Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, June 30, 1904, Image 8

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w- ftsiA. Jar., if. 1V4
V I . r!rrf, lf.
ei re h is
yr- i ittf.' K AT i vi
Physician s Surgeon.
L ('. HA VIS, M.'k
Office in Barte.f fiii.M'ng-. .
KeMnte 1-rt door north of C'oiumernal
One Dc!!ar Per Y.ar,
IVf iwh.siiiJe ''.nn;ri. r nlunlrf -"fk;
Pef riilniTT!!, per month d f
fVofesnKtna! card per year, trtre intf? 5. 01) I
Lal per line each issue .05 i M.if of 9io'j eoHmjr at 10c each at
W per cent off on yearly contracts. ! this ..
The Craw ford deM t i Dr .T. H Spfi;o
C KS' 0O OO 00 O CJ
W.'ilf I'apor ?
1 lritM. Oils, VariiixlitiS.
Hooks mid STATIONARY. $
The finest Lino of pipeand ?
Bent ci.'iris in the city.
! RICHARDS JONES, Success, J. E. Phinney.
kooooooooooo C4rOCOC0O0OCO
Jtat.ws-JKII A Uu
1 w
Commissioners Proceedings-
Harrisot . Neb. , June 14. J904.
Tre County coinuiiss.ooers and county
tKaaor convened a heard 'f equali
tation. Present; E. A. Pit'ehj'w, Daniel
Jordan, A. C Cullers, Assessor S R
Story una E K Pontius clerk. Board
proceeded ion e rtaio ttm tola! value of
property asseased and relative value of
lime until 6 p. ni. Chi motion board ad
journed until "o'clock a. in. June 13.
E. '. Pontics, clerk.
Harrison, Neb., Jane 19.
Board of ejualiHtM;ii met pursuant to
sojournment. Present) Bicelow, Jordan
Cuilers. Story and clerk. Hoard return
bo duties until 8 p. m. . n uiotftm i-mrd
adjourned to June 16.
E F. PONTICS, clerk.
Harrison, Neb., June 19.
Hoard of Equal iRUion met pursuant to
adjournment. Present ; B'gelow, Jordan
Cullers, Story and Pontius, clerk. Hoard
resumed duties until t p. ru. On motion
Sward adjourned to June 17.
E. f. Po.NTirs, Clerk.
( Harrison, JUb., June li.
rfbarj of Equalization iret pursuant to
vdjournment. Presetitj Billow, Jordan,
iul'lefii and Poutiut Alwent Story on
wcduhl rf sickness. On motion bjard ad
journed to June IS.'
E. F. PcWTICs. clerk.
"' ', Harrison, Neb. June 1.
Btirr! o eoualuntion 'met burnnan't lo
Adjournment! Present; Bielow, Jonlan,
Culleri und t'lerk, absent S. B." Std'ry av
sessor oti accoiiDt ' of sickness. On ino
tloo board adjourned until Monday June
iO, to meet as board of county conitrns
iooers. E. F. Pontius, clerk.
( Harrison, Neb. June 20, 1904.
r Board of county commiKHionem met in
regular sesniori, Prenetlt j Bielow. Jordan
Cullers rdJ Pontius, 'clerk.
''The matt.er'of vacation of rond petition
fcr'by H. R. Park and'ot tiers wa taken
4fk' tind ' after due consideration of all
Mlttars pertaining; to said petition n rid
remoni'trance thereto on motion was
Allowed and that part of road refered lo
-0 aaid petition is vacated.
The petition of Wm. A. Glaze and
fStbers for the establishment of a certain j
foad was taken dp ahd bi' reason of a
betition withdrawing ten names from
4aid Glaze's petition making said oeti
'ion not a lepil petition. The Ritid peti
tion whs laid over until the next meeting
Petition'of Frank Nutto and others to
Vacate a portion of road No. 1 and chan-ie
Same to different route was taken up ami
8ri motion the clerk was instructed to
appoint a commissioner to View said por
lion of road for vacation and location of
mid portion of rad No 1.
The following resolution was presented
and uhamiouslv adapted.
'WVlEMASi The laws of the State of
ttebraska. in relation there to declare all
lection lines in this state to be public
loads and where as we the Board of Coun
ty 'ommiwoners of .Suiut County, Neh
ratta in regular session a-sen'hied lavu
and do find that tf public gid requires
tlw same.
He it resolved; Tiatt all of suiJ section
Inns in Suuji Oonntv, where the mnie
about or: or run tnrouh povernnien!
Und I and the sine liefehy are declared
Iul'lic r-Kuls.
