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Ea Eirrisn Pres-Jtsrn
. KBftAJlA
Itrliirio" in never worn out by every
iay u
Two ofteu cease to be company after
Uiejr are made oue.
No oian Las tbe heart to say "No"
when a jrirl asks if he really aud truly
loves h-r.
Oanaila wants to buy Greenland. All
right, if she will put her torrid little
temper on cold storage there.
Bontou is pleased to note that tbe
period of intense frijferaliou has pass
ed. In other words, the beans have
Mia wed
A t'turarieiphia skiorap'oer baa dis
covered that the X-ray will bleach tbe
Hacked negro. 1'arewell, then, to the
jolor line.
Poet Laureate Austin continue to
sVuionstrate that an author with suffi
cient iudueuetf eau mauue to get on
without inspiration.
This year's cotton crop is reported
lo be worth $7iMn).tOii. How is it
that Mr. Hockefciler hadn't taken over
the cotton biiMiiesa?
Why we smile. The rain-making
hoax, which has run its course In this
r-ountry, is boing worked extensively
by "drought-busters" lu Australia.
Perhaps after reading about the Iro
quois theater horror the Chicago car
barn murderers way feel that they
were hopeless amateurs.
Emperor William's voice Is as Rood
new again. He has, however, dem
onstrated his ability to run thlnjrs Just
lliout as well without as with the use
f it.
A -New York man committed suicide
rather than nndcrgo on operation for
tppcndiclti. He must have been afraid
the doctors would do sometbinj; worse
than kill him.
The skeleton of a man eleven feet
high is said to have been found in
Nevada recently. He must have Kone
there in an early day and grown up
considerably beyond the country.
The I'ope has promulgated the some
what caustic comment that there is too
much operatic singing in the churches
and too littlti real worship. No sinner
may climb to heaven on the chromatic
A scientist has figured It out that
fi.issMMuMKl) years hence the days will
I-? fifty-five hours long, but the labor
big men who are now clamoring for
mi eight-hour day should not allow this
to worry them.
The personal tax list for 1004 was
hsi:i d In New York (uot long ago. It
Mwwb that J- Pierpont Morgan will
pay on a valuation of f400.0U0 th!
jear hM against SiiUlUsW In l'Jia. Not
withstanding the bump Mr. Morgan
appears to have a tidy sum left.
A muu isn't necessarily a preacher
l.e.-ause he wears a sanctimonious face
and h:is an abnormal appetite for fried
linkeu. The most ministerial-looking
nu.u we ever saw swore till he scorched
ail the paint off one side of a freight
car just because his train was late.
The babil of swearing is not as com
mon as it used to be in this country.
irt-ntJmnen no longer use the language
vl:b the unvarnished freedom of the
days of Sheridan, when a gentleman
as accustomed to consign himself, col-I'-tiivey
and in sections, to the low-i-st
depths of perdit ion in tbe presence
of ladles w hile paying tribute to their
harms. Undoubtedly many youths
h were not brought up to swear do
i-.vear U'cw and then under provocation,
but there is. all things considered, an
Increasing respect for the English lan
gimse. Plainsmen on Western cattle ranches
have called attention to a new illus
tration of the adaptability of animal In-stln-'t
to emergencies. The cattle of
former d,iys were of the long-honied
kind. When the herd was threatened
with an attack by wolves, the calves
were placed in the middle of the
bunch, and the older animals formed
themselves Into a solid phalanx about
them, all facing outward. The cattle
of today are largely hornless. If, as
iKcaslonally happens still, the herd Is
attacked by wolves, tbe calves are
guarded as before, bnt the herd faces
in Instead of out Tbefr hoofs, not
their horns, are now their weapons.
"The average woman" does not
sound like a phrase of high compli
ment. Yet the average woman Is
doubtless the most needed woman In
modern civilization. It Is interesting
and inspiring to see that she baa made
marked progress daring the centuries,
hhe Is much more capable and mors
lovable than three hundred years ago.
Her advance Is somewhat do to tbe
work of those few leaders who make
new paths, and encourage more timid
pools to follow them. Bat for tbe most
pert It can b traced to tbe steady,
low Improvement all along tbe line
jiii improvement traceable directly to
tbe average woman herself. She nukes
better bread and better soap tbaa aba
jtHl to aaaket ake reads
i ml tetter ssks; she 1mm a t
i ii Nfcsre ariawtaadHrj fcemrt mKk
i tr large, is better ordered ; her lore hai
more purity and more Are; her religioi
, U more Chrlstlike in iu wisdom an4
Its compassion.
