Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, March 24, 1904, Image 1

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Harrison Press -Journal.
Th Crawford dentist is Dr Spiniilo
Ray for aale. Inquire of Ali Lowrv.
Mr. od Mr. Bourret were in town
John Brra u up from hi ranch
J. C. Shipley waa attending court as
juror this weak.
rWJ our add and see what our mer
chant" hav to ay.
Pete Raben, from Adelia. was a' tend
ing court this week.
John M km wn prom-nt as a juror
during ooutt thin erk.
Jvk Metllen nn.l 0"tnv M irri i-r
in from ttif ir ranclwo ywterclay
Mr K M. Hill ami family were vitut
in,; (riRii'ls in HirriMin yMUriay.
A J liv trl k !! hiH i' ir north of
tomi to Unipln iiM ir inn) mmih.
H..'l:n':.iii ih ryxiil no- lout wok.
'Ji- F".'K Pontius, who hail haen
aK. t'ir mi on tuna n noiue Iwlter.
0. M Sul'on inforuii in Ihil h- nod
bin family will m.iri for I i u n-xi M i
J. J. Wuoiwirbiirer 4 :it vnilini:
court and renewing acqiiKuitiinrex thiH
Lucy Moravi-k in v-ry m ic'i hat.j-r
pna um citiiucen for tiir rxcov.frv ur
Row Diiel went to Pl-ntint Ki'Ik
Tueeduy where he will ht-Kin h n-ri- of
Ditrict court couren-d lat M uiday
with the HonoruMe Jwc Vfc 11. We--torer
Hrnrv Pie k-aHrm'k nnd J, J. Waiwr
hurtr autl as wiine-M in lh ctane of
John Aehton aainut th county.
s Mine Anna Mravk n railed honie
Turnda from E'lfemonl on mt-oimi ef
the eeriouH dickn-iw of her ttixter I.m y.
FOR BtifT-My place at Kirdev. Win
mine Addre, J. A. Ilii-e, Hunter,
Kubraxka. 47 2
Take l,MHtlve Hro o Uululnn tublot. All
drujUm r-fuiut the monry It If fall to
car. K. W. Groe' algiiHture Uonrmh
boi. Ke.
V !k)H Lnat Mondnv, to Mr and Mrs.
I. 8. Mcintosh, a 10 pound hoy. Mr.
Mclntoeh wn around with the cicara
nd a K1 broad uiil- on Ins face.
Th fountv clork'n office was ireatid ',
to a nw desk this week and it is a dundv
It ha been newt-d for some tim and
adds much to the interior of the office.
District '"ourt a 'j uirned Tusd iv ev'i
ItiK untilJulv 12. IftOt. at which date
tba caaa of James loiinelly w ill come
Hp for trial for the killing of Henry M.
There wa ipr a Krir atl-fl 1 -ur- at
dlslrict rout t this week, aril His Honor
oon dispoeeH of the duke, tb-re be
only two jury cas H"rt the otb-rs
were judicial.
J We under-t! r.d that Ihe fences on (rov
ernn ent lard in the south part of the
Count v ore Is-it'i? t'lk-n dow n hv Ih
owners. It se-nis thai Ibis law tr n iVud
le'.'.er no longer.
If you v.iint a sui' of clothes, or n k-ivm!
ht cr shoe or Isaita don't waste your
money biiYinir anywhere else hut go to
OF.PLA'-H'B store and (fat th best
fooda for th leant money.
WANTE'V-Atren's, Hiistli-r, Salesman.
Ctarks a-i I eva-rS lv i iis t
jot a food h-artv Isuirh to erd flO for
Tina t Agents " W ir'h f.lfl lo any
paranfl who aells t' for hvinif, If
ot aatiafaotory your monav hack fir
Aular for etarnp Tlielh". WhiU Elec
Ve Comb Co. i Dss-atur, III.
an rio., mile-Uteri to f hs- NeivniiHi
hv rota, or otlnrwise will fl' d all bills,
end t.o '.s '. I' " Comm. re a' HmV for
,.. I'eCion Pi-n. lt u'd sslt'e all
.. ...s,i ..i. I,v n.te bank.itl or cnsh
UL'Pr T L Tlirni1!
lli.iIYIv .'.N1 1 tlllvl4
t v-;. i .: ; - i-
l)r Sfiinilo Hie Crawford dentist.
