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    Ej Eirrista Press-Jouul
m. ev ncnxa, raariLxrou
Belcjr uut of debt is lue Leal iLiu,
When a woman lusts ber temper
she ivLowa her a;;e.
Lots of people come to grief by
tiettinr trouble half war.
About the lime love lets up oa a
ian rheumatism takes a fall out of
Shortly after getting the political bee
tii his lionuet the average man gets it
l.i the neck.
If a'.l noYm-u who ooi back were
fumed into salt pillars the streets
softd fx- full of Mat ues.
Another feature of the Japanese -
Itussi ui struggle is that it is a con -
lest U'tween m.-at eaters and vegi -
It always a uxor a Rirl who breaks
(T an engagement if the young man
In the raw refuses to make a fus
Ibout it.
When a young man is old enough to
cast his tirst vote what he doesn't
know alMiiit running the country isn't
worth knowing.
It may be that every college pro
fessor needs a wife, but the question
is. How can he support her in the
ktylo to which slie has leen aeeus
lomed? A court has decided that a man
mst treat his mother-in-law with
respect. Mighty few mothers-in-law
aeed any order of the court to make
the young man do the proper thing.
Uut if China should get courage
riiough to cry. "Asia for the Asiatics."
would it he so very different in priu
ripie from 'lermany for the (Ser
inans." or "America for the Ameri
nins.' Walking on all fours is said to he
I ruro for appendicitis. Why not have
parties where the guests may cure
their appendicitis in this way ami at
the same time compete for prizes, the
ne who can go it on all fours long
est and most gracefully taking the
The negro in tie South is coming to
the front as a money-maker. If the
cotton crop yields $a;Tii.i)tio,Xi lie will
get VXuf of it. He is lietter off
than ever lief ore. i'.ut this prosper
ity is said to have made him uneasy
l nd migrator'. Still very few of the
pre.-it mass of negro workers emigrate
to the North. The fact is that the
Hotith is growing rapidly. The white
population of Mississippi, the banner
negro State, is growing faster than the
It is said that Egyptian and Turk
ish unreins are lming demoralized by
the fashion plates. The European
"delineators'" tempt the plural wires
of the eastern potentates to extrava
gant expenditures for dress, aud it is
becoming impossible for the poor kings
and prf.iccft to keep more than one
wife dressed iii the Parisian fashion.
Iimtead of 'Jim wives, some of the old
fellows are rinding it difficult to stip
nrt two. it is said. The Mrue evil
raue is producing what we Americans
call a desirable reform in Utah. The
modern mormon finds it too expensive
to support a hunch of wives. He finda
it cheaper to obey the law of monog
ii my.
The ashes of Chicago were not cold
when teniorary places of business
were provided and men were making
contracts for the upbuilding of their
warehouses, their stores and their
homes. In a couple of years nearly
u whoie of the burned district waa
again covered. In Boston the lossea
were much less and the local capital
was greater. Baltimore la making ar
rangements to rebuild her business
center at once, and in a handsomer
ii!"! more substantial manner than be
fore. The tire in which granite crum
bles and steel melts does not destroy
the ground or the commercial advant
ages of the city's location. Very
much of the property of the people
is beyond its reach, and their courage
and their credit a very great part of
the stock in trade of any community
are alisoiutely proof against it
, All over the land there is a dearth
of schoolmistresses. Even in th'
East, where women are superabundant
and the schoolma'am was always not
ed for her staying qualities, there Is
now a cry for more teachers. School
agencies say that never before were so
few well-trained women instructors ob
tainable. All give marriage as the
enuse. Time was when the school
mistress was a drug on the matri
monial market. A woman put off as
far as possible the evil day of enter
ing the schoolroom, knowing that lt
meant for bar a lonely life with no
hope of marriage. "Old maid school
teacher" waa the offensive phrase
which labeled her fecial states. All
that la now changed and the scbool
mistress is having things fear own
war. Hr college education, fear ra
re tkm trips abroad, her leaderahip in
dabs, have made her a moat deUght
fal companion, fitted for any aoeUl (ta
ttoo, the baa free scope for the de
rfttopment of her talents and is natng
bar ofpertitlsB to adnata. Men
have been quck to sea
Jars (earned that saw Che
tmi is the mnxl i,tiiitaniftiLalle aofif
etfu-b-nt of women. She U skilled ii
.household arts and in kinderparteniu ;
as well as in ilie ancient ami modern
( iantfua.-s. he understands how I
; kivp the home sanitary and how to
aiake the purse nerve the bent interest!
