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    - NUMBER 32
•f VOL. XIV. .
*T IIM-; «•<>!* NTY sKAT.
uuo k. iiickmciio r i«;k.
Editor and Publlstior
TERMS SI 80 par Taar. II Paid in Advanca
tnlara.l at tba [>onp Clip I'natufiica for Uaaa
■tlaaluu through tba mall. aa aar<>ud
claaa niaitar.
’ Republican Ticket
Nu I to rial
For President.
wm McKinley, or Ohio
For Vice President.
QARliLTr A HOBART, of N. •'
Governor . J II. M'COJLL
Lieutenant-Governor ..OKLANDO TKFFT
H Secretary of State.JDKIf A. Pll’I.K
Jr-, A mil tor.—P. O. IIKDLI’ND
'I k Treuhurer. < ’• K. CASK}
Attorney-tleneral... .A. S. CHCKCMILL
|§ Supt. of pub. irist.M It COKUKTT
Commissioner.. .II. C KCHSKLL
Supreme .Judge . . . ..KOHKRT ItYAN
Supreme Judge. M P. KINKAJD
K}. Regent .W. (1. WillTMOKL
KLKt To Its.
V At I .urge .I. K. Hout z, Lancaster
I At Large. F. .1 Radllek, Sullne
Klist District.A. .1. Hiirnbam, Neinabu
H^B Second District A. c. Fostor. Douglas
District. Sol Draper. Knox
Fourth District. G. A. Derby. Howard
If* Fifth District.L L. McPheelcy, Kearney
Sixth District.M L Frlcsc. Valley
Sixth District A. K. CADY
-.fa;?Sx 1 iccnth district. AARON WALL
«,'■ |Por Representative.VV. II. IlItOWN
| For County Attorney.W. If. CONGKIt
mk. mi ri i n_ il _
£ J Ilf.* SMI V 171 tl'MUll Ul UIC
WgHJnited States is good for its
Ipac*' value in Mexico—II. M.
The American silver dollar
isonly worth its bullion value
in Mexico-— W. L. Gkkenk.
* Both et I In* above gentlemen are
H»opolists ami both made the ab >ve
Hwatcmcnt in Loup Dily on the name
.-.■•day ns credited.
. VWtiishof tlieae two gentlemen told
Pt|j? the truth? Wo know. It was Mr.
Gpullivan . Any sensible person
s knows that.
The Dcmopops read the l>v laws
adopted bv their club in our pres
ence last, Saturday night and while it
gave Bryan a big acrid off ,not a
word or referanee was made to either
poor middle of the road Wataonoi
, Millionare Bewail. The second place
fee their ticket is not recognized in
r any way.
Mr. Greene, in his speech here, in
' appealing to the prejudices of the
| republican voters clenched his fist,
squatted, and in a tragical attitude
| reminding one of the eharac»er repre
senting Dr. Jeikle and Mr. Hide,
6; eaid “Dae ye repudtieane want to
t distrov the nation and the nations
credit? Kf ye due, vote for Daily
and McKinley.”
The populist orators, in the open
i»*m I" .V -
letted that they wanted a ailver
itandnrd no that the gold hearing
>ond« could lie paid in ailver. Now
hev positively aaaert that not one
I.dial of the bonded national debt
4 made hayablu in gold. How they
In twiat their argument* to pull <hc
tool over the aye* of the voter*. If
;he national debt 1* made pay able in
Mii'i a* they aay it i». why then,
shat better money van we have to
puv |t with than the ailver of today?
