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    \Y\ K. Mellor, Resident Agent for 15. & M. Lands. YY'ild, Improved and Irrigated Lands for sale.
^mtrnmmmm——. I
Lioaal F?sws.
A Boone. TilK Jeweler.
pllger has some line Cabbage.
Iluvderi Bros. Dry Goods, Omaha.
Boots and shoes at Henry Doll
| *f»K»
>ee T. L. Puget's new add In this
Pllger has u choice lot of apples for
sale cheap.
Pllger has some choice Onions, Bed
and Yellow
Mr.Kansgan. of Clear creek, In
the city Monday.
Pllger has some Kxcellent Horne
made Hauer Kraut. ,
Gold rimmed glasses $2.00 per pair
at tVaikinsoii's before the holidays.
Line your Big Sleeves with Chamolse
Fiberlne. 04 Inches wide, for sale at
Pllger handles only the Choicest goods, (
and hi* good* are all Clean, Fresh and |
Pllger Is Hole Agent for the Celebrat
ed St Paul Flour F.very sack war- 1
Pllger ha* some New Sweet Cider. 1
The only Pure Cider ever brought lo
Hherinsn County.
Heo A. Boone’s new add on this psg«, (
and then go anil see hi* new assortment ,
of Jewelry Just received.
A. Foltz, of the Hound Front barn ,
1ms Invested In a bran new buggy to ,
add to his livery equipment. ,
llenry Heck the newly elected Super* |
visor from district No. 5, was doing |
business it the hub last Wednesday.
Mr. Roily Hbettler, who has been I
going to school at this place this winter, <
returned to his home in Box Butte Co. <
last Monday. •
PiIger has the only Pure Buckwheat ‘
Flour In Sherman County. Raised the
seed himself and had It ground into t
Buckwheat flour. ,
( and Grip.—Colds and Grip 1
are one and the same thing. Dr. Hum- I
phreys' Specific "77” cures them both. 1
For sale by all druggists 1
Mr.and Mr*. A. B. Outhouse were
given a surprise last eve when a rium- 1
ber of friend* walked In to spend the ]
evening. A very pleasant time was en- <
Joyed by all. i
A party at Mr. and Mrs. Stahl's Wed* 1
nesday, Dec. lltb, was well attended.
Progressive spelling was the order of '
the evening and an enjoyable time was
had by all present. I
Dr. Southerland, president of the j
Grand Island College, gave a lecture
In the Baptist Church at this place on 1
Dec, 16th, 1896 The lecture both '
morning and evening was quite well '
II. C, Naylor, of Callaway, was dig
ging a well In Dawson county two '
weeks ago, when the hoisting rope '
broke and dropped a bucket of dirt on
him, causing lujuries from which he
died two days later- Monitor.
Last Tuesday night was election i
night for the Modern W’oodman and
brought out a large number of Wood
man who take great Interest in their
camp and it* wellfare. After the pre
liminaries of the meeting had been
gone through with the camp proceeded
to elect lu officer* for the ensuing
year, which resultad a* follows
G. II. Gibson, V.C.; J. L. Hopper, W,
A ; W. H. Conger, Clerk; J. I. Depew,
Excellent Banker; W. J. Fisher, Escort
and Joe McCoy, Chief Forester.
At a meeting of the G A. K. Post of
this city last Saturday afternoon the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: W. T. Owens, re-elected
Comander; Samuel Hancock, S. V.;
Geo. Ware, J. V.; Jehn M. Taylor,
Chap.; Walter Mood, <J. M.: Capt. J.
Winkleman, O. D.; Lewis Uechthold.
Guard. Lewis Uechthold was also
elected a delegate to the state en
In conversation with Mr. C. Itle
moud, of Clay township a few gays
ago we learned that while he was on
his return trip from Omaha last week
where he had been to market a car
load of cattle, he was boarding a train
at Lincoln when thee men Jammed
into the entrance to the car where he
was standing, seemingly in a great
hurry They cornered him au»l al
mast Instantly robbed him of some live
dollars In change which he ha 1 In his
pant* pock-t. then rushed through disappeared. Mr. Blemonu
hail considerable u >ney in his inside !
vest pocket which the thieves failed to |
A very pleasant party was given In
Vt atUltisi u's hall yesterday afternoon,!
