* or the guise of1
frteu Whip advise* you to uisure in
l«i* company, just rememlter tie get*
fioiu one fourth to nearly oue thud
of the whole aii otiul charged for hi*
|Mille|. Puppose <1 pulley With hi* I'u t
coat* you forty <toltar* for securing
your patronage and writing yout
application and all this the t >ito* r
must pay with wight cent emu or
ottmi imslwii equally as cheap I
tVhy shoubl not thetr pr^ulucts cor
respond la price with yours. Ihw
pvttplw need tn*ur«u<« more In hard
hums than they do in good, hut th* re
ts no new*! |« paying double what it
is worth l*M|i the I n*on a esrd «>r
call at thetr «**»• in tirsnd Island
ami j>dn the Union amt sname the
lw*i and safest i«*«tMv* lne*i»ts*e *
at iwt * A dollar Mini is a dvtlai
earned 1 M '» Agent
llaisrd Meh i
Many cases of ‘'Grippe" have lately
been cureiTby One Minute Gough Cure.
This preparation seems especially adapt
ed to the cure of this disease. It acts
quickly thus preventing serious compli
cations and had effect in which this
disease often leaves the patient.—Oden
dahl Bros.
They ure so thst the most sensitive
person can take them, they ure so effect
ive that the most obstinate oases of con
stipation, headache and torpid liver
yield to them. That is why DeWitt's
Little Early Risers are known as the
famous little pills.—Odendahl Bros.
A social supper will be given in honor
of the G. A. R. Pest and all old soldiers
and families in Watkinson's bail on
April 24, 1897. The G. A. R. people and
members of the Circle and all old sold
iers with their families are cordially in
vited to attend. Those who can are
requested to bring a basket of good
things, and have a good time.
Mrs. C. IlAl.CK, President.
They that ure dim of sight see truth
only by halves, Home purchasers sen
only price, they arc blind to quality.
Koine sec only beauty, they are blind to
price. Either Is bud economy But It
is not, bu<l economy to buy wall paper at
the prices we quote them. Look over
our samples bufore you go to house
cleaning, And something that suits you
and (lnd our price. You will be sur
prised if you take quality Into accouat.
W. T Chase, Loup City Nebr
The Union Pacific System has inau
gurated a thorough colonist sleeping
car service between Council Bluff* and
Portland. This car leaves Co Bluff's on
our train No 3 dally at 8 15 p in and
passengers go through whltout change
Berths in this car cart be secured by
request at this office. In addition to the
above,we also run a through colonist car <
daily to San Francisco and a perma
nently conducted colonist car weekly
every Friday to San Francisco and Eos
Angelos. Full information can he ob
tained by writing or calling on
Frank W Cline, Agent.
-.— . <
Comfort To California.
Every Tuesday evening, a tourist !
sleeping car for Salt. Eake City, San j
Francisco and Eos ^Angles leaves ‘
Omaha and Lincoln via the Burlington [
Route. j
It is carpeted; upholstered in rattan:
has spring seats and backs and is pro- '
yided with curtains, bedding, towels, 1
soap ets. An experienced excursion
3onductor and a uniformed Pullman
porter accompany it through to the
Pacific coast'
While neither as expensively finished
nor as tine to look at as a sleeper, it is
just as good to ride in. Second class
tickets are honored and the price of a
nerth, wide enough and big enough for
two, Is very reasonable,
For further information see I
A F Wekts, B & M Agent,
Minutes seem like hours when life is i
it stake, Croup gives no time to send
for a doctor, delay may mean death.
3ne Minute Cough Cure gives instant
relief and Insures recovery. The only
harmless remedy that produces iirnnc
liate results. Odendahl Bros.
Constipation in its worst form, I>is
pepsin, sick headache, bllliousness and
derangement of the liver are readily
•tired by DeWirt* Early Kisers. Those
little Kills never gripe. Small pill, safe
pill, best pill. Odendahl Bros.
I.adivs ready made underwear foi
mle cheap at Gaateyers.
Gastyer has Just received as tine a
<took of dry goods as Sherman eo unty
contain*. |
All the different formsol skin trouble* i
from chapped band- to eczema and in- i
iloient ulxer* can 'w teadily cored by
lie Witt* \Y itch llazel Halve, the great ,
pile cute < iilcndahl Bros.
