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Miss M. Cartlcdge gives some
helpful advice to young girls.
Her letter is but one of thou
sands which prove that nothing
is so helpful to young girls who
re just arriving at the period of
womanhood as Lydia L Pink
Lara's Vegetable Compound.
"DrAR Mm. Pinkh4m : I cannot
raUe I.ydia P.. I'inkliani'H Vege
table Compound too highly, for it
U the only medicine I ever triod which
eured tie. I fcu.ferr.l tnnrh from my
llrrt menstrual period, 1 fc'.t so weak
ad d;r.7V at times 1 couM not pursue
my studies with the usunl interna.
My thoughts became slu,""i;,b, 1 h::X
headaehes, bar lichen and sinking
pclla, also pains in the baric nnd lower
limb. In fart, I was hiefc all over.
" Finally, after nir.ny other remedies
had been tried, we were ndvta'd to (""t
I.ydia. i:. INnkbam'M Vegetable
Compound, and I am pleased to say
that after taliin! it only two weeks, a
wonderful change, for the better took
plaee, and in a r.!iort time I was in
perfert health. I felt buoyant, full of
life, and found all work a pastime. I
m indeed pl.vl to ,- mv erperienee
with Lvdiu I-:, rinkliam's Vopo
tahlo Compound, f,lr it made a dif
ferent girl of me. Your very truly.
Mica M. Cahti.fjkie, 133 Whitehall St.,
Atlnnta. Ol." f.WW fxrfrli If ordinal o
atom letter proving fnnmenett cannot be product.
; nr. iheodore Wesley Koch, ot
the stall of the Library of Congress
It Washington, has lust been aro
pointed assistant librarian of tin
University of Michigan.
The Texas Woman's Tress Assccla-
Hon will meet at the world's fair
luring the world! press parliament
wck, beginning May 11. The aso-
llatlon has arranged for a reception
In trie Teia.4 building on Thursday
Ifternonn to all visiting newspaper
nen and women.
Every child born into the
rorld with an inherited or
early developed tendency to
torturing, disfiguring humors
lof the Skin and Scalp, becomes
n object of the most tender
aoMcitude, not only because of
its suffering, but because of the
dreadful fear that the disfigu
Tation is to be lifelong and mar
Its future happiness and pros
perity. Hence it becomes the
duty of mothers of 6uch afflict
ed children to acquaint them
aelves with the best, the
purest, and most effective
treatment available, viz.; the
CUT1CURA Treatment, con
aisting of warm baths with 1
CUTICURA Soap, and Rentle
anointings with CUTICURA
Ointment, the great Sltin Cure.
Cures made in childhood are
apeedy, permanent and eco
nomical. '
a IHrmlMiot M otI. Cnlron 1 ".'"l
MM, V., K.ilil. UK. (IB lrm C1"""'!1;.' "
ftlla, ttiv p., .1.1 r aai. txp- l.1 li"l. f t-h'i-W.
, r.H.. I Hu.l ! fill I L?.
Wa.fi hil H.ia tej Hi"" . .
CURES catarrh ol Um atomach.
HI lortniaj. Mm
torn h
, N. U. t4 - tl TORN .
T1IK OLD ili.N'a
Daugmer "Hue is a paragraph
io the paper about 'tducif-me' atons
Vbat are pluck-me stores?"
father "L'bj I don't know
iry goods stores I, guess"
n!n It
a ea y as wanning when
I be Lnlversity of Michigan has
received frouj Mrs. John IS. New
oeiry, cf Detroit, three hundred
iullars foi a fellowship In the classics
Juriog the coming college year.
