The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, December 27, 1895, Image 8

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    W. R. Mellor, Resident Agent for B. & M. Lands, Wild, Improved and Irrigated Lands for sale. _# !
Lioaal Daws.
A Boone, Tint Jeweler.
i’llger ha» time line Cabbage
I lav den Broa. Dry Good#, Omaha.
lioota and allot’# at Hrnrv Doll
See'I*. I.. I’ilger'a new adil In Mil*
I’llger hat a choice lot of apples for
•ale cheep.
I'llger he* •ome choice Onion*. Ited
and Yellow.
I’llger ha* aome Kxccllent Home
made Hauer Kraut.
(leo. Bradley of I.ltchtleld waa In l.onp
City on Thuraday la*t.
Cold rimmed glaaae* 99JH) per pair
at tV*ikiu»o: '» before the holiday*.
June* Drake, of Clear creek, wa» do
ing bu«lnea* In town laat Thuraday.
W II. Conger ha* moved hla olllce in
the old Bickford olllce on It. B etreet.
Wm. Jeffery, of.Aahton wa# in the
city la*t Monday and made lie a pleaaanl
if. M. Mathew our fellow town»m»n
I* (offering from an uttact of rbeuma
If. W, I'ltua, of I.ltcbfield wa* doing
bu*lne*« at the county *eat la*t Thura
Line your Hlg Hleevea with Cbamoi»e
Flberlne.04 Indira wide, fur »ale at
Jaa. Keotfrow won tne c-mtcit rom
meneed aganltt the A, J. Snider timber
cl dm
ami his goods are all Clean, Fresh find
Pllger la Mole Agent for the Celebrat
ed Mt Patil Flour Every sack war
The Mastodon Minstrels was the
cause of Mr. Wert* upper lip being
W. P. Heed left Monday morning to
spend the holidays at his old home at
Ooodland, Ind,
Pllger has some New Mweet Cider.
The only Pure Cider ever brought to
Mherman County
Mee A. Boone's new add on this p»gn,
and then go and see hi* new assortmen t 1
of Jewelry Just received
We acknowledge the receipt of a flue
Christmas turkey sent us by Mrs. Mary
Knowles, of Flm township
James Johansen Is running the light
dray wagon for O. Benschoter during
the latter* absence to Fall* City
Mr*. Carey, mother of Mrs Lou
McGrath, arrived .Saturday eve. from
York. Neb. to *|»end Christmas
J. C. Wilton, of Plymouth, Nebr.,
arrived last Saturday evening to attend
the funeral of bis father It J. Wilson.
F. B. Fisher now occouples the build
ing fo’merly occupied by C. J Bult. as
a shop for the repairing of pumps etc,
Cbas Conhiser and wife took Christ,
mi* dinner with Mr* Conhiser* mother
Mrs. Kettenmayer of Webster township
Aitbe O’Bryan has quit the employ
of F. M. Keynolds and contemplate* go
ing to Grand Island after New Years.
O. F Brlgg*. formerly of (his city
hut now of Aurora, arrived on the B. A
M. Tuesday night to spend Christmas
In our midst.
nr. j n u iiryan mi* rctimiuisnoa
bis run from St. Paul to Loup City to
Joe Mori is for a week on account of
hi* being sick.
Mr. Frank Poiter who came up from
St Paul to spend Christmas with
friends and relatives returned to St
Paul yesterday morning.
Mrs. Martin Comer, of Grand Island
came up on tbe U P Tuesday eve to
spend holidays with her lelatlve* and
friend* in tbl* city.
Kiwhard Cattle arrived from Lincoln
ou tbe II. lit M to spead holiday* with
bis mother Mr*. K. J. Nightingale and
friend* in (hi* city
Count AMli Gkih Cold* and Grip
are one and the same thii g. Ur Hum
phrey*’ Specific *•77" cure* them both
For sale by all druggist*
• ine night last week while M. I* ford
wa* standing <>u the corner of (he old
M iSsassoil house a gentle hreese from
the northwest eatue along anu took oil'
hi* ’<eaullful mustache and 'eM a ter
rtable gap hi lit* face
MaHMIVO At the home u' tbe bride*
brother Mr Geo. porter to Miss Ida
Mamiiert, It**v. Miller oittclaltug The
NiimimwMima join* tbelr many ,
fr end* In wlsblug tbeiii a happy and
prosperous v <yage uni tbe»ea ul Hit.
