The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, September 25, 1896, Image 1

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Editor and Publisher.
TERMS SI 60 far Vaar, If Paid in Advaaca
■atera.i at tha Loof City I'oat. for traaa
aalaaioa Uiroagh tfea mafia at aaooad
alaaa mattar.
Bopublican Ticket
For President.
wm McKinley. «t Ohio
For Vice-President.
Governor.I H. M f'ol.l,
I/tMtenaniOovernor ORLANDO TEFFT
Baarelnrv of Slate. JOEL A. IMl’ER
Auditor . VO. HEDI.f'ND
Traaaurer < E. CASEY
Attorney I Iriiernl A N. ell CRCII ILL
foot. Oi Hull. Inal.. . II. H.CORIIKTT
Oomimlr.^liinir II c KCSSELL
Same Judira .ROBERT RYAN
•me Judge..-.M V KINKAID
pt. W. (1, WHITMORE
. At Lari/r J E. limit/ Lam aster
jMAtliary . F. J Sudilck Saline
District A J Burnliam. Nemaha
<I IiLipI,.i A I' I.Vikf<ii' Dmnrlfm
WTIlril UiHtrlot .Sol Draper. Knox
" Fourth District.<». A. Derby, Seward
F’lfth District .1 I, Mcl’hridry, Kearney
Sixth District .M. L. Fries*. Valley
Sixth District.A E. CADY
fajgfentb district. AARON WALL
: Representative.W. 11. HROWN
!f' County Attorney. W. 11. CONOKK
,1‘be popoerats have just found out
tbit a crime was committed in Is 73
Il must have been a horrible oue
M it took them 33 years to find it
.. *
v Judge Ambrose, who is hilled to
fptak here September ‘Jbth. was a
Candidate for the nomination lor 1
Supreme .fudge on the repnhlleau
tfefcet this fall, hut having failed ,
Ik Hunt over to the pops. And yet he
jjl l*.billed as it speaker of the “Abe
^^fLipcoIn type.”
Bill I>eeh will run for congress in
ttM Fourth district by petition, and
f™l Craddock will put. in the moments
not required for the defeat of eon
grussman Strode in taking caie that
Mr.Dech shall receive no votes.
When pops fall out, bousst men |
have cause to be glad.-State |
ki , M e learn that Wesloy Heapv of
Pfptarrison township nod candidate
-for senator on the populist tioket j
■jras in attendance at the convention J
, Which nominated him at Ravenna, (
that he was so elated over the faet
be forgot everything else aud miss- |
U tog the train had to foot it home, a '
HHnjftance of twenty miles. Mr. Heapy,
P’ it it said, woar'lv wended his wav j
l, ? homeward, and keeping in the ,
g§ Middle of-the-road reached bis resi
dence in the wee small hours of the
i \ Even Kelley, the groat leader of
a' (be left wing of Coxev’s army, aud
feij an avowed populist denonnies Rryan
maod the action of the populists in
^endorsing liitu. In a speech deliver :
r*?> sd In (irand Island last week he said 1
Hpn Hie populist party and some of ,
| its leaders mav eoasidt r themselves
[ small enough to be swallowed up. \
ft fjut that it would take au animal of .
i'amBW** I’toporti >i s than the demo- 1
PLcvatif paiI> to swallow hnu lie .
: ||;fofe he w is done speaking It i» s-ild
f Mknt at least a doaeo popnltsi* i .
! aff their Hi i an haltons and threw I
them on the hilt tl
n mi* mm mini huh
WMIU* • *»f III* •**•!»«»U*l l ttM|rv ' •
[ l*»MttMtll*» dl (Ke lit* llltH
tin tlUkim^w I I
■fepn |a* fc-a t« yyfc t ^
N| *#H**gi%t• ft it lint M**» nat tm* *
It*'- .“i'
r tv* >• tat- i. .«*« ms a «t* > , *
*" - ** •* ft
C*. .**** ********** 11
P 1*
to**'1 *• I*
Ku. Xorthwertkhm:
There has been ti.noli tulk, both
pro and con, during thin campaign
in r* guril to the difference in prises
in silver and gold countries. Man}
statements have been published
claiming that prices of nil necess
ities in silver standard countries are
from double to four fold that of the
Uuitcd Stales. A few weeks ago a
verified statement went the rounds
of the papers, setting fourth the
prises of provisions in Mexico, cer
tified to by the mayor of El Paso
Texas, a city just across the river
from Mexico. This statement gives
prices correct in the United .Sluice,
tbst we know. It ulso gives prices
in the Mexican market, some as
follows: Breakfast bueon ..'16, per
pound, ham .35, rice. 11^ sugar. 10 jj,
by the hundred, Arbueklee coffee
,40, Hour per hundred $«.50 m Mex
ican silver.