Mra.Wnlow'i SOOTHING SYRUP (or thll
rru utuiu,i,aofu in. the auuia. rmlut-ta lima
uauou. ll(iu clirekcouc. fiiueoc bolil
Friend "I notice you have
strlrg around our flng r and a knot
in ur handkerchief, toj"
Oid Lady-" Yes, t he si rlrg around
my linger Is tj remind me that I
have a knot in my handkerchief, and
he knot In the handkerchief Is to
rtmirid me that the things I want to
tcriii'ujber are written on a piece of
paper Id my purse"
Pino'i Cura for Cnnatimptlnn prompt!
reliev my llttla 5-.vetr-u!l i.t-r of
eroup. .M!n I,. A. l'aree. Zi Tiliine
treet, Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1101.
lilrks "1 (don't see hew you car.
renumber the birthdays of all the
Mrs Itinks-"It's very easy The
ti 'St was born rn August 17th I
riiember It because on that day
V"U cave me a pearl necklace with
ny name and the date on the clasp
I he second was born July 'lOtfi On
'bat day you nave me a fifty-cent
'io' k with my name ai d date on Hie
iy ie f Trie third vy:n born on May
lit!; On that day yen got m i J at a
millinery bill whleh had just beer:
sent In, and It Isn't paid yet"
carrn I aniiut lis Cunul
Hi I.'H Al. Afri.ICATlONS. iw they eannnl
' ; i tl (i srtit of ttin dle. ( niarrli l a ilM
i.r .-.,! li'nluillHl lllOllkC. ud 111 OflllT 10 I MP it
ui ii.ii-l UitiTUAl reniedlft. Hall's ( alarm
t lire Is lakrn lnlrually. anil aot dlrtl on Ihe
I.I0.1.I aiul mticouit urtae. llaU'n Cnliurli I ure
,. . miiu k luadlelna. It wan praterllwit 1
one ilin bnut physfciana In thin oountr) liir
wiiri in a FMFiiuir nrfweripuon. lb in i-imii-
ii-l o( tliehtot Urtiioa known, eomhmeil wlih
he rw.t blood purtllera. aUaf dltwrlly on tlif
ii.iirnua ur(w. Tlia porterl comblnallon m
the 10 InaTMlktnU to what produeM mu ll won
fterfiil rnvulla In curiBf latarro.
Soiiil tor t
liu.oiiliiU. freA
Y. J. ( HK.NKY k CO.,
H.,1.1 l.v I inanrfjtta. nrVwHC
rrcpa., Tolwlo, O.
liaU's KauTlj rtlk art the bt.
A man weuhl n sU hunnren ann
thirty p' uiids, Hie beavb st human
being in England, was nurled the
it her diy at Iiover. His body lay In
4 colli i that wis seven fct t long,
tbne feet wide and two feet and
dirte Inches deep Teve men
Ifted It. aud It was psssd through
i wlnd iw Into a hea-SJ ticked up
hi the sblewiilk.
This Corcoian Cadet Corps, of
Washington, I. (',. wilt camp at the
world's fair next fall.
At the solicit ion of the publisher
of 1 lie Ani' iliaii Hoy, Deroit, Mich.,
the managers of the World's Ex
position at St. Louis have set apart
July orh us Ameib:an Boy Day.
Kine iircgrains tor hi ys will b3 given
in Fistival Hall on that day the pro
grams brleg urid-r the supervis'on
of the erilt ir of the American II jj
The banqueting hall of the British
building at the world's fair is fur
nished in line reproductions ol
historical cxiiinplt's of the Queen
peilod The furniture consists ol
chiirs i-.fier il.e originals in tb
p'sscfslon r.f the Ear of Westm"re
latri, old cons le tablis that wer
put of the coll ctbn of Vlseoun)
Hilton at Morstam Ilousa and a
nu'iihcr of cabinets and tables ol
historic Interest.
Peacock hatpins are becoming thi
Indicate Improper Diet, Uanallj Pn
to Coffee.
One of tbe common symptoma cf
coBee jiolsonlng Is the bad dreamt
that spoil what should be restful
sleep. A mau who found tbe reasorl
"Formerly I was a slave to coffee.
