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    Loup City Northwestern.
The Northwestern
Bdltor and Publisher.
TERMS >1 SO par Tsar. II Paid In Advanea
■stored at the Loop Clip Poetofflne for true
throngh the malls as seoaeid.
olaee visitor.
It is H. M. Sullivan of Broken
Bow for district judge instead ot H.
M. Mathew of Loup City.
The Sixth congressional district
will have two representatives on tiie
board of woman managers of the
Trans Mississippi exposition. The
mass meeting was held at Broken
Bow February 2f for the purpose
of electing said delegates.
Kugene Moore, the only republican
^ state olllcer that was ever well spoken
of by the populists, has been found
to be $27,000 abort in iiis aceounts.
The World-Herald says that he has
been arrested and will tie given an
opportunity to state what he has
done with the money.
There are yet a few orfices for
Governor Ilolcotnh to till by appoint
mcnt. We suggest that it might
be well for the governor to go to
Custer county for material to fill
out the balance of the list. There
is lots of territory iu Custer anil from
the amoaut of hungry olflce seekers
she produces wo apprehend that
there will be bat little difficulty in
finding enough material to finish up
the job.
The populists here are justly in
■/ iver the action of C ..rn-v
Holcomb appointing H. M. Sullivan
(a republican) of Broken Bow judge
* of the Sixteenth district. They are
not backward iu saying that Sher
man county shoald have been this
time honored, espetially when they
came forward with a candidate with
the recognized ability and Illness of
R. j Nightingale, who has been an
ardent worker for the success of the
party since its organization. Many
of the populists are quoting Sulli
vsb’s speech delivered here during
the campaign, in which he said he
'was a republican, and denounced the
-whole populist platfoirn except the
.silver plank.
In another column appear a let
ter written by L. A. Rosseter and
addressed to the Ord Quiz iu an
■wer to a very grave oharge made
against him in that paper. It seems
that the wrath of the Quiz nun was
somewhat aroused by au article
which appeared iu the St. Paul
Phikbriirrunli uml written bv Mr. lt'ii
wc'er. The Phonograph article gave
the Quiz a roast anil we behave the
Quiz man was perfectly jut tilled iu
auaweriug it Kosseier should not
have written the article iu the first
plan1, but being galled by being dis
placed by an inferior workman, be
probably would not lesiat the tempt*
turn Hut iu answering, lha Quiz
man allowed In* wrath to get the
uppcrbaud of him and made the
charge that l(o»aeier waa died from
the QnU ottlce for “systematically
at tall tig money," Now for the pur
pan (>f placing Mr, Uoasetar right
we allow him space ta this paper
and will arid that •« believe the
charge to W foe tided purely np-u
animosity f>»r two reason* tVst.
Iwvyuw we have known Mi H'Wnirr ,
fiW many year* Ilia parent* r«*id*
h*ea ami ha haa been in our employ
V great deal and l* at this wtriti g
Peewmi, heeanea on I’shistry f, |*i»;
Mr llaahsii. Its Quiz editor, gate
S|r Hoeaetef a reewmmundatutn %•>
the newspaper frataiulty Now it j
Mr HtUMin it guilty «f the aharga
pratsire.I lha Quia o«*a a* ap-dogi
hi the newspaper fraternity for has
tug rwcemi mended him la their a at
The Mot Principle Applied to Hritmirkotg
No Walter* to Fee or to Nwear At—A
Good Lunch Banket Mheme Used on
German Hallway*.
Germany is showing the rest of tin
world how “quick lunches” may lx
served without employing waiters am
how a hungry person may have jusl
what he wants to eat uud drink at u
fixed prico without paying an extra tip
and without feeling himself called
upon, no matter how particular he mav
be, to find fault with tho service unless
he is satisfied to make his complaint tc
u mechanical contrivance, which diffen
from some waiters in so far that it
makes no pretense of caring a rap 01
tho t urn of a handle how uncomfortable
or how badly served tho hungry oin
may lx*. Tin) contrivance, which ha
been perfected by tho Quisioana com pa
uy of Berlin is so perfectly arranged
that even those people who object ft
the manner of washing tho ••ups aw
plates in the ordinary quick lunch
places ars deprived of their cause foi
complaint because every customer maj
sup< rviso the cleaning of the cup which
ho will use, and if ho is so inclined niaj
otton/1 tn flu. /Intir Ultlriaiilf
Tho quick lunch stands arc provide* 1
with automatic spraying nozzles foi
cleaning glass and china und insure per
feet cleanliness. No rubber tubing it
used to conduct liquids, silv* r tubes be
ing employed for the purpose. The serv
ico is run by clockwork.
