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Vesuvius, the famous Italian vol
;ano, is 3.1MS feet hiiib.
An Innkeeper of Willielwberg, wui
turns the ncale at ""'- imtmds, in Ihi
tteavlest umii in IJeniituiy.
There are now twenty-nine woruei
f title in England wlio were Arnerl
can girls, including four ducheKwe ant
tWO COUIltllKeH.
It In not generally known tbat,th
Jackal is a grrnter detitroyrr of hti
inanity in India than tin- tiger. Sla
listics imblWIied by the goverumen
f India allow that while ill's per
tons werf killed ly tiger, more that
1.000 children were carried away b;
Jackals. .
The chief uVire of the iiiuulcipallt;
9f Baro, in Chile, la to have thel
town known as a second Ixjiulon, am
within the last decade much monej
bas been spent to muke It an exac
repllca of the British capital. Tin
itxeets have been laid down and limner
after thoae In Ixudon.
No other creature on earth can un
flergo such tremendous fatigue ove
long period an man. In speed ove
abort distaiii-ea there are, of course
docena of uiiIhihIh such an the borne
dog and hare with which man canno
compete. Hut In Ion;,' distance race,
man, well trained, can wear out 1h
Utt of them.
The enamel of the teeth cootuim
aver 15 per cent calcareous matter
Straight hairs are nearly cylindrical
curly hair are elliptical or flat. Tin
weight of the average man is 14
pounds; of a woman, 115 pounds. Tht
brain la supposed to contain over 200,
000,000 cella, in which thought worki
out problems.
Do geese "iiack?" ".No," says th
obaervaut critic, "geette do not quack
but they aqunek." It la the dueki
that quack, and the atory of the goosi
going about from day to day with I
"quack, quack, quack," la declared t
1e without good foundation. There Is
Indeed, quite a difference In the vo
pabulary of tliexe feathered creatures
Hut It require n sharp ear to dlstln
(tulsh the difference.
Although man Is not well lifted In
nature to he a swimmer, and la one o'
the few bind creatures who canno
iwlui without being taught, yet ll
longdistance swimming he can glvi
point to any other bind animal. Mori
tllgiie Holbein, In September, 1HW
iwam forty-six miles In twelve hours
Kven in .the matter of fasting then
ire few warm-blooded creature win
"tin emulate such n performance as till
forty days' fust of Tanner.
Man's memory la one of the mo
wonderful attribute. What I possl
tile In this direction was proved a yea!
r two ago at Naples, when u professoi
f rhetoric Arlllll by name repeated
!rom memory 15,3."o lines of Dante
Lie begun to recite at 8 o'clock In tht
veiling and went on till 2:15 the tier
afternoon. Ho was thus at work foi
1,005 minutes, hi rate being 8.'!0 llnei
n hour. He only slopped for a mln
lite or two at long Interval to Ip
little brandy and water.
How a Urawlnic-Koom Con Be Fur
tinned bimiily, Vet Artistically.
Few American housekeepers woulC
;are to carry the art of ellmluatlot
In household decoration so far ng tin
Japanese, who have nothing In manj
f their rooms except a couple oi
:ushlons and a chrysanthemum In
bamboo pot, but It is none the lent
'.rue that simplicity I the greatest
charm of any room, If It be allied to I
ense of beauty.
This happy combination Is usually
btnlned In the houses of the whlti
resident In the tropica, and still mori
o In the homes of the Japanese. Il
t house 1 to be comfortable in a tropl
al climate, It must be furnished slm
?ly and sparingly. (Jut of this neco-
llty there arise some beautiful ef
teets in furnishing und ilecoratiot
which ought to be studied and copied
y American women.
In India and Ceylon the bungalow!
ire noted for comfort and charm, Thej
llways attract the enthusiastic ndmir
Hon of the tourist, and yet the womet
who create them go to work In tin
most simple fashion.
Take the drawing-room of an Eng
tfsh or an American woman living It
India. It i a large, airy room, witt
teveral big windows, which are elthei
indrnped or only hung with small
(auze curtains. The floors are un
;arjeted, but their dark mahogany oi
edar cane lounge, with many cush
ns. Is placed near a window. A
imall tea table or two and a few easj
sicker chairs complete the furnltun
if the room, the entire cost of whlcl
less than a tenth of the sum ua
tally paid for the drawing-room equip
fient of a mlddle-clnss American home
Kansas City Star.