The Mastodon Mnstivls at the opera
li»u»e la*t Saturday drew •|tilte a large
crowd ami ih« program wa* wall rea
d red, w hich consisted of songs, g ig*
Ity the cud men ami two touila after
piece* entitled ' Plus I nbappy l‘at|"
and I'he Itlack ttflgands" |‘hi pto
ceed« tuiouMled to fill M,
l li« inneral svrvoeo ol It I, Wilson
wa* held In the IMptlst chinch last
Sunday iiintur Its* auspices u| tbe G, V
M Mr W iIson was an obi wtl sen o|
tbl* county and wa* esteemed by all
wIni knew blm. He leases a wlfw and
scleral children to mourn hi* bs<*
Tin* beteased ones lilt* the sy Utpa'bl
of tbe eultrw community
WHAT!! 34 II*of Sugar for 91 (HI a*
Mr* W T. Oib*on I* again able to be
Pure Maple Syrup and Buckwheat
Ilnur at Ga*teyer».
Dr ,». I, Goff,of Litchfield wa» In
eurclty la*t Tu«*day
Giateyer »ell» etrictly Pure New
York Apple Cider DO et« per gal
Win.Cook »tart* for Denver In about
two week*, lie goe* to look afler work,
Mr. Rowen Sutton came up from Ht.
Paul to *peod holiday* with relative*.
G»*teyer ni'll* Queen*ware and Fancy
f/'hlna at remarkable low price* for
The AdveotlKt* had » very IHtle
ClirGtma* doing* la»t Sunday even
Did you get one of thone fancy china
cup* with I lb of Japan tea at Ga«tet
Dick O'Bryan I* learning to (tick
type In thl* office during the holiday*
Dick *ay* he like* to play the "devil.''
If. A Cline of Albion Nebr, I* »pend*
lug the holiday* with hi* brother F. W,
Cline the genial nation agent of the C
K A Draper, of Kim t«wri»hlp wa»
doing bu*ine»* at the county aeat l*»t
Monday and made thl* office a pleasant
Little Eddie' Brown, of the Time*
Independent got n tin *vln*tle on the
Chriottna9 tree Eddie can now blow
III* whittle,
W. E. Van Dorn, an old citizen of
tbi* village came In Tne*d*y evening
to*pend ChriHtma* with Ida daughter
Mr*. T M Heed,
The many friend* of Mr, and Mr*.
1'. G. Miller nreaented them with a fine
wt of silvan knives mill forks for a
'hristma* present
The K. P's. of this city will give a
Ma*<jner*i!e hall on New Yearn night.
,'ome one and all anil enjoy yourself,
Id mi salon BO cents.
You oan buy nice smoked ham at
lohn Kggers Meat Market at 10 cents
>er pound, the tlncst In the market.
Mired Ham 12) cents.
A surprise party was given at the
’esldeoco of Mrs J.T, Hale, In honor
if her sister, Mis* Lola Bower, An ex
■ellent time Is reported,
O. f,. Drake recleved a hansome gold
vatcli w ith the initials <f, D. engrav
id on from Jo0 Church the gen*
al cook of the St. Elmo.
M /anulcwicx has added three lots to
lis residence property in the north part
»f town, having purchased same from
he Lincoln land company.
Mr*. John P. Fink, formerly of thi*
dace, but now of Kenton. Ohio Is here
o spend the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs.0,0. Anderson.
Clarence Littlefield, editor of the
Litchfield Monitor made this ofllce a
pleasant call last Thursday. He re
ports everything normal In Litchfield.
The editor of the NoRTitWKSTEUX
slid his brother O. Bensehotor started
Monday noon for Falls City Where they
Ifo to spend Christmas with their
Daniel Nettletan a seventh day min
ister of Oolden Springs Neb. came to
the city Tuesday evening and will hold
a series of meeting* here in the Opera
louse building.
The Christinas trees at both the
Methodist and Baptist churches were
largely attended. The presents were
quite numerous and aorne of them
pretty coatly. All had a good time
*nd appeared well *utl*fled with the
waning* entertainment.