at which there were about thirty Invited I
guests At home cauls were issued by
Mr«. A. Wilkinson of th * city, and
visiting Itdv ft lend Ml** Fluey, of
Otloway, Kansas l‘h# lioms mis
gtveu nut from three to five o'clock j
p m. and a splendid social tin .< enjoyed
by all Itefreshmeuis were served a 1
bout I o'clock and the occasion I* spot,
*u of a* bring th* mo»t pleasant gather. I
lug ever known in Ihe city, tine ut
the pilhSlpa! features of lb* e ,
was the pretty *ou*< inei cards w hich
were prepared by Mr* A MaUmson.j
A bSNOlllful flowey was painte.l on each
c»»d anil th* luiliil ieiler* \V K
wit re also painted on, They will doubt
lea* lie preserved for years as a me
ineiilo of the icaslun
WHAT:: 24 lb* of Sugar for $1 00 at
pure Maple Syrup ami Buckwheat
Ilnur at Ga»teyera
Mastodeti Minstrel* at the Opera
Mouso tomorrow night.
Guasteyer sells strictly Pure New
York Apple Cider 30 ct*. p«r gal.
W. A. 'Vllsoo, o Ashton w as doing
iiisliiess In our city last Monday.
Gasteyer sell* tfueenswiire and Fancy
,'hlna at remarkable low price* for
Did y«n g‘'t one of those fancy china
•ups with 1 lb of .lapail lea at Gasify
J. T. Male has one of the largest and
(nest Jack* on the river which he calls
Jobu Buchner, of Bristol township
vas doing business at. the county seat
You can bey nice smoked ham at
lohn Egger* Meat Market at 10 cent*
»er pound, the finest In the market.
Hired Mam 12< cents.
Mr. W. M Conger now has charge of
he lot* and lands of the Barker estate
icrc, and we understand he will soon
tut them on the market.
Tin; Modern Woodman and their
aril I lie* will eat their Christmas dln
ler at their Mall this year, and all
nembera are requested to lie on band
vitli their basket so salth the camp.
Janie* Johansen ha* purchased a
iand*ornc tlower vase to give as a prize
o the best lady waltzer on Christmas
dght. The vase can be seen at A.
tonne's Jewelry Store where ft was
.fumes Gray, of Clear creek, was In
he city lust Tuesday and dropped Into
ur sanctum tor a pleasant chat. Mr.
iray is one of Hbcrinari counties sub
tantial farmers and an old pioneer
Day Id Royer, of Washington town
hip was at thn hub Friday and called
>n us during hi* stay, lie paid nil
tack due* on subseription and one
ear In advance. Mr. Royer thinks
arming will be a paying occupation
>ext season.
W. T. Gibson, 8 E. Gallaway, J ts.
ifcDonalil, Jss Johansen and H B.
Gsher started out to commence work
m the oew bridge across Oak creek,
lorth of Warmlnskl’s, last Monday
norning Mr Gibson ha* the contract
or the construction of the same and
t will be built under his supervision.
The Mastodon Minstrels will produce
he first of a series of plays at the Opera
lonse to-morrow evening, Saturday,
)ec. 31st. They have spared no pains to
nake the play a success and It will no
loubt be a rare treat It will be a reg
ilar negro show from start to finish,
ice hand bills for further particular*.
The Ladles of the G. A. K. Circle
teld their regular annual meeting last
Saturday and re-elected Mr*. Jnnrile
)wen, ('resident: Mrs Thos. Inks, 8. V.;
Mrs. Conger. J V.; Mrs. J. L. Hawk,
hap ; Mrs. 8 A. Gibson, Guard. Del
igates to Department Encampment at
4maha, Mr*. W. H. Conger, Mrs. Thos.
nks: Alternate Delegates, Mrs. J L.
lawk, Mr*. 8. Hancock and Mr*. Geo.