Peuring this might be a campaign
canard I addressed a letter to the
mayor of El Paso, li. F. Campbell,
and in due time received an answer
italing that the prices according to
die published statement by him
wliieh I inclosed were correct, also
explaining why some articles were
more than double our prices.
'I’lil* lutlur um.ii hit semi lit coil liny
du me at any tirnb. VVe shall be
>nly to glad to exhibit it to all and
(Specially to those who think free
diver would give them auy relief
'roro the depreciation which was
Drought about by the assistance of
dr. Bryan when in congress, and
ivhen we tell you that it is not the
:laiwed demoniti/.atiou of silver
hat is the trouble we also ask
rou to rend the speech of Mr. Bryan
u the lower house at the time llar
'tsou asked that the secretary of
he Nary be instructed to charter a
teasel to convey our donations to
be starving Uussiaus. He said it
Vas a precedent that we did not
lare to establish, that on account of
he McKinley bill with its rescopros
ty clause the factories were closed
n Europe and thousands of people
verc clamoring for bread, and if
bis precedent was established iiow
ong would it be before we would
iave to do the same tiling for those
>thers who were thrown out of work
>n account of our boasted McKinley
Now if the prosperity of American
atior was an eye sort* to t;ongre*»
nan Bryan is ho a safe man to en
ruat as the chief executive of our
iountry? For my part 1 love the
Vorld but I love America and her
>eople first and thu balance of the
vorld afterwards. Is not this your
dea voter. If it is, will you vote
or the man who condemcd the pol
cy that kept our factories running,
ir will you not?
G no. II. Gihson.
Bill Greene is beginning to believe
hat the tariff is an issue.
Landmckk'* noble picture, "'The Mon
ireh of tin* l Hen,” a work which has
uni tin* biggest sale of any of tills art
st'n cngraved subjects, was receutly
old for f.HI,',*•.*.’*.
Ilot ori io av'h puintings arc in such
Icnmmt and he is so industrious that
ds income from Ids eusel is much iu
xecss of that enjoyed by any other Hv
ng I rvncii artist.
( It Ull.Ks FKAMCOIM I’KUCIt, the Belgian
minter, stands on a different Toting
nun any other painter in history, lie
( as burn w ithout urtu». and his work
ms kieeti dotic exclusively with his feet
Or lute years Ifis-a ltoiihi*ur lias
minted only heads or single llgurx s of
nitmalv but there is mu on exhibit! <u
n London a rts-enl work from her mi"
tio showing a group eomp> used of a Hou
i 11 »l(v' ■ and several inis.
Tint y,mitg lady who made such an |
me kneeled and hrillUtnt >aw>M by her !
•staving of ”.\ Vardi f U-«w% oti»,iil
of l.urfi' this lie-nth V larvr is no I
mti**a of Bthogea(4iers wrtil pay her ex
»* as an art stwleni tn Paris, during
> hlehtiute they will have the po kli of ,
Hi' t Uru«h
Al>\ MtlisLI* t hl l hit IH'|
(ha |<»ii. viif it * b» of I, i line >i
•ii*r« remaining at th*' loot toi
Ml slllif | J Vi, 11,111 (e 1 |l L I, lies
I* I'ted J<a< Ik Jvao l.ivte. I'uwni*
ktamahi t Mr I* Jin. p • it to w
rates.. Mr t*si, M oier l|i I h <ao
M k*sfk»» Mi* Jf* lb* Ko tilt Mrs.
lit K* i.*ak M I h si* «• • Mo.
* a* tie, A triwp va. Mi Boa aa
»at** M* Mdi» WtHitn i uff W • I
Ml Mr* W A ■
1 >IKI> Gf.ouue W Ken.nkhy died at
the home of his brother. Mat in
go, Ohio WolnMtliJ. Septcni-,
her 23. 1800. Ago 41, year*. Hi*
death was made known lo the
people here by a telegram re
ceived hero by his brother W.
II Kennedy.
It H with sorrow Unit the people of
this community will receive the above
announcement Mr. Kennedy wan one
of the earlv pioneer settlers of thin
county, who 18 years ago, on the *1. day
of dune 1878. in company with hla bro
ther W. II. Kennedy, first came to the
Middle l.oup Valley and st onca took
up his residence among ti*.