We are *1111 in need of ea*b from a
few of our delinquent Huhterlher* and
the beat way for them to make unhappy
I* to step Into our utllce and pay up
part of their aceout if they can't pay it
The Ex Committee ha* obtained rate
of one fare for the round trip to the
Hiute Teacher* Association with lower
hotel rate* than ever and the lowest K'
H rate*ever given in the state. All
teacher* are Invited to attend. Said
meeting to be held at Nebraska City
A* we went past \Valkln*,m* had
ware store on Christina* day we heard a
inuat unearthly mil*# and being auxiou*
to learn w bat the troulda was, we poked
•>ur lieail inside of the door, the flr*t
thing (bat met our view wa* a lot of
kid* standing just Inside of the door, m
little fartlivr along we iww the liaud
boys Id owing aw at a* though
they were tr) log to Mow the top of
their head* of, still being auxiou* to
team the cans* of the rumpus we took
a birds et# view of the ti*« k pail of
the stole ttieie Wu <p|e,| |toe Mat. V
•landing along side ol a lining ladt,
and Mi, I,,,|,,ii in* face one of the
100*1 plea*apt *0ti|e, 1 It,t i.oiM >m
imagined I hen we enquired the
cause sif ihe troolde ami sortie on*
•hunted lu our lr|t ear, |im* Man y
i* mart • .| Che •'alemcot smiud d
so much like a lie to oa that we did
out rush u|> to him ami congratulate
him and rsiutml him •< I'm free ad
settling w# gat# hi ■■ sod a l«w ot
the other test* However If this should
prove to tar Hue we ettetol to (tsse tmr
congtaiulatton* and and *. sh llm a
buig and happ) life on hfea sea
At a •pedal meeting of Shiloh Post
No. Jit, Dept, of Net. G A. It., called
for the purpose of taking action on the
dentil of Roger J. Wilson, our late
comrade In arm*, the following pream
ble nml resolutions were unanimously j
Witt ttKah: It has pleased the Grand
Commander of it- all to muster out of
our rank* our beloved comrade Roger ;
.1 Wilson therefore i»e it 'Chat In the death of
Comrade Roger ,1 Wilson our It nored
member of this post, our organization
has lost one of Its most faithful > ud
devoted member* arid one who V as |
ever ready to perform a kind cl.I It
the Interest of those who needed bis
assistance. As a member of the Gram1
Army of the Republic he wa« devoted,
and true to it* Interest, Asa comrade j
and citizen he was ever ratable and
trust worthy, therefore be It f
Rk.hoi.vki> Mini, we egeeud to Ills
widow and children our sincere sym
pntliv■iudliclr loss which Is also ours,
and assure them that the metrinrv of
their loved one will in* ever cherished
by hi* comrades of Mm Grand Armv
of the Republic.
Rksi.vkd that a copy of these reso
lution* be suitably engrossed and pre
sented to the widow of Comrade Wilson
and that they be spread upon the rec
ords of Mlilloh Post
W II CONogK. i
Jamkn Bkntkicow,[Coiiiiii.
Wai.tjck Moon. )
Pilger has the only Pure Ruck wheat
Flour In Mhcrman County Raised the
seed himself and had it ground Into
Buckwheat flour.
Now I* ii good time to swear off from !
being Ignorant of the happening* with
In the county. Come around ami put
your name on our subscription list.
J. C. Tate, Htafe lecturer for the j
United Workman will tie In Ashton on f
Monday. Jan 20th. 1800, In the early '
evening to give a lecture and Install i
olllcers. The lecture will bn free and
all are inylted to come and hear a treat.
We will co' reel the mistake made in
our last, weeks Issue In regard to the
election of olllcers of the ladles of the
G. A. It. Circle We omitted the name
of Mr*. Froehllch as Conductress and!
Mr*. Bechthold as delegate to Dept.
Emam potent.
__ i
The dance on Christmas night given ’
by James .Johansen, was a very grand j
affair. There was a very large crowd
In attendance and every one enjoyed
themselves ’until two o'clock. Good
order was maintained throughout the
evening Kvervone went home feeling
It was good for them to have been
there. One of the main feature* of the
evening was a prize wait/, for a hand
some vase to be given to the best lady
waltzer. there wa*about 12or 10 couple
competed tor the prlz*, ar.d It wus won
by Mr. James Johansen a id Mrs A
HollUajr Hate*
via the Burlington Koute, Dee. 24, 28,
Jl and Jan. 1st. between station* not
more than 200 miles apart. Return
limit Jan. 2, 1890. Take advantage of
this low-rate opportunity and spend
Christmas with the old folk*. They
are counting on you. The Christinas
turkey and the Christmas pudding are !
all ready. Kat them where they should j
he eaten—At Home with your own
people—among your own friend*.