We were whit d i|i Mll'e I
n M. II Jtulllvan • »p-*e* t» la*t Tne*
lt\ afternoon and *o weiv some of
he adtruoatea of free ailver It *ti
i labored elf >rt all lb# w »y through
in I wa* fflU' lied w|ih little, if ant
inlhuataaitt Til# apewelt *ouaiat#»l
•bietl' of reading th* garbled
igiraeia fr < u ape#'he* of *t**t»a
iad uiliri r ,i*ib < o« !«• lie
il'il <h»* ihe ieptbli< in- *<|ed then
garbled statement* bet it a n n«><
tree If they arv, »»i I be, wbt d*
they nut get lil<|k* * •perch to fab
|m prove tl bebtvan wowbl *****
ha** wot* an h a h«d )>«>** tl
he ha t ta i** that u*er t*ohe#lf**l
uf Utean in Ini’, and Uh*n flow tin
i-o«greaatouai i*< id* had been ill
minted in ihtn uonult within tht
last ten day*
VV hi In W. L. (Jrti'iH* wns quoting
lijs garbled 'tiiti mfn’.K from eiteeches
of .1 mix « (i Blaine wny did he not
give ihi! following sentence in full to
hIihw Mr. Blaine's mo- i I • i of tltu
cause of hard lime* of U»d m ? I’hw
fact that.James i». Blaine predicted
in1' exact eondilion of things now
I prevailing in this country, audits
1 accurately showed the cause whic h
would lead up to it, is now roeille.l
Bead tfin words of this greatest of
latter day American statesmen, and
ace how clearly the diift of events
indicated to him the evils that were
to come:
I love niv country and mv country
men I um an American and 1 rejoice
every day of iim life that I uni I en
joy the general prosperity of my
country, and know that the working
men of this land are the t est paid, the
best fed and the best clothed of the
laborers on I lie face of the earth. Main
of them have homes of their own.
t hey are surrounded In all the com
forts und many of the luxuries of life,
I s! udder, however, at the thought that
the time must come when all this w ill
tie change.', w hen the general prosper ty
of the country will I « distroyed, when
the great tiodv of workingmen in this
I nid, wno are now so prosperous, wifi
hear tiieir wives and children cry for
bread. I hat the day must come when the
great factories anil manufactories of
this land will shut down, and where
there is now life and activity there will
he iin* silence of die tomb.
And die reas n why thin must list i s
.t . I i. ... Uoml.o.... /.f fl...
Democratic party are determined to
establish the doctrine of free tr tie in
llii- land. They will he assisted In
tlielr Nun hern allies. There Is a great
body of visionary, but educated men,
who ate employed day by day lit writ
ing free trade essays and argument)) III
favor of i he d ctrlue, which ttnd their
way to every newspaper in the land. The
gteater bodv of our people have nev» r
experianced, themselves,the sull'ering*
which always result when the protect
ive principles arc laid aside.
Poisoned and excited by the wild
statement* of these writers and the
demagogic appeals of the Democratic
sperkers, the resul will be that in the
vert near future these forces which are
now working will Ire strong enough to
di feat at the polls (lie party advocating
the doctrine of protection. It must
inevitably follow that uncertainly and
doubt will ensue I'hu business men of
ibis country, fearing 'he instruction of
the principle* of protiction, will de
c!lnc to engage in business, consequent
ly mills will stmt down, and tin* work
ing me i wi II be thrown Out of employ
The people will then sec as they have
never seen before that they can not be
prosperous and haye wotk while this
principle Is threatened. In ttie midst
of their sutf'erings they will learn that
the only way they can bn prosperous
and be happy is to vote for the party
Unit has built up the Industries by
which they have gained a livelihood:
because they will then see clearl v that
when the manufactory is shut down
flier* is no demand for the only thing
which they have to sell, and that >s
their labor,
A short time ago this paper stated that
we understood that Mr. Ileapy o, the
V est side was present at the convention
which nominated him, and having miss
ed the train was compelled to foot it
home.a distanceof some SO miles, W e
have since learned that the station mi t
i» without foundation. Not wishing to
state any thing but fact* in this cam -
palgn we will do Mr lleapv the justice
to make the correction, We will say.
however, that it was a west side gentle
inmii who lliroriiieii tia aim ior mat m'ii
non we gave credit to th« report The
ataienient on our part wan not intended
ro Injure Mr. Haapy in the lewd, hut
waa given out n» a prautlaal joke.
