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33EO. 8. 1904. NO. 2-i
' '-fit
"lilUWrcrsforMJet Lowrrt.
The M. W A. lirewiM as Saturday I
Dn. UN for the tbftiM of
LH all be be piMMl
IWt forget thai w baadM ststMsavy
Ctu berries 10 -U a quart al Lowrj's.
AseMs at W rock price at Buurrwt A
Sourret A Davia racMnd lot of dry
goads Uh4 weak.
J. W. EicedorsT vitd bit family
Chadroa or Sunday.
A. L HajrwMM dropped hi Muoday Md
had MM Job work .
Dr. Spindlo, the Crawford
Wajrm: To or Hire ton of food
bay. luauir at tbs utHc.
. County roups (or iula at lliia office.
Bolh on pa par and card board.
Don't forget lha Helping Hand Society
entertainment to-morrow night.
Law it Witt went down to work for
Jonaa A Hagemaa al Um law mill
Floyd Jooe mada a hoaineM trie to
Crawford lat Saturday evening, return
lag Mojday morning.
How about that policy that you
going to taka out on your lift?
Smith to giva you fliruraa.
The finest line of fresh and
cuied meats at J. W. Rice-dorffs.
Nearly arer wairnn enine nut of to wn
carries away a load of lun'r forth
Srertioa of son, home teader shack
Lrnaard DmI hrotsjrbt im a Baa poefc-r
to J. W. toVrsT yaotatday. Mr Ktc-
dorsTa ataat asarket mm woo mw
market fur .or people that bare Itan to
Mr. aad Mr. Serhe were llarrisoe riait
or yesterday. Mr. Zerh received a
letter from Olan who i taetchiftjr ia tha
Phillipiaeaead ha lika it raal wail fnre.
awl that ha it ffetuag aloof Sua with bis
school work.
A stadoatof on of the great aiisMonary
college was conducting Pyer ataating.
d in an oat burnt of aalfcuMaaai ho
"Oi va u pura haarla."
Give im clean hearts,"
Hiire us all sweet heart,"
to which tha cofiKmralKJO raaoondad
Tha ahow people hv com and iron
and "Tan Night in a B ir R mil" waa
wall ill unrated bv them. anJ will be ra
mebered Ion by those who att-oVl
during tha season. Thii ia an old pUjf
bul never llteles it always seems nrw
The hand muaic was appreciated by all
and was excvllrnt.
W wiah to correct an error th-t ap
nearer! in the Qlen B undup of laat weak.
In tha item of those that war entertaio.
ad should have rand ihoa tht anteruin
ad. W want our correspondents to al
way call our attention to any material
mistake that may appear in their item
for errrs ar eaaily road and Mimatmie
somebody' feeling are hurt when
it waa not intended that way Ed.
In response to considerable recent inquiry,
the COMMERCIAL BANK is pleased to an
nounce special arrangements to male longtime
loans on Real Estate.
Say what you want
A. R. Kennedy and liu Andrean
Cam la on Monday' train and want nut
to Mr. Keuoedv't ranch north eat of
In another year yott my hr gon no
larar now and roride for those dafiaitd
Ml on you. Smith rapraaenU Uie bet
loturaoo Co. in America.
Three lad mm in the offl.-e Moniav
ml wacu-e) their names in the iaper, an
we'll put them in Mia R im Stewart,
Grace Bd aad Edith Burke
WaITOX) A K'rl or woman to do ceiwr
al house work, Rteady eiiip'orment the
year round, and will pay good wage.
Writ t C. F. Coffee . had ran Nebr.
Eduanl Pridd v i nursing a anr hand
vauead br the bile of a dog. A couple of
dopi were HaThtin and he tri d to atop
the fight, thus receivinaT a bite himself.
Dr. Spindlo, dentist.
Crown and Bridge work
Boo P. t 'offee was a Harrmnn eixit
or yesterday and mad thiaodic hi
0ua1 plaaaar.t call. Charlie ia not
mouroiag of hi defeat but is as jolly as
Alei Lowry left for Knienim, Nebraska
last Saturday eT)ing to be present at
the Golden .Wedding of his father and
mother. He will be cone about two
Boward Burke has been nursing a rase
of the ouiDcy thbi wek an Julius and
Oeore have bad to aHm the responsi
bility of Madia: the Pna Jooahal forth
on Its weekly visit.
When in need of a Range
or Heater come in and see
what we have. Lacy Bros.