Tickets and full information at the
B. & M. depot.
I or Mother' ■ Christmas
Home thing that will plea* e her. make
supper getting easier. One of those
meklc plated teapots at Watkinson’a.
Profanity .Prevented.
One thing will do it. thut is a sharp
razor. Warranted razors at Watkln
Tills oltlee has a complete 2ft |siuml foul
lit Nonparll type for sale cheap, the face of
w hich is shown In this notice. Reason for
selling Is Hut we have Just Invested In a
large font of Nonparll of a different manu
facture. The font ts complete with a large
annmnl of figures i|iputs amt spaces. It ta
first olaaa in evsry particular amt cau he
bought for aliuost half I he price of a new
tout of I he same else, chile**
Ugo, I llgast Hot an. Publisher,
Awarded Highest Honors,
World's Fair.
A |'ai« l l< i t, t I t l‘ w
i * A** •* a-.» a soy •«•** 11 iSinet,
40 Yt AMft TMt sIaMUKO
lft JA. Dl*Pu*®
I Inti | woman when
? 1111| lithe xaya our
lOnoiln are the
Only Onex lo Huy, H(
eauae alie known what ahe
In IxlkiUK nlionl,
Ai|/ue with her
[when ahe
| Our I'rleea are
Monev-Sa vkr»
Him tiilkx like
a xenalhln woman who
know- what’ii what.
yourself forgo
ing to some oth
er store instead
of Ours. You
know that yon enri offer no jg
reason (hut esn lie sufficient * ™
for passing flic store where
the Hkst find ('lirAFKST
go together.
Kxpect your
wife to meet
you pleasantly
if you've gone
to some other
store tlnifi Ours, when she
expressly told you to go
nowhere else. Don't do
these things if you expect
to live long and keep \our
huir on. ^
Dry Goods, Groceries, Qaeensvare, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps, Formsliii Goods,
Notions* Etc*
We havegot the Strongest Lino We have Ever Offered in this Market, All at Extra Low Prices.
Now York Store. Loup City, Nebraska
_____ _— .....-.. m
Those who tire Indebted to me for
t wine or otherwise call and not
tie at once s* I need the money due me.
T. M. Heed.
Notice I* hereby given that I will not
be responsible for any debt* and pur
chases made by M. I\ Ford.
I). FoitD. Agf.
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder
World's Pair Highest Medal and Diploma.
For Farm* wagon*, carriage*, buggle*
and road wagon*. We are headquart
er*. w. p. Rued.
A choise half section of highly cul
tivated land for sale. Price 82400.00.
For further particular* call on or ad
dress. FiMIKK & BEN'*! IIOTEK,
at Loup Oltv.
Huy a nice Parlor Lamp for an
Xmas present for your wife for sale at
Xms* ami the Small Hoy
Often you wonder what to get him
for X mas, let us suggest one of those
nice pocket knives or pair of skates, for
sale at Watkinsou'*.
The Oaily State Journal gives every
subscriber -ending 81 on subscription a
guess In a piano contest. The person
guessing the correct or nearest l" the
correct number of vole* that w ill be
east for supreme judge this fall will
get tills sl.Mi piano free. The contest
closes October dl Hend fora free sam
ple copy of 'I'he Journal with Ibis oiler i
The Journal 1» cheap ill price now. .’a* j
cents per mouth without Sunday, or ti.i
cents w ith Sunday. Address Stale j
Journal. Lincoln, Neb,
ti.i.«tiart minx nisi ami.u.
"IS* llxrlsSil l imited," « Sei* fratu
Cklissu lu saw ifsHtlsu.
The fastest train In the world. <11*
talice cuostdeicil, will run Via Ihe
I'm Inti I’acinc system. t'«iiimeiiclng
No* Iftli the l IDOH Paciltc will run a
ihrooah *rcii dailt trout i'otitic 11 Hill Its
to *iau Franelsest and Lo* \ugcli's,
m iki >g the ! tio of I 'HiI ill *!*»>
list it | ■ tlllllv ll%«* •lllllUl*** IhU trull!
