Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, December 15, 1904, Image 6

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TJy wlj be here
i .
Woman The Mystery !
rag m Paris, ob the last of t
fatal deye la Juno, IMS, tad th
It, Jecaoee wee osndemouiuiB
Lhs whale street tu one kmc Him of
ad e etonae. tlmlxf, over-
ana handcsta, barrele.
rthiaa. la fact. desperate
la OWr hands an end pile
M III fiah.
the tare Jane na biased
ft etonalea eky, and the eoldier ut
II wka the parching heat, their fn
hart wtoh powder, their onlforni torn
W aareda. Bolrt-eleevad and bareheaded.
W fiiagbj oa, leaving aa maa alive
Sahara ntoy had paeeed.
WbJIe the eatanic din roared and
svnSSBsd la taa (treat below, an old mu
tot aa the top floor of a small, tonible
gown baildinf ac tba bark of one of th
aaaaaaat boose. Ua wa tall and thin,
i gtr I af aoma sixteen or seventeen aam
bara, aa frail la Hears aa the man, with
face Which aa yet asve bin little ap
Staait protniet of a beauty to com but
IT a carious flitter in a pair of big,
psa-bloe eyes, crouched In a foraw of
as room, holding hor hand to h ear.
Taa Bsao roaa at last. Ula ri.-bt Ins
Ha paraljricd, and h dragged k alone
E fully and aarkwanlly aa h walkl.
ttmpad aknrly to the ckated door, and
"Tbey ara earning OMrrr," he fpd.
aytla hia fmoa irrew whiter and hia ya
gfitaarcd feTeriahly. "They ara cotnitif
fcaarar. They will kill ma Uka a it.
Mkm a rat, hka a anakaT'
Taa (1H roaa and want to him and
tkraw ar arhita anna aroaod Ua awk
tmi clang to him.
Thara may ba an aacapa." aba whla
aarad. koaracly. "8iirly they will not
fall aa old man Uka you, who la unarmed
ad can do do harm.''
"I know batter, " ba growled. "They
kava not forgotten that my 'Song of the
ptraata waa rung In every wine (bop.
CWy will kill me, and there. 1 do not
Oaa or two bayonet thrnata, and
will be an and. 1 hare tired long
aatoga In taia world; I am tired of be
fag knitted and of dragging myaelf from
aallar to roof, and from roof to rellar."
Bha etaag to Urn again and k I need hia
aald Upa. An Instinctive ah udder crept
ttraoga Um at the touch, and he panted,
a with oae oonralKlre and nearly aon
4a4 clatch be gripped bar by the ahoul
aW and tanked Into her big eyea.
"I aaa not aa vary terrible f he qnea
aaed. with a fevariah tremor. "Am I
a wolf or a tiger r
"Ma. father, daar." aha aaid; "yon are
'aha heat and Che kindest of man. If you
traeld only eoofida la ma. If yon would
,aai tall ma why you are alwaya eo trou
Mad, why aueh a load aaama alwaya to
eraabing yoa downf Aad now, la tbie
(rrlbla hoar, who knoweT Thara may
a hope far raa atUL"
"Tfcara aotnwbody eoamng an taa
aajta, ba ertad, with gaunt terror In
Jewry feature. "Oe and are who it te."
at la I Heort, aaid yoathfoi aula
hoaky wMa eicrtameoC "Let ate
ajaiek, thara hi ant a aawaaat to ha
Taw girl hastily saslocked and sn bolted
' aha door, and a young man, rather short
Mi atoutly bnilt, entered the roots. He
, aa a good-looking young fellow, with
the careleea dkeh of the French rerolu
Itoniat writtea large aa hia handsome,
4ark-bearded featoraa.
"I bare seen mml" he cried, the do-
Ehe crossed the threshold. "That
iebman whom yoa pointed oat to me.
a with tba Nationals."
Tba old man ataggerad back to hia
ahair, and held 00 to it, ahaking aa In
aa ague.
"How do you know How do you
' laww it ia her- be gasped.
