The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, May 27, 1892, Image 1

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The Loup City Northwestern.
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fcl,KVh>f)l HiA».I.OUP CITY. SHEHMAN COUNTY. NEBRASKA, MAY 27. \WM. m:mhi;k 28
AT d/an. Me
morial day
rm-a»? Well, If
anything, it
There can never
■gain ire a civil war In tha land now
k. Mfhted by the atara ami le/nnd together
i| with the *tripe» of America * banner
i Two metal* cannot be mingled together
I Until nilbji-cted tii a heat that will melt
■ «he,„ There are metal* too hard for
I- mt ttae to which we would put them.
I fiterc are other* too *oft, but we fu*e
I id Mugu together, end the amalgam re*t»U
I mt attrition of time, perform* with
I ’ftiltlew. truth the work we would have
■■■Ip, and carrle* it* wort.iy ijualitie* to
I and men of wltorn wa never
M tthat fierce ruahlng i-together of
■ -gjgbie* lii our late war there waa the
Hgjj|Kgace heal of iiaiwdou wbleh commuted
■ (Sperry eauaeof hatred. No power on
hut American* could have In
|&)B|efl the aeceding *t»tr». No |>eopl«
Jv Mae rill but American* could *o long
■«>^Bpe re* l* tel the attack* of vletorlou*
1 gMklcn Hut Ilia day wheu while
ill wfngc-l peace *wept pa*t the flaming
■ tppal* of war, extlnguiMilng It* lurid
I Mm#, that day wa* kolhlilted Into one a
| people who luut never liefore le-eii
I united It wae little enough that the
nation *et apart oua day for timeout
i ineotorallon of an event which made ua
I what cycle* of peace could never have
amuimpluhed. It I* fitting that once a I
year to the end of time we paiiMi and
pay the tribute of regard to the melt
wlio maile their nation indda. It la fit
ting we loach our children. whoku
blckoeit ear* have never leu u dlMnrbeil
by the reverberation* of angry artillery,
that to the end of time a perfect peace
ahall dwell In all **nr border*,
It la filling they khouhl know with an
laereaotng knowledge with ea* h nod* h
year that thl* lm|**rial land can (ear no
fug, that there 1* no power on the earth
wlkoae arm can May Ihe wrath of Ju*Uy
roUMul i oiumh-a. that there U li*> pow
er wh***e aruked boat* call ever tread Ho
anti bapiived al dawn by Atlantic • Ml
Mw* and at evening by the ailver *ui f
that whl*|a»r* of I'acllli tele*
Hut there I* a leereii «llll greater
The triumph of arm* wa* the pnarl >4
I he if u*» Icaatie** A lullliou men can
not make right a wrong All Hu arinke*
of the ea*| > aiinot create a virtu*1 Hut
the mind of man la now open to reaaou
In the (killing »hadow of Hi* Hag whl*. h
eomiwnu oat* • the day, In the memory
«f tha men whom a* rifle* Houle tM*
amice po*» let ll*l* truth *tnh Into
uwr heart* that m**I t* with u* In the
right I Iw vl* toriu* nwnni f -r **wf
naMoh lu*w are tin el* I on* of pea-•
The noM**t *1**4* of all the earlhare
not the dm U *kl M- I IM pure*!,
Mr»ug**t. trwe*l a>-wta air tl< * of men
wh*»* hand* *i letter geatl*, of won*
M, wh**M M-arta were never Mung
with hate
Memorial day d*wa n*d remind of a
•a*-*fvd natum cement**!, hut a -ingle
P*. pie ia*l l*t" he erw I Me of iMu Hon
ami fu*ed *n in* no ll o one T hl*
heller metal »k*M Iw lh» Man t*rd of
et-elbio* f*r all *1*0*1 n* then*
tn*n* of the earth *h*ilntafh w* a* Ihelf
model T’h* w l*»i *m of ail land* *haii
learn of u*
And thereby *»one* the hlnmpd but
dm It We la* iking* out deed* mw*t
t**‘l» Uk kUiKly, If wv, DMIiftiiiuil by a
len'nnu mi ututfnlfU&ni dm tint wliU-l,
|ll*/l tlinr |ff*y*0 with hvr'H D It *v* In
yriviUtflml Ui (Print Ut* yvi»y to Iwttar
iilb/o, tlk'fi "b-t Ut* wnrti* </f 141 r
BfruthaAnd tb* HM»Mt*tl<m«<ri our U**rU
•j» w**oin,\t\* in 'J'liy oljfht, O,<l, our
KratitfUi Mid our ll*ti**iti*r'."
hulUir Amhdthomu.
