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The Sanative, Antiseptic,
Cleansing, Purifying,
and Beautifying
Properties of
Assisted by CUTICURA
Ointment, the great
Skin Cure, are of
For preserving, purifying;, and
Wutiiy in; the skin, for cleansing'
the sculp of crusts, scales, and
j dandruff, and the stopping of fall
log hair, for softening, whitening,
and soothing red, rough, and sore
hands, for baby rashes and cha
fing, in the form of baths for an
noying irritations, ulcerations, and
inflammations of women, and
snany sanative, antiseptic pur
poses which readily suggest them-
j selves, as well as for all purposes
of the toilet, bath, and nursery,
CURA Ointment are priceless.
14 IhraafhM Ik, warl. (NiMcrt , - "I"
i Mil, M . hr' wt. WV (I" ara 'im iii Coaia
fni , pr ui mi. i i-4. r Can-
I Waal a : Ttrtl. I la Pall B.la, 1IT Colaaiaal
4 . faitaf ll.uf a I lm Cara., ait rraaM.wr.
a aaaa lor " Haw m riaaana. frVt aaa ul Iff
Wages tn Kussiao factories are 3
tents an hour aud upward. There
Ire thousands who work for a rent
n hour, aod tens of thousands who
I ) not receive 30 cents a day for ten
leen and more hours' work.
A quIdouDk Iz an Individual win
goes about stealing other fi Iks'
time, atd phoollng away hlz own.
The fust thing a child Is learnt In
Nu England I, tn gar hlz praye s
when he goes to bed; the next thief
Ix to shut the door after blm whit
be goes out .
The Oklahoma State Commission
to the world's fair will give a rectp
tlon to all cdltirs who are vlsltlnj
the world's fair during World's l'rcs
m Q nimnTn an. I impw. rraraiea,
jj -jg Mmit rw.ti-i, Ki.ii. and titia
al . A diaaaaaa. and ev.rv blaailaa
toatttr. ana
Irfi'i'UltLlon. It
iaa aloot tfat ttl
f Wi a.arl, and la
ao barnleia wa
Uatr it lo ba lora
n la ivoparlrmada.
Acolt no 'oiiDta.
fait at Inllar
ttama. Ilr. L. A.
Savra laid to ft
la.fr of tba haul.
ton (a pauaai 1 1
I 'at yoa lala
1 fiauraud'l CrHM '
KUia laaat harmful of all tha rtln (.r.paraUooa
aala 07 all Dmrgiau aad rancy Goada Daalara
a) U U. , Canada, aad taropa
RIO. T. WnWI, rnt'r, 17 arm itMt at, I. I
A Larg Trial Box and book of In
atructlons absolutely Free and Pot
ald, enough to prove Use value of
Poxtine Toilet Antiseptic
Paitlna to In pwwda
feral alaaolva to
water wi-potaaaoaii
and htr f upcrttr to Man M
nttaratlcs contain as f
katisl hlck IrrttatM
lallaaaaal cartacM, mn4
aav a clcaaalnf aroa
arttaa. lha caatihla
at avary kai mrnktt
tara Aatlaapttc Sola
lloa laau Imff
aaaa la Um tHy aatf
m aaaragaod taaa ana
atlaaattc prtparalla
yaa aaa bay.
The formula of a noted Boston physician,
and used with great success as i Va final
Wash, for Leucorrhcea. Ptlvk Catarrh. Natal
Catarrh, Sore Throat, Sore Eyes, Cuts,
and all soreness of mucus membrane,
la local traatmant el famala Ilia PuUm U
Xavalubl. Dm4 m a Vajlnal Wu.
halloon lha worU to praduca Ita qual far
laorcmfhnaaL It ljararalatios la claanatnf
aad aaalltif power: It kllU all imm wklcfc
HMua InflajBauiloa anil diwkargws.
AUIaaulnaaracalatakaMFaiUBai Mtta.lt.
akaa If rartaaaaaa4,aa4 aaaafarll. Baal
aha atmWuiata UMratoaMiatof UkafuUaa.1
' WMaafarttMaVM!
f f nil T
Miss Agnes Miller, of Chicago, speaks
to young women about dangers of the
Menstrual Period how to avoid pain and
suffering and remove the cause by using
Lydia E Pirikham's Vegetable Compound
"To Yotjno Womiw: I sufferpd for sit years vnth dysmenor
rhea (painful periods), bo much so that I dreaded every month, as I
knew it meant three or four days of intense pain. The doctor said
this was due to an inflamed condition of the uterine appendages caused
by repeated and neglected colds.
