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    Harrison Press -j ournal.
Willi u
CTTJ2STE 2. 1SG4. N O. -LB
CdehrHlioo lit Fourth.
lr. T.H. Spuidlo the Crawford dentist
Mr. Sarah Juri.ui has been io town
this week.
Maps of Sioux county at 10c each at
this iillico.
Geo. Grimm ami wife waaia Harrison
H. Wickersiiaiu i up from tha
valley Tuesday,
J. H. Rieser and wife returned froui
Chadrvn Momlay.
Clans Clristensei was in town latter
part of last week.
Hairy lJaugherty was in the city a
few days this week.
Senator II. S. Quay, of Pennsylvania,
died last Saturday.
James Brown, ol liodarc, was in this
city Sunday and Monday.
H.A. Henry adds Ins name to our sub-
cription list this week.
vi". E. Jandt was in the city latter part
of last week and look a piano home with
"ft'e learn t hat Ed O'Connor has been
appointed city niarsltull for the coming
fidwr, pop, lemonade, milk shake, all
Lm. Is of stilt drinks and ice cream ut
V Patrick Lncy, Jr., went to Si.ridan,
Wyo , last week where he will work vNs
Vi-n Hanson, rw-tilly of Harrison lint
now ot Crawfoid, was' in this city last
Our snick of harness is complete.
Come in and look it over. Price right,
quality considered, , LaCY flit.
E McCain, who went east a few weeks
a;o, returned to Harrison yesterday
Ernest Lyon has moved from the lower
3:) hack to Hamsun, lie has rented the
Maine property.
J, H. Burke nccoinp tnied hy his Ron
Charles left Tuesday for the PI. tie river
in which vicinity they will spend several
Mm. James Anderson came up from
Whitney yesterday morning it 1 1 it will
visit with friends and relatives 111 the
.JMig Ida Moravck and Miss Maggie
S: lieafer went to Hot Springs, S. 1). Tue
sday niht win-re thev have emplov
11 tun I.
Chas. Hanson moved his family to the
ftlato Line section house last week w here
they will remain until school starts
Mrs. C. fl. Unitt and children left Mon
day night for Seward, Neb., where they
will spend a mouth visiting friends and
A.McOinley went to Chadron Tuesday
evening. We learn that he went to at
tend the wedding of one of Ed Satterlee's
The infant Kin of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
LiethofT died on Tuesday and was buried
ut the Crawford cemetery, having lived
seventeen hours after birth. Crawford
The bnd hoys nave their first out
door concert to the public last Silurdiy
evening. The music was highly appre
ciated hy all and we will look for this
treat often in the future.
The children as well as the school
board are enjoying the vacation of three
months. We can't say how hard the
children worked but we know the school
board had a hard years work.
A deal was completed larrt. week be
tween Oeo Baldwin and Jesse Crawford
in which Mr. Baldwin becomes owner of
Mr. Crawford's sawmill. W did not
learn unv particulars other than the
deal wi.s made.
i Ed Guthrie started Monday night for
Annapolis, Maryland, where he will en
ter the Military Academy, A large
number of bis friends were at the depot
to see him start and send their best
wishes with him.
The Crawford dent ist is Dr.T. I '.Spindlo
June Cook was in Uie citv Tuesday.
Mrs. Joe Ilunn returned to Laboute,
Wyo., Monday morning.
Mr. aud Mrs. K.mford Hill w-re up
from the valley Monday.
Jack Mettlen was from the south
part of tlm county Tuesdav.
lan Slatlery's name is listed among
our new subscrilwrs this week.
Kzra Tucker and his mother, of Glen,
were in Harrisoo hist Saturday.
A soaking rain visited this section of
the country yesterday evening.
Herliert H. Lacy becomes a reader of
the 1'KESS JofR.NAL with this issue.
Geo. Strahl, Cor win Lewis and Rons
were up from the valley Monday.
Mike Jordan was a passenger on the
west bound train yesterday morning.
A good-sized jack rabbit took a spin
through tha streets yesterday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhermsdorfer went to
Uie valley Tuesday returning yesteida).
FOR SALE-Kurd Plymouth Jtotk
eggs. Price, t"i for 1. K L. K KKI,. ju2
ins Myrtle Converse left Tuesday
evening for Edgmonl where she w ill re
main this summer.
Then. S.igeit arrived here with his fix
tures Monday and will have his saloon
opened in a viry short time.
Someone broke into W. H. I)avis"
house out on his claim and stole a con
siderable amount of betiding.
(ierlach & Sons hud their store
painted last week which adds much to
the appearance of Main street.
J. K. Hinder and wife of Andiews
were in this city last Saturday. Both
were pleasant callers at thisollice.
Two pianos nrnvatl here yesterday
morning. One for L. C. Uivis and the
other was billed to Mrs. Belle Dunn.
j. H. U ether arrived here from Ari
zona Saturday morning nnd will look
after his interests here for a few days.