Tin IIMmm W* Mur* la » »«f,
Tb* «lrcu»»f*rreoii« iA tb* aftrtb’a
rrbit i* fttaiut fll'i.WjJAHi mUt», that of
,).* umm/u ftbottt 1,WO,M3 wUm.
On* avanlwr Dfur UtuumiUm 4oy,
1 lln**r*4 wb*n tb* r*at bo,I gpn* away
Awl oo4ly »ir<4l*4 olauiue lto» ar*v*a own*,
Wlib Inch ' 'll ftnwaro by Inrlng homla bo
I low mony tWmybla oil bln my I wort ownkol
Of k**n*ot nn m«ri*o U»* now* *|*,k*. i
Tb* llll** bn olb*4 </f peo<, awl )ny annve, 1
Awl *v*ry liny I,luaouui wbUpor*4 ”l*,va. ”
TW b ou44*nly I fatt arwiwl in* tb*r«
Tb* pr*o*ws* nf tb* 4*o4. banian owl foil,
Awl III my b‘ orl 0* dla4 iiaaali'Uno drew
Tn*l all „,ir,artbly Inr* lb*y »»w owl know
f l„rw 4 away In gull tb* b„!y plana,
Wb*n In » vul„n nf any*IU pro.*,
A W aelawna p-wtore o* *r P, bo liirttut,
II, a KIWI un my alyht owl b*Pl in* In lb* apnt
A lltll* mil*! »»a a to win,a by o frava;
II, r k,‘r Ml fr*a in mony a *»l,i, n wo**,
Awl win a ab i */k*41 taw wlibln liar «yoa
Tb, only drat, ibal a*»ryima poa».,l l,y.
Awl when I ll.mylil nf II II luwli, ,w , ry
.. Ho it by lb* wilbiw in* la win#
t'uvofiaj an I In. I* wttball lb,on pr, ily ft„w,
My I’m I* frank a ba ll m v, r ,af»,l kw o
l> ■ i. , 11,i» up*ii II. a ,.w I Ihn.w
H'bnn In oaa ak„l ( w bt ai’4 my yran pa
*0 V,
An I uyiny ,oi Ibo tti 14 nf botin lay
< 4* IH
l*f J
til *». I ••*> It t. f » 4- ‘ if‘t’ ' • * •
Ji< it
* «»!#• Mi. VW * • • ao * IH #Mi l
i %|4iit4
ll’IKlU >• * M»H« M.«t«l I tin if *
0hI« til MM* 4 tar 1,4*0 t «♦ *V*» it* t‘r» I ft dt*J«
#*•.*.( »* • y -*•» Hr «*4 kum
4|nU» fe»f
| u t bti»t !* »• imIii- #%4 U. (0' itiit't U»t#
ItM t<
Ok M «*•**•*> 44 fltm n*4
In'i’M •»«•!*•. «< I IlffM 0* * »4«M* . ' l
•« I • ittt'MMt tH« »*4i4fe#« M0 ' til»4 •♦4
H» MM *Wfc«H. tU* t tllMN
Will IN MlwfH .if i i «fm* (N
}#} 4*1 Ui# lift Mt»»d mMH II >H*m
H« |titii>f of IK hU*» fell I * |‘jrt ' Of
lHi‘ Wttlt? iff ‘*Mf *»‘Mfilf JP iltlt t*f
Ht )>«!« 40 %i I H|NtM IH * »ti
tf tU « mlit. It # IH* hfll»0 <1 IH u l| fl
• 44ih), tfekfffl lUf VMlfeUuH* «fi>l
»*f H 4>f. h)«4 (fuff iHi it *i* *t luf
In if i tt*H» n • H.» Hi'ft
Uf» 01 I Ifill# Ilf'H IH IfeUifl'fl
Ut* tfw i I Hr IfttfMH ‘I IH*' !«•*««
>1 H«M 4•' ** tlMiiilrf lH« * »* 1*0
«4f w.Mhl J |iH"H| IH* HiflH'H* t.f
mflH 0H«H nr h«*I *h Umm. I Ho tint
H*l 40 444 (Ihm 4Hm A ill*.4 IH UtlH
of "Hr own nation arid Oman wlei '■'im#
to ii* from lamU la-yond tlw vti, *hall
cull to mi ml the principle# In vnlvrd, to
kiik'tuln which tlw aoldter# pre*#e<l hr
the fo/nt. laying down their ambition*,
comfort*, iieultli and lift; I laid f for tb*
good of tlwir country. » X
" Tie'll rover Item nr#/, '
Th**" Printer* i.f i/u/k,
1/1-11/ the//i wt'li girrianda
of heastlfql flower*" t
Hut, aayt the Orange Judd Varmar,
while on thl* day we turn nur thoughta
to tho*e who »leep, let ua not forget tha
remnant who mingle with ua and
aprinkte lilonanm* on their comradaq*
rekting place*. They mail* tha mum
willing Mwriflce* a* tie aw gnna, hut lira
to enjoy the rewardaof their patriotism.