Why is it paoplo pstmtiiM a fake
travel Insurance A treat when they
won't look at a resident solicitor that
they know ia revpoaai bit ? Smith re pre
sols two good companies.
tris Christian cam in from Douglas
m Tuesday Bight's train and want out to
M bom tha Halt d.te. Ho remembered
Um poor pnnte by Ml tin; up bis sub
Bsjriftiaa oa ysar ia advaoo.
Noreniber paat wm Um dryast it ha
been fer Ihirty-fnur )ar and back ia
Rentacky, (te old blu graastat,)thy
been praying for rain. When Cfl.
tucky go dry oaa't think Ibe w.ll
aaiHM it far off.
The highest cash price paid
for hides at J. W. RlorxlorJ.
Chan Newman cam in on Wedn-
Hii' train from Detroit MichiaTHn where
h wan calUd enme tim aifo to Um had-
ide of his fUier who is qoit sick.
hnrlie aav hi f.itlier wn some better
whan It left hut I impomibla for him to
net well. Hi father presented him with
hi nprctiicle which is an heir loom Hint
ha bevo in the familv for over SflO year.
The strange part of then they were nmite
Ik' a black smitb for bis great grand
father MS year ago.
A young man by the name of Roy
MuMoon of Huron, 8. Lktkota, aaya the
eil World Herald of Dec 3, wi ruined
br cigarette, and was went t the insane
lum. We wonder Miuetinie why
yonng men will poiso their svatenii.
with lha deadly t'lgare te, when It i J it
merely a qletioa .f time until they will
hMe to sucfumh. either hy losing their
mind or life, .'others sIhiuIiI institute
a warfare against not only the cigarette
but the men that furnisli them lj our
b.ty. But than, how oflen do we nee a
father setting this very ex.unple aefore
his boys. Our governn-ant demands to
word xiisnn to be stamped upon all pi-
on except vigarette. Or our young
men that were, unlit for nrmv service in
Uie late war with Hoain, 80 per cent of
those ivjcied waa on account of their
cigareti Miiokmg, thenrbv m:pairiig
Uwmt hea.lt) toaucil n rktent that they
could not be admitted to the service.
This ahould lie enough to open the eyes
of all fathers aa wii as the young uien.
What ar w going to Co about it?
Mr. A. T. Hoghaeo waa ia Crawford
Mr. Joha BlombursT aawsted Mr. H H.
Rueaell in killing a beef Tuesday.
Mr. Mortenaea and familr were pleaa
ant callers at the home of Nels Adamaon
Sunday afteriuioa.
Mr. Pate Oilmore is again in our neigh-
hortuNal he will make his home this win
tar with Iini Peterson.
Mr. Frad Pollen', rhildraa wr sirk
the latter purl of th week, hut at thia
writing we learn they ar better.
Mr. Fred Wehater. Ezra Tucker, J. H.
Iwnolow, WaltirrJotinaoaandMrs. M H.
Urern were Crawford vim tor Saturday ,
Mrs. Jatis Jeaaan was visiting friend
in Uii vicinity over Hundav, returning
to her horn at Irvine, Moitday morr.ing.
There will he preaching neat Haady
inimeadiately after Hundy scIhioI liew 11.
Remember the date, and every body is
cordially invited to atletid,
Mr. It. W. Ilamaker and Mr. Stewart
were hunting cat l la in this vicinity th
latter part of the week, and atop pad at
the IJ. L Bat Sunday night.
Mr. James Jensen took his departure
for Douiclas Wyo. Tliursdav, where he
will releiv his father from th section.
tli tatter will look after hi homestet-d
interests her.
Will be given FmUy eveaiag Uec. Sth
by Helping Hand Society.
Becitatiuos, Songs, Uialogu aad Tab
The Lodie Aid Society s Album quilt
be ld at auctk.o. 4 'omioeuv at 7:00
Q'lilts, Comforter, Rugs, Picture,
0ra Shawl. Pillow Htum, Hhor
P.keU, iJresaer Hcarfa, Apron Splaiuier,
LsMMp Mats, Head liaina, 8uf Pillow,
etc, etc. v
OentlemeaencneaAd buy rour wife or
ket-lieart a t hriatmns present.
Ba-SsT Rt PTtK.
L -dies are request ed to bring boa con
taining supper for two which will be sold
Don't Agree In Politics.
They Do Agree To Sell More Ooo is In The Next SO Days
For The Same Money Than Any Other House In
The North West.