' of the entire fami'y. What wonder
then, that board of education ant
j school superintendents are at the. I
I wits' end- to secure tcacber willing t
sia a eon tract containing an au'l
i marriage c!au-' covering a specifi
' period. Tti"V will mdii have to i-
thankful if they tan g-t them on anj
tern; which the women themselvw
t are pleased to make, for just now tin
way to the scboojbouse seeu)8 to U ti
the direct ro;id to matrimony.
The chairman of the Western Vul j
seuger Association says the great ht
crease in immigration during 11 3 war
due largely to the inducements offerer
, by the railroads to settler ou tin
; anu lands in the northwest, the wuth
I and the far west. Nearly all thi
: railway systems, it is said, have thcii
; agents in Ktiroiio drumming up Imim
1 grants. When the mi.-Mion of restrict
' b'g Immigration by imposing an edu
i-ational niinliticnlion was In-fore tie
last Congress representatives of sev
eral large western roads were heard il
opposition to it. They did not say
that the proposed restriction would in
terfere with the work the roads are d
lug In planting settlers on their ow(
lands or ou other unfilled lands in thi
regions traveled by their lines. It wnt
claimed then that the railroads wen
hard put to it to get all the eommoi
labor they needed and that it wouH
be an iujiirv to them to cut off th
Kuropemi supply in w hole or part. Th
railroads do not feel so prosperous ai
they did two years ago. They havi
not the need of hilior they had then
or which (heir officers said they had
Immigration is stimulated now not b
get lalior but to get settlers and alw
to get the sums which they pay fo
their transportation. It has been sur
mised that as the steamship lines so
licit immigration liecause they mak
money out of it, so many railroads an
governed by the same motive. 1
will lie admitted that an immigrsn'
planted on a western farm Is a desir
able acquisition. That is not neces
sarily true of an immigrant who, whei
he lauds, plunges into the orercrowdc
slums of New York City and stayi
tlo-re either localise Ik prefers to Ftiij
or has not the money with which ti
make his escape, only a small pro
portion of the steerage passengers o)
V.(l appear to have found their way t
the far west. While 4"S fettled it
Colorado, 2.4 .TS in Texas, 0.007 it
Washington, and '.'.M in Oregon. 2.V1.
4-15 made their homes in New York
177.1W in Pennsylvania, and m,7,-7 i
Massachusetts. There came to Illinoii
sj,r,7S but of those who remained her
the larger unrulier probably settled in
Chicago. If last year's increase if
immigration was dup largely to tin
efforts of the railroads the roads die
much more to increase the populatiof
of the great cities of the east than r.
the rural districts of the west. It maj
be that their efforts brought more un
desirable than desirable immigrants It
this country. Itailroads and steamshif
companies should let the matter of im
migration regulate itself and not at
tpmpt to stimulate and direct it I
promote Ihelr selfish interests.
Taking No Chances.
A new reason "why men do not g
to church'' has recently been discovem
by an English clergyman. Walkiiq
along a lane one day, says Tlt-Bll
the village rector noticed an old mac
ahead of him. Seeing that It was on
of his congregation who had not lieer
to church of late, the vicar hurried antf
soon caught up with hltn.
Hallo, John:" said he. "How is ii
that I haven't seen you at church late
At first the rector could get noth'uij
out of him. but after a little persnasio
the parishioner said:
"Well, zfr. It lie your youngest dar
ter, Nelly, I be afeard of."
"What, afraid of Nelly, a girl
nineteen, and only Jut returned frou
"Y'es, air. You see," replied John
"when I went courtin' an old forcbin
teller told me as "ow I should be spiled
three times. First to gray, an' then ti
2 ye!lr, n then to s ginger. Now
when I buried my poor yeller Sail;
three months ago, an' your darter wl
the ginger 'air coined 'ome fro:i
schule. I says to myself, I says, 'That
i ; that's the ginger 'un: an' if
don't keep away from church she'l
nab me.'"
.No Elciu-lllenl
In Tanama under the ColuinMi!
regime, one could get up a "revolution
almost at a moment's notice. Sue
slight matters, says the New Yor
Times, scarcely Interrupted the roiitln
of business.