Died:--Herman Clausen, aged 43
rears and six months died at hi* humc
n Clay township, Dec. 14, 1809, of
Lung fever. Mr Clausen has been a
-estdent of Sherman county for quite
i number of years and was a much re
jected citizen. He had been married
>n)y three month* prior to his death to
Mrs. Win, Sboenlng. He was formerly
i member of the German Society of
his city which society took aharge of
.he funeral services which were held
>n Monday,Dec. 16. The remains were
interred in the Kvergreen < 'emetary
VV. II Conger and W. T. Oweus went
jp to Cole creek last Monday to see
heir old comrade, R. J. Wilson, who
was reported very sick with lung lever
Mr. W ilson was found to l>e daagorously
II but at last accounts was though' to
l>e some improved LateH: -Jasl as
se are ready for the press this morning I
we learn that Mr Wlisou died last
svenlng Dec. I#tit, at 10 o'clock. Mr. |
Wilson was an old soldier and a mem- 1
her of hlnluh Post. (I. A. It. of tills city, i
lie served as private In Co 1), Wilt
Iteg., Wisconsin li.fantrr A* we go
to press arrangements for luneral have
not been made
Our attention was directed across
the street yesterday loan unusual clr
L-umslaiicu ami being curious to kowu
lomelhlng about It we crossed over snd
low and behold it Was Joe Church with
s baby In hit arms. The little thing old
not cry a* it was caielully wrapped so
as not to tie exposed to the cold, and
Joe wa> tenderly embracing It lu his
strong am*, We el one* became curious
to see the child and learn something of
Its history, w htither lost. found or stolen
snd so asked hlua what he had and all
shout It, Jue>saw that the jig wa* up
snd that an I’Xplauet oe was necessary
slid he Ulilupped Hi* little one and ills
idoa*d to view a l>rlght eyed Utile baby
it'll with rosy i has ka and unborn ring
lets It teemed happy and outvoted
ss lie loudly taeld It np to view |i
|>m ed to tie a large wax doll, almost
life sta« and handsomely dressed, whiilt
he said he was going tu send to a little
girl as a • htlsimai present.
from Clear Creek.
Since my la I letr»- death h >* entered
the home of llan- Heck, and taken tru r
tltrlr inldat the youngest »nn. a bright
youth of eight aumnter*. II* wn> alck
but a abort flm« but died vert mu x
John Knave I* emiv*'#»»eenr.
The gnod people on the creek picked
Kirk'* corn which will he a great help,
a* the a|e|fne<« of III* family got hint
behind with hi* work
Teeter I* enjoying a rl*it with hi*
•l*ter iiinl her hu*b«ntl from Kao***
ll>- I* a mi later of Duncard per«in<
•Ion atftl It I* to b« hofted that he will
convert Teeter to the Dunciil faith
before he leave*.
The election of officer In then. A II
at r itchfleld reunited In the election of
Joaepb Littlefield,
The election i>f officer* In the Modem
Woodman Lamp, of Litchfield, revolted
In the election of Fred Stark a* L'oun
«t| lUcoRirKfi.
rrniii l.tlcMIeW Monitor.
A deal wm negotiated tbl* week,
whereby T II. Keaanner exchanged hi*
town property for Melvin Lowery'* kit
acre farm adjoining town.
Mr*. F. W, Tate and children return
ed Friday from Humphrey and Llnd*ay.
where they have been vlalting for *ever
ul week*. The elder Mr. Tate, who ha*
been In poor health for »orne time I* r< •
ported much better.
Mr. John Drake Hr returned Satur
day from Smith county, Kan«ot, where
he had been ordered to be examined
for a penalon. Mr Drake *a;* the
ehancea are that, a penalon will he aJ
lowed, with aotne hack pay We *ln
cerely hope that It will turn out a* ex
pected.** the applicant I* deaervlng of
a good liberal "quarterly,”
The Village Hoard has decided to do
nate $100 toward purchasing liuru
ment* tor a brass i>»nd when «n or
ganization is perfected, which wll|
probably be soon. The instruments
will be controlled by the village author
m . , - ■ ■»'
Mr Frank Fiala, who sold Ills lino j
farm In Hherman county, near ltavenna,
a year or two ago and moved to Flo ride,,
where be had been I d to believe a for
tune was to be made In the lumber bus
iness, ha* left Florida and moved to
Missouri, where he ha* rented a form.
His Florida venture was a failure, finan
cially, w« are told, and the health ol
bis family demanded hi* return Vo the
north. Messrs Frank Valek, John
Petrlek and John Maly and families
who moyed to Florida with Mr, Fiala
have all returned north, except Mr.
Petrlek, who died shortly a'ter leaving
here,—ltavenna News.
Ifoll'laj' Hates
via the Burlington Koute, Dec. 24, 25,
lil and Jan. 1st, between stations not
more than 200 miles apart. Return
limit Jan. 2, 18tW. Take advantage of
this low rate opportunity and spend
Christinas with the old folks. They
are counting on you. The Christmas
turkey and the Christmas pudding are
all ready. Hat them where they should
be cateo—At Home with your own
people—among your own friend*.