Eggs will he taken for 'ras'.. a! Lnwry'
We are k: bid l mv tli.tt Mr. A Rinds
is lowiy improving frmti an attack or
rfl.matnrv rlteuniatisiu. H- was tin
aide to h lj himself for about tlnee
James Everson made t tic Press Jour
nal offlca h p'-asmt call while he was
her- at tndinif curl a a j'irr Mr.
E'fraiiii H'lil-l . y imllli' tu lli l..nj
of Pr- Jiiurn il r iu1-n
TIm ''luidn'n TiMi,
& R fkr, i f r il
A 'in- .intuit
In o Into I h-i p-r h ihim-'h vmi
tit - tr. h-h lie i tf-rt up
liav :i io-wi ii--r hh w-ll
f r Ii n
i ;i tii'H I ,,;v r'--'l ' n
VjV rv 'tit
l (I hi I ! i
I SJ.Ilt s
I' ll-, -a I'.i fi'
lll.ll t." I ill: I -
1 .11
1 l'r j
Mt i-.. . .1 I
' hrisu iiii v II to k- ii a
und will ivcdu- auiuiMtit of
trty in l.'n 1 rriiory.
llm pr
Mr .' V.';il.rHlmm ami family ar
il 'ii. I- i' "i ir. Mi- ir n-w li'tiu-, anil all
' r" in lo -v rr Kiiii.ll-d W'v Im.i-
, lllill pr.'Kp l it', III. IV Hlllll- UpilH Ill-Ill
ahuiidHiit ly mid thai lh-ir now frit-m!
may lie iiiuny and rue.
Th- nUornt-v Htl-ndinir c"urt llu
-rni wrre V-sr. V II Fitnninif ami
J E P rt-r. from raw ford, A IC
iii . A'l-n O F.!h' r, of ln lror, m l
N K. (iri'n, of I.iih'iiIi.. anil (i (iiitiu-i-anil
M J. O' 'oini-ll, of 1 1 ire. son.
Grand Ball
Thrrv ill h.- a d.uir- at ill- 0mm
Moiim' on MoiuliU -vriiiiir, April 4
E'-r ImkIv invil-l o com- anil h ive a
o.al ti'tie. Ii. U. I UN'S.
2 Miniir
V O ir w. a'hr or '(ii'm'iiviUir in Hie
liortli-v st ir-(!irlrd 11 ilrv Mlililo-r.
Wi l, it in dry now. b'lt w- nin t-ll jii
wh-n tliinnH arf noun: to turn loon-, mi
- are not uohiii any ilp ow-r ll'
tiiail'T for it woii'l h-lp IhinHon- way
or the olh-r.
L E'l-rt r-n-w-il h s all-iriiive to
the Pr-s Joiimal iIiih w- 'k. Mr E'f r'
Iiiih h 'en a siipKi l-r of h Moral E lu
caior for a nu nb r f eiirs ami h
knowa a i; i Hi I tlnni; vli-u Ii- 4e-ni.
I irop in iiKtun Mr Eir',we are alwa
Kliid lo nee vmi.
We-lhat F llllior- rnunl r pulili
anna hai'e llio'Ui l-il tl)..ir ilnlrlIlt-1 to
vote for J L f'.'l-iii f ir h- i le Hiip-rtn
i-n.hnt of piihl'i" iiii'riH'i ion In our
opinion N"hri"ki hadn't :i m r co up
l-nt m m for tlmt r-KioiHi!ile olflVe than
Mr. M.-'firii n.