Their number U few, leaa than when
they laat came on thia mlaaiou;
their atepa are growing more faabla,
tlwir forma more turut.
A MiwneWl oar W ho*. J't/i War* Anil
a* fUelf.
WAH a typical
Colorado tprlng
•lay, clear and
heuutlful. The
vary ituioi
phera aparklad
with tha aenti
nreut of ueioo
riea, and tha
golden auulight
aaamed teeming
with racollec
tion of tha glo
rt«* and Borrow*
of war.
Hut Mamorlal
day at Hunart
Hollow waa hy
,.,# lueaii* tlw newt aiu/ph lou* event of
l lie yeur. In fact on thl* purthular
Meiwirial day It la ihiuhtful if urorg
than half of it* fifty inhabitant* wera
aware >,f tlw ocmmuhoii. Hut tlwra waa
one muu who knew what day It waa.’
I. <ng I. f the llr*l light* id dawn had
tu Inkh- | in no the cuaUrra hillto|M> Mila*
I.: in* h i left hi* Inal, lor an hour ha
.i I, 111 doorof hi* little hut gutting
' i.l Ini , Hie dark in #*, then with ta.m#
tiling like u dluui'iinl gllttenlugou Itia
hr- .ny ■ Iwclf lw turned, and lulling hi*
r<i iiiiuattat from tlw (e g* al*>ve tlw
in in i will out Tlu pallor "f ui'iri*
I. I on Ii I llllo 'lay, hilelillv he went
h , . I- the rit-ka and gr# ,, puna
In In Oi l there In pink U wild flowar
or U 'll In r Hi"** I'lvacuCv he *t>ip|ent
upon u 1'H'ell ledge cmuiMun ling a
hi i.o.i d |u' > .peel of tulluy uni hill
II. ii .i nle green mound knelt
ii . i i lo'itnigwl a garined of . u'.ver*
Up >lh 1 * I,niual toil I lien arltingr
In . inml him ■ If wild ti e elf uf
a i i.iil bringing hi* aei*ket to
I, i'er fir i’ll a v.«ll cy Into lie- air,
m . i. diKlulei 1.11 .Her lie nulled
fi . - 'a* ket udirtt o-l flag . on aide
« id. inti a ..ii und »;iivad
in. it ii|H, iin* gi-.uiid lw again tike
• k'.g< i in- lire arm Vine win. le*a/i
lw, i e- in* iihii n, ire r«*t, r*l In#
kl< |«* \* l .» a 1,1 ahln lw ele>*««»*l
a. ii .or ,r « liliw .
II * i m ' i lug »«ni tke l#H*«
' th la', ' ii'irilrai the eld man
" lwf*f
• I h. on i* n arhr game "
III M|,wpg,« laugh,#1 ‘14». jualruwt
f>r »«. , h' Of way he y-rnie
axclualvaly for the benefit of the people ho* been
agreed upon, with an emergency cl sum, to take
, full and complete effect on, and after
1909. MAT so. mm.
by and between the
G. E>. Gousrnmsnt an<d “?H6
F-fllR" oP Lioup Gity, r?sh>.
tbe only low pnoad, tlouble room store buibling
West of tbe Missouri river,
* Happy * Home * Clothing. *
Kvery garment warranted to give good aatlafaetlon
or UMHJty refunded,
Gent’s Suits at $6.75, worth $10.00
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We carry In atock a full and complete line of tbe
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training for the array? Don't you know,
old iuku, tliat the war la over? IVrhapa
you haven’t heiiril at It out tier*’ yet."
Nlln» Klklnn did not fcinlle, ’•Yen," he
muttered, "the war Mover then* twenty
yeur and through all them yearn on
thi» day thi* old munket ha* *uuy Iu
hattle '-ry. You *ee, it’* Memorial day."
Tl»e *lruiiy«r uiallied. "And did you
have friend* In the re hellion?"
The old man leaned ou III* yun.