Tickets and full information at the
H. &. M. depot.
Foit Hunt:—1 will be in ltoekvllle
on the 20th day of December at II
o'clock a. in. to rent the following
lands. The south half of north west
quarter of *ectlon 3, and lot one of sec
tion 17, all In township 13, range IS of
the Mill* estate, arid the south west
quarter of the south west quarter of
sectson 8, in townsnlp 18, range 13 of
the Chas.C. Reasland estate.
Jacob Ai.beks,
Administrator for both estate*.
I or Mather's Chr talmas.
Something that will plea e her, make
•upper getting easier. One of those
ruckle plated teapots at Walk in son’s.
Profanity Prevented.
One thing will do It, that is it sharp
razor. Warranted razors at Watkln
Kutt SALK.
This office has a complete ‘Hi pound font
of Nonparll type tor saleehcap, the fac > of
which Is shown In this notice. Itcason for
selling is tint we have Just Invested In a
large font of Nouparll of a different manu
facture. The foul is complete with a large
amount of figures i|iiad» and sjstre*. It I*
flrsl-elass In every particular and can he
Isinght for almost half the price of a new
font of the same alre. Address
ftto. fc llassi'Hot km, Publisher.
Ian r City HoamweaTnue.
Awarded Highest Honor*.
World s Fair.
A puts (.upe t >t of 1 1 1 I silii
ft*, ft. s *»■ » lit Atum *t « «■«*
4* UAR* tmi itardakd
g Dlapnin u i'Ij a ^
T woman when
I-lie num our
11 are the
0 Often to Huy. Be
■ e he known what Hint
I- liti. bout,
j Alette a tilt her
'< § A 1 ‘ ’ hi n nh«' nayn
1 l|| I (tur I'ruf'H are
i B|| | M -NKY-.-UVKR*. (
•AJ UA* ''III' talk* like '
n ntii*ihU' witinuti who
known wlmt’ii what.
Jx Try t>> excuse
■ Inn tv,',,rw,r
I I llll |,u-tomcne Oth
I 11111 |<u atorc indeed
AJUU X„( ()ur». Vou
know that you ceil offer no
rcaeon Unit cun be Hufflclent
for |;'iH‘dng tin more where
the lit HT ttlld rilKAl'KNT
o together.
"PI J < Kxpect y o u r
I nil Twife to meet.
Illlll lv"u
| Hill I if you’ve gone
Ip, mo me other
• ore than (Jura, when she
< Xjucusly told you to go.
no where elm). Don't do
theae thing* if y ou expect
to live long and keep j\oui
hair on.
Notions* KW**
We biive got the Strongest Line We have Ever Offered in thi- Market, Allut Extra Low Price*.
f oup BAIT is BARGAINS &«
New York Store. Loup City, Nebraska
Those who are indebted to me for
twine or otherwise please call and set- j
tie at once as l need the money due me j
T. M Rkkd.
Notice is hereby given that i will not
be responsible for any debts and pur*!
Chases made by M. P. Ford.
J. it. Font*. Agt.
_ I
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
For Farms wagons, carriages, bugglc
and road wagons. VVe are headquart
ers, vv. p. Rkkd.
A cholse half section of highly cill
tivated land for sale. Price $2100.00,
For further particulars call on or ad
dress. FlSHKU & JtKN*< IDtTKK,
at Loup < ’itv.
, liuy a nice Parlor Lamp for an
Xmas present for your wife for sale at
Cash paid for chicken* at Loup City
every f’Saturday.
J A. ComVKitsK.
Xmuand the Simtl! Boy.
Often you wonder what to get him
for Xmas, let us suggest one of those
nice pocket knives or pair of skates, for
sale at NVatkinson’s.