U HKKB.4; We the Bird of County Com
missioners of Sioox County, Nebraska in
regular res.Sion assembled l.ave und da
find that the public gtwJ requires that
the vet half of tlie line ltweeu section-t
9 toonship 31 range 6U and 34 toiislrip
32 ,-an'e 5ti he ojiviied as a public ro:id.
fltf it resolTed; Thai the fid line 1 and
hereby is rned as a public hifrbw sv and
the road overseer of the district in wbiifl
s;nd ruAii is lof'aHd Is herebv directed am!
required to work the um in the same
miirmer as other public roads.
On u,dtin the ilerk was Instructed t(j
notify all parlies making applications for
use of court hoCse that the same will rot
te used for any purj- outs.de of the
transaction of bftsifjess of the cimnty or
afairs pertaining thereto. On moliori
bnard adjourned to S o'clock a. in. June
21. E. F. PoNTIfM, clerk.
Harrison, Neb. June. 'VI,
Poard of county commissioner met us
(er adjournment. Present ! H:'""
Jordan, t'ullers and Pontius, clerk.
C'laim of excessive ta.ses paid nmier
protest by Gti. Cnl was taken op and
owing to the fact that s;wd Cant did not
apiHT before lxiurd of eijualiXatior id
1903, the iKiard can not now consider a
refund of taxes prayed fof,
Claim of Henry VVarneke for refund of
taxes paid under protest for as
taken up and after investigation it a
found that the nmotint fsiid was not ex
cessive and then fore rejected,
CKtim of Christina Kendall for refund
of taxes paid under protest as taken up
and after due con.ideration m r jei-ted.
Chums of Stanley Williams ai.d Knitik
lJonovan of Box lintte county askii'K for
txe hsesed in K'oujt coun'v to I
Aricken from record was taken up ai-d
decided that no action could li tsk-n un
til sid clainiBiits first, paid the amount
SO assessed under protest mid clerk n
ills' dirt -'d lo notify both cliun.i.i.its to
that effect.
Oiru ial Imnd of Wni. J. A. lliiim as
Soldiers relief coimmss,otier on motion
was upproved.
Theotticial tioiid of Goodsnn Iu.v as
deputy sheriff of Sioux county was on
motion npproved.
All kiriflf of GoM anl Hilver work done
Kings Tnade to order.
All work guaraiilt'fd.
ll.'iriifss lnade to order.
Saddle? re covered.
i The Commercial Bank.
C. V. Cokkkk, President. V. W.Ci.arkk, Cafhier
Stockmen having iw fur a bank at ihU point may rely 01
us to handle their entire Banking busine.
tWt; are r,rc;nr'd to take t are of nr trade at all timeHiir-
Sunn i am t..
! 11 kkJLf Villi VI
Cstt'e hrati't
eH isW tlml
k eiltief
eft htp ' "
'eft .Monjrfcf.
A'l lrew,. . AMmo.
fisrriu, 5eBa.
Hoard IIt Day or Week.
lienfTs sale.
V.J If toe of an orihT of tssw? lv the
t'lerk of tlie rtistrlt t court 4 Sioux rouwty,
ef,r.iUa, Hj-on a decree reudereil in :,l't
e, art intavorof M. W. Mieale sml lot Irj
llnriiioii. iilrfintiff, icl Jiooli it. hnrd,
etux, il-li-d.tnt4. I willj the Hit titty of
Julv I'AH lit one o'eitK k ill til"; afternoon ol
saiil rtuv at the rit I runt -lisir ;if '.lie court
house of salil .woty ut Harrison, Nt brutsn,
ut (jiiilic snetlou to tiie highest lhl l. r
tt.r rati In hand the fi.liouinif ,)perllsd
resl et.ile wltiuiU-1 hi siutl etmuly, to wilt;
ItM-soulli half ttf tlM- mnthMcst quarter
aii'l tde north lulf o( thw afHilhwet tiurU'r
of sei tion three i;;j towuslilp tiilrty-fuiir
iiortl) K ranne m ty tour (ft ) west of tliettli
Itrtunpal ini'i Hiuti In alt county huU statt;
if Ni lirassu to satisfy Siilil order of sale In
the rfUin of out tlitnisaii'l suit eleven flollais
aiol teuiy eiht cenls. (l,iII.Ts , ant) inier.
et an4 rol . hii.1 uceiu.in l.'ft',.
t ir-l inilMii ulIon Jon,, (till
Al I X I.iiWUY,
Sht:riff of m,l rou.ity.
CattMi braml
ed wtnie u tint
on nit on rilb
er 1de V. h-intil
And fo!lTWln on
leftside of rsttlr.
Vnd this
AikI thl
en f : sirte r.d Sii.
K iniri'on ItimnliiK Water.
l'ost (i e Artilrese, llarrlsrm, netrak.
Fine Work a fjmiatty.
Jobs Taken fclllrer by Contract or I lay.
Cs 1 1 lr brand
a shown In
cut, ou right
m a.