That we carry a full line of
Dry Goods and Notions,
Boots and Shoes, Groceries
Flour and Feed.
Everything Carried In A General Store. : :
If there is any on thing th standard
admire more than aeother it is th mor
al, well behaved, iodustriou young man.
In tli town of BushviHe lhare ar three
mothers, all living at home with their
parents. We have often noticed the
young in, aad could not help hut com
ment on tlieir aianlin and luduatrv.
Whee about th home lhay ar always !
buy flV up about th place. Tliey i
Snow seemed to he the pnncipil part
of Ibe programme Krid iy alih mgti tin
snow fell quite rapidly for a few hour.
e have heard several pias their opinion
that it was a banflt to Um grass.
On Wdnlav laat. Mr. M. W Francis
from FWsvthe M nt, arrival at Olan. (or
arewdav -isit with J. H. I ken slow, we
lrn that they were raised b vs tngethar
in I)odge count v Nehr white Mr. Frnei
ike our country fairly well, ha think
there is no l4ce lik i Montana for the
flock bus'nrm.
Yot'KS Kn B 4.
Hat Crik Items.
Albfrt Hiil loat a valuable hora lat
week while returning from Crawford.
John Mark wa visit inic on the divide
last Sunday. While there he took hi
bent girt nut buggy riding.
Martin Dciyle and sialer departed for
th Emerald 11. Inst SitunUy for an
eitendeil viait of three months.
Oorife Rrown say there mnt lie a
brio built het ween hi plara an'l 7i m
mermana, even if he is obligeil to do the
work himself.
Snnlfnrd Hill, and Tom Hine killed a
liirg grav wolf recently. Thi in the
fourth vnlf th boy have killed in th
last few vars
For raising Oindr. Jo Hnffiran take
t lie cuke H killed a mortar for Thnnka
glv'ng tht. weighad SO fc with tha hed
off. How U that for a Sioux county
Santford Hill is building a new resi.'.ence
rm He new homestead. Thnma Hine
; and .Inhn Mack ar doing the csrpwater
keep Um yard faao ia rir, atteml Uie
lawn, k. th buildings well painted, set
out trees and shrubherv and beep every
thing in iu place. They do not have to
be driven to thee things nor I told to do
them. They do itnlieerfullv and tstcaua
they ar Deal and industrious, .bay
would rather do it thaa to run the atrcats
and listen to smutty yarns and jna th
rowdies ia destroying property. As far
as w know neither of theai pollute Uieir
systems wiUi intoiicants nor use tobacco.
W lav never beard either of Uwiu
swear nor us obeoMic languag. Thy
are not stuck up 0' prile theniMlvs on
their nHiralitea. la fact w doubt if tnay
takeaay thought ia it; it cms aatural
to them. They cana4t help but make
food citiaeas and mn who can be trusted
ia places of trust Rushvilie Staadard.
All of our towns hws young men hut
can it be said of them as the Ruahville
Standard apeak of thaa young mn o
Ruahville, it ia not bsyond lb reaoh of
all young men to have such said for them.
Th world tskea us for just what we
thmk wo are, sad young man don't
yon will avar rsauh any higher altraard.
Ubm ttsal what you atau
j work Whan eompled it will be occu
pied hy Jam Andaraon.
The wedding ball will soon he hesrd,
Ar'hnr Millar. Johnia Rerre anl Tommie
Fitacerald accompanied by their ladv
: friends took in the danos oa '"ot ton wood
' last week. They report a good tme.
! Th literary at the schol hn in
Dist. No b. laat Friday evening was well
' attended. All present report a rood
tint. Tha ntt maetnr will he held
Saturday evening fee. 10th. Kvervbndv
is cordially invited to attend, aad mak
! John Walter had th misfortune to
fall into an old wall on th Wirkersham
ranch last Tuesday night. H remained
there until Oeorge Wiekersham snd
i Walter Hiaes rescued him in th early
J hours of th morning. Fortunately h
suaUined an serious injuries but was
lightly bruised aad scratched from tlio
Tk Uisativ BromoQatnloe fai 1st. All
4rugglt refeiin tlie inoasy If It fall to
rare. K. W.Urev slaatar to aa ovary
aagi ,
Hunter Happenings.
Look lika winter has com.
J. A- Rio visited at hoin over
. J. H Cook returned home last Wednes
Tom Jones was doing business in town
Th steam pump has baea shut down
for l tie prMot.
i R. Hunter want down Um road Sat
urday eveniai;.