Of all the exhibits of the early yeai
none is more imposing nor of wider in
terest than that of the life insurance
organizations. These annual showings
of what life Insurance really is. what it
means, how it stands and what it 1?
doing are the source of attention aud
pride to hundreds of thousauds of fam
ilies directly Interested in the state
ments in question. Great arrays of
figures, remarkable lists of resjionsl
tie managerial names and high official
indorsements of the grand total foot
ings characterize the tabulated (.tate
ments. while sound logic and good,
vigorous English are features of thosa
which have assertions or arguments to
present They tell of a remarkable
yearly nory of protection to the fam
ily; of vast sums disbursed jut at th
time when the heart is heaviest and
the brsin nwist distraught; of the alle
viation of distress to bereaved hornet
ami of comfort to advancing age. They
show how mighty are the sums yet to
be distributed and the certainty ot
their distribution as soon as due.
Whatever else happens In the realm of
business and nnam-e, it seems to be
certain that men are determined to In
sure their live. This Is something
they are doing in and out of season
and. Iliouli their fellows are of course,
dying day by d;ty, the growth of the
companies continues and the new In
tuiants are ever greater lu number
than those who pass from the Bcene.
Congress virtually decides each yeni
what the salaries of the government
orhecrs shall 1m?. Tew matters require
more care tuna the adjustment of
these salaries In the appropriation
Vilis. If they are made go low that no
rnnn without independent means enn
afford to take a public position, only
the rich will be officeholders. Mem
bers of the British Parliament sen
without pay. but to apply that system
in this country would necessarily de
prive Congress of much of its liest ma
terial. On the other band, salaries
which are too Iarjre become prizes fur
persons looking only at the pecuniary
inducement. I'ncle Sam has accord
ingly adopted a compromise policy. lb;
underpay the occupants of his uiom
resio isible positions; he overpays tin
lower grades. The supervising archi
tect's salary would be small return for
an architect of the same rank In New
York or Chicago. The routine clerical
work In his ollice is better rewarded
than similar service In private estab
lishments. Although the public prop
erly objects to large salaries, it has.
never adopted the priuciple laid down
by a woman who wrote an open lettei
to the newspapers at the time a bill
for raising tbe Governor's salary wa
under discussion In the legislature o'
a certain State. She asked if tbe Statf
had found difficulty In getting men bi
take the place at the existing compen
sation. Until there was some trouble
on this score she saw no occasion foi
a change. In private life we rarely
hire tbe cheapest person we cau get
whether It be to whitewash a fene
or to set a broken leg. There are joiih
curious anomalies In government sal
aries. The subtreasurer at New Yorl
has a larger salary than the treaaurci
a Washington; ee'lecters of cu"!on
in the great cities receive more that
the Secretary of the Treasury; Import
ant consuls more than the Secretary o;
State, who usually selects them. Sucl
facts as these emphasize the fact tha
the government officer is the servau
not of his immediate superior, but o;
tbe whole people.
Primitive Mstbod Prevail In Lc!i,
Comity. Kaatern Kentucky.
"I have Just returned from easten
Kentucky, whore I went to inspi-e
some timler," said I,. A. Ilotchkius o
Norfolk, to a representative of tin
Lexington Herald. ''My principal o;.
erations were in Leslie county, and
was surprised to discover a couuimnit.
In the United States where money 1
unknown, or practically so. The entir
business of this community Is done o
tbe barter system. The country sto
keepers exchange meKhsnUIse for SMy
thing and everything the natives hav.
to sell, and ship his motley array o
products down to Catlettsburg, when
the merchant has It placed In bank t
his credit, when he orders more good;
paying for them with check.
"These merchants usually keep i
small amount of money in case I
should be required, but the natives, m
a rule, do not handle a cent of cnsl
from one year's end to the other. The;
barter among themselves and with th'
merchants, and when I bought land
the most of those who sold to me wouli
not accept my money until the nwi
chants assured them that it was gen
uine. Leslie county is In the heart o
tbe Kentucky mountains, and Is ver;
sparsely populated, which accounts fo
Its primitive condition, but It Is protu
bly tbe only section of tbe Unltei
States remaining where the peop'
not know what money Is.
Kasllr Believed.
"Many have said that If Longfellow
were living to-day be could not se
bis poems," remarked tbe girl with tt
"I'm sure of It," replied tbe amateu
poet "Why, I haven't been able to sel
mine." Philadelphia Record.