... UM youjl girls only realized how dangerous it is to take cold at
tha critical time, much suffering would 1 spared them. Thank God
for Lydia E. Pinkham's VegetAlilo Compound, that was the only
medicine which helped me any. Within three weeks after I started to
take it, I noticed a marked improvement in my general health, and at
the tune of my next monthly period the pain had diminished consider
ably I kept up the treatment, and was cured a month later. I am like
another person since. I am in perfect health, my eyes are hrighter, I havo
added 12 pounds to my weight, my color is good, and I feel light and
happy." Mia Aonks Miller, 25 Potomac Ave., Chicago, III
The monthly alcknes- reflect the condition of a woman's
health. Anything; unii-ual at that time should have prompt
and proper attention. Fifty thousand letters from women prove
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound regulates men
wusuoa ana makes tnose periods painless.
trouble was
Lynn, Mass., her advice is free
ing woman who asks for It. Her advice lias restored to health
more than one hundred thousand women. Why don't you try
It, my sick slaters?
aanant fortkaith
.aw. win
t Veal liaf, Vienna Saisaae. nam
t Are AshMf the May Teastlifl Uscheoa
Ra4 hr aor booklet " Htm to
IUU.. m ai i i a.
tlMMMlMUM I iM I i it
The telephone and telegraph ate
monopolized by tbe German Govern
ment, which claims and exercises
tbe ilttbt of refusing any messaue
that tbe oillrlals consider objection
able. An Ice house, containing fifty
tons of Ice, was recently burned at
Onodland, Kansas. When the build
tne was entirely destroyed, the mass
of Ice stood like a buge crystal monu
ment, having melted only at tbo
Taw aWW
St Jcccba
"Dear Mrs. PixKnAM: Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has greatly bene-
fitfH m T tx-ill tnll hnm T o,wr,,l
painful menstruation. I felt as each
iiiiuiui went uy mat i was gelling worse, l Dad
severe bearing-down pains in my back and abdo-
"A friend advised me to try Mrs. Pinkham's
medicine. I did so and am now free from all
pain during my periods." .Tkssm C. LmDBicx.
1201 6th Street, JCockford, ILL
Remember, every woman is cordially
invited to write to Mrs. Pinkhain if there
is anything about Iter symptoms she dors
not understand. Mrs. Pinkham's address is
and cheerfully triven to every ail
prMtna tha original Ixttari ant tlgnaMraa at
iinair auanmia KnnMinnnaill.
a. snaaaaaa staOialaa Ca Lyu,
Libby's Natural Flaror Foods are U. 8.
Government inspected, perfectly packed
canned' foods, and are ready to sere at
a moment's notice.
leaf. Baneleis Chicken. Ox Tannic, t
Meats. Atk Vasr Crater fw Tkesi. f
Malta Goad Thing ta Bat."
1 1.
a aaa aaa aa a aaa a a a aaa .
Connecticut has a fine exhibit of
cuirler pigeons at the world's fair,
some of which will complete in the
big pigeon races at tbe world's fair.
Two locomotives representing the
most modern type stand, one on
either side of tbe entrance to tbe
Palace of Transportation at tbe
world's fair.
Elk's day at tbe world's fair will
be July 26. ;
True friendship exists between
true people.
Slaaagla.ll tj
C3 Xlt
not to be aoy lubber sboe affair"
"1 suppose not It'll piobably ba
a kid nlove affair"
u use, siiu ice aiacouiaeu
a ..
'VVhaft the trouble?" asked the
aniious-to-please landlady,
"I bare beeu ttaing that Chicago
man's plan of sktinu at tbe table
for 20 miot'tes before eatloif atid
uakloK myself thick I will eojoy
the dinner"
Tbe effort to think no doubt is
too much for you," sbe remarked
"Nn, it's easy Hut I can't keep
myself from tblnklng of yesterday's
dinner Tbe Chicago man's pla.i is
a failure when vu Insist on serr : l'
hash for breakfast
OTerhearrt on the Pike.
Mr. Ekt Why nhoulij pcoplp rihit-
init ina hxpoKihon at uiglit use ii,r
Allan's PiHit-Kafa than in (iaytinif?
M i lVota -Harause under the bril
liant illuniination of the grounds every
foot become an acre!
Mr. Kay Fair. Only fair! Piny,
conduct me to the nearest ilniK fctm'-e
and I promiae never to accept a mibsli
tute fur yon or for Allen! Kout-Kiise.