IfEx Count v 1 'onimii-Hiorif r Jen '. M nn
was alti-fidiui; court Ihin week. J-ih-
famiMar f r'u on our Mir ts waa w-l-
coned bv his m in r frii nln Ha s-rv-il
tea aipU faithl i.IH for II v ur an
Oilier, nnd us aril Z n h inter-st ui 1 It
nlT'trsof the conn' v naie not d-civa""tl
m the least. Such "bould :il -vaj s lie tin
cwsewithfl lovn! ci' 'Z n. We wish our
count Y hid niori such men as Mr M-uk.
y Ex-''ouiitv '""leik W.J A Rnim was
at lending court this week anrl sbnkmi!
hands with Ins many friends in U irtisin
Mr Rutin was excused f-oni jury M-r-vice
forth- nisi four v-ars, tin t as niui
asbeWiisa priv.i'e ci'iz-n a(!ui tli-v
! n-il b-d him h r j'lior. M It mad. an
i x ellefl' cl-ifc of I he d i i net curt is
Wl II .IS l Ollll' l . I -1' u-, nil 111 1 .' NHS
not an ui.f.imih.tt' ..ue in f'l-i;o'c t r l. j
A. P Rosenhiii'ii and dituirbier II Ida
were taking in the siyhis in Hmrison
this week, and aHenmnic court al the
anie time. A P did not forget the
poor printer while here, for which we
feel thankful. If all subscribers were
',h"iii;bt.l'iil of the printer, sh is Mr. Ro
enbiirg, his larder would he lie! ler sup
(jliid.and there would l no need of
wasting stamps on delinquents for there
wouldn't be uny.
The coroners jury tit A'liance return
ed n, Veiilicl that 11. II Mdler came lo
Ina do:.lh frm a shot find by James
Connelly. Vi hope Hi- removing of
Ih- "vail to Alliance, and Hie Inquest
le-ing held by a coroner 'mm utioiher
count v will not coiiiplica'e matters
The Pioneer 'Jrip claim I he reason for
moving the h lY was thit tuey c i lid
not gel H coroner from thia ciuinlyy
tut 11 is w i Mif for as imii a a the
m. ssege .i rcuv.tl 'h. cor. m r strt-,
,d lor it -eiie ol lh kilting, but .
upon arriving there Im found that lli J
bill had bwen rettrnVrd to Alliance;
and the iuqtwet held tlwre as above,
'o Lii'i h .1. p i'il .v sb-r
'" k'n K" 'St-iU's, Bluff .nJ
Is-n g Jam. m ne'l , wlr, waa ar-
rested al 'I. at i'ac- by S'i. i IT a -
I tel of Ihil -ou,,t i,iui-r iu-lrut-t.'ns
I from H'i. r If Lwerv o'Hiscoiu,! v Mr
Ln-v I fl Sitiirliv evening fr S'otts
j H tiff" ii ur.ung Wdn sd-y eeoug
with III- n..rirr II- wll icivr U
rn-l'nii'Mrv hraruii.' hrfnrw i'iiii
Juil'- VV lli.nii ilorf.r ! Mh 31 ' d'
of M ini.
Bodarc Gleanings,
,rr Z"ii'ti-r i. an tMik h iad of pi
l;itiiH !t ll.irriwin iiiml.i'.
lT 'ni'ii t h- hi mill
r Z F. A'llr'm i l-auhnic pti thin
u'm-k to Hi- -ilil Kni'l p'.ii-- f.-r M J.
J Tii -' r tin
I'd iii.'H'Ui liik h-iv-r
1 1 fl l !'4 f ill " '
it ui: i.h ( r t -b
1 1 !
I In i;i' 'I - XV I ' r
- :it ' T -1 , I
Xim-i t il ih V ' 'li.
j 1 1 ' I. II M.' A , ;V
H i vi.:: I
I l,i- . Ii . ,' i I,- :,.!