"Mlrauyur. I tuul authln' better’ll
friend*. I luul boy* two on 'em,"
lie brimlmil a tear with 111* fcleeve,
••Yea. *ur, one III for the <d' ll*y, an'
■me fur th' new. Yuli ** e, one on 'em
took nrter III* mother, who bad aouUieru
blood "
"Were they l*ith killed?”
"Willi, iu» - nut '*aetly. They both
«ouu- ha U Iu me arter a year "lie III
yray an lother In blue Doth tied
hr«u wounded at Hull Hun, him In
blue ou the ley an' him In yray on the
arm Until on 'em weut bank Arter a
Month him In blue come back ny'lu
with the arnrvy. The iloetor lol’ me
to briny him out Here, but 'twarn't no
M, *1 rattyer, be dud. lie'* a-*l»*uln'
over itiar ou ill' Hill
"Ami the other * me’'"
"I never m Idm ay in. They *aid he
tell at V Uikabury I walled till nrter
the war wui over an' tlien I ooiae bark
here, no an’* to be near Ami,'’ The olil
mau wiped hi* eye*.
The atrauyer'* eye* were Wet, loo.
lie bail rolled ii|i III* fcleeve and »tood
fa, iny the old loan with outatmtahud
"lather don't you know me? Ihm't
you tewiynil" thia ■war?"
The old man l»a|n I toward him. and
hi* yuirt* r%i»n mil Ou* * U *ir uir
U\ **rv * i)>’i h » rv
•4«l f ♦»! |ii), I In i »
uitfttitm of ft tu«rt lib li hit* i .ilWiJ
(nfti’ll lh« lit# **•! ll”i
ife* In*i ll**« r* 4kii> i»f 4*a
Mluf Jft*« 1-4 Ui 4 IU Mirf
r^uM, iu it** mi
t%# It I*b#*l bur I* *|*ir# it* IKn *utl4
if lltftl It*# v • m! ftl l U« lit Uttf
4« u.U-ig Hint it U w f**#l l*tffH Tb»
It# 11 i **# lb# It* lt» #|*tr«i« "t t ii
kifDMiiiluMi (Ntl *»»t*4v* **f ftit iii<
*M*Jf M ftt*«t nitttllU' IVuM 0**1
f|t Mft bblMiiiJ N' tl
#**#•*** ^tr#'tintd • tlHiiUitl Ifil f» i t ftl
Wf# In * al l.undehut la tivrmanv, Ait
h «i at M*|dt»a a in un*. i < Iwl at
IVtef’a, Home tit feet, a*i>t«bw*y ea
thwlral. A.uylaml. All feet .iutwviy >a
Akvdrai. *ui feet The >1 *■ of m
Paul a. ta iaaotoa. I* • uly *M feel ’the
yntl yyiamkt Iu Aytyt, ta ta hat
high and the tia*»dnyt. ■* ae-eu avut.
Ht ii aeldeytoU AM I t
fuatmulml timber MMIta* Wilt ba*a
An ha Itlveillaail lalal |dv*.f > ah lie
mad* mioidiay iu iha a#a mllng al
Aha iiaaatal I mud nrtne
Ht Commission Prios,
l.ediea, do you rMlIa* that whan you buy
of the retailer, you are paying three nnne.
ueeeary profit*? The manufacturer eelle the
coimnlaalon houae, the latter to the Jobber,
aud Die Jobber In turn Mila to tha retail
merchant, you inuat pay the manufacturer
a profit Aral and then pay each of theaubee
queot handler* a profit, not Infrequently
paying two profit* to lb* retailer. The
Manufacturer» I'ornmUtion Co.
I* a ie*pon»lhle eyndloato which a*U* direct
to the uoiiHumer. Uy Infecting lu uiapii
feeturee’ aample*, odd* ind end*. Job Jot*
and the *tock of InnoJvanl manufacturer*,
In eounectlou with our regular cAiumlaelon
tuddinga, we are abl* to a ill t* the Milieu
mer direct at the .ouimli Ion price, whleb
la hut nu* remove fruiu the manufacturer'*
While this m.iuunny handle* all kind* of
ladle* furnishing*, w* ate making a *paelal
drlvaonour hosiery, merely to Intruduce
our uarne In your territory aud ealabllah a
reputation lor giving value* ue> «r liefer*
ulfereil,*u that you will belully pieuaiudfur
our lalter announcement of our entire Hue*.