The Dally (state Journal gives every
subscriber sending $1 on subscription a
guess in a piano contest. The person
guessing the correct or nearest to the
corret t number of votes that will I
cast for supreme judge this fall util
get litis $4.VJ piano ffee. The contc.t
e|o»ea October III. (send fora free sain
i pie copy of The Journal with this off er
[ The J< Hinuil i** v11**•*11 ui |>i it'p now, V)
I 4’4‘nt* |»t*r iii4»iitli without Nuioiuy oMIA
j 4’4‘I'Im with HumUy. AilUrc** HUU*
' .loinuni, Lim olu. Nob,
’•f Ii« (hurUud l,imiUhl,M n S$»w Timm*
rhio$((i t«$ Mmii I riMM iM iit
Thu fHftit ftt train kn the wurht. *11 »*
i tDiii'it riifi*}ih'it*<(, tviil run v.* tin*
l'|| I Oil l*JUilL’ Nyultm, 4 out till* IK') | 4,
Sov lith fIk* Cit*ah I'tKJUl* will t - tt *t
! through tglti *htllv from ( ormi'ti Iti«iit
in Nrtii l i tm Uiii himI Lin
: making ilMV ftM of 1 ns) mil*'' m ' V \
| hour* thtrtv flw utlhuffN* Tbb train
j will |4«mv*» Mtu thu, ** l*t *i m Ogjrit,
I lu |i, in irnxl thi i Hum lfi»w u,
* T’» |i II* t J »)«) , Mini l.o« ti!4> n
! !0at«tt ii m, ihi* ttitii! iliit tuinlMg
Through I'mIIihmi 1 >** L**• |>ri**)tig
I MI4>111 Nl* *' i • Mill) iMlllhg l‘.|f til PMIt
Lrgrn A* o mol !.«** Angola II mif
iiml ta r tii .mi* v>4 ' Tim hu iUimI
Moult** L |, MiM U,
Mil l. I't«* Aht* hituf Aitishf.
I Ml* iliM \»l>
-If yon will go to
Jewelry Store yon will me wbui
saw. It wan the finest assortment of
Holiday Goods
in town. And they are fresh from
the factories of New York Just had j
finished unpacking and arranging !
them for the trade. There were
—a complete line of—
Holiday presents call on
*100 iteivarrf ■ 100
Wii will pay till. aiiinunt for each and
every ease of < ATAItitll that
Kooky Mountain Catarrh ('im*
fails to cure.
It U plriotuhi to tttktt. !« upplhMt <lir*HJtly ,
to ilid utfwled pnrt», closmintt und <jui«kty
n ^iorln«( Oj©ui to lit*«*]t y to t mu
OiH* imiiilbn tieutiuunt only » or trial '
l*ot tld lor&i) centiiillvor (it *»i un»j -
Cooper tHdff, Mitv*»r« Cut.
YOt 1.1, WANT Till
The Heini-Weekly Stale Journal will
he vent to any addr**** front nmv untilj
lanuaiy 1, ImiT, fur one dol lar, l id.
will give yon Unit great twice , w*ag
|m|M>r t’vary 1'ue.rlay and I t.'lay «t|
ilurln tlw fall ctititpaign. and through
lit* entiling great can.
I sign. January. |-;*? tan l*«g wava
nl! und >tnt will lie gelling « gieat I t
of re tting matter fm > dollar
l ire Journal I. alw'tv. ale1 1 .-I tin*
M Wcek |•«j •*r- iinl la r, *dv worth)
twin* it* tench* It iattie farmer', dally
It. market report* are enmphte anil
volt gat tin tit lain* a u * r* It j* gtleil
w Ith choice family reading .*• aiUlllluu
In all ttn* ** and nat’nnal tekgrc.pMv
M**w. 1*1 tilt* lllu.tral*al atialiv. ov th*
w■trill'* vr*atc*t a :t|nti», The niaam.*t
t mi aetid a dollar the no tv paper* a i»u
wilt get Im tour money \ < j
N*i)ta*ka winli’ JiniMitl I on ,.ln X*t;> |
I :4H I' M. Leave* fi:50 I'. M
A, F WKHTS, Agt ^
Beginning S .inlay. November 17th,
train* will arrive anil depart at this
elation a* I Blow*:
Leaves Leaves
Monday. t - ... Tuesday, i ....
Wednesday, Thursday. [J J
Friday, a Hilda y | a‘
Arrives at Loup City daily 7.i,'ip.ui.
Close connection at Grand island for
all points East and West
F. W. Cl,INK, Agent
yyr .f.FiSHi It,
W‘Id and unproved lands for sale. Anti
money to loan on real estate.
West Hide Public Square.
Lou i* City, .... Skk.
litoi*. ok EXPRESS anii
All Express or Freight orders promptly
ituindod t«
\y L KAMI,
HFFlUE -In Kami ami Marry llm«a, Kasl
side I'ublm Mtuarn, lamp Oily, Neb.
■Vrf olia, MrAljii III'. IdlRJl ( if \ ,
Shnup|» hilling iiiisl Ashiou
M UN Gl I l< L AT I «.| |. ,.,i y
AH gran, hauled lu Me Mpip, up
, li .upp Milling III iteU ate lu he
’ * *’ *■ (’t|> <i iiiiipii
i »• n'.ii i, < its Altai Itte ttiaigel
t',»i! anil