Slorjr CuiiccriiliiB a l*«|»ull»l Attach
On There Own Men.
N'oKTII 1*1. ATTIC, Nell., Old. :J
Information ha* reached die r>
pulilicnn headquarter* here >>f a pc.
culiar «ittialiou of ntfair* in Kililtiali
emiu v About ten data ago Win
Greene waa to addrea* a p<q>o
cratie meeting at Ktwhnll and a
large crowd a*aemhled e\pecling to
liear Greene tear t'ady into thread*
S iw th|» * i* the tlitc that tiiecn*
wa* hat III,' all attack of 'touadlli*
in Mindset and. of caarw, could not
Mil In* appointment- \\ hen Mr.
Ihgtf*. the chairman, who i* a pop-i
I jet, opened the meeting lie aaid:
•*l regret our candidate lor -on
grr-aa, Mr. tltwa*I'aawtk* with n*.
II# I* down at Sidney drunk I will
ini* vi t» for \|i tile* i e an I I k u •'
<h re*' t>f von will not
V . .. el V*. H -"l iki — a ■.
VMa'’ i4! a tgfV sin IA*’ fMH
Am I Vim aM hJV-t'ti
M. ti ll*. «tt*
A (Ml lint UM giM#***-** 1 t*M«a >>*•*’•
I* vHTv * A ii 4,4*1 iria*1**
AIM mv Mill triy''•«*! tig *W»4 ntht*n*
>4 * K ■ g l%- i »*%*
%«** tfeytft t*g**«* *V- *
WImc« ***«,* £»»»*»* *» *l*#**4
tt u **MM
^ Hi n*n hm*-*
%k t*fc «*#v *%,$ m* -m* ***** ■
M r U a I-** I 4^-4 :# «NH g*W6#Afr
1 *4$. IAmm *A*rtWA»ft
W ft. <*4** % W **•
r%« mm «*♦#* **•* * ***■*
?V«« • t*M#A M *41 l A# Mm *
u»h »*o » win
sum) tv mvHoot. voxvkxtio i
The Sherman County Annual SubflCrh
School convention tv * held a Litch
Held, Nebraska 20 27. 1S33.
The tli>t session begin if 2:30 in Ml1’
afternoon of the 20th. ttlih a prater
service led by Itev Shncmakci of 1,1 cli
A paper on " How can we make this
convention a success was read by Mrs.
Colter, followed bv a discu-sion on the
same subject
Ada Mlnshull was olected secretary
'protein. A short, talk on the su‘ij i t‘ The
(Juallliealion o a S. S Teacher” tva*
given by C. N, Johnson, and it was also
ably discussed by other inemlcT* of the
1'hu remainder of this session given
to a business meeting, the lirsl of which
was the eliding of the constitution
It was moved and carried that the
olllceis he elected by acclamation, and
also that all pe sons present be allowed
to vote as delegates.
I’Ue following olll • ts tv re then duly
Miss Noma Converse. President.
Mrs, K. II. Fairliurn. Vice I’lesldeut.
Miss Ada Minshiill. Secretary.
Mi»s Kttio Zimmerman Trees rer.
It was moved ami carried that the
vice-presidents of the township* hold
their ollices. except Kuckvlll , w ho will
have Mr. Wilkinson
Die committee on resolutions appo Int
nd was:
Miss Fair, Rockville
Mr. Hu'rnahy. Mason
Mr. Waite, ' Loup City.
Adjourned till 7:30.
The session opened at 7:30 with a
song service, followed by an address ot
welcome by Mr. J. Starks, and a re
sponse by Miss (’onverse
Lecture by Mr. N C. Johnson, state
missionary A collect,'on was tuk'.’n up
amounting to 80.51
Sunday It.00 A. M i o vention opened
with devotional exeretses led by Rev.
Steyens. and an experience meeting led
by J lev, Fenton, Subject ‘What have I
done for Cod, and what has Cod done
for me the | ast. year in K. Work?”
After this Sabbath School was held
ike le-son subject being a review ol the
lest quarter.
