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    Women who work,
Btore, office or factory,
ability to stand the strain. The case of
Miss Frankie Orser, of Boston, Mass., is
interesting to all women, and adds further
proof that woman's great friend in need is
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
"Dear Mm. Piskhaw:
I suffered
chert and I nad tx-aring down pains,
rake from a restful sleep in such pain
1 could close my eyes again. I dreaded the long nights and weary days. I
eould do no work. I consulted different physicians hoping to ret relief but,
Boding that their medicines did not eure nie, I tried Lydia l Pinkliiim'g
K'tuli!e Compound, as it waa highly recomended to me. I am glad that
I did so, for I Boon found that it was the medicine for my case. Very soon I
waa rid of every ache and pain and restored to perfect health. I feci splendid,
bave. a fine appetite, and hare pained in weight a lot." Miss Fbankjk Ouseh,
14 Warrenton St., lioston, Mass.
SurHy you cannot wish to remain weak, sick and discouraged,
and exhausted with each day's work. Homo (leeungcincnt) of the
feminine, organs Is rconsiblc for thin exhaustion, following any
kind of work or effort. Lydia E. I'lnklnim's Vegetable Compound
rill help you Just us it has thousands of other women.
The case of firs. Lennox, which follows, proves this.
i '
the day, and in ten days more I was well.
My strength had returned, I pained fourteen
. . pounds, and felt better and stronger than
I had for yearn. I gratefully acknowledge its merits. Very sincerely youra,
Mrs. Bkbt E. Lennox, 120 East 4th St., Dixon, 111."
ApAAA FORFEIT If weranrmt forthwith produce th nrlfffnal lttre and ilgnatnrea of
tmUamuUU, waica will jire tb-'r ar.l.. taiurm.
BuUUU LidUK. flufchau Med. Co.. tjun, Maea,
M? dear nephew, d-n' t, be in a
irat hurry; let the fWh swaihi the
loik before yu twitch; don't pull
Ihe trigger until you have taken
lira; hang onto jure beit kard a?,
hng az yu kan: and ren enilicr this,
bile tiiare Iz sum piety In repent
ing or a blunder, the wurlo won't
lv yj er-n? ktedlt for It.
The reazon whl thatc a so .Ittle
fenunlne frendshlps in this work!
fc bekauze tiiare are sn fu people
whom deserve It.
' Mankind are very proud ov their
Judgments, but they aro az often
convinced against what tbey call
their juagraeuts enny otber way.
Take all the phools out ov this
world, and thare wouldn't be enny
fuo nor profit living in It.
My yung disciple, don't fall to
lake advantage ov jure good luk, for
food luk seldom cuius to a man late
in life.
I A Larc Trial Bos and book ol In
tructioas absolutely Free and Post
paid, enough to prove the value ol
PoxtlncToilet Antiseptic
1'alllne H in powaar
brm to diaaolve In
water oon-plaotinua
and far npcrlur to llqu Id
Mflanlh-a fnntalnlnK
alcohol which Irrltalti
blllaaaad euriacee, and
havo no claanalnf prop
crtlee. Tba contentt
ol avarr boi wiaora
eaore ABtbcptk hulu
tlwn hau longer
tor further-haa mora
im In the family and
antlaaptlc preparation
voti can buy.
The latmula of a noted Bolton ohviiclan.
and wed with gratwutuu a Vaginal
Wash, for LKorrhau. PdvicCaUrrh, Natal
Catarrh, Sore Threat, Sort Eves, Cut
(and alt Mrcne of mucu membrane.
' la local treatment of female lilt Pal tins li
bveloab'e. Um4 as a Vaginal Wash we
leballooM the world to produce lu equal for
ttorouahnea. ItUarerelatlon In clean nf
;end baallng pownr) it k ilia all garoia which
jeaat Inflanmatlon and dlaehartm
' All loadlafl dragitaM kaap raatlnai mlea.llos.
ie koi ! tf .rlraCai not, aawl low w U. IWI
jkako a'anbaUtaU-Uioralraothlnf Ilk PastlM.
i Wrtla roTllaarrM Mow of raatlao to-fay.