Mrs. Tom DiWge went to Omaha Wed
nesday iiuht for medic il treatment.
She expects to le gone alxwt a mouth.
Thomas Hints ami Oeo. Fitzgerald
were up Irom the valley last Friday.
Both gent It-man were pleasant callers at
this office.
I C. H. Smith nod family, who have
residing in Harrison for Ihe past few
months, moved hack to their ranch at,
Hewitt last week.
A !a.-gw crowd was in attendance at
1 atholic t 'hint h w Inch w as hels at l.!-t
residence of Mrs. Sarah Joidali III Harri
son last Saturday.
A cousin of t has. , 'ainnit'iizind arrived
here from Omaha latter part of lust
week. We uiide.-stand that he intends
to remain here this summer.
We forgot to mention last week that
Alva Snyder returned with a bride.
Alva kays hatching is to slow and life is
to short to be without a woman.
MUs Katie Pretty orders- the Phkkh
Joi'RNAL sent to her at Orlanner, Neb.
MissBretty closed a 0 months term of
school in tiist. No. 22 last Friday.
Emmet Burke, wlm has been working
forC. B. Holhngsworth this spring has
accepted A position on the Cook ranch at
Agate where he will slay this summer.
. Xotlcp.
All stockmen are required to dip this
year or the authorities will do the work
and it will be charged up to them.
Al.KX Lowry, Sheriff.
Mrs. V. C. Daniels and children left
Monday night for Bloomfleld, Neb.,
where they will ssnd a few weeks visit
big at trs. Daniel's home. Mr. Daniels
accompanied them as far as Alliance
Oeo, Strahl, Ham Thomas, Corwin
Lewis and bis brother killed seven young
grey wolves in the valley near the
Wyoming line last week. This is a Rood
thing for the country as they would have
been large enough lo destroy stock.
A subscription paper was circulated
among the business men and citizens of
Harrison this week to raise funds for a
celebration it Harrison the Fourth.
We learn that the amount rained Is
over If'.'OO and that a celebration is certain.
The "tyjw ie aroused the curiosity
of some ft Harrison's young ladies Hhm
week and several f tlieiu were in to we
the little insects, ami they saw tliem.
To titose that have 1.0 1 yet a them,
come in when we are not too busy ani
we will see that tliev are found.
Miss Emma Starhe and tier lather, of
ten, were in Harrison last Saturday and
we acknowledge a pleasant call from
tliem. Miss Stacbe hs tust closed a
successful term of scliool at leii and
will go to Hot Springs this week w ith
her fattier where they will remain lor a
few days before returning to their home.
She leaves titan v friends that regret her
We regret that this is the last, week
that we shall hear from our Glen cirreb
ponderit, "Cutherina" as she is going to
leave that viemty. We wish to thank
her very much for tlie bright newsy cor
respondence she has sent us for publica
tiou during the many past issues. We
would be pleased if some one else would
take up tlie work.
The democratic county convention of
Sioux bounty, Neb., was belt! ut the
court house last Saturday. Uule a
numlwr of delegates were prest nt. J.R
Hunter, of Andrews, and Carl Lux of
this city were elected as delegates to the
state convention and were instructed to
vote for W.J. Bryan as delegate ut large
to the National Convention. The con
vention was very harmonious through
out all of it deliberations.
A goodly mi-iber of our people gath
ered at the cemetery Monday afternoon,
and decorated the graves. There was a
lack id inteit-st lor some rei.son, nnd
therefore we did not have a program,
and as large a crowd as we ha.I last year
There was a gr-at ileal of fault found in
the one that got up the wograin hy
critics last year but the critics failed to
dounvthing this year, therefore there
was not much interest taken 111 the day
of the dead.
We learn that. Miss May Lewis has
Iswi engaged as one of I he teachers III
Crawford scliool. Mis Lewis was one
the graduates t.f that school this rear
sisl it surely speaks well for her to be re
tained ns a teacher in the school idle
graduated from. We can sat'. lv :ay the
school hoard of Crawford made a wi.-e
choic in selecting her for she proved
herself a c ipil. le teacher h'fore she left
this county some t wo years ago.
Seve-al of or xoinv people are going
to attend ihe Junior Normal w hich lo
gins at Alliance on June F!:h. This
shows that Ihe interest is growing, ami
if the leading educators of the North
west will only work together our young
people will liecoiiiH more interested from
year to year. We are sorry that Sheri
dan coiin'y has drawn her influence from
these Junior Normals for 11. not only
weakens her own educational interests
but helps to break down the only thing
that has Iwen given to the Northwest.