"I know it la he," retorted the young
BBaa, axdtedly. "Ha wss not tan pace
, fceas ma at tba barricade by Dumout'a
Mtcbary, and be flared at ma aa I Sred
fay pistol at htm. 1 missed him; I wish
. i bad killed him. I hare aoma to tell
ywa, to warn your
Thara waa a paaaa of a few beart
liatt' apace, daring which the aid man
Packed himself to and fro on hia chair,
tayping hia this leea with Ma
"How long will It ha before he will be
barer he asked at last, la a gattoral
-riftoaa mlaataa, parhapa," was the
aawar; "parhapa twenty, parhapa half
aa boar. But ha may ha bar la Ira. If
waags go badly."
"Vary wall." exrleisaed the aid mao.
"1 aaa ready. Thaak yo far baring
TJsa yooag maa gare a g aaoe areoad
(ha rooso, aad bokad at tba girl wkh
waYaJaf eyaa.
"Aad Halaaar ba aaid. elowty, art
Jlth aa amaaltig tetidrmesa; "what asout
harT Had aha aot batter come with
tear Hia rase wss brakas by
asar asarnj sKrasinsaa ua aaa Bssn.
"AM ya mad 7 Uo with yoa. to be
MUad la the atraot! Why ahoald aha go
jrtob yoa? Oo away! Lea re aa! Yoa
aaa waatiag yowr time aud mlae!"
Tba young aaa ahruggad his eheaidera.
tfal raaa hold oat a hand.
"We may oarer aaa aaa aaother
aMaia." ba aaid; "thara good -by,"
Tba aa! bid paaead again for a aso-
aaasjt ar two, aad then gripvad tba eat
efjejaraed haod oarroualy.
"Toa are right." ha aaid. Heart. I
gad fergnttan. Too are a good lad
aa alwaya were. We may nerer meet
agaiia. Oood-by for this world."'
Tba girl had been ataodlng In a eoruar
1 g7 taa roam aJUotly, and as tba young
gaair tamed round aba looked at him wirh
arotid of pleading la her big ayes. Ha
Mapped to her and kissed her on the fnre-
fceat wtthoot another word.
"Oaodj-hr. Heiaae." be whispered
aWhaa I am dead yoa will uerhuw think
tf gea aow and then. (rnd-hy!"
Wkh that be rushed out. and the girl
v fratitKtlrali cloaad tba door agaia aad
bftai tt. . ' ?
' A etl aaa aat eileotly far half a
iJaalii apaca after Hmirt had left the
f waa gM aa eyaa waaoaren aitaer nmi
IZZ Iwaasj taa alaca. as if aaarealag
i t g wtMtm af asamw arbtta wwrrtad
to hi
lag excitedly. "Toa
here. 1 kuow a way
aat awmam
The room waa a tiny woe, barely taa
feat equiire. and even part of that apace atoiaa In the yard below,
waa rendered mi by the alaaring of , He etood fur a aecoad or two, aa If Ba
the garret roof. Thara waa but aoa lit- decided what to do; then, with a auddea
tie wiudow luga op In the wall, and It impaiae, ha lifted up ooa of the plaoka
could only be reached by atauding oa a of the floor, and kuaad duwn lata the
chair. Even that waa shuttered, aad the dark apace below. By kneeling and
light entered but aparsely. atratching out an ara he reached a
"Open the ebiter there," aaid the aid eqaara packet, weighing aoaae three ar
man quietly ao quietly now that the lour pooixla.
difference of tone aousded remarkable He rat the erring with Me knife aod
even to Helen, who waa baUtuated to ' opened Dh paper. It contained faapow
hia i-hangee of oi xl. "Look out cau- - der. That dune, be etmcbed oat hia
tiouelr. See if too notice smoke acroa ,
the ucfiriished bu-Uing oppoaita, or signs
of fixating.'
Ileleue brought a etool and stepped on
tt, aud peered out between the partly
opeiied shutters.
"The bars paused ths houss In the
other Dtreet, father," she said. "They
are fisrhting perhp fifty yards away."