FOOT MUTE. Tlu twain tcitf be mwU uiu
in Jutic
Our arerage man wears out ueirlj
two Inches of shoe leather In a year.
Some crank has estimated that if a
man bid sbues made to last him a
lifetime tbey would have sole;
nearly nine feet thick.
W ire aerer without bottl of I'iso'i
Cura for Cnntiimutioo in our house.
Mr. E. M. Sway w, Wakita, Okl., April
17. 1901.
The deepest gold mine in th
world Is at Hendluo, Australia, lis
sbafc Is down 3,000 feet, or only sixty
feet short of three quarters of a
mile. The heat at that depth Is 10?
Perfectly simple and simply perfect
la dyeing wllb PUTNAM FADELESS
Inmates of St. Asaph workhouse,
in Wales possess a pony and phaeton,
a piano and a llbiaty of over si
hundred volumes. All ate provided
by generously disposed persous in
tbe district.
Mr. Wlnalow'a HOOTHINQ SYRUP Inr.chu
drm teelhluir.anrten the nm, reduce 'una
matlou, allay pain ouri-atollc ti Ice tin bolt
Thare seems to be a growlrg dis
like In the upper clrkies to bav
"one's name" menshloned to tb
nusepapers, tut thus far It Iz coo.
fined to ttose who kan't lt thare
A.k Toitr Dealer for Allan' Foot Ffaae,
A powder to ahake Into your alioe. It ret
the feet. Cure Corn, Hun loiia. Swollen,
Kor, Mot. ( nllon. Aching, Sweating Keet
nil Ingrowing Nail. Allen Koot-Eaaa
make uaw or tight shoe eaay. Sold hy nil
drugjiat and lioe tore, 25e. Hauipl
mailed FRKE. Addre Allen 8. OlniKted.
uor. n. y.
The man who brrgs about biz
happiness, and the one who brans
about bis virtew, are both open too
grave suspishuns
Harlnff a Pic-nlc.
There Is noiuetlilnc particularly en-
Joynhle about Roinj; to a picnic. Tbe
very word Ple-Nie brings pleitsant an-
ticipatlons of a good time. Tbo idea
of Rolng out to tbe woods and fields or
down by somp brook or lake, with
luncheon to be served on tbe grass, and
tinder the trees, has a peculiar fusclna-
tlnn. The fresh air and exercise con
tribute to give a benrty appetite to all
and everything at luncheon seems far
better than tbe finest couvho dinner
that a French chef ever served.
Wooden dinhes aupplaitt Dresden
cblnn, and paper boxea silver truvs,
wben the "good tbliiKa to eat" are
afireod tipon tbe ground.
Pic-NIca ore never complete without
the sandwiches, aweet white bread
with a jjenerous layer of meat be
tween. Llbby's canned meats are ideal
for plc-nlca and outings. Tbe can are
ao easily opened and the contents go
fresh and paiatabie that no pic-nlc is a
sr.ccea without Mbhy s "Natural
Flavor" Food Producta.
Tbe German kaiser cares little for
association with tbe ooblllty. Foi
attlsts, writers, explorers and men
of science, he has the greatest ad
miration; but he has little to say
to titled personages, unless they
bate done something worthy of
praise, or have in some way distin
guished themselves.
Albert A. Stanley, professor of
music at the University of Mich),
gan, lectured Apr. 21 at Indiana
University on "Parsifal." Apr. 29
and 30 aod May 6 and 7 be Rare a
series Of lectures at Cincinnati,
Ohio., expository of the programme,
to be rendered at the Clnclonatl
Musical Festival.
The commencement address at the
University or Michigan will be de
livered this year by Professor Calvin
1 borons, of Columbia University.
l'lic lid-ju st Lole iu the eartb in uear
iaii, ;erinaiiy. It in 5.735 tfrt in
pili. ami ix for genloi;i-al rewnrcli
I ...I.- ft... .1-1111 1 ,..
i in- iii niiiiK wan uixuu lu srwj.
si.iic.l nir years later lw-ause
Jie eii'iiii-ci were unable with tbeir
listnimeiitK to go deeper.
i in- iiaiiK or Kiiirlanu notes are
4i;ulf fiuiii new white linen cuttings
lever fruiii anything that has been
aoin. Si carefully is tbe paper pre
iarcd that even tbe number of dips
Jilu tne pulp made by each workman
h rcgiteicil on a dial by machinery.