One day n number of American tr;iv
elers had taken their seals at break1
fast when they were startled by io, i
shouts In the street. They hastcne
to the window, and saw a crowd n
men In greasy, nigged clothes, nisi,
log along, brandishing machtes.
"What is the trouble?" one of then
asked their Colombia u host.
"Why," he said, apologetically, -i a;
afrald It la a revolution."
The travelers Intra n to Is- exclle
but were calmed by the sweet voice .
the hostess, addressing her husband
ordinary tones:
"Did I pnt enough sugar iu your c
fee, Gabriel?"
Involved instnrhsm-e.
Parker We've moved again.
Barker--You have?
Parker Yes; our children were
noisy that we couldn't stand what t
neighbors said al:out them. He r.
Tree Press.
Intcmtioir l't Relative to the
Meoia for feclf-ltevtractloii.
There is much of public interest
Ihe motives that prompt tueu an.l
women, aud ut infrequently children,
:o take their ou lives. Kmleri k
Hoffman. w!io is interested in life hi
cram e, ha t;ikeu the trouble to coin
pile mii statii-ti.-s concerning tlil
Milijet, wlii.h will prove of interest
It Appears from the figures pieseute.
mt lhi iiiiutal.ty from se f d'-Mrjc
lioii is nearly or quite twi-c as bire ii
itics as in ilie f:ir:uiug di.-trict. A:i-ith-
r remarkable fact is that iu llu
foriu r the rate is on the ijcreae
uiuu.ii.g r.p the result i:i fifty of thi
largest cities nf the Cnltisl Mates, it
ij-pem that the average number ol
; suicides in 1SC was 1J per bm.ioi.
while in I'o'l it bad grown to Pi.ii. A I
no time in the t wrlv e-year perils! dc!
the rule fall below the minimum hi r
given, l ot in 1:-! and ls;is it ro (
tet iporari'y to I'M. TU sie.uly pros
ress shown l-y this compi! ri-oii h-.uli '
M. I!:l::::i3 " i'"i: lint -i fonti-i
increase in the suiciri.il t,-n. i.-iny ia.iv
l e eij-ecttsl ill the next d i aile. I
A r.-flier b:.!v p'.ix.iuig e.iti-p.ir.soi
is tint whie!i Mr. IIofiuaii i:iaes Im
twcei uditliT' i.t -i ut -is if opiilatioo ii
this count y. 'I nk in tin- average f :
the wliol- teii-ve.ic pcr.o-1 in.ing v, iit.
l'.ml, b- tilnls that there n? ''." 7 sui
clih-s fur every pm.mi pero- s in St
Louis, while the rat-1 in Trenton wai
on'y ."..I and in l all itiver 2.'.'. llu
pen-enlage in several ojier cities wa
almost as high as that in St. Louis
The figures for Chicago are 2 i.": llo
boken. 2.'5; nakluud. Cat, 21... and tl.a
Iart of New York City included in tl;i
boroughs of .Manhattan and the Bronx
.Hi.ft. Even in Newark the rate is Pi.2
while that for I'.noktyn Is only 1,."
itostou maki-s a better showing 1.4
while Jersey City's tlgurus arc still
loner H.ii. Whv one suburb of tlie
metrorxilis on the west shore of the
Hudson should have a higher rate that
,"ew York City anil another one verj
much lower is a conundrum to whict
it is not easy to find the answer.
Causes of death are of special in
terest to life insurance companies, nnc
the latter have collected statistics re
gardilig the same. One iiisurani-e coal
pany has records going back more that
half a century. These show that
among the Insured, presumably a clast
of people A little superior to the aver
age of mankind, the mortality fin;r
suicide Ix'tween lM.'i mid iv-i. was l.i
per cent of all deaths among the coin
pany's policyholder", while lielwect
IKs. and ISIiS it was 2.4 per cent i'
perceptible increase. This showing cor
roborafes the other figures pi'e nt
by Mr. Hoffman. It also aj pears fwf
the company's tallies that v Ii ie li.'.t p I
cent of de.iths from all causes between
1V.M1 and lWis among men uiuler 1
years of age were due to suicide nn!