X riXTOI 00,, rtya lUf ., lain, Xaat,
whether in the house.
very rarely have the
misery for several vears. Mv bacV
and freouent headaches. I wnnb
Id oftec
and misery that it would be hours before
" Ir.AR Mns. Pinkiiam : Last winter I
"broke (idwn suddenly and had to seek the
advice of a doctor. 1 felt sore all over, with
a pounding in my head, and a dizziness which
I had never experienced before. I had a
miserable nppetite. nothing tasted good, and
pradually my health broke down completely.
The doctor said I had female weakness, but,
although I took his medicine faithfully, I
found no relief.
"After two months I decided to trv what
a change would do for me, and as Lydia K.
l'lnk ham's Vegetable Compound was
strongly recommended to me 1 decided to
try it. Within three days I felt better, my
appetite returned, and I could sleep. In
another week I was able to sit up part of
Hooksellers In Turkey never sell the
Koran. The Turkish bible is deemed
too precious to be sold. It Is alven
away to the person who desire3 it,
hut the tradesman first insists that
he receive a nice little present Id
If the average man gossiped aooul
people half as much as the average
woman he would be lying In a hospit
al most of the time. It is the femin
ine adroitness in saying things that
enables her to dodge responsibility.
CURES catarrh of tba ctomach.
BcmoTM Tan, Plrnpla,rreki,
a vrrak aoin i umei, naiu, auwi Bain
. jJESTm diMUM. mad ?err blunt ah
m Mtvuiv, ana
fofareton. It
ItmM atooil th OeA
of bC v ran. and la
o hirmliiiri
tMUt II to b aora
Accept no conn tar.
ftit ( a I in liar
una, Dr. L. A.
Barra aald to ft
lavjjf of tb banl
toh (a patient) i
At you ladltj
rill um thm, I
'Gaunud'! Craam
ta tna lcaat harmfnl of ail tha A In nraparaUona."
for Ml ty 11 I'ruffgiau and rancy Oaxla Haaiani
in tl C. 8., f'anaitaa. and Earopa.
HBO. T. HOPKINS, Prta'r, $ ftftd km St, M.
Sale Ten Million
a , kg ewlBJalU
A new aclrl tweepi clean.
No man la a b-ro to bis own sten
apber. Do id arerge TCO British subjects
re boro every year at sea.
Tbe pay of a Chinese soldier Is
about eigbteeu cents a week.
Tbe total commerce of Abyssinia
Is about 19.500,000 a year.
National bank notes are one sixth
of tbe money in circulation.
A woman delights In being a
ma tyr until she tods it out.
Women must wait to be asked, but
after that she usually dictates.
a I have noticed tbat tbe man whose
wife developes corns soon ceases to
shave himself.
So far as I am able to Juge there
Is not room In the average family
closet tor a skeleton.
When a man has been eating
breath perfumes, he Is never gien
the benefit of tbe doubt.
A epl i it of self-sacrificing Inspires
some men to sit In the crazy corner
aod br.ve tbe backache.
An honest man may be tbe noblest
work of God, but beautiful woman
elicits more genuine admiration.
Tbe head of one of tbe happiest
families I know confided to me that
be makes It a point never to tell tbe
truth at home.
Mrs. Lelaod Stanford is said to
carry a larger an ount of Insurance
than any other woman in tbe world.
Her policies amount to more than
one million d , liars.
Australia has more churches pei
capital than any other couniry. She
bis 210 churches to every 10C.000
people. England has 114 and Rus
sia about fifty-five.
Tne pecple of th United States
eat up l5,0t'0,000 worth of candy In
a year aod there nre nearly .1,000
factories making it with a capital of
Russia has given tbe women ol
Uls couniry the unmanageable
s-unovar, and Japan nas furnished
tnem the comfortable Klmona.
'lence, we find the sex sympahtizlng
vltb Japan In the present war.
Free to Twenty- Five Ladles.
The Defiance Starch Co. will givt
25 ladles a round trip ticket to tbe
So. Louis Exposition, to five ladies
in each of the following states:
Illinios, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
Mlss'iurt who will send lu the largest
number of trade marks cut from
a ten cent, 16 ounce package Df De
fiance cold water laundry starch.
Tbis means from your own home,
anywhere in the above named states.
These trade murks must be mailed
to and received by the Defiance
Starch Co., Omatia, Nebr., before
September 1st, 190t. October and
November will be the best months
to visit the Exposition. Remember
that Defiance is tbe only starch put
up 16 oz. (a lull pound) to the pack
age. You get one-third more starch
for the same money than of any
other kind, and Defiance never sticks
to the Iron. The tickets to tbe
Exposition will be sent by registered
mall September 5tb. Starch or sale
by all dealers.
