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    The Harrison Press-Journal
C. C BCHK PimrsiiTos.
Some men are freethinkers and some
Ithert are married.
When you feel for tbe poor put your
land Into your purse.
People who pay as tbey go are tie
people whose coming la welcomed.
A esq may be a honest as the day
Jong and atill have a bad record at
Just when the undertaker gets ready
to give a man the earth he doesn't
rant It
But what will remove the Guate
calan ant after It has killed off Uie
toll weevil?
One of the most crying features of
Hie evil is that divorce is for the poor
Is well as tbe rich.
It looks from a distance as If the
Spirit Fruit man might be Infringing
in Dowie's patent.
Over in China Ma is reported to be
In absolute control of the situation,
rhat's usually the case.
Theres no use crying over spilt
sink. The better Tray is to aeek the
tea rest pump and repair the damage.
People who own stock in toy pistol
factories may as well begin to look
tround for more permanent invest
ments. Time is money. This puts the man
fho fails to keep an appointment on
in equality with the man who wants
10 borrow five dollars.
The agricultural papers are gloating
jver the discovery of a stlngletss bee.
put that's nothing. Stlngless bees are
torn mo n to every campaign year.
Take care of the pennies and the
Jollars will take care of themselves,
that's the trouble. The dollars think
they are too big to be taken care of.
Strange so many French soldiers
Irop dead from fast walking in ma
neuvers. Haven't heard of any Bus
tlans dropping dead from fast sprint
log in action.
"Rag time" has found its proper
place. It meets the approval of Chi
nese musical taste, and another cause
f apprehension has been added to
"the yellow peril."
A Chicago woman declares a man
will eat anything his wife cooks if he
ioves her. That being the case, a good
nany of our leading ladies have pret-
tr irnnri cause for helnjf SllSnlcloUS Of
their husbands.
Germany is building trackless elec
tric railways for the convenience of
the farmers in nnunug wca. v.
to market Good macadam roads are
essential to the operation of such
transportation lines. Fifty years hence
when the highways In the United
States are all of stone no doubt track
less railways will be the fad.
In South and Central America,
where the temperature is high, they
have a revolution every few minutes,
while up In Labrador and Greenland
such things are unheard of. Italy
nd Morocco have brigands, while in
Norway and Lapland tbey are un
known. It is an undoubted fact that
there is a certain relation between tem
perature and temper. If a man has
by nature an irascible temper he may
keep It fairly well under control when
the thermometer behaves Itself, but
When the mercury begins to soar trp
tivard the nineties ask him if it Is
t enough if you want to see him lose
lis grip on bis temper and say things.
The announcement that rubber has
been found In a supposedly useless
treed, growing on the arid plateaus
tnd high mesa lands of the Colorado
Inountains, sets at rest all fears of a
robber shortage. The rubber tree is
I product peculiar to the topics. The
lewly discovered rubber plant of Colo
rado, however, grows at an altitude of
horn 5,000 to 12,000 feet, where the
climate holds all the rigors of winter
(nd all the withering force of a rain
less summer. The discovery of the
lant relieves tbe world's rubber mar
et from its dependence on the tropics
ind makes it possible for rubber to be
eome a stable crop, even in countries
rbere extreme cold prevails.
Students of Ametlcan life think
(hat they detect a distinct tendency to
levcrt to nature. The first effort Is,
f coarse, to acquire a competence; the
fcscond, to amass a fortune, but the
third is to own a country place, and to
be able to spend all but the winter
tnontbs out In the open, away from
the crowded, dusty city. Whether this
be an effect of Inheritance, a harking
back to tbe form whence all city
wallers at one time or another sprang,
r not it la an interesting fact Health
a batter, life Is longer and happier, If
all the time that can be spared from
fckt exactions at business be spent In
he mi air, where the breathing
paeaaram large, tba air pare, tbe sun
clear, wans and fail of com
' ' " i LeEaaat. fee
, , JTJ V.- wa.- .jwm
cannot tell the policeman. A whole
lot of thing bother you. Of course.