.. .. .. tcu'ixim
awe, nip, or i'V3Jl3Al
shoulder. W. .w ft
Also -on left side. Itlitht e. cllptd
SIUO REWARD will lie paid forevliieue
t-onvicttng tmv one lor i nnnhitf ('It or In
any way tainpeTlrir llh atotk harlng nnf
of the shove hran't or hrantla,
I: ours at Amlrews, Nebr,
s htresa, llsrrlion Rrbr.
Tn Jot ksai, will publish your brand, like
the tullow-hiK, for tl:n, wir year. Kru h ml
aitu .Kl uran't ;s cents. r.very farmer or
ranchmen In Sioux and adlotuinB; counties
tbotilrt atlTertlse thrlr brands in TUKjot K
IfALH. It circulates all over the stivte. 11
jihv tw the means ot saving muticy Krr yon
t'atrtj lirnndrd
on -lifnl aid
ss.ue as cut
A'.d also I) an
Ui'ht hip.
lo iin ledy mi right Blimiidwr
llaiiKeon w a te Hirer, on tha old
(')lvill., rr.nrh.
John Johnson.
Will make the season at my plaoe
on Monroe Creek 7 miles north-west
of Harrison.
WISDOM J., Sired hv imported clyde, Dam peven-eiffhtu
The bond of the Commercial Bank as I HlIIRE, Weight 1, MM) pOUndi.
depository for the county money was Ou ! 1 flC C).t"l to lUSUre living COll. 1 lie IllOliey lor rUTVlCe
of ftalhon will r due and payable at once in raw; mare
are wold or removed from the county,
motion approved.
On motion the County Treasurer is or
dered to transfer $443.71 from the Ken
eral'fifnd of previous years to the gener
al fund of 1903, 60 17 betrusfered from
bridge fund of previous years to bridge
fund of 1903 and 1200.00 be fansfered
from bridge fund of 1903 to general fur.d
of 1903.
Oo motion the following claims was takeb up examined, und allowed or rejected.
.V-eV.I .... i , . , Claimed Allowed
tWvid Anderson, supplies for paupers 24 18 24 13
4til.il Uurlty', .services as county superintendent and expenses 72 58 72 58
ft. -Ttew'.ih, supplies for county "i0 1 70
iti.ri-& Lux, supplies anl poatape 8 20 8 20
."C. 8u'rk, printing and supplies 33 03 33 03
& Son, coal 9 60 9 60
Kvid Anderson, clothinic for pnuper 21 90 21 90
fllfth "Premier Typewritter Ue. deed record 12 40 12 40
lex LoWry, aheriff, jailor and hoarding prisoner 161 15 161 IS
C. Wright, difjht a-nard for prisoner 156 00 156 00
fecar "WTard, day " " 84 25 84 25
J!rkiit ChilHrie, insuring tourt. bouse 60 00 60 00
ft: 'W. ftieflll, Boarding jurors " 8 25 3 25
ett ftwausoo, balance witness fees 3 50 8 60
lrllrilif'fX Lewis, road commissioner 8 60 3 60
ferribtingCo. Maliooery.'- 26 50 26 50
?eiSrasa Newspaper Union, boolesand supplies 21 70 21 TO
VaMr Mec'xem, rent for election purposes 3 00 2 50
TE. A. BstleC, painting. repairinA vault Ac. 19 50 19 50
Jmw Crawford, lumber for bridges 14 25 14 00
Wni: Harvey " " 1 1195 1195
Hammond trihting Co. printing A supplies 44 75 44 75
VUmmond A Stephans. " 17 82 17 82
rrant. Odthrie atty, road damages ' ' 60 00 60 0o
tl. F. Pontius, postage, expenses and salny 115 Hi 115 85
Lacy Bro supblies for painting 22 35 22 35
Hwluirds A JoflX " " 12 25 12 25
Peter Nortnass, refund rood fix. ' ' 3 00 8 00
Board adjourned at . p. m. to June 22 to meet as board of equalization.
. E. F. POHTIL'8, clerk.
i n
Oiittle branded
as sltiiwn in cut
on li'lt sitlc,
KanX" st lies'
lit, Nihrusks.
Address; lfcitt. Nsnriu-ka.
$500 REWARD.
For the arrest am) conviction ot any p.irty
or pal ties HtcMlhif; or disf IgurhiK any nruiid
n stock belor.Klfts to tlie undersigned par
Olen, Nebr.
w 1
Cattle brand
rd on left aide
asm as out
nn4 horaei
branded on
le ahualda
The above stallion willstand at our barn in Harrion this
seanon. Fees will be due and jiayable at once in caw?
mares are difjxined of or removeii from th; county. Call
and we uw if you desire the service of a horse this season.
TERHSWi. 00 to insure colt to stand and tuck.
Lacy fc Son.
' " ; Harrison, Neb. June 23.
'atfeiinty cflmmissloners met aa board of
qiftsJiMtkM. Present; Bigslow, Cullers
Md Poatlaa, dkirk.