Perfect Propositions.
A perfectly proportioned man shoulc
weigh twenty-eight pounds for everj
toot of his height. If he i Ave feet let
inches In height his weight should Is
ane hundred and sixty-three pounds; 1:
itz feet In height be should weigh oni
mndred and sixty-eight pounda.
Value or Oil Hatha.
Any one can add strength an
weight to bla body by rubbing wel
With olive oil after a warm bath. OI
Mtba are particularly beneficial to dell
ate children.
Can't Tell tha llDrenoa.
There are people In tho world wb
fall to discover tbe difference betweei
saving ati-oni convictions and belni
Vlalo obstinate.
Ni.oik's icmi-ccuita ui.
To the Pet pie or the hiate oi
Nebiaska: On Maj 30, IsW, tiie
j prtsidctit of the United States ap
'proved what is kuon as the Fan-is-Nebraska
bill, the most impor
j la tit legislative and executive action
In tbe history cf the country west
.f tbe Missouri river since tbe
Louisiana purchase ai made under
Hbe directoin of Thomas Jefferson.
The fifty years that have since
elapsed have been prolific In great
events, but none are more worthy
If note tbao tbe develupeuient that
'has corao during tbe half century
to the Trans-Missouri section of the
republic and especially to the states
of Kansas and Nebraska.
; Tbe undersigned, a committee of
citizens, have been charted witb
the duty of arranging for a semi
centennial celebration of this event.
By both federal and state law the
Sntli day cf May cf each year is de
nted t memorial observations of
the gallant spirits who in their lives
seived their country during the
great war of 1S01-65. That diy
lielng thus devoted to holy pur
poses, it has been thought best to
hold the exercises properly Incident
to the semi-centennial on Tuesday,
r.be 31st day of May. Thus will
conie a proper lescjgnitloo of
Memorial day, and also of the Im
portant fact that the state of Ne
braska received after the great war
a greater porportlon of ex-soldiers
than any other state In the west,
and these soldiers citizens bave
aaded greatly to its developement,
. The Grand Army of the Republic,
which has bud direction of tbe
memorial observances, has been In
the habit for years of detailing mem
bers of the organlztlou to address
the scholars of all schools through
out tbe state on the last school day
prior to the 30th of May, and It
has requested that on the Sunday
preceding that d?te, In all tbe
churches of the state, the clergy
should make fitting reference to
the Incidents of note proper to tbe
day and Inculcate patrotlsm and
rioting sacrifice for the republic.
The committee suggest to tte
Grand Army arid to the clergy that
It would tie more tilting, in the
schools and In tho churches, to call
attention to the fifty years of growth
and prosperity that have come, not
only to the part of it in which our
1 t has b(eo cast, and on Memorial
clay It certainly will be appropriate
that all who address the people,
while giving fitting tribute to those
who served the country and have
passed away, should make like re
ferences to the progress that has
been made during the half century
that will close upon that day
On the 31st day of May, In the
city of Omaha, there will be proper
observance of the signing of tbe
Kansas-Nebraska bill by the presi
dent of the United States. The
detail of the exercise will be pub
lished and the city of Omaha tn
vltes all citizens of the state to Join
In this celebration by local cere
monial if they wish, but preferably
within the limits of the metropolis
of the state.
The committee takes pleasure In
announcing that a son of Nebraska,
who has achieved great distinction
aud prominence by reason of bis
ability titid eloquence lion. Henry
D. Eastbrook, now of New York
will deliver the oration of the day
befitting tbe occasion. It is ex
pected that other speakers of worth
and prominence will recount the
intereslng events of (he Hlty years
that have passed since the birthday
uf the state of Nebraska. Military
and civic parades will also re an
Incident, and the latcbstrlng of
Omaha will be out in hearty wel
coming to all who wlh to glorify
the event or May 30, isst.
The press of Nenraska Is re
quested to public this address, and
so soon as the details of the ohser
vaoces can be decided upon further
communication will be made to tbe
J. E. 110 YD,
Killed by Fall of Scaffold.
LAWRENCE, Kas.-A scaffold on
the Fraternal Aid building broke
today and precipitated a dozen work
men to the, ground. John Stelnet
was instantly killed and Lou Mc
Laughlin and C. E. Clawson were
badly Injured.