The spirit of Malf! -ilmess is the worst thing
that confronts mankind. Alliance is the
most available point and more cenlral'y
located than any town in tl) Northwest,
and why t.ot all stand united on this as
nil can't, have it and the rising generation
will thank us for tlu unity.
I have not forgotten our old honman.1
friends if I have been silent for some
ti..ie. Both Harrison papers make then
weekly visits and none are read with
more interest. We read of the storms,
cioud bu is! hail but .is yet w mv
had no more rain than M needed. Crops
are doing line and farmers began plowing
com Inst week. We had some late frosts
that probably damaged fruit some. It
would have cooked our l;ans but they
were too tempting to loose so we saved
them by covering them. The first crop
of alfalfa is about ready to harvest. We
are counting on strawberries next Sun
day. Most makes my back ache to
watch the blossoms coming out, they are
so thick. A goodly number of people
here are talking of going west to take
homesteads. Six-hundred and forty acres
of land looks like u big thing to a man
that has rented here for years, or only
has an eighty. Hope there will be
enough to go around. Tho yalleyit.es
have considered James Wilson a stand by
for so long, they will miss him very
much. Howard and Mont Burke have
a long trip this time and we are much
interested in their letter, Hope Howard
will write ofteu. Perhaps we may meet
them some time, unless they get home
sick, for old Sioux and return before we
(?et started. F. W, went lo North Loup
to attend Quarterly meeting and was so
pleased to meet, an old friend tlmre.
Oiaiidm.'i Davis is there visiting rel.-.tives
anil she has promised us u visit before she
returns home, Wo have, bean anxious to
know whether Mrs. Kite is going lo
accept the position offered her or not.
We liojed slie wmild. and cerae around
this way lietore we leave. We received
acortHal invitation from Mr. Hester Vj
look over th.-.t country lefore we locate
aiaui. We find we have several old
frieials at Paonia. and bear it is in the
best, fruit county in the state. We were
much inte ested in the report of Cwm-meis-ement
exercises at Harrison, and
hope the gooc! work will go on. Central
City High School turned out seven
graduates Friday night and live wiil
graduateat the College m xtweek unless
ttie measles get wor-e they have Iwen a
regular epidemic, "three day-" or
"German measles, but Phebe nnnaged
to have the genuine article tins time and
was in lied rune days. I beard Rev.
('arrahao preach the memorial sermon
to-day. The address is to lie given by
Mrs. Condon of Pawnee fjity to-morrow
with other appropriate exercises.
For fear of the basket I will
leave the rest till next time.
WJiuttJie ,TaiM Ilavc Done.
The Japanese have sunk or disabled
fully two tlcrds of the Russian fleet.
They have beaten the Russians back
from the Y tin almost to tluir interior
base, Mukden.
Thev have cut t he Russian line behind
Port Arthur and driven in the first tie
fenses. Port Arthur now seems doomed,
with its fall will come the end of Rus
sia's power in Manchuria.
Win t Russians! lluvo Done.
They have sunk or disabled several
torpedo boa's, destroyed the battleship
Haisuse, sunk a transport or so and ut
terly fuihd to cripple the mikado's navy.
Thev have won several trilling detach
ed (I) hts oi) land, due principally to the
pfiwerets of the Cossacks.
They have made the Japanese pay
dearly in human life for their victories.
Si nd.iy World-Herald.
Tf-rorn the Files of The Jourm
Fcu.rf.een Years Ago.
B. B. Smith has recently got up n
map of Box Butte County similar to
those of Sioux nd Dawes county only n
a smaller scale. He lias orders for tpute
a large numlierof the copies to he fur-
n'jshed to buisness rren of that count y.
""On last. Mi inday Katie, the ten-year
old daughter of (Hans ChristPiisen of
.Montrose, fell from the roof of the
1 hicki'H house at her father's farm and
broke her i 'l. hi anil, jusl above the el
how. Siie was brought to Harrison that
evening ii rid on Tuesday Dr. Shafer set
tho hone and at last reports the patient
was doing well.
Nels Kugliiet, having got, his crop in
lias gone to the UlacK Hills where lie
will remain until harvest.
ti. tuiini'ie iirriveu oome iroru ,reie
on liies,iav, accompanied uy 111s lamer
and mot her w ho will vi-it here a few
lays before returning to their home at
Washington D. C.