In place of the ordinary counter there
are sets of ornamental cabinets range*:
along one side of the room, which hav*
a shelf projecting at a convenient
height, upon which glasses and cups art
placed. Above these there are faueett
and a number of slots to receive the
coin. When tho customer has decided
what sort of a drink he wants—coffee,
tea, chocolate or beef tfsa—in* drops the
coin in the slot and receives the regula
tion quantity. The cold drinks—lemon
ade, soda water and all sorts of “soft
drinks”—are kept in glass vessels and
tho hot drinks in nickel tanks surround
ed by a iiot water bath, which is heated
by gas.
But tho establishment is not limited
to drinks, and the hungry man may
also be served. Sandwiches und cake*
are kept in a glass stand, circular in
shape, which is covered with a glass
be)] V itj (1 contains about a dozen
sandwiches, and the purchaser indicate*
his choice by dropping his coin into the
slot opposite the kind ho wants, and the
stand revolves sufficiently to bring hi*
sandwich to an opening where he may
take it out. Utanrls similarly arranged
provido hot beef, chicken and other
The quick lunch is nothing new in
Germany, though, as any person will
know who has made a railroad trip be
tween Berlin and Copenhagen by way
of Warnomnnde. A man who made the
trip several years ago said:
“ We wero coming back from Den
mark and stopped at a little place on
the German frontier at about noon.
Everybody was hungry, and tho Ameri
can contingent was disappointed when
the conductor shouted, ‘Funf minuten
'aufeuthalt. ’ Wo knew that five minute*
would not give us time for a meal, and
we lost no time in leaving the c6ach a*
soon os it was unlocked. Everybody
rushed pellmell into tho restaurant,
whero a lot of wiro things thut looked
like old fashioned rattraps wero piled
up. Everybody grabbed a trap, paid
about 25 cents for it und rushed back tc
the train.
‘‘What looked like a trap was really
an ingeniously contrived lnuch basket
having three compartments. In one wa>
an ample portion of chicken; tho next
contained sandwiches, and tho third a
dainty piece of piistry und u small bot
tle of wine, over which a little drink
iug glass wus fastened Little salt and
pepper shakers ami a knife ami fork
were fastened to the sides, and the
whole was covered with a Japanese pa
per napkin. The fact that we were all
hungry and tliat the whole arrangement
was .uoxpccted may have had some
thing to do with our enjoyment of tie
luncheon, hut it was agreed that it was
the most perfect of the ‘quick’ kind wt
hail ever seen. The bottom of the wire
lunch basket was covered with a piece
of glass, and a paper l» neuth it U*r«> the
requtwt in <h nuan, I'd in h ami Kuglinh
to leave the i mpty basket « it h the tratu
Managers of quick lum h place* say
that the automatte restaurant would
not bn put remUi d surtkieutly to make it
pay in New York.
“The main «kyi*( of the automata'
arrangement," said one, “is to do away
with waiters am! save I tin • utlav on
I hut account \V» ham twcomplinbed
that end by miking every man ic* own
w aiter, ami i Lin »*• dial breakag» »«*
to* him*, tailing off in trade ami * own
terfett iinns would make a change fi»*o
wur press at *y*«, m to the automatic «a
rtpMWire »i|cllliu llt 11 In dm quick
turnk * tor trawler* on railway Itiote*
touch can L dim and um one ki w*
that l*M»r than the traveler win* is
CoMprlk d hr make a n«. at of »)e*t he
van buy from dm dealer In ph*.