(!2 per cent between the ages of -13
and IK', the rate for men of 'I i and ovei
is only i.7 per cent, iillhougli the ac
tual number of deaths for its tlir
groups was alKiut the same, either v
little alsive or a little below ..mi.
A Wish rtngrrg;tt on llldo'l Miarv
One of the local churches was heav
ily in debt, and In order that the deln
might be cleared it was suggested am1
agreed that one of the best money rais
ers iu New York Slate be brought he:
and hy his efforts secure the amou. (
needed to reduce the debt. The paste
came and liegan his work with that
effort which was characteristic of him.
When the Hllotti-d time hud arrived
for him to have secured the amount n
discouraging moment faced him wher
he discovered he needed but fi le
wipe out the long standing debt.
' Telling of the discouraging circtmi
stiiiii-cs under which he labored, hf
concluded by asking if there was no
one in the congregation who would do
nate the amount. After vainly brinj
ing into play every word in bis vocabu
lary one memlx-r of the congregation
arose and said: "Rather than see yotil
plans defeated. I will give you ?ilC
of the amount."
Jubilant at his success and wishing
to pay a flattering compliment to th
donor the pus tor said: "Bless you.
brother; may your business Increast
many fold during the coming year."
rl that a smile crept over the fac
of every one present, for the donatot
was no less than one of the eity'i
w t-ii-kimwn undi-rta Ucrs. Wilkes' ant
He'll IKi.
"He'll do." said a gentleman, de
cisively, speaking of an office ioy w lit
had been ill his employ but a singlt
"What makes you think so'r"
"liccatise he gives himself up so en
tireiy to the task in hand. I watched
bini while he swept the office, and al
though a procession with three or foui
brass hands in it went by the olliei
while he was at work he paid no at
tentlon to it. but swept on as if th
sweeping of that room was the onlj
;thing of any consep:ience on this eartl
at that time. Then I set him to ad
dressing some envelopes, and althongl
there were a lot of picture papers an
other papers on the desk at wblcb lit
sat. he paid no attention to them, but
kept right on addressing those en
velopes nntil the last one of them wat
done. He'll do, because be Is thor
ongb, and In dead earnest about every
thing." You may naturally be a verj
smart person; you may be so glfteo
that yon can do almost anything; but
all that yon do will lack perfection II
yon do not do it with all your heart an
"Jenka seems to be pretty prosperous
now. He says bis income la oat of
"I eboaM think it would be. Ht
(Ives so far beyond IL" Philadelphia
OJd Man "What! Marry that
Suiter "Toar dauel ter U no
longer a child, sir; the is a wtman
(Ud Man "Nor-sense! Why. she
Isn't a bit bs? yet."
Fileod "If your wastier wom!iD
c' argea by the piece it must be
rather expensive."
Young Ilousr keeper "Ob, no.
She loses so ruaoy things thai ber
bills are never hlKb."
In the prtug.
Lowndes, Mo., April 4th. Mrs. ti
C. Harty. of this place, says:
"For years I was in very bad health.
Every spring I wojld get so low that
I was unable to do n.y own work. 1
seemed to be worse in the spring than
any other time of the year. I was very
weak and miserable and bad much
pain in my -back and h"ad. I saw
Iiodd'ii Kidney Tills advertised last
fpring and tx-gan treatment of them
End !;are cer'n'v'y dope y irmr
piKiI tlnin anyth'n.; I have ever used
"I was ail right last spring and felt
lietter than 1 have for over ten years
I am fifty years of age nnd am strong
i-r toduy than I have lwen for many
years, and I give Itod-t s Kidney I!li
credit for the wonderful Improvement.'
The statement of Mrs. Harty Is only
l ne of a great many w here Iodd's Kid
fey Pills have proven themselves to be
Ihe very lest spring medicine. They
ire unsurpassed a tonic and are the
frnly medicine used in thousands of
fa ml lies.
Truth wltnesfts In vain where
malice la tbe Judge. Ram's Horn.
Among tbe state bul'dlngs MIs
I'url Iyiulslana, Oklab un, Arizona,
Utah, Connecticut and Nevada ate
titiislicd. Iowa and Kansas are (ft
per cent fiDlshed and work on the
remaltjlng pivillions is suftlciently
i lvauced to warrant tbe statement
that all will be completed bf the
day set for Ibe opening of tbe Ex
position, April 30.