\ weed 11. the garden can tie easily
destroyed when It flr*i starts, t'on
lumptioH cau hu nipped In the hud by
line Minute Cough * ure. lldeiolabl
11 row
A tnrpbl liver means a tied comp
lexion. tied breath, lndtge*i|»n and fre*
pient headache *. T u avoid iiiili com [
P nuns lake |H*\k lit * early Misers, ihej
Isui-MM little pH • U-Nnlslil Mu
tori ile. \ thofugh bred I •igiidi !
ahiie •'tsliioe aelght IVr* |. in>l> age
I year* Will oil re*.*«»n*hle. or a ill i
ir «'le l*r cattle nr nAlmi
Jottk Via III.
Hueiu*. Jf*b«
fa tNaiki, * M. ag i and in!
low* •< d im»Mi ih« l nlMo )*«> ig« In
iiwasciiM silk Ik* 1 A V W M» >•!
hi* tit* i**t *er *t*e and < be fattest '
lime Cad os write la me I* • lime
card* r*|e* *te,
I w i iixfe,
In the District Court of Sherman conn !
ty, Nebraska.
Tlie Cheshire Provident Institution
a corporation organized under the
laws of New Hampshire, Plaintiff,
Paul Seubaek. John L. Karwoll, and
Martha C. Kurwell, defendants.
John Jj. Parwell and Martha 0. Parwell
defendants will take notice that on the
17lh day of DecKmber, isisi the Cheshire
Provident Insulutlon, plaintiff herein
tiled Its petition In the District Court of
Sherman county, Nebraska the object anil
prayernf which are to foreclose a certain
mortgage executed by Paul Koabeck to
Carlos <\ Ilurr assigned sold and delivered
to the plalnaltf upon the following des
erlced real estate, to-wit: The north east
quarter of section thirty-three i;O), In
township sixteen (16), north or range six
teen (10) west of the sixth (ft) principal
murliliun, the same being in Sherman
enmity Nebraska, to scenic the payment
of one pro-nlsoiv note dated the nth day
of October, issii for the sum of Seven
Hundred Dollars (VOO 00), with Interest al
ien per emit from January 1st, 1BW, tor
which sum plainttlf prays for a decree
that defendants Ini required to pay the
same or that Said premises may be sold
to satisfy the amount found dae.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the I'.ilh day of April, 1HW7
Tim oiiKsimtK rnoviPHM-r In
si itutioK, Plaintiff,
lly OollU a IlxttVKT, Its attorneys
In the District court of Sherman coun
ty, Nebraska.
TheCIht-shlre Provident Institution
t corporation organized under the
awe of New Hamah ire, Plaintiff,
Katie Carruth, John E. Parwell and
Martha i . Parwell, Defendants.
John L, Parweil and Manilla O. Kurwell
lefemlaqts will take notloe Unit on the 17
lay of December islui tin- Cheshire Prov.
ilent Institution Plaintiff herein (lied its
letllion In the District court of Sherman
-.ounty, Nelii-n ka, l he object and prayer of
ixucnted i>y Katie cumuli to (uilos d. burr
isslgiied sold mill delivered to the plnlntl d'
jpon tlie following described real omuls
,n-wlt; The went half of the ninth went
limi ter of swijon Thirty-four 1nod thus
mihi hair of t he muth east quarter ol suction
I’hlrfcy-i hree (Ah, Township Sixteen (ltt,\
fin III of Itango sixteen (IB;, west ot the
llxlh 01) Principal M arid Ian, I lie Halim hu
ng In Hliorii.ini countv, Nelnasltu, in securt
lie payment of one promlsory note dated
lie ill h day of October, i**« for tlio sum
h Three Hundred Hollar* i*.mh.h0) with
merest at ten per cent from January
Irst IH9J, tor wtneti sum plalnlltr prays
ora docroo that defendants he required
o pay the same, or that said premises
nay he sold to sausfy the amount found
Von are required to answer said petition
in or before Lite I 'll dm of April, I .(t.