No. of pupi M, No. of siipls. 7, No
of ottlccrs S, No. of teachi i s I t, collect
ion $1.27.
State Normal Work was then discuss
ed by Rev. Shoemaker. Adjourned un
til 2:00 1*. M.
The nperieil v nil (r vorionai
servlet* led by Rev. W *bster. Follow
ing thN was a business meet tig. The
minutes of tlte last eonvention W> re
ead and accepted Reports from dlf
ferent parts of the county wereread.
Mrs. Shelton wan elected vice presi
dent of Kim Township.
Roll call of M. S and Out of tlte 28 111
the comity 15 of them reported.
Report from State contention by Miss
Converse Moved and carried that re
port be accepted and placed on file, al
so that a vote of thanks to Miss Con
verse as delegate. A paper was read by
Mr. L. Smith of Loup City.
The committee on resolutions then
reported. Carried that resolutions be
Discussions on “liow to teach the
Bible Class.” Moved and carried that
each district of the county hold a con
vention once a year, also that the next
annual convention be held at Loup City.
Carried that the association have a
Rally dav once a year.
After this was the Children's (.ornor
successfully coud ueted by Mis' Alpha
Fairot Rockville.
Adjourned till 6:80.
The evening session began with Y. P.
s.c. E After this was the convention
sermon bv Rev. Fenton, and the exer
cises closed with a consecration meet
ing led by Mr Swigart, Hazard.
1 ■ -
A. L. Wooster, a prominent citizen
of U8SCO, Mich , after suffering exeru
| clatingly front piles for twenty years,
was cured tu a short time by using
De Witt's Witch Hazel Naive, an ahsn
! lute cure for all skin diseases. More of
this preperatiou is used titan ali others
combined Odettdahl Bros.
One minute is the standard time, and
One Minute Cough Cure I* tlte standard
1 preperatiou for every form of cough or
cold. It Is the only harmless remedy
tint) |>r<«luif* Iiiiii»'’«II»I** r**»ulU
t >• It-ii<l<ttil llriia
Mr» It, IwYmiint, Mlil'llebnrg, la.,
«Hiri, I htt* vwil Ow Minute Coujjli
( art* ftirelx y*"er», Imtli lui *n*l
«!t)il<lr<’H ami I cowitN It th*’ i|i»lrli**t
at 1)1*4 auil iint-i »*)l»t*«'tort < ougii
t‘t»r« I batr* «ttr uw>l Iklmdebl
Awarded Mighot Honor*,
World'* Fair.
A *
f i i ... % a -s*a *-• "m~
*» uak» TH« kvahdaiU*
Is Simmons liver regulator don’t
forget to take it. The I .iver gets sluggish
during the Winter, just like all nature,
and the system becomes choked up by
the accumulated waste, which brings on
Malaria, Fever and Ague and Rheuma*
tism. You want to wake up your Liver
now, but be sure you take SIMMONS
Liver Regulator to do it. it also
regulates the Livei keeps it properly at
Work, when your system will be free from
poison and the whole body invigorated.
You get Till: l»i:ST IthOOIl when
your system is in Al condition, and that
will only be when the Liver is kept active.
Try a l iver Remedy once and note the
difference. But take oolv SIMMONS
Liver Regulator —It is simmons
LIVER Regulator which makes the
difference, lake it in powder or In liquid
already prepared, or trial e a tea of the
powde: -. bui tai sum mons liver Regu
lator. Y i’Ii linTthe Rlil) Z on every
package. for it.
J. 11. Kellin *t ( •>., l>hli<><l< li>tiiu, l'o.
No 15. Aeetn , dnlly «x. Hun., for Ru
|i>i I. mi mill all point* mini ami
v. mi ..1 ;3» a in
No r>:i. Venn. Unity, ox, Sun., for Ober
1 in anil Ini cl land lute hi ut lon». .8:50 p in
Hlcening. dinner and reclining ekitlr ear*
iscai- nvei on inrougu trains tii-kci*
sold and baggage chocked to any point In
Iho United Muiunur Canada.