I u 1. 1 v ii i I- i.l i...i. h- r 1 1'. i p. r
' U--II "f lii'l lii I "i i ':i'l.. r ... w .
rfir H rvic-H a I H 'ilirr i;ist .Sun In M-r-w-
at l-nihd anil those who w-re th-r-si-nk
w-ll of the d'Hrours ilelivvid hy
J. fi. Huik-.
It i r-i'i-s'-il I hat nil int-ivnted r--m-mher
th i' Hmliiri Sugil i v Hi liooi will
Ii- rwirtrumg-d Suiiil iv April C Q i irii '
'i-s w ill he disi rilmi-d in I ioi-fur all to
Ii- pr-pa -eil. ami w h 'p for full a'-t-i'd.i-1
M. A !.
V.Mi- f'.i li.v ..f Win-n
was ita'n in
Ibis loctit- hu Mlk! potato-s. Ihjs 'i-ne
i IT nil,: 70 .'flits bui d d Hot slic e-I in
i;el t my any
There wireoulv ten p-rs ins in attend-ati'-e
at Siihd.t School. We presiioi- i!
presume it was on iccouu I of the w ind
storm ,
The voting folks ruport bavins a trootl
tune a' the A l-lni 'l iiu' Titose in at
tend. nice Irom the vill-v wire; M. i
VVor'h't'iston, M ss R r i K-ii'ji. Mr und
Mrs Parks, Joe ii.d III lioe Bui'h and
riiin ii.u.ii.
nans i arison tin qui- an a cm-ih
the o'her day. Wild- rn!nrnini fruiii
i ii'-i:hleirs w here h- bad h-en to pnr
i hae n dt z n et'iis lie si pp"d anil fi II,
breakiui: t h- -Ki s. As he was not al
Sunday School it is suspicion-d lb it be
ate t la enirs
Mr. Howard h is lie mi in this neit'li'sir
Invsl tr I' if I" estiiblisb i dip.iiio; tub.
As I h-te are pl-nl v of cat 1 1- on I he "ol
tnnwiHst II Is howd that all interested
will b-'p to push the ma li-r io ii s(ic
cesslui t eroiiiri' io'i.
.F'link Si"HHe left the Villi")' Sllllila V
to work for Find M.icuuiU-r on Whit
River We h-ar that biiley Howe ia sulj ct
to iiii;lit mill"'' sii.i e h- has taken 1' hron
co bus'inir. While riibiu; :l h id one the
other n'nh' b' kn kid out lb- lsdiiH'm
window. We advise him lo move bis
heil lo the center of the room so be ride
in a circle. 1
A Id 1 1- like is told on M D. VVorti.TMr Pl
imfion neine nit bite one niiibt nnd
... .
... u. ....... 1 1 il. i 1 1 - u u I I I I . lie. .1 l.i1
.ie"'H '"'I - .- . . . . . -.. ...... , . .
tr- on for Kiioo-r. when Frank 'Hrlson
. . ii . i
iwrvi il Mi.noer lit hint 111 bell. i'Oiisih' uur :
of ei't's on toast. He was eitiinir and
led hni: now nnd then, when he u hi.'i 1 1
d'-cl i' ed I hat those w ere I h" b si chicken
dumplings be -v. r a'e.
A L Ak-rs h i-i iiiiiv-d from his houia
near Five Pom's ! the Sluw plap.
wlu r-h- ill f mi thissiason
VV-hop thai
1! v
S-ed has not of
fended Tlruo'llV, N'l d
with her n r ! n a. d
cause oi In r silence.
oht Istt-t; bit-v
t'bliloiiS is tire
Hunter Happeni -gs.
Plenty of sand nnd every body around
this country is gelling quite gritty.
Mrs. Bussett was down the road Fri
day evening.
(iratidma Baldwin is visi'ing at Est
Andrews wl present. Hhc ixpcts lo
stay a week or two,
Grandma Han-y is al home nt S-ui'h
Hunter She exs-cts t i B to Sh-ep
("reek soon.