Tbe number of qualified voters in
Japan Is only about one per cent,
of the total population. Each voter
must be tweDty-five years of age,
and pay fifteen yen about 7.S0 as
a yearly tax.
A strange law prevails in China.
If a native dies wMle being tried
for murder, tbe very fact of Ills dy
ing Is taken as evidence of his guilt,
lie has departed, but somebody must
sutler; and his eldest son, if be bas
one, is sent to prison for a year.
Wben a Dative of Quito sees a
flash of lightning he reverently re
moves bis bat.
Aak Too r Dealer for Allan'a Poot Rau,
A powdtr to ahaka Into your hora. It rrata
the feet. Curra Corua. Bunlona, Swollen,
Bore, Hot, Calloua. Aching, Sweating Feet
aod Ingrowing Nalla. Allan'a Koot-Eaae
makta naw or tight ehoei eaar. Sold by all
drugglata and atioe atom, 25c. Sample
Ballad FREE. Addreae Allan 8. Olmatcd,
U Boj, N. t.
Hashfulness Iz often nothing more
than Ignorance, and like the plating
on a spoon, soon wears off and shows
the odious brass,
Mrt. Wlnalow'a SOOTHING SYRUP for chil
dren tretbtiiK.aoftena the aiimi, riliir-a Inca
rnation, allay pain curea colic. Pi Ice itm bottla
This world Iz so full ov sin and
slpners tbat we often cum akrost
knunterfelt liea.
I hare niad Plio'a Cur for Conaumo
tion wltb rood reaulti. It ii all right.
Joba V . Ilpary, Box (AZ, Foitoria, Ohio,
Oct. 4, 1901.
N. N. U. 829 - 2fl YORK NED
Boxes a Year.
.V Huian is iuA of a-e until he in
Mtvi- pnxlui'- alKiut eVOtiiMaiO
pounds of rii!oa aimaali.v.
Primary njirii-ultural M-li(VIs are
ti.w -ta!lislj-d ill t"lv -iti of
The Filipinos -:it larf quantities of
Iriwi graKfihujipi'i-s, and al prepare
them in 4D!if-tiiis.
The ial is the only gem which can
not ! I'ounterfeitwl. Its deli-ate tJnts
cannot le rT)rodu-et.
Tiie jroverntnent of Queensland of
fers a prize of 'i."j. ) tor a rnetliod
of extiTiniriHtinK the opuntia, a tqe-ie8
of en-tu Imitoited from America.
The output of coal in lxrth France
and Bcljriuui hist yer was gn-ater
tJian ever Ix-fore, that of France be
ing 3ii.imi tons and that of Jkl
Klum U3. m i. a a i tons.
Th vist of inalnuinlntr the Fiifrlifh
navy inrw amounts to a year for
every family In Creait Britain, or more
than two weeks' wages for the great
body of the working people.
Ixind around tiie bayous of Ixitiis
lana and Texns, whldi until IWd was
classed as woTthloss. now .fields $'ir.
MMi.ctttf worth of rice. Aliout lol Jap
anese expert rice jrrowers are in this
The amount of water given off by an
acre of grams is estimated at thirty
ImtrsliPiads a hiy. Altout .'VK parts, by
weight, of water pans througli a jdant
to one part fixed and assimilated In Its
Exrendwl experimonis In Paris show
that In a given period of Inlvor the
tofttl ijuantlty prodiu-ed is lncreaset by
Intervals of reft, especially when short
resting Intervals are multiplied. Rest
9cm as n stimulant.
A RU.-eessful method of making
wood proof against lxith fire and dectiy
Is being Introduced In Oermany. The
f-ells of the timber nre emptied of air
In a vacuum and filled wltii sulphate
and borate of ammonia.
A scientist says It b not true that
intellectual work is a relief from phy
sical work, or vice versa. Fatigue, of
whatever nature it Is, accuinulsites
luring any kind of lalxtr, and disap
pears only on complete repose.
A lake containing fresii water on top
and salt water on the bottom has been
discovered on Klldin Island, Ijnplnnd.