We remember well the evening when
he alighted from the old Kearney stage
couch w hich first brought him hero. He
was a light hearted young man and the
old settlers, one and all, was pleased to
make hla acq alntauee. He was spok
en of, from first impression, as a young
man of sterling wortli and business
ability. The ties of friendship made
then were never broken. Old settlers
here who then formed his aquaintance
still loved and respected him. New
settlers and new acquaintances also had
f he highest regard for him
He came here with hut little else to
do with but willing hands and honest
heart, and for years battled with the
hardships of pioneer life, holding down
a claim, and at the same time teaching
school or, during vacation*, worked at
whatever he could find to do. He was
alwaya willing to work whenever an
opportunity offered or health permit
ted. He was known by all our people
as one of the best school teacher* ever
employed In bbermari i.ounty and we
can truly say that in every district
wln-re be Inc- been employed as teacher
hi* service* were always In demand.
Then was perhaps, no one here out
>1.1.. I.!L . . u. u. alien* in a res ulAflaltj
bound in friendship to Mr Kennedy
than llii* writer. For yours we were
closs companions, uiiil at suvi ral dif
ferent tunes he It s been employed in
the Inti rest* of t hi - paper. Me was true
iu friendship,, true In principles and
honest in nil business transactions.
About live years ago, just when lie
had accumulated property sutlielent to
make life easier be was.talteu sick, fro*
w hich sickness ho never fully recovered
The nature of the dcsease, we believe
wb>- commonly caPcd diabetes, brought
about by overwork. This dcsease evi
dently bail a tlrm bold upon ills system,
and with an Iron like constitution ho
bravely fought against it. lint after live
long years of patient suffering death
claimed its own and he was numbered
wPb the majority.
Me was a consistent member of the
Methodist church and died in the hope
of immortality.
The N<utTHwEHTBRN extends pro
found sympathy to the bereaved rela
Mrs. K. heYouug, Middleburg, In.,
writes, I have used One Minute Cough
Cure for six years, both for myself and
children, and I consider it tins quickest
acting ami most satisfactory Cough
Cure J have ever used.—Odendabi
or women to travel for responsible entab
lisbod bouse In Nebraska. Salary WnO, pay
able $15 weekly nail expenses. Position per
manent. Reference. Enclose self-add reseed
stamped enveloped. Thu National, Star
building, Chioago.
The Irrigation convention at Lexing
ton, Nebraska, October 7-9, will
be a great event in the history of
this state, as will also be the Irrigation
(air. ami Buffalo Hill's W ild West show,
to be bold at North Platte Nub. Oct. j
9-lfl, 18W1. for both these occasions1
the I'nlen Paeitle w ill tell tickets from
points oa its line in Nebraska and from
< heyrui.e, W'jouting at rates of uae
fair forth* round trip for limit of
Uekm, date* of Sale, etc . call on of
audrtss Frank \V. Cline, Agent
w smtnd sax next ttuari i ss> oawo- j
men I travel f»r rvapnnslble esiablitbcd
bows* in Nebraska salary |TW, perab e *15
weehly audeapeae** I'.ieltiua put manual
Mefeivuve, li. i.wa sell addr. ssvd stamped
uavu.upvd The National, alar RuUding,
A w orded Hit heat Honor*.
World * Fair.
A fWM » *4pe Uses xd 1 In Puss As*
fseaOnm asi w ■*. Awes m «->v «•*•< i n ns rash
Is Simmons liver regulator don’t
forget to take it. I'he I i ver gets sluggish
during the Winter, just like a{J nature,
and tiie system becomes choked up by
the accumulated waste, which brings on
Malaria, l ever and Ague and Rheuma
tism. You want to wake up your Liver
now, but be sure you take SIMMONS
Liver Regulator to do it. it also
regulates the Liver -keeps it properly at
work, when your system will be free from
poison and the whole body invigorated.
You get Til K It LIST ItLOOOwhen
your system is in Al condition, and that
will only be when the Live.r is kept active.
Try a Liver Remedy once and note the
difference. Hut take only SIMMONS
Liver Regulator —it is Simmons
liver Regulator which makes the
difference. Take It in powder or in liquid
already prepared, or make a tea of the
powder; but take SIMMONS I IVER REGU
LATOR. You’ll find tire Kbl> Z on every
package. Look for it.
al. II. Zcilin at Co., I'hiladelphia, I’a.