J was like a morphine fiend, could not
sleep at night, would roll and toss In
tey bed, and when I did get to sleep
was disturbed by dreams and hobgob
lins, would wake up with beadachea
and feel bud all day, so nervous I
could not attend to business. My writ
ing looked like bird tracks, I bad sour
bclchings from the stomach, Indiges
tion, heartburn and palpitation of tha
heart, constipation, (regularity of the
kidneys, etc.
"Indeed, I began to feel that I had
nil the troubles that human flesh
could suffer, but when a friend ad
Tlscd me to leave off coffee I felt ill
if he bad Insulted me. I could not
bear the idea, it had such a bold on
nie. and I refused to believe It tba
"I!ut ft turned out that no advlca
was ever nlven at a more needed time,
for I finally consented to try Postura,
and wllh the going of coffee and tha
ccinlngof Pctum all my troubles have
gone and health has returned. I eat
and sleep well now, nervea steadied
down and I write a fair band (at you
can see), can attend to business again
and rejoice that I am free from tbe
monster Coffee.- Name given by
PoHtum Co., Battle Creek. Mich.
Ten days trial of Tostum In placa
of coffee will bring sound, rwtful, re
freshing altep. There's a reason.
IxMk In each pkg. for tbe famous
HtUs book. "Tho ttoad to WellTluV
Toaated Cxl
Keenre the fattest, be)t cured of dry
?driKh; utrip arid frenben in warm
water. I.t It souk a day and a night.
:lmiiging the water onee or twice, ae-;-ord!n
to the degree of salt it inn
tnlriH. When frewh enough to be pleas
Int to the tante H-t It on the stove and
let the water eoiue gradually to the
lenliiirig point. (Never Iil cml that
has been ireviously wilted and dried.
That makes It bard Hnd will not have
'he soft white tint as when trend-d
'bus. I 1'lnee in bread toaster when
Jraiuol. and heist a deUeioux brown
aver the live .oais. Wluie rtlll hot
tutvy ready a gravy of sweet cream
md butter, seasoned with pepper and
I pllieh of salt, unless the tisl) is de
idediy salt sriil. I'laee In covered
Jleli for tuble and pour over it the
rravy. If cream lie not obtainable a
iravy almost equal to it is made l,y
ubhliig two tablespoonfuU flour
imooth in a half cup cold water, iio.ir
ng it in a saucepan over fire, and add
ing lut I f cup lmillng water. Cook
lowly, stirring constantly, then add
butter size of an egg aud cup of hot
nil Ik or cream. Season. What to Hut.
Wushliiulon I'le.
Heat tliree egga witli one cup of
nugar. Hilii two cutis of flour, sifted.
with one toBHpoonful of cream of tar
tar and one-half teaspoonful of hoI a .
Bake tlie cake In laver tin or ln
Washington pie" tin. Make the till
ig of one pint of milk, half a cr.p of
upir, a scant half ii of flour, one
Ptrg mid a little snlt. Flavor it with
emon fxtrnet or the grateil rind of a
enion. Cook it like a boilel custard
until it is thick and. spread it on one
if the cakes, putting the other lajcr
over it. Sprinkle the top with pow
jered ciiirar.
Artlihokea a in Ilonleliiise.
rut one fourth cup of butter and
half a cup of sifted breadcrumbs Into
tlie blazer and light the lamp: when
the crumbs are well moistened with
the butter, add a tennpoonful of tine
ail need parsley, one pint of cooked niti
nliokes cut into small cubes, half a tea
poonful of salt, a dash of cayenne arid
half a pint of rich, sweet cream. Let
boll Ui once and nut out the flame:
idd a teaspoonful of lemon Juice and
balf n tenspoonful of the grated rind
of a lenmn (or omit the crated ri nl i -
stir well and serve at once.
(Some Tenia for Oven Heat.