Live by Amaeiaa? OShersv
la tbe vaudeville business sbne 10f
000 persona earn a living In the Unite.
Bm taw. All told someth ng Ilka 130,0i
gala g livelihood from a
stage la oar oeuuy.
A mm wkw has ttast t tvaap pip
121 tat vary Mer.
Hetty Greeo so mt times rtdee la
a II! 800 automobile, but It Is owned
by her son Edward H R. Gteea or
the Texas Midland rai'road.
- It has been discovered in Europe
that the warmer a country the mote
centenarians it has.
Spalo hag an avenue of 3,000 hours
of sunshine a year, against only l,4u0
In England. '
A Phyaiolan'o Advice.
Torktown, Ark, March 7th. Dodd'i
Kidney Pills must not be confounded
with the ordinary patent medicine
They are a new discovery, a specific
fur all diseases of the Kidneys and
kave been accepted by physicians only
ifter careful tests in extreme cases.
Dr. Leland Williamson, of this place,
beartlly endorses liodd's Kidney Pills
"as a remedy for the various forms of
tbe diseases of the Kidneys, palus lu
the back, soreness in the region of the
Kidneys, foul-smelling urine and
rloudy or thickened conditions of the
urine, discharges of pus or corruption,
Cotit. Rheumatism, Inflammation aud
Congestion of the Kidneys and all kin
Ired comiilaints." Continuing he says:
"I could mention many cases lu
ivhlcb I have prescribed Iodd's Kidney
Pills with success. For instance, Mr.
Itobeit Weeks, farmer, malaria hueiaa
turla or swamp fever three times, kid
ueys weakened, continual pain and
loreness in back, which made him very
nervous, had a little fever and some
times chilly. Urine changeable, but
generally very bigh--o!orcd, an old
t-bronlc case who had taken much med-
l.-ine with little effect. After taking
lodd' Kidney Pills about six weeks
l e wa entirely cured and bfld gained
fifteen pounds in weight. The lu-l
time I saw him he was tbo picture of
perfect manhood.
Voice of the Lord and the man
bo utters it.
A flood of fifty thousand gallons el
atcr every minute.
A ride three buodrcd miles In a
eal ttaio of pulluian cars.
Chorus of luo talking birds at per
fect liberty.
Fire engine and horses dash 500
!eit under iwit to tmiulog bloi k.
Ileal waves on a real beach of sand
Due mile from spectators.
Map who carves images from a
tingle grain of ica.
Submarine boat sinks beneath real
water, with Its human cargo.
One show with 300 bouses, 22
itreets, covering 11 acres.
Miniature men of war operated by
Mectrlc motors on large expanse.
Relics from tbe guldtn temples of
ran goon.
Tbeater of flowers, masterly oon
leptlon of a dead woman.
Japanese roosters with tails ten to
teenty rive feet long.
Old band fire engine once pumped
it Urea by G o'ge Washington.
Zut:l Indians dance tbe mask, tbe
lit and snakes dances.
Eleven sections of arcaded bataars
ii Strssshuu! reproduced.
Children ride giant tortoises with
bridles and bits.
Tree whose roots are of the same
length and finer do not thrive as we!:
as tbose which are onqual; they de
velop better when their roots reach
for nutriment In different strata or
depths of tbe earth.
lo tbe Royal Aquarium of tit.
Petersburg there are several carp
that are known to be more than six
bundled years old. It has been
ascertained in several cases that
whales live to be over two hundred
years old.
Woman Voand tha Food That Vittec
A newspaper woman went out to a
Colorado ranch to rest and recuperet
and her experience with the food prob
lem is worth recounting.
'The woman at the ranch was pre
eminently the wort housekeeper I
have ever known poor soul, and poor
"I simply bad to have food good and
plenty of it, for I bad broken down
from overwork and was so weak I
could not alt np over one hour at a
time. I knew I could not get well un
less I secured food I could easily di
gest and that would supply the great
est amount of nourishment.
"One day I obtained permission to go
through tbe pantry and see what I
could find. Among other things I came
across a package of Grape Nuts which
I had heard of but never tried. I read
tbe description on the package and be
came deeply Interested, so then and
there I got a saucer and some cream
and tried tbe famous food.