In Enemy's Land.
LIAO, Yang. Between last right
and tbls morning tbe Ja Danes
forced a passage of tbe Yslu. two
rcmniinlea rrntslnir twtMin .ha t
djlou and Slatiousslkhe. flea vy firing.
whs uearo near a stung nau, in
which It la believed tbe J a Danes
made a feint I n order to detract at-
tentlon f r m the rail point ol
passage. So far no bridge snam
me river, it is believed tbe Uu
'n Are lucceeded in destroying the! preclude the possibility of premedl
&d!2" PeM(tation with regard to It.
Mississippi near
I'it of Pl I'ndrr Watrr !
eiglitxriiif Tiwui ftubuierg-ed
Turnmloea lauM Loh Of
JLlft: In Territory.
ST. LOUIS.-The Mississippi rlyer
is rising rapidly here and prepara
tions to resist a possible flood are
hastily being made. The govern
went weather bureau today issued
a flood warning, advising that pre
cautions be taken to guard against
a probable stage of thirty-five le t
by Thursday. The danger line here
is thirty feet and tbe river tonight
registered over twenty-eight feet .
The high water mark in the great'
floid of last year was thirty-eight'
In East St. Louis, III., which
suffered so severely front th3 II iod
last year. Mayor Silas Coik today
secured a large force of men aud th"
building of d,ki was at once begun.
As fast as dikes are built fences of
men will be statlord to protect
them and keep theiu in oroer. Sa far
no damage has been done by the
rising tide.
tbe past forty-eight hours fourteen
Inches of rain has fallen here, the
greatest amount In that space of
time recorded In many years. All
the bottom lands are flooded, doing
much damage to wheat and other
growing crops. The Misiourl river
bas risen six feet, and Is coutiouli g
to rise at the rate of one Inch an
Late tonight the Missouri river
reached a stage of 21.0, more than
two feet above the danger line. ;
Cedar City, across the river from
hete is partly submerged and tbe
people are moving from their homes,
as it is expected that the entire
city will bo lloided before tomorrow.
Decides For the Military
DENVER, Col. The slate su
preme court this afternoon denied
lui lilt; jciuano in uuiica jj iityjii(
president of the western federation1
of miners, on bail pending a decision
in the habeas corpus proceeding In
his behalf. The bearing on the
merits of the case were set for May o.i
Meantime Moyer will bo held as
prisoner in the military bull pen at
The supreme court also graDtca
the application of Adjutant General
Bell and Capt Buckley Welles for a
writ of supcrsedas to stay tbe exe
cution of the Judgment of District
Judge Stevens of Ouray declaring
( Hell and Welles in contempt of court
'and fining them each 8500 for failing
to produce the person of Moyer lb
court in answer to the writ of
habeas corpus Issued by Judge
I TRINIDAD, Col.-Mai. Zeph T.!
Hill commraander ot the troops In
t b e coal Helds, today lirtcd the press
censorship which was establish d
after Governor l'cahody declartd
Las Animas county to be in a state
'if insurrection and (erel!l'n,
Enters a Plea of Guiity.
NEW YuRk'. Frank McNamara
who shot and killed Captain George
R. Jennings, president ot the Jen
nings Anjustable Shade company of
Brooklyn on February 18. pleaded
guilty to murder in the liTst degree
when arranged for trijl today. He
will be sentenced to Sing Sing inr
The plea of guilty was ei.tered on
the advice of counsel because of evi
dence obtained In Chicago. One of
the witnesses brought back by tbe
assistant district attorney was Heniy
V. Cook, secretary and treasurer of
the F'ahys Watch cuse company,
where McNamara stole S5.000 worth
of gold from the factory during the
last thrc? years of hH employment.
He gathered the sweepings from
the floor and sold them to a Chlago
jewelry firm. For his last theft Mc
Namara received a draft for $2,000.
He was then in Brooklyn and In
duced Captain Jennnlgs, who knew
of nothing wrong in the matter, to
allow tbe draft to be deposi cd to
his account In the Borough bank.
It was then agreed that McNamiira
should withdraw tbe money in sums
of tfiOO. Later Jennings discovered
bow McNamara obtained the money,
and refused to let blm have any
more ot it until be had obtained a
release from the Fahys company.