Thaiik heareu f.w thit.'" eiriaimed
the old bib. "lvhers Is time to ssre you
lie limped toward the trunk that stood
In the comer, siui tuok fwui H a coil of
"Take this, my girl." he said. "Toa
must into the store closet. The lit
tle wiudow there is at the side aud shel
tered from new by the project ;u of the
main buiidiug. You can get out that
way uuolieerred. You are lijibt sod lithe
and can lower ymirelf with this to the
roof of ths siied below, la there any
body in the yard?
"NolKxij," said the girl; "not a aouL"
"I cauoot do It myself," be went on,
calmly. "I am too old, aud I am a crip
ple; but you csn get awsy in that man
ner. When you are ou the ruof of the
abed yoa csn let yourwlf down from
that into the yard. After that you can
make your way out iuto the street aa
soon as It ia safe. Tbcy won't hurt a
girl like yoa, but they would kill me
Like a dog."
"But, father ," pleaded tba girt, "I do
not wsnt to go away. I do no want to
leave you. I want to auy hare with
"Nonsense. be a ai we red. That
would be sinful. That would be horrible.
You will hare to get away, and when
you ara safe In the street, go straight to
Mr. Adsuia. You bare only to tell hnu
that I aeut you, aud ha will Uka care
of you."
"Mr. Adamsr asked the girL "That
American who came here last week 7"
"Tba same. Yoa know where bo Urea.
Yoa took a message from me to him.
Now run my child," and ha eoiied the
rope round her wsiat. "There," be aaid;
"you will bo able to use It mora aaaily
In this way. Yoa aril gat away all
aha clang as hia still aad kissed hia
white face.
"I do aot want ta go," aba bagged.
"1 really do not want to go.
"You must," he retorted, "yea aha II
And ao aaytog, he pushed the gently
resisting girt toward the store closet. On
a aaddao, howeror, a quiror of angulah
con ru lead hia faataxes, hia eyea aurad
wildly, and be gaepad aa hia Upa opened
and dosed In mute, fererieh egitaUoa.
Ha ataggerad forward and reached oat a
wildly fumbling hand, crying:
"Stay! I cannot let yoa go like that.
There la not a moment to be loot, and 1
must tell you beore I die."
Roe turned to him with a blank dis
may la her eyea, while bis eoica became
hoarser, aud his breathing more psinful.
"You are scry 111, father, dear," she
"That'a Juat K," be ssld, "that's why 1
called yoa hick. Yiu call me father. Let
me confe ..It is better thus I am not
your father. Do not look at ma aa ac
cusingly." The girl retreated etep by step to the
wall, and etuod there with as outstretch
ed arm on either aide of her, staring at
the old maa la an awe-etrucfc aauaae-
"Yea." ho aaid mora anlstly, "I am aot
your rather. I hare eraa been accused
of having murdered your father."
Helane gare a ah nek and gripped her
hair ia both bands.
"Do aot think eo ill of aaa." ha want
on. "Do not think that tba charge waa
true. I did not murder him. He had
wronged me he bad bitterly wronged
mo he had robbed me of the woniau
whom 1 loved better than myaelf. He
had robbed me of all earthly happiness.
of all hope, of all light of life, hex 1 did
not kill him. We had a quarrel. It was
on the cliff aids, and he etumbled aad
fall over late use aaa and waa drowued,
and they aaid I had murdered him, hut
1 did aot. They bunted me from town
to cowa. from house to boase. from for
est to swamp, but I escaped them; and
more thsa that. 1 brought yoa waa am.
joo, hia child, the child or the woman I
adored; tinier aud daiutiar, hut ao alike.
that aa aha waa loot to me. I determined
to keep yoa by my aide aa aancblag re
membrance of a lore that waa atraa-
He knelt down and dragged himaalf
to bar. and clang to her garments.
"I hare bee a father to yoa. hare I
aotr be went on. with hot fervor. "Hare
I not given you bread of my bread, meat
of my meat t Have I eaten a crust with
out sharing It with yoat Tell ma. that
I may die In peace.
The girl stood there with a face aa
white aa the man'a. her eyes nearly start
ing from their sockets, her Hps blanched.