To Judge of an oven's heat, try the
)ven every ten minutes with a piece of
R'hlte paper. If too hot the paper will
ftlaze up or blacken; when the paper
becomes dark brown rather linker
ban ordinary mcat-ple crust - the oven
,s fit for small pastry. When light I
brown, the color of nice pastry, It is
ready for tarts. When the naner turns
Jiirk yellow you can bake bread, largo
meat pies or pound cakes; while, If it
Is Just tinged, the oven Is fit for sponge
fake a rid meringues.
Gold Cuke.
Crenm a half pound of butter with a
)oiind of sugar, whip in the well-boat'
in yolks of ten eggs nnd beat bard for
Ive minutes, Now add the' grated rind
of one orange and the juice of a large
lemon. Stir thoroughly: add a tcn
tpoonful of baking soda dissolved !n a
little but water and a pound of :lotir
Mint bus been sifted. Add this grad
ually, not putting In the whole quan
tity If less thickens the batter auifb
rlcnlly. Hake in loaf tins.
Coconnut Macaroon.
Sift n scant cupful of (lour, and nd l
to it one cupful of granulated sugar
mil two ctipfuls of the best shredded
toconnut. Mix these Ingredients thor
oughly, and fold Into the mixture tho
Whites of three large eggs whipped to
s very stiff froth. Roll the bsttcr Into
small, flat cakes, and bake for twenty
Inlnutes In a moderate oven, or until
they are crisp and a golden brown.
Macaroon Cnaturd.
Crush n dozen macaroons. Make a
custard of six yolks of eggs nnd a pint
and one-half of light cream, with n ta
blcspoonful of powdered sugar. Cook
this custard slowly till it thickens; sllr
In the macaroon crumbs, and serve,
when cool, heaped on a dish garnished)
witli strips of angelica.
Fliort Hiiuiieationa.
Always keep your celery roots nnd
dry (hern. They are good for season
ing soups nnd snuees.
Table oilcloths or the linoleum on
the kitchen floor can be kept fresh and
flenner wilh oil than with soap nnd
A good general rule always to re
member In the use of gelatins Is to
soften tbe gelatin in cold water, then
o dissolve In boiling water. Neglect
bf either part of the process will cause
trouble in making Jellies.
Wlien weighing molasses sprinkle
(ho scale well with flour and then It
vyill slip off again quite easily without!
slicking. . ;
A plain brown or green wall paper
makes an Ideal background for pic-'
tores, nnd the absence of pattern on j
walls adds Immensely to the apparent .
size of the room, j
To save the kneea of boys' ribbed ,
utocklngs one mother re-enforce them i
by sewing a piece of strong black cloth '
behind them before they are worn at
nil. It Is remarkable bow much longer '
lockings wear when treated In thll
Thi-re are people who disparage
ivetyiblng and everybody. They
ire constantly looking for faults and
lemiabes. There are homes where
lha children hear continual criticism
hum their parents, where the con
rersation Is mide up largely of
idverse Judgments of everybody and
ivtrytbing, where every characUr
s dissected and the fliws rather
ihan thj tood traits held up ti vie.
W hether ttiese judmeats be just or
iot, tun effect upon the children is
Ihe same they learn suspicion, con
empiU"usness a-d dcnuncitalon,
tliree things quite unnatural to the
lliild mlud. As a result we have
fesslmists, made such not by harsh
xperiences of life, but by the habit
if looking on the wrong side. Par
ids should remember that their
kw-puints are those of the little
dps, an i will be tneirs until each
uung me nas Ks on experiences
What eolui dots it.iuake a boy to be
( It makes him yellow (yell "Oh!")
Wnat kind o' a wind should a
Ijngry sailor wish for V
One mat blos foul (fowl) and
Ihops about.
When may a chair be said to dis-
Ike you?
When It can't bear you.
Why is a nrou i ciil like a music
P.ecause It is full if airs.