Everybody trims his sills to (tetcn
tbe wind, whether on sea or land.
fruit acids will not stain goods dyeo
A woman likes to be suspicious s
the can feel so confbieut afierward-i
We u I'lso's Cure for Coiimirnptioa it
rferenc to nv other cough Dielicln'
-Mr. s. K. Borden. -112 I" ttrret, Wish
at Jn. U. C, My 25, 1U01.
Mrs. Jinks "If yoj are so fonr
it phylng piker, why don't joi
each me, aud speed your evetilnfit
it borne?"
Jinks "Urn suppose I should
Mrs. Jinks "I have plenty ol
coney, hit Mttht down"
Mr. Jinks (the next day)-"No
man can undeistand women. Tbev
ire mysterious. Why, sir, my wlf
'.oslsted oo my plvlng poker wltl
Her last nlgbt. Of course, I w n a
pile from ber. Well, air, she paid
tver tbe money with a smile on bei
face 'didn't mind It a bit."
Caller "Beg pardon, but I am
Mr. Houseowoers' gent, aod have
called for the rent." .
Mr. Jinks "Why don't you go to
the bouse as usual? I left tbe rent
Doney there for you a week ago."
Caller "I Just came from there,
lira. Jinks said she gave tbe monej
to you last night"
Samuel Mail of Grand Rapids,
sflcb., Is tbe holder for tbe present
year of tbe fellowship In gas engineer
Ing supported at tbe University ol
Michigan by tbe Mlcblgao Gas Air -:lation.
How One Womaa Quit Medicine.
"While a coffee oser my stomach
troubled me for years," says a lady
f Columbus, Ohio, "aud I bad to take
medicine all tbe time. I bad what I
thought was the best stomach medlcini
I could get had to keep getting It hi led
all the time at 40 cents a bottle. I
did not know what the cause of my
trouble was, but Just dragged along
from day to day suffering and taking
medicine all the time.
"About six months ago 1 quit tea
and coffee and began drinking I'osum,
and I have not had my prescription
filled since, which is a great surprise
to me, for lt proves, that coffee was
the cause of all m trouble, although
I never suspected it.
"When my friends ask me bow 1
feel since I have been taking Post urn
I say, 'To fe'l tbe trulb I don't fed at
all only that I get hungry and eat
everything I want and lota of it and it
never hurts me, and I am happy and
well and contented all Uie time.'
"I could not get my family to drink
Postum for a while until I mixed It
In a little coffee and kept on reducing
tbe amount of coffee until I grit It all
Postum. Now they all like It and they
never belch It up like coffee.
"We all know that Postum Is a sun
ablne maker. I And It helps one great
ly, for we do not have to think of
aches and palna all the time and can
use our minds for other thingi." Name
given by Postnm Ov, Battle Oroek,
Tbe one wbo has to bofner wl.h cof
fee achea and pains la baffty handi
capped In tbe race for fane and for
tune. Postum la a wonderful rebuild
er. There's reason.
Look la each pkg. for tbe famous
Utile book, 'Tbe Bone! to WeUvttle."
Touils (io Utib)-"Pulganiy
co longer practiced, I am told."
Ex-Mormao (dejectedly) "20 sod
It's a shame. Only one wife! What
good is one lf.? Just a liLtl,
test's all."
"Ho so"
"Everylblrg Is t sixes and sevens.
Nothing ever done. Hultons t-ff,
meals half cooked everything wrung.
In tbe g od old daji e bad one
wife to s-w on tutbuns, another to
daru stockings, another to boss tbe
servants, another to do tbe shopli g.
and aootber to attend to tbe dutbs
i f S'jclety. A man bad some com
fort then."
Railroad Super IntendeQt "Yes,
I have decided to pen a bureau of
Information, for the arc mniodatloo
of nasietgers who wish to know
about trails, and 1 am I oklotf for
a good nido to fuii il."
App'iesot "Well, sir, I have been
a railroad ticket a'tnt fur a good
niaiiv years. "
.Superliiteodent "1 ben you won't
do. I want a man who Is accustomed
to glvln information."
Cbolly "What's the mittaa wltb
Algy. He's cutting all bis flerjds
Cbapple "lis has to, poor fellah.
Heca-wo't master the new English
handshake, don't cher know."