Finally ahe cease tn him quietly, took
his bead between her two hands aud
kissed him m the forebesd.
do not know what to do." she aaid.
softly and tenderly. "I do not know
what to think, but that you have been
like a father to me I can sweir Must
I leave you now? Mint I go awsy from
viu now. when you see hi such dreadful
danger? Why should I not share It aa
j-oii shured it with mer
lie lnofced at b-r s if his bean were
bursting with a secret still concealed. A
flush of yesmiua despair rlrsuied in bla
ryes, and ia athr moment he might
have spoken agsin. H11I nto crashes
and the rear hi the street mtride in
creased on a stiddsii. and from the yard
raehe the boarae shouts and cries and
plerclag yells aad missed groaaa. the
fury of the etc aad taa aagaiab af
the dying
"sVararr ha astai, aaaaUri "awal
tl,ew moni lo-iWag at him for two
or three ae-oida' ape. but bt clutched
btr by the aoitlder and puUed her luto
the etore ket- lit elaaimed the little
door, aitd immediately pushed a beary
trunk again H, piling au-tber ece B
tat, and throwing a rug over the who:e.
out aide the door aa much aa pea
able. !
Ue lletesed for awMla, and eeaa amid
the din be thought be could bear the
girl' a morerueiit aa ahe oufttened the
tony wtoduw aud crept ou on to the root
Then all waa ka to him amid the awful
arm again, and tourbed three or four
other packets, and thus assured himself '
of their placs simply inserting hia knits
in each, aud rippirg tbam partly open.
Then he replaced the packet which he
had taken out, and scattered part of ths
looae guii powder near It and around It
between the rafters close to the other
packets. After that be rose, and, limp
ing to a little cbrst of drawers In the
corner, took fnn it a cotton fuss, about
throe or four yard, in fength. He cut J
a iners i rom tais. sua insert n wen
iiiii;.( tile looe gunpowder, pulled ths
end of ths futs titrouifh a h!s lu the
Boor close to hit own r' air, and taking
a handful of matches from his pocket,
sat himself down aud waited, while a
calm sinils settled on his face.
"I shall U," he sii 1, "as 1 hsd hoped.
In harness, sod with my aecm locked
In tuy heart. He hat discovered ms st
last, then. He ceo come aa aom as be
Hkes, Mr. Waiter Glaydes the Hooora
bls Walter Uiaydes; tbe goldeu bird hit
Howu away, aud he will be able to re
commence Che bout that Is to aay, if he
be alive."
He feebly clapped hia hand a, and list
ened, with body forward, bent for the
aouudi on ths staircase. Ths roar below
continued, aud he drew himself up,
breathing a heavy sigh.
"Her briber's sou."' he muttered;
"Lord Y or leys eon, Agatha'a nephew,
and Helene'a cousin. Another of the
brood who sold my love away from m
aud afterward bunted me over the face
of the earth. Ho he la Intent on hading
ber," be sneered; "so noble-minded, so
disinterested: lielene's millions, Holaoe's
lauds hey offer no attraction. Of
course not! Master Walter la only Im
pelled by pure love fur hie fair, his
wronged cousin!. Ha! ba! He will not
And her. Hhe shall not be contaminated
by the gold which broke my life in two,
which wrecked ail my hopes. For gold
ber DKrtber waa bartered away from me.
Hue shall be untouched by the curse. Ue
know her not, ha a never aeon her since
ahe waa a baby. Now abe la free, and
l ran trust the man to whom ahe goes
to guard her ageluet that crew tor ail the
The face of the tenth barricade la tbe
Bos St. Jacquea waa si Wot; ao ava
Sashes of musketry, no more puffs af
moke. Every 000 of the defenders lay
behind the barrier or stones, deed or
dying. A MrUe further op the at rest
another crowd af desperate men stub
bornly awaked tbe charge of the Na
tional Guards, who awarmed over the
barricades with hard-set Hue, and bayo
neta red with human blood.
"On!" cried tbe captain. "Down with
them! Kill the dogs!"