McNamara then made up bis mind
to kill Jennings and did so shortly
Gets Life Sentence.
OMAHA, Neb.-Cbatnbers was
summoned to listen to tbe finding i f
tbe court on tbe argument recently
made b' h, counselor a new trial
on tbe ground that tbe court hud
erred In Its instruction to tbe Jury
that drunkenness at tbe time of the
commission of crime Is not justi
fication of tbat crime nor docs it
ffular Excitement RMchet Dangrouft
faint ro'lowiug- Kiot at Klr.
lUulu of Striker
Grow. "
VIENNA. The Hungarian situa,
,tlon Is regarded here as alarming.
The socialists threaten to proclaim
a general strike throughout trie
country and in such an event It H
stated in political circles that Counl
jTUza, the Hungarian premier,
will put tbe whole kingdum under
martial law.
Popular excitement appears to be
reaching a dangerous point and the
critical condition ol affairs is further
intensified qy the near approach of
labor day.
Following tbe tragic event at tbe
imarket town of Elesa, Dear Gross
ardeln. yesterday In wblcb a so
cialist killed tbe commander of tbe
gendarmerie followed by the killng
of twenty-three rioters and the
'wounding cf forty by the jendar
(iues, a general strike has broken
out at Grosswardein. Today tbe
(shops cafes and restaurants tbere
and even the schools are closed, and
'ihe business life of the town Is
entirely suspended.
Five thousand teamsters at Buda
pest, 16,000 workmen at Debrleczln,
'the chief town ol tbe Ilaiduck dis
trict, and a large numbers at Sge
kin, the capital of tbe county ol
Scongrad, are now on strike.
1 Troubles are also feared in other
Tragedy Follows Ho'dup.
SAN JOSE, Cal. A masked man,
armed with two revolvers, entered
Ihe ro'ins of the Del Monte socl.il
club and after lining up against the
wall blx men who were in the rooms
to ik a diamond ring, valued at i00,
from one of the men, grabbed 'V0
or H0 from the table and then
liHckcd out of the room. Alter pur
suit oy citizens lasting over an hour
during which over thirty shots
were exchanged, the robber wai
finally killed. Upon investigation
the dead maj was found to be Rert
Thorndyke, a prominent young man.
Thorndyke was one of the btsl;
known young men in this city. His
iu(ither-in-law is Mrs. G. M. Uruce,
a wealthy widow, with whom
Thorndyke his wife and little child
lived. Thnrndyk'es mother is a
wralthy widow of Stocktoo,
Destroy Marble Statutes.
.v ' LOUIS. It was discoverod
tod iy that vandals had entered tha
French pavilion at the world's fa;
and destroyed two of the most btau
tl'ul marble statues in the sculpture
exhibit. The stautcs were "T Etull
du Iletger, the Shepherd's Star,"
by Roussel, and "St. Jean," bj
Dubcrs, and had been thrown tc
the floor and broken luto bit. Si
rose trees from the French garden!
were stolco. The French commis
sioners say their Kiss in the de
stine! Ion of the statues is Irrecov
stable Ice Passes into the Lake.
ESCANAHA, Mich Driven by t
iimth-wciterly gale, with a velocity
of foily inilis an hour, the ice rich!
that has covered upper Green baj
for nearly six months passed oul
Into the lake today. Carried by tin
ice Held as It was driven south, thi
steamer Dulutb of the Escanaba
Tratispoitation company's line wtij
t'tro from its m ;orii. s and carried
to within ten feet if the shore.
One of the Stephenson company'!
lumber docks is buried under t
mound of broken ice nearly thirtj
feet high.
Mrs. Bennett Files Appeal.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. An appeaj
was taken today by Mrs. Grace
Im gene Rennett and tbe othei
relduary legatees under the will ol
I'htlo S. Hennett from the decision
of Judge Cleveland of the probate
court by which tbe application fur
tbe removal of William J. Rryan
as executor and trustee was dis
missed. The mittcr now goes to
tbe superior court.
Securities Company Wins.