' BusineM worries or domestic sorrows,
it may be. or what not You find life a
rugged road wboee stones hurt your
t-t Vm-rtfitiHM cheer no. If mar
be your real disease is "selfishness"
ingrown acirlshuess. Your life is too
selfntered. Yuu Imagine your trib
ulations are worse than otiwrs bear.
You feel sorry for yourself the mean
est sort of pity. It Is a pathetic Illu
sion. Kid yourself of that and cheer
up. What right have you to carry a
picture of your woe-begone face and
funereal ways about among your fel
lows who have troubles of their own?
If you must whlrse or sulk or "owl go
to the wood or to the unfrequented
lanes. Cheer up. Your ills are large
ly Imaginary. If you were really on
the brink of bankruptcy or If there
were no thoroughfare through your
sorrows you would clear your brows.
set your teeth and make the best of It
Cheer up. You are making a hypothet
ical case out of your troubles and suf
fering from a self-inflicted verdict
You are tiorrowing trouble and paying
a high rate of Interest Cheer up.
Wbv, man alive! In a ten minutes'
walk you may see a score of people
worse off than you. And here you are
digging your own grave and playing
palibarer Into the bargain. Man alive.
you must do your work. Smile, even
though it be through your tear
which speedily dry and cheer up!
"Ioaf and grow f;it" is the trite ex
pressiou an old truism supposed to
have the hscklMg o? physiological re
search and medical experience. The
farmer w-ho wishes to fatten stock for
tbe market does not permit it to roam
the fields. He puts the stock in a pen,
where it can get little exercise, and
feeds It fattening material. But it bus
never beeu supposed that loafing made
a person healthy or strong. It favors
an increase of adijiose tissue, but no
one ever contended that n made mus
cular tissue or improved the circulation
or strengthened any of the organs of
tbe body. But now come certain mem
bers of the American Medical Associa
tion with the declaration that hard
work Is deadly, that the "strenuous
life" is making the young men of the
United States as decrepit as their
grandfathers were at the age of TO
years. The introduction of the cinder
path, football and other forms of out
door athletics into college life, it is
claimed, has resulted In the alarming
growth of an Incurable disease that is
sapping the vitality of the young men.
This disease, which the doctors have
named "arteriosclerosis," is a stiffen
ing and deterioration of the arteries,
causing them to age prematurely and
bringing about a serious affection of
the heart It should not require the
admonition of the learned doctors to
Impress young men with the danger
and foolishness of "strenuous" athlet
ics, or with the benefits to be derived
from rational outdoor exercise. The
loafing that permits an excessive ac
cumulation of fat is dangerous. The
work or the athletic exercise that does
not respond to the rational needs of a
particular body Is also dangerous. Ex
perience and common sense teach us
th4 without the testimony of the doc
tors. Loafing does not bring health.
Nor does "strenuous" exercise neces
sarily bring strength.
Friendly Birds of Prey.
Every farmer and gnmekeepei
should have a copy of the biological
survey's report on the stomachs of
birds of prey Besides immense quan-
tites of mice hawks and owls kill
snakes, rats, weasels, skunks, and
squirrels, all of which specie destroy
more or less young game birds and the
eggs of game birds. Therefore it be
comes necessary to know whether the
bird of prey himself or all these other
enemies kill the most game before
Judging of his harmfulness. The kill
ing of hawk or owl is probably almost
always tbe killing of one of your game
preservers, .whether or not be takes
some game in pay. You might as well
abolish policemen because they some
times offend.
Sportsmen wage war against herons,
kingfisher and fish hawks. Now, since
It is well known that the main devour
ers of trout spawn and fry, for in
stance, are not any kind of bird, but
certain species of fish, you are proba
bly helping thin your trout by removing
these birds, since the latter doubtless
prey more on the spawn devourers
than on tbe trout This is plalu, be
caruse trout are swifter and heuce hard
er to catch and live commonly In deep
er water than other species; so that
what the heron and kingfisher get are
no doubt generally the enemies of your
trout Forest and Stream.
Otigin orHhlrt Waist.