Why Is a pig in a parlor like a fire?
lieeau-e the snoner it Is put out
lie belter. Herald and Presbyter.
'The latest unhtiie trip to the
hirld's fair Is on', contemplated by
tenry H.JTrn in or Li Crosse, Wis.
SolTuian who h a deep water sea
liver, inteiics to walk from La
!rosse to St. Louis, a distance ol
bo miles on the bed of the Mississippi
Sver. lie will start as suon as the
liter warms up a little aud he ei
lit s to make tl.e trip In four
Lontbs time. lie will be accom
lauied by a boat carrying air pumts
Ind provisions and claims will
tave the water only for meals and
10 sleep. Ilolfan has ordered spe
!lai 3'ving suit in which to inane
(be novel trip.
The m-irried conrleshun has sum
!ust-kl;iS'trials, tbe single state haz
lu u seckond-rate pkzz.ircs. Yung
nan, take yure pick.
God remits sins, not consequences.
Those who get their knowledge In
the school of experience learn their
cswns well.
Street car conductors in New
i'ork City ate required to serve their
Irmsfer tickets dry. That is, they
must not moisten with their mouths
the lingers which tear off a ticket
Irom a packet, just before giving
t to a passenger. It is asserted
that transfer tickets thus moistened
inread disease.
Acgc(able Prcparalion Tor As
similating the Food and Beg tila -ling
the Stomachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digcslion.Cheerful
npss and Rpst Contains npillrr
Opium, Morplune norHincraL
IJtm Sal'
Apcrfecl Remedy forConstipa
non.Sour Stonuich, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh
ncss and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
The hardest working and the
poorest paid people In this world
are those who have nothing f do
I bav s d to 2 thirds ov all the
rltcn men In the world, make the
most ov yure miiooy, for It makes
the most ov yu
The Columbus Guards, Columbus,
Gu., (mfcraciiig fifty otllccrs and men
will camp at the world's fair July
17 to 2,1 Inclusive.
i jj
"I Have Every Reason to Praise Pe-ru-fia,"
J--. U.nW rVTtx r.--E Htrj VK.)n h
1Z jcborjt, Chicago, la.
Mrs. K. Kane, 172 Sebor Strett,
Chicago, 111., writes:
'I'eruna has been used so long in
our family that I do not know how
to get along without it. I have
, given It io all i,f my children at
different times when they suffered
with croup, colds nnd ihe many ail
ments that children are subject to,
and am pleased to say that it has
kept them in splendid health. I
have also used It for a catarrhal
difficulty of lonz standing and it
cured me in a short time, so I have
every reason to praise Pcruna."
Mrs. K. Kane.
Pe-run Protects the fntlre Mouse
hold AJiist Ca.arrbal
One of the greatest foes with which
every family has to contend is our
clunvreahl" climate. To protect the
family from colds and enugliK is always
a serious problem, ami of leu impossible.
Soulier or later it is the inevitable fate
of every one to cati-li cold. ('are in
avoiding exposure and the use of proper
clothing will protect from the frequency
mid perhaps the severity of colds, but
with the greatest of precautions they
will come. This is a settled fact of
hi.man experience. Everybody must
expect to be caught somewhere or some
how. Perhaps it will he wet feet, or a
draught, or damp clothes, or it muy be
one of a thousand other little mishaps,
hut no one is tditcwd enough to always
avoid the inevitable catching cold.
There is no fact of medical science
better known than that Periina cures
rntnrrh wherever located. Thousands
of families in all pnrts of tlie United
States are protected from colds nnd
rntairh by Pcruna. Once in the family
Pcruna always stays. No home can
spare Pcruna after the first trial of it.