The hike rises ami falls with the tide,
Imd the salt water evidently comes
from the sea by an underground chan
AtheiKs, Civece, Is soon to be ron
aeoted with Paris by railway. The
Grecian (lOvornnient has already se
rured the building of a rond to the
3'urklsh frontier, which will soon be
;onnected with the railwsiy syMenis of
Intoxicants affect men In various
n ays, w lien a l reticninan lias dninK
too miK-li he wants to dance, a German
U sin;;, n Sptmliird to gamble, nn Kn
lishman b eiit, an Italian tx boast, an
irishman ro fight and an American to
liake a speech.
A new theory of the Martian "en
anls" Is that Mars luts a solid crust
nul an ehi.-ttlc nucleus of a higher tem
perature. The crust In cooling neces
sarily contracted, and the pressure
upon the mass within caused fissures
to he formed in the surface.
The machine Industry of Germany
was never In worse condition than at
on-sent. Two reasons aire given for
:lie decline: First, tiie greiit depres
sion In iiKlustrlal life all over the ein
ohv; and, si-cond, the enormous trile
In the use of gas engines and steam
turbines within the last few years.
Four of the cannon t.aken from the
f'reiK-h off Flnlsterre In 1747 by Ad-
ulral ltoscawen now till tne lowly if
jseful rolew of curhposts and hunp-
osts In front of the house. No. 2 St.
lames' squnre, London, of Hoscawen's
Jescendatit, Lord l-tlmouth; while on
Tower Hill there Is a row of posts on
lie curbstones, every one of which Is
I cannon which has done service, or
has been reaily to do it, against Eng
land's enemies.
That ants perceive and avoid rays of
alt violet light much higher In the
untie of vision than the human eye la
ihle to detteot, has been shown by Sir
Mm Lubbock. Now writer in Elec-
jrical World suggest that those who
ire trying to determine the wave
ength of the X-rays experiment with
mts. The X-rays are invisible to man,
Dut it ha not been determined wheth
tr It is because they are too long or
too short for his eye to see. The ultra
riolet waves are too short.
Minimum Limit Plnced by a Scientist at
140 Yenra.
It Is a sad commentary upon our
(cholm-shlp and our civilization that
;he average life of a man to-day
ihould lie somewhere between 30 and
Ci years, says What to Fat. With nil
in r scientific advance and our knowi
ige of hygiene and sanitation we
ave cut down the life of man to nenr
y one-sixth since the days of Ahrn
Jani n ml Isaac. We have it on good
Uithorlty that Abraham lived 17,r
ears mid that Isaac died at the ripe
lid age of ISO, being "full of years
tnd of days." Job's life wns full of
rials, bolls and vicissitudes and yet
ie was 120 years old when he gave
ip the. ghost. Trof. Ell Metchnlkoff of
She Pasteur Institute has fixed the
ilnlmtim limit of man's life nt 140
tears. Having lived a natural and
Iclentiflc life from birth, Indeed, man
ni-efl not eiect to snuffle off Lis mor
tal coil at HO yearn. At that lime n
life lie will merely begin to feel Liiu,
Mdf "full of days." Prof. Metelmi.
koff sIkais that man's vermiform ap
H-ndix is a moral disharmony fo
' whose us-fn! existence we must gi
, back to her beating creatures like th
! rabbit, in which it fulfills a notabli
fuctimi in the digesting of raw vege
1 table matter. In man it is nothing hu
a death trap, one Paris hospital hav
ing treatel 443 cases of appendicitis ii
live years.
I And what is the scientific conciusior
i from all this? Man cannot wait foi
his great intestine to disappear in I hi
course of the aces, and he doe no
care to run the risk of having it cui
out. Ami yet It is the theory of Ivof
MetcLiiikoff that the phenomena o
senility and old age is due directly t
the microbes of the large Intestines
which are continually breaking dowi
the higher cells of our structure. Tin
only course is to fight the iutestina
microbe and as there are 128,000.K,
uxi.ooo of him formed each day it wil
he seen that the Job is no summer da;
picnic. The professor speaks highlj
of buttermilk and warns us to lie war
of all uncooked products of the mi
crobe-infested earth salads. artl
chokes, strawlierries, melons, onions
cucumbers, celery, radishes. turn!ra
carrots, cabbage. Fnless they are tlior
otighly cooked they should not cute,
into the human organism. Hy v(
adherence to this theory of aiimeuta
tlon and with the aiil of certain cyto
toxic serums prepared in the Pasteu'
Institute man may fight off old age. II.
will not "grow old" at i0, 70 and SC
as he does now. Whether the theorift
of Prof. Metchnikon are scientific.-,!!.!
sound or not, there is little doubt lha"
man was designed to live to a time)
greater use than he now attains ant
that longevity is even now n quessio)
of rational, hygienic living.