For infnriimttnii, maps, time tables mill
tickets mil on or wrlln to K. s. Davidson.
Agent. 01 .1. Flt ANCJs, Oan’l. Passenger
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska.
U. i'. ItAII.WAY.
Beginning Sunday, November 17th.
trains will arrive and depart at this
Million as f Blow*:
Leaves Leaves
Monday. i,.n Tuesday, i s. (m
Wednesday. Thursday.
Friday, j H> uttmlay ) “•,u
Arrives at Loup City daily 7.15p.m.
Close connection at Grand Island for
all points East and West.
K. W. Cl.lNK, Agent
A Boone, XHK Jeweler.
Cutlery til half price at Watkinson's
Eye and Ear, Dr. Davis, Grand
Island, Nebr.
Round Oak II ater» are the best at
Tailor made clothing 12.00 per suit
at A. E. Chase's.
Window Glass cheap at WatkiusonV.
Good grades of machine oils sold by
T. M. Reed.
Sewing Machines at prices to suit the
times at WatkiusonV.
For SCHOOL IIOI SE heaters cheap
go to A. Wathlusoii's.
S< i the now it illiuery add <>1 Mrs.
Itauda I in another column.
Lvacliiusky; the photographer will
be at Arcadia EVERY t’RLDA\.
; One swallow does not innI‘Spring
but one swallow of One Mil ;lc Cough
{ Cure brings relief.—Odeiidi .il Bros.
! Dr. Siiiiiner Davis. Grand Isl md. Sur
gical mid diseases of Eye and
12 pounds of pure kittle rendered lard
| for #1.00 at S. F. Reynold's meal
J market.
Call and look at the samples of reads
made clothing at A. E. Chase’s. Suiti
from #5.00 up. Kit guaranteed.
t he ladies of the G. A. R will serve
| oysters ou the day and evening < I
election. Special arrangements will be
i un de to accommodate all.
Kcteiua Is a frightful affliction, but
I like all other *kiu diseases It can b«
; p.i mane lit-V cured by applications ol
|h< Witt’s Witch Itaaet 8al** It usvei
| laiist to cur* Piles. Odeudshl Bros,
snvemlgn Grand Lodge 1,0.0 I
! |i»IU<T*III l»lwk. Ho* I
I* w ill a* 11 tkketa to Ualla* »t»*l rwtiirt
! for too* fai* k‘«»r particular* calk oo 01
•iMr**a K, W Clio* A*»
t'autail t<* Cnitharntn.
i;«*ry l'io«lat morning a tourtai
• car fo« Malt l.ak* iVy. *<*#
I'raaaWu au»l I •** Wavm
i ilotah* atol Mwadl via IV" Burllngl***
Il i# • atp*t*»i. In ralian
Kt> itaiat trait t«4 larlt a to I la p»»
I % tad I a III! .M>iaU«. i» l>‘i*m, 10**1*
:***t|»*t» \» »%!<*« I«l«*«l **i *r*»M«
1oa* lu»iof ••• I * uu t«.fiat»*l |*oil.oat
rwrw* *«'> a it lh*»»'h|h la th"'
I'arldr **»a*«
VI u.l* naitlt 1 *» oat**11 ■!»•*» •••iaha> I
mil M Bo* to hat at aa a al**p«* H t<
|H*t *a tatai to rldv in * '**•! *!**<
■ ifc t>h at* iMMMti tad Ik* fdha nl *
h * ■ k* ta»u4h ** > kr< nnoogh f»<
. i *«. la tan if |l
|>.« a (aa'-k*» |l*laf Mi f».l'.al«t
. alt «t th* ******* B »*i B B H
i, a at th*-*. It* oilt* lad »«****• ta
lira t, fa»«> A«a«t B*»«tt**Bl«n R»*at*
,tt*tah« kikntlt
Vice-President. Oashier
; General Banking Business Transacted.