We have on tile many thousand testi-
I he more a man studdys hitusel',
i lie less fault he will Cud with his
Three students will this year re
ceive the dfgiee ol Master of Science
in Forestry at the University of
Michigan. Of these one has been
appointed forester by the state of
Michigan, and two will take the
Unlied Statfs civil service examina
tion leading, if passed, to positions
either in the Hureau of Forestry of
tlie 1) paitnvrit of Agriculture, m in
the forestry service In the Philip
pines. For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Thi eiNTAU iowmhv. New veaa cm,
n il ;jjHKy,yajtwTO;W
Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year.
25c SOc
Mrs. A. Hobson, 225 Washington
St, Lansing, Mich., writes:
"Peruna has been such a blessing
to my only child, as well as myself,
that I feci Induced to give my testi
monial. He has alwaya suffered
from catarrh of the head and throat,
and I had to use extra precautions
so as not to have him exposed to
damp or cold weather. Last year
he was taken with la grippe, and as
It was a severe case, caused me
much anxiety. No medicine helped
him ii.'l he Uick Peruna. I noticed
an Improvement at once and In
three weeks he was a different
child; the grippe had been com
pletely cured and I noticed that the
catarrh was made better, tie kept
taking It two weeks longer, when
he was entirely well. I now use It
off and on for colds, cramps, Indi
gestion or general indisposition, and
find It superior to any doctors or
medicine I ever tried, ft keeps me,
as well as my child. In perfect
health, and I gladly recommend It
to mothers. 'Mrs. A. hobson.
monials like the ones given above. Wo
can only give our readers a slight
glimpse of the vast array of unsolicited
endorsements we are receiving every
mouth. No other physician in the world
has received such a volume of enthu
Kinstie nnd grateful letters of thanks as
I r. Hartman for Peruna.
A man lives in cur street whos(
egotism is several sizes too large foi
As a general rule, the folks win
oimht to cuckceed are those v- ho do.
Yung sinner, reckolletkt ont
thing, nhatever yu git dlsbonestlj
yu hav got to divide with tbe devil,
and he aliwuss takes the llon'i
' share.
I Dear Sally don't marry a man
simply bckatise yu rtspekt him,
I 'I hare may cum along a phelloq
afterwards that yu will fall in lut
with, and then the devil will be U
Looking for a Homo ?
Then why not keep In view the
fit that the fkrmlns lamte ot
re mifllcient to Bopport a population of
60,0l)0,H or over t Tim imnfu ration for
tlie axt 8ii years bae leeu pUeuouieual,
FREE Homestead Land
easily accessible, while other lands may
1ms purnhfttted from hallway ami Lana
fJomeanies. The Kraln and prrazina
lamia of Weitrra ('anaila aie th
bi-nt on the continent, producing th
liAst grain, and cattle (fed on f.-em
alone) ready for market.
Mnrketa. Srhenli. RaHwj(
nml nil other fondltlun i,mk(
Ve4if.rn (anada n euvlabla.
apot for tlie aeltler.
bration, OtlJiwa, Canmlii, riradecri
tiveAUaa and other iiifurniiilfiini ora
the aulhorlaad CanadiHU Oov'nwnt Afli
. V. Uennatt, bul liaw Voikljl. Bldg., Omaha, KA
Free to Twenty- Five Ladies.
Ihe Defiance Starch Co. will give
25 ladies a round trip ticket to tb
Sc. Louis Exposition, to five ladies
In each of the following states:
IlliDlos, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
Missouri who will send lu the largest
number of trade marks cut fiora
a ten cent, 18 ounce package Df De
fiance cold water laundry starcii.
This means from jour own houif,
anywhere in the above named state.
These trade marks must be ruailtxS
to and received by the Dctianca
Starch Co., Omaha, Nebr., befo-e
September 1st, 1904. October and
November will be the best month
to visit the Exposition. Remember
that Defiance Is tbe only starch p';l
up 16 oz. (a lull pound) to the pack
age. You yet one-third nioto starch
for the same money than of an
other kind, and.Deflance never 3t)ck
to the iron. The tickets to tho
Exposition will he sent by registered
mall September 5th. Starch or tale
by all dealers.