Mill MlM«l!!, * I** n III ******.
| |1> |l. Ilk IM || kll% i 1*411
H I k |. II* Ullti klijr, «M«I | «•* \»I4»*Iva
II) !•! I! Ul. IN* Mllhi s|nj , nthiug
i ItltHltf tl hllttiiikit |»«» tl»U* hu«!<li|f
V (HI Ilf H Irf ,»•*'»» 41!»I | I 'll If! H «||
) Mill M i! 4!i I I INI I* « H* »Uft*
4Hl| 4»* f»«| lit feVtft | Ill# 111 * I )<|tt*)
Hmui* I; I I,OH A \ .
11*11 I 4 Mi i h 4I I .iulkf,
t Miiilu Nr•»
-If you will go to
.Jewelry Store you will see what
saw. It was the finest assortment of
Holiday Goods
in town. And they are fresh from
the factories of New York Just had
finished unpacking and arranging
them for the trade. There were
— a complete line of—
Holiday presents cull on
He Irani * i<*>
We will pay this Sinounl for each and
•very ease of • ATAHUll thst
Kttcky Mountain Catarrh Cure
I ni in to cure.
It t» to In it|»|illi«| <Urm*t|y
to 111* |»«rU, ti l)t t t| il Irk t y
i » i itrf I hum tu lieulty at I ion
iMu* mouth* iitittliimtit (*nly oi l m*l
UitllMf fur <V rut*t• itftlvrr or atauuM,1
mucky mountain mi* to
t *M*|ii)i . I*t?nv«ir» Col
The HeuthWeekly htete .lournel wilt
he »eui to suy etltlrese from now ontll
feuuery I, |su?, lor one dolter, ‘I‘lti«
Will give you thst great twice a-week
p..p«<r every I’ueoley end t-rdey ,01
duiiuc the fallceiupeigii. end through
the coming greet pieuhnutlel cum
feign. .Istiuery, I'ttf, t» a losg wav*
.■Il end you will In* getting e greet l t
of t«.td!ng metier fur veur duller
the Jouinet I* elwey* eh<ed uf I hi
IMtee e week end U t> ellv ttutlli
tw ic* e» touch It n the leitu** • deity
It* uieikst ir|Hi*li ere complete end
you g« I them tw ice I week || .» u le.l
w tlh choice fetully reedlcg m eddttlon
lo ell it.* dele end nePnoel letegiephic
kno Print* llliMlreted 'tone* hv th
wurhl'* greet**! euthuo the
vim *end e iMtot the more | «|«u «.«•
wilt get for vuut money. A.|di« *
\r hi Ac*, s wiete Joumel Lincoln Net*
1:45 1’ M. Leave* 0:50 1'. M
A. F. WK.RTS.Agt ^
Beginning Sunday. November 17th.
trains will arrive ami depart at this
station a* follows:
Leaves Leaves
Monday. i . Tuesday, i
Wednesday. Thursday. [ *■■
Friday, )#',H amnia y | H‘1,1
Arrives at Loup City dally 7.>5p.rn.
(dose connection at Orund Island for
all points Ku*t and West
F. W. Clink, Agent
W'lil and improved lands for sale. And
money to loan on real eslule.
LOUP CITY, . • lIBKilli.
j fi II. GIBSON,
West Side Public Hipmre.
Lour City. • *, • Neb.
() BEN8CH0TER, a
prop, ok EXPRESS and
All Espres* or freight orders promptly
ittleiided to
j orr ICE -lu Read and Marey Block, East
aide Public sonata, Loup Oily, Noli.
Graii Dealers
VwiulU, M« Aljiiiu*, IdMi|»('itvt
Slmti|i|i Hilling ami A*},u„,’ ’
M \IN (>F» H E A I UU P rj ry *
AH it mu. b mini |« M. AlpHio or
St liaupp Siding u<Uta M(, |(t,
t .. .. ni,„l «i lump tH|y ,.r ^,Uu,M
* 111 e ami lam.tic »l,«i '
(ilirs l« it lhiw« staUtms l*g|j ah,|
j See o* Mm* selling ela*«h«r*
■ ▼