To whom will future historians ac
credit this most commendable innova
tion tbe shirt waist? Is there any
one woman's name to link with It, or
did It spring up sporadically all over
the two great republics, the expres
sion of liberty snd emancipation-
even for women? Essentially demo
cratic as the garment Is, its Inception
was In the brain of a woman set. as
high by fortune as she was by nature,
ss royal as she was lovable. It is
difficult for us to-day to connect the
bowed, venerable pathetic figure still
treading the earth among us with
anything so youthful and girlish' as
our present cherished mode; but with
out doubt authorities In -decades to
come will say: "Yes, It Is to ber, Id
ber generous tribute of admiration to
tbe noble Italian patriot, Garibaldi,
starving, fighting, dying in his red
blouse, that we owe tbe shirt waist
to tbe gentle and beaatlfal Eugenie,
of the French r Good
tsed Pe-nuM far Dysecpala With
Great Benefit.
Ei-Uatted Slatra Sinator t-'roa South
EX C. S. Senator M. C. Butler from
South Carolina, was Senator fio;s
that State for two terms. Id a re
cent letter from Washington, D. C, he
"I can recommend Pertwa for dys
pepsia and stomach trouble. I have
been using your medicine for a short
period and I feel very much relieved.
It Is indeed a wonderful medicine be
aides a good tonic" M. C. butler.
renins Is not simply a remedy for
d.mpepsia. 1'eruna in s catarrh remedy,
l'eruua cures dyspepsia because it i
generally dependent upon catarrh of the
If you do not derive prompt snd satis
factory results from the use of rYruoa,
write at once to Lr. Ilartiuan, giving a
full statement of your case, and he will
be pleased to giva you his valuable id
vice gratis.
Address Dr. nrtman. President of
The Uartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
I suppose the only babr sdow that
was ever held at which there Aas
no Jealousies or dissentiuos was
when Cain was an Infant.'
A baker's oven heated by electric
ity Is a novelty at Montauban,
France. Tbe beat Is quickly applied
and may be cut off at once, with a
considerable saving in time, 'o
heat Is lost up the chlmoey as the
only opening Is the door through
wbicb tbe bread Is passed.
Wrinkles may be removed by mes
saging wltb a cream nride by null
ing one ounce of white wax, oo and
a half ounces strained honey and
two ounces juice of lily bulbs. Beat
constantly as It cools.
For too olfy bair add a teaspoon
?u' ol Tartar to tiu wait" end rinse
An Ingrowing toenail should be
trimmed at the edges and the mid
dle of tbe nail lightly scraped.
The Washington Monument, in
Washington, D. C, Is the highest
In the world. It towers 55 feet In
the air, aDd is composed of 18,00
blocks of marble, each two feet
Io Toor Feet Ache and Hum?
Shaka Into your bom Allen'a Foot Eaaa,
s powdr for th ftet. It urn lies tight ol
paw ahoea feel pus j. Car Coroa, Bun
loni. Swollen, Hot Dd Sn-Mithijf Vert. At
(II Unigrlitg and Htioe Stores. 2,V. Katnnla
wui r n r. c. ai
iddrwa Allen S. 01 mated, La
Kojr, S. 1.
For excessive persplraticn, after
rouahly bathing In soap and water
bathe tbe affected parts with alcbo
bol. Piso's Cure for Consumption promptly
relievst my llttia 5-year-old sister of
croup. Miss L. A. Ptarce, 23 Pilling
street, Brooklyn, N. Y, Oct 2, 1U01.
To remove a soft corn cover it at
night wltb prepared chalk, bandag
ing snugly to keep tbe chalk in
Mn Winalowa 800TrilS0 SYROP for ehll-
dien teething, aoftena tbe (rumi.rwlucea Infla
matloD.aliari pain corea colic Price t' bottle.
Tbe masculine Idea of "Mexican
drawn work,' Is that it is some kind
of a lottery. And oft2n it Is.
Kinnnai T t.n t a a.
d .. m, vu fmom
bacn vnd in tttm Unttotl Mat, ,
IvwUr, sick fed, diFsi.