And they swept on, smashing away at
the doors of houses, banting In shat
ter with the butt-ends of their muskets,
rushing upward and onward, and pinning
the unfortunate wretches whom they
found against the walla Uka ao many
Two men charged among that furious
crowd, both of them eager to reach tba
heart of the Ufht, both of them rushing
onwa"d, a word and pistol In hand, but
neither of them really bloodthirsty at
heart nor cruelly disposed to their fel
low creature.
One of them waa a broad-chested,
etralgbt-tlmbed young fellow of about
four and twenty, fair-hiirsd aud blue
eyed ; a set of white teeth shone beneath
a etabhy reddish mustache, tta color bare
ly diadnguiahable amid the grime of pow
der and dirt with which the whole face
waa haam eared.
(To ho coatinaad.1
Aoooaaiod For.
A certain football club bad rocwlvad
Ita Brat reverse of tba eeaeon.
This waa the mora galling when tba
defeated ouee reflex-tad that their cca
querora bad absolutely 00 pretention
to "ciaae" being, on paper at leant, tba
week eat team in tba district
Returning to headquarters after tba
match there waa ooa maa who aeemed
to feal tba defeat mora keenly ttuta
anyone elaa. Ua waa tbe trainer of
tba loam.
"How did It all happen. Boar aakad
supporter who had been aaabia a)
attend tba match.
" 04400 T growled the tralaar.
"Vary euUden!"
"Yoa; bat bow came we to toaa?"
Tola way." replied . Ban. "For
eighty-nine minute oat o tbe ninety
our f el Iowa bad been abowlng tbe epeo-
tatora bow to play football. Then one
o' tba other chape pounced on tba ball
and snowed oar fallows bow to aero I
That alir
H'dl Close ChIi. .
Tba Rabbit I bad a narrow oaeano
from being killed by an amateur
eportaman to-day.
'Hie Grouse Waa be each a good
Tbe Rabbit No, but when the
gun kicked It knocked htm over aad bo
almost aat on me. Puck.
Wlf-IV t'ainoenalon.
Advice la of;on too good to ba tak
en, but a very agr table variety waa
once given by James It usee I Ixwe! to
a young woman about to bo marred:
"Alwaya give oar husband yoor
awa way."
Tbe knife one girt glrra ajtotbor oral
not eat friendship and the edda ar
ht waa'a emt aaailaa tmutar. assaac.
Orer-Caref ol Hauekerplaif.
Wteu a child of twelve yiara I Tlait
rd at the houa a lady who pride 1
herself upon her hout-kt-eiing, nd
whoae neighbors justly gave her credit
for a great degree of pronclency In
that d-parti!'eut of life. Bays a wriur
lu the Housewife. My reiDeOjbraue
of that vUlt al aya hrii g a chill, au I
I turu my thoughts as yuickly aa poa
elble Into another chanuel, eei
though I am now mUdk-aged. If
a cluur in any room 111 awry
waa Immediately aet straight; if a
window shade was raiaed or lowered
alove or I elow tiie regulation line
It was at finte put lu platw If ty any
tT.n 1- sxnt'ss dirt or litter, Low ever
auiail la quantify, or Lar.ii- In H
1 I 1.
uature, was to in; tutu aryv. uere "
,u th of ,Uat
h iust b )hl tli
trooiu. always at hand, wi.s trongut
ii:t ) u(", to ilia Bliaine of the lud.ida.
gul'y of guru cavfli84iK.i.
Hie husband a. unfort'inately.