'I'm. ijiiksiikiuk Tipivipiint Is- I
mil linos, l'iaintiir, j
tty (join. A llAuvxv, U» attorneys. |
Notice is hereby given that on tlio
2th day of April 1897 Manislaw
islv/enski in* tiled bis applicati >n and
•etltioii with the Hoard of Trustees of
ho Village of Ashton, Sherman Couuty j
<ebr., praying that a he j-k■
o him to sell malt, sprifuous and vinous ;
,hjuor* in tlio Village of Ashton Sher
iiaii county Nebraska, beginning the 4th
layof May 1897 and terminating on the
rd. day of May 1898.
Any objections, protestor lemon
trances to said application must be fil
d on or before tlie 4tls. day of May 1897.
Dated this lilth. day of April 1897.
S. J. IH.DMBR, Villago Clerk.
— —— --- i jt'
Notice is lierohy given that C, J.
idciidahl and W. O, Odendahl, partners
loing business at Loup City as druggists
indor the firm name and Style of Oden
lahl Brothers, have tiled their petition
ml application for a permit to soil
iquors for medical, mechanical, and
hemical purposes in the village of
.oupCity for tbt ensuing year, to-wit;
roin May 4th 1897 to May 4th, 1898.
Ail persons objecting thereto will
lie same on or before the next tegular
Meeting of the hoard of Trustees of
aid village.
Dated this 15th day of April, 1897.
M. II Mead, Village Clerk.
Notice Is hereby given that Jelin
Mtman did on the 29 day of March 1897
lied with the village clerk of Loup
Jity, Nebraska, in the County of Sher
nun.iu said .State. Ids petition and
ipplicatlon for a license to sell malt,
piritiou* and vinous liquors in said
tillage for the fiscal year of 1897 Ue
[irming on the first Tuesday of May
897 and tirtnluating on the first Tuos
lay of Mav 1898. Such application
icing the p it it ton of more than 90 of
he resident freeholders of said village
if Loup Citv. and dated this 22nd. day
•f March 1897
M. 11. Mead, Village Clerk
■Soothing for hum*, scald*, chapped
land* and tip* Healing for cuts and
on *. Instant! relief for plica, atop*
mlu at once, These are the virtue* of
(eWltis Which Haael Salve. Oden
laid llrn*.
Wanted An Idea
»i.,|art »<«ir M**« lit** |, »j I rlu* > it »«*>»il*
ttiu# Jons ivmji'i hi t its a ««i , r.i»«i *n>* ;
!•!«. It C .It IlHpli *! **I I'll** utlwt
i„ i ini ,4 i*v* i kcfsikia w«*tt*4.
Awarded highest honor**
World's Fair.
A MM Craps Cvoim of 1 ate ISmeIn
Im, #v * 4 t* *if **1*1 b.W'i.'*b^
rr INKS,
• prop, ok EXPRESS an>>
All Kxpre** or freight order* promptly
attended to
Does a General Lav M Collection Bnsiness
A Notary Pablle, Stenographer and
Typewriter In Office.
yy .1. FISH I K.
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
Office in NottTiiwK»TRi(H ii t ding
.Oi l- rriT, - . NtllllASKA
uu u n uui i luu iju un uui 1 iuui
Strawberry Plants
1 have a fresh stock on hand
If you need anything in the
'ruit line come and inspect my
stock before buying.
F F. Brewer,
1101 MB WOOD >. ltp*« »»4 '•
_ _ _ _ _ _ »••.!» *•• •
niliiflA ti i. ouidk, m» 1
rUMro Lssajafes
Of minium. ... J.» W* «
'»I08 Farnam St. Omaha. Maw.
tlUNiV, II.MbUM.
no huuiuttM. v?wmUm4 July. Wh M
tuMtuctaO by tbu 5 bool Stature at Matre
LMm, ««>4 p*t»viJ 4 tuury ru»>t*lta
cnaAMlretwylkyulval, MuMkiimI aa4 aarel
TM aytauai ti uOacrttea taaxw trey
imM aa4 iwuatal hiatk d wl •*!
MkMwa auNabta Km yaua< taOtua. Fa» tuta *
M. M*<7 * tartduta, Qutaty, 10.
Hals—a tins assortment Forty-nine
cento liny* a good fedora Any kind at
corresponding figures. A. E. CitAStc.