Heed til* following offer*
Ladle* full length, fashioned feat blank
bus*, sujieitliis gauge, rMalllng every
wliet* at at to ,14 cent* |*tr 0*1 r I we will Mil
at i« rani* par p Ir, or ou* ludf doeea at M
cadleaettra length, full regular made,
laat hi*. * aid *eauil«*i Ini**, very AbmI
gauge lelaillng every» have at Hi i*nt*
up, wu will mill at *• cema' or on* half
duaen for fl.a*
We imy el plea* charger, am agree uncoil
ailiioially to lelund iimney If fernery I* not
Uie value* and unalllliM damn bed lie
• ureand amid Hie ait* aauted and reuieiu
lair that a* we pay eapiva* weueiiuot alfaid
In *«ut| lr*« than one half do*
iir<t*r* niuai lie amoiiiiainieil by caeb la
either v older, lenlal noli., alautpa ot
legiitned letler, addieeeeil to i be
< art a Comaf»i*< ivn Co
Ml ruth » venue UhleagO, HL
l awyer aud land Agents,
' Jt »* l-ITY, • • • MKM.
W. .1, FISHER,
Hf'td end Improsed laud-, fur aula. AM
a,uney tw loan on rani eaint*
Physician anti Surpoa,
wer nit, in
^^Liwrvrjur *•—
42&yQ&t4i£%p fk%r\yy^ • •* uo.j.0 *uo ©>
Jf®*' ^d* *mo Ait mo *n»f
w o» *»| »onpoj»ui e| i#pjo ui
/ a g v **mihim *j» im in* 'imei »•
*(A a ^T'%t% «»M* •*•! JO* WOnoq #0 lOUueo
^ \jT MO«jeq e won* ’OlHtNVNMMOM XOTfl
OfcVt iJTV^ A4*a Old pue MOOXi XtaNlJ S(n ,p.w
Vn / ssanHVH Regmj «»»» •« „ I
>»mm_*o uoeeoo eim xiieioede e Qumew #j» ala!;.
Ini, TIm TrM ui Tntii, Dinkn, Rudioai, Will Midi, lurutiid Steal.
Agents Wanted. Liberal Discounts. 8end for Catalogue.
mU8UM?1KVttYA u.N
mun ro« noMrurrs nrroMUTtow ABOtrr
worn —aiswia in rr/aran «*a*u an. rase*.
nvn ou.'a, ng,
BMAMCHMM—Irt Twl—OMm# mUUlRU—Ilit FimcUso
Ii. |. Solid Tim. strictly Ii. 11, Udlii' Oiihloi Tim,
Is. I Onblai Tim, |0.4, Goivsrtibls Solid Tim,
osi.oo im.oo
lo. t, tidin' Solid Tim, lo. 4,0, " Ousbloa Tlru,
our •®s,0°
Casbion Tires no better
_ , machine made at
Yarranted i a„y prioa.
Iaterchante- sieyeio 0tuio£>o Fm.
$85.00 $85.00
Art .11 wit, I. far m Id nr tllutrUU Uulww * tw, tide, b^mt, «pdl>| brbdilt Uid» da.
I $00 22 -r^Dua
sell them at kkr*Ll
this prise te In- ./•'Webber Top,
troduoe them, Sllptle Springs,
regular prloela Plane Body.
B70.OO. ft upholstered In
wa Ati e • lr*4' 01
wvAuaiLi .. sloth,or toother
SaRUFAC, 1 If preferred.
MABUFAO, I Three «r four
4ntLIN bow top. Either wide or narrow
traob. We would alee furnish Corning
Jr b«ey m plaee of Plane body If desired.
Xlend fer FIEMN1A MiNUFiOTUfilNfl CO.,
✓ Oetelegue. YOUMCarowM, OHIO.
James Rentfrow
• FOll—
Feed Grinders,
MWM MM«M |W***
OMNI r«ltU*«k. *. «**a aw4
I',Mm m Im» a* t)H> U|«w
h. • IA MM NkNII'IHm
Wlulww «*»» itv »*0t ttt IUb luituvr COM
MHlltW IBlHMUt itOlriM't lltiut HlB IBBl lltBt
alUBflt, ll«« IMBVIlUtl IwillBUl BIOl B Ol
m (Muiumiutt u« iiuM«»ii»fM<iim obhb*
U<o * It im H..U Sll.l. o. II-. , • ■ I.: .. .O. .
«MH«4 HtUlllS IM*«BlUls Bl IIWlt'oBItBBBlb
I'BMtott 1 .44441 4m«tBl L.«» |tno!l»tl
l»f •ooblbllB.I tut llootouw* uJ no* Wu«
IhtWB It »«« B4BIU, .1. U>>. IOI' llU.l Kino
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