A New-Yorker Suya Tlicy Are Alieu
if the Country lioy'ti.
At the annual meeting of the I'm
versify f-'ettlement Society, of Ne
York, President John II. Finley of th
College of the City of New York, de
livered a speech which has arous o
considerable comment and discussio-i
In the course of his speech, which was
along the line of an ardent defense of
the city boy advantagi s, Dr. Finley
"The chances of the clty-bnrn arc
greater than the country-born. If you
knew about 1he life of the country
boy, how he has to sleep in an indicat
ed room In winter with the tempera
ture degrees below zero and in tlis
sumcr time work In the fie ds in the
fierce heat of the sun from ten ft
fourteen hours a day, you would prol
ably see that the city boy has an im
mense advantage.
"They tell that the hard work of
the country boy makes him a splendid
man physically, of the country hoys
1 knew fully one-half are under the
sod they plowed or are old men in the
village streets and at the ago of 40.
I believe that the best man is develop
ed through association and stuggle,
and not In the couniry solitude. The
farmer's boy ii caught in the endl.'ss
circle where he raises corn to feed
hogs, to buy land to raise more corn
to feed more hogs to buy more land to
raise more corn to feed more hogs.
"Of course the city-horn may substi
tute stocks for crops In an endless
chain of anxiety, but the city hoy of
New York has at hand the history or
the world, as a lesson, and the voices
of the greatest men within the reach
of his ears rather than the cricket and
the country night sounds. There arc
dirty streets and dark rooms in the
city, hut they are Illuminated by nnihi
tion, and even these dirty streets are
nh dear in after years as tbe country
is to the successful farmer's hoys."
An Appropriate Present.
Little Mary and Iten had been great
ly exercised over the approaching ,'in
nlversary of the parental wedding day.
They had overheard so much discus
sion of the subject flint they suppos
ed that numerous presents would ho.
quite the order of the festival, and
Pen, with the responsibility of his
eleven years, proposed that they se
cure their own pennies and "buy a
nice present for mamma and papa."
Mary gladly agreed, and with great
secrecy they made their preparations.
With a dollar they ran away one day
and with mueff excitement made their
purchase, which was safely hidden un
til the Important event came off. When
the presents were exhibited their's
proved no less interesting than more
expensive gifts there was "a beau
tiful picture," as they both assured
their parents. Sure enough, there were
two splendid lions In a large cage, and
under them the inscription, "A Life
No Sympathy.
"You don't feel any sympathy foi
the colleague who was convicted of
"Not the slightest," answered Sena
tor Sorghum. "Ills lack of honesty was
equaled only by the primitive insuffi
ciency of his methods." Washington
In KntiHHft.
"So there was a melodrama In town
last week," said the hat drummer.
"Was It realistic"
"("Josh, yes." replied the Kansas
postmaster. "Why, they had a cyclone
so natural that every one ran out and1
jumped In the cyclone cellars."
That Would Never Do.
"There's a great deal of wisdom In
that old Injunction, 'Know thyself.' "
"Yes, but after you gain such know,
edge It's best, for the nke of your1
refutation, not to where It with yoU
neighbors." Philadelphia Ledger.
U lH-0 1 UZ a YOUIg OllD I til
, liUuss kra?y to take boit ov tLe birf
, ind ov the kg, and da all ov the
, lifting; low tbat I am oldor, I sieza
ooia or the small end and do nil oi
the granting.
We ail pray for a long life, bul
few ov us pray fur a good one.
If we would gtaot tc otbera tbe
Jatne privilege that we kiaioj fur
ourselves, it wiuld allmcst pay tu
live forever in this world.
Strong Language.
I rreut-ncKKiiurg, inu., June o. lier.
l-iiocli J . St veus of this place uses
strong language In speaking of Iiodd'i
Sidney Pills, and lie gives good rea
sons for what he says:
"I can't praise liodd's Kidney Pills
too much." says Mr. Stevens. "Tbey
have dme me so much good. I was
troubled with uiy Kidneys so much
that I had to get up two or three tlma
in the night and sometimes in the day
when starting to the water house the
water would come from me before get
ting there. Two lox of Dodd's Kid
uey Pills cured me entirely.