A. L. Wooster, a prominent citizen
of Ocseo, Mich., after suffering exern
clatlngh from pile* for twenty years,
was cured iu a short time by using
lie Witt’s Witch Hazel Salve, an abso
lute core for aii skin diseases. More ef
this preperation is used than all others
(onibined. Odcudahl Bros.
Vnumr iiwithpra uiimtnwr
month'* on aucouut. of the great mortal
ity among children caused by bowel
troubh * Perfect safety may be assur
ed those who keep on hand DcWitt'*
Uolic A < hnlera cure, and administer
It promptly. For cramps, bilieus colic,
dyscutert and diarrhoea, it affords In
fant relW. Odendabl Bros.
. L.,,,
Wake iiM youi liver with at tweuty
tlveceiit package of Hlmmons Liver
Regulator' enough to wake up the
liver of the whole family. A dose a
lay Is enough, and a small one at that,
but It will do tli<) work well and wtth
int discomfort. It is the Best, Blood
iml Best spring i medicine. It Is the
duggish liver tbit eloggs the system
Hid poisons the blood. Wake up the
liver. J. II. Zei|n<fcCo , Philadelphia,
The present /campaign will be the
most exciting <me fought, out since the
war. There will not bo a day when
tomethiug ot unusual interest will not
transpire. The State Journal has made
up its mind tin urpass all Its former
efforts in the direction of news-giving,
rnd will give its readers the most com
plete detail of the campaign, giv ng all
the news from an unbiased midpoint.
Republicans will want The J.mrnal be
cause of it* staunch republii m prin
ciples, it being reconized a the stand
ird-bearer of the great republican party
»f Nebraska Populists and Democrats
ihuuld read it for the news it gives
I'he Semi-Weekly Journal will go to
thousands of new homes during the
campaign. You should subscribe, as It
is I I I onln oiifit i/.ii OK iiHiifd fs-inii imu
until November 16. Two papers every
seek, making It almost a* good as a
lally. Subscribe through your poatmas
,er or »eml your order to The State
Journal, Lincoln, Xab.
Leading Milliner.
llait j iirtt rtMM'ivtxl a
\Vhieh shv Is HKI.blMI i TIB A I*
f« A***** ftr«l |i4itli
««»V|i fe.
i» > . •
»i |i .,, <*>. , , t, , -• I* ll viAlhl
, t , ! ■>»,* M taf ia# j I »! • »» |
Nvuab^ .<*4 1 (Uf'tlL IwniJAakA I*
•*>4 u< »|t« His, »*• It# vlt* 4MU*
,i 0 a * ; ,i v4 .*•*-.! |p* ** fi«»tf I * M» bill*
U* •!««> •
-• l« f- 4<Hll| > » Ittlfi I «»*
4* u>«l di tbt 4vf*«**t4M
i it i
. « * M» |MM Iw« H I * t»v4l f 4*4
,%****• %tf •.*•* am 4# 4» »# A «• «PM* 4
»« t v M*h| oM Aa » 1**4 ****!•«
I# * t*»»* Im Ut'l 4* »4 tfrf tH *41-1
». « s »*•! “» 144
I »
*=*♦*•■* 1 lilt. 4*1*9 tfe. MM
9 44 444 H*4* itll* 144*4% 4* 4
iir i u*i til PitiKtitf
| |. blMitlUntll, »M4iUH4*y
Vice-President. Cashier
General Banking Business Transacted.
Capital Stock, ISO ,000.
Loans on Improved (arms at Rill pm cent. Bast Osmpanjr sad hast tsnaw
tabs bad la the west.
Ooaaaa»o»D«*T*i—Chemical Hattaast Bank, Haw York OMp, R, Yd CmIr
National Ban*, umaba. Wet—mbs.
Attorney and Notary Public. Publisher Loop Cm North wbstrkh
Town Lots, Wild, Cultivate*! and Irrigated I*nds for 8al«
Will pay the highest market price for
AU of at
McAlpine, Loup City, Shaupp, and Ashton. Also highest
prices paid for hogs and cattle at Loup City.
Wanted—An Idea £SS
Protect your Idea*; they mey brio* you wealth.
Write JOHN WKIHHtRBURN A CO., Patent Alter
neya. Wuhlngton. D. CT.for thetr $1.hui prlae offer
and lint of two hundred Inventions wanted.
orricB In Reed and Maray Hloek, Bant
Side Public aituare. Loup City, Nab.