Siildici-K are despised in Cbina. They
icloiig i-bicrly to tbe coolie classen.
Pile ;crniaii otticeiu engaged Rime
Jine ago hy the Cliini-se government
round that their nioKt important task
saw to overcome the soldiers' own
feelings that they were a lower order
f beings than other Chinamen.
The Chinese department of the Hrit
sb Museum Library contains a single
sork which occupies .ri,rj(i volumes.
Ibis woiidiiful production of the Chi
nese pi-ess Is one of only a small num
ber of copies now in existence. It is
tn encyclopedia of the literature of
t'hina. covering a period of twentv-
ight cent lil ies, from lloo H. C. to 17O0
A. I.
It is not generally known that, the
vanilla bean is the costliest bean on
earth. It grows wild and is gathered
hy the natives in l'apitiitiu and Mis
cantia, M ex ion. When brought from
the forests these beans are sold at the
rate of $1J per one thousand, but
shell dried and cured they cost about
12 per pound. They are mainly used
by druggists, and last year over ninety
million were imported Into the I'nited
Among all the birds of this section
!hc hawk and parrot come the nearest
lo using their feet like bands. Wading
birds and scratching birds develop ft
Very large foot. Hints that are in the
air most of the time have much more
delicate feet than those that are on
the ground frequently. The variety
of bills is quite as astounding as that
In the .laws. The hook on tbe end of
the bill Hlmost always denotes a bird
rf prey.
Tbe anableps, or star-gazer, a fish
nf the cyprodont family, found iu the
rivers ol" tiuiana, Surinam and Hrazil,
has each of its eyes divided into an
upper and a lower portion by an
ippaiiie horizontal line. This gives it
In effect two pupils In each eye, one
suited for seeing in the air, and the
nther for seeing iu the water. Tbe
lish is in the habit of swimming at
the surface with Its head sometimes'
alnive, sometimes below, the water
j 'The world's best timekeeper is said
Jo be the electric clock in the base-
nent of the Merlin Observatory, which
ivas installed by Professor Koersler In
Nio. It is enclosed in nn nir-tiirlit
glass cylinder, and has frequently run
for periods of two or three months
yith an average daily deviation of
iml.v ir,-l,(HK of a second. Yet astron
omers arc not satisfied even with this,
and efforts are continually made to se
cure ideal conditions for a clock by
keeping it not only In an air-tight case,
but In an underground vault where
neither changes of temperature nor of
barometric pressure shall ever affect
Koine Facts that Have n Kffect l!ion
the Kesiilt.
Corrupt ion is declared to be un
known in Japanese jsililics.
Among the Japanese one divorce
takes place for every four marriages.
'The proportionate circulation of
newspapers in Japan is about tbe same
as In this country.
A Japanese private soldier is paid 70
cents h month; a major general is paid
$131 a mouth.
In time of peace the Japanese army,
consisting of -121,000 men, cocts but
f 18.500,' hio a year.
Russia has the largest, number of
soldiers and reserves of any country
on earth except Ceniiany. j
This is the fourth time Japan has
made war on a foreign nation, except
for early barbaric expeditions against!
the Korea no. j
The word Japan comes from tbe ;
Portuguese pronunciation of the Jap-!
i nose characters, "Ni-IIon," meaning
the land of the rising sun. i
A Japanese olticer who has not
(reached the rank of major at the ago
of 48 is couipulHorily retired as un
worthy of further service.
The Emperor of Japan Is the direct
descendant of the Kmperor Jiumtn,
who ascended the throne 2,5(14 years
ago, making the dynasty older than
any other dynasty that exists or ever
did exist.
. Tbe true name of Korea Is"Choson,"
meaning "land of the morning calm."
It is by this name that the country is
designated In diplomatic papers at the
Ktale Department at Washington.
Japanese soldiers are fed on rice,
tialted. fish, died seaweed and pickled
plums a diet that is almost universal
Japan, except In the navy, where
iiLMiiis oi ineai are serveu. ooiuiers
allowed meat when on campaign,
rarely eat it. New York Times.
In the Hiittlc of IJfr.
"Don't you think that there Is great
danger In these accumulations of
"Yes," answered Senator Sorghum.
"Hut you are not neglecting to In
crease your own possessions."
"No. Wealth may be a dangerous
weapon, hut I regard that fact aa all
the more reason for not going around
unarmed myself. "Washington Star.
Teamster- "You're a agent fe
the S P C A, ain't you?"