' r iiiHt arising iron fliaVtflltWftd
nUrtur ""T1 nare1 ? ! Tabula
One wlU r;'er.liT aiva wiu-i within i,Bt.
inav-a. Tba twerm pv-kara la aaouca
lor ordinary oooaalo..,. All droecwia aell tbaaT
To break children of the habit of
biting tbe nails dip tbe ends of tbe
fingers in a solution of aloes.
Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year.
ma wunvn
nT7 rr-
a"- -S
I have do tea -ntmett against tbe
old bachelor I give him cteait for
making: one woman happy tbe on
he aid'nt marry.
It Isnt' tbe quality of gosples dis
pensed but tbe degree of fashion
displayed, that makes a successful
Fashion lias iu heroines. A New
Yoik woman broke ber arm Hying
to button a shirt waist that opened
10 lh.e tack.
8U11 More Kvidenca.
iiuj City, 111, Aug. 8. (Special.)
Mr. K. F. Henley of this city adds his
evidence to that published almost daily
that a sure cure for Rheumatism is
now before the American people and
that that cure is lkid's Kidney Pills.
Mr. Henley had Acute Uheumatlsin.
He has used Dodd's Kidney Tills, lie
says of the result:
"After suffering for slxteea years
with Hheumatism aud using numerous
medicines for Rheumatism and more
medicines prescribed by doctors. 1 at
last tried Iodd's Kidney Pills with the
result that I got more benefit from
them than all the others put together.
"Ludd s Kidney Pills were the only
thing to give me relief, aud I recom
mend theiu to all suffering from Acuta
Rheumatism is caused by Uric Acid
In the blood. Healthy kidneys take all
the Uric Acid out of the blood. Dodd's
Kidney Pills make healthy kidneys.
Only one-twentieth of the popula
tion of India can read and write.
A test count would probably re
veal that there ware more bait
heads among bachelors tben among
married mn. but perhaps tbe
bachelors lose their hair worrying
about women.
If all men worked is hard as thel
wives think tbey do, the sanitar
iums would be crowded with nervous
Ladles, beware of admiring the
"artistic temperament." With most
you n if men woj claim to have it, It
consists 'jf Ions hair, short purse
and bad habits.
Licorice will sweeten the breath;
also rinse tbe mouth wltb a little
tlocture of ruyrrb in a goblet of
Some of tbe huge crabs found on
ascension Island are each a foot la
length. Tbey have been known to
steal rabbits from tbelr holes and
devour them.
vVith tbe Igorrotes at the World's
Fair, fashion has reached lis logical
conclusion. They seem to bfve
started In wltb tbe short skirt ana
the decollete waist, and now the
extremes meet.
In a dog cemetery Id Paris there
Is a tombstone which bears this In
scrlptlon, to the memory of a brave
St. Bernard: He saved tbe lives of
forty persons was Killed by the forty
Tbe Japanese consider salt whale
meat a great delicacy.
Miss Whittaker, a prominent
club woman of Savannah, Qa.,
tells bow she was entirely cured
of ovarian troubits by tbe use
of Lydia E. Pnkbam's Vegetable
Dxia Maa. PrrraAM: I heartily
recommend Lydia . Pinkbam'a
Vegetable Compound as a Uterine
Tonic and Eegulator. I suffered for
four veara with irregularities ad
Uterine troubles. Ko. one but those
who have experienced this dreadful
agony can form any idea of the phvsi
eal and mental misery those endure
who are thua afflicted. Your Vege
table Jcmpounu curea me wiiain
three months. I was fully restored to
health and atrenrrtb, and now my
periods are regular and painless.
What a blessing it is to be able te
obtain such a remedy when so many
doctors fail to help von. Lydia E.
Plnkha-n's Vegetable Com pound
is better than any doctor or medlciae
I ever bad. Very truly yours, Miss
East Whtttakkb, 804 39th St, W.
bavannah, Us." $sooo forftit lfri9tif
abc oa IttUr mrtxtna amnManaia emrrmt bt arotfveatf.
The testimonial which we
re constantly publishing from
rraterul women prove ieyonu a
doubt the power of Lydia E.
IMnkliam's Vegetable Compound
to conquer female dliwaca
Mvoarra bmim
Tim nawnt-n
Automatic Fountain.