NEWARK, N. J. VlceChancelloi
Bergen today denied tbe application
of tbe Continental Trust company
fur an Injunction restraining the
.Northern Securities company from
distributing Its assets In accordance
with tbe plan formulated by order
of the directors wltbin a week
after tbe United States supreme
court rendered Its decision declaring
tthe formation of tbe corporation
'Kansas has a flood
riiaaaeU Buna Through Street. Illvid
iS the CM j Mock LtMt and
Property Dauircd Tor
nado ac Mcl'bereoa.
FORT SCOTT, Kas-Fort Scott
Is experiencing the most serious flood
In its history Marmaton river and
Mill creek, which runs into tbe
former stream here, have risen ten
feet In tbe past twenty-four hours,
the result of heavy rains. Several
hundred persons have been rescued
in boats. As far as known tonight
no lives have been lost. Tbe esti
mated loss to livestock drowned and
property damaged is 1100,000.
The two streams began to rise at
10 o'clock last night and today the
city was divided into tnree sections
and almost completely isolated.
Normally Mill creek runs into tbe
Marmaton river northeast of the
city, tut because of tbe rapid rise
they formed a new channel that
rut across one end of the city. To
right tbe entire northern part of the
city Is cut off, and part of the city
Is inundated. Ten feet of water is
rushing through the streets in that
part of tbe city and several hundred
persons In what Is known as Hell
town have been forced to leave their
homes. Many were taken in boats.
There were several narrow secapes
fiom drowning. Many who refused to
leave Belltown today will still have
to be taken away in boats, as ll
avenues of escape have now been
cut off.
McPHERSON, Kas. A severe
toinado struck McPberson this after
noon, demolishing six residences and
causing damage to other property
Three persons were injured, one
seriously. Much damage was done In
the country north of here. Beyoud
Mcl'herson the tornado followed the
ground, taking the path of an old
water course. The tornado passed
four miles east of Salina, wrecking
telephone and telegraph poles and
farm property. Efforts were made
to follow the course of the storm by
teltpnone, but all tbe wires were
Graves Is Found Guilty.
DES MOINES, la. -Charles
Oi raves, a furniture dealer, cbarg-J
with murdering his wife and burn
ing tbe body, was found guilty in
the district court today, a Jury rec
ommending life Imprisonment.
Graves Is said to have choked bis
wl to death in a fit of rage and
then to have saturated the body
with kerosene, setting It on tire.
His stories relative to firing the
body and his visits to tbe home on
the morning of the crime were con
flicting. This, coupled with pre
vious theats to kill her, led to his
arrest and prosecution. A daughter,
Winnie Reader, a member of the
Grau Opera company, then playing
in Chicago, arrived home to spend
tbe holidays, and three days after
the crime, was committed. She
burled her mother, accused her step
father ot the ctime and secured bis
Church Pules Elections.
WASHINGTON. -When the inves
tigation of the Smoot case opened
today Judge O. Powers was again
called to tbe stand. He real a
petition prepared by supporters of
Moses Thatcher for senator, ad
dressed to the senate of the United
States, alleging that church In
fluence bad been used in the elec
tion, and asking for an investiga
tion. Another instance of etiureb
interference had been shown, said
he in a mayoralty contest at Provo
when Reed Smout favored the can
tiidacy of George Sutherland. The
Altuess said Smout was held in dis
favor with the church and charged
with going to the liberal party.
Senator Overman askid if women
were elected to the legislature In
Utah. The witness answered in thai
affirmative and said a omaa was
chairman of the judiciary committee
pf the bouse in the legislature
wblcb elected Mr. Smoot as senator.
Half A Million Fire Loss.
CAMDEN, N. J. -The Interior of
the large four story building of thi
Victor Talking Machine companj
of this city was totally destroyed by
fire this afternoon, causing a lost
estimated by an official of tbe com.
pany at nearly Sb00,000. The con
cern carried an Insurance of $250,000.
Upwards of a half million phono
ii rapine disc records and25,0(K) talking
Cannot Use the Mails'
WASHINGTON.-In deciding I
case of a western turf Investment
concern Assistant Attorney General
Robb of tbe postofflce department
holds tbat tbe business of recelvlni
of bets to place on the races Is a vio
lation of the law prohibiting lotteries
and games of cbance. Tbe concern
therefore U prohibited from uaim
tbe malls.
A newspaper for Beilevue is being
talked of. It Is to be called the
I.cllevue Gazette and will be three
columns eight pages.