•rut sandwich*# who hawk* Ida warns
through l he ear* The bo If it amt dm
duitug can ha*e ml*ol ku tw LI 4
tqsfau m, but h>< is still la bweimsu,
selling dm sums old mudwhhs* h> dm
mmphi who canmS afford to rhh> hi
draw lug lout car*, and hi tie in the
Mk>l lum h oh the plan 4 th»a* w hmh
I my hate M sum part . 4 Ksnyr w wUl
L* a bhsaiag. “—*>»ew York fni am
The Quiz exchanges, as a rule with only t he
host class of papers--those that are ably edited
and neatly printed. Hut it has continued to
exchange with the St. Paul Phonograph partly
because it used to be edited by such capable
men as A. A Kendall and J. I- Claltln. and
partly because It is a next-door neighbor. Hut
it Is never carefully read at the Quiz oflied ami
seldom even looked at. It was by accident
only that, we saw in Its columns last week a
. long roast of the Quiz news bulletin. I be
article appeared an an editorial, but It wa* evi
dently written by that renegade profligate w ho
was tired from the Quiz office for systematic^
ally stealing money. The ridiculousness of
the whole alTair is very pointedly put In the
following paragraph taken from the rtt. I aul
Republican this week:
runny mistakes frequently criep Into print,
because of the endless hurry and rush of the
newspaper business, but everything In that
line that, the writer hai witnessed was edlpw d
by the apparently premeditated (if It has any
premeditator, which we doubt» deed of a local
contemporary last week In criticising the typo*
graphical appearance and style of one of the
acknowledged neatest papers In the state. I he
Idea of such a Journalist Ic scarecrow as the
poor old Fhonogrndh having the sublime nerve
to read the riot act to the Ord Quiz on the
subject of its variegated stylo” Is laughable
The renegade profligate who was fired from
the Quiz office for systematically stealing
money" has been given the opportunity of an
swering the above, which was taken from the
Ord Quiz of February 19, throagh thi columns
of this paper.
To W. W. Haskell. Ord. Neb.: This Is from
the fellow who went to work for you on
the i*tb day of May. 1*90. on the magnificent
•alary of *u.»o per day and trie promise of a
raise a« soon as times improved"; I am the
fellow who put in thirty long weary days in
distributing pi and dead Jobs left by yourself
and other blacksmith printers from 1*93 to
1HM; I am the one who brought back your wan
ing Job patronage and told big lies In ads
through your paper to do it ; 1 am the fellow
who Is con side rod by the citizens of Ord and
yourself as t he best printer that ever performed
in your city; I am the fellow who brought to
you the trade of the young men around the
town who gave dances and other entertain
ments and who formerly patronized tin Journal
office; lam the fellow who paid money from
my own pocket for a boy to help mo "blow out
thr fellow who trove your office it touch of high
life und got work you would never linve re
celved on your own uncord.
You are the follow who told me when I asked
if I were going to get find that you "didn't,
know,” that you had not hired my successor
permanently -just giving himn trial: you ara
till) fellow who told ir.c that you "hated" to
Are me but licit : r< wi r" other consldern
tlons (postofflces. etc.. I suptiose); you are the
fellow who admit!i i h> mi in the pn « nee of
tin devil In you oBIre and also told other
people that my sin '■< s..or Is a botch of a printer;
vou iirv th« fellow who udoiltutd t.'» u cortalii
hogbuyer In Ord that the " dy thing you hod
against me was tl l wm addicted to drink.
Yet because I ;;.c e yon a gentle rail-down
through the colni.u.s ... the St. Paul Phono
graph. ..ditch I should not bale noli'! bad you
treated mi fairly, you lnaUc tlie siui. meat that
1 was Bred for systematically stealing
money. ...
You know, a does everybody else who are at
all familiar with the i^ul/ office, that I did not
have tiie handling of the money: you were at
the ollke every morning before me und were
usually the last one Uyrc home. The only time
X"d any of your money was during your
ulisonc. and then 1 didn't take in enough to
pay the express on the weekly supply of mates
from i,he American I’res* association. And hud
I held out every cent of your money 1 got my
lingers on 1 wouldn't have enough to "set In
a "penny-ante" poker game. I recall one In
stance where, during your abseace. I sold one
dollar s worth of chattel mortgages to a man
residing In Krlcson. I placed the money In the
drawer and when the drayman came up I gave
him I# cents to pay the express on the weekly
grist of plates and some other stuff When you
returned l was telling you what had been done
and what had not and pulled out the money
box and stated that it contained kb cents, be
ing the balance of the dollar, Close examina
tion. however, revealed the fact that some of it
(1 have forgotten how much) had been swiped,
and by one whom you had accused of theft be
fore uud who admitted thut he had taken money
from you before.