TI10 15iitl Jioy ami tlic School
This item is for the II I teen-yea r old
hoy who thinks that it is a smart thine
to act up so mean ut school that, he
wears out the life of his teacher anil de
s troys the j;nod work which the schoo
was intended to accomplish. This sort of
bov is found in country as well as in
city schools. Liiey are too i)i; 101 i lit
tle woman to thrash and seem to have
no moral sense which may be appealed
to Now , boys, you nrt; the architects of
your own fortunes. You can improve
Ihu educational advantages triven you
anil become useful and worthy citi
zens or you can raise Cain, as you do in
scliool, graduate from there into a brake
beam tramp and die 11 dirty bum. You
can make jour choice. The sure way to
net into plenty of trouble w lr:n Brown
lo niunhood is to make lotsol" trouble
in the public schools. Y'ou oiii,'lit to
have the meanness well licked out of
von, but the teacher can't do it, your
father won't and the school board had
rather fire you than tick you. Fun and
plenty of it is a bin bright of the
American boy, but your type of man
ners is not fun; it is the outcropping of
the heathen in you. and you belong
with the Moroa or Tapils of the Philip
pines rather than with the people of
civilized North America. Turn over a )
new leal, Lusk Herald.
Electric Lampi on Horses.
Electric latnpa on the bridles 0
carriage horses are now quite com
mon In Berlin. The cur-em Is sup
plied by a storage battery under tha
carriage aeat.
Child Labor In Saxony.
In Saxouy, of G04,6u0 school chil
dren, 137,831, or 23 per cent, are cm
plnyel is trade. More than half these
tlilldreu are employed la the te.-.Ule
The JimkI line of wines, I'ujyors and bent brands of ci'jars
TIIEO. SAGERTy Proprietor
Selling More
A -omj.lcte line of GROCERIES, HARDWARE,
J)RY(i()OI)S, HOOTS & SHOES, and a co:nplete
I Puildin material of all kinds . Flour, Feed, Grain,
Wind-mills, Pumps, Tanks, Wagons, Pup-gies, Faim.
A Implements, Hardware, Harness, Saddles & etc. $
2 All orilars ittven prompt attention, J,
n"i"n"ri"i"rrrTTVTTTTyvi" 'i'vi'tt
You Are Reading
S&W3 This,
That's what it' liere for: .
To let you know that we handle a fine line of Con
fectionary, Tobacco, Canned Goods, and Every
thing to be found in a first class Grocery Store.
Give us a trial. Yours for Bwsinesp,
l1 lb 1 O
IWOr l.-ltoURRET& UAVlSl
carry tilt) largest arm most.
'iiuiplete stock of General
Jlcnliaiidisc in Sioux Coun-
1- Ai l 2, All mir prices are 111
iliccniug with the quah y ol
goods we sell. We do nt kecpj
I heap Johngoodsand t herd ore
1 we do not sell ilt, Cheap Jnllll
ipi ices. Wnsull lirst class goods
jat. fair price.
FA' ' I' 11, We endeavor to cater,
ito the wants nnd needs of our
customers and our goods me
selected wilh this intent.
u. n. uiNi 1 1
Huccew-or to G. U.NEWMAN
Lmnher, Doors, Sank, lime,
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I aUo carru a line of Wind
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Towers, Wind Mill re
pairs, etc. etc. etc.
A large stock of feed, both
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mail orders given, pro rapt
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not satisfactory your money back, Cir
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trie Comb Co. Decatur, 111.
Goods Than Ever.
- ttyvti 1 'rn''i"mT'n'rr'l tv't'tr
FACT 4, We have just 1:
ceived our Spring and rjummei
Invoice of white waists & tins
uoods. India l.imons. Cambrics,
I'erciles, Ginghams, Sateens,
Shirtings Henriettas, &c. &c.
FACT ",(W hue of U:Kts &
Shoes and Slippers is composed
of the latest styles from the
most reliable liotise.
FACT (i, livery thing usually
kept, in a General Store can lie
I found at our place.
rVJ nn hnnri WAnrpA
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I Till srreal veffcMble vltiillzer, the pro-
seripMon of a ruinous Frnncli physician, wilt
quickly curi von of all or lit't'Vons (HseHst'it
of the fencr.itivo tn-aiis such as lost Mun:
hood, iiiMoiiinlit, piiins in tlm riiiclt, ,si:i-,iiiml
Kinlsiions, Nervous I't'liility, I'liuplvs, t.:n
Iltncs lo marry, ExlhiusUiv; Drains, Vai'io.O'
rt;Uian(l Constipation. It stopi all losses by
,l,iv eir ,,ir!il l'romullJi-ltv u hli-li if H.vt
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cent, are troubled with Piostatits. Cl'l'l
IH;NK is tlm only known remedy to euro
without sn operation. 1 !,IKI( llstliuonlais.
A written RiiarBntee (fiven and money re
turned If six boxes do not effect a perma
nent cure. rjgl.OO s box; six for live by iiiHll
Send for freeclrcnlar and testimonials. Att
rirfs? DAVOl, It I K.liKIN K U)., SanFruiiclMfl
California. Korsnloby UiviiaRii JtJoNKS.
All parties indebeted to Chas. Newman
by note, or otherwise will llnd all b(lls
nnd notes ut the Commercial Hank fo
collection. Please call and settle Mil,
open actiotints by note bankable or ciis't
in band and save costs,