Mrs. ( bnatensen went to Crawford
M utility evening.
John Butler of Agate wa in Andrews
on day last wek.
WilUrd Mill waa an Andrews visitor
Um last of th week.
. Mr J S. Hueter end son Humid cam
Uamm O.oaha a few morning ego.
Mr. Jones carried the mail Friday and
Monday -Pretty much winter fisr u.
Mr. Price who has been veiling at Mr
'ook's a few davs relnrned to Fort Rob
insoo Saiurloy evening.
Mra. Wright who ha been visiting a
Mr Basxett' returned to oar horn at
Crawford Friday vning.
V. Supt. Borky vimtel our school
Thursday; ha was well pleased with the
work done; Alan attendance.
Mr Pliipps and another gentleman
Mted thru here here enroute for the
ffee ranch on Running water Monday
We forgot to mention laat week that
Mi Warner attended the N. W Tvach
ers AaH-tation on Friday and reports a
very interesting time.
Dea'm Coffee of Running water wua
hunting entile in I ha, hi I la and vale alon
White river last week and stayad at Mr.
Jones's a couple of nicliU.
Mr Mvlntosh visited his familv over
Sunday and was very sick Sunday nuht
but we are glad to sav h soon got better,
he went back to the rni Monday.
We did not hare time list week to send
our moath's school report but those who
were not alewnt or tardv during the
month ending Nov tH are Thomas Jones,
Vel na B'ce, Mabel (.'hriatensen. 0car
and Howard Mcintosh.
Mr. Btaset Mrs. Weir and sister Mrs
Taylor, and Mrs. Wright were Agate vis
itors Wednesday and Thursday of lust
week, they visited at Mr Ru mil's Mon
day also at P t Hill Sunday, we all en
J 'Ted a short talk and Bible reading from
Mim Taylor, followed by a prayer hy Mr.
Biaaet then Mrs Weir gave us some sweet
muxic and songs ia which thoM who join
ed her war Mim Warner, Clara Christen
sea aad Pear la Jooss.
Ur Spindlo wi'.l he in Harrison three
days, nest Urn, Use 1S-14 IS. Will all
thoM having work left over from last
tim pi oosm early.
WUl sell you the best "HOT
BLAST HEATER" on earth.
There you can buy a first class suit of clothf a
In Gents furnishing goods they keep the best
Dry Goods. Boots and Shoes
And such other goods as are kept in a general store.
They sell at bottom prices.
iiYou Are Reading f
That's what it's here for:
To let you know that we handle a fine line of Con
fectionary, Tobacco, Canned Goods, and Every
thing to be found in a first class Grocery Store.
Give us a trial. Yours for Business,
r r mm m mini
successor to C. H.NEWMAN
Lumber, Doors, Saah. ' Lime,
Coal, Wagons, Buggies and
Machinery of all Kinds.
I also carry a line of Wind
Mills, Pumps, Piping,
Towers, Wind Mill re
pairs, etc. etc. etc.
1 large stock of feed, both
ground and ungrouud al'
ways on hand.
mail orders given prompt
Give me a Call.
two yar-old steers branded
(or knee pants) on ft side.
Anyon presenting- infor-
n.atiiMi V4iicemine; their where a bout
will be rewarded. EociEirT Kohwer,
JiajTiautt, Make,
Mrs. F. W. Clark and daughur Hlo
daparted Tuesday aveaiair far Chicairo,
and will speod th remsioder of Um wio.
Ur thr with rt Utivas.
Klmundsont moeine; picture ahow was
the beat thing for the pric that nasaver
struck oar town. There whs a largo
crowd out and all Mnird to enjoy tha
scene ntsl specially th irsntleniati by
amiinsir w afauib Mr. Idoiuatkwa traatsd
Lumber, Lath.CSash, Too -a.
Lime, Cement; Flour, Feed
and Grain; Buggies, Farm
Implements, Wagons;
Hardware, Wind
mills, Pumps
& etc.
A Specialty
M this offia
lnn with aataeM mt4 MraTaBu
fall aad rt our priceM
Uitar Meaaa, Sill
SALOON") y-s
. '- i?riN. ANDREWS BIOCK--8?
The finest line of wines, liquors and best brands of cigars.
THEO. SAOERT, Proprietor.
, ' ' "ivv
: ..... . A
f ; . s ... , v.
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