Deacon De Gi od " Yes"
''And you're a church membea
tin't you?"
"Well, if you bad a talky horse,
vhat would you do beat tbe burse,
3i just sit down and cuss?"
Mr. Williaain C. McMilan, of De.
roSt, bas sent bis check of one bun
Ired dollars to tbe University of
tlichigan, tbe sura to be used la
ceeplr g up tbe McMilan Shakespeare
library presented to tbe University
jy tbe late Senator James McMlUn,
tnd kept up by blm by yearly contri
butions untl bis death. :
A Farmer Foand It. 1
Mount Pleasant, Utah, May 33. Ta
Ond a medicine that will cure everyj
ailment due to diseased or disordered
Kidneys bas been tbe aim of many,
physicians and chemists.
Mr. C. E. Peterson, a fanner of this
place, says be bas found such a rem-(
ly and that be has tried it with sue
ress in his own case. Mr. Petersoi
says the remedy la Dodd's Kidney
Pills, a medicine introduced here about
seven mouths ago. ,'
"I am glad to be allowed to testify
to what good things Dodd's Kidney
Pills have done for me. 1 used this
remedy for Kidney trouble and it cured
me completely.
"I can heartily recommend Dodd's
Kidney Pills to all who suffer with
any kind of Kidney trouble." J
Mr. Peterson's case is only one of
many Just as convincing that bava
been reported recently. This new rem
edy seems to have conquered Kheuina
tism completely, not a single case havi
ing been reported where Dodd's Kid
ney Pills have failed to cure perfectly,
and permanently.
Parson surgeons now dres wounds
with silver leaf Tha cIIvap ia earp.
fully placed on tbe wound or ulcer,
tnd as It sticks closely to tbe sur
face, little c itton soaked In collo
dion is sufficient to keep It in place.,
The effects of this sheet of sliver
are said to be very beneilclal.
Free to Twenty-Five Ladles. '
The Defiance Starch Co. will give
25 ladies a round trip ticket to tbe!
St. Louis Exposition, to five ladles'
In eacb of the following states:!
Illlnlos, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
Missouri who will send iu tbe largest
number of trade maiks cut from
a ten cent, Its ounce package 3f De-
Hance cold water laundry starch.
Tbls means from your own home,
anywhere In tbe above named states.
These trade marks must be mailed
to and received by the Defiance:
Starch Co., Omaha, Nebr., before
September 1st, 1904. October and
Nevember will be the best months
to visit tbe Exposition. Remember
that Defiance is tbe ooly starch put
up 16 oz. (a iull pound) to tbe pack
age. You get one-third more starch
for tbe same money than of any
other kind, and.Deu'ance never sticks
to the iron. The tickets to the
Exposition will be sent by registered
mall September 5th. Starch or sale
by all dealers.
The GmiyTOWES'3
It is ntit of the but
Itatcml. in black or ytllow.
fully (uuonteci and sold j
relnUc dealer everwhere
:gn of the fish
IOIUMIU, lH. "jie.naa.aa.
An attractive feature of -the Ger
man exhibit in tbe Palace of varied
industries at the wood's fair is a
iare room filled wiib tbe latest
novelties In toys. It is called "Tba
Home of the Toys " Tbe display
of Dresden cblna and tipestrles In
tbe Oerman section of this bulldlig
Is also attracting much attention.
Tbe cunning man Iz welkum to
hiz vlktory; az for me, I would
rather be a common fool than a
cunning kuss.
, All the locomotives In Asia are rui
with petroleum
XUli Qven Away!
I W U U V Wriw it cr ak ill
nIaiaaDd frvaaunplaaanlar I
Tha Sanitary Wail Caatlaff
TVatmrstf lacaaatf rait aad rartaiD. Naar
Imtia or aca.aa. Vuueaa apply itoiii with
eut waur. Baaotiral aflWta la whit aaa
i... 1 1. 1 1 la - . . . .... - .
I 'if-data bat watar aloa inmiM. Bar
Alabaatiaa la t lb. paalajaa, mrnj -
ai lad, of palal aarriwaraaua drug daalart.
' Hlala aa DaMralina.'' aa ui Artiata'
lidaattraa. aUalMIUCa.haa4laaMl.aK.
I K IK liter St, IL
The pbools bav made more troublt
in this world than tbe raskals bav
CURES catarrh of tha stomach.
yiii; :iiiL
aa ri I. Taataa Uoual Uaa
N. M. O. m - n YORK MSi