An Ohio man gives thin description
f his poultry fountain: Every p"l-
ryiiiHii knows bow difficult It is "
;een good. i-icBii water IvT S Jars'
lock of bens shut up in a bouse or
rard. If furnished in an oen ve-l
t is soon lowered out of rem li or iiiien
vith dirt and litter by their scratching,
rations small fountains are on the
narket which do for little chicks, but
arze fowls shut in s warm house
lrink a great deal and require lots of
line and attention. The accompanying
ut shows an autoiiiHtiefoUiitnin which
: devised for use In my poultry house.
t is made of a M-gallon keg. A pint
In mn Is connected by a fiiuill tube
o the lower end. from which the
hlckens drink. To till the keg the
ulie Is corked, then 1Im cork Is taken
ut of the tup. When it Is tilled niiike
:he bung tight and open the tule lie
ow. The water will not run out of
:he cup if the tube be an Inch or more
jelow the top. One cup will water a
jowi-slzed flock. Two or more cups
inny be used If necessary. The foilli
Min should be set on a Ux about eight
nches high. Just so the bens can reach
t and not throw dirt Into the cup by
scratching. With this arrangement
'hey have plenty of clean water mid
eju!re our attention but once a day.
Handy Harrow,
The harrow herewith Illustrated Is
? feet long by 4 feet wide, with eight
-ctli in each beam. The teeth should
he of -iiieh steel and put through
lot more than two inches. This makes
i fine comb harrow which cuts all the
top and does not pull up trash. Each
lieam Is attached to the pulling bar
with n hook and drop link. Through
the middle is an inch rod put through
thimbles, one being slipped over each
benm ns shown at a. This tiinkes the
harrow flexible. By withdrawing the
Inch rod and unhooking from the pull-
Ing bar, it can lie sheltered in very
rjiihII space. A boy can handle it.
The harrow Is very easy to draw, the
beams being near (he ground act as
levelers, while the teeth cover every
inch of ground. J. Floiuefell, In
Farm Visitor.
Selecting Seed Corn.
The true selection of a istter hrped
of corn is not confined to the selection
of the best ears by any means, al
though this Is the popular idea of com
improvement As every corn raiser
knows, certain seed will raise corn
that is almost Ideal, so far as the ear
goes, but there are but few ears on a
This being the case. It Is evident
that the true selection of corn Is the
selection of the plants which show the
desired eharactcrlHtics all through their
growth up to the time of harvest, so
that the plants should be closely
wtrtched from the time they break
ground and thus securing the habit of
.Towth as well as the perfection of ear
so desirable.
Many of the plants will make a
ftronger growth than others and ripen
( hi full crop earlier; if such a plant
Is what Is desired, it can only be found
by watching Its growth through the
nenson. Then If the yield In all that
Is di-slred imp comes pretty near lv
ing the Ideal plant and ono which Is,
probably, capable of even greater lin
Grit for Young Chick.
While oyster shells seem to be de
etrable as grit for fowls, It has been
found that growing chicks do better
on coarse sand, or, better still, on s
mixture of coarse sand nnd ground
Florida rock phosphate, which Is oh
talnable of any denier In poultry sup.
piles. Equal parts of each are used
hnd the mixture placed In boxes,
where the chicks can get It at will
Hone meal In limited quantities Is also
excellent for growing chicks, and If
they have this In connection with the
grit, made as suggested, together with
plenty of fresh water during the day
and a chance to pick green food for
themselves, tba grain-food needed will
be much !es and
thrive Just as well.
the chicks wlU
Renewing Utrawbrrrr Bxl.
Without doubt the digging of new
plants ami setting them regularly in
the place they sre to grow is the best
way of obtaining tlie new strawberry
led. True, thi requires considerable
lalr and the selection of th- lest run
ner from the old lied. If this plan Is
to lie followed the best plants will be
obtained by going wr ,"'d
as the runners are forming and keep
ing the tips cut off to one or more
plants, so as to obtain strong plants
for re setting. Another advantage of
this plan is that Just the nuinU-r of
plants that may be set In a given pe
riod are dug. so I hat none are f to
dry out as with plants Is.iight.