Capital Stock, $60 .000.
Loana on Improved farau at NINE per ocot. But Oompany and Um Mat
to bo bad ta the wort.
Ooaaaaroroaim:—Chamlcal National Bank. Now York Ohy, E. Yd Bulk
Optional umaha. Itihuaka
Attorney and Notary Public. Publisher Loop Citt NotriVMTIM
/{/;.//, ESTATE AfJE.VTS.
Town Lots, Wild, Cultivated and Irrigated Land* for Sale
• __
Will pay the highest market price for
AW ©f ©t
McAlpine, Loup City, Shaupp, and Ashton. Also highest
prices paid for hogs and cattle at Loup City.
Leading Milliner,
Has just received a
Which she'4b SELLING CHEAP.
Two doors aorthof First Bank.
The Irrigation convention at Lexing
ton, Nebraska, October 7-0, will
tie a great event lu the history of
tbia state, as will alao be the Irrigatmu
fair, ami Buffalo Bill's Wild West show,
to be held at North Platte, Neb. Oct.
0-1H, I Mini. For both these occasions
the Union Pacific will sell ticket* front
points on Its line to Nebraska and from
Cheyenne, Wyoming at rates of oae
fair for the round trip For limit of
I tickets, dates of sale, etc . call on or
address Frank W. Oust, Agent
* ■
Young mother* dread lb*' summer
mouths on account of the great mortal*
IIv among children vansed by bowel
i tfuuDt** Perfect safety may be assur
led those »ho keep on heed l>eWill’s
I i'u||, g i holer* cure, sud sfelsUbt
11| promptly For erampe, >u Items coil.'.
! dysentery sad dlerrhme, it affords In -
tUM* r«M«I,
in* mm imJiom f«» twtaty
It* tnu *..••»*<<* f«t Id* wdul* l*»i
I* C4*| • <*l n* *»*••*»
K***Ut-*». id* <*•» •!•»»»« *#*Jtvl«*
Mm| Id* h**» W»»M **«IWid*. *«••»««• H
| l* id* d**l U«*« M»*.l*»»ld* If l***f
j III** M *•-(*** II Mil ldn*» *»€ *U l«*
d«*tl« I* Id* •»•***. *N«I *11 Y*l»»*».»< ..
ttm itniMi lt«, M *d»
li Mild ********* I,I«*«
J II X*llt» A •» l,fcili.»*»|*dU t*4
V mill MiMilliniHHtMa***
<*•* d- !»**•* M» r*<|»**»tdl* **l*d4**dM
d**M m ******** HMH •**». «**»•*•<* ttt
«**• f d*4 •l|**M4 INM**** *!*»**»■
■A , A— m m m * - *■- f -»-^«A - -■«■**** «*-4 4.. .|^*> 1
«*•%****»*.***« •"**!*■**•
Wanted—An Idea SSeS
and \ut of two hundred Invention* wanted.
yy l mabot,
OFFIOB.-ln Head aad Maray Bloek. Beat
Side Public aaaaaa. Leap City. Heb.
* Atinmnu-at-Lnw,
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
office In NokTMwMTkltk battillng
'1' INKS.
1 rtor or EXPRESS
til ti|»u> « 9»*i*l»l y«Mi»U|
tlMoM to *
r|t s. MIOIIT1V3ALB.
m i Muni Lt« ui Cautciiti Mtuw
A Mommy ftklto, H*»t«raykti t»«
TfytfllW In (Nit*
Mtifli ituatM o* rtaai mamm
uwr cni, • • ■—i—i
Wanted In Idea £*£!£*$
« tmir^MitMt ttiititt »»• o«
taw* W IM.OI tot myaititw hWIIM'
*4 iwtH lo »*tw ul< t*MM« HA *»»•**•
$t» «.***»> *»4 tttiMII (HMttMl |MMM
»o Aota.oooo. M». t'.aa toll tMlutol
1 MowtHMi a****** it. m«i await, w*» •«**»
i >«%. t tH«^>