PunM the duties' ' of ' checking
IkMajnte kooka of the different precincu
tjA I. p. as. Oa tsoUott board ad
lmi U J SX
B. F. Fomrja, clark.
Harrison, Neb. June 23.
Board etualiition met pursuant to
adjournment. Present; Bigelow Jordan,
Cullers and Pontius clerk,
Board resumed work of equalization
until . pi' m. On motion board adjour
ned until 8 a, m. June 34 .
E. F. Promos, clerk.
OotUinusd matt wetk.
R.allraa3 between Mlaaourl-Rjvar, aivd
Chloafo. . . ,
Direct line to St. Paul Minneapolis-
Dtreet Line to Black Hills.
- Apply to nearest sxsent for rates, maps
evnd time oa.rds
time table:
West Bound, East Bound.
Morning. Evening. .
No. 18, Due 9:11 I No. 14, Due 7:25
No. 88, lo. frt. 9:85 No. M loc. frt. 5:45
Botli trains carry passengers.
"TVCTTSJofifff-u lTTnvent'hjn .
It is interest ing to note that frrtunes
are freouently made by Hit invention ol
articles (if (Minor Importance. Many of
the most iHipular devices nre those eta'
signed to lenellt the people and meet
popular conditions, and one of the most
interesting of these I hat, has ever been
Invented is the Or. White Electric Comb,
patented Jan. 1, Ir9. Thes wonderful
Combs lositively cure dandruff, liir
falling out, sick and nervous headaches,
atid when used with Dr. White's Electric
Hair Brush ore positively ptiuranleed lo
make straight hair curly in 25 days' time
Thousands of I hwse electric combs have
been sold in various cities of the Union
and tlie demand Is cosHlaotly increasing.
Our agents are rapidly becoming rich
selling these combs. They positively sell
on sight. Send for sample. Men s size
35c ladies' ft0c.-half price while we are
introducing them.) The Dr. White Elec
rieComb Un.,Decatur',lll.
tattle branded
ilorses branded
on let I nhou
fler, rnjje on !UHf i r-i(.
Any tork brnrnliMl nlovc lKln trny
( from my rnifr(.;t ri.nrotfini by mty boly
on tciwuK iue inloTniH t1n will Ik rfwufbsl.
AcM i !, Ft. Kol'iii'Mii, NobrH.ka
CntilP brnirif
dbln and haima on
A I ho ftom of th HorHfl
tl nre brHitclrtl m
KhonMnr iMtnitf us dttrrb
nbovn biiiiti.
on the left
left shoul-
and f'4tl.
itutl the
ed lor the
Address, Harrison, Nebraska.
iikhf Tm.v i,ivis srtx kXS
Kraiide1 en left hip of O.ttle
and on left rheeV or Horses
llaiiKeon Deep Creek.
Addieas, lieep (reek Live Mock Co..
J. II. Kalhkri, roremiii,,
lileii, Nehrnakt..
tattle hrnndel
any in re on
left side of the
awl tl ltiiiie on I'l
,i fy iu ''ok and
ommkJ roe Creeks.
Address, Harrison. Nebraska
will Tiy fV 00 reward for each head
of Imv ( l vi He's hnrses branded
on en iter jaw or llnch turned!
5''er :i John llieser on Runnuu-
w.iter, also 100.00 for proof lo
convict any pvrson unlawfully haiidlin
any of said horses.
W. J. a. Rack
same as cut
ai the pix rty of Andte.sr Christian nnt
raiiKe trlbniary to Van Tasel Springs.
KlrthiT, Wyo.
Own. the follow
ing!, rand ftn eiLh-
Also HQ on rat
tle uml horses
i-Mtlieoli leftside
hors' ori i',f t
Hunirnon Silver 8yrlni; and east of state
llns ?osU)fllr.e Harrison Nell.
W-l I
V i(i
Cattle britMdsit
I aMMM ss si.wn tin
1 j2i I "'" w'tii
y.Lr'' I over hit bii left
Kangs on Run
nlng Water,
I. O. Addresa, Marsland. Nebr.
Ilorses and cat-
tie branded on
slther aldt, same
a on cut.
And Cattle branded
side, nad Ilorses on I'M
Addrera, hislurr, Nebraska.
Cattle brand
ed on left ldn.
llnnife on
Itunnl-iK Water
rp. O, Addresa Harrison, NeUrsska.
Cattle Rranded
Kan go oa
on left able
on left hip
Also cattle branded
siHi.iiner or aide.
Itangn n
Kunnlns; Water, f. o. Address
Agate, Sebraslia
Cattle Brand
on Wight Hie
!'. 0. Adftlflt., ffnSrw.U tffa,,.
.35' .s
...w.. J-
' 'j- ...I'sti sms' .. X "ia .'