Tbe fiev. W. II. Morrow of Table
Rock will leave for Washington
county.. New York, where be bas
accepted a Methodist pastorate.
Bishop Williams of Omaha bas been
engaged to deliver tbe commence
ment addiess be re tbis year at tb
graduating exercises at Beatrice.
The general merchandise store at
Leigh tbat was recently purchased
from Al Willeriog by Rosenthal &
K i arise, bas been (hipped to Norfolk.
Mrs. Eliaxbetb Wright died at tbe
borne of ber son, Z. T. Wrlgbt in
Nebraska City. Sbe was a pioneer
citizen of Nebraska, having come to
tbe state in 1856.
Judge Harrington of tbe district
court at Ainswortb bas postponed
all jury cases until tba fall term,
and after disposing of a few equltj
cases will adjourn court.
The Rev. A. Bert after twenty
five years as pastor of tbe St, John's
Lutheran cburcb and teacbei of tbe
German school at Harper, bas re
signed to accept a call to Waco.
Tbere will be a large class graduate
from tbe agricultural department of
tbe university on Friday evening.
President Albert B. Storms will de
liver an address on "By-Products."
The Spencer young people who re
cently organized a sbow troupe, bare
been making tbe different towns in
Holt county and closed a "starring"
season witb the play, "The York
shire Lassie." Tbe opera bouse al
at O'Neil failed to accommodate
tbe crowd.
Wayne Garrow and Miss Maud
Davis sprung a surprise on their re
latives and friends byanuouncng tha
fact that tbey had been married at
the Methodist parsonage in Nebraska
City the Rev. J. W. Scott officiating.
Both young people are highly re
spected in tbls city.
Professor John Jacob Fossler, who
has been superintendent of the
Hartlngtoc schools for tbe past two
years, bas decided to take a course in
medicine aud not apply for tba
schools ag-ain tbis year. Jobn L.
Stlne Of Gretna has been selected by
the board of education to succeed
Professor Fossler. f
Every saloon at Columbus was
closed all day Sunday and Dot a drink
could be purchased at any price.
Mayor Boettclier has instructed the
saloon men to close and tbe police
were emphatically notified to arrest
the first saloonkeeper who failed to
comply witb tbe request.
Aaron Steuvers, a young man
living about ten miles north of
Hooper was accidentally shot by a
neighbor, Emil Subr, while th
latter as explaining the mechanclsnr
of nis gun. Tbe charge took effect
In Steuver's right side and maj
cripple blm fcr life. Physicians do
not think the accident will result
Miss Nettle Keehn, who disap.'
peared so suddenly and somewhat
mysteriously at Falls, S. D,, a daj
or so ago, is well known to Ilartiog
ton people, Hartingtou having been
her home for some years, and until
about a year ago, when sbe went to
Sioux Falls. Her brother of Hart,
ington seeing tbe account concern
ing ber in the Bee, at once tele-
pi oned ber employer at Sioux Falls,
and was told that she bad left late
the evening before ostensibly for
Omaha with a strange man. Her
folks seem to have no satisfactory
explanation for ter peculiar disap-!
pcarance ana appear to be very much
concerned for her welfare.
Last week West Point furnished
a number of weddings. Theodore
Luedke and Mins Helen Fernbolx
were married by the Rev. M. E.i
Sudtrock, pastor of the German
Methodist church. The contracting
parties were born and raised In
Cuming county. John Horan and
Miss Anna Gallagher were united In
marriage at St. Mary's Catholic
church, the Rev. E. A. Clement
officiating. The bride Is a daughter
of one of Cuming county's heaviest
land owners, The groom is a Kear
ney county farmer. Miss Mary'
Scharfen and Casper Meier were mar-i
rled at St. Mary's Catholic church,'
the Rev. E. A. Clementz preforming
the ceremony. Both young peopl
will reside in tbis county. Miss
Maragret Ryan and Joseph Flemming
were married by the Rev. Fitzgerald
at the Catholic church. The youn
people have been residents of tbal
county for some time.
C. Vincent, state organizer of tb
Farmers Co-Operatlve Shipping
Association, was In Paplllion con
ferring with a number of farmers re
garding tbe advisability of building
an elevator. Mr. Vincent Is
member of tbe Omaba Grain
'change and Is well posted on tb
grain and shipping business. It la
aid the proposltlou was looked upoa
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