The other plan of making the new
hearing plantation " a K'h1 one, and
unite generally followed, especially
where the .erries are grown on the
matter row plan. The mower Is run
over the field after the crop is gathered
and. after niklng off the cut plants, a
light plow is run through the field and
fllsiiit one half or more of the plants
cut out. leaving the new ones, which
will be alsiut a f".t apart, composed
of (he new plants, t are is required
In this work, but the results will 1
profitable, provided the new plants
formed are strong.
Cyraof the llnrae.
I Hiring the busy months of the year,
fanners are anxious to get nil the
work jsissjlile out of their horses,
which is prope.- enough. I'ihhI alone
will not do the trick. A horse mny bo
fsl the best of rations, but he iied
eare In addition, so try these things
which tony seem simple, but which
will do a greiit ileal toward milking
the horsi ntented rind more valiliible
to you. luep his coat clean, not only
by brushing and the use of the conib,
but use water on him freely, especial
ly during the wiinn period.
When bis work for the day Is dono
take a sponge anil wush each pnrt of
his coat v. herr- the harness touched.
If his muscles are sore, take equal
parts of iodine and u'l oil. mil them
ami rub the mixture well Into tlm
Joints Bin! (pinions. Wash out his
mouth occasionally and take cure of
his feet. Almve all. In warm weather,
see that his stable Is well ventilated
and that screens are placed so that
vermin are kept from annoying him.
In watering the horse. let him have It
before eating, ami also a siiihII uiply
between meals, even If he Is warm. It
will not hurt him unless you give him
too much.
Money in lierriea,
ruyallup. Wash., Is the home of a
limn w ho gets f a year from ono
acre planted In berries. His crop con
sists of the Washington dpwlierry and
red raspberries. The little farm Is In
the center of the city mid contains a
neat six-room cottage mid nice front
lawn. A cow and flock of chickens
assist in making the iiu-oine approxi
mate $l, every 12 months.
The owner is almost an octogenar
ian. He merely sits on the srch and
watches Lhp pickers gather his golden
harvest. The chickens do not injure
the berries, but destroy the bugs and
keep down the gross and weeds. Tho
berries are marketed through an ssso-
isticn of !vmi growers. A yield of
.."id to IK) crates is considered the av
mgi' from an acre. Commercial Trl
iinie. Age of Kkb.
An Kastem paper recently published
a lengthy article on how to tell th
age of eggs. While the article is very
Interesting and the Information It con
tains Is no doubt iici iirnte and relia
ble, we are of the opinion that to (he
farmer that makes the most money
out of i-ggs It Is not very material.
The only good egg Is the freli one,
and the way to make tbe most money
out of the sale of eggs Is to get them
into (be hands of the consumer as
soon as It can be done after they are
laid. Guaranteed strictly fresh eggs
always find ready sale, and generally
at a premium this time of year. Ex
change. Lire Scarecrow.
A well known Vermont farmer Is re
ported to have successfully kept off the
crows from a com field by locating
several roosters In boxes at various
distances through the lot. The crows
appear to object to the frequent crow
ing of the roosters and keep away from
the lot.
Poultry I'll k Inns.
The time o hatch, more than the
breed regulates laying.
In breeding should not be tolerated
for more than two years.
Keep all buildings for poultry well
covered with whitewash, put on thick.
The best stock Is the cheapest,
therefore, never sell the best and never
buy anything but the best.
Fowls In confinement n l a variety
of food, and one of the most Import
ant of them is green fisid of some
Put a good floe of hens In the plum
orchard and the trees will lean sub
ject (o curctillo and will produce good
crops of fruit
In no case can we make good, ma
ture fowls of poorly-fed and badly
managed chickens. It Is economy first
and last to feed well.
8o far as can be done, green food
should form a part of the dally ra
tions through the year, as It seeme
necessary to Insure health, productive
ness and fertility.
A stale egg which remains In one
position for a number of days lias tbe
yolk adhering to tbe membrane of tba
shell. The position of tbe genu often
causes tbe embryo chicken te hatch
either weakly or deformed.
i. -