Mr. l-iir.slen-en and friend. Mr Olosor,,
went ... lint Spnngs, S D. Wednesday
of last week. Mr Chrislnna-r c i.e. hick
Friday mornrng. i
Mr, J uiea came over fe-mt Si v 'tut
vU Hunisori Situr.l.iy. g uni; 'nek M i
da v.
Mr. and Mrs. "agemin a id cluldr-n
cama o ver ft om ft. w i)u-l via llar'ison.
They stayel al B isf, Aii'lrews OYer aigin
visii inw' friend Ihera and, at.
Hunter and Sm.th H'it-r. g diiif home
in Ih- evening nf'er tlm sand st irm n i.l
quieted down, We eujjj4 lliuif !,
yerji auun,
) Mr Mil M'. J h V,r, , am- d n
S Frm Smrhr. visiting friends
stEn' A"dr--s un'il M lav iif'ern -n
and H.-n going buk t th-r hum- on
' Hie pr U 'i- Is-'ore g"re; .mi to the ci'v
I m
I. r . I-w i 'an.- up f'-orn r-iif. r.'
SiiicnlM H- ha Iwn h-'pintf hi
fmn r f r hoiii- iiu.e.
KX.!"' SiHii-'liv K k wl.il.. Mir .1.1
I I'liu'-r and -l'i-r' R f- were ihii.i
j from ih- ranch iin-im- -ni-r d th
! hoil e ami h-li- Hi. ms-li- lo aiiifl-
! aiiioiint in- in V.i I ii- lu a. vera I dollar'.
Mo of our loiinir folks hve the
whM'piiii; eolith and soine I'ouifh ti"
, thoi-ir'i ih-y w.r-K'i'nir tu have il.
Who is ii- proinl-st and happi-si
worn in Hi lit'- pails? Win, Mr. Tom
oi of c tu--; ,tnoit- ciiii il ih ii
who k a' h r 'rsi. p- in her ki' hen
anil H.--s In r II - n w rm'' M ! hu1
Isll'l i' a ln'KII'l! Mr. .1-iiieK fol l f..i
i'i-r li'r'fid i pr H-nt to hiirj riM o-r,
si,. tK i,. ni sin-... !, ,pp , suipiiwl
Si nit,; e Ii ii- l- um liilsllv .il h-i
v.oiK II ir uiiti ci l-il and .I'k-d ln i
i" l it' on hrr is'iiui't ,n I 1:0 to Soirh
1 1 1. ill r A ii 1 1 r I" t;iki 'ir i. ... i II in-1
i oi. i- u- .V l,-r ''.--i - Mi. J-iii- .
a-.- s i iti ". i'i-r . I In- lid, set tifi 'h
I ran- ami nil' a rousing III-n it U,mh
I her reiuin sh wan so kui pn-il thai si.
j could never l-ll h i she acted, hu
some i.n and sh kissed fli slov- Well,
It is nice enough to k ss Oh, IJ tiii
iloni ev-r tliu.K a a n :ll nun's w ;f-iifV-r
h is ho . h:n' 'A'-riii div- ih.
nam- ci.iri- hi ill.- ...ill i.,1.1 oi.h a h.iii
a Sll' k III fl Hi , lni! 'I" love makes Up
tor all di II --i. :i il ih- "1'ii-r so
mill iiiho'h wives expi:! a nt"'' rmt:'
hi on. Th- men lo ks -.ai.l ih.y sa.ieil
tlia enlu-slov-fr mi los If thev il ii
we are sure vervon- who iiili a ranirt
w II t"k- in oys ami a-cure one. Om
old rU"prts. for Mrs Jon-s was the re
ipl of u new j iss c 'i lamp burner. It
is h im' fill S. v nil fiieuds cill-d to
wish h r :i hxppv Inn lnliiv , whn:h sin
IVI t.tllllv el'J 'Veil.