When 1 wrote the article In the St. Paul
l'honograph 1 expected you would cull me down
pretty hard, but 1 thought It would he some
thing In regard to my drinking habits, to which
you are so strongly opposed. 1 may have
caused a panic In the booze market of Ord on
divers and sundry occasions. Hut that was be
cause they carried a small stock and a weak
brand of liquors. He thut as it may.
If I am guilty of "systematically stealing
money” why did you not arrest me Instead of
writing the following recommendation:
"This is to certify that L. A. ltosseter. the
bearer, lias been In my employ for a good while,
and anv printer will Win) him very near the top
as a printer either In the job or newspaper
composing rooms.”
Why did you, when you handed me the re
commendation in the Koehler hotel id Grand
Island, sav. I hope you get a good job, ltos
sc tor )'' why didn’t you charge me with theft.
Instead of corning up In a fawning inuiiuer and
saying that you would have to discharge me,
but could not help it ) why didn't you prosecute
me for the systematic stealing of money)
If 1 am thk-f whv do you recommend me to
your brother publishers) Why did you ask
Kditur Gobies of the Grand Island Independent
to give me employment
If 1 iim guilty of -sysienintlcully stealing
money" unil drinking cocktails faster than Onl
bnruuiderscun mil them 1 shall come as near
walking the gold standard streets of paradise
us Mr Unit of the Ord Haskell
Yuii ur« OBP of thiMM rititrul Hlu'kM'W a ho
worship oh Sunday are for the remainder of
the week are tu close eoiumuulon with -Ulan
Hut you will he surprised 111 eternity at the
many Inaeeuiaete that hate crept la while
drawing the boundary line between yourself
and the etcroallv lost Hut you will actor t«
court gcml that ilia possible for you to err In
judgment on matters spiritual or otherwise
this side of eternity . .
In your article you slain that lha gul* eg
change* with the Wst class of paters juntas
though you thou - hi tie- guti to to In.' ruble and
a» uaaie as the Virgin Mary i remchlbgr of
y .,(i autlttg through your paper one week that
th* yuu coot ytn.M] no objectionable advertise
ui.-ols nor nothing thai ooukl aot lw read lie the tiest society I call year altenitou tu
i puam you puhli -lied Just a short ilm* bofot*
,uy discharge for »»stematieally steallu*
a ,,a.-y la a Mr 'y^. cu .iwlte about rut-blag
their dirt , it -sc ia it t iso the hart 1 o i
Ai*»aaJcr Nurm-an »«u> prowi at cooAly at
li.nirv ..hen is was beiautatwi lor I he uftv»
hi which hr- *a* . I ■ ewd u. a handsome rot*
Mi l tf I uoii iuis ngrwill the republican*
Awarded Munofi,
World’* Pair.
I HI!; 11
A MN tiuw <4 1t(‘# E rAi.
i Nr a «a A si si aw*. Akwat a* «l **#M*MA
40 >t 4A> f Mfc *1 aNUAKU.
told you to hush up, and the Quiz did not
sit} a word about the local election during the
rest of the campaign, save tel liny the people
to vote for some road overseer or rotne minor
officer. Your paper luis no more Influence In a
local rumpalyn than Hostetler's Family Al
manac and Its power for yood Is no yreutcr
than the I’nllco (lazeite You know It. Us does
every republican In Valley county,
1 am not a newspaperman nor a "Journalist ''
Nothlny but an humldc primer llul l desire
fair treatment. I was rulsed In Hherman
county amt my parents still reside here. I have
never been accused of stealing before and
when a journalistic profligate such us you*
Jumps up and accuses one of dishonesty It re
minds one of a pickpocket yclllny "stop thief.''
I onpeetetl a complimentary notice from you
through your paper after mv dlscharye. which
til 11 * li l have helped me to find another |sislton.