Do you need a wagon, buggy, disk
harrow, seeder, plow or harrow If
so, you should see T.M. Reed
All the ncckv/ear In the house, con
sisting of over 500 pieces, below cost
until April 1. A. K. ('llask
A good copper bottom wash boiler for
81 cents at Watkinson's
Don't forget the brick hardware store
for prices on hardware, tinware and
Dr. Sumner Dayls, the Oculist and
Turist at Oraad Island will be absent
Srom his office until admit Ma* 15.
Mr. Lcschinsky our photographer Is
still making his tlrst class photographs
at 7ft, cents per do>. Don't miss to get
a do* taken.
Chlcors, Pa., “Herald" Richard Veil
el reports Oue Minute Cough Cure the
greatest success of medical science, lie
told us that It cured his whole family of
terlbln cougliH hiiiI colds, after all others
. 4. *.4.1 ( 4 4 4 4 . i 4 4.1 I... .1 S I .. m I .. ■ ms .
" * • • V a ■ - ■ w I'M ,
Vencel said, It a**i«ted hi* children
through a very bad aiege of mea*el*
One Minute rough Cure make* ex pee
oration very ea*y and rapid Odea
dahl Hro*.
Lout. A dear little child, who made
home happy l>y it* untile* And to
think it might have been aaved liad the
parent* only kept In the hou»e One Mi
nute Cough Cure the infallible remedy
for croup
We want one good man (having
hone), u* permanent muperiritondem for
Hherrnau county, to attend to our hu*
I new, on salary. Mu*t *end along with
application, (trong letter* of recom
mendation a* to honcaty, integrity, und
ability. State occupation. Addrcaa p.
O. Box 1883, I *li I la., Pa.
No, 1 Curas Favor.
No. 2 " Worm 8.
No. 3 " Infanta* oases.
No. 4 ** Dlarrhs
No. 7 “ Cough l
No. 8 Cures Neural;
No. 9 “ Heada»il
No. lO “ Dyspejs.
No. 11 “ Delay* if jriods.
No. 12 “ Leucho a.
No. 13 Cures Croup.
No. 14 “ Skin Diseases.
No. IB “ Rheumatism.
No. 10 “ Malaria.
No. 19 “ Catarrh.
No. 20 Cures Whooping Cough
No. 21 “ Asthma.
No, 24 “ General Debility.
No. 20 “ Sea-Sickness.
No. 27 “ Kidney Diseases.
No. 28 Cures Nervous Debility.
No. 30 “ Urinary Diseases
No. 32 “ Heart Disease.
No. 34 “ Sore Throat.
No. 77 “ Colds and Grip.
Dii. llriMPHBETH' Homeopathic Maitoai.
or Dimkahem Fiiee.
Small bottle* of plo&xant pellet*. fit the re«t
pocket. Hold by druifirleU, or lent prt>(*ld upon
rc.dpt of price, » e«nti. except No*. an and IB
urn made $101 MM’ only, lliirriplimya* Medi
cine Company, Ill William fit., .New York.
for Pile*—External or Internal, Wind or WMdtBQI
Eletnla In Ano; ItehlnKor Jlleedlria of the Kectom.
The relief la Immediate—the euro certain.
J-HIOE, ao OTS. TMAk!n™,M2Ih
•old hf Ifrnggioto, or Mat poot^ofd on r«c«lpt of priem.
UtftJ'HIUtVd’MJtU.tO., Ill* lit WIIMmi §4., VBW YOB
Nt ON K DIBS No one dio* Of Pul
monary diaeaao, the roault of cold, who
taken “77” In time. For aalo byall drug
glut*. 25 cent*.
The Golden
-of the reason
Groceries, Dry Goods, Shoes
and everything kept in a first class store.
All goods sold for cash only
18 lbs Granulated sugar for $1.00
- 22 “ New Orleans “ “ 1.00
Kerosene oil, per gal. - - - .12
All package Coffee - - .15
Eight bar any kind of soap .25
Threo cans corn or tomatoes - .25
Arcadia linkers’ Fancy flour .95
“ Cream Patont “ 1.05
Corn meal - - - - .15
Choice prunes, 20 lbs for • 1.00
Extra clioice prunes, 13 lbs 1.00
liest oat meal, 8 lbs for - .25
Four lbs choice raisins for .25
Apples per peck ... .25
Hipest Price Pam for Boiler ami E«ns.
Don t fail to come and get
bargains in every line.
Loup City, i N^bi