AS'. Patrick's Day d.inoe ami oyat-r
supper was held at h- s-rti'n liuu-w at
(-n I isi Ti ii'sdiii evtmujf. We und'
stiinil that It was uieiini for a Hurprnv to
Mr. Ilenii-ev. A iio'mI tune is r.'iort d
I ,v
ihos- piese jl. M'Ue thin a d it. u
ttl,1)t frl)I1 hr
-We hear Hi it our old fr
nls. R f.
M.i'Ueii nnd l unil v , h i v m ivl in U'-n .
li-re Mi' M it's, n w ill eru'.ijre. m th
pou'lry raismc bu in-ss. Sice -nh'o you
liieiiils, we are in Ihe sj'iie business
War Bonnet Topics.
We :ue sorry to sa that Mr. Plu
has le-en q, u'-e sick for sum- tone.
P.iinnev was ca'l.d last S.iMitdiv
was una: le to nff rd him any relief.
Tlnre wna no Sundiv School this week
ow inif to s'ekn-ss
J"" I.indl-v Pr'ddi sp ppeil over nifbt w ith
us Mond iy He ent up to Wvomim.r
on a mission lo Henry Mor'vek, convey
Wif 'be inlellnrence tbil his sister Lncv
whs verv sick Uiifn bis nrrtVMt buck
here both he mid his hor-e wete com
pletely played out, and he was finally
persuaded to remain nil rtilit .
enc-r and daughter were out
from Lmcoln and ate dinner on their
respective claims on the Divid
dm , retumiinf to Lincoln in I he everting.
This is a lonjr whvs lo ito to vat your
Mis (oor; R ks is staying with
Mix J luison al pres-nt.
IRIward and N. Hie Scott visiled with
their aunt, Mrs Dunn, on Hie Divide
f'We understand that Jack Fin'rv took
l'r "' niasqnerade Bud Miss
fi 1 1 i - Noi rish one, V e le-lieve a lady
intii War Boiin-t took a pnz- last year.
M" aid Mrs. HurUe callet! on Mr.
Piui.kelt last week.
' Mr. -iiinbiii is busily engaged with his
straw berry vines already Weexpectto
frti n etra berries ai.d in-am this
We felt quite los-ly last week as our
Press Journal failed lo appear nnd noth
ing to rntnt PB'HJT.
Ca'ey its ms.
Th-iiii-diw larks ar here.
, llj(,rK Mn,, Jnn M.,,kl.m Hre
at t-inli-ig court at Harrison Ibis week.
j.,ne Or.ffl.i lshelp,i Mrs. B.s.
, .
Fir ning is ill full swinfr.
S , S . Ur ive shipped a car of f its'eers
last Mond iv.
Mr. J.is wnl pole la 'he possessor of a
new whgon,
Pin- Top I Iteriry sioiitv will h-ud
their closing
niH-il.nj il- xt S-i'iHn
e vet lug at district, No. 8. Miss It.iss.e
f'oiut.ii will Hid in the program hy huv-
'"' ,!h""' wri-iae at
Uw4 Mm. Km adtea ctoaaa the Friday
-UK.ALKRS IN-B-jildinsr
material of all kinfls; Flour, Feed, Grain,
Viu 1-inilU, Pumps, Tanks, Wagom, Fi igiess, Farm
Iitip!.'in'nitrf, llarl'iVare, llarnesiss. Sadlles & etc.
I You Are
That's what it's here for:
To let you knowtliat we handle a fine line of Con
feilionary, TobaffO, Canned Goods, and Every
thing to be found in a firbt class Grocery Store.
Give us a trial. Your3 for BasineHS,
pr-tiou . A -.-lo I tiai'ii-xn ctd'
eL.st Fii'lty Mrs. si' ih -V I nn clo-t c
I Kiicc-s-ful lerut of m IiooI in 'te R o c
T pils'r'cl. A' noon a huinii uj do-
r was spiead, af'er which lh diiv w.