"It tasted delicious to me and seem
ed to freshen and strengthen me great
ly, so I stipulated tbat Grape-Nuts and
cream be provided each day Instead of
other food and I literally lived on
Gripe-Nuts and cream for two or three
"If yon could have seen bow fast I
got well It would have pleased and sur
prised you. I am bow perfectly well
tad strong again and know exactly
bow I got well and tbat waa an drape
Bts toat rural med me a powerful
teed I eoald digest aad make use ef.
'It seems te me bo braja worker caa
iford to overtook Qrano-Mats after
srpsrliase" Nasao glvaa by roo-
m Co., Rattle Orook, kUoa.
Oat taa arialatsjr
8 &mwa
Women Arc Nnt Eitriaitant.
One is constantly hearing aud read
ing of the eitravagaut follies of wo
men, but there is seldom anything said
ff the wastefulness of the oppo-ite
x-x. Of -oure. everyone knows then'
is extravagance in both sexes, but the
women are not reiMilbl for tbe ei-
Iravagaut men. while tbe men are re
Hnsible for the extraagant women.
Women, as a class, not la-lug wage
earners, have not tbe same reason for
appreciating the value of money as
Husbands and fathers, as a rule, are
either ery siinny or fail to let their
womenfolk know their real financial
condition. In the first case, a woman
naturally attributes tbe doling out of
money to her a pure selfishness or lack
of regard, and takes a natural delight
In extracting and spending all she can.
In tbe second she had no reason
lo think the man "can't a (lord if or
realize tbiit economy Is necessary: In
either case it Is the mm, not the
woman, who is to blame. The major
ity of women are certainly not estntv-
g.int, declines a writer It) The House
keeper. The reports show that there
tin- more women depositor In tbe sav
ings banks than men. and they are
tlowcr In withdrawing their Ktvings.
I ml the man's "bargain counter" Joke,
Pi'Jl Its odd cent price, js conclusive
evidence1 of woman's regard for the
R?ery man knows tbat a woman Is
tetter ami closer at making n bargain
than he is. The woman's mind is eon-
M! tuted to consider trifles and it is
Ir fl s that count In economy. The av
erage woman can get n ong on less anil
make an appearance" than tbe bmt
ge man can. I have never met n man
yt-t wlio stintiii iimiveir on cigars or
bis stomach or his neckties, but if the
woman wants n new MS cent shirtwaist
this mini will want to know what she
has ih ne with the one he bought two
vears a;ro: New Orleans i'icayune.
"Don't feed . the baby with adilit
food. (living the child this sort of
nourishment too early produces soft
bones and hen-e the host of bowlegged
and knock-kneed youngsters."
Don't liox the baby's ears. You are
liable to render it permanently def.
In fact, consider well lief ore you chas
tise the child, aim It Is itilte easy
to use the rod and sxll the child.
The weight of a growing child is the
most oiinsi Uiui ,,:..cx c: its generH!
health. The standard weight for grow
ing children usually given by authori
ties In the matter Is that at 5 years
of age a child should weigh as many
pounds as it is Inches high. As n rule
this will not le much over or under
forty iHiunds. Children who come of
large parents should weigh something
more than that. The rate of Increase
should be about two pounds for every
Inch of growth, with a tendency for
the weight to ex freed this -tanclard
rather than to fall In-low It. When a
child Is heavier in proportion to its
height than this standard. It is a sign
of good health. If the chlM Is growing
rapidly, it should not be allowed to fall
much below It wit bout lielng made to
rest more than has Is-en the custom. A
deficiency of weight In proportion to
height is always an unfavorable sign.
Any Interruption In the progress of In
crease of weight, especially while
growth continues. Is a danger signal
that should not le neglected by those
Interested In the child.
Theater f'.loiisr".
(1) Of heliotrope crepe de sole with
black chenille fringe and lace.
Hoft white satin with long lace
cuffs snd bcrthe of applique lace.
For tba Woman Wbo Travala Alone.
My plan for locating In a strange
place, especially when It savors of a
foreign country, is to ask the purser
or steward which Is considered tbe
beat family hotel. Then, on arrival, to
wait antll tbe first rush of landing Is
over, tbna avoiding the confusion
which reigna supreme at inch times.