Ifni I did not. You were honorable ifi enough,
however, to ylvo me three days'notice of my
dine ha rye
Jf lh< Ord Quiz was ever one of the ac
knowledged nearest papers In the slate" I
made It so, and have pretty yood evidence from
the Hi. faul Republican admitting It. Here Is
What the Republican sats:
I,. A. Hosa tcr, Ord, Neb.; Replying to
yours ol even date, will say that under the
present conditions of business I very much re
gret that I cannot give you u position. I am
somewhat familiar with your work, und I would
tie very glad Indeed If I could feel Justified In
hiring volt, I may lie able to pul yon onto
something before long arid If I am you may
ic i a .> u ed that 1 will do so, but at present
I do not knew of anything. '
I might gooft with tills letter and tell other
things I done for you. Mr Haskell, and will
give om• more Item, und that. Is that I am the
one who placed tin ta w, bulletin which you
art- <• touchy" about ti your paper. Rut
I did noi mention patent medicine ads and
other [mill matter In it
l ililfik this will in' sufficient to establish my
Identity- However us u-art of a peroration '
I will slate that 1 do not mink anybody but a
ernear wilde or u Mi thodlst could work for you
anv /rial length of time ami 1 nearly con
tracted i In - sweet caporal habit during my
til in* innrilti*' nluv,
\ii»! to b« u llltlr more Urvanonnuc l will
Htty thut you urn uiruii caoutfh to itfuvfl tho
i'l'ii from your t'« and tho dot from your l’* to
Hiivcj Ink, incuii (Uiouuh to rldo on tho hark end
of it irain to Mav« rur faro, moan onouffh to us«
the w.u-t on flu* hack of your neck for u collar
button to cheat the Icwrler who advcrtluea
with vou. Therefore f *hall not he HurprlsiMi
tit any accusation from vou, and clone by *aylni/
that lout pared t.o you hyenas are kitten* and
i. • mb* is of the Mafia honorable citizen*.
I*. A. ItOHHKTKlt.
Fruit Tree• of best varletle* at hard
time* prices. Small fruits in large sup- J
ply, Millhms of Strawberry plants
very thrifty and well rooted. Get the
bc»t near home and save fright or ox
press. Send for price list, to NORTH
Dodge County Nebraska.
TIi* Nebraska l.eglsluturo.
It is a recognized fact among Nebras
kan* that no matter what other daily
paper they read ut, other times, during
tho legislative sessions they must get
the Lincoln State Journal If they want
all the News. Tho Journal I* right on
the ground can get the latest doings of
the law makers and frequently gives
the news one day earlier than the Otna
ler*,iupers. 'The Journal’s Washington
Correspondent. Mr, Annin keep* the
Journal reuders tborougly posted on
Matter* of Interest to Nebraskans that
ate h ipeningot the national capital .The
Journal Is mailed at 50 cents per month
without Sunday or 05 cents per moots
with Sunday. It Is a great payer.
Cblcora, Pa., “Herald” Richard Ven*
el reports One Minute Cough Cure the
greatest success of medical science. lie
told us that It cured his whole family of
terlhle coughs and colds, after all others
so called cures had entirely failed. Mr.
Vencel said, It assisted his children
through a very bad siege of measels
One Minute Cough Cure makes expec
oration very easy and rapid. Oden
dabl Bros.
Tho Union Pacific System has inau
gurated a thorough colonist sleeping
car service between Council Bluffs and
Portland. This car leaves Co Bluffs on
our train Noil daily at 3 15 p in and
passengers go through whitout change
I Berths in this car can be secured by
request at this otllce. In addition to the
! above we also run a through colonist car
dally to Sun Francisco anil a perms*
j nently conducted colonist car weekly
I every Friday to San Francisco and Los
Angelos. Full Information can be ob
tained by writing or culltug on
Frank \V Cline, Agent.
l)Dti i Geaerai uv ial Collectioo bdsiicss
a Notary Public. aiaa»*raph«r aa<>
Typewriter lu cNm
■ •ni. i> ok Mount or riRsr sank.
Lour CITY, • • IMUilA.
yy j. msiu k,
, am* MitltV ITliLIC.
Will Defend Id Iureclt«urelates
iauti: bi
n» N^srwwMtsss . <11*4
MM P cm * • • < SKttkt
Physician aid Samoa,
\Mirov Mi H it
»|' ISA*
1 • r»« .* EXPRESS *-•*
t Mi wtWilf y»>Hfify
timr tablr
Lincoln, Denver,
Omaha, Helena,
Chicago, Butte,
St. Joseph, Halt Lake City.