I fit hv teC'i tti'ins, s ui;', etc Toe vi
iii-s fii'vt';:i tt-r.-: Mr anil Mi's. M'Hley,
! i.o.i ll.s A'v.S.x' in, Mr uod Mrs.
Pi' I'lllil-' Gt , (Jold-'l, Mis B-lltOn,
l,s Ju t, iu-r. B -s-e .md Ira I'ulle
II, .ii'i" & J e "OH, W.uT' il (ii'ove, E ii
mi I, i1 mid Mr. iind .Mr.i It int. H it
Th- Lidi-s Aid met with Mrs John
riier last Wednesday lo h-lp her with
U-r suw mt;, hut. owiiiti lo short iioIik
only a ft w were th-ie.
Alsmt two years iic-i ivlnl- Nicb il.i-L-jvd
was herding sheepi in VVyuuiing b
louk a niiire alit! two year oid Colt up
here and turned Iheni Iuosm on He
range. The aiiiui.ils soon disappeared
.iti.j he has lieeii iinh!e to gel any tract
.f belli- A short U i.eagti he found u
colt inar rufoH. ulaiuied hy other
pirlUiS, i hut he Ihoiitttil was bis. II
oniuedialely laid cbuii) t" the colt and
last Mynd.n the. trial cane olT lelore
Jus'ice ileyvot.il in Oawfortl, the j irv
ni'iiiging ill a verdict that the aiiiuml he
lot ged to I'larence Sheldon, The case
attracted considerable attention, es Hie
coll in question very closely resembled
Mr L . iu's missing one.
Woman Suffrage Frona a Colorado Point
of View.
in i 'olt.rado the hiatute of justice that
clowns the city bull, court house and l
C'ipi'ol is not a he. For Hie capitol ml
v nshinglon and forty one nth r stat-s of
the Union the figure of St. Paul would
lie more (1 lint; than til- t, of Hie (ioda-iss
nl I.ii t . Unlet tered by tj.idll inn an I
prejudice Colorado hasdiired to do right.
She has given to w outail what Solmeen
gave to Shebii "w hii'Roevar sfie asked,''
and she has no regrets and no jusire to
recall the gift. Af.er ten years of ex
perience equal suffrage in Colorado needs
neither apology nor defense. No harm
has coin to either woman, man orstate.
Woman have not mired in the pool of
politics. Shu is purifying it. Sue has
raised Ihe atmosphere ol the polls with-
out lowering herseti, at, tiw pons.
Woman me as (rt ftom insult as in the
vestibule of a church Now end tjen
a oi sn nun Ink- man's view of poli
tics iiutl use a hallo! .con-opt ly, hut for
verv corrupt woman in politics, you
ran find one hundred men ecrmllv as
foolish and wilh more power for w r, ng
doins. IaisI ven r one poor deluded wo
man was caught repent it g, and among
the units there was more rejoicing over
that on- that went estrny than over the
ninety rind tune that, were true.
The professional politician fays that
the woman Vol- is uncerta n. No great
er tribute could be paid. In Hie uncer
tainty the gangster n rend his doom.
The nation rti"s riot in generosity to
the km from Issyonil the sea. It is time
we turned to tha la'st half of American
ci'iz-ns and nati.tahza our Miss An.'V". "d defendants to answer in 80
tln nystind Mrs. S'ones; the Red C'ross
knight. Ilk- Miss Barton; Hie Helen
Goulds, Jane Addams, and the Mrs.
t'atts. These, are of more worth to the
destiny of our country than the steerage
cargoes of a thousnnd steamships. Ex
Governor Alva Adams of Colorado.
Rat Murran Feed.
A oecessfu! rat show was hold at
Cheltenham, Err-lnnd, recently. There
were Blxty exhibits of black, gold,
tray, white, rl-vak! ani ln rata. They
. A ..,.1 ...i $ V II, j, ni rir
r ncl ' 1 11 ' l"a
Iba farr.i, ' "f tor nice were fitten
d by th ' cir-.t Konart a MUsh
fsrm tnnrnl IlihU tbera ia 1'JSt f
chlnc, ijjU rata mJgllt te bred for
Readingr $
Physician Surgeon.