KaaadJng qaleUy heck, tbe excited en-
v- r
i i ii,;y.' A , , .
dearors of the crowd to hurry a'l th
official into attending l Ibeiii Er
affords much aiuuement and furnish
a study of the routine of thiti. Wher
you finally do go down the gang'-va?
you know which way tu turn, can wa ,1
'up to the carriage or ouiiubus l-ur
lug the name of the hotel, am) 1
driven to the door, without any h.ig
gling with cabmen or fuss of any kind
Hating rescind the hotel, tell the per
ter who take your bag to show '".
to tbe parlor for ladies. Tle-n vn
on your card. "Please assign me t
room; price not to exceed three dollars
a djr " hell-hoy will soon re! Hit
with a key. and conduct "U to tbe eh
vati.r. What if It ihic shoot you i
to the top floor tn a small room? o
are not going to st:iy there Ion.', ate
It's pretty sure to have a giesl lie
and plenty of towels.
This plan of m! IK' may seem c!nn
I ugatit at lirwl. but convd.-r the in
vantages - j mi s'-e one of the bet I.1
te!s, always .it!i s v i t In - ' I
places; yon emi e.n-ine lis a I p.'t"-i
and guide Issiks In the reading hm..,
and get nt th ad-!re-ie s of j iwm
boarding houses and !nal!cr bote -easily
io-ntng tl I where ..limns
Woman's Home I'niiipanion.
t j r. - -ti
Japanese holies as a rule make the
own dresses and If the sewing is doni
for them the beautiful embroidery
Hiiy rate, is their own handiwork.
Muiuiokin. Pa., has a woman co.i
b'er Mine. Clmitine Cletnenee I
furiie, w ht was ln,ni In I ' n 1 1 n-1
years ago. Th" old woman has "
better days," as she is possessed of i ll
neat Ion and eulturi'
Miss Caroline I.. (rlesham. a clerk
in tbe civil service bureau at Wash
Ington. has had a undine fluty en
out for her. .She has U-en detailed t(
make a tour of inspection of the post
ofllees of the country and Interpn'
the civil service regulations. Mii-t
(;reishelm does not epi-t to have I
warm reception, tint this does not wor
ry her. she say.
Ail extraordinary head of hair
possessed by Mercedes I.opcx. the wlfi
of a poor sheep herder In San Vincent.;
Mexico. ller height Is 3 feet, am'
when she stands erect her hair traili
on the ground four feet eight Inches
The hair Is so thick that she can coin
pletely hide hcr-clf lu It. She bns
cut very rniuentty. n It grows h
quickly, enntiling her to sell largi
tresses to hair ilenlers every three oi
four mouths.
A certain Mrs. Iteaumont. of Mrctton
viio lived in the time of Pitt
ami whom the iio'scssinn of lead min i
uuiiie weaitny ami purseprotnl. fiiifj
flay thought to !mpre Pitt, who waj
staying at Itn-tton, with her riches.
She had the most splendid service o)
plate at dinner and, waving her hand
she said: "There, Mr. Pitt, that's all
from the mines." "Indeed"' answered
Pitt. "If you had not told me, Mr
Iteaumont, I should have thought It
was silver."
I'ln-Montr Miirle fit lln,.
I owe my first success t making pin
money to my chafing dish Hnd ., corner
ding store, the proprietor of which is a
friend. Through frequent practice, the
rudge which came from that dish
reached such a state of perfection that
one ihiy 1 bought some daintv Imves
it ml ventured into the store with the
plea that they should sell the sweet,
for me. Of the five (sixes, oniy two
were huh tliat clay, and I believe I
shed a few tears over the fuiinra ,,r
another p"t scheme. The next day the
sates surprised lis both, mid now my
usuai oroer tor tne day Is ten rn l
ami sometimes a message comes for an
additional order before the day is over.
Making It In the quantity that I do!
It costs only fen cents a iwiiind i,'.
eluding tbe little boxes. The druggist
gets a commission of five cents on ev
ery pound, so that out of tl, ii,!-.,.
cents charged for them, fifteen cents
is profit.
The recipe is very slmole. Ti,t.
amount will make about one pound:
iwo cuptuis or ngnt brown sugar, one
cupful of rich milk or cream, 'one-
fourth or a cupful of butter and one
fourth of a cupful Of chneolnf-A Tl.
Oneness of the fudge depends on know
ing just wnen to take t from h
and Just how long to bent It Wom
an's Home Companion.
ftylfs (n Cost.