"I have recommended liodd's Kidney
Pills to many pecple and have never
yet heard of a failure. liodd's Kidniy
Pills are the things for Kidney Dis
ease and Rheumatism."
liodd's Kidney Pills always cure the
Kidneys. Good Kidneys ensure pr.re
blood. Pure blood means good health.
A policeman in Denver, after bav-'
'ng served eleven years on tbe force,'
lost a leg Id an electioo riot about
i year 'go. He has been dismissed
'rom the service, and is compelled
io beg on tbe streets.
I koo lots of individuals who might
nve go'id wages raizlDg potati-ze at
0 cenis a bushel, but they aio'6
utisfied unless they km hav a for
otn bops ov sum kind to phool
Bow'a Thlar
We offer One Hundred Dollars Eewmrt IN
toy rae of Catarrb that cituuut ba cured to
Uitu'a Catarrh Cur.
r". J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
ne, the uudersUrneii, have known F.J. Cheney
lor the lst lft venrs, ami lielleve him iierfectlf
'mnoralile in all business transactions and f.uan
ially ahle to carry out any oulitjailona made lit
heir firm.
U est & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, f,
iValdlni;, Xlnimn & Marvin, Wholesale Drug-i'i-l.
To.io, Ohio.
Hali's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, actlua
luvlly upon -he Wood and mucous bu'rfacesol
lie system. Crico 73n. ier IxitUe. Sold by ail
iruilu. Testimonials tree.
Ilail'a Fnuil.r 1'ilia are he beat.
The world's production of lubber
"as two years ago almost equally
Jivided between Africa aDd South
America. Now the Amazon region
produces three-fifths of It.
An Adamless Eden sort of a bank
s projected for New York city. It
s to be capitalized and offered by
women and will solicit tbe patronage
)f women exclusively. (
Tbe gold contained In the medals,
pessfls, chains and other objects in
ie Vatican could make more gold
uoney than the whole of tbe present
The attitude of tbe feminine mind
;owards tbe trutb, is tbat of a child
hich feals free to make any state
nent wben its fingers are crossed.
At what age does coquetry la
vomen begin and end? After dill
tent inquiry in kindergartens and old
'oiks' homes, we are forced to admit
I find that most girl stenographers,
vhile learning billing, soon acjulrt
tbe gentle art of cooing.
Tbat man is not to be trusted who
Iocs not make a fool ot himself om
some woman occasionally.
Many shortcomings are atoned foi
jy a wellfilled stocking.
Tribes of men with feet almost
iseless have been discovered in Nevi
Guinea. They live In the midst of
akes, moving about on ltttle canoes,
ind po-sessing a few cabiLS built on
wood piles. Their feet are so un
ieveloped as to bs of little servlci
'or walking.
A man who marries a Laplandei
irl, against the will of her parents,
Is deemed guilty of a crime seconrj
ilone to murder, and In Lapland tin
punishment Is very severe.
What an M. I. Learned.
A prominent physician of Rome,
Georgia, went through a food expert
enee which he makes public:
"It was my own experience that fit-si
led me to advocate Grape-Nuts food
and I also know from having pre
scribed it to convalescents and other
weak patietitsthat the food Is a wonder
ful rebullder and restorer of nerve and
brain tissue, as well as muscle. It im
proves the digestion, and sick patient!
always gain Just as 1 did lu stifngtl
and weight very rapidly.
"I was lu such a low state that )
had to give up my work entirely an
go to the mountains of this Stale, but
two months there did not Improve me)
in fact I was not quite as well a
when I left home. My fo id absolutely
refused to sustain me, and it becnnii
plain that I must change; then I began
to use Grape Nuls food and in tw
weeks I could walk u mile without
the least fatigue, and In live wet ki
returned to my home am practice, talc
ing up hard work again. Since that
time I have felt as well and strung hi
I ever did In my life.
"As n physician who seeks to beln
all sufferers I consider It a duty tt
make these facts public." Name glve4
by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Trial 10 days on Grape-Nuls whea
the regular food does not seem to sua
tain tbe body will work miracles.
"There's a reason."
Look In each pkg. for the famou(
little Jbook. "Tbe Koad.to yycllvllle.?