OFFliiE: Andrkw Block.
L. C. DAVIS, M. D.
In Too District Court.
rt iux ('entity vs. burs of John IL
I. irk et ill, Mile confirm- d.
Sioux county vs. .heirs of John B.
lark tt :i, sile Conliraied.
Tliiiui.is B Snyder vs. Oo. W. Lnak
el til, continued.
J iseph II. Earner vs. R ibt. Tomaroy,
tti.stuissed on motion of plaint i)T.
i rd Schwartz vs. F. E. & m. V.
R R Co., llsllll-ned.
M J. O' uiinell vs. Frances E Lock,
w itid et. al, continue I.
M. J O' onn.-II vs. Daniel. W. Wood
et al, continued.
J. 0. Shipley, in the matter of the i
tale of Frank FUuiiug, Uecd: tvile cob-
Charles Har-ivo Frederick K. Pro
cunier t al, confirmed.
Lmraiiia t, btiteti v.s. S. C. D. B'.tt
et al, sal- confirmed
M. W. Soenfitiid . 'harles Hannon vs.
Jacob R. Swickord et i, decree firj Plf.
M. W. Shear and Charles Hamon r.
T i t- r. .
j.icon tt. a.vti konl et nx and Johu W.
Hull et ux, decree for PJf.
M W. Sheaf and Charles Il-mnon vs.
Ott i Munson et ux, decree for Plf.
Mechanics Saving Bisk vs. heirs of
Win Biiiiiigiird. Deed ; dvctie Ur Plf.
State of Nebraska vs. Geo. Hill, de
fendant required to cjve lnd of $100 for
hisRoisd behavior mid to appear lit th
next, term or court and pay th cost of
this actior.
FiankE II. Stratum vs. Wm. Har-v-v,
decree for Plf.
Pauline KYusn vs. Wm. Kruse, Co-irfc
found for Plf. a decr.ie of ahsolute di
vorce and;oustody of,the choildren.
Mabel ( Sow hr vs. John H. Barron
et al, decree for Plf.
Andrew p. R isenburg vs. C. D & Q.
R R. o , jury instructed to return ver
dict for defendant,
John S A.shton v. Ronrd of Sioux
onnty Commissioners, jury returned
" "P m ('"rl Wltl' vrdict. for Plf. f.
J hn H. Bieser vs. Hoard of County
Commissioners, enntinu-d by agreement.
James E O. llun'er vs. Frank Meyer
and B. K. Pi'min. Plf. lias leave to
amend petition in 30 r.nys; defendants to
answer in 81 rie.ys thereafter.
Sarah E Jord.in vs. Meliraska Security
Co. et al, defendants defaulted; found
lor Pif.
Dawes Co. vs. Board of County Com
mission! rs, Plf. to fllo potdion within 89
days thereaftor.
Andrew Knori vs. Lizzie Knori, de
fendant defaulted; absolute divorce a
prayed for in petition.
The Lavender of Life.
Ti e n-orld roes sll too fast, my lares
I s'rt ttrrri of the restlees race,
And my heart tins gone bark to th rose
In t quint gni'drn pbee
To the most nnd the mogy sun AIM
And the yews, where th shadows tei
To the fnve st the list tic window
And the son at the splnnln-whel.
The world gnet all too fast, my loe, .
With Its ')mci ana rvl nnd v. lne;
And my heart hn gone batk to
And nu o.ik-framad lov of mine
Gene b.'rk, gen back for a hundrw
T'rcnt a world of greeil and strife.
To. the harp sn) the 'hroMrd tipw!r
And th lavender. r lU.
s-Vtafliih CMtuCiy Llfizv
i K1
f I
s , 1
. ,i I