Some of tbe uew sack coats nH ..n
above the deep waist belt with broad
oox punts oaca and front allowed to
now iis.se. j quite another nature
are the whole back coats reaching to
the knees, whnle the ruoit fashionable
are a revival rroru the middle of (he
Tm. With tbe addition of a watteag
plait they have the same turndown col
lam and wide, hanging sleeves. gOIDe
of the shorter ones have little attempt
at fastening save corda, which are but
seldom secured, and are usually ac
companied by a trig turndown collar
vuni wiui u moping (BBMIa O
nrna awota.
lor IflfaaU aai Ckiliraa.
tit Vei Ym Bin Afrriri
Bears the
(Signature of
II.. 4 ffw fr 9?.Oth
(;rtet, .implt lt Ibs M
,l ir. A boy ess B..ka rulr suwd
HilhiUJ in
-i i.j.. k Walir tyl Co.. L
Vr,. Wi... with 6c tl
,"' . . . .k;- -.f II. t l's. mt slaa
k,m.lrl of ('! l"oivls ef ve-
ru-ite. ef ana awi vase-" -
Indians liar at the ootid'! fall
tus t-n changed from SepUmbot
13 to S.piember 1.
r.rnlni V.rv BeafrL
i. wt-m or .Northwett Canada Is
su-;:y sceatit ' e- agricultural
tountiy v.et of uutario and north a
ii..t. Noith Dakota, and Mon-
taua. Part of it la agricultural prafr
.r iess In nlaces. park like in otn-
tiurr is ceuuine plains, well adapt
ed to catUe ranches; part requires Irrt-
tition for successful tillage, most or
.i.,e not. The political divisions o
this region are the Province of Mani
toba and the territorial district or it
ilniboia, Pa-kah he an. Alberta and
Athabaska, At present, however, the
jitter Ii too reuiote for Immediate prac
tical purposes.
The teiiera! character or tne sou
Western Canada is a rich, black, clay
with a clay subsoil. Sui h a soil
is particularly rich lu food for the
whe.it niatit. The subsoil Is s clay.
which retains the winter frost unUl II
is thawed out by the warm rays of
the si, n aud drawn upward U stimu
late the growth of tLe young wheat,
to that even In dry seasona wheat Is
l good nip. Tbe clay soil also re
tains tbe beut of the sun later In the
iiimmer, and assists In the early ripen
ing of the grain, it ! claimed that
:u.tivat!on lias tbe effect of lncreaslnu
'.be temperature of the soil several de
frees, as well as the air above it
Western Canada climate Is rood -cold
in winter, hot in lummcr, but
with cool nights. Violent itorma ef
any kinds are rare. Tbe rainfall Is
not heavy. It varies with places, but
averages about seventeen Inchea. It
falls usually at the time tbe growing
crops need It
Tbe Department of the Interior. Ot
tawa. Canada, baa agents established
at different point throughout tbe
United Mate, who will be pleased to
forward an Atlas of Western Canada,
and glv such other Information as t
railway rate, rtc, at may be required.
That agriculture In Western Canada
pays la shown by the number of Uatt
monlala given by farmers. Tbe fol
lowing la an extract made from a let
ter from a farmer near Moose Jaw:
"At tbe present time I own slitee
hundred acres of land, fifty boraeo
snd s large pasture fenced, containing
a thousand acres. These borses rum
out all winter and come in la tbo
spring quite fat A man with money
Judiciously expended will make a com
petence very shortly. I consider la.
tbe laat all years tbe Increase la tho
veloe of my Isnd baa netted aae forty
thessesd dollars. "
A outcber lo Cleveland received a
vialt fiDin a shabby-looking man,
who said he wanted three cents
worth of dog meat After tbo
butcher had picked up a handful of
ecrap, he said: Khali "I wrap It
up, or do you want to eat It heieT"
Tbe "hollo glrlg" mil probably
consider Sig-mr Turchi. of Ferrari,
Italy, a scientific meddler. He ha
Invented an apparatus, called th
V'pmator." f .r transmitting tele
graphic and telephonic messages slm
uluueougly over a single wire.
Leather waste, which used to b
thrown away. Is now compressed,
and makes an excellent substitute
for Iron when it Is converted lot
Rheamstlam'a Kllllnarlralw.
Left is quick order after taking H
irmeu of Dr. Skirviu's IUi.urnati Cure
In tablet form. doses for 2.V. poat
CKOSSE, W18. (O. N. U.)
Locomotive enlgneerf, on the rue
from Crew to Lor.don a distance ot
1M mile, have to notice do fesi
tharj 2-5 signals.
mother s.,?Ara
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Men who Inv tha if..
w luaaa
aiuoDv. luv the most to pend It
"EinenM of time l tl.. 41.
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Of all eipetises."
Ho Ii admired moat, who doea beat,
what many do well.
tu Black mm
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