■yy j. fisher,
Will Defend in Foreclosure Cases
office In NutTMwaai an* building
LOl’l* CITY, ... NKMUIKA '
1 prop or EXPRESS ani.
All Ktpraaa ur liaialii ur«t*r. promptly
attaadwl la
Data i amrii uw im CiiiKtisi Bunns
A Salary faktie, aail
Try**Hiri la tMHaa
UMk IKII) Milfttil Ut tIMt KAMA.
mop aw. * • iMiMi
Wanted In Idea 2£fi|
WQfflflMUK a> ifotATae
SlfW Zf! alTkaa um l k.«atU.aTaaafcl
«t AktMt*—MiMU aaa ua
aaataa tu iraral l« 11»•# aaai ata aataaitaa
*a *->**a i« aat*. **** »*-»i i > « Mtaki*
It* aaaKIt a«4 akyaaAa* NUItat paraaaa
aal Kalaia.x« • »«»•** tail aAA <*■**■>
.taattwIaaiAtafa t a* **%**»*. a*a* u*u*
Or. Humphrey*’ •peelln an
and caruCully prepared Mmmdlw, bj
Id private pnoUoa and for
the people with entire
Rprttnii a *p*elal eare for i
ao. Wiciric rot
1-Teyara, Conaemloo*.
*—Worm., Worm Fever,
•—Teethinai CtoJJo. Crying, Wi
4—Diarrhea, ot Chlldnu or. __
o—Dyaentery.Ortplug, iMton OaHe.... .
4—Cholera Morbae. VomltteR.
f-Cougb*, Cold*. BranoUM..-. .
-Neuralgia, Toothache. IhwiaHw.
-Headache*, Wok lleadaahe.TMpa .
lU-Ityopepola, ZUUoaanua, Onoatafta .
Il-htttrtaii or Palnlhl PintH .
IS-While*. Voo I’rofuw Petiod*. i
13—Croup, i.aryagltla, HiunuBI—■ — . i
14-Mall ilheuin, Brydnali*, napHaaa. • i <
13 - It heumutUa, or Hheunute Kku.. , ,
IN—Malaria, Chili*, Fever and Ague-..- . i
IT—Pile*, Wind or Weeding.. i
1M—Oahtbalaty, Bore or Waaktema_ .
H>-Catarrh. Influmna. Paid ton* Htail ,
•JO-Whooping ..
91—Aeihnia, Opprauad Itruathtna....... • i
ITJ-t.ur Dlncbarge*. ImpairedtadM •
Hl-Mcralula, Kolarged 4Uad». Swelling ,
9d—Central UeMllty, f-r-—
93 Drupey, aud ti«»nty beareUna*. a
34-Mea.Miobaaaa. •UekDaatromltidnf .
IT -Ktduey Dteeaeea. .
Sh Nrrioua Debility. ....1, 1
‘JO Mora Moaih, or Cnnhiir.............. . \
30 1 rlmary Weahnesa, Wetting Bad. .1
*1—Pnlafnl Period#. >
1-Dleeeeeeerthe Heart.lalpttattanl. ' I
Jl-Bellepey,hpaeine. hi. Tlm**fnan. ..1.4
t -Diphtheria. l'|c.«leda«Throat— ,! I. i
33—4 breule fougeel tout A Krupttuu*. d3
“77” ca MU mScRc row 8RIP, f5#.
f*ist is **>»#ll Of pli'Mial VMMftsflfc JM
t>* ■*— .kant-aAImmM; » ■"MM«
MMM* MM Mk, »11 * 11« »*Bm Mm Ml* Ml
*TWf nt* OINTmKT.
fc** » ia ***•*. w a-A a~H tax .. >.«,* .< M«t
iiwwaHr MMMk.Ht * k>Gk
i|in auM *» Ml tka 1 U* tail
t*i*a u*a at M •m ay, ailk ft*
Ik lwait > HktkalhM, ritlftws M half
aa>l at a at tat MM* iMwatluta MB wg—»
dlklk tali m«t>«M»ikki BiHa, aMk.
a util ittnaaatt. *i M #***» w wit
UMtMtt la tataii >>■* M Halt tat
BauaiMatiaB *at4 >• i »*«»■—MM at* gt> t*>
tun at a*a tau-aa Mil B*> 'naglM Mk
l a* i tar* a. am - *a* I • tagttvt* Paw
4tkik| liMkitty. *i «*m him* IN* k**M,