not in sympathy wi.h the ktrict re
Kline In voitne, fco Le Lad hia fu:,
f luro of trouble, for In my pros'D
he bore rcoI iing unl mvbubip t
ti. ntly tUnt my chi d Ut'a.t p t ej liim
and I remember that more limn on-
in my simplicity. I trh'd !o be kind
to biui. to atone for tbia Lick of rpp e
i bition and privilege in bis own h jum
bold. Jlnce that time I Lave know i
of other hoiim-hol is of like rburacte
where no dirt accuniuii.tes no free
dom In the titie even of cliulia la en-
conraged, because dlaardi r entiuea; m
flies linaer plfasantly bu? n In tU
atiuabine, for no aunsblne in welcomed
or tolerated for reason well knowa,
and the honae fly 100:1 leurn wlsdo a
and ilrpurta for part lwa UfspiUc;
no cbllilren are web-ome, en-ept a
tnmnanled by wntcliful niniiimaa or
faithful attendants, who will nervous
ly restrain every ate:npt at Invtatlfft
tion or familiarity with people or h-
Jpcts on tbe part of tbcao lit le f ilk
ti bo soon wish t) tr.tve a;;cb an atnt- a
plu-re and enie- Ibat of wiine lov n
bouwkf-eper, who will kindly allow
tb-ra all reasonable privlleK"1, find wh '
will enjoy tbe Kjwntnncouii ontb'irnt
of cbiMhiod Innocence; no freedom 1
tolerated tbot enrr aches tipr.n the al
M-gnlutlons of "the good hinsi-Ue p T."
Now, I would like to Inquire If It Is
not I tetter to live in a eomrortablo
manner. mnk!n ell around feel at
home, even if disorder and n certain
amount of dirt actual dirt, la some
timea apparent? la It not better to
relax the hold than to keep In the grip
the entire family, an! all (meats wh t
are aa hrtrdy as to venture wbhln th
lines? Ia It "good boiieekeeplniT t
make your borne a mo.lcl of tea tries
exactness and repiib.r ty, at tbe et
persae of personal enjiyu):'nt ard com
fort? I a not the ao-cnllei "good bonae
keeper" many times misnamed? o
that wb advo ate tin!! Ureas, dlaor.ler
and Indifference roncendiiff tbe dtall
of borne life, tipin which so largely
de:.td onr comr.rt and birminea h i
ia It not better to lake nulimn groan
nnd strive to be a caretaker wi'boitt
letting otir risbt band know what our
left band doeth?
I it not more polite and aafer to
Ignore tba careletanea nnd lack o?
thonshtfnlneas on the part of our
guest than to palnfn'ly remind thdn
by onr bnste to make amends or re
atore order tn their pretence? ' It Is
wlae to train our children to waya of
order and care-taking, but If we In
judiciously "nag them we aoall fail
In our object, and poe:b!y entrance
Uiem from tbe home life.
O mistaken wife and mother, audi
a habit In your busy life would be ft
jrrand Investment and letu'Ti yon a
hundredfold. Many a buab.ind and
father baa wandered Into some giUM
nloon Juat to while away a few mo
menta, until the habit haa rrrown npa:i
blm, and bli home bas lost Its charm
he aeeka It only aa a duty i a retit
Ing place. Toung wires and nouse
keepera, eren those who have no do
mestlc help, we counsel yon to gift
your brabandi all of your society thai
their business relations allow. The
dlabea can wait ao can the broom an 1
the duster bnt your bnsbitnd affec
tion and devotion will aure'7 wane an t
wither If you do not fotcr and eheria'j
aa a tender plant. Wlthiut love an 1
contentment, of what arnll are th
commendable -innlKlea of good bouse
keeping? With lore and contentment
tbey are all Importaat factora. L:
ns then, one and all. old nnd young
strive to avoid the breakera of "orcr
careful housekeeping."
To Wash Lace Certains.
First brush thetn with a tnrkey
wing, aucb aa many have for dusting
purpose. Mk a good atrong aoa)
nda; put the auda and curtalne In a
tub. and with a steamer, that la not
rusted, press tbem, turning tbe cur
tains over often, and yon will be stir
priced to aee bowr the am tl n of th:
ate.tmer will take ont tbe dirt L'si
clean water ontll they are thoroughly
cl-unel. Itlnse In tbe same way. I.
not wring, but squeeze "nt tbe wter
Rt retch ud a barb wire, and t
there lb no wind blowing, hook the
cnrtaInaon the barbs, atretcblng tbem
carefully Or perhaps better way
i t make a frame tbe air of tbt
curtains. Drive Onlabln nalla about
tba dlataW-e of tbe svallopa, and turn
thm aaiia a llttio to torm baofta. HOW
the curtains on, atretcblng them as
lesired. Clamps usel for bed qui!'
frames on tbe comers are very con
veulent for making the frame of any
leslred size. Several curtains can lit
lried at the aame time by putting
ibew one on tcp of the other. They
an be atnrched and dried in this way
and be belter than ironing, It bcln
much easier.