Kansas City. Portland,
St. Louis, San Francisco,
anil all points and all points
Hast and South. West
No M. Aisem., lally except Hunday
(or all points ..1 lift am
No. S3. Accm. dally, except Hunday
for Arcadia. il:SOpoi
sleeping, dinner and reclining chair cars
;*«als free) on Ihrougti trains Tickets
sold ami baggage checked pi any point In
Lho United stales or Canada.
For Information, maps, time tables and
tickets call on or write to A. F. Worts
Agent. Or J. FKANOls, (Jun’I. Passenger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska,
Beginning Sunday. November 17th,
trains will arrive and depart, at this
nation as follows:
I,caves Leaves
Monday, 1, Tuesday, / g. (K)
Wednesday// *"' Thursday. P'
Friday, P,m Saturday P' “
Arrives at Loup City daily O.lftp.m.
Close connection at Grand Island for
all points Kast and West
F. w. Clink, Agent
ost. A dear little child, who made
borne happy by Its smiles And to
think It might have been saved bad the
parents only kept in the bouse One Mi
nute Cough Cure the infallible remedy
for croup.
We want one good man (having
bone), as permanent superintendent for
Sherman county, to attend to our bus
iness, on salary. Must send along with
application, strong letters of recom
mendation as to honesty, inlegrlty, and
ability. Btate occupation. Address I’,
O. Box 1«!«, Phi In., Pa.
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 '* Worms.
No. 3 " Infants’ Diseases.
No. 4 “ Diarrhea.
No. 7 “ Coughs.
No. 8 Cures Neuralgia.
No. 0 “ Headache.
No. lO “ Dyspepsia.
No. 1 1 " Delayed Periods.
No. 12 “ Leuchorrea.
No. 13 Cures Croup.
No. 14 “ Skin Diseases.
No. lR “ Rheumatism.
No. 10 M Malaria.
No. 10 “ Catarrh.
No. 20 Cures Whooping Cough
No. 21 “ Asthma.
No. 24 “ General Debility.
No. 20 “ Sea-Sickness.
No. 27 " Kidney Diseases.
No. 28 Cures Nervous Debility.
No. 30 “ Urinary Dlseasas
No. 32 “ Heart Disease.
No. 34 “ Sore Throat.
No. 77 “ Colds and Grip.
Dn. II ijmph bktb' IIomeopatbxo Manual
op Dueaheh Mailed Free.
Hinall bottlex of pleaxant pnlleta, flt the Teet
pocket Holil by druggtxU, or Mint prepaid upon
receipt of price, IK centx, except Niue. IH, and M
are made |1 (O xlase only, Iltimphreyx' Medi
cine Company, 111 William ht„ New York.
Per Pile*—External or Internal, Blind orIlleiiWf I
Kiel Hi/. In A no: Ilcniiig nr Bleeding of the Recto lb.
The relief lx Immediate—the cure certain.
JPBIOB, 60 OT8. TRIAL »I7,B, 86 0T1.
(.14 It DruxlKU, or Met i>iat-|..ld on r«<elpi of pflsa.
■tarn axis’, in a in wuaxast., (gw less
Wanted-An Idea 5SS-"
Protect your Idean; they may bring you
Write JOHN WEBDKHBURN ft CO., Pitent Attor
ney x, Waxblugton, D. C.,/or their (i.Wl prlae offer
and ltxl of two hundred lurentloox wanted.
Vice-President. Cashier.
General Banking; Business Transacted.
Capital Stock, ISO .000.
Louie oo Improved fume si HIKE pat out.
Ooimfoipwi:-Chemical RaMoad leak,
%daesi Bmi uasks. Rdswbe.
Attorney and Notary Public. Publisher Loop GiTY NobthifMTBBN
Town Lite, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated Lauda for Sale
Will pay the higheat market price for
Ail Kind* «r fcirxin at
McAlpine, Lmp City, Hhn ipp, and Aahtoa. Alao higheat
pnoe* paid for li**ga and cattle at Loup City,