Now we get far more illunlnatlon
from eb-ctrlclty than from gas. Ac
cording ti rgariS Just Issued from
the Census Orrtce there aie neatly
4,000 elclrlc llglH stations Io tbe
Uulted Mates, and not quite k
thousand gas plants The electric
ilcbt plants are earning ab ut IM,-
000 000 a year, and tbe gas placts
I73,000,0C0 a year.
No one Is useless In this world
who lightens the harden for some
one else. Dickeos.
Mrs. Haskell, Worthy Vice Templar, Inde
pendent Order Good Templars, of Silver
Lake, Mass., tells of her cure by the use of
Lydia E Puikham's Vegetable Compound.
" Dsua Mns. Pkkbam : Four years ago I was nearly dead with Inflaaa
mation and ulceration. I endured dally untold agony, and life was a burden
to me. I had used medicines and washes internally and externally until I
made up my mind that there was no relief for me. Calling at the home of a
fnend. I noticed a bottle of LydU E. Pinkbara'a Vegetable Compound.
My friend endorsed it highly and I decided to give it a trial to see If itwouU
hAln tnlt It tstnlr nal arm a n H j , . . . . . . -
j, rr : J: "r 1 WM ,n 0M conaition, ana i
used Lvdla L, Plnkliani'it Vegetable Compound for nearly five montha
before I waa cured, hut what . .hn. j , . ' , .
misery to the delightful exhilarating
, K J.tii,..i ..Ml
not change back for a thousand dollars, and your Vegetable Compound le a
grand medicine.
" 1 wish everv
I wish everv sick woman would
Hasrei.l, Kilver Lake, Mass.
Good Templars.
When a medicine baa been successful In more than a million
oases. Ii it Justke to yourself to nay, without trying It, "I do not
believe it would help me"?
Surely you cannot wish to remain weak, and sick and dia
couraged, exhausted with each day's work. You have some
deraKeiner,t of the femln ne organism, and LydU H. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound will help you Just as surely aa It bus other.
flssfl . r a a
i irs. i line nart, of
1 f
lUaen the
The tlredml
Too most reack
the spot get a
the cause.
In most eases)
'tla the kidneys.
Doan's Kldnef
Tills are for tbe
C h s r I s Bier
bach, stone con
tractor, living ai
Zv Chestnut sireet, Erie. Ta.. seysl
Tor two years 1 had kidney trouble
and there was such s severe psln
through my loins and limb that I
could not stoop or straighten up wltsx
out great pain, had difficulty In getting
alniiit and was unable to rest at night,
arising In the morning tired and wor
out. The kidney secretions wers irre
ul.ir and ib-iiosil.il a heavy sediment
lioctors treated me for rheumatlscst
but failed to help me. I lost all couflj
deuce In medicine and began to fsej
as if life were not worth 1! !''. Dcaal
Kidney Fills, however, relieved me se
ipilckly and so Cioroughly that I gladj
ly made a Mate nt to that effect foi
publication. Tins was 1n lfilW, ae4
duilng the six jears which have elapss
1 I have never known Hoan's Kidney
Fills to fall, They cured my wife
of a severe case of backache In tb
same thorough manner."
A KKEE Tit I A I, of this great kldj
ney medicine which cured Mr. Blsf
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any part of the I.'nlted states, kit
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Vice Templar, Independent Order of
Larimore, N. D., says:
ji mna- i"ham: I might have been
epared many monthi of suffering and pain If I
DaB.i.ur f Lldla l" P,nk
bam a Vegetable Compound a few montha
sooner, for I tried many remedies without find-
Ing anything which helped me before I tried tbe
Vegetable Compound. 1 dreaded the approach
of the menstrual period every month, as it
meant much suffering and pain, home months
the now waa very scanty and others it waa pro-
t'tlL1 hA U"d th Compound for
two months I became regular and natural, and so
I continued until I felt perfectly well and the
parts were strengthened to perform the work
without assistance and pain. Tlll
ent woman now, where before I did not care to
live, and I am pleaaed to testify aa to the good
your Vegetable Compound haa done for iT"
81 noerely yours, Mas. Trtxra Bm, Larimore,N.D
'd.tAke haa stood the test of Unte,
and It haa hundreds of thousands of cotm
to Its credit. Women should "naldiVlt
wf J!!?kh,n whOM address Is Lm.