When Writing a Letter.
"Cue only black luk.
Avoid writing over tbe bead of your
Never us worda with which you are
not fauiillnr.
Io not lill your le'ter with lengthy
excuses for your silence.
Alwaya use unruled p.iper of fine
texture. Avoid a pronounced color.
Under no circumstances send half a
sheet of paper, even for the brie feat
Never begin your letter with tbe
statement that you have little time for
lio not write of personal or other
Importaut mutters to strangera or or
dinary acquaintance.
Do not send an Important measure
on a postal card, and never use them
for notes of Invitation.
no mi
.jxp raw to
Granulated auuar makes a bett;r
meringue than powdered su?nr.
When making coffee scatter a pinch
of suit over tbe grits; this will bn:
out tbe flavor.
When mixing mustard for tbe tnble,
t 1 a great Improvement to gradually
!id' a little salad oil.
Cora should be boiled aa toon ns
possible after picking, for no vegetable
ioaca Its flavor more quickly.
A good thick gravy la pro ured o ily
jy bringing it to tbe boll whllu k.lr-
ring and cooking till It leaves th aides
i tbe pan.
Dirty ovens spoil cuatnrda and milk
pudding, therefore the oven ahouid be
rr.ahed ont with hot soda water at
leaat once a week.
I .ard for pastry should be used as
bard aa possible. It should be cnt In
slices and laid on tbe flour, aai not
rubbed in very much.
Bait for Yonns Otrk
Rait of golden-brown enetlan cloth.
Gored skirt and bolero with flowing
aleevea and extended shoulders. Trim
mlng of fancy braid a abmle darker.
A good eMdal few
1 1 J
Modieol Oltisnn Vslst.
Waist In UiodJtiLsl Gibson style wit
tlin-e w-lde pluiU between a group ol
narrow ones back and front. The nar
row plaits are held In front by ovef
hipping abnped pieces that are fln
tslied with buttons. Full eleevea with
deep cuff.
Faxhion .Notes.
Small Jet buttons are In vosue, -Colored
velvets are preferred ta
l or blue bats blue rosea have bees
High crowns are trimmed agalna
tbe crown.
A novelty la an evening cloak ea
tlrely of featbera.
Girdles CnisUed with abort aaab
ends are approved.
rrincess gowni are permissible fas
the perfect figure.
Two rowa of puffed ribbon will boa
der evening dresses.
Tulle fashions many toques for din
ner and evening wear."
Very tunny who wear earrings fa
vor pear-Khiiped Uropa.
To match tbe white tailored go waa
there are hats of white mohair. ,
lie lis of white kid with baroquo
pearla for ornamentation are attrac
tive. Home of tbe fur hata have fera
clous bead at one aide for sole triua
Nearly all bodies are made ao aa bt
permit a lace softening around too
For a dressy fnr there hi nothing
more effective than the long fluff's
white fox.
Smart waiataof dark Diet net are ta
be worn with cloth akirta exactly
f'lttln little walsta with old fash
ioned darts that make tbem lit like a
glove are among tbe early modes.
Rmnll tails are again seen on tba
eton Jacket which aul'a many womea
too well to be altogether d'sear.leiL
Store colored and mixed marabaa
bona are aeen than tbe pure white
which obtained so largely Inst year.
Charming la a prlnceas gown of
white ailk grenadine a Inn, at coverel
with large red flowers woveu la
brocbe effect
A Change of Color.
Sirs. Homer Why. Mrs. Weeda,
your balr wtis turning pray tbe last
time I saw yon, and now It hi J at
"l re. Weeds Yes. yon see after mf
huahand died I was awfully loneaa;ua
so I concluded to dye, too.
Couldn't Ma ml It.
lra. Jaw-worker So you are going
to leave me, HrUIget. Haven't t treat
ed you like one of the family?
Bridget Indade )e have, mom, an
ni've shton.i it aa long aa Ol'm got
ter-taut lot
V." ,